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God Is Surrounding What’s Surrounding You

My brother was thirteen years old when a band of bullies on bikes encircled him like buzzards taunting their prey. He was outmanned and outnumbered. I thought it was the end. But then my dad pulled up in his Pontiac. He didn’t even get out of the car, but simply rolled down the window and gave a look that said,  Read more…

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When You Feel Like Something’s Missing and You Don’t Know What It Is?

One Spring, our family hosted a ten-year-old Russian foreign exchange student. I got to be his mamma for six weeks. He went to school with my son and got a taste of what the American Christian family is all about. Alex’s English was very limited, and we depended on hand signals and facial expressions to get by.

One day,  Read more…

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Tearing Up the Scorecards

She was at it again. Mrs. Barnett was getting out the scorecards and tallying up the points.

I sat with an older woman as she began enumerating her family’s shortcomings. “Callie never comes to see me,” she began to complain about her granddaughter. “And she never calls me either. I saw her sitting on the other side of the church last week and she didn’t even come over and give me a hug.”

“Benjamin is just as bad,” she continued,  Read more…

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Healing Your Heart When It’s Been Rubbed Raw

Three weeks ago, I wrote about forgiveness. Let’s go there one more time and see how we’re doing. Those hurt feelings may rise to the surface, making you think you haven’t truly forgiven. But remember, the decision to forgive happens in a moment, but the feelings take a while. When you feel the hurt, remind yourself that you have already forgiven the person who hurt you and move on.   Read more…