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[I’m writing over at Proverbs 31 Ministries today and thought you might enjoy it too!]

In the South, we name our beach cottages. Barb’s Folly was one of our favorites to rent. Her screened-in back porch on the second floor overlooked a weather-worn dock jutting out over a lazy canal, and fuchsia myrtle bushes dotted the landscape like splashes of paint. The outdoor back stairway wrapped around a palm tree that reached for the sky, its fronds eye-level with the second story porch.

Every morning, before the houseguests stirred, I snuggled in a rocking chair on the back porch with my coffee and my Bible. The first morning, I noticed a turtledove sitting on a nest resting in the fronds of the palm. I watched her. She watched me.

Midmorning, Daddy bird came to relieve her of her duties. He sat on the rail and squawked to announce his arrival. When she stood for them to exchange places, I noticed two tiny eggs peeking out from under the stubble. She left. He sat. After a brief time, Mamma bird returned, and they changed places.

For an entire week, this mamma bird did one thing—rested in the palm protecting her two tiny charges. When a violent storm rose and pelted the tree with tropical rain, she didn’t budge. When children ran up and down the stairs inches from her nest, she didn’t move. When cranes, pelicans, and seagulls swooped gracefully into the water and strutted about proudly, she stayed the course seemingly undeterred. For this season of her life, she didn’t falter in her calling, and remained faithful to the task at hand.

Solomon wrote: “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” (Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV). We will all go through season in life. Raising a child. Caring for a parent. Building a career. Strengthening a marriage. Seasons all.

Seasons are part of God’s grand design for this earth: winter, spring, summer, fall. They are also part of God’s grand design for you and me: joy and sadness, struggle and peace, highs and lows, birth and loss. No matter what season we find ourselves, we can be sure that God is not absent in its happening—He is always there.

The word season implies that it is a period of time that will pass. If you’re in a tough season, know that it won’t last forever. Seasons are for a reason. In them we sink our roots deep into the soil of faith, spread wide the branches of trust, sprout new growth where there was none before and yes…rest… the dormancy of winter to catch our breath before the new season begins.

Paul wrote, “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9). Let’s embrace the season we’re in! Give it our all! Rather than wish it away, find the hidden treasures.

On the last morning of our vacation, I was enjoying a final cup of coffee on the back porch with Mrs. Turtledove. As usual, Daddy Dove stopped, perched on the railing, and announced his arrival. But this time, when Mamma bird flew over to join him, two downy hatchlings with eyes yet to open reached their yellow beaks heavenward.

I realized God had given me a precious gift—a front-row seat to observe the contentment of a mother who revelled in her calling during this short season of life. Regardless of the storms, strangers, or the strutting of others, she stayed true to her purpose and calling for this period of time.

While I was musing about the importance of motherhood in this particular season of my life, my six-foot-one teenage son stumbled sleepily out onto the porch. I’m not sure if he saw the tears in my eyes as I looked at his ruffled hair, sleepy eyes, and face that needed a shave—a season was quickly coming to an end.

“Look, Buddy,” I said. “The eggs hatched today.”

Heavenly Father, I’ll admit I long for the joyful seasons to linger and the difficult season to pass quickly. Help me to remember that stages of life are called seasons for a reason. They come and they go. Help me to be at peace in every season, doing what You want me to do in that period of time In Jesus’ name, amen.

Leave a comment and share what season of life are you in right now?

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Comments 61

    1. I Love that “Jesus is with me in every season” You made me laugh bc summer comes with mosquitoes, and other bugs, more people on the beltway who don’t know how to drive:), but no matter what, Jesus is with me!!!!!!!:) I’m so happy that God is blessing You and giving You your heart desire. He keeps blessing us in every season

  1. I embrace the sentence, I long for the joyful seasons to linger and the difficult season to pass quickly. God is always present and working for us, He works in us, for us and through us. We must have the patience and the faith to give it ALL to Him. Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. Certain season seem like they are lasting forever. But one thing is for sure. God is in every season protecting us from things we may not even notice.

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  2. Thank you for this word I’m at a season in my life now that I am struggling to hold the course but through God’s grace

  3. Thank you for the hard seasons……they have prepared me to appreciate the better ones to come.Amen

  4. Sharyn, your devotional today really spoke to me today. I am recently sober (4 1/2 months) and it has been a struggle. I know there will come a time when it will be easier but I must put my faith in God and power on. Thanks for the inspiration. Diane

    1. Diane I will pray for your continued sobriety.
      My son will be leaving rehab this week. One of many times to become sober.
      I know it is not an easy journey.

    2. Diane I’m praying for you. Just keep holding on to Jesus he will carry you through. You can do this. Phil 4:13 read that. It’s does help to know God is Greater.

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  5. Thank you for this beautiful devotional.
    May God continue to bless you in the ministry He has given you
    God’s blessings for your family also.

  6. Losing my Mother Feb 26, 24. My little Brother fighting with prostate cancer and possibly more. Adult son struggling with addictions for years. My husband of 21 years divorced me. It goes on grandchildren no relationship with. I need to be strong and know the Lord is with me. Father God restore, mend,heal.

    1. Oh my goodness! That’s a lot! My heart and prayers go out to you. Lean on the Father. He is with you, He loves you, He will carry you in this season. I won’t pretend I can imagine all what you are going through. I lost my mom and that was tough enough. My husband almost divorced me and that was the hardest thing I ever went through. My husband has struggled with addiction since before we were married and still currently does after 34 years of marriage. We have to keep uppermost in our minds that there is light at the end of the tunnel. God can use our pain in ways we can’t see in the moment. He can do beautiful things with brokenness. But we need to step out in faith and fully trust him with our entire lives. My favorite go to verse is Proverbs 3:5-6. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. That has been a lifeline to me for years. I hope it gives you some encouragement also! Stay in the word and prayer. It makes a huge difference knowing God lifts us up and gives us His word to comfort us and give us peace.

    2. Romans 3:23 for all things work together for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. I too have had much trauma in my life. Just give it to God. Pray. Trust. Pray. Believe and trust in His sovereign promise, He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you.

    3. Susie, I will be praying for you and your loved ones. I will also pray that you have someone or someone’s to help you through this season.
      Believe me I understand. Walk with Jesus he is just waiting for your hand, as you know there is no better friend.

    4. Susie, I am praying for you…most of all you shared is true of me too. I have felt the weight of these burdens but God! He is kind and merciful and when I am weak He is strong!

  7. My children and step children are grown and 4 of the 5 grandchildren are in college. I am retired and my time is devoted to my church, my family, my volunteer work and spending time with my husband. I still continue to nuture, but it has been extended to the community. I am a health minister at my church, I co-facilitate a bereavement group, I volunteer at a non-profit organization that offers free (donated) baby clothes, diapers and other baby items to those in need, I am on the board at a non-profit organization that offers a free meal on Sundays and I am a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children taken from their home and placed in toa foster home. I also through my ministries give resources to members in the community.

    Corporal works of mercy- feed the hungry, cloth the naked, give drink to the thirsty, visit the sick, bury the dead, shelter the homeless, visit the imprisoned.

    God has given me an opportunity to use the gift of compassion in the other acts of mercy.

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  8. I have enjoyed your devotionals, for many years. I am in the season of changes. I need to stop enabling my adult son.

  9. I’m in a trying season right now. My son is going through a tough divorce right now. He and his 2 children are living with me and my husband. But that’s not my biggest issue, my darling husband of 53 years has Alzheimers and it’s so sad to see that he can’t do many things on his own anymore.
    At the beginning of this year I felt the Lord tell me to be Strong and Courageous, so I’m standing on those words and I know that the Lord will get me through this season.
    Jesus I trust in You

  10. Tough season financially and with my adult children. Some days I just want to give up because things seem to be getting worse, but I know God is sovereign.

    1. Metal, when we are weak He is strong! He promises never to give us more than we can handle! God is using these difficulties to refine our faith! And you are not alone..

  11. I retired and became an orphan in the same week. That was 5 months ago. As I wait on the Lord to lead me into a new ministry, I am learning that being a wife and helpmate to my husband is where I am placed at this moment in time. Lord, help me to embrace the day to day activities no matter how tedious and offer this time to you with a grateful and joy- filled heart. To God be the glory!

  12. The devotion was sent from God to me. A sad, lonely season! Will reread your words many times …and claim Gods promises.

  13. This was great for me to read today……Aging is the season for me and my hubby. It’s tough to realize you can no longer do the things you used to do and want to do.

  14. I really needed your devotional today. My husband of many years is undergoing a serious health issue. I will stand strong.

  15. A season of waiting, for a prodigal son to return to the Lord!
    Asking God to help me with unbelief, because in the past He has brought me through every trial and hardship! I shouldn’t have this wavering faith,but I know Satan trying to defeat me.
    God Bless you all!

  16. Thank you for this message. I really needed to hear it.
    I’m going through a health issue which is preventing me from doing my church duties, work, homemaking, family, playing with grandchildren, so many things. Cannot drive right now so I’m dependent on others. I keep praying God ends this season for me. More testing in my future. Thank you for this message to patiently wait and keep praying.

  17. WOW… Thank you so much! The Lord really used you to minister to me! I am in a season of waiting… so I am using this time to draw closer to Him! Thank you for your Godly wisdom! Blessings 🙌🏻

  18. I’m trying to purchase your book, but it says there are no “shipping options”. I believe this is because I have a Canadian address.

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  19. Hi Sharon Jaynes, I enjoy every one of your emails. I thank God for this season in my life. It’s been 3 weeks since I had surgery. Four weeks since I had hands on prayer for healing. Prayers were incredibly answered and still are being answered the way God answers. Praise God for seasons of answered prayers and growing hope and restored strength and dissolving fear. It’s Spring when flowers open in bright colors and fragrant smells.

  20. Loved this devotion!! Every season has it’s blessings. I need to remember to stay in an attitude of thankfulness.
    Our God is so good.

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  21. Sharon than you for this Beautiful Devotional on Seasons !
    Seasons come and Seasons go….
    our God is Faithful and Loves us so much ! He will see us through each Season ! Some seasons are easy and some our hard, there’s always a
    lessoned learned through each one.
    I’m in a waiting season .. Praising God through each day!
    God Bless you and your ministry Sharon ✨❤️

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  22. Oh Sharon what an exquisite view andlesson you had and you took the time to share it with us. Thank you. So loved this.
    At Christmas I often think of the phrase,’ Jesus is the reason for the season’. That season passes too until the next one. BUT Jesus never changes. He Is always right there with us through every season. Bless you heaps.

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  23. Hi Sharon this was really a blessing to me. I was just wondering what season I’m in right now? I’ve been recovering for the last six months from a broken femur. God told me it was going to be a journey. It has been a blessed one and is still going on. Now I’m asking God for directions now that I’m healed and able to walk what am I to do now. So many things going through my mind right. Thank you for sharing.

  24. I just reconciled with the Lord. There is this sin that I have been harboring. I have been kinda distant with the Lord because of that hidden sin. I struggle with my prayers and wondered why. Then after praying about it the sin was revealed. I cried out to the Lord and repented. It has been a time of reconciling and i feel a difference in my mind in my looks and in my prayers. I so crave to be in the Lord’s presence and desire to obey and follow Him. I really don’t want to be on the other side. So, I’m slowly getting back on track with the Lord’s grace and forgiveness. It feels so good to be in accords with the Lord.

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  25. As family and friends have seasons 0f their lives change, such as having babies, kids growing up, kids graduating, kids getting married and so forth. Some of us have seasons that last a lot longer than “normal”. I have an adult daughter with disabilities. She will never be able to live on her own. My husband and I have been “parenting” for over 35 years. God is good and He has been by my side the whole time. I know that He allows things in our lives so that we can comfort others who deal with similar hardships. I just want to point out that seasons are not always meant to pass quickly. Some seasons never pass until we meet Jesus. I want to encourage all those out there that are dealing with LONG seasons. Don’t give up! Look for the lessons that God is teaching you – whether it be patience, longsuffering, endurance, love, kindness, gentleness or any other spiritual gift. There is a reason for everything. God sees the big picture and we have to trust Him with it. Remember that God sees you!

    1. Thank you Janet. Yes some seasons are very long! Thank you for sharing that. I have struggled in prayer over my marriage and an adult son wondering why my prayers have not been answered but I have recently realized that maybe God is doing a work in me. That I need to accept my trials as from Him and lay my burdens down. To seek His grace for that moment for that day for His grace is sufficient. I am comforted to know I am not alone in these trials. Others have walked these paths ahead of me and with me.



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  27. What a lovely picture. I am presently watching a birds nest too. Time, faithfulness and patience are all being p0rtrayed by one tiny bird dwelling in a rustic birdhouse.
    For me, this is a season of life of learning new lessons of contentment as my body ages but my spirit is being renewed day by day. I’m learning to rejoice in old age and being a great grandmother soon. I see much turmoil in the world around me but so much beauty in this spring season too. I watch my children and grandchildren with amazement and wonder as God works in their lives. This is a lovely season of life with heaven now on the horizon which is an awesome thought too.

  28. I spent 25 years in a bad marriage left six times but always had to return. Couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get away when we were clearly so toxic. Last 12 I dug in I did my job of disclosing my wrongs I dealt with his anger and hurt and ultimately his abuse I got drug into drug use and ended up in a spiritual war. I could not understand how or why god would want me here or leave me here. It got crazy the likes of which most would never understand and I fought demons his and mine. It was at times supernatural. I stayed I fought for my family and I spent the entire 12 years serving him and my children the only one working the only one taking care of the house and the finances finding us home after home as we got evicted time after time finding job after job as I lost one after the other at times losing hope and even losing faith but always in the end ended up on my knees in prayer. In the end just this past December at a Calvary Chapel in Colorado all alone no friends no family no hope I found myself once again faced with the desire to raise my hands in worship despite my circumstances. I had been saved at a Calvary Chapel in San Diego 15 years earlier and had always felt compelled to raise my hands but was overcome with fear and hesitation. This day I finally surrendered and threw my hands up and worshipped unabashedly because I knew despite the sadness the loneliness the destitution I lived in god was always with me. Though I had lost every worldly possession in the last decade from my fancy house and nice cars to my jewelry and my career my friends and family I had found rock solid faith and had learned to sit and wait on god to sit in his presence to take comfort in his love and grace and mercy. I had found that unwavering love I longed for in him. And in times of extreme abuse where others may have crumbled I had experienced peace held my tongue and persevered. I remember scripture I had read in one of these devotionals eight years earlier “she walks with dignity and grace she laughs at the days to come”. These devotionals were so helpful to me in th early years of this season and that phrase stayed with me all along and I did learn to walk with dignity and grace and laugh at the devils attempts to break me. Since that day that I raised my hands and surrendered. I experienced that reality many of have red about where it says “ I told god I’m done and he said good now I can begin” and he began. I drove 13 hours to AZ from Colorado to my childhood friends house with $300 to my name and a few clothes I. My car and started over. I was exhausted mentally emotionally but not spiritually. My high school friend lived five minutes away and connected me with celebrate recovery a Christ based twelve step program that addresses addictions abuse and so much more. I knew the first meeting why god had allows this season in my life. I stated serving immediately and for blessed me with the opportunity to cook for the group. I love to cook and my family over the years had never appreciated my cooking. As well life was so hard and we were so broke I couldn’t find the passion or the resources to cook. Now I cook for those less fortunate in their own season and they love my food. I struggled for a few months my middle son expressed extreme gratitude for my sacrifice in leaving him and my youngest behind. He and I still talk my youngest and oldest so t speak to me right now. I found a Christin man who loves me and adores me and who’s faith was ignited by our meeting. We traveled for Memorial Day and I wa sable to return to the Calvary chapel in San Diego where it all started and not only did I raise my hands in worship but this man who I am own with who was raised Catholic and has never been to a Christian church felt compelled at the end of service to raise his hands. His step mom and I met a week earlier she and her daughter are wishing leaders at their church in northern Washington. She and he cried when we met because he was so happy he found a Christian woman’s and felt I had brought her son home. As I left San Diego on the drive back to AZ I realized that season. Of my life was now truly over and I closed that chapter. In many ways it was heartbreaking because I feel I’m leaving my children behind in that season. I had the extreme joy of serving them unconditionally and learned to true joy of giving and like the title dove was unwavering in my serving of them from 2am dinner calls to home schooling to retuning to their abusive Father Time and again because they were not ready for me to leave. I know in time for will restore my relationship with my children. As he said in Joel 2:25 I will restore to you the years the swarming locust has stolen – I’ve already been restored to many of my friends last night I reconnected with the woman and friend who brought me to that Calvary chapel fifteen years ago I’ve been able to stop working for a time and rest and restore I am now in a home of my own and part of a new Christin family as well as a new family with this new man I. My life giving me nieces and nephews to love on and serve mothers and fathers to guide and teach me further Christian family members to share faith and worship with the opportunity to get my career in real estate back it’s amazing how if you stay faithful through the season even if you don’t know where you’re headed when you get there it all makes sense and gods presence through the storm is so evident so beautiful and the opportunity to run around and help others through their seasons such an amazing blessing. Thank you girlfriends in good for being there for offering hope in my dark days encouragement when I was down. I have shared this website and these devotionals with every woman I’ve come across who will listen. You truly are and inspiration and source of hope and help in ways you may never know. God bless you and to all those still in their trouble season take hope god is food and he keeps his promises we do not need to know his plan only to know that he has a plan and we need only stay strong stay faithful and take comfort in his love and grace and mercy knowing it will all make sense one day.

  29. Hello Sharon,

    Great message of truth, and makes sense, everything in due time for a reason. Seasons teach us either to shrink back or claim our Victory! Every new season is a great teacher of faith, to aide us in strength and move us forward in our winning walk. We are so Blessed!!

  30. This morning I was looking for God to talk to me and tell me everything is going to be ok. I’m currently separated from my husband after 21 yrs I have been praying for God to restore my marriage, lately the enemy has been doing a lot to bring me down and discourage me,but the Lord is telling me not to give up, to keep my faith and stay strong. He is working on us. Myself, my family, my house belongs to him.
    Thank you Lord

  31. Thank you for this beautiful message. I am currently going through a season of aging change and am trying to learn my body says slow down. I have always taken care of my home, my children and my husband. I don’t do well with needing or asking others for help. However, I know God is my strength and refuge! I am truly blessed from above. I pray for God’s blessings to each and every one of my Girlfriends In God here today.

  32. Sharon,
    You’re an excellent story-teller. I’m glad my business partner forwarded this entry to me!

    I’ve been in a tough season but thank the Lord for showing up for me! Encouraged by Psalm 37:5
    “Commit your way to the Lord;
    trust in Him and He WILL ACT.”

    1. Your devotional resonated with me today because I have been worrying about exhaustion when my children are on their 6 week school holiday. They are very lively, have short concentration spans (can’t even sit through a whole film), don’t like Holiday Clubs & I’m an older mum! Last summer I was so tired looking after them all day every day with not even a lunch break, that I ended up upsetting my husband because I was too tired to consider his needs too.
      Your post helped me to realise that these things are temporary. I will cope somehow and things will get easier.
      Thank you!

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