What To Do With a Broken Dream

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I’ve been thinking about broken dreams lately.

We’ve all got them. Just different ones.

So what are you going to do with yours?

[tweetherder]Could it be that God is waiting for you to give Him the broken pieces of your shattered dreams so that He can make a beautiful mosaic from them?[/tweetherder]

Could it be that you are clinging tightly to the shards and refusing to let them go?

Today, I simply want to share a poem. Just ponder these words and ask God if they apply to you.


Broken Dreams

Just as my child brings his broken toys

     with tears for me to mend.

I took my broken dreams to God

     because He was my friend.

But then instead of leaving Him

     in peace to work alone,

I hung around and tried to help

     with ways that were my own.

At last I snatched them back and cried,

     “How could you be so slow?”

“What could I do, My child,” He said,

     “You never would let go.”

by Faith Mitchner

I don’t want to be that person, do you? I want to LET IT GO! I want to give God all the pieces.

If you will open your hands with me today, and release those broken dreams to God, simply leave a comment that says…I’M LETTING IT GO!

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The poem, Broken Dreams, was taken from my book, The 5 Dreams of Every Woman…and How God Wants to Fulfill Them. 

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Comments 108

  1. I am letting go of dreaming that I can please everyone…that I have to choose who to love..there is not a person I need! I need a close relationship with MY Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…He Knows what I need, now and forever…He continues to work for my good because I am his child. I have to let go.

  2. After reading the devotion today, realized that the shattered dream from 11 years ago is why I keep trying to find something to fill the void and keep coming away unfulfilled. Today, I AM LETTING IT GO!!!!

  3. I’m letting go of a relationship that I should have walked away from a long, long time ago. Please God, help me shut the door and keep it shut!


  4. I’m letting go of all those broken pieces of lost dreams, and all those mean words that were directed to my family and especially my children. For it is sad but those little ones don’t know better, and just acting the way they were raised. Such a young age to bore such hate for my son. But I am letting go and trusting that God will get us through this, and trust and know that his will and light will shine in the end.

  5. I am letting go! I do not do that easily, but when I finally totally surrender, the peace and closeness I have with the Father is way more than I ever dreamed possible!

  6. I’m letting it go! At this moment loads of dreams seem to be completely broken – but, I know that God is faithful & even in my mistakes & rebellion, He will restore! So – I repent & let go! Thank you, girls for helping be “God with skin on” – to remind ME of His greatness & glory!

  7. Good Morning, Sharon…. I’m letting it go……again… it’s as though my mind is a computer and it’s always running in the background with thoughts how I can fix this…what can I do?…instead of closing that program for good and letting God take it completely. In Jesus’ name I pray to my Father….. “I’m letting it go!”

    1. In my book, I’m Not Good Enough, I talk about how to reprogram your mind. When those old thoughts come back.1. Realize the enemey’s true identity: Satan is reminding you of old junk.
      2. Recognize the lie
      3. Reject the lie
      4. Replace the lie with truth.

  8. I’m letting go! I wrote a poem not long ago and the title was “Let it Go”…needless to say, I never took my own advice! I love your devotionals!


  9. I so needed this in my inbox today. I’ve been trying to make my dream work and have been trying to ignore His “no’s” in regards to it.

    I’M LETTING IT GO!!!!!!

  10. I am letting go of the broken dreams that I have as I gather up all the pieces of my life shattered by the failure of my marriage of 33 years. Realizing that only God can fix this. That only God can mend my broken heart. This is so timely…like the poem i have taken this to Him, let it go or so I thought, but have continued to hold on to it. He has finally gotten me to the place that I can say and really know in my heart that I have let it go!!! Thanking Him for His grace,mercy,peace and love. It is only in His power that I have the strength to do this!! thank you for your encouragement and pointing the way to Him!

  11. Sharon,
    Thank you for sharing this lovely poem. It is exactly what I needed to hear today. I’m holding onto shattered dreams of my 18 year marriage that came to an end by my husband’s actions. God is the only one who can heal my heart. I’M LETTING IT GO! Thank you and God Bless us all!

  12. I am letting go. My husband left me Dec. 23rd. I have been praying for his return ever since. I had an epiphany today while reading your blog. I am holding on to the shards of my broken marriage. I have to worry about my two children now.

  13. I am letting go. It has been over 2 years since I asked my husband to move out. I been trying ever since then to win him back. Today he called asking why I haven’t called him in awhile and I simply said I am giving you your space. It is very hard not to argue especially when you feel you are right. However, God told me to shut up and take my hands off of it and let Him work, so I am listening for once,

    I am letting go and letting God do his work.


  14. I am finally able to let go and was able to release many tears. Abusive relationship. Living out of my home for my safety. Wanting him to get help. I sat down today and asked God why? Why am I holding on to someone who hurts me. He whispered you are holding onto dreams. And then I opened this blog as part of my devotionals. Although I cried a river, my Lord was faithful to helping me see he wants to give me new dreams and hope. God bless the women, including you Sharon, who spend the time to help us understand God’s wword. You are truly a blessing to so many.

    1. Now you’ve got me crying. Sometimes when God wants us to really get something, we’ll hear it three different ways in a short time. He’s don’t this for you.

  15. I am letting go God of this custody battle. I am handing over to you . I know if it your will she will be with my family in your and your time. Help me to have the patience and not try to pick it back up. I may be in the lowest alley right now but I know you are with me . I praise you and love you for giving me the gift of salvation even when I did not deserve it. Amen!

  16. So many of us as women hold on to the prospect that we have the “one” the knight and shiny armor-the rescuer-the love-of-our-lives. Often we know right away he isn’t what we imagined but we tell ourselves we can change him. I know after being in a shaky emotionally abusive relationship for almost 30 years. God is the only one that can change me or anyone. He is the Creator and Redeemer. I am slowly coming to grips with this reality. God pours His love on me and I let go of my FALSE Dreams. The good part about it is that He gives me new dreams in the process. A dream that is doable and He gets the glory. Praise God!

  17. I am letting go and letting God do a work in my husbands life. He moved out a while ago and isn’t living for the Lord. I have let go and decided to wait and watch to see what
    God will do. Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes I need to let go everyday because I take it back.

  18. Father God, I give you the broken pieces of my heart for you to mend. I’m trusting and have faith in you that I will learn the lessons you have for me and to fulfill my heart’s desire!! I let go in Jesus name!!!

  19. I’m letting go!!!! I give my financial situation and my home foreclosure to you Lord. More importantly I give my need to be in control over to you Lord! Take all my brokeness and make it whole again without my interference. Amen!

  20. I thought I let go the first time I read this, but I did not let go! I lied to myself, and I kept holding the shards until my hands have grown bloody from clamping down so tightly. I am letting go. I am so tired. Thank you for helping me to see that it really is time to let go and move on to what God has for me!

    1. There will be times in all of our lives when we pick something else back up again. That’s when we have to have a little talk with self. “Now self. I gave that to God and I’m not picking it back up again. God, I’m sorry for snatching it out of Your hand. Here you go. Take it back.”

  21. I’m letting it go, Lord….I am broken; my heart is very broken into tiny pieces this time and it is quite impossible to put these pieces back together on my own now…. It’s all yours Father, in your hands, in your own perfect time it will be beautiful again—-a brand new heart sealed with the love of Christ!

  22. I’ve been learning to let go & God is beginning to bless me far more than I ever could imagine! Thank you so so much! Your teachings are such a blessing!
    Blessings to you and your family!!!
    You are much appreciated and so deeply loved!

  23. I am letting go of the dream that I can having loving relationships with my 3 grandsons. Two have been kept from their father, my son, by their mother for years. One has disowned his family due to drug use and hurts he has suffered and won’t deal with. I have to accept that my 19 yr old first grandson, is figuratively dead now, unless and until my God changes things. This has shattered my heart in pieces and it feels as if I have died too in a way. I am not FINE but really what choice to have but to be fine?

  24. I’m letting go.,My dreams were to grow old together with my husband.He died and so did some of my dreams .I’m broken lord take my heart and fix it,. bring me new dreams I would really like to be happy again.I love you lord. you are my only hope for happiness.and thank you lord for for my husbands salvation.that gives me comfort.My heart still sheds tears I miss him so much.again lord I got to let it go.love your messages Sharon.thank you

  25. Okay, I’m letting go, I surrender, we have lost everything, our home, our dreams. I will continue to wait and be still, you are Lord, you are faithful to you promise that ALL things will work for good according to YOUR purpose for me. I trust you, I thank you.

  26. I want to let go and let God in every area of my life but it’s hard. I lost my husband 3 years ago unexpectedly and my dreams went also.

  27. I am letting go. I am letting the Lord take care of my alcoholic husband.Thank you for reminding me that I have to let the lord deal with my husband. The first thing that came to my mind as I was writing I am letting go is I don’t have to fight any more. I feel free for the first time. Now I can take care of me. thank you.

  28. I am letting go of the father of my child who walked out on us…we haven’t heard from him in months… Father help me to stay strong for my daughter.. In Jesus name I release my thoughts

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