When a Dream Dies

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I sat on my porch with my Bible in my lap and a hot mug of steamy in my hand. Early morning is my favorite time of day. Just me and Jesus and a smattering of birds.

I closed my Bible and looked out across the backyard. My eyes landed on a rounded mound of fur nestled in the grass under the willow tree.

I got up and moved in for a closer look. My heart sank as I discovered what appeared to be a curled-up baby fawn lying lifeless in the grass. Probably the same fawn my neighbor had seen nursing from its mom the day before.

My heart broke. I understand the circle of life, but still. A baby fawn lay dead in my yard. Most likely the target of the coyote I’d seen the day before.

I couldn’t get close enough to see the wound. Sometimes that is the way of things.

I did get close enough to see the sunlight passing through the velum-like ears, the intricate spots on its back, and the bambi-like eyelashes resting on a perfectly shaped snout.

I would have to wait until Steve got home to take care of the situation. I just couldn’t.

All morning long my mind returned to the lifeless form lying in the sun.

Hours passed. At noon I looked out of the window and the still fawn remained unmoved. Untouched. Undisturbed.

I couldn’t stand it. I had to know the cause of death. So I mustered up my courage and made my way to the fawn. Three feet away. Stop. No signs of an attack. I inched closer.

Finally, I knelt down by the beautifully crafted creature, admiring God’s handiwork. But I couldn’t see what had killed it.

“What happened to you, little deer,” I whispered.

Suddenly! The fawn’s head popped up! Startled eyes stared at me…wide-eyed. Me like a deer caught in the headlights. The fawn simply caught.

I fell back on my haunches!

And time stood still for a moment as we stared at one-another in disbelief! Just a hand’s-breadth away.

Finally, the fawn sprang to its feet. Wobbled a bit. And scamper off like a drunken sailor.

I sat in the grass and laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

So the fawn wasn’t dead after all. It had simply found a bit of grass and fallen asleep…until almost noon.

And where is your mother? I wondered.

After my heart stopped pounding in my chest, God whispered.

Sometimes things are dead, and sometimes they just need to be woken up.

I pondered those words for the rest of the day.

I called a friend who is struggling in her marriage…in a very bad way. The sort of way that leaves you wondering if it will survive. I told her the story. I told her God’s message.

Sometimes things are dead, and sometimes they just need to be woken up.

Sometimes a marriage is dead, and sometimes it just needs to be woken up.

Sometimes a friendship is dead, and sometimes it just needs to be woken up.

Sometimes a dream is dead, and sometimes it just needs to be woken up.

I think we are much too quick to write the death certificate for our hopes and dreams.

So here’s my word for you and for me today.
For my friend struggling in her marriage.
For my friend who cries for her adult son who walked away from God.
For my friend who has received ten rejection letters from publishers.
For my friend who longs to cuddle up with a good husband rather than a good book.

Don’t assume the dream is dead. Sometimes it just needs to be woken up.

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Comments 28

    1. Thank You Sharon, don’t you love when God speaks that short sentence of wisdom?! He speaks so much to me while I am in my morning garden, too.We just have to be “still”,listen, and watch.

      This devotion spoke to me today as I now have my 90 yo Mother with me. I am searching for what can awaken her to a love for life again. She only wants to stay in bed and sleep her life away. She still has her “wits” and could have some more great years, if she would just wake up to life again. I ask for prayers for her and for me.

      God bless

  1. Thank you. This is precious. My mother passed away last week. During the church seremony yesterday the pastor said my mother did not pass away last week Tuesday, but that she woken up with Jesus and that she is doing very well. Sometimes things are dead, and sometimes they just need to be woken up. My mother might be dead for us, but she is awake with Jesus. Amen

  2. I was told in 2005 I would never work again. Something in me died and pined for self-worth.
    We had no children and my husband who had a successful career did not want children.
    In 2011 we had our only child, a girl. In 2012, I started teaching piano and now sell Arbonne products as well. My life is filled with friendships and close relationships with relatives. A very different life to 2005.

  3. Dear Sharon,
    Thank you for this message today. This morning I had decided that I would probably never marry again. My husband left me 20 years ago for a much younger woman. I remained faithful to God and raised my children. I thought you might as well face it you’ll never remarry. This message renewed my hope that maybe somewhere out there is a new husband for me.

    I always look forward to your encouraging words.

  4. I understand you can’t know how timely this message was. Three of the items on the list near the end are what I considered to be “dead”. I’ve been asking God to reveal to me His will, especially in one of them, and once again I see His hand print, through someone’s message…yours. Thank you. You’re being used by Him.

    From Canada with love.

  5. Thank you Sharon. You give me hope. I love God with all my heart, learning to trust him and let him work in me. There is some deep hurt in my family, that isn’t all hurt I know. Relationships that need to be woken up, I don’t want to go into details. God knows. I feel God telling me to go give my parents a message of forgiveness and freedom, but I’m still learning that myself, and it can go either way, they can forgive and be free or they can become even more hurt thinking my husband are against them too. I don’t want to make the situation worse, How do I know for sure it’s God telling me I should go to them. How do I completely abandon my own strength and words and let the Holy spirit speak through me? We all desire restoration, waking up, healing. The outcome of the situation is not God’s heart, leaving wounded bitter people that will never trust again it seems. There is complete grace and forgiveness when they (we) give all our burdens to the Lord for him to carry. And forgive as Christ forgave us. I know once that happens it will be a completely new start, alive in him. Nothing is impossible for God, absolutely nothing. Praying for God’s wisdom and his spirit to be alive in my heart, and speak through me, or that he will reveal to me that it is not the right timing yet, before it’s too late.

  6. Sharon,

    I must admit I was a bit angry when first starting to read this one. How could you post such a beautiful picture of an innocent fawn and tell us it was laying there dead. Where in the world is she going with this, I thought. “When a Dreams Dies” and literally you are doing to talk about death. I quickly scanned the next few sentences and was intrigued by your bravery of approaching a “dead fawn” so I continued to scan. All of a sudden when the fawn’s head popped up, my emotions did a 180 as laughed b/c I could vision you and the fawn staring at each other then you toppling over! hehe

    I was humbled as I continued to read (NOT scan) the remaining words. What had made me angry thinking it was over made me laugh in the end.

    This one truly has an impact for me. Thank you for sharing!


  7. I needed this devotional today. God works in such miraculous ways. We still have a dream though it’s been pushed back by maybe a year – two years, but the joy that’s been handed to us while we wait on God is incredible. New plans – a diversion (maybe to us but not God). And then a dream last night that came from nowhere; well we really do know where it came from. But of our son who has disowned us for reasons we don’t fully understand. A dream of the prodigal son (our son) coming home again.

  8. oh Sharon this was so wonderful…my son in law has decided since I was married before my husband and I are committing adultry…we have been married 28 years and I would not have had my daughter he is married to unless we had married. He has a veil over his eyes and will not see the truth in scripture that my unbelieving unfaithful ex husband did not want to be married and deserted me and my sons…so I was free…1 Cor.7:13-15. he has my daughter convinced he is right and we have not seen them or our grand daughter in over a month…please pray for me that he will wake up and see truth

  9. Thank you for the words I needed to hear at this time in my life. It has given me the courage not to give up but to wake up.

  10. I saw this devotion and it caught my eye, (I read lots of devotions from girlfriends) but I am at a crossroads to make a decision to close my business(dream) of 15 years or to fight a little harder( awaken) and stay open .I felt like it was dead and really time to let go. So I kept these words in my mind all day and prayed to really know what to do. I thought I really didn’t have a choice but to close, As the landlord would have to give me lower rent in order for me to stay. Please God don’t let me close if its my dream and can be awakened!! Well my landlord called today and gave me a break and wants me to stay. I feel awakened and God gave me hope again and now I am going to give it my all!!

  11. This post hit me hard. Thank you. Time to revisit an old dream that was set aside so many years ago. I thought maybe God had a time limit on it. Perhaps he was waiting for me to see this! <3

  12. What a beautiful story of hope about one of God’s creation! Sends an encouraging message to my heart & soul. Thank you!

  13. What a beautiful story of hope about one of God’s creation! Sends an encouraging message to my heart & soul. Thank you for sharing it!

  14. This really gave me hope! My boyfriend just broke up with me a few days ago and yes it was my fault. I am so scared of losing people I was controlling and ugly acting to a really good man. I should not have let my fear get to me. All I want is someone to love me and want to marry me one day. This sorry gave me hope. Maybe my relationship with him isn’t dead may it just needs waking up by us being apart. I don’t know what God’s will is for my life but I would surely love to be happily married again one day soon. Please pray God will send him back soon or if that’s not his will then send me who I’m suppose to be with. HOLDING ON TO HOPE AND FAITH

  15. My husband and I lost our business due to economic hard times. This put us into financial ruin. Our house is now in foreclosure and all seems lost. My hopes, my dreams, everything. Yet this blog post reminded me that nothing is ever lost with Christ. If it is his will I know he will provide a way for us to keep our house and get back on our feet.

  16. I have been married for 10+ years but have not been able to conceive. We’re tired of all the fertility treatments and have “left it” in God’s hands for over 2 years. We’ve debated wether we leave as is or pursue again. Maybe it’s time to wake the dream again…

  17. My dreams did die that day. The old ones had to die for the new ones to be birthed. God knew this all along and was there to give me the new dreams of my heart once I was open and ready to accept. I am now thankful for His Sovereignty knowing what was best for me and my future.

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