Prayer Wall

Jesus said, "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them" (Matthew 18:20 NIV). There was no Internet when Jesus said those words, but He certainly knew it was coming! And here we are today praying for each other around the world.

This Prayer Wall is a safe place for two or three or more to gather in Jesus' Name and pray for each other. God invites us to participate in the unleashing of His power by praying and turning the key to the storehouse of heaven's door for blessings outpoured. The Prayer Wall is here for us to pray for each other, and to share praises with each other.

Let me also say what the Prayer Wall is not. This is not a place to vent. Whether it is venting about husbands or politics, this is not the place to do it. It is not a place to disparage others, embarrass others, or disrespect others in any way.

The Prayer Wall is not a place to give advice. Let's let God be the One to give advice to our sisters. Our job is to pray and we never want human advice to interfere with God's direction.

We don't need to tell a lot of details about certain situations. God already knows the details, and we wouldn't want anyone to post something she would later regret. Therefore, some details maybe edited out.

Each prayer request will remain on the Prayer Wall for 60 days and will then drop off. If you would like for this amazing community of praying women to continue praying for a certain request, simply enter it again.

I am so excited to see what God will do in each of our lives!



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    Sharon Jaynes | Prayer Wall



    • Healing for addiction to drugs for my grandson. Bind all blind Ness from the devil. Protection for new home purchases financially freedom of debt cancelation. Healing for parents mind, body. Protection over all my children and grandchildren in the name of Jesus.
      1. Jacqueline Cooper

        Praying for your strength and healing prayers for your family 🙏🏼

    • My 18 year old daughter, Melodie is currently dating a girl. She says she is bisexual.
      My 20 year old son is confined to his bed, had Lyme disease.
      My husband and 7 kids aren’t saved.
      I struggle with feelings that things will never get better, feel like everything is my fault.
      1. U

        Praying for your strength during this trying time. Please don’t blame yourself. I truly understand because I blame myself and my decisions for things that are happening to my family and myself at this time 🙏🏼

      2. Tammy

        Dear Michelle, I don\'t know you, but if you\'re ok with me leaving my email, I\'d like to pray for you and your family weekly. It would bless me to pray for you and your family and for you to know that you\'ll not have to carry this burden alone.

    • Husband out of work. My children and grandchildren. Mt health.
    • Pray for daughter and her family that God would restore and heal their relationship,break the bondage of anxiety and depression .to be set free from the negative force of the enemy in turning to things they should not lean towards.that God would be their peace and counsellor and strength. That he would meet their financial needs, jobs and a rental. She is a single mother
      Thank you
    • I ask for prayers for my 21 year old son who has chosen to move far away from home.
      He is facing many challenges and since I’m so far away, I cannot be hands on w my motherly help.
      He is on the right path in some ways, but I feel his faith needs some help. He has made some bad choices in life and is the type to blame everyone but himself .
      I ask for prayers to keep him safe, find and trust the lord.
    • I ask for prayers for my 21 year old son who has chosen to move far away from home.
      He is facing many challenges and since I’m so far away, I cannot be hands on w my motherly help.
      He is on the right path in some ways, but I feel his faith needs some help. He has made some bad choices in life and is the type to blame everyone but himself .
      I ask for prayers to keep him safe, find and trust the lord.
    • Please pray for my daughter to be healed from alopecia.
    • I ask for prayers for my 21 year old son who has chosen to move far away from home.
      He is facing many challenges and since I’m so far away, I cannot be hands on w my motherly help.
      He is on the right path in some ways, but I feel his faith needs some help. He has made some bad choices in life and is the type to blame everyone but himself .
      I ask for prayers to keep him safe, find and trust the lord.
    • Please pray for my mother Christine for healing, my father Alexander for healing and salvation. My children for healing and salvation and myself for deliverance and salvation, and this young girl named Mae for healing and salvation. God Bless! Amen
    • I ask for prayers for my daughter who is struggling with debilitating anxiety
    • Please pray for my 30 year old son prodigal son that he would stop running from and surrender to the Lord his 15 year struggle with drug addiction, mental illness, severe anxiety, and rebellion. This is a short list of many issues for which he needs God’s healing power.
      Could I also ask you to pray for my husband and myself that we don’t give up hope that He is still listening to our prayers and still hears our deep pain, guilt, and devastation from this disease that has robbed us of the son we once knew.
      Above all, please pray that he knows God still loves him no matter what.
      Thanks so much.
      1. Jacqueline Cooper

        I’m praying for your family 🙏🏼

      2. Valerie

        There is a wonderful book called Hope Lies Ahead, written by father and son James and Geoffrey Banks that I recently read. It might be helpful for you to read during this difficult time. There is an additional book called Prayers for Prodigals that James Banks wrote while he struggled with his son\'s addiction, and falling away from his faith.. I\'m currently reading that, and it has many scripture filled prayers for both his son and daughter. The first book is interesting as it is written from the father\'s and the son\'s perspective as the son, and actually the entire family, struggled for many years with his addiction . Praying that God will send his comforting peace to you and your family.

      3. Isabelle Grace

        I can totally relate. I I’ve serve two sons who I’ve had similar experiences and I’ve been reading praying for your adult children. The prayers have been very helpful as I intercede on my sons behalf. I encourage and join in agreement that your son’s heart shall be tendered towards the Lords will for his life . I pray and stand in agreement that his life shall be a testimony that will help influence others to come to Christ and live for God , in Jesus name I pray Amen

      4. Tammy

        Dear sister, I wanted to let you know that your prayer request struck my heart because I\'m going through the same storm with my son as well. He just turned 15 this year. May the Lord bless your son and keep him. God knows what he\'s going through and He\'s forever faithful to us when we seek Him.

    • Pray for Cindy and her family, her father passed away on Saturday from Covid. Pray for guidance and protection from Covid for the teachers and students at my school and our new school year just around the corner. Thank you for your prayers and this prayer wall!
    • My previous employer has not paid me my last check. I filed a claim with the Department of Labor, but no results. The deadline of July 31 approaches. Without God\'s intervention, I will have to file a civil suit to get paid what I am owed. Please pray for this situation.
    • The West is in a severe drought, we had little snow the last 2 years so there was no snow pack and no rain. We are burning up in 13 states. Please pray for this to end.
    • I recently passed the Real Estate exam for Arizona. I am newly retired and looking to supplement my retirement income. Please pray for the Lord’s direction to where I should work & be trained as a Transaction Coordinator .
    • I recently had Laryngotracheal Reconstruction surgery. This was a much more involved surgery than I had anticipated. One month later, I’m still severely struggling with my day to day activities and I have two one year old children who need me to be my best. I know the healing process is slow, but I feel so defeated still not being able to speak and struggling just to eat (swallowing is still painful). Please help me pray for healing and to be the mother and wife that my family needs. Thank you.
      1. Jacqueline Cooper

        Praying for your healing ❤️‍🩹🙏🏼

    • Please pray for my son, he has bipolar. He is expanding his business and I worry that it will be to stressful for him. I know he needs to draw closer to the Lord. He loves the Lord, but I think his eyes are drawn to making more money.
    • Dear Lord, I am reaching out to you with the requests that you watch over my family and friends. Keep them safe, healthy and free from harm. Extra prayers going out to my friend Tee who is having some minor medical issues, please keep her faithful and strong. To my friend Debbie who\'s father has a weak heart, let him get stronger. To my son and his fiancee, please let them find the date to join as one in your eyes. Thank you Dear Lord for all that you have given me, my heart and faith are with you.
    • iam waiting for smart driving licence that i may go back to job again
    • For help in turning my fears and anxiety over to the Lord. I continuely try to fix mine and my family’s problems on my own and when it doesn’t work I become angry and frustrated. Please pray for me to turn my worries over to God and except the fact that I alone can not fix everything.
    • I need peace of mind. I struggle with a fear of getting cancer, having a heart attack and just dying in general. I have severe anxiety and need to learn to handle this. I am afraid the phone will ring with bad news when I have test results to come back. I am so tired of living in fear. I don’t try relax ever and I battle with depression, OCD, PTSD, and general anxiety disorder. My mom had worse issues. My parents died 72 days apart when I was 18, that was 33 years ago and it has forever changed me. Along with suffering through my mother’s mental illness my entire childhood. Basically I’m a mess. A work in progress. I’ve been in counseling for 24 years on and off but mostly on. I need God so much to just protect me. I struggle with trust and faith but try every day. Any prayers would be so greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
      1. Yolanda

        Lord Jesus, help your child find comfort and enduring peace in your arms. May your love and grace be sufficient and trust be built where fear exists. In your name, we banish Satan\'s hold over her mind and body that his evil ways may be apparent. Surround your child with people who she can trust. Amen. I recommend reading Fear, I\'m Over You by Holley Gerth. It\'s a daily guide to addressing and overcoming fear.

    • Sadly, and not by our choice, we don’t have a good relationship with our neighbors. The Lord’s directed us to build a fence between us. That may sound cold and unChristlike, but feel it’s for our protection. We feel a bit like Nehemiah when he was harassed by Tobias and Sanballat, please pray the construction process goes smoothly, and that the Lord go before us, thank you.
      1. Tammy

        Dear Debra, I\'m praying Isaiah 54:17 over your situation. Be blessed and know that this battle isn\'t yours, but God\'s!

    • Hello wonderful ladies! I am in the process of starting a business called Your Precious Love about child development and peaceful parenting. I launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to produce a cardboard playhouse, My Precious House. My goal is to give every child a space of their imaginative and creative play. Also, to help parents be more confident parents through love. Please pray for love and abundance for my new adventures. I know God is always with me and having amazing ladies get closer to Him in prayer is a blessing. Thank you for raising my business in prayer. I love every single one of you.

      With love,
      Nahomie Johnson
    • I am having issues getting pregnant. I pray I am able to have a healthy baby.
      1. Suzy

        You are in my prayers. I know firsthand how har this struggle is. Stay faithful. God has a plan for you and your future family whatever that may end up looking like. My husband and I struggled for a long time. Looking back God was laying a foundation for the beautiful twins he blessed us with. God loves you very much!

    • Please pray for my sweet friend, Misty, and her family, for God to give them peace, comfort, and strength after the loss of her son due to an overdose. She fears her son was not truly saved and is struggling with that.
    • My sister has terminal cancer at the age of 52. She is deciding today on further treatment or comfort.
    • Please pray for my sister Joyce. She had surgery yesterday from falling and has a long road of recovery ahead of her. She is 72 and has diabetes very bad.
      Prayers for a full recovery please. Thank you
    • Praying for a new job, husband & financial breakthrough
    • Please pray for my mentally challenged daughter who is also mentally ill. Her father died and she is having trouble adjusting to her new group home.
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