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Sometimes Healing Takes Time

I like instant. I like brewed coffee in a minute or less. I like microwaved leftovers in 45 seconds or less. I like instant text, instant online shopping, and instant movies at the click of a button. But sometimes healing takes time.

I’m not a fan of process, but would rather have immediate results. One of my favorite words in the New Testament is “immediately.”

  • “Immediately they received their sight” (Matthew 20:34).
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Crying in the Corner

Have you ever felt:“God, help me! Make this stop! Why are you letting this happen? Why are you allowing this person to hurt me? Don’t you love me? Don’t you care about me? I know you could get me out of this situation if you wanted to. Why don’t you make it go away?” If so, keep reading.

Steven was three years old when he contracted a severe case of the flu.  Read more…

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God’s Always Working

Have you ever wondered where God was when your life was falling apart? Oh friend, let me assure you, He is always working behind the scenes. Just because we can’t see that He’s working, doesn’t mean that He isn’t.

I remember when  I met my husband at a college Bible study while we were in college. There he sat with the sleeves of his red flannel shirt rolled up over muscled biceps.  Read more…

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Disqualified? Says Who?

Have you ever felt God nudging you to do a specific work for Him and thought, I’m just not qualified! Oh girl, I’ve felt that way just about every time I’ve said “yes” when my knocking knees said “run.” And you know what what? Sometimes those feelings of being unqualified don’t go away once we start moving in the obedience direction.  Read more…

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This is Not How I Thought My Story Would Go

Have you ever thought, this isn’t how I thought my story would go? I certainly have, and I bet I’m not the only one.

After years of negative pregnancy tests, I mourned because life wasn’t turning out like I thought it would. There would be no gaggle of laughing children filling my home, no crowded kitchen table at mealtimes,  Read more…