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Yard sales. I’ve never really liked them. But when we were preparing to move from our home of twenty years, we decided it was the best way to clean out the clutter and make a little money.

We displayed our lovely attic décor on makeshift plywood tables and waited for the bargain babes to descend. Two hours before the advertised opening time, treasure hunters began congregating outside the closed garage doors. Then, the doors rose, and the swarm attacked.

Among the valuables from my past sat an electric, ceramic 12” Christmas tree with various colored lights…no doubt a gift from the eighties. One woman perused the lovely display and came upon this “magnificent work of art.”

“I’ve always wanted one of these!” she declared with excitement in her voice. “How much is it?”

“Three dollars,” my husband, Steve, answered.

“Humph,” she grunted and walked on.

Steve and I just looked at each other and stifled our laughter.

Let’s rewind the scene for a moment. This woman said she had always wanted a ceramic Christmas tree just like that one. (I’m not here to judge another person’s dreams. That’s just what she said.) Always. Her whole life. And here it was! For a mere $3, her dream could have come true! The search over! Most likely we would have sacrificed this masterpiece for $2, but she didn’t even ask. She just shrugged and walked away.

As I watched the woman walk away, I thought about the Pharisees in the Bible. For years they waited for the coming of the promised Messiah. Prayed about it. Preached about it. Prepared for it.

Then when Jesus showed up on that starry night in Bethlehem, they turned their backs and walked away. Humph,” they said with a shrug. “No thanks.”

But am I much different? Maybe not about yard sale treasures or Jesus, but other desires?

How many times do we long for a particular dream to come true in our lives? Search for it. Obsess over it. A husband. A child. A job. A home.

Then one day, there it is! It can be ours! The search is over. We say our “I do’s,” bring home the bundle of joy, log in our first eight hours, hang the last curtain.

But then, a little time passes. The husband is not as romantic as we had hoped, the kids are not as obedient as we had imagined, the job isn’t as rewarding as we had envisioned, and the house is a never-ending maze of maintenance.

“Humph,” we grumble. We thought we wanted something, and then when we got it, we decided we really didn’t want it after all.

Let me take it one step further. How many times do we long for love, joy, and peace in our lives? We search for it, long for it, and pray about it. Then someone points us to, not a ceramic Christmas tree, but the rugged cross and says, “There it is. It can be yours for the asking. It’s not even $3, $2 or $1. It’s free!”

Jesus said, “I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full” (NIV). He’s what we’ve been looking for! Nothing satisfies the soul like what Jesus supplies for me.

There’s no Christmas gift, no relationship, no perfect celebration that is going to satisfy the soul in the long run. It’s only a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus. Dear friend, God is holding out His Holy hand with the most magnificent gift of all time. Love, joy, and peace personified in His Son, Jesus Christ. He is what you have always been longing for, searching for, watching for. The joy you’ve wanted all your life.

If you’re thankful for that gift, leave a comment and say I’m thankful! Let’s thank Him together!

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for making all my dreams come true. You have given me everything I have ever longed for in the person of Jesus Christ. Please forgive me for turning my back on Your amazing Gift and trying to fill my longings with people and possessions. I know that nothing will ever satisfy my desire for peace, love, and joy except Jesus. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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Comments 119

    1. I am about to move into my new home built next door to my son’s home. It has been a difficult transition as I had to leave the home of over 18 years as my marriage fell apart. The home is smaller but very adequate for my needs. It’s going to be a new chapter in my life, but I yearn for more. Now I realize the need for a community to support me besides my son next door. I’m finding Jesus has opened opportunities for me to find a church home that will bring me fellowship. God’s provision for me has opened my eyes to the joy of having a family ordained by Him. Thank you for opening my eyes to the value of God’s people who will bring me love and acceptance. God’s love and mercy is apparent and makes the life of Jesus more precious as I grow in faith.

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        I can honestly say that my church friends have been some of my best friends. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you!

  1. I’m so grateful for having Jesus as my gift…He was willing to bear my sins on the cross..because of Him on the cross I have salvation…with salvation I have eternal life…and I thank Him, Jesus, for second chances…

  2. Thank you, Sharon, for this beautiful illustration of perspective! Jesus is so generous with His grace and mercy. I don’t want to take them for granted.

  3. I have felt so empty since my sister has left the state we lived in together for 62 years. We are twins, and very close. I have to realize that Jesus must be first, and no other relationship can satisfy like him. I’ve always felt close to the Lord. I need to get closer. Your article reminded me of this. Thank you, Gina.

  4. Sharon, I just love your teaching and wisdom! Thank you so much for sharing! The longing and desire that we try to place on people and possessions can only be filled by Jesus. As I walk through this world of heartache and pain I know He’s right there with me. He’s guiding me and holding me up until He takes me home. I can praise Him even through the death of a loved one because He hasn’t left me. Like an earthly father picking his little girl up after she falls down when learning to walk; God is picking me up when I fall down from the heaviness of this life. Praise God!

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      1. I am so thankful I met you at The Rock in Anaheim. I have been enjoying the rich daily words.
        GOD has abundantly blessed me since Covid began. I never got married or had the children I desperately wanted but as I have learned to depend on God my needs have been abundantly met and my barn is literally overflowing.
        I purchased a beautiful ring with Hebrew letters that say I am my beloved’s and He is mine – my wedding ring from God as I celebrated my 59th anniversary as a Christian on November 19th.

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  5. HOPE the first word of our advent season; your message hit home! As I try to meditate on HOPE I think of those who were awaiting the Messiah, but rejected His lowly birth. He performed miracles and spoke with lasting wisdom…only to be rejected again and again We await His second coming, but are we like those in Jesus’ day rejecting His FREE gift of salvation? There is so much chaos in the church and the world. At a time when people are seeking the Lord our churches are divided. Jesus is coming soon…I pray we will all take a closer walk with Jesus and be the light in this dark world. Thanks for confirmation on my meditation.

  6. Thank you for the reminder that its
    Jesus who fills us and never lets us down. I want a relationship but it will never take the place of Jesus.
    unfortunately People disappoint
    but Jesus never does!

  7. My cup is full , giving thanks for all
    Things , especially thankful that I. Don’t chase after the things o f the world
    That ship sailed .

  8. I am very thankful for the free saving grace of Jesus. His love is so much more than I can ever receive from anyone or anything else.

  9. Lord I thank you for all you have done in my life and continue to do help me each day to be like you as I continue to pray for my dear husband to accept you as lord of his life

  10. I am very thankful for the gift that Jesus gave me! He has helped me through so many rough times in my life and I love knowing that he is always there loving me. Praise God!!

  11. Great devotion, love the analogy about the ceramic tree! I have had those yard sale experiences! I’m so thankful for Jesus💕

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  12. I needed this devotional today. I have been so frustrated trying to decorate for Christmas so I can enjoy it. Everything and everyone has taken up my time. I have all but cried out leave me alone and let ME do something I love . I need this! What I really need is to get close to Jesus and be thankful for the family, friends, and church that thinks they want and need me. I am thankful for you too Sharon.

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  13. Thank you Lord! Thank you Sharon for sharing your heart! Your topics are so revelant. You share verses and how the Lord has brought you through so many things. It is such a help to me. God bless💖✝️🙏

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  14. I thank GOD for always comforting me whenever I am longing to be comforted.
    I thank GOD for lifting me up whenever I feel so down with myself. I thank GOD for loving me more than I deserve.
    I thank GOD for showing me always His favor when I needed it most.
    I thank GOD for blessing me and forgiving me more than I deserve.
    I thank GOD for providing for me when my purse is almost running empty.
    I thank GOD for leading me, providing me a sense of direction when I am in the middle of crossroads.
    I thank GOD for answering all my musings when my heart and mind are full of wandering.
    Truly, I can say I am blessed in JESUS’ most sweet, sweet name amen.
    I am so thankful O LORD!
    I love You O LORD so much!

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  15. My word for this year is ‘thankful’!! I Constantly pour out this message over my grown children:there is NO life apart from Christ.

  16. I am a Very Thankful and Blessed work in progress! I am Thankful for all that the Lord has given me and all that the Lord is doing in my life, my heart! Praise Jesus for the Ultimate Sacrifice and Act of Love!! The Gift of the Cross! Thank you Jesus!

  17. I am one of those who love to go to garage sales. I ride my bicycle where ever I go and stop at garage sales towards the end of the sale. I have a friend who has been living on the street for over 10 years. I don’t give him money but a backpack filed with clothing and food that he either uses or shares with other homeless people on the street. I stop at garage sales searching for a backpack, clothes, shoes, can opener or other thing that my friend can use. The last three yard sales I have been to I told the person the clothes sizes I was looking for and when I told them what I did with the items, they either gave them to me at no charge or asked me to come back the day after the sale and they would give me all the leftovers that they would have neatly packed into a box. They too wanted to be a part of my ministry. I would take a selfie of the two of us and the following Friday when I visited my friend I would take a selfie of my friend with the clothes she had given me for him. I would make a thank you card with the two pictures then mail the card back to the generous person to share in the joy of giving. There are so many generous and loving people in our world you have to just ignore the grumpy ones. God’s peace and joy. Keep your ministries small, it won’t stress you out and will bring you great joy. Larry, in Las Vegas

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  18. I am blessed and very thankful. I am thankful that God made it so easy to know and understand in his Word. You don’t have to go to college to understand the scriptures and all the blessings He has for you in the bible.

  19. I’m so very thankful, though I may not always act like it. My husband of 45 years has numerous health problems and two years ago, he collapsed while sitting outside. The cardiologist did not have good news. His exact words: (I have somehow memorized them!) “I’m surprised he’s still here. The damage to the heart is so extensive, there is nothing we can do-no stents, by-pass none of that. If he lives another year, it’s 50-50, two to three years, probably not. I hope I haven’t ruined your day!!!!” I am not even close to kidding on this. However, God, the ultimate healer and greatest physician had other plans. This was almost three years ago and he’s still here. So, yes I’m extremely grateful and thankful and blessed beyond measure.

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      Praise God the doctor’s prediction wasn’t correct. God is God, and I’m so thankful He has allowed you to have these three years with you husband! I pray you will have many more!

  20. I am ever, so forever thankful! What a good analogy this is. What an amazing Heavenly Father we have that He gave His Only Begotten Son to me, to you—not for free—because the price to be paid was one we could not pay, would not ever have been able to afford; but we were His dream. He longed for eternal communion with you and me, and for this reason, Jesus came to ransom and redeem us to the Father. Oh, to think that if it had been just you or me—He would have still gone out on that divine “treasure hunt” to find us. For this reason I stand in awe every day; especially when I’m rejected, ignored, passed up, mocked, forgotten, even despised. My heart is consoled and comforted in my all in all (my Savior and Lord, my Father, my Counselor…). #SoLoved #SoGrateful #SoHumbledHeWantsMe

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  21. I am very thankful! Greatly appreciate all you shared, Sharon! I really needed it!
    Been having a challenging time accepting that my son and daughter-in-law won’t be coming home for Christmas. They need a break from travel and also finances are tight. He may be deployed soon and we haven’t been together in almost nine months. I’ve often struggled with putting my kids ahead of God and my husband as well. I feel so broken and feel terrible that I have done that. I don’t want to continue to do that. I need to trust God and be grateful for the time my husband, daughter and I had with them during their visits. Also need to trust God to work in our lives (hubby and me) and our kids’ lives to draw us to Himself to be saved and/or to have a deeper relationship with Him, whichever the case may be. Also I’m realizing more and more how desperately we need Him! How desperately every person does! I pray I can focus on Jesus and rejoice in and share with others that He is the best gift ever given! His sacrifice for us demonstrates God’s incredible love for us! While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us! Oh what a Savior! Praise Him! I pray we all put Him first! Where He belongs!

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      I know it is hard to not with adult children during the holidays. We were without our son this past thanksgiving because it was he and his wife’s turn to go to her parents. In genesis God tells the man to leave and cleave to his wife. So I’m thankful Steven is doing Just that. Steven is a only child so when we are without him snd his wife, we always gather with friends who are in the same boat. Yes we all need to put God in His rightful place…at the top!

  22. I’m thankful my my extended life, overcoming cancer, being given more time with those I love, living life, to do more and enjoy more. I am truly grateful.

  23. I am so very thankful! Thank you for everything you share… Everything you write… I just love your insight! Blessings…🥰

  24. I am thankful, there are days that my world seems like it’s on a whirlwind, I have to close my eyes, pray and ask God to calm my mind, give me strength, and carry on. I am thankful that he loves me , is with me through every storm, mountain and valley in my life.
    Praise you Jesus, you are my Redeemer, my Hope and my Safe place. You hold me in the palm of your hands guiding me daily .

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