What Does It Mean to be Ready?

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I love Moses. I can so relate to him.

[tweetherder]When Moses thought he was ready to do great things for God, he wasn’t. And then when he thought he wasn’t ready, he was![/tweetherder]

When Moses was forty years old, he struck out to save an entire Israelite nation from slavery…all by his lonesome.

God hadn’t called him to do it. He just thought it was a good idea. As a result, he failed miserably and ran for his life to the desert.

After forty more years, when he was eighty years old and barely able to put two words together without stuttering, God spoke to him from a burning bush and told him he was now ready.

I hope you’ll go back and read of the story in Exodus 1-3. Here are some observations I made this morning about good old Moses in those three chapters.

God’s dream for Moses in Exodus 3 was the same dream Moses had for his life in Exodus 2.  Yet, Moses had forgotten the flame that burned in his heart so many years before – to free the Hebrew people. He had forgotten his passion, his purpose, and his preordained preparation for the task.

However, God had not forgotten. He was simply waiting for Moses to get ready.

Where did Moses go wrong when he was forty? He went ahead of God.

He wasn’t wrong in his vision or his desire to free the Israelites. He was wrong in how he went about it.

He left God out of the equation. Moses tried to accomplish his dreams in his own strength and with his own abilities.

God wanted a man who was aware of his inadequacies; a man who would depend on God’s strength, wisdom, and power. And at eighty, Moses was that man.

So many times, when we think we are ready, we aren’t.  Then when we think we aren’t ready, we are. So what does it mean to be ready? We are ready when….

  • We are willing to pray for God to accomplish His dreams for our lives rather than our own.
  • We realize that we can accomplish nothing in our own strength, talents, and abilities, but are totally dependent on God to work in and though us.
  • We understand that God wants to accomplish God-sized dreams in our lives.
  • We are willing to accomplish God’s dreams in God’s ways in God’s timing.

Paul wrote: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him,” (1 Corinthians 2:9). “For you are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for you to do,” (Ephesians 2:10).

Have you forgotten your dream? Have you forgotten your passion, your purpose or your preordained preparation for all God has prepared for you?  If so, consider allowing God to stoke the smoldering embers into a flame.

And here’s something else to consider: Are you ready to depend on God to work in you and through you? Are you ready to depend on God’s strength and abilities to accomplish great assignments that He has planned just for you?

If you are ready to get ready, leave a comment that says “I’m ready for all that God has planned for me!”

At the end of today, I’m going to randomly pick 3 comments and send a free copy of my book, 5 Dreams of Every Woman…and How God Longs to Fulfill Them.  


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Comments 375

  1. “I’m ready for all that God has planned for me!

    It makes so much sense why I could never find work in the last five years or get started with my dream career, because of my own understanding of doing things my way.

    I am so ready!! Thank you Jesus

  2. I am more than ready for all the things God has planned for me! I want to be able to discern God’s plans vs my own. Please pray that I will stay in his word, and pray for his guidance each day…HIS WILL, not my own.

  3. I am ready for all God has planned for me! Open my eyes Father so that I may see and open my ears that I may hear and open my heart so I can share your love!

    I pray this through you Jesus Christ,Amen
    Terri Walton Pittsburgh Pa

  4. Three years ago, I was devastated by an unexpected divorce after 26 years of marriage. He remarried only 4 months later. I was angry at God and unforgiving where my ex was concerned. My self-esteem was set to zero. Now, I am a place where I want to lay down the anger, truly forgive my ex, restore my passion for seeking God, and move on to a Christ-centered relationship with someone new, if the Lord so chooses.

    Definitely, I am ready to be ready……

    1. Michelle – my heart breaks for you and I can only imagine the pain you have gone through. I do know how it feels to be angry at God and how hard it is to forgive those who have hurt you. I held onto my anger for 5 yrs! When I finally forgave those who caused the pain – it was like a huge weight just lifted off of me. Look to God to help you forgive and know that he loves you. God Bless.

  5. I am ready for all God has planned for me.
    But Lord you alone truly know my heart so if it’s not ready for you, please open my eyes to see what i need to do to be truly ready for ALL you have planned for me.

  6. “I’m ready for all that God has planned for me!”

    Girl friends of God has really helped me and strengthened me a lot through different messages. Whenever, I was really in need to hear Gods word, what he wanted to tell me, I always used to get a confirmation thru the Holy Spirit, which used to be an email message from the Girl friends of God.
    I always wanted to comment or sent an email, don’t know why cud not sent. May be it was not the right time. I do not know. This time I put this comment because since weeks & days I was praying, Lord let your will be done in my life and just like Moses I cannot do anything without you. And Moses has really inspired me; because just like Moses, I also used to be excited I can do many things. In midst of difficulties, when I used to see miracles in life where my Lord used to answer immediately, I used to feel very confident, I am his dear, I know everything etc. Ofcourse, I am his dear, but the “I” in me had to go. I gradually understood because I am one of his special child and not to discourage all the small things He answered. But, to do his great job, I have to consider myself as nothing and without our Lords grace we cannot do anything. When we surrender and admit, we cannot do anything and we are not ready, He does his work in our life. What I learned and understood was, it’s just because we don’t jump into troubles due to our over confidence and think because of us, we accomplished the task, certain things get delayed.As Philippians 4:6 says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” We never know what is good. Our Lord is in perfect control of us. Let’s all submit our needs and tasks he has for us to his hands, and when we surrender and admit we cannot do it Father, but only with your help, He will do it definitely.
    I would like to tell all my Girlfriends, never be discouraged whatever the circumstances be, His mighty hands is always protecting us as 1 Corinthians 2:9 says “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him,” Whatever the hardships we are going thru, take it happily because He has a work to complete in us for the goodness of our brothers and sisters as Ephesians 2:10 says “For you are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for you to do,”
    Lord had trained Moses in all the ways and given all the power, but when Moses surrendered that power to Lord, the Lord started to take action. We are also like that Moses. Just like Moses, i also surrendered, He showed me the picture. I thought i could solve everything and do Gods work. No, i could only see but take no action. Now I am asking him, you showed me, I do not know how to work & I cannot do alone, Lord tell me and do it for me to fulfill your plan in me. Amen
    Let’s all put our hands together and shout to the Lord with praise & worship, “We Are Ready…………….”

  7. I am ready for ALL that God has planned for me! And I can’t wait to see what that is! I am like a child on Christmas morning waiting for my parents to wake up!!!

    AS WELL.

  9. I’m ready for all God has planned for me!! Since He has promised that I can do all things through Christ…..I’m trusting He will empower me to d what He calls meto do.

  10. I’m ready for all that God has planned for me. I have always lived my life according to my own plan and here I am, a 46 year old struggling single mother. Now it is time to live God’s plan for me and giving all control to him gives me such peace and joy. I can’t wait to see where he leads me!

  11. For years I have been caught up as the oldest child taking on every situation and I am either responsible for or to blame for it! I am now ready for everything God has planned for me, and not what the world has planned for me! It is such freedom!

  12. I’m ready for all that God has planned for me. I believe we have started. At 49, I am in the nursing program at a local community college. He is by my side each and every day.

  13. I am ready for all God has planned for me, may I be the vessel your love and hope shines through only in by keeping my eyes on you not my circumstances!

  14. I am ready for all God has for me! Many of the messages I heard at this past weekend’s Women of Faith Conference have been ruminating within and the Holy Spirit keeps bringing them forth for me. Patsy Clairmont said ” You are more than you know”. Waiting to see what God wants to show me!

  15. I am ready for all that God has planned for me! Let this be the day that I give my burdens to God and not pick them back up and try to control them. Let me hear God and be ready.

  16. Sharon I love your emails and I find often that your messages are what I need to hear at the time I receive them. Thank you. I don’t know if I am ready. I do trust God with every part if my life and my family. Maybe I am ready and just don’t know it. Thanks again and I look forward to the next email.

  17. Just as with Moses, the dream that I have been following for so long now was given by Him…and what made sense in the natural when He gave it, is now by natural eyes, impossible. I will continue to lean and learn what I need to until He fulfills it…only He can…

  18. I am SO ready for all that God has planned for my life!

    And He has put you there, Sharon James, to help that process.
    I love reading your words daily. They have spoken to me like no other author.
    Thank you for doing Gods work!!

    Kimberly Herron

  19. Honestly Sharon, I want to be ready but the fear and doubts in my heart tells me I’m not.
    I feel like God’s way might be too difficult or uncomfortable. I really believe He knows what’s best for me but… I kinda want to know all the details of how he plans to get his plans accomplish NOW. U see am goin thru something now and my past experiences with how God ‘s plan and my plan had differed has me all iffy and should I? It has been difficult but like Moses, He never left me all alone. Through the lonely desert moments and the pressure of the responsibilities I had as a young widowed mother with a baby boy, he was there
    Don’t know if I’m making sense but. there it is.

  20. Good morning Sharon,

    In short, I’m ready!!!! For about 6 mo. now God has been getting me commited to Him by me giving up smoking!!! Was extremely difficult and I failed many times! Still I remained faithful to Him and He was merciful with me…until one day about a week ago I asked The Lord to use me for His glory and His reply, ” how can I use you for the big tasks when you can’t even concur the small ones!!!!” Ouch, that hurt and hit me hard!!! I knew He was talking about the smoking. He told me many times in many ways to stop and of the blessings He has for me for my obedience to quit! Finally, I got mad, not at God but at satan and the cigarettes for controlling me and keeping me from my path with God!! I told God it’s your burden you get rid of it… I haven’t smoked since that day nor have I the desire to!! The blessings have been rolling in!!!!!! That’s all I had to do…love God more then smoking!!! When we do Gods will and deny self….then we are ready!!! Praise God, glory to God in the highest, not my will be done but His!!!! I’m ready!!!!

    Many blessing to you Sharon!

    Your sister in Christ,
    Serina Reynoso

  21. I am so ready for God to accomplish through me the desires of His heart. I want the world to know how awesome, faithful and kind He is. I want to give myself away for Him to use me for His glory.

  22. God is good. Sometimes I thought I was doing His will but I really was doing my own thing. He always brought me back and set my feet on the right track. Amen.

  23. Sharon, I SO appreciate your insights into God’s Word and your sharing them with us. I guess I never thought about Moses NOT being ready when he really WAS ready to be used by GOD in HIS time and in HIS way! Wow!
    I want to get ready to BE ready!

  24. Philippians 1:6 NIV

    …being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Sometimes we give up on our dream but God does not. Our dreams that he placed within us have a bigger fulfillment and purpose than we could ever imagine.

  25. Good morning, YES I’M READY! God has been telling since teen he as got not just plans. But AWESOME PLANS. For the past 20 yrs. He said so in Jeremiah 29:11. Plus saying to don’t give up, and this to will pass! Much has happened fearful, paralyzing trails that are r actually becoming miracles! I don’t see my past to be a curse no more, I see it as a blessing. I’m seeing, learning, and loving God’s ways (LOVE). I remind myself constantly day by day that GOD IS THE NOT THE SPIRIT OF FEAR, BUT OF POWER, LOVE, AND SOUND MIND! I still at times have given in to who I was, but god reminds me TO DON’T GIVE UP! JUST TRUST HIM , AND OBEY ! AND FOR ME TO BELIEVE ? THIS TO SHALL PASS ! ? . So I can be the new me saying , ” ALL IS WELL!” !

  26. I am ready for all that God has planned for me! Thank you for that example I did need to hear that. There have been times in my life currently where I see what good desire is for me to do. So I act without asking him first, and just expecting him to catch up. As if I can accomplish anything useful on my own. Hopefully God willing this will stick I will from now on always seek God first and allow him to guide me rather than allow my on selfish desire go first.

  27. i would love for my granddaughter to get this book and start early directing her dreams. With the help of this book i know it would be easy for her eyes to be opened she is a 15 yr christian girl,and her first time in public school, 10th grade and in a new state, this would help her to make friends have more confidence in God, she has been sheltered from the worldly ways and all that is going on in the public school is so much for her to take in and she is so discouraged,because feels like an outcast, although she is getting all the support of her christian parents and myself, she needs to hear it from someone who doesn’t know her.

  28. It’s so weird that this is your topic for this morning. I was just begging and pleading with God because I’m so ready too know my purpose for my life. I stop having dreams for my life a long time ago and I just kinda accepted that maybe God only bless special people and I’m not one of them. I’m soooo ready too know what God has for me. Thank you Sharon for this and all of your encouraging blogs, you have no idea how they help me cope day to day. Thank you.

  29. Sharon
    Thanks for the timely words. God has been stirring in my life. I am a retired teacher who loves to teach. Doors have closed at church to teach. I sense a stirring of something new coming in my life. I am trying to sit and be patient because I know all things are in Him but oh don’t we want to help Him along. Good to remember His ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts. He knows all and has it all under control with perfect timing.
    Give me grace to be patient, rest in Him where I am now and watch what He does
    Go ladies!!!!!!!

  30. I am patiently waiting as the Lord instructed me in Psalm 27:14. I didn’t learn what this means until after I thought my life was over…I messed up God’s initial plans for my life because I couldn’t wait; I hadn’t learn the discipline of patiently waiting until…Now I anticipate with joy all that God has shown me and what He told me He was going to do for me…I don’t dare move ahead now….am I tempted to move but I am noticing that with everything, whether my children, my grandchildren, my job, my family, I am inquiring of the Lord and asking Him what does He want to do…I am growing in grace and in the knowledge of my Lord and Savior. This morning as I was driving to work, my ears picked up the beautiful songs of the birds sweetly singing and I was reminded of the goodness of the Lord…I told the Lord just then that while the birds sing so sweetly; the sound that I want to hear is “Well done, thy good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of the Lord.” To sit at the feet of my best friend and my true lover is worth waiting for. In the meantime, I believe he is preparing me for all He promised…Stay tuned! BTW, Sharon, I think God for you…

  31. I’m not sure that I’m ready, but I know for the past 2-3 years God has been preparing me to fullfill my/His dream for my life. I, like Moses, Jerimiah and Jonah have been running away from God’s dream for me. But this time God has caught me, and I have to stop and allow God to do His work through me. Whatever He starts He is able to finish and that gives me the confidence in which I can depend on Him and only Him to do His work.

  32. I really needed this today! I am going through some doubts about myself at this wonderful “age of menopause”!! 🙂 I have been faithfully serving God, praying to Him, listening for His voice and I know I will get through this and what He has planned for me! I am going through a rough season right now, but God is faithful…You just reminded me that through our weakness He is strong!!!! So, maybe He has me lined up to do something really great!!! So I will continue to Be Still and Know and “Sing Sing Sing and make music to the heavens!!!!!

  33. I am definitely ready for all that God has planned for me. Years ago when I first became a registered nurse I thought I wanted to go to a third world country to help with mission work. I never did because I put my way into the equation and lost sight of this dream. Now I am preparing to go to Costa Rica on an eight day mission. As part of my time there I will be acting as a nurse for the workers then feeding and teaching children. This time God planned the trip not me. This started 33 years ago.

  34. Sharon, thank you so much for your devotional. When I first got saved I was on fire just like Moses but now I am in the desert. As a women’s ministry leader thank you for reminding me I am in preparation. I am now ready for all God has planned for me and I will not go ahead in my own strenght. Thank you for your devotion and commitment

  35. I been a follower of Jesus since 1972! He as been my enabler for these many years! I admit doing some things in my own power, I can relate with Moses. The times I let Him lead turned out the best. I have such desire to serve Him. Sometimes He has me sit and this is where I find He prepares me to serve!

  36. I’m ready for all that God has planned for me! Thank you for helping me to remember that the trials at am going through at this time have a purpose for my life. I have been worrying about the changes that will be happening with my job. I know in my heart that God will not leave my hanging – I just have to be willing to take hold of his hand that he is offering me.

    I know that God listens when you are ready to give your troubles to him. I will soon be a 9 year breast cancer survivor. When I was at my lowest point – I turned everything over to him because I told him I could not do this by my self. What a blessed feeling of relief as I felt that weight lifted from my shoulders. I’m not saying that the treatments & surgeries I went through we easy, but I knew deep down in my soul that I was healed by his hand. I also had a Prayer Warrior that confirmed that – she said God told her I would be healed.
    Thank you for giving me this reminder that God feels I am strong enough. With his unconditional love, patience, & guidance – I can do all things through him!!! God Bless You!!!

  37. I feel like I have been ready for a long time but the difficulty lies in discerning whether it is my idea or God’s. I tend to want to go ahead of God and get impatient waiting for my ‘fruitfulness’ to occur. Well, that is what I think of as fruitfulness. Therein lies the problem. My idea of fruitful vs God’s. I have no doubt the things I think are big are not the things God thinks of as big. But crucifying the flesh to be patient is not easy! Thank you for your blog. Thought provoking and encouraging.

  38. I am ready LORD!!! For all you have for me!!!!! I love you so much! Thank you that you are my strength, my confidence, and that your word is my passion!,


  40. I am ready for all God has planned for me. Sometimes I get fearful though and have to remember that Jesus always holds my hand in all things. Maybe its not really fear but a feeling of being inadequate to be His light in this world. I have a hard time praying out loud with others but not when God and I have our quiet time together. But I trust in Father God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

  41. “I’m ready for all that God has planned for me!”

    God has been reminding over this past week of the many times he has come through for me and of His faithfulness.

    I am at an all time low in my life in just about every area. I am at the point where I am questioning if He still cares. And in every devotion, every message preached, every song ministered over this past week, He has reminded me of who He is.

    I am still standing amidst it all and “I’m ready for all that God has planned for me!”

  42. I am ready for all god has planned! Its far too tiring to do it on my own anymore. I have been divorced now for over a year after having been married 31 years. I want to be married again..but it is hard to be patient and not work on finding someone myself. I need to know when god says i am ready and his choice will find me

  43. I’M READY FOR ALL THAT GOD HAS PLANNED FOR ME! I would love to feel a burning passion in my soul (the song lyrics “so set a fire down in my soul that I can’t contain and I can’t control” just came to mind). I can’t recall the last time I’ve been seriously passionate about something – my kids and my husband, yes, but nothing else. I want to feel a fire, a desire, a drive to move and pursue something for God! I want to feel passion and purpose and know that it’s because I’m finally ready to do God’s work!

  44. I am ready to get ready to do all God has planned for me. He is might, powerful, awesome, over and above what mere words can describe.

  45. I have been on this path for many years! I suppose I was like Moses. I charged ahead and my health stalled me. I believe God is bigger than my physical infirmities. I have learned so much over these past years about truly loving people, being humble & being real. I’m think I’m ready!

  46. I am ready for all that God has planned for me! I needed to hear this today. I need and I am ready to learn how to hear what God is trying to tell me.

  47. “I’m ready for all that God has planned for me!”
    Such a timely reminder. I don’t dream nearly as big or as much as I used to.

  48. “I AM SO VERY READY FOR THE PLANS GOD HAS FOR ME” I’m in a new season in my life and I so hunger for God and need Him right now!!!

  49. I am ready for what God has planned for me. I have just been praying to him and seeking him all the time. I am anxious to see what the future is holding out for me. 🙂

  50. I’m ready! This is a question that was asked of me a few weeks ago. My dad has Alzheimers and a lady at the nursing home asked if my dad was ready and was I ready. At first I didn’t know what she was asking. Let me go back, she is in her 80’s doesn’t know her name, her room number, how she got there, if she has family, and if she likes some to eat on her plate or if she has eaten. She just goes around smiling. She is so sweet. My dad wasn’t feeling very good and she was worried about him. I told her it was ok that he just was tired and wanted to be with my mom in heaven. She looked at me and said “is he ready?” I didn’t know what she was talking about at first. She said “you know!” Then I got it. I told her he was a Christian and loved God with all his heart. She was so happy to hear that! Then she looked at me and said “where do I live?” Amazing that she knows in her heart that she is a Christian and should always ask about others spiritual needs. Praise God that it stays in our heart even when we don’t know our own name! And Yes I’m ready for whatever the Lord has in store for me!

  51. I’m ready for all that God has planned for me. . ..Honestly I have lost my dreams in the past few years and I have no clue how to do this anymore.

  52. I am so ready to arise and climb the highest heights God has for me! Not without fear and trembling just trusting and believing in His promises! Standing on Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

  53. I’m ready for ALL that God has planned for me! Not what I THINK God SHOULD plan for me….that’s where I get ahead of God and try to do things in my own strength.. Thank you for this reminder to allow God to lead the way!!

  54. I was heading on over to sign up to win the book. But today’s blog about Moses is for me. It has my name in the cross hares! Three years ago I called off my wedding and got out of an abusive relationship. Less than a year later God prompted me to contact the ex fiancé about forgiveness. I thought since I had done it within myself I was good. It wasn’t good enough for God. He had to see how far I’d stretch to be obedient. It was a three month battle leading up to the conversation via email which was my only form of contact with him. Then I felt God was leading me to write a book about my testimony. I started in October 2011. I’m winding down now. But the important thing is I know I was not ready to walk through and openly talk about the whole process. Even though I feel like now I am not ready, I think its getting closer to that time of being used by Him to do what He has called me to do. To fulfill my purpose and my calling.

  55. Sharon,,,,,,,,,,,, years ago I was REALLY seeking God’s will for my life, having decided to leave a very important job and “wait on the Lord”. To say the least, it was frightening to put myself “out there” — hanging by nothing but the faith that He WOULD answer! And He did in a mighty way and gave me an awesome ministry in music — AND the Holy Spirit equipped me in ways I could not do on my own.

    Now I’m 40 years older and in a different “place”,,,,,,,, but I still LONG for the days when I knew He was working in my life daily. I still have some life left in me and would love to do something important for the Lord. And yes, “I’m ready for all that God has for me now”….

  56. Now that I’m retired I am finding great joy in opening my home for a ladies small group I call Share & Care. I also just started a Ministry Wives get together for our local pastor’s wives. The Share & Care is a 12 week commitment and the Ministry Wives gathering is 4 times a year. I already own my own copy of your book. I have loaned it out for the second time. It would be great to have a second copy. The chapter that deals with those who cannot have children is why I loan it out. My own daughter and a young lady who attends my church cannot have children. I just want them to know there’s plenty of children who need someone to love them.

  57. I am ready to do all that God has planned for me. I listened to him last year when he told me to go to Campus Crusade for Christ in Orlando Florida to work. I’m 55 years old and had always lived in Nebraska. 1 1/2 weeks after accepting a position with the Jesus Film Project, my husband and I left for Florida (leaving 9 of our 10 kids behind in Nebraska). Wow, I still sometimes can’t believe we did that. I am SO ready to continue to listen to him for whatever he wants for my life. I know there is more ahead, and I’m so excited for the possibilities.

  58. I just finished teaching on Moses to my ladies bible study and I am printing this to go in my notebook to share for my next time I teach a group. Thank you, love it. And, we are soooo like that. Your wisdom is straight from God and He has blessed me by finding your site.

    Forever in His Grip
    Pat M

  59. Sharon,

    Peace and Grace to you.
    Not to enter the context for the book.
    I just wanted to tell you that I was very disappointed with myself because I did not write yesterday the paper that my advisor has been waiting for. I am a doctoral student and sometimes I found doubt in my heart in moving on that journey. My professors asked me to pursue a doctorate in 1997. I finally responded to that calling in the summer of 2010, however, some days, I found that I am not doing the right things to be in my program (I am an immigrant and English is the 4th written language I learned by myself). I am a single parent, a medical interpreter, and I have difficulties keeping up with all my list of things to do. This morning, your message comes as a ray of light in my heart.
    Merci beaucoup,

    God Bless you

    P/S: I posted your message on my FB

  60. I’m ready for all that God has planned for me. The big and the small. Thankful to be among all these sisters in Christ that affirm Jesus.

  61. “I’m ready for all that God has planned for me!” Sharon You have no idea how confirming this statement is. I have been quoting a scripture sinxe January which is our time of fasting within my church body. So guess what my scripture is- Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Yes Jesus-I love you so.

  62. I am ready for all God has planned for me.
    Six months ago I left all I knew to move to California. My husband got a job here. In this process and before I left I felt privleged to open my hands and give everything to God. I must say I was very brave before I left with all my support in place. Now six months later I have my ups and downs but know that this is where I am suppose to be. God gives me grace every day and really that is all I need!
    Thank you for your articles they really help through trying times. I feel blessed to get such inspiration.
    Sincerely yours in Christ,
    Karen 🙂

  63. I’m ready for all that God has planned for me!
    I have also lost my dreams, my passion to what I thought was my calling and what my purpose is. But I am patiently waiting on God for my next steps and edifying my mind through Scripture and cleaning my house as I wait.

  64. “I’m ready for all that God has planned for me!” I started working at a campground/resort in 2010, while looking for another job. It was just a temporary, summer job. They asked me to stay on in the off season, so I said ok, with the understanding that I was still looking for a job with insurance. I applied at several places, that I wanted a job at. So, I worked another season, and another season, and another. Each year at the end of season, I would start applying again. I was on the board for a pregnancy resource center, since 2004. In June of this year, I received a call from the executive director, asking if I would like the job as administrative assistant. My mouth dropped and my heart was racing! Not a job I had applied for, but a job, evidently God wanted me to have! I finished out the season at the campground, while also working the center. I have been working at the center since July, and have seen God do many amazing things through me and the center. So, once again, YES I am ready for all that God has planned for me!

  65. We have moved to 13 different cities including 3 countries in Europe. In each place, God has led me to green pastures and beside waters. I believe my purpose in life has been to bloom where I’m planted. At each job, I’ve been able to share my love for God with others and continue to grow in the Word. My husband is not a believer. I pray for his belief but he shuts me off when I mention God. I am ready to face his resistance and temper. Show me the way Almighty Father and gove me the words, Holy Spirit. I am ready!

  66. I am surely ready. After 15 years of marriage and some very rocky years my husband has totally submitted to Christ. I am so ready to leave the past and surrender all that I have to Christ. To be a vessel of honor for the Master. His grace and his mercy are ever abounding.

  67. I’m ready for the dream God has for me!

    One of my dreams is to help my church build a relationship with the high school in our neighborhood. It’ll be a year this January we began praying for this school and I have heard about the work God is doing! Prayers are being answered! I’ve been praying about how we can be accessible to the school, to help with needs in the school. One of the ladies where my son attends TaeKwonDo is a teacher at the school!

    The other dream is to reach the local college for Christ. We took the first step by handing 75 care packages. The number is small but the impact was GREAT! The kids asked “You are giving us these things “just because”?” Yes! We love you and wanted to show it!

    I know God has a dream for me and I’m ready to play my role in His dream!

  68. I’m ready for all that God has planned for me… I too feel I have lost my dreams, BUT GOD is in the process of setting things aside, in order and moving some out of the way. I am hopeful again!

  69. I am so ready to get ready and let God lead me where I need to go. My husband and I have been in financial trouble our whole 28 years of marriage. We have turned it all over to God to lead us in the paths we need to go and he has already did a wonderful work in our lives. We have a way to go but we know by letting Go and Letting God he will lead us on the path we need to go. We have to learn to listen to him and not ourselves. I am soooooooo ready for that.

  70. As we watch and see what God does and is doing how can we not be willing to say, “I am ready” and totally surrender all to Him for his glory. What an encouraging post. Thanks for lighting my wick today.

  71. I am now truly ready for all God has for me! This is so timely in my life, as just yesterday, I decided I knew what I had to do to fully accept and do what I believed the Lord was calling me to over 30 years ago. I had my vision of what that was, but He had other ideas. I thought I would be a missionary to Guatemala, but I am a missionary right here to the church my husband pastors. I came alongside him when we got married just over two years ago. He has been here four years. I am now at peace with how the Lord has designed things. I have been in nursing for 30 years, and have felt a struggle in giving that up to serve in full-time ministry, but He has gotten me to that point. Nursing brought me to this point, helped me through many difficult times as I worked hard to support my family, then myself…but I no longer need that. I am at a very different place in my life…the place where God placed me, to minister to these people who need to be restored and loved. I lay my “career” at His feet, and take up the works He created me to do before the foundation of the world!!! Amen!!

  72. I’m ready for all that God has planned for me! And on days like this I still see Him working. I prayed all the way to work this morning – feeling inadequate at being a Sunday School teacher, a youth teacher in mid-week services and a servant of Christ in general. I told God I felt unworthy because of my past sins and that I would be quiet and listen to whatever He wanted me to hear today and follow Him in whichever direction He led because sometimes I feel like I don’t listen enough. I get to work, open my e-mail where I had forwarded your devotional from home so I could read at some point during the day and there it was. I often question why God chose to use me and still feel I’m not worthy. God is good. Thank you so much.

  73. Sharon,

    I am ready and all i want is more of HIM and and less of myself. Not my will but MY GODS will. Thank you Sharon you are such a blessing.

  74. God used your wonderful words today to encourage me and show me I am on the right path!! I surrendered all control this week and choose to follow HIS PLANS daily and not my own. I have jumped in like a 40 year old Moses for the last time!

  75. Thank you for your encouraging words! I recently jumped head first into teaching a Bible study for the first time! Of course, after much prayer! I am ready for God to do His work through me! BTW, the book I’m teaching from? I’m Not Good Enough, And Other Lies Women Believe! Every woman needs to read that book!

  76. Sharon, I am so ready! You are an encourager and I truly want to be all God wants me to be. At 61 years young, I need a change that only HE can provide! He knows what is best for me and I surrender all to Him. God bless you and your ministry!

  77. “I’m ready for all that God has planned for me!” Sharon You have no idea how confirming this statement is. I have been quoting a scripture sinxe January which is our time of fasting within my church body. So guess what my scripture is- Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Yes Jesus-I love you so.

  78. I am ready for all that God has planned for me!!!! At this moment am at my paren’s house caring for my dad while he is in his last moments of life. My dad has stomach cancer stage 4 and his body is giving up-praying for dad’s salvation. Praise God for His grace.

  79. If I’m being honest I’m not sure I am ready. I am in the midst of physical sickness and waiting on test results to see if I have a illness that could threaten my life. But I do have faith that by His grace He will carry me though and that it may be part of His will. But sometimes being ready is hard because sometimes we are places I’m the fire to purify us. And the fire is hot. But at least even in suffering we are not alone. Buy today I’m not really ready…

  80. I’m ready for all that God has planned for me.Therefore I place myself into His tender loving care, because I know that with God what seem impossible for me it’s possible with Him.

  81. I AM READY FOR ALL THAT GOD HAS PLANNED FOR ME. I removed the rubberband and now give it ALL to God, to show me what he wants for me.

    May God richly bless you for this awesome ministry.

  82. I am ready for all God has planned for me. I’ve set aside my ego, my need to do for myself, and understand that all I have is because of Him. I will gladly set my own dreams aside for His.

  83. Good morning Sharon, Thank you for your faithfulness to God and doing what He has for you to do so that many of others like me can reap the benefits of your work. It is no fun taking matters into your own hands and leaving God out of the picture. I am ready to give over to God and get out of His way!

  84. I’m ready for all that God has planned for me!! I have been struggling for some time now and this is exactly what I needed to read this morning! Please LORD, guide me to do your work with my hands! Thank you Sharon!

  85. This is such a good reminder to step out in trust and KNOW that God will provide me with the skills and tools I need to do the work he has prepared IN ADVANCE for me to do. I forget this sometimes. Thanks for the timely reminder.

  86. I am ready for all God has planned for me! Thank you for your post today. I so needed to hear this and was encouraged to allow The Lord to rebirth the dream He has for me even at the age of 57. Thank you again!

  87. I am ready for ALL that God has planned for me. May His Glory shine, and ALL will know it is God’s love and power at work ! Praise the Lord ! God Bless my sisters in Christ this day.. ; )

  88. Sharon, If you had asked me this question a few years ago I would have told you! I wasn’t ready because I was on a very different path in my life? Today as I read your blog I was re affirmed that I AM ready to follow God. I have been ready. I wake up with Him every day praying that he helps me to know Him better, that he helps me to see Him better and most importantly that he helps me to see Him every day. I have been saved by the precious blood of Jesus and he paid a hefty price because He loves me. My mission on this earth is to serve others, to love others as he loves us.

  89. Matthew 25:23 reinforces His love for me! Our time is not His time but I do know and trust that I am in training. Can I handle the smaller responsibilities given me? Do I appreciate and treasure the assignment He gives me today whether great or small? Can I be patient and ready to receive all that He has planned for me? Lord, make me a worthy vessel!

  90. Sharon – I sometimes feel like Moses – I move ahead on my own steam and fall flat on my face. Then God comes along – picks me up, dusts me off and helps me move with him guiding – following his directions – with a much more positive result. Thy will be done.

  91. I’m ready for ALL that God has Planned for me and more! I thought I was really ready but He told me just this week that there is way more still to be done and for me to not let go. I’ve almost let go a few times because it is difficult with my self absorbed, indulgent husband. I wanted to give it all away just to see my hubby happy. I am so glad God convinced me to hang on! Praise God my Holy Father for not giving up on me, when I wanted to give up on Him. Shame on me for thinking that was the way out. Thank you Lord for steering me back to you and forgive me please. I want all God’s plan for me and I am willing to wait for His timing. Amen.

  92. I been going through alot in my life within the past year and a half. Some good, some bad, but I recently have been wanting God in my life again to be closer to him. I love and trust him and “I’M SO READY FOR WHAT GOD HAS PLANNED FOR ME”! Amen

  93. I am ready to follow God’s plan for me. I know His plan is better than any I could ever have for myself. I fail Sharon but that does not make me any less wanting to always be ready to follow God’s plan. Sometimes the way seems cloudy for me and I want 20/20 vision always. I know only with God’s help!

  94. I am so ready for all that God has planned for me! I want to do what He wants me to do with the life He’s given me. Thanks for the chance to win.

  95. “I’m ready for all that God has planned for me!”
    I have been told over and over by both friends and family that the right guy will come into my life when God knows I am ready for a lasting relationship with a man. So this statement when I read it this morning during my devotional hit home. I have met a guy and we have been taking it slow (getting to know each other as friends first, then seeing if it goes beyond friendship). We’ve been friends since middle of July 2013 so as I have always said to myself God only knows if this is the guy that is meant to be a part of my life till the end.
    ps I hope so, because to me he’s a keeper in my book…

  96. I am ready for all that God has planned for me. I am ready to depend on God to work in and through me. I am ready to depend on God’s strength and abilities to accomplish great assignments that He has planned just for me. I am ready for God to stoke the smoldering embers into a flame.

  97. I AM READY FOR ALL THAT GOD HAS FOR ME AND TO FOLLOW HIS PLAN !!!!!!! Yes I did yell that out LOUD and clear……. I am 63 years old and have let fear control my life….I have missed out on so many things that God has placed before me….doors He tired to open for me…….. I just woke up one day and thought “Sandra…you are 63….are you going to live your last days still wrapped up in this fear or are you going to get up and fight?” Well from somewhere deep deep deep down inside me I felt this STRONG desire to change come forth…so I am on a journey to freedom from fear….. My greatest desire is to fulfill God’s plan He has for me before it is to late.

  98. Dear Sharon,
    After being a drug addict for half my life, homeless, helpless and spiritually dead,I can say that I am ready for anything God had planned for me. What ever He has in store fore me would be an honor for he saved a wretch like me from the deepest, darkest hole of existence and filled me with His love!

    Everyday I thank God for His mercy and beg Him to guide my steps.

  99. I’m ready. In any small way, small steps, or something more. Always hoping for more discernment in a particular area but offering all in the meantime as well.

  100. “I’m ready for all that God has planned for me!”
    I was just praying today about being quiet with God to find out what he wants FOR me. I have a small grant opportunity to perform more health ministry programs at my discretion. I am praying God will reveal what he wants for me to accomplish and instead of me barreling through with my own ideas.

  101. I’m ready!!! I think. I am 51 and would love to see God bring me some new friends to share life with and to Glorify God in the process!!!

  102. Yes sister…I am ready for all that God has planned for me….!!! I am 40 going 41 in a week…seen many broken dreams….I have taken many many decisions that if I look back were wrong and ended bad but I know in my heart that HIS plan for me will go into effect and that is just going to work out and its going to happen…I fight every day against doubt and anguish and I have given it all to HIM and still every day I do so because we are something to try and want to take control over and I know by now thanks to past errors that me trying to take over usually does not work! SO I am embracing HIS WILL and I am standing still while obeying and getting closer to HIS heart…I love the Lord and I thank HIM for blessings like you whom are a great blessing to this world and whom is being able to strengthen many of us out there. Thanks for inspiring and teaching us and thanks for the encouragement I find in the Lord through you! Blessings sister….

  103. I am so very ready for anything that God has planned for me. I want him to lead me in the way he wants me to go. Before moving, both my husband and I felt led to start a church here in Eastern Montana so we are here and ready to take those steps that God wants us to go.

  104. I am READY for all that the Lord has planned for me!!! Father God, please lead, guide, and direct me to live according to Your Will, not mine!

  105. Im ready…the greatest sadness for me would be to meet God without fulfilling my devine destiny… my calling… I’m more than ready…

  106. I am ready to say YES to God and for Him to show me His way. I often thought I was ready before but as I’ve grow in my walk with Christ I realize how UNready I was!

  107. I am ready for what God has planned for me !! Lord I need you now more than ever, I am struggling trying to do things that I should be doing but am not the out going person. Lord just please be with me and give me the strength to accomplish my dream.

  108. I am SO READY to Y I E L D:
    …my plans to HIS plan…
    …my children to HIS plans…
    …my family to HIS plans….
    … my will to HIS will…
    …my wishes to HIS requirements.

    I’m Ready!

    “Lord, I believe…help thou mine unbelief!!

  109. I am desperate, terrified and yearning. Because I think I will never be ready, I am stepping up to ask God to help me be ready!

  110. Hello!
    Just started a bible study with a girlfriend this morning and I feel like God is clearly telling me I am ready to go forward in something that I have felt was beyond me! God is so good! I’d love to get your book….for free! 😉

  111. Dear Sharon,
    I AM ready for what God has planned for me. I ask Him several times a day, but
    maybe He is not ready for me yet. I truly hope He sends the Holy Spirit to me
    with the Wisdom to know His Plan and the Courage for me to do it/
    Thanks for everyting, Sharon.
    PS When I submit this comment, it says I already sent it. However, this is the first time
    for me.

  112. I am ready for all that God has planned for me. Not that i’ve already obtained this or that i am Perfect but i press on to lay hold of that which Christ has laid hold of me. For He is The Autor and finisher of my Faith. I believe it! Help me Lord to believe more. In Jesus Name Amen!

  113. I am SO ready for all that God has planned for me. Thank you Lord for loving me so much that you have a wonderful plan for my life.

  114. I am ready for all that GOD has planned for me. I lord I know that I am not always patient, or obedience for give me. I am here & ready to be apart of you plan, I am willing to do what ever you ask of me. I am a new creature, seeking your words & love for me. teach me lord to have a heart like yours. I am a child of god who wants to surrender all that I am so that I can have his inner peace. may the good lord help all of us today, who are ready to be a faithful servant of the lord. this prayer I pray in Jesus name Amen.

  115. I’m ready for all that God has planned for me! My secretary job ended last December, and I am more involved in our church ministries (my husband is the pastor). My desire is to go deeper in God and to encourage people to go deeper as well! I feel this is a new season in my life.

  116. Blessings Sharon
    God gave me a vision 3+ years ago. The only way it can be accomplished is by a MIRACLE. As we all know by your post about Moses God is the Miracle worker.
    I know that Our Lord was smiling down on all the women how responded to your message.
    I ask for you to keep me in your prayers to BE STILL and hear the soft sweet words of God and JESUS!
    In His Time,

  117. Enjoyed the blog so much today. It definitely speaks to me. I want to be ready for all that God has planned for me; I just need to ask for the wisdom and discernment to know what it is! Thank you so much.

  118. I am ready for all the God has planned for me! I am in the middle of a couple of projections involving furthering my ministry and I am ready! Thank you Abba Father!

  119. Im ready for all that god has planned for me , use me god i love you so much , thank you for saving me , thank you that your timing is soooo perfect , my journey has been long but , your unfailing love has pulled me through , i cant thank you enough , PRAISE GOD

  120. I am ready to take the challenge of what God has planned for me. For 56 years, he has led my path. but am now feeling that this chapter is ending and a new one is about to begin.

  121. Sharon,
    I am ready for what God has planned for me. For so many years, I tried to do everything on my own. I even act as if I don’t have God by my side and make decisions without him. Please keep me in prayer through this difficult time in my life.

  122. I thought I was ready for all that God has planned for me and my family. Now I am confused. But God is patient… And is slowly working out His purpose. May I won’t be stubborn, but be like clay in His hands. May His will prevail in me… ’til I’m ready.

  123. “I’m ready for all that God has planned for me!” In Jesus Name a Amen!!!!!

    Thanks Sharon for the reminder, of let God be in control of what I need to do for Him.

    God Bless

  124. I am ready for all that God has for me. Lord, lead me through the open doors, connect me to the right people, provide what is needed to support the vision you have given me. I bind up fear in the name of Jesus and Ioose the love, power, and the sound mind you have already given me in Jesus’ Name!

  125. I once was a high spirit person with big dreams I would have the energy and strength to do whatever needed to be done and then my mom died and my fiancée left I lost my home my son started acting out my family fell apart . they were my cheerleaders my motivation , my brain became cloudy I couldn’t put the pieces together fear became the controller ,3 years I’ve walked around letting the unknown cripple me and change put the worse fear in me. I am tired I want to see the sun shine on me again. I am ready for all God has planned for me,,,, please help me Father I need your strength , love and grace upon me. please cover me and guide me make me the woman you made me to be. Amen

  126. I know I’m not ready. A lot of things have transpired in my life that has made me doubt that He loves me. I’m angry so to put it bluntly I am being defiant. I don’t know how to “be ready.” I m just so full of hurt and anger I always wonder–will I ever be ready to be obedient? I KNOW this much. As I told my son yesterday (b/c he was asking me questions) I said…Obedience is king. Then I told him that I heard God says Obedience is better than sacrifice. Now if I can just live it. 🙁

  127. I no longer what to live my life for myself. I want to live life for Jesus Christ. I am so ready for all that God has in store for me!!

  128. Lord I am ready, willing and anxious to be whoever you need me to be, to do whatever you need me to do and to submit my life entirely to Your plan, will and purpose! I Surrender all.

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