You Are Worth More Than You Know

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Do you remember a scenario in your past that made you feel like you weren’t worth very much? I think we all have those painful pictures in our mental scrapbook. But oh sister, keep reading and let Jesus tell you just how much you’re worth to Him. Before we get to His words, let me share a time when I felt I wasn’t even worth a walk across the street.

As a little girl, I never felt I was worth very much. I always felt that I wasn’t pretty enough, smart enough, or good enough. I sensed my parents tolerated me, but certainly didn’t delight in me. And if your own parents couldn’t love you, then who could?

Then there was the definitive day in the eleventh grade that took my self-worth to an all-time low. I can still remember what I was wearing: lavender bell bottom low rise jeans, a bubble knit short-sleeve top, Dr. Scholl’s wooden sandals, and a blue bandanna tied around my head of long oily hair I hadn’t had time to wash that morning. This was acceptable attire for teens when I was in high school, except for the days when a special awards or recognition assembly was held.

In homeroom that morning, the principal announced over the intercom that an unscheduled assembly would take place at eleven o’clock to recognize students being inducted into the National Honor Society. That’s when I understood why so many of my friends were dressed a notch above the norm. Their parents had received the secretive congratulatory call the night before and made sure their kids had washed their hair and left the frayed jeans in the drawer.

Four hundred teens found seats in the darkened auditorium. The principal made a speech of commendation from the podium and then said,  “Will the following students come forward when your name is called to receive a certificate and a candle to be lit by last year’s inductees?”

The principal called each name, and I watched several of my friends walk across the immense stage. Then, to my horror and surprise, my name was called. Why didn’t my parents warn me, I thought. I look horrible—and I did.

When the house lights went up, I panned the back of the room where proud parents snapped pictures and pointed out their progeny to others standing on tiptoe to catch a glimpse. My parents were not among them—they never were.

I later discovered that my dad had received the call from the school the night before, but forgot to tell my mom. Even though they both worked across the street from the school, they didn’t come to the ceremony. In my mind, their absence confirmed what I’d suspected for the past 17 years. I’m just not worth the trouble.

I didn’t care about the certificate or the principal’s accolades. What I really wanted was to know I had value to the two people who mattered most.

Perhaps you had painful experiences in your past that left you feeling worthless, but Jesus wants you to know you have great value. He gave His life so that you would!

Jesus said, “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?” he asked His disciples. “Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows” (Matthew 10:29-31, emphasis added).

You are worth more than the money in your bank account.

You are worth more than the number of friends you have on Facebook.

You are worth more than the number of followers for your Twitter account.

You are worth more than the number of meetings and appointments on your calendar.

You are worth more than your successes or failures.

You are worth more than your level of education.

You are worth more than the price tags in your closet.

You are worth more than your accomplishments or lack of them.

You are worth more than many sparrows.

It took many years, but finally, I took hold of Jesus’s words: You are worth more. That’s what he wants you to know today.

If you believe it, leave a comment and say, “I am worth more than…” You can finish that sentence.

Lord, thank You for caring about me and loving me. Sometimes I feel so worthless, but on those days, help me to remember my great worth to You. That’s all that really matters. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Do the voices in your head tell you that you are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or just not enough, period?  If so, it’s time to stop listening to the lies that sabotage your confidence and start embracing the truth of your true identity in Christ. In Enough: Silencing the Lies that Steal Your Confidence, Sharon Jaynes exposes the lies that keep you bogged down in guilt, shame, and insecurity. By recognizing the lies, rejecting the lies, and replacing the lies with truth, you’ll be able to

  • silence the voice inside that whispers you’re not good enough.
  • accept God’s grace and no longer allow past failures to define you or confine you
  • be preloaded with the truth to fight insecurities
  • walk in the surefooted confidence of God’s unconditional love

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Comments 94

  1. Growing up with single mother, she taught I was worthless. She has told me nobody would ever love me, everybody hates me. Nobody likes me, I am not wanted and will never have friends. I was amount up to no good. She tells me she loves me, yet taught that I was not worthy of friendship or life.
    I’ve tried numerous times to commit suicide, I isolate myself for years. Never went out. Never made friends. When I turned 18, I moved out, got a job. Met group of people.
    Sadly within six months after leaving home, people has proven her point. They mocked me, laughed at me, teased me to nothingness. I then tried to die again and again. Twice I was admitted to the hospital and was medicated. Nobody ever came to visit me. I never once got a phone call.
    Slowly I found a church. Got a different job. Stopped hanging out with people who never vaule me. I did find peace and sense of belonging for short six months. Later I met someone, had children, married. Sadly we divorced and I met someone else. Had two more children with that man.
    But the last six years has been hell except for the birth of my last child. We are now in sexless marriage which leaves me feeling worthless, unwanted, undesired, unloved.
    It’s a cycle I cannot seems to step out of. I cannot leave home and expect to make friends because I’m afraid of temptation of affairs and hurting my family. So I put myself in the hole, dark world that only resides with me. I tried to be sure my 4 children have a life. Knows they are loved. For time being, I live for them.

    1. My heart is with you, sister. Please reach out to a Clinical counselor who can minister to you and be a pipeline of the Holy Spirit to heal your precious heart.

      1. This email was extraordinary I believe every woman needs to read it it’s very very important to know how much we’re loved and valued by God because it changes everything everything.
        the scripture that comes to me is”if God be for us who can be against us”
        Thank you so much.

    2. You are worth more than you know a priceless treasure, a hidden gem. I pray that Jesus will step into your space and blow your mind with His heart for you. He sings over you with songs of deliverance ❤️

      1. Kaytee, your experience is common in so many including me. The emptiness can be depressing BUT God sees the tears and the future. We’re currently hiding behind masks, but the eyes tell our pain. Psalm 56:3 is my cling to verse: When I am afraid, I will trust in You. I am praying for the healing of your mind to be confident in Jesus’ love for you ❤️.

    3. Kaytee, you are loved and you are worthy! Why else would God have created you? God does not make mistakes. You are reaching out for help; reach up for help – Jesus is still stooping down to grab your hand, take It!
      Do not trust yourself. Do not trust in any man or woman, only trust the Son of Man, Jesus Christ. Our Father sent Him down here to hand pick His children and lead them Home! Do you hear that? That’s Jesus knocking on your heart-door! Go quickly and open it and let Him in!
      In Jesus I am praying for you. I love you, Kaytee. Jesus and Our Father love you most!

    4. Kaytee – your comment broke my heart. I am praying for you by name. It’s hard to realize it but try to remember that if you were the ONLY one on Earth, Jesus would’ve still died on that cross for you – He loves you that much. Try to memorize Scripture so that when the lies of the devil come full speed into your mind, you can deafen them with God’s Truth. HE created you and loves you beyond measure.

    5. Kaytee,
      I have felt the same sometimes, and have lived for my children for many years. I am praying for you. Plug yourself in to christian teachings. Books, podcasts, TV….I myself love (besides the P31 team), Joyce Meyer, Andrew Wommack and Creflo Dollar. I understand how you feel and wish I could give you a big hug.

    6. Kaytee, your story is one that is repeated far too many times in the lives of so many precious women. I hope that you have trusted Jesus as your Lord and savior. The love that we experience in this world cannot compare to the unconditional love that God has demonstrated for us. I cannot fully understand walking in your shoes. But you are fully know by the One who created you. God sees you and knows your name and all about your life journey. Call him, trust him. When you don’t know what to say just say Lord help me. God promises to meet us where we are. If you have a bible Kaytee, find time to search the scriptures daily. Pray over your children daily. Choose to no longer believe the lies that are repeated, but speak the truth of what God says about you. “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;” 1 Peter 2:9. I am praying for you Kaytee.

    7. Hi Kaytee, I read your post and my heart breaks for you. I wish I could give you a huge hug and dry your tears! I’m so sorry you’ve had to endure all of this!

      The things you’ve been told are all lies straight from the pit of Hell. Satan has been speaking through all of these people to try to destroy you, by robbing you of your self-esteem and peace of mind, and by trying to so discourage you that you would simply give up and quit the human race.

      But, I’m here to tell you the TRUTH: Jesus loves you! You are made in His image! He is your true Mother & Father! You mean EVERYTHING to Him! He sacrificed it ALL for you! So, clearly YOU ARE NOT WORTHLESS! In fact, you are worth more to Him than His sinless, perfect life in Heaven! Think about that! You are worth so much more, that He was willing to give all of that up, to win your heart and your love, 2000 years ago, BEFORE He decided to create you! He does not hate you at all! If He did, He never had to create you in the first place. He has you carved on the palms of His Holy Hands! He gave you life, and it has meaning, value, and purpose! And He wants to share His Life with you!

      I venture to say other ****HEALTHY**** people do as well!

      People who tell others that they are unloved, unwanted, unworthy, and “will never amount to anything” – especially parents who say these horrible things to their children – are projecting their own insecurities and self-hatred onto them. They are usually deeply unhappy & disturbed people who are actually jealous of the potential they see in someone else. They are so insecure that they have to tear others down to make themselves look and feel better. They know the truth, though. They know they can’t hold a candle to you!

      All they can try to do is spin a web of lies in your mind and try their best to get you to believe them. My advice – clean out the cobwebs immediately – and don’t let the spiders back into your spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical house again.

      How? Get a notebook, a pen, a cup of coffee, and your Bible – and get comfortable. Start on page one and label it “Mother” – and make a complete list of every negative thing your mother has ever spoken over you. Keep writing until you can’t write anymore. Every insult, lie, put down, disparaging comment, mean word, curse word, foul name, etc., etc., etc. – write them all down. Then move onto “Father”, “Husband”, every sibling, relative, friend, boyfriend, child, teacher, church member, pastor, counselor, etc. Then, when you’ve finished with these lists, make a list of all the hateful things you’ve told yourself about yourself. Every mean and angry word. Again, keep writing until you can’t think of anything to write anymore.

      This exercise might take you several hours, days, or even weeks. You might fill an entire notebook with the lies of just one person. No worries – you can use as many notebooks as it takes – just keep writing until you have drained all the poison of Satan’s lies out of your system.

      Once you know you’re fully done, sit back and take a good, long look at all of the garbage you’ve been allowing them to feed your spirit over the years – and say NO MORE! Take back what belongs to you – your self-esteem, self-love, peace of mind, self-confidence, boundaries, etc. Refuse to swallow their poison again.

      Then, get our your Bible and start reading. Write down everything God thinks of you in a ***clean*** notebook. Pay close attention to the sentences – and put your name in them. Here’s an example: “For God so loved Kaytee that He gave His Only Begotten Son for her, that if Kaytee believes in Him, she will not perish, but have Everlasting Life.” (John 3:16) You can even make it more personal – “For God so loved me, that He gave His Only Begotten Son for me, that if I believe in Him, I will not perish, but have Everlasting Life.”


      One other thing…. we live in a world that deceives us with the thought that our feelings never lie to us. What nonsense!!! This is one of Satan’s master strategies! The ONLY THING THAT DOES NOT LIE TO US IS THE WORD OF GOD! PERIOD. If your feelings are telling you all of this junk… write out their lies as well… and drain this poison out of your heart, soul, and mind. Replace your feelings with HIS WORD, THE TRUTH.


      I will be praying for you! Hugs & Love! God bless!

    8. I have been Ge here you are! There is hope ! God loves you so much! He values you and wants to hold you on His lap like the Abba papa He is! He can rebuild you from the inside out. He did me. I finally walked away from a loveless marriage after my kids were grown. Learned about how much God loves me and started the journey with the help of the Holy Spirit toward healing. It is lies from the enemy when you hear yourself playing those old tapes! God is light light life and joy. The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy. Learn to fight back through spiritual warfare. You can be happy. I am believing true happiness and a great destiny are in your future. Someday He will use your testimony as a great witness to help others. Just learn to bask in His love…. He will never leave you or give up on you! Praying for you!

    9. Oh my dear Kaytee! I am so sorry you’ve had to go through all that. I’ve gone through some of it but it looks like the devil went all out with his whole arsenal on you. That must mean that God created you with a wonderful purpose. Something so wonderful that Satan had to do everything in his power to stop you from believing that you could do anything or ever be anything. You have a lot of women praying for you now and a lot of good advice and encouragement from women in this column. Believing something (whatever that may be) is a choice! The lies have brought you so much sadness and misery, choose now to believe Jesus, the Bible, and see what happens. It won’t be easy but neither is life when we’re believing those lies. Be encouraged my friend! I’m joining all these other women in praying for you! Love and hugs!

    10. Kaytee,
      The best thing you can do for your children is find your worth in the God who created you and loves you unconditionally. If you aren’t already attending a good church that has resources for you, find one. Perhaps, seeing a change in you, your husband will follow, but if not, Jesus is your savior, not your husband. No person can fill the hole only God was meant to fill. I’m praying for you, sister! Get this book. It is phenomenal!

    11. Don’t believe the lies of the enemy! You were created in God’s image and are loved by your Heavenly Father. Find a trusted person to help you see that God has a plan for you! You matter to Him so much that He sent His only Son Jesus to give you eternal life with Him. Your children need you, so get help to be the mother they need. Praying for you!

    12. I’m so sorry to hear your struggle dear sister. Know that God loves you and that we must hate Satan with a deep hatred. He is the one that is lying to you to make you feel that you are not worthy. Which is absolutely not true! For our warfare is not against flesh and blood but against the principalities in the dark realms. I agree with our sister Natalie. It is important that you take care of your soul so that you can receive healing and move on to enjoy the Lord in your spirit.

    13. I am sorry you are going through all this. The sad fact of this life is that we are in a broken world with broken souls who will hurt us. Continue leaning on God & trust Him for your healing. Better days are ahead & no behind us. Find happiness & joy from within then watch it spill over to your kids. It’s not easy but it’s definitely possible for ‘What is impossible with man, is possible with God.’ Change your way of life so that you get different results. Go for counselling. Volunteer. Be spontaneous with the kids & enjoy fun activities at home or away from home. Join prayer groups online or otherwise. Try out different things & see what will click for you. God created this world for us to enjoy, so do just that. 🤗 Love & light to you dear sister.

    14. You are far more worth more than anything to your Heavenly Father. He loves you so much. Run to Him and be sheltered in His mighty wings of love. I am sorry your earthly life does not matter. Just cry it out to Jesus

  2. Im worthy than all my surroundings. Im worthy im worthy before my God praise br to God …soo happy God bless you .. yes im worthy more than i know

  3. This wasn’t me but I know my daughter feels this way. We tried so hard as parents. We wanted her to do her best. We told her that we needed to see her studying or on the B honor roll. This was to let her know that if she even did as bad as failing if we saw her studying and trying we would not have a problem with it. If one of the two things happened she could drive the car handed down to her by my Mom from her cousin. We paid taxes and insurance on it so we did drive it. She never did either of the above so she did not get those privileges until she moved our on her 18th birthday, the summer before her senior year. Unfortunately there have been consequences because of those actions but we are still made out to be the bad guy. She suffers from severe depression and so much of the blame still goes back to that. I am hurt and frustrated. We were the best parents we knew to be and she was given so many opportunities that she forgets about.

  4. I have the feeling since I wad young , my parent’s didn’t really care and didn’t paid attention to me but I found Jesus love, grace and mercy upon me !

  5. Thank you for what you just penned. I really needed to read this right this very moment. I am struggling more than usual. As the tears flow I am seeing a light in this darkness and my heart feels lighter because of reading your words. I am thankful to be a child of the King for many many years. He knows my heart and my weaknesses. Jesus is right beside me and I am blessed.

  6. I am worth more than the lies of the enemy that try to discourage me and not let me believe in the words that God has spoken over my life! #RN2021

  7. I am worth more than settling for less. I am worth more and as such I deserve the best through the blood of Jesus Christ…Amen

    1. I am worth more than my physical restrictions.
      I am worth more than the emotional and verbal abuse I have received from my ex husband/other partners.
      I am made in God’s image…
      FAITH to me:
      Thank you, Jesus!

    1. Dear sisters, if we look for our worth in others we will always be disappointed. Our worth is found in God for he does not disappoint us and when he sent Jesus to die for our sins he demonstrated his love for us, “We love because he first loved us.”

  8. I have received and read “Enough” and I want to thank you for it. You have opened my eyes to who I am to God and to Christ Jesus, and it doesn’t really matter what the adversary thinks or anyone else for that matter. God loves me as I am and will make me better.
    Thank you for your books Sharon. Now that I’ve finished “Enough”, I will start “The power of a woman’s words.”
    And if it’s anything like “Enough”, I will spend much time in tears.
    Thanks again,
    Diane B.

  9. I can completely identify with feeling unloved and not valued. However my great rescuer, redeemer and restorer came and turned my life around, where I am now healed , whole and loved. I have a friend who I am ministering to who feels the way you described in school, she will love this and I know it will set her free. thank you

  10. I’m worth more than the people who chose to walk out of my life. I’m worth more than the lie from the enemy that I’m too damaged to love.

  11. Iam worth more because God loves me. Iam hurting i just lost my dad and one of my brothers and sister in law are not speaking to me. I pray for them not to be bitter. God please forgive the bitterness they have toward me. I love and pray for them Dana

  12. I am worth more than all of my accomplishments combined. Thank you so much Sharon. I, too , was a child who was disregarded- I could never rise above my parents criticism. They did not attend my high school graduation and their constant neglect marked my brother and I for a very long time. Then I found Christ and a wonderful group of Christians who helped me begin to see their treatment of me was about them not about my worth as a child. Christ cherishes us and sets us free from the need of human approval. We only need look in the eyes of our Creator and Savior to know we are priceless.

  13. I am worth more than my failures, I am worth more than decades of depression & anxiety, I am worth more than my accomplishments &…….. the list could go on & on.

    1. Thank you for sharing your heartbreaking story. It’s beautiful to see God using your past to help others futures. He is healing and breaking those past chains so it doesn’t happen to our next generation.
      We Praise Him!! ❤️❤️❤️

  14. I feel abandoned and rejected from my husband and my Mother, which turns into a worthless feeling.
    Jesus take my hand!

  15. Miss Jaynes, wow! I’m just interested to know how you got from that 11th-grade girl to the Daughter you are now?

  16. I am worth more than my oldest son thinks. His words over the years and even now as he is 40, have ripped canyons into my heart. Although he may say he’s sorry sometimes, the history where it always happens again negates any apologies now. Never does he remember anything or any sacrifice I have made for him-just throwing hurtful words my way. Love him so much and pray that I won’t let his words steal my joy.

  17. Good afternoon Sharon
    I want to believe as you say. I always believed. I tried to overlook my past pain,rehections and betrayals, backstabbings Also
    What makes everything worse and unforgettable, everything to seem and feel brand new is the fact that my prayers go unanswered. They hit a bronze sky. For 2 decades, awaiting a single prayer response and breakthrough. Never waivering in faith and looking ahead bravely amidst circumstances, blistering, insulting, demeaning circumstances. Fastings, self dedication and commitment, to me feels like they mean nothing to God if He is to answer me,then when, since I got salvation in the year 2000, and given myself in to serve. It lasted only 3 years and subsequently ostracized to the sidelines, trying harder to get back, I experienced, hot, humid, sometimes dry, wild long, arid, unending, even cold sometimes, the wilderness I lived in all my life is. I even started asking Him, why He hates me this much, why rejected me, why did I come tife that day in 1973?

  18. I am worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox and all the money in the US Treasury because Jesus died for me and there is nothing worth more than who He is and what He did for me. I am HIs daughter, a Child of the King! Growing up I had very low self-esteem. I just didn’t feel like I had anything worth giving to anyone or that I was enough…That was until I met Jesus. Now I know that because of Jesus I am enough. Sometimes I can begin to feel these feelings creeping back in and I have to say “Get behind me satan, Jesus is my rescuer, my salvation, and my God. He restored me, he refreshed me and He gave me life.

  19. Thank you for sharing your story. I have a very similar one and struggle with self worth because of past/present failures and habits. I am worth more than all my past and future failures.

  20. I am worth more than second best as a friend, left over, failed marriage and business. I am worth more to the only One who matters! ❤️ Thank you Sharon for sharing truth and blessing me this am.

  21. I am worth more than all the money I can make … my God is my Provider and my fortress! Thank you Lord for your faithfulness 🙏🏻❤️

  22. I needed to hear this today. I feel like such a failure at life and yesterday was horrible. I cried all day and into the night. But this morning I woke up to this email. Thank you for reminding me that I am going to be okay. This is just a tough time.

  23. This message hit a nerve in many of the above responders. I too have had my share of rejection, hurts and failures that threatened to overwhelm me emotionally and physically. I found the Lord over 50 years ago and through the years, I found Jesus has been my Rock and my Friend who has helped me raise my two sons, enduring a divorce as well. Now I am finding stability as I seek the Lord each day and trust Him in all the minor and major events. He is the Source of my satisfaction and worth. I find fellowship with others is a key to keep stable in our unstable days of this Pandemic. God is in control in all that happens in my life. Thank you for such a timely and loving message of how much God loves us.

  24. Ms.Sharon in your post you said “It took many years, but finally, I took hold of Jesus’s words: You are worth more. That’s what he wants you to know today.” . What was the thing that made you finally take hold of it? I know what the bible says , I can tell other people and reassure them what Jesus says about them, but I can not believe or take hold of it for myself. I’m lost and I don’t know who I am anymore. How did you get to the place to believe your worth and have peace for yourself?

    1. Post

      Kassandra, that is not a quick answer. I’ve written a few books that deal with how that happened. Enough talks about it. Take Hold of the Faith You Long For is an excellent resource and I tell part of my process in that one. I think I would recommend Take Hold as a first read.
      Much love!

  25. I am worth more than all the dreams I’ve lost and cried for.
    They are gone forevermore.
    I’m just a forgotten old maid to this wicked world, but
    Jesus sees me and knows my worth for he is My Sweet Lord.

  26. Wow, this is really sad but true for alot of children/teenagers! I, myself really never felt like I wasn’t “good” enough, sometimes smart enough or pretty enough! My mom came to things, not so much my dad. Back then it didn’t bother me that much. That poor girl in this story my heart breaks for her, BUT she has got JESUS! If we could All feel the love of Jesus inside of us, if we could change minds of these young people…there is so much depression, sorrow and suicidal thoughts in their minds. I am going to pray right now for all of them.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.

  27. I am worth more than losing my job after 45 years in nursing. I’m divorced and my only income. I was furloughed from my job for 7 weeks then back to work and fired within a month. I have been turned down for unemployment. I will try to retire but I hate the fact my career ended in this way.

  28. Please pray for me. I was raised by an emotional abusive mother and now am married to an emotionally abusive husband. I have a 5 year old daughter and I have been a stay at home mom. I have given him many chances to repent over the 8 years we’ve been married and I can’t take anymore abuse. I know that God loves me and I am worthy and God doesn’t want me treated this way. I am trying to leave and have been staying with a friend for a few days, but I am fearful on how I will make it with no job, income. Thank you for this post it reminded me that if God can provide for the sparrows then He will provide for me. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💔💔💔

  29. Hi Sharon, reading your blog has been a blessing. Just what my soul needed at this time. Keep the faith!

  30. Thank you very much for such a nice message; .I was once a victim of feeling not enough. This has reminded me the truth and has made me stronger. May GOD ALMIGHTY bless you- Amen

  31. this is the way mi felt most of my life. on the morning i recieved a call from my brother that my Dad had passed at 4;00 in the morning. i went to my back door and was looking out only to see my whole back yard covered in sparrows! It was the Holy Spirit reminding me of my value.

  32. Thank you for reminding me of the value I have through Christ.
    Thank you, because in this way I can share with others the love of God for them, and the precious value that each human being is before God.

  33. This really hit home for me. Due to a severe tramatic brain injury I am having some disorders that are keeping me from living my life like I use to be able to. My family is a very on the surface kind of family and as my disabilities become greater they become much less supportive and actually have kind of pushed me away from them. Their greed and how things look on the sufface is too important to them then having a disabled daughter on SSDI. Its very easy for me to see the difference in how they are with me now then before when I could work and care for myself. Its not just me they have done this to. My brother has mental problems and because of these problems they have shut him out Completely. (We are all adopted but my adopted mother is a covert narcissist) Its better for my parents and other siblings to just pretend he doesnt exsit. I see them doing this to me slowly. As I was texting my mom to tell her I was hurting and her actions where making me feel even more worthless then I already do I heard a voice just as clear as day tell me ” it doesnt matter how they see you. Your only worth is in my eyes. And, to me you are worth more then all the gold in the universe”, Just as if I was talking face to face with someone the words where so clear. Made me stop right there and take another look at myself. My worth isnt in the amount of money I bring in. Or even if I will be able to walk in a year. My worth isnt at all in my physical body or how well I can write a paper. My worth is and always has been put on me by the one who created me and everything in our universe. I dont need them to find me worthy of anything. It is their loss and their loss alone to find me worthless. I know better. Because I was told I am worth more then all the gold in the universe. And, I looked it up. Thats so much gold its impossible to put a number on. To him I am better then one of the worlds most precious metals. That is alot of worth. I was just looking in the wrong place to find the one who thinks I am worth so much.

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