Getting Out of God’s Way

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He ironed. I watched.

I stood in the door frame of my guest room, watching my nephew, Jonathan, iron the wrinkles out of his crumpled shirt – the rumpled creases out of his crumpled heart.

He ironed and talked. I watched and listened.

Jonathan, my twenty-seven-year-old nephew, stopped by for a visit on his way to a wedding in my hometown. I’ll take every opportunity to spend time with my two nephews, Stu and Jonathan, and their sister Grace Anne. I’ve always been convinced that the stork dropped them off at the wrong address, missing my doorstep by 200 miles or so. I’m just crazy about them.

But life hasn’t been so easy for this precious nephew, or his siblings. While they have an adoring godly mother, it has been the absence of a father that has left a lingering ache – an oozing wound. Each one has reacted differently to the abandonment, but it has been Jonathan, the youngest, who seems to have struggled the most.

I’ve always known that God had a special plan for Jonathan. The shaping and molding by God has been fierce, intentional, deliberate. But today he ironed.

“Aunt Sharon, can I borrow your iron to press my shirt for the wedding?”

“Sure, Bud,” I replied as I pointed him to the board.

I plugged the iron in the outlet, leaned against the doorframe, and watched.

As Jonathan moved the iron back and forth across the wrinkled fabric, he ironed out much more than a shirt. He ironed out the wrinkles in his heart, pressed out the pain of life without a dad, smoothed out the hurt of abandonment, and steamed out the stubborn creases of years of questions.

Why did  dad leave?

Why wasn’t I worth sticking around for?

Why wasn’t I worth the effort?

Why am I more affected and infected by the virus of abandonment than my siblings?

He ironed.

He pressed.

He talked.

I watched.

I listened.

I prayed…I loved.

“God has done so much for me and in me,” he explained. “It has taken a long time, but He has healed me. He has mended my heart. I’m ready to move on now. More than my dad coming home to me, I pray that he will come home to Jesus. That’s what I want more than anything.”

Twenty minutes later, Jonathan finished ironing. One shirt. One heart.

You know, I could have said, “Hey, let me just iron that for you.” I could have finished the job in two minutes or less. But this was not about ironing a shirt. This was about pressing out the rumpled creases in a young man’s heart.

I couldn’t do that. Only he and God could. Jonathan needed to hold the iron of God’s love and move it back-and-forth, back-and-forth, until the rumpled mess was smoothed. My job was to watch. To listen. To pray. To love.

How about you? Is there someone in your life that has a wrinkled wounded heart? Have you yanked the healing tool of God’s love out of His hand and tried to iron out his or her problems yourself?

[tweetherder]Did you ever consider that you might be standing in the way of what God is trying to do in someone’s life?[/tweetherder] Those are hard questions. Perhaps you have thought that you could solve a problem or heal a heart quicker than waiting on God. Perhaps you’ve stepped in where you were never meant to step. (Speaking of stepping…I think I’m stepping on some toes. Mine are starting to hurt too.)

It’s hard not to step in! Our momma’s heart wants to help. We don’t like to see our kids, or anyone, hurting. [tweetherder]But just as the caterpillar has to struggle to emerge from the cocoon, a soul has to struggle in the dark places of life in order to soar.[/tweetherder] And we shouldn’t mess with that.

It was such a joy to hear how Jonathan had pressed through the pain and let God iron out his questions – how God had smoothed out the bumps in the rocky road of adolescence after abandonment. He wears his mended heart well. That doesn’t mean that it won’t need a touch up pressing when daily life ruffles-up the fabric of his heart from time to time. But I have every confidence that he and God will iron out the wrinkles together.

And the shirt? It looked pretty good.

Here’a a verse we can all cling to: “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns,” (Philippians 1:6 New Living Translation).

Let’s pray for each other today. Leave a comment and share one person that you are praying for. Then pray for the woman who left a prayer request/comment above your name. 

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Comments 95

  1. My sister, Pamela, needs prayer. Recently diagnosed as bi-polar, and recently divorced, she is feeling lost. She believes in God and says He speaks to her when she prays, but she does not go to church and says she does not trust churches, preachers, Christian books, or the Bible. She says the Bible was written by men, so she does not believe what is written in its pages

  2. My newly acquired son-in-law grew up without a father as well. It has been a pleasure watching him ‘soak up’ the quality time he spends with my husband. I know that God will bring true healing to his heart with time.

  3. Thank you Father and Thank you Sharon. As a mom I want to kiss away the booboo’s and make it all better, but I cant. I have a 16 yr old daughter whom I have the pleasure of watching God transform into a Godly young lady. However I have another daughter 14 whom is now struggling with the same but different issues related to abandonment from their father. I find myself always wanting to “fix” the situation.for her and I use the excuse “dont make the mistakes I did”. Today this has reminded me God has a plan for her in His time, not mine. She may need to struggle through the storms of life so in that storm she can find her Father. Thanks again for the encouragement!
    Grace,Love, Peace,

  4. I am praying for my son. Daniel was raised in church. His dad was so involved with things of the church that sometimes our family was put on the back burner. Many times my son would watch as his dad would go out on bus visitation and spend time playing basketball with the children and taking time on Sunday mornings doing what needed to be done in the church. I believe that with my lack of love and on numerous times, my overcorrection and with the attention that my son saw his dad giving to children of the church, a bitterness grew in him. My son began drinking when he was 16. At 21 he fathered a child but still continued to drink. The bar scene was where he spent his time off work and every penny that he had. Since he (we) has had almost sole responsibility for his daughter since she was born, (mom is addicted to drugs and in and out of jail) he has settled down quite a bit. My son has no desire for God or the things of God. He believes that he is saved since he made a profession of faith as a child, but there is nothing in his life at all that shows it. Everything shows quite the opposite. Please pray for him and us.

  5. I am praying for my oldest daughter…I definitely wish I could help and stop the hurt. I will step out of the way and just continue to pray for her. Thanks for this post!

  6. My youngest, Shadae takes everything to heart, Shecis 14 yrs old.Please pray that I will let go and let God do His work! Both of us need to be reminded that she, we are covered, protected by the blood of Jesus!!!

  7. I’m praying for my beautiful daughter Ashley. Just yesterday I had to discipline her and it was with great pain on my part. Please pray that The Lord will minster loving truths to her.

  8. I’m praying for my niece Kathleen today, a soon-to-be mother struggling with anger at her own Godly mother because of divorce. So much pain there that only God can heal.

  9. Prayer for my Big Sister Sherry, who is battling cancer, she is a Christian woman and has had her share of struggles in life, the hardest for her was loosing all her beautiful long hair and to see her in her scarf my heart broke but I know God is doing a great work in her and I pray every day that she is getting stronger and stronger and as she starts to see her hair grow again she will see the miracle in life that God has given her, I love her so much.
    Praying for Diane’s niece that God heals her pain and that she understands anger only hurts us more but filled with God’s love nothing can bring us more happiness especially with the blessing of a child she is going to welcome into her life.

  10. I have a 30 year old daughter who is an alcoholic. She destroyed her marriage and left behind two beautiful children. Both of the children have suffered the abandonment in different ways. However it looks like they are getting thru it. I getting out of the way so GOD can do His work my daughter and I pray He stays by the side of those precious children. Thanks for this inspiring message. It came at a perfect time.

  11. I am praying for David, my son who struggles with drug addiction. He turned to drugs at the age of 12 after being sexually assaulted. We have lived a nightmare as he has had a DUI, other brushes with the law, and has been in and out of detoxes and rehabs. David recently committed his life to the Lord and was baptized. But the pull of drugs is very strong and he is so hard to live with. Additionally, my husband hasn’t wanted to “deal” with David and he just wants out of our marriage. He has filed for separation, and now David blames himself for the failure of our marriage.

  12. I am praying for my daughters who were sexually abused by a neighbor when they were just little girls. I pray that the LORD will lead them both back to him and “iron out” the wrinkles in their hearts so that they may find peace. The peace that only Jesus can give them! AMEN!

  13. My daughter Brittany. Her father was never really there for her and 2 years ago he killed himself she struggles daily with depression and searching for the love of a man to replace her father. I pray for her to come back to God and let Him “iron out the wrinkles”

  14. I am praying for my son who suffers from mental health issues and tries to fix it through substance abuse. I pray he will go back on his medication, find new friends but most importantly finds his way back to God. I pray he will find his strength from God once again.

    1. Paula I stand in agreement with you that your son will go back on his medication, that he will find new Godly friends and that he finds his way back to God. In the name of Jesus. Amen!!

  15. I’m praying for my 21 yr old daughter Lindsay. I pray for her walk with The Lord to become her focus! I pray for Godly friends to be a part of her daily life.

  16. A young man comes to mind as I think on this devotional today. His name is Luc and he grew up without a father and is truly hurting. He needs a Godly mentor in his life. So today I ask prayer for Luc and for his mom for spiritual, emotional, and physical strength to raise him.

  17. My niece Sarah has sought comfort in food almost since birth. At 22 she finally seems to be gaining control over her food addiction and to gain some self esteem. I pray that God will heal her heart and depression once and for all and rebuild her relationship with Him.

  18. For my in-laws….that they will have a closer relationship with the Lord and follow Him more closely. For my husband….he just recently surrendered his life back to God…that He will remain close to his first love and have a desire to know Him more

  19. I am praying for my daughter, who is contemplating divorce from her husband. They have a seven year old daughter and I pray every day that they can work things out so this precious little girl will not suffer the effects of a divorce. The are not church people, but do believe in God, so i also pray that God will put someone in their path to led them to Jesus. Our family has tried, but I feel we are not the ones to do this, but must come from an outside source.
    Martha September 17 at 8:39am

  20. Oh my, What a beautiful word picture you’ve written. It is so vivid and easy to see. I am praying for my kids. My question is how did Johnathan’s get passed the abandonment. Such widespread pain from and act of selfishness.

  21. I am praying for my elderly mother so suffers with dementia. That God strengthensher mind and body and keeps her moving and laughing. She loves to laugh! I am so blessed to have her as a mom. She brought me up in a faith filled home. I pray for each person that has left a comment here – that he fills them with peace, strength, joy and the power to be a overcomer of their situation. A Blessed Day to everyone.

  22. My dear friend was in a horrible biking accident 17 weeks ago and suffers from brain trauma that has resulted in memory problems. She is going to UCSF today to get some answers about how she is improving and what is expected in the future. I know that God spared her life for a special reason. Please pray for her today.

    Thank you all and may God bless you,

  23. I praying for my son that the kids around the neighborhood will begin to see him as I see him not see him as some that talks funny, and therefore want nothing to do with him. In the very least that their unkind words will not penetrate his heart.

  24. Today I am praying for my mother. I have that mother’s heart that Sharon mentioned. I tend to overwork and worry myself about situations and people that I can not change. Through today’s message I heard God whisper, “you are trying to do that which only I can do.” I have to let go and let God….

  25. I sometimes feel like I have holes in my tongue from biting the words I want to say to my adult daughter. She was raised as a Christian but after being in the world of academia for the last 20+ years she says she an agnostic. I daily pray for her salvation. I ask God to change her heart and draw her to Himself.

  26. My prayers go out to all on the comment page. I pray the Lord break every chain that so tightly bonds and heal every hurt that cuts so deep. Remember if we keep our minds stated on God, He will keep us in perfect peace as we continue to cry out in prayer to Him for our children.
    God Bless

  27. There is so much hurt written Above me here. I prayed for many of you. I feel selfish to ask for prayers for myself. But I am not wanting to live with the hurtful pain of my husband leaving me for another after 37 years of marriage. It i would have been better if he tooka gun and shot me. It has been six months. And I beg God daily for strength to surrender to his will and plan for my life. I ask for him to iron out my wrinkles because I am too weak.

  28. I’m praying for my cousin, Margaret, and her family. Her husband, John, was diagnosed in August with stage 4 cancer. I’m praying for the peace that only Jesus can give them.

  29. All three of my married kids that I raised as a single mom are now living nothing like how they were raised. My boys are now hanging out with their father who abused me and has not been part of their lives until now to party. They are out of church or worse in the Cristian ministry, but hardly speaking to me for almost two years. They are equally on my heart that they would put the Lord back in their lives. I am going through some issues that I as an older mom should be able to ask my kids input on. I’m considering asking my Pastor to counsel my daughter and I if she would agree. She did mention in a text we needed to sit down and talk after almost two years – that’s why I think we need a third party to make it a useful talk. So please pray for Rachel.

  30. I am praying for my oldest daughter in law school and at a crossroads in a 5yr relationship with her boyfriend; my oldest son who is about to become a father out of wedlock and my husband of almost 21 yrs for them all to come back to God as Lord and Savior of their lives.

  31. I pray for my daughter whose husband tried to kill her. The courts and the army have defended him beyond belief and she has made the decision to go back to him for her children. I pray she will find God again and place this all in His waiting hands.

  32. Mahkayla – 14 years old – New house, new school, new friends – low self esteem – and roller coaster relationship with her mother (my daughter). I see old hurtful relationship patterns from our past being repeated, I want to jump in and stop it, and fix it all. I know I can not interfere and I need to let our Heavenly Father intervene.

  33. I am praying for my children. Adrienne, 36 and Ernest 31. Twenty-three years ago, 1990, they lost their father to a mental illness, Bi- polar Disorder. He would not take his medication and life was very difficult for our family. I tried to stay with him for ten years, until it became a danger for us to live with him. After we left the home in 2000, he had nothing to do with the children. He would buy my son $150.00 tennis shoes and send them to him at Christmas or for his birthday. But he never sent my daughter anything. He was not there for them as they went thru their teen and young adult years, when they needed a father the most. They feel like he abandoned them. He was found dead on July 6 of this year. They are having mixed emotions. How do they grieve over some one that for years they had to fear what he might do to harm them. They know that he was sick but that does not do much to help them heal. Bipolar is a terrible illness that affects the whole family. I will pray for the families who are dealing with this disease,
    Please pray that my children will be able to iron out their pains and start to heal.

  34. My daughter grew up without her father too. She has a wonderful stepfather but it just isn’t the same. I know because I grew up without my mom and had a wonderful stepmom. My daughter has had a lot of things go wrong in her life since she was 17 and now she is fixing to be 24 with 3 children. Her and her kids all live with me at the moment. Please keep them in your prayers that God’s will be done in their lives. Each one are very beautiful inside and out. Life just has a way of throwing curves at you that you just can’t seem to get around very easily and God knows she has had her share. She knows she has made some wrong choices in life and is trying to get it together. So PLEASE remember her. Thank you in advance for all the prayers I know all you Godly people will send up for her.

  35. My son, Adam, started the drug scene when he was 15. He also had some mental health issues. We went through everything possible to help him. At each turn, as he was convinced he was the best one to decide what he needed, I asked him to give God the opportunity to help him. He felt that God had given up on him a long time ago. He kept telling me that he just wanted to die, that he couldn’t stand living the way he was. A month ago he called and said he was finally in a good place, starting a business with a friend, and had been clean for 6 weeks. He felt more proud of himself than he had in many years. He died in a car accident 2 weeks ago. The report said there were no drugs/alcohol involved, just driving stupid on a curving back road late at night. And no seat belt. My heart aches for him, and I continue to pray that he accepted, or will accept, God’s outstretched hand and find the peace and happiness that seemed to elude him here on earth.

  36. AP…praying because he has a hardened heart. please heal his heart of all hurt and continue to work with him in him and thru him. give him a clean heart and restore it. continue to give him strength to endure this season because there are nothing but fruitful ones that lie ahead. i ask this in Jesus’ name!

  37. My grown children – son – Ryan; daughter – Leigh-Ann.

    I lift up in prayer, all the ladies above who have asked for prayer for their families as well.

  38. I am praying for my nephews and their mother (my sister). Sharon could be writing about them; I only need to change the names. My love for them has certainly wound up stepping on some toes. When I saw the title of the devotion, I knew I had to read this morning…….not this evening….but now. I have no idea of what will come my way today; but I have had plenty of warning to ‘get out of God’s way’.

  39. For my granddaughter Sarah. My heart breaks for her. Her insecurities and her cycle of bad choices because of them. She needs the love and security of her Heavenly Father. I pray, please Father, heal her, so she can find her security in the only safe place.

  40. I am praying for my daughter in law and my husband. Both struggle with a history emotional abuse from when they were young. It seems that their hurt is showing up now and it hurts to watch them suffer mentally and physically. I pray for healing for my husband and daughter in law as well as wisdom and mercy and grace for my son and I on how to help them and keeping our strength through this..

    Also for Paula; Father I ask in Jesus name for Paula’s son that he chooses his medication over any other foreign substance that his body should not use. Father please give him strength to get through this time in his life and provide, if you will, a complete healing from any Mental Health issues.

    In Jesus name I thank you Lord,

  41. I am praying for my 30 year old son Dustin who is trying to overcome a drug addiction. He started at 15 smoking marijuana and then he slowly turned to other drugs. He dropped out of school but later got his GED. He married a young lady when he was 19 and they had a little girl who is now 10 years old. His wife left him after 5 years of marriage and then he got into some really heavy drug abuse. He would work but his money went to drugs and then me and his dad would come to his rescue and help him pay his bills and etc. He has been arrested one time for illegal possession of sleeping and anxiety pills. We got him out of jail and he promised to never to do it again but he did and he went even deeper into the drug abuse. He has over dosed on drugs numerous times and had to go to the hospital each time. So many times I have seen God has had his hand of protection over my son. So many nights that I would lay awake in my bed praying and asking God to place a hedge of Angels around my son. Finally my son lost his apartment and his vehicle because he would spend all his money on drugs. Last year on March 6, 2012 my husband’s mother, who is also my son’s grandmother laid dying in the hospital and my son came to the hospital high off drugs. It was one of the worst days of my life. There is no words to describe the pain and stress I was under that day. He had already been to the hospital to get help and they kept him for several hours and let him go. I was torn between trying to console and support my husband and father in law and my son who was in the hall way high off drugs. To make a long painful story short my son ended up at a Salvation Army and he did not go to his grandmother’s funeral but this was his decision. I finally got him into a Christian rehab called Teen Challenge. My son stayed 3 months in a 12 month program because he did not like the program and they want make them stay against their will. He is now driving an 18 wheeler truck and tells us he is drug free. He has no home nor a vehicle. We stopped giving him money after he came out of the rehab that he did not finish and told him he was financially on his own. We had to let go and use that thing called “Tough Love”. He lives basically in his 18 wheeler that has a sleeper. When he comes in off the road to see his little girl he stays at a motel for a few days. We live in Arkansas and my granddaughter lives in Louisiana. He wants a vehicle but I told him he has to save up his money to get him one because his credit is terrible. Please pray with me that he stays drug free and learns to become responsible enough to learn how to provide for himself without us, his parents coming to his rescue. Even though it is very hard on me, I have to let go and let God do his work in my son’s life. My son gave his life to the Lord before he went into Teen Challenge so I am believing that he is saved and a child of God. Thank you for listening to my story.

  42. My son is in a period of waiting – serving as the interim youth pastor at our church while finishing his senior year of college to receive a degree in youth ministry. The door to the mission field he had felt was opening for him after college was closed, so he felt that the Lord may be leading him to apply for the full time youth pastor position. But that door was closed to him as well. It is so hard to watch him have such a passion for these young people that he has worked with for over 5 years, and now realize that he will not be their pastor full time. And to see him struggle to hear from God as to what the next step is. He is getting married once school is done in May, so it is just not him that he is responsible for! My heart breaks for him as he is in this time of waiting – we all know how difficult that can be! Pray that he can be patient and that God will surround him with His peace!

  43. I am praying for my son who is getting married at the end of the month. I believe I have done a good job with him. He has known his fiancé for 7 years. They have a good relationship. He is financially capable of supporting a wife and children. It bothers me that he does not attend church and I don’t believe his fiancé does either. He tells me he has a close relationship with God and they are getting married in a chapel. I was like this when I was his age too but I pray that he strengthens his relationship with God because life is not a smooth road and relationships are tested daily.

  44. I am praying for salvation for my husband,three children and four grand children,and that God will iron out all the life’s wrinkles they have.Thank you Sharon.I have prayed for all the post above.

  45. My husband, Scott. After years of struggle, God has given him the perfect job. I am so worried that he will loose this job because he isn’t doing what has been asked of him. I’m not sure whether to ask for a kick in the pants for him or just ask for peace for me. Please pray for us both. 28 years of marriage has taught me a lot. Biting my tongue today.

  46. Dearest Sharon, thank you for this lovely devotion. I needed to hear every word. My oldest son has been out of work now for 3 years and still is without a job. A lot of family members including my husband consider my son his stepson lazy and pretty worthless. As a Mom I hurt for my son and continue to pray for him. Randy has also gained a lot of weight which has just exasperated his circumstances. Prayer for a mentor would be appreciated.

  47. I am praying for my grandchildren Jordan he is 11 broken foot may need surgery. sits in front of xbox too much..Mary age 11, I do not get to see her a lot from divorce..I pray for her health and safety.. Emma age 9 hates going to school does not like all the noise and all the kids and teachers..keeps having strange thoughts and tells me about them she needs prayer and the ability to chase satan and his evil ways from her… she has seizure disorder and is on med’s for it. I am strongly thinking about home schooling her.and need to be guided in the right direction… as her and Jordan live with my husband and I with their mother…

  48. I am praying for my son who is in boot camp to become an infantryman. He is really questioning his decision to join the military. He will finish boot camp in 3 weeks and will be stationed in Washington State, a long way away from home. He is only 18. I pray he seeks out God first and foremost and realizes that God is all he needs to make it through this. He gets a 48-hour pass this weekend and I get to spend it with him. I pray I can encourage him and not do or say anything that will get in God’s way.

    Paula – I will pray for you and your son.

  49. WOW God is good. I know He directed me to open this e-mail today!!Thank you for stepping on some toes here in OHIO. Our son has been a rebellious man since…. truthfully his entire life. He accepted Jesus at 4, was called to serve God vocationally at 10 at a Billy Graham crusade. He is a prodical son. He seems to be running further from Christ and the cross. I step in when I shouldn’t. I rescue when I shouldn’t. I let him go then I rescue again.Your comment about the soul struggling in the dark in order to soar moved much truth in that THANK YOU!!

  50. Thank you! sweet Jesus, for YOUR Word coming to life through Sharon & blessing ALL of us today.

    I lift up Nanette, to YOU, my Savior Jesus, Thank YOU! for walking with her through each lesson & blessing!! Refining … to GOD be ALL the Glory! Amen & Amen!!

    I humbly, ask, seek, & knock, to YOU, O LORD, our daughter Taishonia, YOUR will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

    Peace be with you <3

  51. My husband has had two brain tumors removed in the past 18 months. He is currently doing treatment . I will be taking him to MD Anderson this Friday, Sept 20th for a second opinion on treatment options. Please pray for him and for me to keep him in a positive frame of mind and to be able to accept what ever may happen.

    1. Lord, I pray for Glenda’s husband today. I pray that you heal him. Shrink those tumors. Give him strenght. Boost his immune system. Show him all that he has to be thankful for and give him hope. In Jesus’ Name, AMen.

  52. Lord I pray for Mimi and her daughter Taishonia, I ask you to always make your presence known to them. To lift them up when their down and to always keep their bond tight. In Jesus Name, Amen!

    God, I humbly come to you to surrender all of my circumstances and family in your name. I pray ask that you bless my Brother’s union with his wife to be next month. May they always be grounded in your word and love. In Jesus name

  53. Praying for my son Brett’s salvation.
    Lord, let your presence be with Mimi and Taishonia. Please guide and protect Taishonia and give your peace to MImi. in Jesus name , amen.

  54. This message today reminded me of my own precious nephew Patrick. 28 years old and lost in his sin. Needs the Lord’s Salvation. I pray for spiritual awakening for him daily, and for him to respond. He lives in California, so far from me. Patrick lost his dad to abandonment too, and has since heard he passed away. Thank you for this blog today and prayers for my dear Patrick to be saved and mended by his Heavenly Father!

  55. Thank you Sharon, for posting this again (I remember this same story about a year ago). Today I lift up my friend Donna S. who is grieving from the sudden death of her beloved husband of 32 years. God is close to the broken-hearted and I lift her up to you our Heavenly Father and to you our Lord Jesus Christ that you will hold her in the palm of Your Hand and console her. I also pray for Mimi and for her daughter Taishonia, as well as Dane and her husband Jim.

    If you recall in the Bible there are many times when Jesus will say something over and over again – but He is trying to make a point. Sharon, this is a story worth repeating. May God help us all iron out the creases and wrinkles of our wounded hearts. Amen.

  56. I’m praying for a co-worker who is struggling with many issues; I won’t go into detail for confidentiality reasons. God knows who I am talking about and her poor heart needs some serious “pressing.”

    And prayers for you Sharon, since your post is directly above mine.

    In Christ,


  57. My husband died at age 42, leaving me with a 5 and 3 year old. My daughter, the oldest, is now 27 and has adjusted well but my 24 year old son, has not. Although he accepted Christ as a teenager, he now is struggling terribly with losing his father. He got his girlfriend pregnant, they married and he is also struggling with raising a daughter when he does not remember how a father behaves. His emotional anxiety has developed into a physical illness now too. I keep trying to “fix it” but I really have no idea how and I guess its because I had not realized I have to wait on The Lord to do it! Thank you Sharon for helping me to see it isn’t in my hands. All prayer for my son will be greatly appreciated.

  58. HI Sharon
    I have a few requests, one for my husband Bryan’s salvation. Also that God opens the door s and removes for my book which is now in manuscript form, and it goes to publishing. but the most important right now is for my unborn nephew. He has CDH and a 60% chance of surviving once he is born. There is a hole in his diaphraghm and he will require surgery just after birth. My sister is also struggling with her husband’s lack of faith as I do with my husband. This situation with their baby is really hard on them both. And like they need more, My Brother in Law has somehow injured his back quite severly and may require back surgery. That’s the last thing they need now. Their baby is due Dec 17. So please pray for healing for my brother in law Shawn, my sister Kari-Ann and their soon to be born son Luke. and of course the rest of my family as we will be holding them up in support and love and hospitality.
    Thanks Sharon. I know it’s alot but so much is going on right now.

  59. Hi Sharon, as I read your blog today, I can honestly say I the person that came to my mind was not my own. She is my daughters friend who is 14yrs old. We just found out that she was in the hospital for depression. Your story is very similar. But she is a girl, whose mom is not there for her today. Her mother lost her to drugs and she is now leaving with her grandma and grandpa. The young girls dad is around but he works out of state all the time. He does come and visit and spent time with her, but also wants a mom. She comes over to see my daughter and they do homework together. She is now calling me her mama, which I find it flattering. My heart goes out to her. Her grandma and grandpa are doing the best they can. In fact the girls mother is the grandmother daughter. It is sad, but I do pray for them. I ask for prayer for her and the grandparents. I would love to see God work on her. She is young and right now she needs a lot of prayers because she is mad at God. She has a lot of questions. Sometime I fine her asking me question and telling me how hurt she is with her mother. She said that we are her family because she feel good here. I think she likes that there is a father and a mother around. Please pray for her.

  60. Pondering the message today around where I have yanked away God’s healing instrument. I need to watch for God’s movement more intentionally.
    I ask for prayers to heal my heart and to teach me how to love like He does.

  61. I am praying for my 16 year old son that has finally come to the conclusions that he does need help. I pray that God will work on his broken heart and he will come to know Jesus.

  62. I am praying for my “2nd Mom” Pat. She has been through much pain and heartache these past 3 years. Her only child Lory, which was my best friend, passed away 3 years ago from lung cancer. She had it originally in her lymph nodes and it spread. Her passing was devastating to her, and her husband. Pat lives several states away from where Lory lived, and due to Pats own health issues (she only has a partial kidney and her body struggles so with flushing toxins), she wasn’t able to travel and be with Lory during her ending days. Pat also had been caring for her disabled mother, and her own husband whose health was poor. Within a year of loosing Lory, Pat’s mom passed away. Within a few short months, Pat’s husband passed away as well. He had been severely depressed since Lory’s passing and didn’t want to eat much of anything other than drinking Ensure. He had seemed to loose the will to live. He had been loosing his balance frequently and had suffered some falls. Pat always has encouraging words for others. She is an amazing support with her words of wisdom, guided by Gods inspiration. I lost my Mom to Ovarian cancer 8 years ago, I miss her everyday. I call Pat my “Mom 2” and she calls me “daughter 2”. Pat struggles daily with her pain from poor health, and financial concerns as well. Throughout it all, she never complains for herself, she remains faithful and true in her closeness and faithfulness to God, offering encouragement to others. Prayer for her emotional, physical and spiritual strength would be wonderful.

  63. Hello from the Czech Republik and thank you for your ministry, Sharon.
    I am a school teacher, I have a new class of kids aged 13 to 15. Please pray with me, the Lord will iron their wounded hearts, put away the rebellion, aggression, vulgarity and He will fill their hearts with submission, obedience and His love. Thank you to everyone!

  64. Thank you for sharing this. Please pray for me as I walk through a time of emotional healing over past wounds. I am surely finding God to be present in my darkest moments and most difficult days. Praising Him for His love and faithfulness.

  65. Pray for my daughter Sondra and her husband Ryan. She miscarried a second time within 3 years and struggles with not being able to get pregnant and everything that goes with it: seeing babies and her friends carrying theirs. I see her heartache and struggles . . .

  66. Praying for my daughter Lauren who despite being reared as a believer has declared herself an agnostic…this story spoke to my heart, and for my husband’s heart to be softened and for protection for my son Blake who is in law enforcement

  67. Please pray for my sons—one 42 and one 37. BOTH of them need God so desperately!
    The oldest was sexually abused by his dad as a child and trusts almost no one! He is so lonely…major problems right now! The youngest has shrouded his heart, mind, and soul in a granite encasement of intellectualism. ‘There can’t be anything like what you say, Mom, because it just doesn’t make any sense.’ As soon as anyone speaks of ‘faith’…he tunes them out! I KNOW that nothing, and no one, is too hard for God! I pray that you will pray with me for these young men!

  68. Asking for prayer for our daughter, 32, Army Veteran after 9 years of military service who is suffering with PTSD. We had her move home last Dec and she’s been ironing shirts ever since. As her mother I learned to turn her into God’s loving hands while she was in Iraq & Afghanistan and know that He is the only one who can heal her now. Thank you Sharon.

  69. I am asking for prayer for my 21 year old daughter. She moved out for the first time a year ago (an hour away) to live on her own and start college. After a terrifying phone call and many trips to the hospital….we got no answers as to what was wrong with her. She had suddenly started having these attacks where her muscles would insanely tense up and her arms and legs would flail around uncontrollably. She moved home…and after a while it seemed to stop so she moved back out and started college all over again. She was raped in her apartment but continued through the pain and finished the quarter of school. She failed her classes and went into depression. We have paid her rent the last 6 months…a hardship for us…while she has tried to find a job. She has yet to have one. Just recently she has started having seizures and we are still trying to find a doctor to find what is wrong with her. And she is determined to start college again in 2 days. I begged her to come home and wait for a diagnosis and then start out again. But she is determined. I pray we get a good doctor and the right diagnosis!

  70. It is so true that we as mothers think we have to iron out all the wrinkles in our children’s hearts & that nobody else can do it.
    I pray for Terri’s daughter & give her into God’s loving arms to heal.
    I also pray for my 2 sons who don’t believe although they were brought up in a Christian home learning about God’s love. I know their names are written in His hands. I must just allow God to iron out their wrinkles & hurt of a wordly father that was emotionally absent in their lives & know that God’s time is not mine.

  71. Thanks so much for sharing this one Sharon. Today I pray for Jesus’ love to surround and wrap his arms around my son Calvin. I have tried for way too many years to step in and fix his tattered life. I need to give Him over to God completely, and know that He is in control.

    Mareta, Today I pray that God will cover your son’s with His peace and mercy, and that in His timing they will return to their Christian roots. God Bless You and may Our Father’s love bring you comfort.

  72. My husband and I are marriage counselors, but when our children call because they are having problems in their marriage it is very hard for me to talk to them, It hurts too much to see their pain. Right before I started reading this blog my husband received a call from our youngest son, him and his wife were drinking and fighting, immediately my husband rushed over to their home to helped them solve the problem while I stood home praying, not knowing how to pray for them anymore I began to come against the spirit of alcoholism and quarrels in their marriage binding every principality that would exholt itself against the knowledge of God then I came across this blog and God spoke to my heart. Please pray for my son and his wife. Mainly for their salvation. Both of them were raised in church and now are living a life not pleasing to God. But I am confident that God is in control of their lives.

  73. I am a mother of nine children. Eight my own and adopting my nephew. I have been a widow for ten plus years and I have prayed for the safety n well-being of my children practically 24 hours a day. My oldest daughter is 27 years old and my youngest is my nephew 11 years old. Although six are in college and three youngest boys at home. I still worry about their well being. Please pray for me dat i can let go and let my children live their lives according to God’s will. Pray for ALL my children dat dey may find God to be their father that I know dey need. And dat I will find peace n my heart knowing dat he will take care of my babies. Thank u for ur help.

  74. My son needs a prayer very much so, he’s young turning into a man and the only father he knew decided to leave at the worst time of his life the passing of his best friend my mom his grandmother. He’s drinking and using pot very heavily and gets into trouble with no knowledge of what he does cause of alcohol , I talk to him constantly everyday about it and he pushes me away he’s hurting because of the lost of his family and in destruction mode all I can do is pray. Heavenly Father please HAVE MERCY ON HIM AND GUIDE HIM THROUGH THESE DARKEST TIME , COVER HIM ,,AMEN . I also what to send a prayer for my neighbor Christine I know the feeling when you cant let go of your kids I pray he keep you and your love ones safe Amen

  75. I am a mother of 3 wonderful girls! My husband and I almost divorced 2 years ago! I read your book, “How to become the woman of his dreams” and cried for days! Through out our trials and tribulations and especially loosing my mom whom I called every single day.Going through such a difficult time, was HARD..But, God was always there for me and my family!!! I ask for prayer for everyone on this list,

  76. My 17 y.o. daughter, Sophia, who once had faith unlike anyone I have met, but who ha beens an atheist for 4 years after numerous surgeries over 7 years, our church not stepping in to help (not financially, though that would have been amazing, but emotionally/physically) as I struggled as a single mother with no family near and a verbally and emotionally abusive ex-husband. Thankfully she has not turned to wild ways, but my mother’s heart is broken for I know she needs God to depend upon, guide and protect her in life.

    My bf of 2.5 years who is a Christian but doesn’t attend church or really practice. He was raised Catholic, I am born again. He is a good man and our future together is bright, yet I truly need someone to pray with, who shares church attendance, who spiritually leads.

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