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The welcome mat is always out, and fresh insights from God’s Word appear daily.
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Sharon’s Recent Blog Posts


Have You Left the Wrong Path Wide Open?

Last Sunday my pastor had to do some housekeepin’ fussin’ at our congregation before he started his sermon. It was a “Visitors, close your ears” moment as Jimmy interrupted the service for an important message from our neighbors. See, right beside our church property is a City Park. On Sundays, when our parking lot is… Read More

When You Get In Over Your Head

I was just a wisp of a girl–a six-year-old, forty-pound monkey with gangly arms and legs who vowed she could do anything her eleven-year-old mischievous brother, Stewart, could do.  Standing on the glistening sand of Bogue Inlet Beach, N.C., I hungrily watched as Stewart and his friend, Jeffery, plunged into the briny waters at the… Read More

Miracles in the Messes, Majesty in the Mundane

Something special happened yesterday. Over at my Girlfriends in God devotion, I asked women all around the world to share a moment of Sudden Glory when God made His presence known in a real and personal way. Over 200 women shared amazing stories of miracles in the messes and majesty in the mundane. I spent… Read More

Seeing God in the Bread-and-Butter Plain Days

You know what? I liked my last post. I liked the beauty in my yard all white with snow. I loved how you love it! But I never want you to think better of me than I really am. The snow melted. The mud remained. And the ordinary bread-and-butter plain days were back. There were… Read More

Seeing God in The Little Things

It snowed last week. For some of you, that is not a big deal. But for me, living in the South, it was a shining display of glory all around. I breathed in the majesty of creation; breathed out the gratitude of grace. Thinking of the power of the gospel to cleanse. Pondering of the… Read More