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When You Feel There’s Just Not Enough Time

Anybody besides me having a busy fall? My goodness, it’s all a blur. I feel like we’re supposed to eat turkey under the Christmas tree while dressed in a Halloween costume! So how do we make time to spend with Jesus in the hustle and bustle. Keep reading and let’s take a look.

“I just never have enough time to spend with the Lord,” Amanda cried.  Read more…

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Moving Past Disappointment

Sometimes you expect you’re getting a Rachel and you wake up with a Leah.

Okay, I know that example might connect better with a guy, but you get the point.

Let me try that again. What do you do after you’ve crossed the Red Sea of obstacles, only to be dying of thirst at Marah three days later?  Read more…

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To the Woman Who Wishes She Could Do & Be More

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed going into 2017. I just had a new book come out, and I have a looming deadline for a project I haven’t even started yet. So in my overwhelm-ed-ness (yes, that is a new word for today), I have invited my friends Kathi Lipp and Cheri Gregory to share a post from their new book titled…what else but…   Read more…