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It’s a Small Cloud, But It’s Somethin’

I had been praying for a family member for my entire adult life, but it seemed nothing was happening. Nothing. Perhaps you’ve felt that way about a prayer before.

In 1 Kings 18:41-45, there’s a story about the prophet named Elijah who predicted a three-and-a half-year drought was coming to an end. After delivering the news to King Ahad,  Read more…

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Do You Really Expect God to Answer Your Prayers?

Have you ever prayed about something, but didn’t really expect God to answer…I mean really expect it? I’ll admit I have. Sometimes I’ve prayed because I knew I should, but doubted God would truly answer.

That same thing happened to a bunch of Peter’s friends. (Acts 12)

In the early years of the church, King Herod had many Christians murdered and many more put in prison.  Read more…

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No Prayer is Too Small

It was time for prayer requests from the five-year-olds in my Sunday School class. They eagerly raised their hands and expressed their greatest concerns for the day.

“Pray for my loose tooth, that it’ll come out.”

“Pray for my tooth, that it’ll come in.”

“Pray for my cat who is sick, that God will make her better.”

“Pray for my daddy.  Read more…

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What Are You Afraid Of?

How do you react to fear of the unknown when it comes to stepping out in faith or living boldly? I remember the first time I spoke with a microphone in front of a crowd. I was terrified! My topic was Unshakable Confidence in Christ, but my knees were knocking!

Everyone has his or her own unique way of talking themselves out of taking steps of faith.  Read more…

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When the Devil Tries to Sneak Up On You

He did it again. The devil whispered a lie into my head, and I believed it. Of course, I didn’t know it was him. I thought it was just me. But it wasn’t.

Did you know the devil wants to sneak up on you? He prowls around like a lion just looking for the right opportunity.

If Satan came to you in a little red suit with a pitchfork and announced himself as the devil,  Read more…

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The Day Grace Rode into Town

Suppose I knew ahead of time that the people who cheered for me one day, would sneer at me five days later. That the people who showered me with praise one day would hurl insults the next. How would I respond to the accolades, applause, and admiration of others on a Sunday…if I knew those same people would turn their backs on me and shake their raised fists at me the following Friday?  Read more…

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When You Feel as Though You Just Don’t Matter

For years we were joined at the hip. Not a day went by when we didn’t talk on the phone at least once.

But sometimes friendships come unhinged. People change. Perspectives change. Purposes change. Passions change. While nothing went terribly wrong, and no hurtful words were exchanged, the void was vast beyond bridging. I felt tossed away. Discarded.  Read more…