Prayer Wall

Jesus said, "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them" (Matthew 18:20 NIV). There was no Internet when Jesus said those words, but He certainly knew it was coming! And here we are today praying for each other around the world.

This Prayer Wall is a safe place for two or three or more to gather in Jesus' Name and pray for each other. God invites us to participate in the unleashing of His power by praying and turning the key to the storehouse of heaven's door for blessings outpoured. The Prayer Wall is here for us to pray for each other, and to share praises with each other.

Let me also say what the Prayer Wall is not. This is not a place to vent. Whether it is venting about husbands or politics, this is not the place to do it. It is not a place to disparage others, embarrass others, or disrespect others in any way.

The Prayer Wall is not a place to give advice. Let's let God be the One to give advice to our sisters. Our job is to pray and we never want human advice to interfere with God's direction.

We don't need to tell a lot of details about certain situations. God already knows the details, and we wouldn't want anyone to post something she would later regret. Therefore, some details maybe edited out.

Each prayer request will remain on the Prayer Wall for 60 days and will then drop off. If you would like for this amazing community of praying women to continue praying for a certain request, simply enter it again.

I am so excited to see what God will do in each of our lives!



While we're praying for each other...

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    Sharon Jaynes | Prayer Wall



    • My daughter is recently separated From a toxic marriage with fears of potential physical abuse. Please pray for strength for her and for her to return to her faith in God.
    • I have struggled with depression so long. I know my blessings are so much greater than my stresses but I still struggle. Medication does not help. I am praying for wisdom, strength, and mercy to overcome. Any prayer or Godly advice needed.
      1. Stacy

        Praying Terri. I understand depression well. I had it along with anxiety for years. Our daughter struggles. She has tried so many meds to no avail. I recommend you talk to your doctor and research TMS.. I can\'t spell but it Transcranial magnetic stimulation. It is about a decade old and a new treatment for those who have tried multiple meds for depression. It has helped my daughter quite a bit. It is stimulation to a specific area in the brain and takes about 20 mins 5 days a week for 6 weeks. Praying for you sister. 🙏💚

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