A Little Something Bagger Vance Taught Me

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I was sitting in a darkened theater watching the movie Bagger Vance.  Now I know the theology wasn’t correct, but one scene caused tears to stream down my cheeks.  It was during a time when I was struggling with what God was calling me to do with my life.

Here’s how the story goes:

As a young man, Randolph Junuh was an incredible golfer that showed great promise. Bu right in his prime, he was called away to war.  During one particular battle, his entire company was killed. Junuh was the lone survivor, but he did not survive very well.

When he returned home, Junuh lost his dream of becoming a professional golfer and lived in an abandoned old house in seclusion from the rest of the world.

Through a series of events, he was challenged to play in a golf tournament and represent the state of Georgia. Along with the challenge came a certain fellow, Bagger Vance, who would be his caddy.

Bagger, as it turned out, was supposed to be a type of “angel” sent to help Junuh rediscover his dreams.

In one final scene, Junuh is trying to recover after a bad shot by hitting a ball out of the woods. Standing among the trees, the horrors of war return and Junuh cannot go any further. He hears the gunfire and sees the soldiers falling all around him.

Then Bagger interrupts his vision of the past. Listen to this scene and stand in the woods with Junuh and Bagger.

With shaking hands and a look of terror on his face, Junuh begins…

Junuh:  “I can’t do this.  You don’t understand.”

Bagger:  “I don’t need to understand. Ain’t no soul on this entire earth ain’t got a burden to carry he didn’t understand. You ain’t alone in that. But you been carrying this on long enough. Time to go on an lay it down.

Junuh: “I don’t know how.”

Bagger: “You’ve got a choice. You can stop or you can start.”

Junuh:  “Start?”

Bagger:  “Walkin.   Right back to where you always been and then stand there.  Still…real still…and remember.”

Junuh:  “It was long ago.”

Bagger:  “No sir. It was just a moment ago. Time for you to come on out of the shadow, Mr. Junuh. Time for you to choose.”

Junuh:  “I can’t.”

Bagger:  Yes, you can.  But you ain’t alone. I’m right here wich ya’. I”ve been here all along.  Play the game. The one that only you was meant to play. The one that was given to you when you came into this world.”

(Junuh takes his stance and places his hands on the club.)

Bagger: “Ready?  Take your stance. Strike the ball, Junuh and don’t hold nothin’ back. Give it everything. Let yourself remember…remember your swing. That’s right. Settle yourself. Now is the time, Junuh.”

Randolph Junuh took his stance, clutched the club, and knocked the ball out of the woods and onto the green. He also came out of the darkness and remembered who he was and what he “was made to do.”

Now I’m not a golfer, but I was standing right there in the woods with Junuh. With sweaty palms and racing heart…remembering the pains of the past…remembering past failures…remembering past defeats…remembering the battles lost and the wounded left behind.

Then God came and whispered in my ear “Sharon, take your stance. [tweetherder]It’s time for you to come out of the shadows. Don’t be afraid. You do what I have created you to do. [/tweetherder]The plan that I set in place for you before you came into this world. Don’t let the memories of the past hold you captive. I’m right here with you…I’ve been here all along.”

Are you ready to come out of the shadows? Are you ready to tackle that thing God has placed in your heart to do? Settle yourself. Now’s the time.

After reading the comments from my blog post, When “Yes” Seems to Hard, I know God has something special up His sleeve for you. So here’s the question for today…are you ready to come out of the shadows and tackle the thing God has placed on your heart to do? If so, give a shout out in the comment box that says “yes!”

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Comments 64

  1. Hi Sharon

    I’m trying to reach out to a Muslim brother. My cell group friends say that I’m very brave. It’s not gonna be easy I know…but I’m gonna say “Yes, God, I’ll do it for You!”

    Please pray for me and my Muslim brother.

    Thank you very much!

    God bless,
    Narelle from Singapore

  2. Sharon,
    I am almost 82 have been a Christian for many years. My question is: what about all the people that were damaged in the years before Christ came in to my life? I know I’m forgiven in my mind but I can’t seem to get it to drop into my heart.
    I enjoyed you at Eliot Baptist & I enjoy your devotional.
    Pauline Knight

    1. Hi Polly,
      Just last week the Lord was showing me that He has forgiven me, but I need to forgive myself. Can you picture yourself in the same situation/problem and how you would treat people now? I bet you have already been treating people better because you remember.

  3. I’m beginning to feel double-teamed to step out in faith that what I’m feeling I should be doing really is God’s plan and not my own. It’s time to say YES,

  4. Sharon, That was a lovely nd needed devotional, which I really enjoied. Thanks to you Abba for not giving up on Sharon and anyone of us. Thank you for your patience. YESS I am ready to do anything that God has planned for me. I am ready to put everything behind me and Let Lord take control over my nd my brethren’ life.
    Kalyani (India)

  5. Yes I am, but just like Junah, there are so many things that I can’t put aside. Everyday there are 100 things that need to be done first. I pray about it all the time. But reading your blog today has really given me inspiration to try. I’m going to rent that movie, it sounds really good! Thankyou for posting this!!!!

  6. I say Yes and started stepping out in June 2012 walking away from my rented house and job to follow what God was saying! It has not been without strggle especially finances! I felt unworthy and not accepted by a lot of people who didn’t have faith in what God was saying!

    I have pressed forward and throgh the pressing people started to see God move! I today am living in Brazil helping with an incredible young group of youth and getting opportunity to build a greater relationship with God and others and out of that place love is being poured out from God through me to touch lives I never could imagine!

    Financially I don’t see how it is done, but can’t let fear steal the faith God is building in me to be an example to young women that ministry can be just o and God and when he has to where he wants you he and only him will bring. Husband alongside of me! When called I thought I needed a husband, God said focus on Jesus as my husband and my provider and everything will fall into place!

    I didn’t feel worthy of the call I see on my and left the enemy beat me up way to long!

    This story touches my heart because still fear tries to rise up and say you can’t do it, but I know what God has said and His love, His power, and His fire burns so strog in me I keep pressing through to each step in front of me!

    Know who you are and stand firm on what God has showed yo and where He says He will take you! No one else has he same walk so don’t copy what others are dong, do what God has for you with Jesus burning strong in you!

    When you don’t see someone doing what God is calling you to do don’t allow fear or others to keep you from trusting God! He is in a season of doing stuff different! Seasons are changing and the Spirit of God picking up those will to allow God to carry you!

    Be Mightily Blessed by God

  7. God seems to be telling me something, as the idea of me doing something that I have been afraid to do keeps coming up in daily devotionals and various other ways. Thank you, Sharon, for this message. I feel I may be getting closer to actually “listening and hearing” God’s plan for me. 🙂

  8. God wanted me to teach a class on Wednesday nights at church. I made excuses for more than a year. I finally surrendered to Him this year. I was so scared and nervous because public speaking + me = a mess. I’m shy! Plus, I felt like I didn’t know enough, wasn’t good enough to be a leader to these kids. God gave me the courage to stand up in front of the class and the words to speak. I am still in awe that I’ve been teaching for nearly a year. God can do amazing things if you just surrender and obey. Just last night I told the girls in my class thank you for being patient with me because this is hard but I know this is something God wants me to do. I still get nervous almost every class but I know I can do it because He is with me.

  9. Yes…and thank you Sharon. Your devotional today was very timely. God led me to write a book and He had it published…all without me every looking to do one. He’s using it in a women’s prison today as a Bible study and my publisher has asked me to write a second one. Trouble is…I’ve been doing everything BUT write and the strange thing is that I KNOW I was born to write! Thank you for the gentle and loving push and reminder to do what God made me to do. :o)

  10. YES— completely and totally… YES!!!!! I am honored that He’s chosen me… Now it’s just time to come out of the shadows and do what I placed here to do! EXCITED about all that He’s planned!

  11. YES!!! Thanks God! Now I undestand that you are calling me By my name! Thanks Sharon for yhis words! Blessings!!

  12. Yes, thank you for the encouraging words- I hear Him. Prison ministry I know is were God is leading me- am trusting for His direction for the next step. Am learning to listen more even though all arounds its choas.

  13. Yes! i needed that word today. without realizing, one stays in the past. i choose this day to move forward to fulfill the plan that God has for my life and my two sons. Thank you Ms Sharon.

  14. Wow this was so good. Had to stop and dry my eyes so I could read it all for so many years . I have lived in fear of messing up fear of people. I am 57 now the devil keeps telling me your time has past you missed it what God had for you. I know I have wasted many years. But I just came out of one of the hardest times of my life and God was there for me . I feel free I feel so loved by God and he showed me how to love like you have never been hurt I love that saying . I have felt like God wanted me to write a book but I have no money to do it but I know God will work it all out. Yes I am going to move on with God it’s never to
    To late to be used by God all he needs is a willing and Obedience heart. God keeps bring sing to me I am so scared I will mess up when I sing but I will step out and do it afraid . Thank you father for never giving up on us we are the ones that need to never give up on our selfs. Thank you for all your story’s. I know God is going to do great things in the last days.

  15. Yes! Amen & Amen! “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, “plans to prosper & not to fall, plans for hope & your future” and I trust the Lord totally.

  16. This story has a special meaning to me as well. Fear of the unknown or hard things seemed to press down on me on every side. Memorizing scripture helps a lot. I know I was born to teach children and women the Bible. I have taught in public schools and some private schools but It doesn’t seem to fit what I believed God called me to do. I have had to endure many interruptions and distractions including a very unhappy marriage. And yet the fact that I haven’t thrown in the towel could only be because God is at work and is perfecting me for a greater cause.- in that I’ll be able to say with confidence “For it is God who works in me both to will and to do of His good pleasure.” And He who has begun good work in me /you will complete it until the day of His redemption. If I didn’t know the Lord I would have given up a long time ago. As Badger stated in the article “You ain’t alone I’m right here with ya”. Praise God and thank you Sharon.

  17. The message is clear God is perfecting us is a very plain and great way!. We are His children and He is the only one who can tell us that it is over. It was great that Badger had an encourager to help him think through what God was already giving him the grace to do. Get back in the race I’m still using you and you can do it with my help. I know God called me to teach women and children the Bible . Now I have more inspiration to do it!

  18. YES! Thank you Sharon for being the confirmation that I needed to hear today! I have been praying for God to place me where He needs me. He had shown me the job that He has for me years ago and I thought that path had changed. Now I know that I was just preparing for it all this time! Thank you for being a humble, obedient servent of our Most High God! God Bless You!

  19. YES! And, with faith I WILL know exactly the plan He has for me. The one that only I can accomplish! Thank you, Jesus – with God ALL things are possible.
    Be blessed, my friend! And, thank you for your obedience!!!

  20. I just read what you wrote about Bagger Vance… I couldn’t have read it at any more perfect time… It is truly at the place I am in my life right now… To make the choice… I read yesterday where Hagar had to submit to Sarai and go back… She had to face her problem… Thank you for each precious word from God that you write and touch so many hearts… You truly have touched mine… And the devotional about I’m not —————- enough… I didn’t have to think for even a second… It was ‘good’ … The words from that devotional touched my heart so much… Thank you…

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