When You Don’t Like Your Story – Video Bible Study Package (Download)

What if Your Worst Chapters Could Become Your Greatest Victories?

Video Series with Discussion Guide
and bonus materials

This package includes a downloadable introductory video for churches/groups, six downloadable video sessions, a bonus video of interview with Gwen Smith, a printable Bible Study Guide, and a leader’s Discussion Guide.

Bible Study Guide
The Bible Study Guide is in the back of the book, When You Don’t Like Your Story, and no other book is required. However, if the reader would like to download a separate copy of the study guide to have more room to write their answers, a downloadable one for printing is provided

There is Bible study lesson that coincides with each chapter. We suggest doing two chapters per meeting.

Discussion Guide
The Discussion Guide is for leaders who want to foster an atmosphere of openness and transparency among the participants. While the Bible Study Guide examines the Scriptures, the Discussion Guide explores the heart.

Video Session Introduction
The package includes a short video clip that can be used to promote the Bible study for your group.

Video Sessions
Each video session covers two chapters and two Bible study lessons.

Session 1: (35:36) In Session 1, Sharon goes back to the Garden of Eden for a deeper understanding of the foundation for why our stories can take a bad turn, and then to the cross to grasp how God had a plan to put the broken pieces back together. We will see that we are not defined by the parts of our story that we despise the most. We are defined by God. Covers chapters 1 and 2. In this session I mention a 1,2,3 Overview Note Sheet. Click here to print out for your group.

Session 2: (20:33) In Session 2, Sharon takes an in-depth look at the life of Moses and how God was working behind the scenes to get him in the right place at the right time to do the right work. She also shows how we, like Moses, can get stuck in our failure until we let go of the past and move forward with the flow of God’s pen as He continues to write our stories. With this shorter session, Sharon encourages groups to have a few women share their stories. Covers chapters 3 and 4.

Session 3: (37:10) In Session 3, Sharon delves deeper into how to come out of the pain place through forgiving those who’ve hurt us and coming out of the shame place by accepting God’s forgiveness for ourselves. She looks at the life of Paul and the parables of Jesus as biblical examples of how to do both. Covers chapters 5 and 6.

Session 4: (32:46) In Session 4, Sharon invites you to sit by well and listen in on Jesus’ conversation with a broken Samaritan woman, and then run with her to tell her story to an entire town. She will show you how sharing your story makes Jesus visible, you believable, and hope conceivable. Covers chapters 7 and 8.

Session 5 (36:40) In Session 5, Sharon takes you back to Moses in Exodus 4 to consider his fourth objection at the burning bush. We look at the lies that tell us we’re not good enough and our God who says, “I AM.” Covers chapter 9 and 10.

Session 6 (40:45) In Session 6, Sharon uncovers 4 benefits of looking at our stories through the lens of gratitude and grace. We walk with the Israelites through the wilderness of grumbling and with Paul through the open jailhouse gates of gratitude. Covers chapters 11 and 12.

Bonus Video:
Sharon has a open and honest conversation with her ministry partner, Gwen Smith, on how God has used one of her worst chapters to bring the message of forgiveness and grace to women around the world.

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