You Are Who God Says You Are

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Do you ever felt like you’re just not enough? I admit, I struggled with that feeling for way too long. If that’s been part of your story, then let me share part of mine.  

I became a Christian when I was a teenager. But even after I made a commitment to follow Christ, feelings of inferiority, insecurity, and inadequacy clung to me like a spider’s sticky web. The dirge of “I’m not good enough” was a song I couldn’t get out of my head.

The lies of the enemy created limitations in my life. They were the barbed wire that fenced me in and kept God’s best at bay.

The problem was, I had no idea who I was, what I had, or where I was as a child of God. Oh, I understood that I was going to go to heaven when I left this earth, but what I was supposed to do until I got there had me stumped. I felt that I was always disappointing God, and I was certainly a disappointment to myself. I tried the best I could to be the best I could be but always fell short.

Eventually, I joined the ranks of thousands of Christians before me who settled in the land of in-between: saved from my Egypt—the penalty of sin in the hereafter, but worlds away from my Promised Land—experiencing the abundant life in the here and now.

I settled into a stagnant faith, a safe faith, the stuck faith with other defeated believers who falsely saw themselves through a filter of past sins and failures, rather than through the lens of their new identity as a child of God.

After high school, I went to college where I met and married an awesome Christian man. About four years later, I became a mom. Life was good, except for this termite-like gnawing in my gut that I just didn’t quite measure up to all the other church moms with their smiling faces. (I wonder if you’ve ever felt that way too.)

I walked around with the fear that one day I would be found out—that one day folks would figure out that I wasn’t all I was cracked up to be. I lived under an undefined self-imposed standard of approval.

Childhood echoes of “you’re so ugly” and “what’s wrong with you” and “you can’t do anything right” left me feeling congenitally flawed. I sat in Bible study groups like someone in a hospital waiting room: hoping for the best but expecting the worst. My greatest fear was that I’d be no closer to being free of the insecurity than I was before the study began.

When I was in my mid-thirties, I sat under the teaching of an older woman in my church, Mary Marshal Young. She opened my eyes to the truths in Scripture about who I was, what I had, and where I was (my position) as a child of God. I had read those verses scattered throughout Scripture before, but when she encouraged me to cluster them together into one list, God began a new work in my heart.

You are a saint.

You are chosen.

You are dearly loved.

You are holy.

These truths were right there on the pages of my Bible in black and white and a few in red.

You are reconciled through Christ’s life.

You are justified by Christ’s blood.

You are free from condemnation through Christ’s death.

You have the mind of Christ.

You can do all things through Christ.

I knew the verses were the infallible Word of God, but I felt rather squeamish hearing them, reading them, believing them.

They didn’t feel right.

They didn’t sound right.

They made me downright uncomfortable.

And all the while I was studying about my true identity, the devil taunted me with accusations. Who do you think you are? A saint? Are you kidding? This stuff might be true for some people, but it certainly is not true about you.

One day God asked me an important question—one that He is asking you right now. Who are you going to believe?

I was at a crossroads, one you might be standing at this very moment. Was I going to believe God and begin seeing myself as God saw me, or was I going to continue believing the lies of the enemy and the echoes of my past? Was I going to remain stuck in a stagnant faith because I was too insecure to take a step toward the abundant life that Jesus had promised, or was I going to march confidently around the walls of my inadequacies until they came tumbling down?

Finally, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. “God, I’m going to believe I am who You say I am,” I prayed. “I don’t feel it. I can barely think it. But I’m going to believe Your Word is true for me and about me.”

And that’s what I’m challenging you to do today. Let go of your insecurities and take hold of your true identity. Will you join me? If so, leave a comment and say, “I’m taking hold of God’s truth!”

Heavenly Father, thank You for choosing me to be your child. Today, I am choosing to believe that I am who You say that I am—a holy, dearly loved, child of Yours who is equipped by You, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and enveloped in Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Comments 133

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story. So touched by your transparency. Sounds like my past life.
    I am growing in these truths and taking hold of them with a
    greater commitment.

    Many blessings to you and thank you for sharing with us so beautifully what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you!!!

  2. I really needed to read this. I have been struggling with my faith for months, maybe years. I know I am loved by God and I am a child of the King, I too have been and still am stagnant, it’s as if my fire has gone out. I really need to reconnect with God.

  3. Sharon,
    I’m 53 and have been a Christian for 26 years and I don’t know how to live a life of joy anymore. My marriage of 35 years is over, sadly, and I’m struggling with that, with not being able to save my marriage and bring my husband back to our family. I didn’t think that I believed the lies too often these days until you spoke of insecurities and I have many. I realize that I do believe his lies, even after so many years of trusting Christ. I needed this encouragement tonight.
    Thank you.

    1. Sharon you are not alone ! I too am ending a 38 year marriage after trying everything. This is a timely message as the identity I’ve lived with as a Christian wife is over and I look at what my identity in Christ looks like for my future ❤️

    2. Cheryl our stories sound similar. I am going to lift you up in my prayers. Through struggle it is so hard to see that we ARE daughters of the King. I have felt empty and joyless for several months. These words spoke volumes to me.

  4. Wow!! Sister u just described me to a tee!! I have been battling with my identity in Christ and have allowed the devil to fill me with all kinds of stinking-thinking. I decree and declare that I am “TAKING HOLD OF GOD’S TRUTH”!! I am who God says I am in Jesus name amen 🙏. God bless u WOG and thank u so much for your emails give me strength and clarity.

  5. Thank you for being honest with how you felt for so long. We all have a testimony, a journey we have travelled to get get where we are today. We never stop learning, as we trust in God and know He loves us and forgives us we will continue to grow. Sometimes our growth comes with much pain and we don’t always understand why we have to suffer but to experience just some of the pain He went through for us gives us that closeness and joy that we would not have had if we did not walk that path with Him. We learn to trust in God more and more because we have no other place to go. He never leaves us. Not all of us are Bible scholars but we can all have a message that can come through us as we stand for what means so much for us. Let His light continue to shine through us so that others can see. Others will see something different in us.

    God Bless

    1. You said so beautifully the truth about sharing in the suffering of our Lord. So easy to share in the glory but reject the suffering that brings us closer to Him God bless you for honesty.

  6. Im taking hold of God’s truth of whom I am. This has been a TRULY hard struggle. Lord Jesus Christ in your name I declare whom you say I am. Holy spirit fill me with God’s love. Amen

  7. Thank you so much for the truth spoken in love. I really needed to hear this. Thanks for sharing your story and how you over came this feeling of insecurity. Blessings. Toodie

  8. I am blessed by your devotion today. “I’m taking hold of God’s truth!” I’ve heard in my mind recently “how do i recover from this hurt and pain in life.” and yet His word says in Lam 3:22-26 this morning “Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning Great is Your Faithfulness. ” I was so touched by the Lord that His mercies for me are new every morning even if i fail or am not good enough. He is ever so merciful and faithful. Thank you for confirming His word in my life tonight. “The Lord is my portion, says my soul, Therefore I hope in Him!”

  9. I too am struggling with this. At times I feel like God is tired of my asking for forgiveness for the same mistakes I make over and over. I want to believe He still loves me no matter what. Thank you for sharing this and I pray I can start to view myself as you do.

  10. Love this. Definitely can relate and feel horrible that I’m not trusting God more. Clearly makes more sense to follow Him about who I am in Christ than lies of the devil. Accept the challenge.

  11. Sharon, I am taking hold of God’s truth. I have always believed all these truths for others but applying them to my life seems so far away. So, difficult. But like you, I don’t feel it. I can barely think it but I am going to stand firm and believe the word of God applies to me to! Thank you Dear Sister!

  12. your story is almost like me writing it. I also had the twist of being abused in my story. I have worked through some of the lies, but that’s a big part of my journey in this season. Discovering the lies and replacing them with truth. I am tired of allowing the lies to hold me back from my potential. I am learning to come against fear, telling it to shut up and leave. And when I can’t agree with an aspect of who I am in Christ or who I am in His eyes, I am now journaling why I can’t believe it or receive it so I can uncover the lie and replace it with truth.

  13. Thank you so much for your encouragement. These truths of who I really am as a child of God make all the difference. I know that as I come again to the foot of The Cross, I receive a whole new identity. Every day the Lord cleanses and restores me. I need to lay aside all of the pretences that have defined me in the eyes of others – even in church! – and live for Him , not for others’ approval. I just want His “well done”

  14. Thanks for sharing your story. I went through something that people began to talk bad about me that I lost my faith and who I am in the Lord. A woman ones told me that not to be moved by what I see or hear but stand on God’s word. I was loosing my mind and I am living in a shelter trying to rebuild my life with his grace and mercy

  15. I’m taking hold of God’s truth!
    I’m tired of being limited by the enemies lies! The isolating barbed wire fence , not being good enough , fear of past sins being “ outed” by the enemy because of his constant reminders!! He sucks the life and joy out of me no more!!
    Sharon, this is so spot on , it is me , thank you for sharing it!! I so needed a lifeline now!! Angela

  16. I am finally today, taking hold of God’s truth of who I am- dearly loved by Him! I am tired of living on the outside. I want to LIVE FREE IN JESUS!!!!
    Please pray for me!

  17. Hi Sharon,
    I REALLY need help in this area. Will you please pray for me?

    I started reading your book “Enough”, and its awesome! I have ear marked and underlined so many things in there, I can’t begin to tell you! Thank you for writing this book. I even bought one for my Mom- in- love (law) because we both struggle in this area. Any advice on how to start fighting back in this area, please let me know. Please keep doing what you are doing. I know this is a huge struggle with not only the unsaved, but Christian women too. thank you again for sharing your heart with us. God bless you.

  18. I am marching around my insecurities today. The lies told to me by Satan and others that I am not enough, that I have to perform to be loved, that I have failed one to many times… these lies must fall.
    I choose to believe that I am a dearly loved child of God, created in His image and loved simply because I am his. My failures don’t define me!

  19. I read this on July 7th . Last night I had finally told God I couldn’t go on like I was , believing the lies of Satan. And like you, I know I’m saved, but far from perfect. I’ve let those insecurities almost destroy relationships. Last night I surrendered it all to God for a fresh new beginning. This devotion that I read from you was right on time as God always is. Thank you.

  20. This really resonated with me. Thank you for the reminder of who I am in Christ!!! And the gifts I have received. It’s a struggle but victory is its thru Jesus Christ.

  21. I’m taking hold of God’s truth.

    Felt like I was reading my thoughts that someone else had wrote.

    Thank you for sharing!

  22. I’m standing on the promises of God in each moment. I must “CRASH THE CHATTER BOX “ of the enemy and take hold of what God says about me…and it is good, awesome, victorious, holy, and more than a conqueror!

  23. Thank you for reminding me of truth, my insecurities lead me to believe God is going to leave me behind because of all my faults, past sins and fears. Today I see Gods truth.

  24. I, Esther Okeoghene Ajemrona am taking hold of God’s truth that I am a chosen, dearly loved, saint free from condemnation with the mind of Christ and the ability to do all things through Him

  25. I’m taking hold of God’s truth. This is very hard for me; my confidence and self esteem are shattered from past experiences and my husband is very critical of me and scolds me daily. Please pray for me.

  26. I am taking hold of God’s truth. No longer will I entertain ideas from the father of lies! I rebuke you satan in the name of JESUS!

  27. This could have easily been me writing this article! Thank you, Sharon for sharing! I’m taking hold of God’s truth!

  28. I want to take hold of God’s truth, but the old default is so strong and I’ve gone there before I even realize. I need God’s help to recognize when I’m not believing his truth…

  29. I’m taking hold of God’s truth!!!!
    This story is my life almost to a T. Insecurities are what keeps me from becoming who God knows I can be! Self sabotage could also be another way of stating it. I struggle daily within my own self. I came from a horrible childhood which also made me become a victim and I’m still trying to figure out how to not be one. I needed to read this! Thank you!

  30. I’m taking hold of God’s Truth!
    I’m 57. I was a divorced working mom by 25. At 35 had to give up my profession due to a permanent disabling illness. My daughter was 11 then. Since then I’ve mostly been a caretaker for loved ones as needed. At 55 my mom/best friend/roommate died after a sudden and unexpected battle with leukemia.
    Throughout my life I’ve known and believed God made me, out of love for His children He sacrificed His Son for me, and that through Jesus death and resurrection I am redeemed.
    I feel like the losses in my life started to define me rather than my position as God’s chosen. Now with my adult daughter & her husband living out of state, I question my value as a mother. Without my mother and now living alone, I’m no longer a caregiver but a daughter recovering from the loss of my favorite person.
    Thank you for sharing. I’m going to print those messages and hang them up so that I am reminded of these good and true things when I wonder who I am or if I’m enough.
    God bless you!

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