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Changing the Ending to Your Story

My friend Bonnie and I followed the GPS along winding back roads of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I had been speaking at an event in the area, and felt drawn to this place I’d come to know as Amish Grace.

Horse-drawn buggies with bearded drivers clippitty-clopped in front of us as if it were just another day. My stomach churned wondering what we would find.  Read more…

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How to be a Servant in a World Full of Self

I’ve invited my friend, Emily Wierenga to share with you today from her new book, Making It Home. I love sweet Emily, and when you read her books, you can’t help but love her too. So grab a cup of coffee and take a peek in the window of her home and her soul.

How to be a Servant in a World Full of Self

Emily T.  Read more…

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What You Miss When You Don’t Forgive

One last wish.

The longing of a dying mother’s heart.

A wish that only one person could have satisfied. But he didn’t.

If you’ve read any of my books, you know that my childhood was a cauldron of violent arguments, alcohol induced rage, and physically terrifying fights. As a child I saw things that a child should never see and heard things that a child should never hear.  Read more…

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God’s Valentine to You

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. You knew that. Probably all too well.

While it is touted as a day filled with red balloons, boxed-chocolates, Hallmark cards, candlelight dinners and sexy lingerie, it is also a day of disappointment for many because there are no red balloons, boxed chocolates, Hallmark cards, candlelight dinners and sexy lingerie.

Here’s my word to you.  Read more…