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6 Truths of Trials to Hang Your Hat On

  Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we thought it would. Sometimes unexpected difficulties knock us off our feet and out of breath. Sometimes painful situations stab tender emotions already left fragile by past hurts. In my own life, I’ve pondered the broken pieces of shattered dreams, and I’ve been amazed at what God […]

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What To Do With a Broken Dream

  I’ve been thinking about broken dreams lately. We’ve all got them. Just different ones. So what are you going to do with yours? [tweetherder]Could it be that God is waiting for you to give Him the broken pieces of your shattered dreams so that He can make a beautiful mosaic from them?[/tweetherder] Could it […]

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A Little Something Bagger Vance Taught Me

  I was sitting in a darkened theater watching the movie Bagger Vance.  Now I know the theology wasn’t correct, but one scene caused tears to stream down my cheeks.  It was during a time when I was struggling with what God was calling me to do with my life. Here’s how the story goes: […]

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