The Contagiousness of Grumpy and Grateful

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2020 has certainly given us a lot to be grumpy about. It has also given us much to be thankful for. When it comes to having a grateful attitude I’m reminded of the most fun I’ve ever had in an airport restroom. Here’s the story.

A few months ago, I was in the airport headed to New Jersey. It was a typical rush, rush, rush morning. Grab the bags, trudge through traffic, hunt for a parking space, follow the herd, wade through security, dash to the gate.

Folks aren’t usually very friendly in airports. Eyes look straight ahead. Purposed feet slap the floor. Overstuffed bags roll behind. It’s not that people are grumpy. They’re just “flatish.” (That’s a new word for today.)

On this particular morning, I looked just like everyone else. “Flatish.” Before settling in at my gate, I decided to make one last trip to the restroom. I’m so glad I did. It was one of the most joy-filled places I had been in a long time.

Gretchen, the “hostess” for this privy, donned a silly little hat on her head with whimsical feathers waving about the top. If it wasn’t for the official attendant’s vest she was wearing, I might have thought she was on her way to Mardi Gras. With a spray bottle in one hand and a cloth in the other, Gretchen welcomed each “guest” into her “home.”

A woman in a green jacket exited a stall and Gretchen swooped in behind her.

Squirt, squirt squirt with the disinfectant. Wipe, wipe, wipe with her cloth. “Right this way, madam,” she motioned to the next person in line, “This one is ready for you! Come right in!”

With all the poise of a valet opening the castle doors for a person of honor, Gretchen welcomed each woman as if she were the most important person in her day. I stood back and watched as this 5-foot-5-inch bundle of joy wiped off toilet seats and cheerfully invited her next guest into the pristine stalls.

Gretchen had an effervescent sense of joy…wiping toilet seats. It seemed to come from a deep-seated heart of contagious gratitude. And it spilled over to every single woman who left her station. Women entered weary and worn and left with a skip in their step and a smile on their face. Some even lingered…as if they wanted to soak in just a little bit more before facing the world.

Yes, gratitude is contagious, and so is grumpy grumbling. Someone complains, and the next thing you know you’ve joined in and are complaining right along with them.

How do you think that grumbling started with the children of Israel in the wilderness? I think it went like this. One person picked up her manna for the day and said, “You know, I’m sick of this manna.” Then someone else picked up his and said, “Come to think about it, I’m sick of it too.” Then a neighbor agreed, and it spread, and it spread, and it spread. Next thing you know 2 million people are grumbling and complaining. Then a sea of ingrates wandered around the desert for forty years.

Make no mistake about it. Our attitudes are contagious whether grumpy or grateful. Whether we complain or give thanks, others around us will tend to do the same.

Paul wrote, “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus,” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NIV). How in the world can we rejoice always and give thanks in all things? Ah, the answer is sandwiched right in between…pray continually. That doesn’t mean we’re on our knees 24/7, but that we are in constant communion with God throughout our busy day. We enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise!

As I left the airport restroom, I noticed a tip jar resting on the counter filled with thanks. But I don’t think the “tips” were for wiping the germs away from the toilet seats, but for wiping the doldrums away from the ladies’ hearts. And for some strange reason, I just wanted to give Gretchen a hug.

I did.

She didn’t mind.

Gretchen reminded me just how contagious gratitude and joy can be. And how desperately I want to be a carrier. I hope you do too.

Heavenly Father, make me a woman of gratitude. I pray my heart will be infected with thankfulness and I will spread it to those around me. I pray the Holy Spirit will stop me from grumbling, and spur me to give thanks in all circumstances. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

List 10 things that you are grateful for other than Jesus and your family. I know you are thankful for those two. Let’s stretch. It doesn’t have to be big. Once you have your list, click on comment and share you list. Let’s be grateful together.

I want to hear God, to see God, to experience His presence in my daily life. Don’t you? That’s why I wrote A Sudden Glory: God’s Lavish Response to Your Ache for Something More. For one year I pondered the verse, “In Him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). What does that mean? How can my life be a fluid movement of living and moving in Christ? How can I experience the majestic in the middle of the mundane? If you want to learn more about how to experience God’s presence, not as a once in-a-lifetime occurrence, but on a daily basis, then this book is for you! It also comes with a Bible study guide for those who want to go deeper.

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Comments 118

  1. I’m grateful for church, friends, sunsets, sunrises, mountains, oceans, flowers, kindness from strangers, my job and my home. I have many other things I’m grateful for, but these are ten that quickly came to mind.

    1. Hi there, Rowena from Freeport, Bahamas.

      Today’s message was so exciting to read and share with a few girl friends. My recent women leadership training focused on an attitude of gratitude….gratitude is certainly contagious.

      1. I am thankful to have a vehicle,
      2. Supportive family
      3. God kids
      4. Healthy body
      5. Jesus
      6. Freedom
      7. Co-Vid free since pandemic hit the global world
      8. My home
      9. Loving husband and kids
      10. Sound mind
      11. Wisdom
      12. Co-workers

    2. 1- Sound mind
      2- Provision – Home, Food, Transportation etc…
      3- Sunrise
      4- Sight to see God’s handiwork!
      5- God’ Word
      6- Friendship
      7- Internet Access
      8- Strength
      9- Energy
      10- Employment

    3. I am thankful for the breath in my body. I am thankful for peace in my mind and joy in my heart! I am thankful for my job, the roof over my head, the car I have to drive, and the food on my table. I am thankful to be blessed to be a blessing to others. I am thankful that I work with great people. I am thankful for the work God is doing in my life and my kids’ lives!

  2. 1. Seeing colors
    2. Health
    3. A job
    4. Sun coming up over the lake
    5. Smell of fresh coffee
    6. Fall leaves
    7. Children’s excitement over anything
    8. Hearing inspirational music in a public place
    9. The sound of God blowing through the trees
    10. Food to eat

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      1. Hello (:

        Thankful and grateful to God
        – an abundant life
        – having been adopted twice
        – air to breathe
        – shelter
        – healthy body
        – food
        – clothing
        – running hot/cold water
        – friendships
        – job

        Have an amazingly blessed week♥️

      2. Hello
        Feeling grateful doesn’t always come easy for me but with encouraging words and Bible verses I know I have so much to be thankful.

        Thanking God for the following. In everything I give thanks.
        1. My day today
        2. Roof over our head
        3. Food on our table
        4. Husband that loves me so much
        5. Good health
        6. Not working since March but I’m grateful cause I know God has planned for my next job.
        7. Provisions for my son private school fees and it’s due again this month.
        8. Unemployment issue it’s been 3 months- God has planned
        9. Covid19 free since the beginning
        10. Bed, hot shower and coffee everyday.

        Blessing to you all!

  3. I am grateful to have a warm, comfortable bed to sleep in each night.
    I am grateful to wake up to a pot of coffee made while I was sleeping.
    I am grateful that I can eat whatever I want for breakfast.
    I am grateful that I am able to exercise every morning.
    I am grateful for my husband who works very hard every day to support our family.
    I am grateful to live in a beautiful house with heat.
    I am grateful for the shower I took this morning with hot water.
    I am grateful that I have a computer where I am able to receive emails such as this one
    I am grateful that I have the ability to go pick out new glasses today and pay for them.
    I am grateful for the car I have to get me to where I want to go today.

    1. Post
      1. I’m grateful for ability and desire to learn.
        My soft, warm, cozy bed for a restful night of sleep.
        Hello in the office of our family business.
        Food the the ability to taste and enjoy.
        My mother in law.
        The wisdom God has abundantly blessed me with.
        My health and the health of my family.
        Hot running water, electricity and washing machines.
        Thanksgiving and a day off.
        My husband hard working attitude.

  4. I like this “pray continually…we are in constant communion with God throughout our busy day. We enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise!”

    Joy and gratitude are contagious and I pay to become a better carrier of Joy!

    I am thankful for –
    1. All the last minute decisions we need to make as we finish our new home because we get to make them in the face of COVID
    2. My new position and friend that hired me
    3. All the things I need to learn in my new job
    4. Being sober for 9 months
    5. Being healthy for 9 months
    6. The moving boxes my brother saved for me
    7. My car could be repaired.
    8. My co- worker who reminds me that differences are a good thing
    9. There will be a Christmas service this year – it will just be more intimate at home and virtual
    10. The snow that fell last night – God makes the seasons change but he doesn’t

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  5. A new dishwasher installed by hubby–a 3 day process. Don’t ask!!!
    Glad hubby was here when the alarm malfunctioned at 3:30 a.m. this morning!!
    A freezer full of food that I can share with a friend.
    Birds singing(squaking) in the backyard.
    Our dog– Cinder–a giant Schnauzer.
    Very grateful to be healthy at this time.

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  6. I’m Thankful for….1. For God’s steadfast love, 2. His mercies that are new every morning. 3. That God will never leave me nor forsake me. 4.He keeps His promises. 5.That He will always be with us through our trials and troubles . 6. He hears and answers our prayers. Thankful for His provision… daily 7. For the friends He has brought into my life in different seasons. 8. The beauty of His creation 9. Thankful for the different seasons and the amazing colors in each one. 10. Thankful for good morning devotions I receive from sisters in the Lord. Thanks Sharon, Always enjoy your devotions and books. Great devotion this morning. …. Susan

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    2. Wow, Susan, I am a fellow believer from Canada and if I were to write a list, all that you have written should be on my list because God has been all those things to me. Thanks for helping me recognize all these good things that He has provided for us. 💕

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  7. I am grateful, an amazing sunrise 🌄 this morning, fall crisp weather, the colors of the leaves 🍁, my family are all well, quiet prayer and verse time, getting the very much needed dr appointments, my oldest son s Birthday.unable to be physically together but a joy just the same, morning chores are finished , tea ☕️ in the afternoon, seeing the last roses 🌹 still holding on to the rose bushes, the 🌅 sunset ..crocheting time for charity 🧶

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  8. I’m grateful for health, my home, food to eat, clothes to wear, money to pay our bills, our vehicles to drive, friends, my dogs, but they are my family, freedom, peace, and my wonderful country that I live in. Much, much, more.

  9. Thank you so much Sharon for this word. I strive to be kind and loving because I have a Savior that loves me so much. I hope others can see the love in my eyes you saw I Gretchen’s. Oh if we were all like Gretchen this world would be a better place. Thank you again.

  10. 1. I am thankful my Mom is still alive
    2. I am thankful I am able to work
    3. I am thankful for food on my table
    4. I am thankful for my co-workers
    5. I am thankful for my animals who make my life happier
    6. I am thankful for heat in my house and plenty of wood to burn
    7. I am thankful for good neighbors
    8. I am thankful for the cows that live next to my house – love watching the babies grow.
    9. I am thankful for my vehicle that get me where i need to go.
    10. I am thankful for these websites that help me remember what’s really important in my life.

  11. Thankful for devotions, like yours
    Hearing/God provided cochlears
    God’s provisions
    Social media that lets me be with family, church, and BSF group
    Our rescue dog who brings such joy
    My sis and bro in law taking good care of my mom who has dementia
    Freedom to worship

  12. I am grateful that Jesus loves me. I am grateful for health and strength. I am grateful for mobility of my limbs. I am grateful for my children and grands and great grands. I am grateful for my pastor and his wife. I am grateful for my church family. I am grateful that God will never leave me or forsake me. I am grateful that God supplies all my needs. I am grateful for life. I too am grateful for coffee and for you sharing today.

  13. I am thankful for my grandkids love and laughter; for God’s provisions everyday; for my faithful friends who love me and pray for me daily; for my church family who is always there when needed; for my Pastor who speaks truth every week; for my job; for the health of those I love and care about including myself; that no one in my family has or has had covid; that God’s safety and love are always with us; just thankful for life in general; we are soooo very blessed.

  14. Life, health , strength, a roof over my head , see, hear, feel, smile, smell, teeth, taste, bills paid , all my needs are meet!!!

  15. Oh my, I’ve seen this lovely lady before! It’s been 6+ years ago I saw her in that airport but her joy obviously is memorable no matter how long ago it was I saw her. So happy to hear Gretchen is still her cheerful, loving self and spreading the joy of Jesus!

  16. Fall weather
    (Living) parents
    Freedom to vote
    Sound mind to make good decisions
    Thanks be to God!

  17. 1. The beauty of a sunrise or sunset
    2. The calmness I feel when standing beside the ocean
    3. My freedom
    4. Friendships that have walked me through the toughest and best times of my life
    5. Memories of special moments with my grandpa who passed several years ago, and the fact that I took time to write the story of his life so that his amazing story can be passed down for generations.
    6. When someone takes the time to offer good customer service…this one just happened to me this morning : )
    7. The joy I feel when I see an older couple holding hands, truly respecting and loving one and other
    8. The generosity of others for those in need
    9. Yummy food and the blessing that we always have enough, I enjoy cooking and love to show my love for others with good food.
    10. Good health for myself and my family.
    And my list goes on and on.

  18. I am grateful for God fearing friends, for health, for a job, for daily provisions , for eyesight, for hearing, for taste and for my country, that I was born and raised in.

  19. I am grateful for too many things to list! I am grateful that God has given me His love in such abundance that I am confident that He will give me an eternity with Him to thank Him face-to-Face for HIM! Oh, what comfort and joy He is gives me! Thank You, Abba! Thank YOU, thank YOU………

  20. my 2 elderly, cuddly cats
    to teach piano even when covid hit. (thankful for zoom!)
    a comfortable home
    a 7 month old grandson
    a free exercise bike my hubby found on the roadside for free (answer to prayer) and it works!
    a wonderful pastor and church family
    the freedom we still have to worship Jesus .
    star constellations on a clear night
    the ocean and beach walks

  21. At one time, this would have been difficult for me. Everyday I thank God:
    -that my husband survived his heart attack, surgery and recuperation
    -that my husband, raised Jewish, but really without faith, became Catholic
    -that my son survived a severed artery (he didn’t bleed out thanks to the old scoutmaster who wasn’t even supposed to be on that trip!)
    -that my son graduated college (didn’t realize I needed to pray for this until he dropped out after his 2nd year, worked full-time for 1-1/2 yrs and took 3 more to graduate)
    -that my husband quit smoking, and eventually so did I
    -that my son quit smoking
    -that my son now limits his drinking to beer 2 nights a week (before he got drunk every night)
    -for other positive changes God has helped my son make
    -for a steady girlfriend (who seems to have “steadied” him
    -I could go on, when I look back, I see things I wasn’t grateful for at the time (a divorce) that were truly blessings
    -and then there are the blessings I don’t even see!

  22. My Church Family
    The beautiful colors of this fall
    We have very good neighbors
    God loves us enough to sacrifice hi only son
    Jesus loved us to carry it through
    I still have more freedoms than most of the people in the world
    I don’t go hungry.
    I was able to retire and be home with my wife who is having health problems
    Our Pastor who preaches the truth and is always there for us

  23. I am grateful for my body, my job, my house, my friends, grace, God’s mercy, sound mind, my heart, my growing edges(hair), healing.

  24. Dear Sharon,
    This was such a touching story
    and so beautifully written! Thank you so much for this devotional. It really helped inspire me! God bless you and God bless America! Keep writing !

  25. Thankful for:
    Life spared in accident
    More time with child at home
    Gods Word
    Shoebox gifts
    Fall weather
    Warm clothes

  26. I’m grateful for
    God waking me up today, He didnt have to
    I can walk
    I have my sight
    I can hear
    I can breathe without a machine
    I have clean clothes to wear
    I have a hot shower
    I have enough food to eat until I’m full
    I have a job I love
    I’m clean and sober 29 months
    I have a roof over my head
    I could go on
    Have a Blessed Day

  27. Falling asleep at night
    Waking in the morning
    Crisp clean fall mornings
    A home
    The ability to care for myself
    A clear and healthy mind
    Breathing (I have many health problems including atshma)
    The list goes on and on! God is so good! I was recently challenged to write as many thankfulnesses as years alive but you couldn’t use family, home, or food in general. I’m working on that list.

  28. 1.A home I can host friends and share the love of Jesus
    2. The word
    3. living in a free country where I can worship freely
    4. Food on the table
    5. clothes on my back
    6. the hugs and whispers of I love you Mema from grandbabies
    7. that all my kids and grandkids live within 3 blocks of me!
    8. Parents who showed me what a Godly marriage was
    9. restored relationship with my brother after 20 years
    10 And most of all that Jesus heard my cry 38 years go and lifted me up out of the pit and saved my sorry butt along with giving me a God fearing husband and 3 children who love and serve the Lord and are raising their children to love and serve.. I am blessed

  29. I am grateful for my church, my friends, my pastors, the apple I am eating right now, and the Apple phone I’m using to write this list, electricity and gas that keeps my home comfy, the weekly book club I am a part of, the beautiful colors of fall, the continued good health in my close friends and family group, and living in our free country. Thank you God for these and so many more.

  30. A roof over my head. The sunshine and the rain, The blue sky, the clouds to give us shade. A lamp to light at night. A store to provide what we need to live. The church that means so much to me. My love of music and singing. My dog and family and friends that love me. A car to get where I need to go. Many blessings!

  31. 1. Renewed relationships with my three daughters in the face of great heartache.
    2. My loving parents who help with anything and everything.
    3. Church family that pray and love me during this hardest time.
    4. Devotional emails that bring you back to center and remind you that even in the hard times life can be good.
    5. Support group, new friends also going through similar things that give hugs when needed.
    6. Beautiful fall colored leaves
    7. Bubble baths
    8. New dinner menu item that no kid complained about.
    9. A good book.
    10. Waking up to a fresh new day

  32. 1. Back yard birds.
    2. Our family dog.
    3. Children’s joy and wonder.
    4.The coffee my husband bought me!
    5. Morning devotions.
    6.Warm cozy bed.
    7.Favourite reality T.V. shows. (Food Network)
    8. Son home safe from Medical School
    9. Sharing Jesus with my daycare.
    10. Living in a free country.

  33. 1 The 500+ OCC boxes that my small church community put together this year
    2 The children that will hear about Jesus as those boxes are delivered
    3 my Ladies Bible study group
    4 my Pastor who faithfully preaches God’s Word each week
    5 the quietness that surrounds me as I study God’s Word
    6 My breast cancer cure in the midst of COVID
    7 the roof over my head when many are homeless
    8 soaking away my aches and pains in a warm tub this morning
    9 My primary care physician and his staff that always take such good care of us at our semi-annual checkups
    10 Freedom from fear of what’s happening in the world because my God reigns

  34. all the obvious of course and including
    two little dogs
    one farm cat – these three give the best loves
    25 chickens and their fabulous eggs
    a gorgeous setting in amongst the trees that God provides for me and i still cant work out how:)
    i am loved
    a husband who brings me coffee willingly and with love EVERY morning..
    grandbabies to snuggle
    children – who have my heart and my back
    colour – The Lord told me he loves colour, to check out all the colours of the seasons etc…
    His Word, His Peace, His Rest, His Heart
    the internet enabling me to connect with Gods people all around the world, blows my mind how priveledged I am

  35. I am grateful for the Lord’s provisions; the sunsets, the oceans, how he has surrounded me with wonderful and caring colleagues, how he has given me the opportunity to fulfill my life’s purpose of teaching, for the gifts of his spirit.

  36. I am grateful & thankful for:
    My Life, my health, my children, grand children, my friends.
    I can get get up each morning & no aches & pains, I have hot water to take a shower 🚿 & electricity. I am glad when I go to church each day & my car starts up every day. I am grateful that God protects me everywhere & in all situations!
    I am thankful for all my senses – my eyesight, hearing, smell, taste, & touch.
    I am thankful for being safe in my house, since I live by myself.
    I thankful for God’s Love & all his blessings he bestows join me.

  37. Wow, everyone is so succinct. I’m grateful for a change in company policy that allows softer masks now. And for time to spend as I choose. For a roof over our heads, four walls, a furnace and running water. I’m grateful I have a living room large enough to physically distance with my friends over a cup of tea. I’m grateful for the technology to stay in touch during this crazy time. I’m grateful to have the privilege and space to take in a friend’s cat while she is in hospital. I’m grateful she’s not in there due to COVID and neither is anyone else in my circle. I’m so grateful for a new boss who is positive and pleasant, organized and just plain refreshing. I’m grateful for a job I love and for the fact that we haven’t had to do any lay-offs due to this darned virus. I’m so grateful COVID created a reason for the company to have to give me a full size training room, with windows no less. I have space and sunshine to work in. I’m grateful for a diet that my digestive system is happy with, and I’m loosing weight too. It’s a sheer delight not to be in pain. More than anything, I’m grateful for God’s grace in my life. It gives me the room to breathe and just be me. No more pretending and striving.

  38. I am grateful for
    1) my job with health insurance
    2) coworker that is kind and listens well
    3) parents that can still live at home
    4) brother that looks after my parents
    5) electricity….just got through a hurricane
    6) walks in my neighborhood
    7) comfortable mattress
    8) creative outlets (gifts)
    9) transportation
    10) bills that we can pay for

  39. my view outside my window as i work – beautiful flowers -hummingbirds flitting around – birds eating seeds – palm leaves swaying – my little14 year chihuahua laying at my feet -sleeping. I inhale the christmas tree scent candle -grateful to be working from home. Its so peaceful & total silence that gives me peace It’s the little things that soothes my soul .

  40. Where I live
    (After years of being 14 hours from family)
    Food on the table
    Friends that volunteered to put up my Christmas tree.
    That I have the ability at 68 to walk 3.5 miles 6 days a week/good shoes
    My Grandmother’s bible
    Google maps (awful sense of direction)
    My cousin had triplets & they are growing & doing great
    My flowers that I thought had died are blooming
    Coffee & a new pot

  41. I’m grateful for;

    1. Instead of my thoughts that I’m failing as a “home school teacher” for my girls and how hard it is to juggle everything..I’m choosing thoughts to be grateful. Grateful for
    The sound right now coming from both of my girls doing homework and the ability to have flexibility to be home with them.

    2. Instead of being so sad and focusing on the fact that I physically have not been able to be with my 90 and 91 year old parents Since the pandemic
    started ….I’m grateful they are in an amazing assisted living facility healthy and kept safe.

    3. Instead of freaking out over the craziness of this year, I’m choosing to be grateful for faith that none of this was a surprise to our Father In heaven and He is in control over all.

    4. Instead of focusing on all that we have gone through this year with almost too much to process, I strive to focus on and be grateful that
    The highs and the lows of this year have brought many blessings in disguise and helped strengthen my relationship with the one who created me.

    5. Instead of being so scared about what might happen going forward with so many unknowns, I’m choosing to be grateful for new opportunities I know the Lord will bring forth for His plan over me.

    6. Grateful for sight to see the sun rise and the sun set.

    7. Grateful for unconditional love

    8. Grateful for the small things in life that mean so much.

    9. Grateful For my church’s ability to provide online services during the pandemic.

    10. Chocolate. Most definitely grateful for chocolate. :-).

  42. My husband/daughters
    My dogs
    Vehicles to drive
    Roof over my hear
    The sun
    My girls’ faith and goodness
    Money in the bank
    Husband’s job

  43. I am thankful for the love and mercy of God, even when I am not deserving. I am grateful for the beauty around me – God does paint wonderful tapestries. I am thankful that I can earn a living and do a job I love (most of the time). I am grateful for sunshine, cool temperatures, falling leaves, change in seasons, perspective that comes with age, love that stabilizes me, and kindness that comes when I need it the most.

  44. I’m grateful for our Jewish Messiah and that more believers are coming to know the amazing gift He is and His Word left for us. There is so much more. Thank you for the everyday events you use to teach God’s word. You have a gift for telling a story that is light hearted and also reveals truth.🥀

  45. What an inspiration for us all! If that lady could be joyful and pleasant to others while cleaning toilets, then I should certainly be able to don a smile and spread joy to others. I’m thankful for the beautiful weather we’re having so my kids can play outside, for sunshine that lifts my spirits after dreary days, for many pairs of nice socks that were given to my husband at his work, for beautiful sunrises, for beautiful sunsets, for the ability to learn and think, for encouraging words spoken by friends, for being blessed to work in ministry, for Christmas lights that remind me that Jesus is the Light of the World, and for the honor to worship and give God praise. Thank you for this devotion today.

  46. I am grateful for:
    A God that loves me, no matter what.
    Really good friends that are faithful, and real.
    Good health, a warm home, plenty of food to eat and a garden this year to share.
    Faithful, loving, helpful, encouraging husband.
    Family, even the crotchety ones……
    Son, his wife and our sweet granddaughter………what a blessing she is.
    Prayer……..being able TO pray to an always listening God and the prayers of others.
    Sunrises & sunsets.
    The Bible
    New days……a new beginning every 24 hours…….what a blessing!

  47. My salvation
    My family
    Good health
    Clean water
    A roof up above me
    Shoes for my feet
    Food in my kitchen
    Clothes to wear
    A good car to take me where I want to go
    My church
    Oops, that’s 11!

  48. I am thankful for my Ladies Bible Study and celebrating a friend who is moving.
    I am thankful for baking bread.
    I am thankful for phones to connect us.
    I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit who connects us.
    Thankful for time to write a poem.
    Thankful for the idea to write the poem.
    For the Sea Glass Tree my cousin sent today!
    For books that point us to Jesus, like yours.
    For time to read with a cup of tea.
    For pools being open and ability to swim laps.

  49. Grateful to God for..
    – Good health
    – Good Friends
    – My job which I sometimes whine about but I’m so blessed to have it, not sure I’m qualified for it!
    – My home (which has accommodated Church, Work, Home schooling and the occasional outbursts the last 8+ months)
    – Ministers of God (such as you Sharon Jaynes, God bless you!) upholding me in prayers and feeding me with God’s solid Word (even when I’d just rather crawl up and drink milk!)
    – having much more than I need
    – to be God’s light in the darkness, however big, however small
    – my children’s school, quite like a ‘support facility’ right now
    – my Church

  50. 1. My girls
    2. My grandchildren
    3. That I can afford to be retired
    4. My Church family
    5. Health
    6. Air conditioning, especially since I live in Florida!
    7. No bills
    8. My home
    9. Food on my table every day
    10. My husband

  51. In no particular order
    1. Indoor plumbing
    2. My cat Charlie who makes me love and snuggles on cold nights
    3. A roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in.
    4. Air conditioning in the summer
    5. Enough food to eat and share
    6. Sunshine and rain, we need them both and rain is so soothing to listen to
    7. My Aunt who was a wonderful Christian example to me and my friend who is that for me now
    8. A car that gets me where I am going and home again
    9. The woman’s shelter I work with as these woman have no where else to go and it reminds me how blessed I am
    10. Memories…good and bad, they all teach me something.

  52. Each new day
    Beauty in nature
    A coffee made with love each morning
    Cool winds on a hot summers day
    Ability to see, hear, smell, taste & touch
    Clean water from the tap
    Food in the house
    Medical attention when needed
    Luxurious granny flat to be sheltered from the elements

  53. I am grateful for God trusting me to live with Multiple Sclerosis, grateful for the friends, and all the doctors, and therapists that I had in this 23 year season of my life, grateful to wake up each morning to another beautiful day, grateful for the sounds of babies, grateful for all the fur children (cats) that my husband and I have shared over the years, breakfast and coffee that my husband makes me, grateful for the Sonshine in my life, my husband of 20 years that I met online. He’s from Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 and I am in the USA 🇺🇸, grateful for this wonderful country that I live, the weather, so much more but I do get tired from typing, grateful to Sharon and her e- mail to show I am really blessed

  54. After a long day at work outside the house, these are the first that come to mind. I’m grateful for:

    A cozy bed
    My dog
    A warm house
    Food when I want it
    Water when I want it
    Nice clients
    My eyesight
    My sense of smell and taste
    The ability to smile

  55. Here is a short list – there is so much more to share!
    1-I am grateful for my quiet time every morning with my Bible
    2-my marriage- even though it’s a lot of work!:)
    3- my children and beautiful grandchildren
    4- my ability to work
    5- my job as a nurse
    6- being able to go to school
    7- our health
    8- our neighbors
    9- my sisters and brother
    10- my dogs and chicken

  56. I am grateful for my home, my church, my job, my health, the sound of birds singing in the morning, the smell of rain, good neighbors, good food, my animals, and my best friend for 25 years.

  57. I’m grateful for:1. A safe place to live 2. Heat 3. God’s word 4. For you Sharon 5. This day God gave me 6. My wonderful friends 7. My health 8. Food to eat 9. Being quarantined this week, spending time with just God and me. 10. A job I get to return to when I’m well.

  58. I’m grateful for Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and the Promise of Eternal Life!
    I’m grateful that even in my sin, God does not turn away from me, but draws me closer when I allow Him!!
    I’m grateful to live in the United States of America where I can publicly worship
    I’m grateful to be able to share my faith without fear of censorship!
    I’m incredibly blessed to have An Amazing Husband, 2 wonderful Sons, 2 beautiful Daughters-in-love and 5 Precious Grandkids
    who love me like crazy!
    To be able to live at home in the Summer surrounded by family and friends, and Winters surrounded by our Florida Family!
    To use my life and voice as a Witness of God’s love and grace.
    For the vibration that my soul feels when I play in the Colors and the love of expression through Watercolor!
    The JOY that floods my soul when I see random acts of kindness!
    The. Sense of Gratitude I feel to our Lord for allowing me to be used to build His Kingdom!

  59. 1. Wonderful friends
    2. Get weather this year-lots of sun time
    3. Church services online that I listen to weekly all across the US
    4. Travel this summer and fall
    5. A good job/boss/coworkers
    6. Come a long way emotionally this year towards healing from abandonment
    7. Learned so much more about the Bible this year.
    8. Realizing that love hurts sometimes, and that’s ok
    9. Grateful to have same car and home for a long while now
    10. Proverbs31 ministries and the great writers I have come to know, love and learn much from!

  60. I am so blown away that God WANTS us to pray and be a partner with Him in blessing people!!
    I am so amazed that God is there the SECOND we show up to be with Him!!!
    I am so relieved that I don’t have to worry (unless I choose to!) because God has everything under control in the palm of His hand!!!
    I am so thankful for all the preserved Scripture that we get to read whenever we want to learn about our God and His Son and the Holy Spirit.
    I am so thankful we live in a country (so far!) that allows this freedom that some do not have.
    I am forever grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.
    I am thankful that you suggested this to make me rack my brain and be reminded of so many of GOD’S favors and grace to us.
    I am blessed to have friends to pray with and praying family and friends.
    I am also SO thankful for salt water oceans, colorful fall leaves, pumpkin everything, and coffee . God thinks of everything!

  61. I am thankful for
    1)A roof over my head
    2)Heat (didn’t have last winter)
    3)A nice warm bed
    5)That I’m still walking
    6)Having enough finances to pay my bills
    7)The smell of coffee before I am out of bed
    8)Cooler weather
    9)That God loves me

  62. I’m grateful for my guy who does so many things for us, for the flowers, the beach walks, the clouds, for every day I’m here, for the warm weather, that I’m heathy, sunshine & the birds. There are so many more but this is a start!

  63. I am grateful for the food on my table and the money with which to buy it. I am grateful for the patches of blue sky amongst the gray clouds and rain. I am grateful for the bread I baked and the recipe that I found be able to do it. I am grateful for both of my doctors. I am grateful for the medications that I need. I am grateful that I can afford to pay for my medications. I am grateful that I can still walk no matter how painful each step is.I am grateful for my acting talent and having been asked to share it through a zoom performance. I am grateful for electricity and a warm house. I am grateful that my neighbors are healthy.

  64. I’m grateful for:
    My home
    My animals
    My quiet
    My church
    My friends
    My happy
    My comfort
    My grandchildren schools and teachers
    My neighbor
    My flowers
    I’m am grateful to God my Savior for all he has given to me and done for me!

  65. I’m thankful for
    1.Prayer Warriors who prayed me through my kidney cancer diagnosis and surgery 2. Those prayer warriors still uplifting me in prayer 7 months later 3. Doctors who keep an eye on my health 4. That I still have my Mom in my life @ 83 years old 5. Our new house after 30 years of renting 6. My daughter who’s pregnant 7. The excitement of being an expectant 1st time Grandmother 8. The beauty of the changing seasons–esp the Fall colors 9. A warm cup of tea on a cold day 10. Most of all, that God pursued me!!

  66. I’m thankful for:
    – The falling of the beautiful leaves
    – my place of employment
    – Retiring next month
    – God blessing me with more than 1 best friend
    – I’m able to take walks and to see God’s beauty- just for me! 😀
    – Able to read God’s word each day!
    – Able to get in my car and drive myself anywhere I want to go!
    – Able to play the piano and worship my God!
    – Sitting on my deck, watching the squirrels getting ready for winter!
    – I’m able to be me, and God still loves me!!!

  67. 1. God’s financial provision since husband lost job June 30
    2. Great neighbors in our new neighborhood
    3. Our new home
    4. Healing
    5. Answered prayers
    6. Faithful friends
    7. Beautiful sunsets
    8. Exercise
    9. Communication with God
    10. Gift of serving others

  68. I am thankful for God’s mercy and grace that’s fresh and new every morning

    Thankful for His joy and peace

    Thankful for being content

    Thankful for unconditional love

    Thankful for the beauty of the earth He created just for me to enjoy!!

    Thankful for my health and being here after a horrific bicycle wreck

    Thankful for the material things He has blessed me with such as our home, vehicles, food, clothes …..

    Thankful for my church family

    Thankful for my friends

  69. I am grateful for –
    Proper functioning automobiles
    The ability to share the gospel
    Sisters and Brothers in Christ
    My furbabies
    Committed coworkers
    Warm home
    Worship Music
    Testimony of how God continues to work in ones life
    Safe, nontoxic products
    Organic food
    God’s Word
    Bible study

  70. I am grateful for my eyesight
    and gray skies which make the colors of the leaves seem so much brighter
    fond memories of shared meals with friends
    hearing the giggle of a child
    the birds that land on the feeder
    the warm sun on a cold day
    a phone call from a friend
    when my daughter texts me “Love you” with a heart
    when I can find matching socks
    for the generosity of our neighbors and friends lending a hand in our need

    My mother used to always say “what goes around comes around” her spin on you reap what you sew. Thank you Sharon!

  71. I’m grateful for:
    1. My Husband
    2. My good Job/boss/lovely workmates
    3. My wonderful friends
    4. Our Dog (Nano)
    5. My food
    6. My home and my comfort
    7. Our car (Praying for brand new one in God’s perfect time)
    8. I’m still breathing, can talk and can walk.
    9. Having enough finances to pay my bills and buy food to eat.
    10. I’m am grateful to God my Lord and my Savior for all he has given to me and done for me!

  72. I am thankful for
    1. God’s love and care for me inspite of how much of a mess I am
    2. The Word of God and His promises
    3. My job that im so frustrated with but pays the bills and allow me to meet my needs
    3. Good health
    4. Sound mind
    5. That nothing catches God by surprise and He is in control
    6. God’s Provision and protection
    7. Salvation
    8. Divine Grace
    9. God’s mercy to my unsaved family
    10. Everyone who impacted my life in anyway possible including you.

  73. Running water
    My 5 senses
    Being able to love and laugh and even cry
    Another day with my family (had cancer last year)
    Gods mercy and favour
    Food everyday
    My general health
    My hair which grew back
    My energy and ability to do all that I do in a day

  74. In addition to Jesus and Family, I am grateful to God for;
    – The gift of Life this day
    – The gift of Ministry; singing in the choir for him
    – Total and full health
    – The Scholarship to study a Master’s Degree and a PhD next year
    – The volunteering work I do at Makerere University
    – The food I eat everyday
    – The reliable friends I have
    – The clothes I possess
    – The gifts of Prayer and the Word of God (the Bible)
    – You Sharon Jaynes and your blog that helps me to grow in Salvation.

    And so much more.

  75. Thank you for this reminder! I love a positive, thankful person and sometimes I let the things of life get me grumpy.
    I’m thankful for:

    – My church family (21 yrs now)
    – My salvation (raised Catholic)
    – God’s word being the balm to my heart
    – The colors God paints in his creation just for our enjoyment (a sunset, fall leaves)
    – Heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer
    – A refrigerator and pantry full of food
    – His provision for our family
    – My health
    – Being a mother
    -Godly girlfriends that have spanned the time

  76. Freshly fallen snow
    Repeat devos- God’s review days !
    My husband
    A new to us safe vehicle
    70 OCC shoeboxes collected from our church
    My home
    My children
    My sisters and their boys
    Quiet time with Jesus every morning, which includes coffee!

  77. I don’t have time to type out my list, but I wanted to at least say Thank You for this today! This starts my thoughts as thankful and grateful this morning 💜

  78. What a marvelous devotion, Sharon ~ Thank you! I’ve had the joy of reading everyone’s gratitude list ~ thank you all for sharing!
    I’m grateful for the vivid memory of my deceased husband who was known for “Give me 5!” He would always challenge others to tell him 5 things for which they are grateful and that’s how we began our morning prayer time.
    I’m also grateful for living in the woodlands ~ the deer wandering by, countless varieties of birds, just wrapped in nature.
    I’m grateful for our church, a pastor who faithfully preaches the Word, our ladies Bible study and small group ~ so precious!
    So grateful for sisters in Christ.
    Grateful for my joy… I love to bring a smile to everyone’s face, to warm their heart with a sincere compliment, trying to make Jesus real at any given moment.
    For my license plate that points people to the living water, welling up to eternal life.
    For my rescue dog, who rescued me 6 years ago.
    For my joy of cooking, handed down from my precious Mom and Grandmother.
    For my 2 life verses, Proverbs 3:5-6 and Romans 12:2 ~ memorized 32 years ago when we gave our lives to Christ.
    Praying blessings to all of you and thanks again for sharing!

  79. 1. Still having my parents. 2.My friend Angel and her constant support. 3. My job. I am a retail counselor. 4. Work friends. 5. Neighbors. 6. My car. 7. My dog. 8. My home. 9. Financial support. 10. GRACE

  80. I’m THANKFUL for:
    1.Being able to hear the birds chirping each morning
    2.Being able bodied
    3.Peace in my Home
    4.The desire to get in shape
    5.The Bible
    6.Every Trial and Tribulation
    7. A Good Night’s rest
    8.True Friends
    9.The desire to keep going everyday
    (bad days included even when I don’t want to)

  81. I am thankful:
    for another day which God has graciously given me

    that God is a God of 2nd, 3rd, 4th…. chances!

    that my 96 yr old mother has been kept safe in the nursing home, (during Covid19) & is still able to communicate daily via cell phone

    for the privilege of sitting in our sunroom sharing this devotion with my recently retired husband

    for a church family who is always there when someone is hurting or in need

    for two special friends that are “sisters” (so important to this only child)

    that in the midst of all the unrest in our nation, I know who is REALLY in control

  82. I’m grateful today for
    1: the country I live in
    2: the beauty that surrounds me in my gown and area
    3: being able to wake up and hear the birds … even in a snowfall warning
    4: the medical intervention I have been able to receive over the last several months, and the essential workers for their tireless patience and compassion
    5: the wonderful partners tha each of my children are blessed with
    6: my neighbours
    7: the safety and refuge of my home
    8: the seasons
    9: the ability to keep looking forward even in difficult times because of my faith
    10: my studio and creativity that keep me going

  83. Wow! Thank you so much for this encouraging devotional! I love this challenge to be grateful and to have joy that is contagious! I’ve also been blessed tremendously by reading through all these other lists of what others are grateful for.
    What I’m grateful for:
    1. A great job
    2. Awesome coworkers
    3. Sunsets (and sunrises if I’m up early enough)
    4. Springtime with new growth and Fall with gorgeous leaves changing colors
    5. Blue sky and sunshine
    6. A hot washcloth on my face in the mornings and evenings
    7. Music (instrumental hymns, acappella singing, praise & worship, etc.)
    8. Books
    9. My iPhone, iPad, and computer
    10. Friends

  84. I’m so thankful for my granddaughters laughter, seeing thru the eyes of a child, making snowmen, prayer, peace that passes understanding, colorful birds that decorate the trees, snowflakes, hot coffee, health, and my grand dog . And much much more

  85. These are all so good , I will be back to read more But…..
    Husband, and my kids know the Lord
    That my Dad knows the Lord
    Sunrises and sunsets
    My job ( and that I have healthcare
    How God takes such good care of us

  86. 1. Sight
    2. Smell
    3. Taste
    4. Our solar system, it is so beautiful
    5. My job- I’m a nurse and love caring for those who need me
    6. My dog- Bentley, who is my walking buddy
    7. Nature and it’s little unexpected surprises
    8. The ability to love
    9. Freedom
    10. Prace

  87. I ‘m grateful for – :
    3. Joy
    4. Peace
    5. Love
    6. Friends
    7. Church
    8. Sunshine
    9. Fresh air
    10. Hot/ Cold water
    11. Food
    12. Clothing
    13. Bedding and bed
    14. Shelter
    15. Connectivity
    16. Sleep & rest
    17. Hygiene
    18. Security
    19. Communications
    20. Mobility
    21. Something in my wallet.

  88. I’m thankful for…
    1. Every morning I wake up to a new day, with the promise of God’s new mercies!
    2. The opportunity to serve my Savior!
    3. My 9 year old grandson asking Jesus into his heart this year!
    4. My daughter having been given a second chance at life after surviving an overdose and drug addiction!
    5. My husband who loves God first and loves me, for me!
    6. The beautiful birds God brings to my window each day…they bring me such joy!
    7. God blessing us, so we can bless others!
    8. My children who have a heart for The Lord.
    9. Knowing that no matter what goes on in this crazy world, God is Sovereign and He Still Sits On The Throne!
    10. That “ heaven” is my true home!!!

  89. I am grateful for:
    My job, the ability to work from home.
    The company I work for, they worked hard during this time to keep most of us working.
    God’s mercies that are new every day.
    The home that I have to live in.
    Being able to be a blessing to others.
    Receiving blessings.
    Listening to Christian music in my house, car, place of employment, and wherever I go.
    My strength in Christ to enable me to continue with a heavy work load with school and working.
    My daily time with God in His word.
    Zoom calls that keep me in touch with my family and allows me to see my grandchildren.

  90. I am grateful for:
    1. Old wallpaper and the memories it brings to mind
    2. Working with good folks
    3. A restful Saturday morning
    4. My daughter’s painting hanging on my wall
    5. My sweet black lab
    6. Piping hot coffee
    7. This sunshiny, crisp November day
    8. Being able to be with my brother before he died
    9. My husband and I working together to pay off debts
    10. A good book

  91. I’m thankful for:-
    1. My relationship with God
    2. My Life
    3. The sunrise and sunset
    4. My house
    5. My job
    6. My church family
    7. God’s devine protection over me and my family
    8. Love
    9. God’s wisdom in my everyday life
    10. The peace of God

  92. I am thankful for:
    1) being able to homeschool my children
    2) the house we live in that gives us space to have a dedicated classroom for learning
    3) God’s healing work in our family
    4) drive-up and delivery options at stores
    5) friends who are amazing and often show up with love just when I need it most
    6) fresh air
    7) nature
    8) clean water
    9) making it this far in 2020 by God’s grace
    10) music

  93. I am also thankful for your ministry. This devotional nearly left me in tears to think of the faithfulness Gretchen displayed, and how we can positively influence others wherever we are. I subscribe to your devotionals and I have been blessed greatly. Thanking God for you, too.

  94. I am thankful for:

    devotional time
    a hot shower
    the sun bursting through my windows
    a clean house
    a walk on a cool crisp fall morning
    Zoom to stay connected to family and friends

  95. I’m grateful that 1. God created the weather: sun/rain/wind/snow that we can experience. 2. For my home to be a place to fill with special memories and raise children in. 3. For technology like this app to get little nuggets of the word through out the day. Also things like a baby monitor to hear/check on my baby while sleeping. 4. Grateful for pajamas lol… my favorite is being cozy in the winter with good jammies, slippers and a blanket. 5. For mail to send and receive… it’s exciting to get little letters or gifts here and there and to bless someone else in that way too. 6. I’m thankful for all kinds of food from chocolate to indulge in to fruits and veggies that make my body feel fueled. 7. For so many different creative outlets. 8. For the outdoors. My son (2yr old) and I love to walk through the orange groves by our house and run through the fallen leaves, especially when they are crunchy! 9. For sleep. 10. For the night sky, watching the stars, seeing the moon change every night. Also for sunrises/sunsets!

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