A Simple Gesture

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Today’s Truth  
 “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today…” (Hebrews 3:13 NIV).

Friend to Friend
My husband, Steve, was pumping gas.  It seemed like he was always pumping gas.  Living out in the country and driving into town each day required gas, and a lot of it.  As he stood holding the nozzle and watching the numbers rapidly roll by higher and higher, he noticed an old 1992 grey Honda Civic pull up to the pump behind him.  The car had seen better days: rusted roof, missing hubcaps, faded paint, dented bumper.

 Out of the corner of his eye, he observed a young woman who appeared to be in her late 20’s get out of the car.  She was dressed in medical scrubs and looked about as tired as her Civic.  Methodically, she swiped her card, placed the nozzle in the tank, and squeezed the handle. Within one minute of beginning, she stopped squeezing.  She then placed the nozzle back in the pump and began screwing the cap back on her tank.

 That couldn’t have been more than a couple of gallons, Steve thought.

 “Is that all the gas you’re getting?” Steve asked.

 “Yeah, well, you know. Trying to space it out,” she replied.

 Steve placed his nozzle back on in its holder, walked over to her pump, and swiped his card.  “Let’s fill it up today.”

 “No, no.  You can’t do that,” she protested.

 “I already did,” he smiled.  “It’s already done. See. The card’s approved.  Fill it up.”

 “Tears welled up in her eyes.  “Thank you,” she said.

 “Now you have a good day,” he replied.  “God bless.”  And off he drove.

 I just love that man.

 As I thought about Steve’s act of kindness, I was challenged to pay closer attention to those around me throughout my busy days.  I was stirred to look for someone who needed a kind word, a bill paid, a burden carried.

 Throughout Jesus’ thirty-three years he walked this earth, he noticed people who crossed his path during his busy day.  He noticed a small man in a tree straining to catch a glimpse as he passed by (Luke 19:1-8).  He noticed a woman with a bent-over back sitting in the women’s section of the synagogue straining to hear (Luke 13).  He noticed a 38-year-old lame man sitting by a pool (John 5).  He noticed a grieving mother mourning the loss of her only son (Luke 7).  He noticed the hunger of the crowd after a long day of teaching on the hillside (Mark 6).   He noticed…and he did something about it.

 It is very easy to go about our busy days with blinders on – focusing on our own little worlds and ignoring the ministry opportunities surrounding us.  But Jesus showed us how to pay attention, lighten a load, bestow a blessing, give a gift, help the hurting, and bind-up the broken. Listen, Jesus was busy! He had a lot to accomplish in 3.5 years of his earthly ministry.  But he was never too busy to pay attention to the needs of the people around him.

 Steve was my hero that day.  And I suspect, for one young lady in a beat-up, old gray Honda Civic, he was her hero as well.

  Let’s Pray 
Dear LORD, open my eyes today.  Forgive me for being so selfish that I forget to notice the needs all around me.  Show me someone that I can help today.  Show me how I can be Your hands and feet today.  I’m listening.  I’m watching.  I’m paying attention.
In Jesus’ Name,


 Now It’s Your Turn  
I bet you can guess what I’m going to say now.  Apply today’s principle and reach out to help someone in need.  It doesn’t have to be big.  It could be as simple as opening the door for a mother with a stroller. And when you do, I want to hear about it!  You won’t be bragging.  Don’t worry about that.  You’ll simply be encouraging each one who reads your post to be blessed as I’m sure you will be blessed when you reach beyond your own needs to touch someone else.

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Comments 5

  1. My girlfriend who never pays her debts wanted $350.00 to borrow till Monday. I have heard this so many times. I am out of work, just buried my father and did not want to lend her the money. I was just tired of people asking for money ( my cheating husband then her). If my Daddy was alive I know he would lend her the money. My parents have taught me by their actions to always give , and I know my God will provide. My fourteen old son does not understand. I told him God knows, and I cannot spend it in the grave. Right now I am even okay if she does not give me back. God is good. He has blessed me so much this year.

  2. Hi Sharon

    God Bless your husband! What a wonderful gesture. What a Blessing he was to her.

    The kind gesture I have done was while I was waiting for my gas tank to be filled up I cleaned my windows and then saw an elderly woman’s windshield very dirty so I went over and cleaned her windshield and told her God Bless you and have a Blessed day! She just sat there with a stunned look on her face as I got in my car and drove away.

    Oh how we can touch so many Lives even with the smallest gestures! What a Blessing it was to know that I helped someone in a big way with such a small action.



  3. Dear Sharon,
    I try to put others before myself most times & I’m sure I’ve missed opportunities to do so more often, but I remember a time when I was in Sheetz standing in line to pay for my purchase, noticing a little boy & his father just before me. I love children & I never miss an opportune time to talk to them. LOL I asked the usual questions, “How old are you? What’s your name?” etc., but just before getting up to the counter, I reached in my purse & gave him a dollar bill. He looked at his dad & then at me and gave the biggest, sweetest, brightest smile any child could give. He made my day seeing his reaction. Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. I hope I’ll be hearing that song playing over & over in my head today.

    Thanks for letting me share. I enjoy your devotions greatly. I have forwarded some to my friends or family asking that they subscribe to receive them daily to enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed them.

    God blessings to You & Your Ministry,


    P.S. Love the pictures of your girlfriends ?

  4. I had been really going through with my finances and I just got through a really bad case of being a victim of Identity fraud. So I was really low on cash. It was a really hot day In Tallahassee, FL (107 degree)….Driving to work I had about 30minutes to spare. God spoke to my heart to take the cash that I had set aside and go purchase a case of bottle waters, bags of ice, and a cheap throw away cooler. I did just that and passed out ice cold bottle waters to everyone I came in contact with. I let each person know that “God is mindful of you.” God bless

  5. What an amazing story of grace. God has saved us from so many things…darkness, pride, bitterness, and even ourselves.

    Thank you for sharing this story and reminding me that GOD knows where we are and what we need. God is still in the miracle business…and HE is aware of our pain and our needs.

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