When You Long for Something More

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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been absent for a few weeks. I’ve been hunkered down working on a new writing project. Would you like a sneak peek?  Here you go. 

I was alone, or least I felt that way. Women huddled in happy clusters chatting about first one thing and then the other. Some propped babies on their hips. Others clutched Bibles in their hands. Most wore smiles on their faces. I wore one too. But it wasn’t a reflection of what was in my heart.

The upturned lips were simply the camouflage I wore to blend in–to avoid being found out. What I really wanted to do was run and hide.

On the outside I was a well-put-together church mom with trendy shoes and snappy jeans, but on the inside I was a little girl cowering in the far recesses of the playground hoping no one would notice my reluctance to join in.

What’s wrong with me, I wondered? Why don’t I feel the joy these other women feel? What holds me back from experiencing the confidence and assurance they seem to experience? Why do they seem so happy? Where is that abundant life Jesus talked about? If I am a new creation like the Bibles says, then why don’t I feel like one? Why do I continue to act like the same old me, struggle with the same negative emotions, and wrestle with the same old sins? Why do I feel like I’m wandering around in a maze with one hand on the wall, trying to find a way out of these feelings of inadequacy?

The problem was I was STUCK. Yes, I had professed Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I had done that. I knew that Christ had set me free, but honestly, I couldn’t tell you exactly what He had set me free from.

He had set me free from the penalty of sin and spending eternity in hell. I got that. But I had a niggling feeling that’s not what Jesus meant when He said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

I had a hunch He meant something more than heaven when He said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10). That sounded earthy to me.

My early years in the faith were filled with wonder, expectancy, and downright giddiness. But somewhere along the line, I had settled into being a good church girl—a Bible-study mom who had pitched my lounge chair under a shade tree, and waved at other well-mannered believers doing the same.

Year after year I thought, maybe this will be the Bible study that will make it all better? And the truth is I didn’t even know what the “it” was.        

What do you do when your walk becomes a crawl? When you feel like you are a disappointment to yourself and to God? When spiritual chronic fatigue leaves you wondering if it’s all worth it? When you feel stuck between the Red Sea and the Promised Land—saved from slavery, but never quite making it to the land of milk and honey.

What do you do when you realize that your once passionate faith has morphed into the safe confines of a predictable domesticated belief system, faraway from “Go ye therefore” and “Greater things that these”?

Sometimes the gap between the faith we long for and the faith we experience seems vast beyond bridging. We stand on the east ledge of the great expanse, thinking the west rim is out of reach or possibly not worth the effort.

We think where we are and where we want to be is an impossible, implausible, or unrealistic, so we pull up a lawn chair in the land of in-between and settle in. Content, but not really. Longing, but not quite enough. Satisfied, but not at all.

We settle for reading about the adventures of others and secretly wonder if they are on the up-and-up. We settle for the occasional postcard from the brave and the few who’ve made it to the other side while we sip on sweet tea.

We make peace with passive because we falsely believe that God would never want to use the likes of us anyway.

If we were honest, I’d venture to say that most believers don’t really want to move out of the in-between. Given the choice, they wouldn’t go back to the Egypt of their life before Christ, at the same time, they don’t really want to get their shoes messy and venture into the unknown faith of sacrifice, miracles, and wonders.

Many settle for a milquetoast faith that listens to the music through the walls of a party going on in the next room. So what if they can’t catch all the words. They get the gist of the melody, and they’re OK with that. They aren’t particularly motivated to move beyond weekend visits with God, like a kid with shared custody.

But I’m not that person. I’m thinking you’re not either.

Do you want more from your Christian life than you are experiencing right now–today? Are you ready to get moving and march into your Promised Land?

That’s what this blog is all about. We’re linking arms and taking hold of what God has already promised. 

If you are ready to take hold of the promises of God, leave a comment that says, “I’m taking hold!”

Congratulations to Brenda Todd, the winner of the random drawing from the comments of my last blog. She has won a free copy of Trusting God!

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Comments 288

  1. Yes, I am taking hold of all that God has promised me – for an abundant and adventurous life in Jesus’ name.. Amen!!

  2. I’m taking hold…… I’ve went from lost to found….to the mountain tops to the valleys and for quite some time now just barely hanging on….I so want more..I so miss the peace.. the joy…soooooo yes…..I’M TAKING HOLD!!!!!

  3. That’s true Sharon, Jesus said he has given us life, he became poor that we might be rich but that is a complete different story from what we go through as christians. But I still have faith for aslong as I live Will never give up because my enemies Will celebrate. Jesus is Lord of Lords. I Love Him with my everything He is amazing.

  4. I’m taking hold of my life today!!! Thank you Sharon for this very inspirational blog. I have been in a similar situation to you, and I have really found myself on the outside looking in despite the fact that I have been a christian for many years. God is good and He is my provider and that is why He allowed me to read your blog today. I am going for an interview tomorrow and am praying that God would make a way for me, because right now there seems to be no way.
    Lots of love

  5. Sharon, you know what – you just describved where I am right now – sort of listening to the party music through the walls! There but not still there! I have tried and still trying to get right into the party. Yes I am ready to make the move – continue the march to the Promised land and believe that by His grace I’ll get there. I AM TAKING HOLD RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I DO WANT MORE!!!!

  6. I’m taking hold…… God has no distance, he hears and sees my prayers all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa

  7. Please pray for my marriage. My husband of 18 months asked for a divorce I am devastated. Pray for Gods miracle to happen in my husbands heart

    1. Jeanie,
      I went thru a marriage crises 3 years ago .. Was separated for a year and half.. KEEP your focus on Jesus.. I know how hard it is to focus but Jesus will carry you .. Also check out this book and website “”Broken HEART ON HOLD
      It was a gift from GOD along with His word , prayer and godly friends..
      He is able jeanie.. Eph :320
      God bless and i will be prayi ng for you and your husband

    2. Jeannie,
      My prayers are going out to you and over your marriage. Grab hold of God’s hand. He knows the place of desolation you are walking right now, He has had that walk Himself. He understands. For everything there is a purpose and while you have no control over this situstion God does. All you need do is keep praying, keep faithful and seek the counsel of your pastor, priest, faith counselor. Above all surrender this situation to God’s control. You are being lovingly thought of all the way from Texas.

    3. Jeannie,
      My prayers are going out to you and over your marriage. Grab hold of God’s hand. He knows the place of desolation you are walking right now, He has had that walk Himself. He understands. For everything there is a purpose and while you have no control over this situstion God does. All you need do is keep praying, keep faithful and seek the counsel of your pastor, priest, faith counselor. Above all surrender this situation to God’s control. You are being lovingly thought of all the way from Texas.

  8. I am taking hold! Thank you and blessings, My sister, I too have been feeling stuck, like I was on the outside looking in, too. My smile covered up years of tears, and doubt, and pain. I gave my relationships past, and present over to God. I surrendered them all.

  9. I’m standing here, looking for the next steps, with a smile on my face, serving in my heart, and listening for God. I’m talking hold.

  10. Praise Jesus! Yesterday I went searching for, what I thought, was a missed blog. I got here and was longing so much for a new word that I decided to read an old blog hoping it would stem my disappointment when I didn’t find one. Well, again, I say Praise Jesus, because I barely had my eyes open this morning when I squinted at the very small, and what seems like is getting smaller, notification on my cell phone. Funny enough, I was able to read considerably clear, I had a new blog from Sharon Jaynes. Not only that, but the title was a personal message from my Lord! If I could show you my journal, you would see a litany of entries that are nothing more than my asking Jesus to help me feel in my heart what I have once known, the passion, the moments of Sudden Glory, as you have put it. Thank you Sharon, for being a faithful woman of God. Yes, I am hanging on, continuing to wait, as Our Savior whispers in my ear that He has a purpose for this, and that He is the one who is allowing this for my good.

  11. I’m taking hold…. I have been slammed dunked by the storms in my life for a long time… I’m hurting and bruised…. sometimes I’m confused about what it is God wants me to do or learn from all I’ve been through… but I’m STILL standing. I see so many hurting women in bad relationships and marriages and I feel like there is something I’m suppose to do but I’m not sure what…. I want that joy and peace from God that I hear others talk about… I WANT change in my life so badly!

    1. Dear Beverly,

      Thank you for being real, I totally understand you and my heart goes to you. I feel just like you I am been through big storms and I pray I will learn what ever The Lord wants to teach me. Just like you I want joy and peace. I will pray for you. Sometimes I feel so bad that I can not pray. I play Christian music all day and that helps me a little sometimes. My Bible study teacher says that concentrate in the promises of God and I am trying to do that, but sometimes not even that helps me. Praying for you

      1. Beverly and Jaci,
        Thank you for sharing. I’m so stuck in the same situation. My husband left me almost 4 years ago. Most of that time I felt God was asking me to stand for my marriage. We split over an affair and now he is on (to my knowledge) girlfriend # 3. I have finally filled for divorce. My heart ache still for my marriage and my family yet. I feel so lost in what God wants me to do. I have had more support over getting divorced rather than standing. I like you Jaci I pray I will learn what ever the Lord wants to teach me. Same with the Christian music. I so want to take hold of what God has promised. Lord give me peace in what I’m to do in your will. Praying for both of you also.

  12. God is moving me….and I am taking hold!!! Confirmation from God ~ Sure do love how He works. Thanks be to God and thank you Sharon.

  13. I’m Taking Hold!!! You just described my feelings exactly, and I couldn’t even figure it all out. You just “nailed” where I am TOTALLY at. Been in this place for 3 1/2 years after my husband and I being burnt in ministry badly.

  14. Since you described me so perfectly, I wonder how many more smiles on all the pretty faces hide the same feelings. I long for more….I want to take hold….I pray for the Holy Spirit to take hold of me and create a desire for Him that won’t be silent.

  15. I am taking hold!!
    This grabbed my heart from the first words and wouldn’t let go! It was like seeing my own soul whispers written out on the screen. I am no longer willing to shrug my shoulders and settle for the in-between. I want the fullness of life promised by my all powerful God. Thank you!

  16. I want to take hold…..but I need strength. I don’t know if I’m strong enough to come out of that place that you spoke of and described so perfectly. I want to but I’ve been through so much change in the past months that I’m loosing steam. I’ve lost my job after 15 years…had to apply for services and feel the societal stigma that goes with it while jumping thru hoops to prove I’m not a fraud…I have back problems that are the cause of loosing my job and now preventing me from getting others. I was holding on and having great faith that new things were coming and there was a reason for all this…but I’m feeling drained…I need a boost. Please pray for my strength to feel that way again and find the hope and trust I had plus more to have the courage to take hold and keep moving to the promise land!!!! Thank you and God Bless!!!

    1. Tammy Jo … keeping your eyes on JESUS . . . the author and perfecter of your faith… Keep ‘Looking Up’ for He is keeping His eyes on you. When you feel weak, He is strong! Sing praises to Him. Let Him work in you and through you. Remember, He is your shepherd and you shall not want. The Joy of the Lord is your strength!
      Praying for you and lifting you up to Jesus.
      In Jesus name. Amen.

  17. And…thank you Sharon for once again being God’s messenger to me and saying the words, describing the feelings so well that I’m going through!!! You are a blessing in my life!! And blessings to all these ladies who are feeling as I do and having struggles of their own!!

  18. I am taking hold and hanging on for this was a reminder that my God has this and he has a purpose for my life. I just have to be patient and let my God and my Savior tell me what purpose is. thank you Master for sending miss Sharon into my life to remind me You got this.

  19. I’m taking hold! Sometimes if feels like I have made that choice and God is moving in my life and other times I am in that room next to the music wondering how I got here again. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

  20. I am taking hold from a place of loneliness where I watch others enjoy what life has taken away. Yet, God is with me each day and when I do not take hold of His hand, He just sweeps me and carries me until I can stand again. Thank you Sharon for speaking honestly about those of us looking from the outside, may it be a reminder that we are not alone in this journey. Let each of those ‘in’ reach a hand to those ‘outside’.

  21. I turned 40 last week, & in celebration, I broke free from the spiritual bondage I’ve been under my whole life!! I’m now finally able to experience God’s love, joy, & acceptance in a way I’ve only ever dreamed about!! You can bet I’m taking hold!!

    1. Post
  22. Thanks Sharon, I am at the middle of the dessert and cant get out !, thanks for your devotional, I need to believe God will take me out.“I’m taking hold!” Need lots of pray.

  23. I’m taking hold! I am trusting! Our pastor had a great sermon about this same topic on Sunday!!! He said as Christians we are not promised a life of happy happy joy joy! We need to trust in the one that makes all things good in His time…you are cared for and loved..He is never ever not there with you, even though sometimes you don’t feel it. Please pray for my husband as he struggles with self worth. As a man of God, he still needs to grasp what God holds in store for him, and that he can overcome any stronghold…in Jesus Name I pray…

  24. I’m taking hold!!!! For the past few days the Holy Spirit has been really speaking to me, so much that yesterday it was so strong in our car on our way to work, I had my husband pull over. I told him we had to pull over and NOW!!! He did as I asked wondering what was wrong and when we stopped I prayed for God to go before us and lead us and guide us in a way we had never seen or experienced before. My husband goes for a job interview today and this could open up huge possibilities for us in our marriage and walk with God. Please pray with me today that God will open up new doors for us. The Holy Spirit has really been dealing with me these past few weeks like never before or maybe I wasn’t listening as clearly as I am now.

  25. I’m Taking Hold! Going To Do Whatever It Takes, believe that the battle is over and has already been won in the Mighty Name of Jesus! And be reminded in the passage In Mark 4:35 where Jesus said “Let us go to the other side”,” Hush be still”, Why are you afraid? How is it that you have no faith?” so many times I know i had to tell God I Believe but help my un believe, for years i know i have been calling and crying out to God about how tired and drained i feel so tired of wandering in the desert, i want to reach the promised land, but we have to cling to His word and His promises, about reaching the promised land i cling to this promise in Psalm 27:13, I would have despaired unless i had believed that i would see the goodness of the Lord In the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.

  26. You described me perfectly here, not least in the part about not being sure just how far into the Promised Land I REALLY want to go. … I’ve actually been taking hold–in fits and starts–for several months now, and the most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that, like the historical taking of Canaan, it’s not a “do it once and it’s done” thing but a series of battles and the occasional big mistake and setback (the biggest of which can be beating up on yourself for “being so slow”). Second most valuable lesson: whatever else you tackle first, never let your mind fall back into an obsession with “how hard it is”!

  27. Sharon, I am taking hold!!! Yesterday morning I got up & spent a few moments on the deck listening to the beauty of the sounds of the birds & nature that GOD created for us & then went to the kitchen to get my coffee & Bible & devotionals so I could go back out on the deck to do my morning readings..then I realized that I had not brought my Bible bag inm from the car after church on Sunday afternoon. Every two weeks I have an office that I clean & I cleaned it Sunday night & never even thought about leaving my windows down while I was in cleaning. Let me make this a little shorter, well maybe…My Bible bag was not in the car on Monday morning 🙁 apparently someone thought it was maybe a purse or computer bag & they took it while I was cleaning the office..There were many things that cannot be replaced that were in it…Death announcements from My Husband, My Baby Sister, My Daughters Daddy, pictures, play announcements from my Granddaughters school plays, the Bag was my Mommas & she has been in Heaven now for 6 years, and the Bible itself was a gift from Brother Joe, the pastor of the church where I gave my life to Christ in 1980, then walked away about 4 years later then at the 15 year mark of walking away GOD drew me back to Him & that is when Brother Joe gifted the Study Bible to me & it has been my trusted guide & map for the last 17 years…I do not write out of sadness but, to say I pray who ever stole it will not throw it away but it will be used as a tool to draw them to new life in Christ. I am taking hold literally to the fact that GOD’S Word will not return void. GOD has taken HOLD of Me & I Will hold on to the hand of my Savior with all my might praying that what was meant for harm will be used for good, In Christ’s love Miss Rusty

  28. I am taking hold! I want to be all that God would have me to be. Thank you for allowing God to use you to bless me this morning.

  29. I’M taking hold! Like an old popular song says,” you’ve must of read my letters”. Well thank you Ms Sharon for sharing and putting into words what i can not, but i am feeling (or lack of) right now. This just brings me to tears. I feel so alone and abandoned. Even though I know God is there for me. I want to step out of the desert place and into an intimacy with Him that I have never felt before. I look forward to the next email. God bless you & Thank You! † ?

  30. I am here to profess that “I’m taking HOLD of GOD’s hand in prayer that things are about to change for the better for me so yes, I’m claiming it in HIS name!

  31. I am here to profess that “I’m taking HOLD of GOD’s hand in prayer that things are about to change for the better for me so yes, I’m claiming it in HIS name!

  32. I am here to profess that “I’m taking HOLD of GOD’s hand in prayer that things are about to change for the better for me so yes, I’m claiming it in HIS name!

  33. “I’m Taking HOLD!”
    Wow this blog really amazed me. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who feels that way. I always wondered why most of my friends are successful with the paths they have chosen and I’m not and Satan convinced me that it’s because of my past sins and my present sins(although I knew from my heart and my soul that God has forgiven me) that God would not let me be successful so I withdraw from God.
    When I read today’s blog then it hit me that I’m not alone that someone,somewhere feels the same way as I do and reading this blog is not coincidence but God made a way to speak to me so I”m taking hold.

  34. I’m trusting, taking hold of Jesus’ hand, and walking as a daughter of faith, waiting for the next opportunity God will put in my path.

  35. Yes Sharon, I am taking hold, in the midst of the storm in my life right now. Thank you for this blog. It is an encouragement to read someone who has the same struggles that go one in ones life. May God Bless you always. Thank you.

  36. I am taking HOLD!!! I am a child of God, an heir of salvation….and ready to receive all the blessings and abundance He has promised.

  37. I am taking hold! This posting describes EXACTLY where I am and what I feel right now. So desperate for that connection. Just don’t know how to get there. Willing to do whatever necessary for that relationship with God. I love Him so. Pray for me.

  38. I am taking hold! This posting describes EXACTLY where I am and what I feel right now. So desperate for that connection. Just don’t know how to get there. Willing to do whatever necessary for that relationship with God. I love Him so. Pray for me.

  39. OMG Sharon! Get out of my head. You’ve put into words what I couldn’t!
    I don’t want to be milquetoast or lukewarm
    Yes I am taking hold!

  40. I’m taking hold! Sharon, this was the topic I preached on as the guest speaker at two small churches recently: Who Wants More? I used Nicodemus as an example of an atypical “seeker”…someone who had a “faith life” already but was discontent and wanted more…so he sought out the one he knew was from God and in essence, sat at his feet. Used the wonderful children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar as the children’s lesson and related to it in my words for the adults. We need to choose the right food (physical and spiritual). When the caterpillar made wrong choices, it became very ill. Once the caterpillar chose the right food, its transformation began. It started spinning a chrysalis…then for two weeks, a big chunk of its life, it remained in that quiet center, allowing God to transform it into what He intended as the Creator..a beautiful butterfly. I went on to talk about how, when we carve time out to spend in God’s presence, giving our total attention and willing heart and mind, He will do the same with us. And suggested ways for coming into His presence on a regular basis, private and communal.

  41. I’m taking hold! I am declaring this even tho each day is a struggle for me to read God’s word and spend time with Him. It is my greatest longing but also my greatest struggle 🙁 I love Him with all my heart and He has truly been good to me but the strongholds are also real..unfortunately. Please pray for me. Thank you.

  42. Described my life to a “t”. I feel so fake. Saved but floundering! On the 26th it will be 2 yrs since my oldest son died. I’m not the same person I was. Almost drowning!

  43. I am taking hold. This really encouraged me cause I get stuck in a mediocre faith when my spirt wants to strive for more. I struggle with fear and insecurities. Thank you and God bless!

    1. I am taking hold. I struggle with my mediocre faith when my spirt wants to strive for more. This really blessed me. Thank you!

  44. Dear Sharon this blog had my name written all over it, the former me anyhow praise God now please don’t misunderstand I know that I still have so far to go but I am taking hold of all the promises of God for me, and I am standing in the gap for every lady who reads your blogs whether they leave a comment or not that God is going to manifest His promises in their lives as well to take them into their Promised Land IN JESUS NAME AMEN

  45. OMG Sharon, come out of my mind and heart!
    You have described exactly how I feel but couldn’t express/articulate.
    I don’t want to amilquetoast/lukewarm faith!!
    I’m taking hold

  46. I’m taking hold.
    I have been struggling with this the last few days. Through some very difficult things, God has shown me that I am a child His, fearfully and wonderfully made. He has done a lot of work on me, but then, it seems the walls come crashing down, and I start to read rejection and dislike into everything that happens. “They don’t like you. No one wants to spend time with you. You are so all alone.” These are things that Satan whispers into my ear. I need to remember that there has never been a moment that I haven’t been completely and totally loved.

  47. I’m taking hold!!!! I have been stuck for too long. You have described me perfectly and how I have been thinking recently. Please keep writing…….I am anxious to hear more! Thank you!

  48. Thanks so much for sharing….sometimes I feel like you write directly what’s in my heart. I have stepped away from church for a while and have found it harder to go back. But I believe this is something that God would like me to do….I am taking ahold!

  49. I am trying hard to take hold. I feel just like that. I am a Christian but feel I’m missing something lost and alone. Looking for that joy and just want be confident in the fact that I know God Is there and has all in control. I am going to take hold.

  50. I’m taking hold…. she says sheepishly. Ok- Yes, I’ve got some work to do. Love the sneak peak and ready to read more. Thanks for taking hold of your gift to share with those of us who need it!

  51. I’m holding on!!! I too have been in a season of in between but reading this blog today has kindled a feed spark to keep on moving forward!! Praise the LORD!!!

  52. I’m taking hold! I am so glad to have God in my life. Life is not always easy, esp when physical pain is almost always present. But thank God that I do not have to go through it alone.

  53. I will hold on!
    After ten years in a relationship with this person I thought loved me for better or worse and in sickness and in health and let’s not forget til death do us part, I find myself and my daughter starting over. I’m so confused at this time because I want to think restoration is possible but with God all things are possible. However, if I try to maintain this stall pattern then I will get depressed and the rejection hurts more everyday that I’m not loved by this person anymore. I can’t control this situation nor do I want to because my actions got me to this point of no return. I want to hold on to hope, faith and patience and this blog was right on point for me. I will continue to be comforted by God’s Good News and await his path for me.

  54. I’m grasping for so much more! This world has dished out so many negative situations in my life that I am about to sink. I long to see all of this from God’s perspective and have the faith I need to not just get through, but to live abundantly.

  55. Yes, I am taking hold of all that God has promised me – for an abundant and adventurous life in Jesus’ name.. Amen!!

    All of my life I have felt alone & scared. I felt like no one understands me. I sat in the corner alone. No one noticed me. I played alone in the playground. No one noticed me. I sat alone in high school classes. No one noticed me. I went to a dance & sat alone. No one noticed me. I never had a “best” friend – one you can share your secrets with; one you can share your hopes & dreams with. No one ever noticed me. I felt invisible. I still do. The only time I feel alive & noticed is when I am talking with the LORD. He listens to me. He hears me. And He speaks to me. I have been noticed. God noticed me!

  56. I am taking hold. Like so many, I am stuck in the land between and I want out. I long for the sweet relationship I once had with my Lord. I have let life and its disappointments become my focus instead if Him and I am weary.

  57. I am taking hold. Like so many, I am stuck in the land between and I want out. I long for the sweet relationship I once had with my Lord. I have let life and its disappointments become my focus instead if Him and I am weary.

  58. I am taking hold. Like so many, I am stuck in the land between and I want out. I long for the sweet relationship I once had with my Lord. I have let life and its disappointments become my focus instead if Him and I am weary.

  59. Wow I can’t believe it I see I’m not the only one who says you put the words in my mouth how I feel. I want more. I can’t find it. I know I”m saved but where is the freedom, peace and joy that I know I should be able to find. What do I do to get out of the rut of not even knowing how to relate to God any more. I don’t even seem to know how to pray. I praise Him But do I REALLY praise Him? I pray He reveals himself to me in a way that confirms my faith and gives me that fire that I see in others again. I know I have to get out of the rut of my crazy life that doesn’t leave me with space or time to read and pray like I know I need to. Pray for me that God will become real to me again. That comment of wondering which Bible study, or church service, or book will make it better. That’s me.

  60. Yes, I’m Taking Hold! I want to take hold, I desire to hold, but how does one take hold in the busyness of everyday life? (Something to share*) Just when typing in busyness at first I typed it using an ‘i’ instead, as I wasn’treally sure and I realized something,there it was — the word business, and the thought came to me that that is exactly what business is – busyness. That must have been a God moment in response to my question about “I’m Taking Hold!” The question really is, whose business do I want to be about? I guess that answers it, about His business of course! 🙂

  61. I’m taking hold!! Your words are what I have needed to hear for a LONG TIME!!! Your are a blessing to me!! Thank you!!

  62. Wow this is exactly how I feel! Just didn’t know how to articulate it verbally! I’m taking hold! But do not know how!

  63. I’m taking hold!

    Please PRAISE THE LORD with me because I know HE IS answering my prayers in HIS WAY and in HIS TIME! He will use this time for HIS GLORY!!


    Thank You Sharon for your obedience and faithfulness!

  64. I am taking hold. Thought I was the only one who felt that way. Going through the motions. Listening in church to all the victories, all the peace, love and freedom … And wondering why that wasn’t my experience. Trying so hard, asking, seeking and knocking and nothing but a hollow sound. Desperately looking for so much more, the more and better life that Jesus died to give us.

  65. Hi there Sharon. I am taking hold.
    Yeah im swamp too. And is not that life is not good to me. It is, really, and like you I love the Lord sooo much. I know ,and acknowledge He is my everything. I am in a thankfulness period. I have accomplished dreams that I dreamed but really never even put on a list of dreams I wanted to come true. There is another one I did, when I didn’t even knew Jesus, and its true in my life now. Life is good right now to me. Some promises have become true, Hallelujah!. And I recently received some more, Hallelujah! Then, what is wrong with me that I say Hallelujah and not jump inside of me? I don’t know. I have thought about register for new conferences and get busy. I have the never ending battle of wake up really early o seek for the manifestation of the presence of the Lord. I feel the guilt for not accomplish it. 🙁 I started reading your book The 5 dreams of every woman and how God wants to fulfill them. I also have that same feeling of you, that the abundant life sound earthly to me too. Maybe we are idealist people, and want to live on a cloud. You know, I am not shame if people think that is weird. The Lord knows how I feel. He knows what my head thinks, I trust him. He will boost us and He only knows how.
    I wish you find the deepest inspiration on your new writing adventure. An I wish to meet you in person some time. Blessings to you.

  66. Went through a lot the past seven months. Ias attacked and all types of ungodly thoughts came across my mind, things that I would never think. Feel like there was a cloud of unbelief and doubt bothering me too. I believe in God’s Holy word and I desire to go deeper in . God is a miggtymighty good God. Zephaniah 3:17 says He is mighty to save. I love you Holy Spirit and I want more of you. Lord please fill me with more of your precious Holy Spirit. Please take away any pride in me and fill me with humbleness and humility in Jesus name. I thirst for you Jesus. I was created to worship.

  67. I’m taking hold and I’m trusting God!
    I’m tired of going around the mountain. I’m ready for the Promised Land!

  68. I know this is an older blog, BUT I AM TAKING HOLD!!!!!!!!!. I lost my job 3 mos ago but m downward spiral started before then. I know God,love Him with all my heart but just can’t seem to get there, not sure where there is just there. I am 58 years old having to start all over again.I know God has a plan for my life, just have no clue, please pray for me that my eyes will be opened and I truly know my calling!

  69. I want to get to the Promised Land, but I have been in the dessert for several years, I want to take hold but I don’t know how.
    I believe several years ago I had the abundant life.
    Blessings and thank you

  70. Thanks Sharon! This describes exactly what I’m currently struggling with. Reading this, it’s sort of God’s comfort that He knows and I’m not alone.

  71. I am taking hold. He said his sheep hear his Ifeel voice.I don’t know if it is me, him or something other. I want to get close to him, so close. I

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