When You Get In Over Your Head

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I was just a wisp of a girl–a six-year-old, forty-pound monkey with gangly arms and legs who vowed she could do anything her eleven-year-old mischievous brother, Stewart, could do.  Standing on the glistening sand of Bogue Inlet Beach, N.C., I hungrily watched as Stewart and his friend, Jeffery, plunged into the briny waters at the end of the island where the Atlantic Ocean merged with the Intracostal Waterway.

Steward and Jeffery had one goal: to swim across the treacherous waters to a beckoning sandbar some 100 feet away.

This was the spot at the end of the island where waves gave way to calm, salt water gave way to fresh, and sand gave way to soil. What looked like tranquil water on the surface was in reality a strong undercurrent that sucked the ocean away from its home. Like a lovesick puppy mourning its master’s absence, I watched as the boys plunged into the water and swam away from shore.

“I want to go too!” I called out after them.

“You’re just a kid!” Stewart yelled back. “You stay there! You can’t come!”

“It’s not fair,” I stormed. “He gets to do everything!

“You stay here with us,” my dad instructed. “You’re too little. It’s not safe.”

My dad’s remarks only made me more determined to prove them all wrong.

“If he can do it, I can do it,” I mumbled. “I always get left behind.”

When my dad turned his back to talk to a friend, I saw my chance and dove into the water. My thin limbs were no match for the sucking force of the undertow and the pull of the current. Very quickly, my lithe body was swept away along with the ocean’s salt, sand and silt into the fresh water. My salty tears mixed with the briny water and my small cries for help went unheard. The strong ropes of current continued to pull me away from my family as they grew smaller.

Dad turned from his conversation to see the boys had almost hit their mark. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed small splashes to his far right. “Oh no,” he cried. “That’s Sharon out there!”

My father dove into the water and cut through the menacing current. Propelled by panic, he reached me in a matter of moments. Like a fisherman’s hook, dad reached out and grabbed my flailing body and reeled me to his side. With one arm, he fought the current once again and pulled us safely to shore.

My dad had rescued me.

Have you ever been in a similar situation?  Perhaps you’ve jumped into deep waters, into strong currents that appeared benignly calm on the surface. Perhaps you envied others who were headed in a certain direction and felt you were missing all the fun.

“Don’t go there,” your Heavenly Father warns. “It’s not safe.”

“But why do they get to have all the fun,” you whine. “I always get left behind.”

Then, when you think God isn’t looking, in you jump! Before you know it you are being swept away in the current of poor choices, sucked down by the undertow of self-centeredness, and pulled away as your family grows strangely small.

Oh friend, my earthly father pulled me safely to shore that day when I was six, but my Heavenly Father has pulled me safely to shore more times than I can count.

When we ignore our Father’s warnings we forfeit the safety of His shore and plunge into the ocean of harm’s way: the undertow of over-commitment, the current of wrong choices, the rising tide of moral danger.

Perhaps that’s where you are right now. If so, there is hope. You only have to call out to God for help and He will pull you safely to shore.

David cried out, “Turn your ear to me, come quickly to my rescue; be my rock of refuge, a strong fortress to save me” (Psalm 31:2).

“Reach down your hand from on high; deliver me and rescue me from the mighty waters…” (Psalm 144:7).

“But Sharon,” you might say, “You don’t know how far I’ve fallen. You don’t know what a mess I’ve made of my life.”

You are right. I don’t know.

But God does and there is no place that you can go where His arm is too short to reach down and save you. 

That’s a promise.

If this post gives you comfort today, leave a comment below. Thank God for being your deliver and rescuer when you are in over your head. I’m going to randomly pick 1 precious comment and send a free copy of our Girlfriends in God book, Knowing God by Name.

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Comments 102

  1. PS.I’m Brazilian and my English is not very good, but I hope you can understand.

    My God! That’s exactly what I need for today. I would refuse job offers in my hometown where I feel happy to get a Master’s degree in a distant city where I do not feel the joy of the Lord in my heart. This morning the first class of course saw all the students excited and happy, but I could think of was that I had left behind. Coming home I prayed that God would give me a direction, opened my eyes. Now I could understand. The Lord had given me other signs, but I did not listen. Thank you!

    In Portuguese:
    PS.: Sou brasileira e meu inglês não é muito bom, mas espero que possam entender.
    Meu Deus! Isso é exatamente o que eu preciso pra hoje. Eu iria recusar propostas de emprego em minha cidade natal onde eu me sinto feliz para começar um curso de mestrado em uma cidade distante onde eu não me sinto a alegria do Senhor em meu coração. Hoje pela manhã na primeira aula do curso vi todos os alunos empolgados e felizes, mas eu só conseguia pensar no que havia deixado para trás. Voltando pra casa orei para que Deus me desse uma direção, abrisse meus olhos. Agora pude entender. O Senhor já havia me dado outros sinais, mas eu não quis ouvir. Muito obrigada!

  2. Thank you Lord for revealing my purpose! I always wondered what was my purpose in the kingdom. I have always had that face that said ok tell me all your problems! Lol I guess Im a good listener because people always felt they could confide in me. One night in a dead asleep the Lord spoke to me and said start a womens ministry. So thats what Im gonna do! Im excited to see the work that the Lord has in store=)

  3. Just what I needed to hear today…thank you! Feeling very overwhelmed, yet seeing God’s rescuing hand in many areas while I feel like I’m drowning. It’s easier for me to see Him in the rescuing day to day with the little things (schedule, agenda, etc.) but I need to focus that He cares just as much (if not more) on the big areas of my life where I’m in way over my head.

    Thank you for the encouragement. Blessings to you today…now for a little more sleep before I tackle only what God has on my agenda for today, not what I think needs to be accomplished.

    in Him,

    Cheri 🙂

  4. I needed this tonight. I’m so in over my head and didn’t realize it. I’m still not sure exactly what got me here. But this reminded me that God is looking out for me. He will rescue me from whatever it is. He is telling me “peace be still” & I apparently thought all was under control. But now I see He is trying to rescue me and I am fighting the water with all my might, wheareas if I will “be still and know…”that he is God, he will pick me up and bring me back safely to shore. He will lead me safely back to the shore and guide me to the path he wants me to take, not the one I assumed he wanted me to take. Thank you for reminding me of this. Daddy, Daddy, can I sit in your lap & rest a while? Thank you for always rescuing me

  5. Sharon..God’s timing is perfect. When I read your e-mail this morning I knew that God was speaking to me. I am overwhelmed with my job. I have taking a job that had so much responsibly and I wonder did I get ahead of God.. Thanks for all you help. I read GIG every morning and in the process of doing the 30 day challenge…Praying for my husband.

  6. God is good he took me out of fear and anxiety over my health and test results giving me a comfort and peace knowing all is and will be well I’m free of sickness and disease in Jesus name

  7. I have been doing some contract work with a child care centre at the request of a local government agency that funds the centre. They have been very resistant to my assistance. I felt God telling me in my heart that they didn’t want my help and to be careful. I mentioned their resistance to the local government representative. Her feedback was keep staying involved as they need your help more than they know so I plunged in with both feet even though God was telling me to be careful. I should have listened to The Lord’s warnings and left it at if you want any help you let me know.
    For not listening I am now into a volley of comment and communications by email that are disrespectful and are negatively impacting my work situation.
    I am lifting this situation up to The Lord in prayer asking him to guide me in terms of how I can successfully deal with this situation

  8. Jesaja 40:29-31 KJV

    He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Isaiah 40: 28-31
    This is the first bible verse I decided to learn by memory yesterday. I got to read it again & again, oh it is the first & last thing that I was thinking at, as I was turning from supermarket with my little guest-brother as a bad accident happened. I can only remember my head had a painful crash & I couldnt move any more. As I get to the hospital I was so thankful to Father because my guest- brother didnt happened nothing, we were riding both the bicycle but he made the right movement and get to the other side of the road. I knew his family at church and I was searching a house where to live for 1 month for a praxis and they invited me to live as their forth child to their home. It is a present from Father. From all the people who came yesterday in the hospital at the same time with me, I was really blessed that I had no fractures, only terrible pain (that I still feel now) and some hurts, which thanks God will heal soon. I feel like if the ocean of pain has swept me away but my heart sings from joy, cause I have a hope: Father helps, He is my deliver and rescuer, not only psysichally but also spiritually. I was at the right side of the road but at the wrong time. I should have heard my guest-mum & not gone in supermarket. Such accidents happen to our soul when we don’t hear the voice of our Father. I am praying so much to hear His voice and know His ways for my life, but I am young in my relationship with Jesus (I know Him from only one year), but God’s knows that the youths shall utterly fall, but with Hope He will give us new strength to fly like an eagle, run without getting tired, walk & not faint. I still dont know how to hear the voice of Father but I hope & know He will teach me. I know that this accident will serve for His Glory & it is only for Honour of Him that I can writte to you today. Stay blessed blessed & protected. Yous Sister in Jesus Blood- Klara

    1. This blog is such a great visual demonstration of God’s never ending grace. I often feel like I am in over my head, as I (like you, it sounds from the story here) am a natural risk taker. I have really learned to pray before I take chances or dive into uncharted waters, yet still become afraid at times. I have really learned to give it all to Him….the decision, my fear, the outcome. There is nothing that He can not overcome. I am just an instrument for His Glory. I have been an ER nurse for 10 years, and pray prior to work that He guide my hands and my words, to reduce the risk of getting in over my head. He is always faithful, despite my sinful and careless nature. I have been blessed.

  9. Good Morning, I read your blog today in over my head, I am a person who has to be in control at all time, at least I think I do, tough chain around my neck, I recently had an MRI of my back, and its not looking too good, now this is something I can’t control, not sure what the diagnois is yet but looks pretty scarry to me, and I just realized after reading your blog, this is something I am not going to be able to control, its out of my hands. I have some dark spots and some funny looking things coming off my spine, I am praying it is not cancer, so I am praying that my heavenly father will rescue me and in the mean time trying to have that gentle quiet spirit within me. Thanks for listening

  10. Oh Sharon. . . As keenly aware as I am of areas of danger in my own faith life, I am experiencing this with my child as well. I am praying over wrong choices, consequences and the future of a prodigal. Daily prayers for wisdom and discernment…for the constant presence of the Holy Spirit in the life of this precious one – That he would heed those warnings when life’s waters are treacherous and that he would not leap without clear leading from the Lord. This post today is a reminder to me to be faithful in my surrender of him and his choices to the only with control…thank you.

  11. A great reminder. I too often jump in head first thinking oh I got this covered and a couple months go then almost a year. I then find that uh oh moment where nothing I can do is going to get me out of it. God has come to my rescue and with His help and time things go back to where they were the last time He left me on the shore drying off. Great blog.

  12. The Lord is my rock, he gives me strength to carry on. I knew it was going to be a tough start to the. New Year and did not listen to what The Lord was trying to tell me and just continued full steam ahead and I am now struggling to keep everything together. I keep on knowing that I can do all things through him who gives me strength.

  13. Ms. Sharon,
    Thank you so much for this post today. I have felt as if I were in over my head these past few years in regards to my finances and work. But, I have witnessed God’s working in my life in regards to both and I truly do believe and have faith that He will bring me out of the murk I’ve gotten myself into.
    Each and everyday, I feel Him drawing me closer to that reality when I will be completely debt free, and have a stable working relationship on the job, all the while experiencing a much deeper and satisfying relationship with Him! Amen!

  14. Sharon,

    This post is spoke to me in so many ways. I am praying that God will lead me and give me clear direction on this new journey! Thank you for your honesty and truthfulness in sharing God’s word.

    Love in Christ,


  15. Good Morning Sharon, & thank You for your continued service to our Lord & Savior in sharing His Word & promises. Thank You also for the copy of Sudden Glory I am enjoying it. I pray that just as I have stepped out into waters that are too deep for me, I realized that only GOD could rescue me. I pray that by sharing this today with others as You have with us, many will see that GOD is the only one who can rescue us & plant our feet on solid ground. Thank You for sharing, In Christ’s love Miss Rusty

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  16. Recently unemployed after 15 years and having no income using tax returns to get by…I find myself at wits end many days just trying to find work, fight for unemployment, pay for elec and heat or get assistance to do so, and be there for my friends that are in need. I get so overwhelmed then if I focus too much on my needs and don’t have enough time for a friend to just listen to their problems I feel guilty. And I have to keep asking if I’m doing what God wants me to do? Am I being still and listening for His guidance in finding work or help to survive? What if I’m not following His plan but jumping into the water because it’s what I think should happen or what I want want and not His plan? Am I trying to control and not let him take me and hold me up? I say I have faith and tell others all the time that the Lord will find me a job where I belong and keep us afloat with bill’s and such, but do I really allow him that control and let Him save me. I really think I needed to read this article this morning and sit back, be still and give Him control. I read recently that if your feeling overwhelmed by circumstances that your not having faith in God but trying to do it on your own instead…..I do believe they’re.right. thank you Sharon and God bless

  17. Thank you Sharon for your words that reminded me today that God is always there. Ready to rescue me regardless of how far I’ve gone from God or how many times I’ve left Him. I love the way you said His arms are not too short to reach out to me and return me to Him.

    You devotions are wonderful words on my heart. I get excited when I wake up and see an email from you or read your Facebook posts cause I know it’s going to touch me right where I need it.

    Thank you and may God continue to bless your wonderful ministry.
    Kimberly Herron

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  18. Praising God for He lifted me out of the slimy.pit and set my feet on the Rock and gave me a firm place to stand! Hallelujah! Thank you Sharon for your encouraging words! God bless you!

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  19. Thank you for the story… it really is the story of all of our lives. We think we have the strength to do things on our own, ignoring our Father’s advice. I am so guilty of this, and I learn that despite my stubbornness, God is faithful and rescues me every single time. I’m learning that it’s never worth getting over my head… I just have to get the words in my head, and truly believe God knows me better than I do! He NEVER fails, and he always RESCUES me from myself!

    You are so inspiring… thank you for today’s “shot in the arm”. No swimming in deep water today!

  20. I am a deployed service member. Being away from my family is tough. It has given me time to draw closer to God. I have felt swept away by the choices I have made. Your post is a God send. Thank you so much.

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  21. Sharon in 2008 I stepped out in the wrong direction …thought the grass was greener on the other side..through the grace of out loving Father I was forgiven and given a new life. Thank you for today’s reading. I am so blessed by God.

  22. This was a wonderful devotional. I have been married 28 years . And my husband has left me for the second time. God brought me throughbthe first time. And He is in yhe process of carrying through again. He is my husband while my husband is away. I will wait for God to heal and restore my marriage yet again. With out God i would not make it through a day. Praise God

  23. I almost drowned in my self pity, lack of excepting Gods forgiveness, not letting
    go of my sins when I ask God to take them.

    I was that girl splashing to stay afloat and crying for help. Never feeling I deserved to be forgiven. The more I carried the more overwhelmed and out if control my life became.
    No matter the sin, no matter the past God has thrown me the life preserver and pulled me to him. Even though I fought to get off (do it my way). he kept helping me back on it till I finally understood his love and I allowed his love to take over.

    Even though I’m busy with running several business I do it with a smile and praise him everyday throughout the day. I have found peace and forgiveness. Trust me, I don’t deserve it. I’m so grateful to our Heavenly Father.
    Thank you Sharon for one of my ways I stay connected especially when I start down a wrong path. It’s moments like this that pulls me back. God Bless You.

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  24. Good word for today. During my devotional time this morning God reminded me that I belong to him I am his child and I was purchased with a price. He knows right where I am and spoke to me a still small voice to ” Be still and know that he is God” and nothing is to big for him to handle. I do love Him with all my heart and believe without a doubt that he is an on time God!!!

  25. Yes reading this and Girlfriends in God daily has given me comfort daily and pretty much applies to what i have been up against! Thank you GOD, abba daddy, for being our deliver and rescuer!! Praise the Lord for you are mighty and amazing!

  26. I needed to hear that today. I felt that way, that I was always being left behind. All my girlfriends were getting married or married and I wanted that too, but if I had just waited patiently, God would have worked out a better plan than I tried to work out. I married the wrong person and stayed in an abusive relationship for 4 years until he committed suicide. I still have the scars today from that relationship, but God send a wonderful loving and caring man into my Life and this June we will celebrate 25 years of marriage – a very happy marriage. God is in Control of our lives – if we will just trust him and be patient.

  27. I so can relate to this! We are at a turning point in our natural and spiritual walk! I see my husband looking at opportunities. Some I know aren’t God! But today after reading this I prayed differently: that he doesn’t run into those unsafe waters AND that I don’t run out into them as a distraction to get him NOT to go. Isn’t that odd? I actually saw that rather than trusting that he would hear God’s warning I was having my own thoughts of if we just do “this” then he won’t do “that”. Both his “that” and my “this” are the wrong waters and I am praying we wait on God and be thankful for His protection and to be content to build on our stretch of land! Thank you for this Word that ministered so!

  28. I too have been rescued many a time by our Heavenly Father! Right now my sister is in need of rescue! She needs to cry out to Him and return to Him. She has one foot in the church and the other in the world. My heart is very heavy for her.

  29. Sharon, Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how perfect your timing is.
    I lost my job last week, a very well paying job and my husband is angry with God & me as this is the 2nd job I’ve lost in the past 9 months and the reason they say is that “I don’t fit in” how crushing. He is so angry with me and wants to know what I have possibly done to get fired again. He said he’s tempted to leave me because he just can’t take this again. He needs me to have a job and keep it. He says when we just start getting ahead financially I lose a job and then we fall back into a pit of debt. I keep telling him God has always been faithful to provide. I promise, I too struggle asking myself the very questions he is asking me. What is wrong with me??? 30 years of working in the corporate world how come I’m not not a fit????
    Sharon, thank you for reminding me that God is not going to let me or my husband drown, that He IS our rescuer and is ALWAYS there in our time of need!!!
    Thank you so much!!! I thank God for your wisdom and knowledge that you so faithfully share every day!!!
    Blessings to you and your family!!!!

  30. Thank you God for your Word delivered through your faithful servant today. I needed to be reminded you are there in this darkness I’m losing everything but I still have hope.

  31. I can really relate to this post. About 7 years ago I struggled with bulemia and through the love of God (and my husband) and his help I was able to overcome it. I am forever grateful to him for that. He was always there even when I didn’t think he was, he had his arms around me.

    Thank you Sharon for these wonderful posts that help me to remember that no matter what he is always there and he does love and want the absolute best for all his children.

  32. this is so me 🙂 i’ve been in over my head for about 6 years and have made a colossal mess of my life. i have finally been able to let go of the things pulling me down . I’m not taking on water anymore. I’ve stopped thinking i can fix this myself. Now i’m letting God help me rebuild my life. It’s been a tough year for us. My son has had health problems and that hurts a single mom’s already iffy finances. God has used a wonderful church to help me remember that i’m loved no matter how big of a mess i am. And trust me.. i’m a mess. But my favorite verse Phil 1:6 keeps reminding me that i am a work in progress. And that God will indeed finish the work He started in me. Thank you for your daily encouragements. I look forward to reading them every morning. God bless.

  33. Thank you Lord for keeping me safe from dangers seen and unseen and thank you Lord for saving me from myself. I thank God this His arm is not too short and His ear not too heavy. I thank Him for new mercies every morning. Great is His faithfulness towards me And because He lives I can face tomorrow.

  34. This brought me right back to being a little girl on the shore of Lake Erie sitting on an inner tube until it turned upside down and I was now below the water with my feet and legs coming out the inner tube. My mom saved me.

    Love your posts and books, Thanks so much for your uplifting messages. Keep up the loving, positive, helpful, work you do.

  35. Thank you Sharon for your post. Lately I have been wondering just what God wants from me. Over the past couple of days because I have been listening to Him, I know part of what He wants me to do. Your message today just let me know that I am going in the right direction this time. There have been so many times in my life when I have tried to do it on my own, and God was always there to pull me up out of the water. I thank our dear Father everyday just for being able to do what He wants me to do. Thank you Sharon for your post that help to keep my eyes and ears open to what God is trying to tell me.

  36. Every few years I find myself back in the same position. God pulls me in comforts me and renews me then I slowly wander away. He never leaves my side but I ignore Him, thinking I can do this on my own. Your devotionals always hit home, I wake up each morning looking forward to my coffee and my Girlfriends in God devotional. Thanks for you insight and for allowing God to work through you.

  37. Sharon,
    Your words are always from the heart of God.
    My life’s been a Job situation for a very long time.
    My heart is so in love with Jesus, I’m overwhelmed. His love endures forever.
    Though I’ve felt broken , and at times, abandoned, I know he’s teaching me to let go, as well as endurance and peace that only comes from him.
    I’m going to his feet, surrendering so as to not miss his heart beat for my life. That I will heAr his still small voice as he directs my path . his ways are not my ways.
    Thank you for your help!!!!!!!

  38. Wow, your message spoke straight to my heart. Thank God for His mercies each morning, His grace to sustain me through the day and His love to encourage me even when I’ve jumped in when I should have stayed on shore! Thank you Sharon. God Bless you!

  39. Thank you so much Sharon for this inspirational devotion. I’ve been having a real hard time feeling like I am in over my head. I’ve been dealing with martial problems for a few years and have often wanted to give up and leave but I pray about it and God helps me to forgive and hopefully move on one day at a time. Thank you again for being such an inspirational God loving woman. There are many people like me who need this everyday:)

  40. Thank you for this timely word from the Lord! My husband and I have been battling a financial disaster for a very long time and we both are weary. The illustration of drowning and being in over our heads is so real for me. We have suffered much loss financially, loss of jobs, pending foreclosure of our home and now we are in bankruptcy. The bankruptcy trustee had demanded a hearing on March 27 for us to pay back our 2012 tax refund…just when we thought we were turning the corner of this financial nightmare! Of course, there are tax issues. My husband is self-employed withlong seasons of no money coming in. I work 40 hours a week and carry the burden of going to work every day so we can both have insurance and we are in our 60’s!!! Oh, how many times I felt like I was drowning in a sea of hopeless and I have felt the undertow pulling me down!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your real life illustration and this Word from the Lord!!!! Blessing to you!!!!

  41. Thank you Sharon for this message today. It came just in time. Yesterday my daughter was driving and we were have a moment and she said to me,

    “Mom, I feel like I am missing out on all the fun out there. I haven’t gone to a party or been with friends since high school and I feel like everyone out there is having fun except me.”

    My daughter, Kati just turned 20 last month. In High School she went to the prom her freshman year with a senior. We only allowed that if the guy would come to the house and have supper with us at least on 3 different occasions. Of course, us being new in this town we were in, I thought, he won’t do it and we will not have to worry about her going with a senior. Low and behold, he showed up, 5-6 times before prom. They had a great time but by meeting us and getting to know us, he had learned to respect us and in turn respected our daughter and was a total gentlemen. To this day we love this young man still, but he is not in our lives for now.

    Anyway, we did allow our daughter to go to a few parties, we had to know the parents and talk to them and know who was taking her and in most cases, this young man was there and kept an distant eye on her. We made it a point to meet most of the guys that hung around at these parties and 95% respected us enough to respect Kati and the others, she had no interest in anyway. Isn’t that how it is, if they do not meet the parents, they have no respect for the daughter and she learned that in life very early. Lol, love that about small towns.

    Our daughter graduated in 2012 in Lavernia, Texas and is now in her 2nd year of college. She is still a virgin I am very happy to say, doctor confirmed it without her knowing, at 17.10months. She had to have me in the room not knowing what to expect and the doctor came right out and said, I can tell you haven’t had sex yet so I do not need to examine you yet at this age. She told her that when she starts having sex, she will need to start seeing her immediately. Yeah, one for us!!!!

    So now, the question, Why do I not have any friends I can go out with? I had no answer at the time that would satisfy me or possibly God. So I told her that she is so busy with school and work (she works everyday after school until 5:00) that she just doesn’t want to go anywhere anyway because she is either studying or too tired. Now I can e-mail this piece your wrote to her. I thank God everyday for the decisions He makes for our daughter, because left to my own devices, she would not be the beautiful godly young lady she is today.

    I love you three girls. God Bless you all and have a very Blessed Day.

  42. Thank You for sharing your precious story. And thank you for the reminder that our mighty God is here to save us and not to condemn us. He is always faithful and have proven Himself over and over to me. Remembering His faithfulness gives me hope in every situation that I find myself drowning in.

  43. Lord,
    You know I’m in over my head. I have prayed relentlessly and yet no answer comes. Others have and are praying too. These daily emails are inspiring and I want to know your Holy Spirit better and more deeply. Sometimes I get so confused I hardly even know how to pray anymore though it is always in your name and if it is your will. Please send answers Lord. I so desire this prayer to be answered. Thank you Sharon for your daily inspiration.

  44. I thank God everyday for bringing my husband and myself together. I was drowning in the world around me. Stress was making me so sick I couldn’t eat. A mass was found on my ovaries and it was believed I had cancer. I prayed to God for healing. I had a complete hysterectomy and no cancer was found. Thank You Jesus! Since I opened my heart to God a year ago, he has transformed my life all for the best. Every new day is better than yesterday.

  45. So tired and worn out from crying last night. Just wanted to say thank you. I’m reaching out to our dear Father for help.

  46. Just what I needed. I have felt like everyone gets to do this or go to that or whatever and I’m always “left behind”. I know God has something for me to do, places for me to go, etc. but it’s in His timing, not mine.

  47. My Heavenly Father not only reached down and rescued me, but He moved me through a time of crisis. This crisis was partly because of my poor choices, and partly attacks from Satan on the church where I worked and was a member. As I look back on that time of turmoil, I clearly see how easily I could have been overcome with all the sadness and hopelessness had He not kept a firm grip on me when my grip was failing. God has given me a second chance in life with a new husband, a new town, a new church family. I still mourn over the past and feel so unworthy of being rescued but am learning to embrace His comfort and peace and continue to move forward.

  48. Your email this morning was right on with what is happening in my life. My middle Son and his Girlfriend (along with my 1st Grandchild/Son) are thinking about moving down here to AZ. I am excited, but also thinking about the change/distance it would be for the 3 of them to move here from WI, your post says it all, they are thinking about taking a leap of faith into the unknown and relocating not just themselves, but my 1 yr old Grandson, to me I am the sandbar and the distance between us is the undercurrent ready to take them another direction. I have told my Son that it is up too the two of them what they want to do and that they both must on the same page or it will not work whatever they deside to do, also they need to have faith that God will show them the way and it he current may not lead them here, it might lead them somewhere else. God is the only one who knows where the current will lead them and when they dive in he will help them to the shore/place where they are supposed to be heading and staying until he leads them someplace new. I enjoy receiving your extra posts in my email. I read GIG every morning as my alone time with God, Thank you for that..

  49. Thank you, Sharon, for the encouragement today. As a mom of 1 young adult son and 2 teenage sons, this blessed my heart. It blessed me personally and for them as they have gotten in over their heads at times. God is so faithful to rescue all of us!

  50. Thanks so much, Sharon, for sharing. I often times get caught up looking at what other friends are involved in and feel left out since God has called me to a quiet time in life right now. I will ignore his warnings and jump into groups/teaching classes at church etc. and be right back into being overwhelmed, depressed and “drowning.” I have to call out to him, be rescued, which almost always means resign whatever position I have taken and run with, and then deal through feelings of failure for not being able to handle what others seem to do so well. I’m not sure what this season will hold. But I’m thankful for time with family, time with Jesus and time to reflect and sweep out some dusty corners of my heart. He is doing a new thing in me and I can’t wait to see what it is. But for now, I will trust his guidance and just breathe.

  51. Just a thank you for sharing the message about God and His help in times when we are in way over our heads. I needed to hear that. Thank you, too, for giving us a place to share our thoughts. I am in a situation that is way over my head, but I continue to pray for God’s protection and guidance. I trust that He will show me a way out and I trust in His presence every day.

  52. Sharon, I am always moved by your readings but this one really hit home. I was sucked out by an undertow in Hawaii in 1987 and am blessed to be alive. Last year I survived 3 operations and 4 months of chemo for ovarian cancer. God has a purpose for me yet. But now I ask for prayers for the Savage family (extended family) who lost their 25 year old son to suicide on March 13 – last week. His girlfriend broke up with him and he lost all hope. I think it is harder for boys/men to ask for help when they are depressed and feeling hopeless. I pray that his parents will ask the Lord for peace and the strength to get through this and that they will not turn on each other with blame and anger potentially ending their marriage. I can not imagine what they are going thru but I hope they reach for God’s hand. Blessings to you for the work you do in His name.

  53. Tears came to my eyes as I read this morning, of being pulled from the drowning of the water. So often over my life God has so rescued me. At this time I reflected over all the mountains and valleys that He has brought me though. His growth has now brought me through a marriage of abuse, child rearing with many trails, suicide attempt of my x, deaths door of my health, finding my daughter’s first husband dead, taking a precious grandchild from drug inflicted parents, having also to give up a grandchild from birth because of the same drug inflicted youngest son and wife, almost lost my middle son to a brain AVM then watched him go through cancer twice in one year, a few short years later, and so much more. What amazes me is how much growth you can achieve throughout and begin to return to healthy living all because He loves me so and has instilled in me through the Holy Spirit, a unbelievable faith. There are new beginnings with just putting your faith in God.
    I have always felt God would so reward me, on this earth, with the partner in life that would complete me. This past summer, I felt as if God spoke, and said to me to leave these things behind now, I am ready, for a new beginning. I have started on the journey with my complete faith in Him, and so looking forward. Please pray for me, I know he will not let me drown. I know there are always trails that come. We are all human and He gives us strength to travel through. Maybe someone is in the water today and He is reaching out. You will make it!! Only through reaching out to God!!

  54. Oh this ministered to me – I have such a hard time allowing God to be in control! Too many times to count I have not heeded His protective voice and have had to face the consequences of my poor choices. But His promises to me are true, and I see them being fulfilled each and every day! He is faithful to forgive and to love me unconditionally, which makes me ready to obey in response to such love!!!

  55. I am a comforter to others. I enjoy telling stories to lift their heart and spirit up. Especially a big smile and twinckle in their eyes; Thats all matters!! God’s way of spreading love , calm and peace to someone in need of COMFORT! God is with us within 24/7!

  56. I loved the story. It is so me and really related to me as I am from the beach. I am always so surprised at the patience and love my Father shows me. Not once or twice, but over and oer he patiently comes after me to bring me back to shelter holding me close until I get my bearings. Whispeing His love and concern for my safety, not mad, just full of worried love. Knowing the dangers so well that I don’t even guess are there.

  57. Thank you. God’s timing is so faithful. I had back surgery 5 months ago that it knew was against God’s will. I felt the tugging in my gut that said to “I have other plans”, but the pain I was in was overwhelming. I didn’t know what overwhelming is! So, I had a 2 disc lumber fusion and the hardware became loose. It left one of the screws precariously close to my aorta leaving removal unsafe. It also left a fracture at level L4. I am now unable to walk at all without a walker in my house and for outside trips I use a wheelchair. Whereas before I was just in some pain.
    I praise God through the pain. I know that He is faithful to His promise that “all things work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.”
    After much prayer and claiming that if my faith is as small as a mustard seed I could say to that mountain to be removed to sea and it would, we stood in prayer that with our faith in Jesus Christ and in His Name we could say to that screw that threatened my life to move, and praise God in my last doctor’s visit to a new surgeon he reported that he could not understand why all the fuss. Everything was right where it should be and we would just rebuild around it. Oh yes, I have to have a complete spinal reconstruction due to one man’s mistake in the operating room. I hold no unforgiveness toward him and have since seen him, he made a mistake like we all do. I was just the unfortunate victim.
    But, somehow I don’t feel like a victim, I feel like I am right where God wants me to be. Even though I am in a valley, he is with me and will walk with me until His purpose in completed.
    Praise God we don’t have to journey this life alone, I know I wouldn’t make it through!
    Thank you again Sharon for sharing your heart.

  58. Timing is everything. We are looking for a house in an area that homes are at a premium and the house we sold does not even come close to a home here. I was searching for homes yesterday and found one that looked promising but the price scares me. We are older and the move cost a lot and then the house did not sell and in the years of not selling prices here continued to rise. I am scared that at our age it will put to much stress on my husband whose health is not the greatest and yet he does not want to settle for something less than he wants. I like the house and found two different prices for it so I contacted the agent and asked. of course the price was the higher one. Praying about it this morning and asking the Lord what should I do Lord. I ask him to direct my steps and show me the way, when the agent who has been taking me to see houses phoned and said he could take me to see the house. Then the message came in my devotions Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. As I went further with my devotions Wendy Pope had the song of worship about water. I don’t know the title but the words went like this ……. Lead me where my trust is without borders… give me the courage to walk on the water… wherever you would call me. Take me deeper than my feet can ever wander and my faith made stronger in the presence of my saviour. Then I come to your message and I hesitate I don’t want to go over my head I want to keep my eyes over the waves and know that the where the Lord leads I will follow with his blessings I know that he will work it out if it is meant to be and if it isn’t my husband and I will accept His decision. So ask for prayer for the Lord’s direction to be strong and without a doubt his leading. Thank you. For your words and your prayers. Blessings to you for being you and reaching out to others.

  59. Thanks you Sharon! God is our Savior and help when we so need it the most. God is our protection and sometimes because we are so fleshy we get ourselves in trouble. When we think we have it, God is there to rescue us with His love!

  60. Hello to all my praying Sisters. Oh yes I get in over my head often due to unwise financial decisions. My husband and I live on a shoestring as it is and I am constantly making things worse by making unnecessary purchases. I tell myself, “We deserve to have this.” I’ll figure out how to pay for it and I inevitably end up throwing us into swift currents, dragging my husband behind me. We have not been married long; our second anniversary is May 12th. We met and married when I guess folks would say late in life. I was 50 and he was 60; this was the first marriage for both of us and I had patiently waited for the Christian man I knew God had for me. Now I handle all of our finances and it is overwhelming juggling bills for two people. I so want to be the Christian wife he deserves and pray for God to take away this unreasonable need for “more.” I don’t understand it and I do fight it, but I need help. I did join the praying wives club in hopes that the study and fellowship will help me to be the wife God wants me to be. I ask my Sisters in Christ to pray for me. I am on disability and my husband works blue collar. Please Lord pull us out of Satan’s quicksand!

  61. I know I have been in that place more times than I can count and am there now. I am so thankful that God has seen fit to pull me out and save me. We were trying to sell our present home and it just did not sell. We were so disappointed but I know that there is a reason and I have accepted that and am thankful that God did not allow us to make the mistake. I am not sure yet what he has in store for our family but I know it will be great and will happen when the time is right.

  62. Truly enjoyed my first session and am looking forward to many more to come. Reading “When you get in over your head”, reminds you of the times when God has been there to lift you up, and to be aware of when he does. Thank you

  63. Sharon,

    I always enjoy your devotions and points on how to find joy, happiness, and God in this strange, but often cruel world we live in. Right now, I feel like I am sinking so much stress – my husband has stage IV pancreatic cancer and is terminal, my 86 year old mom is in the hospital with a stomach virus, my daughter and my son are both divorcing. Is that a triple whammy! I need to hear God is with me and God will work it out and I so heard that in this message today and I am learning day by day, to live moment to moment and day by day and to appreciate the Sudden Glories and the very precious moments I have with my husband. Thank you for your devotions!

    1. Post

      We are certainly a sandwich generation, sandwiched between generations that we take care of. I’m so sorry about your husband. I pray God will send you people to encourage you, lift you, and help you.

  64. I definitely need God’s help and direction. My husband left me after 29 years of marriage and I am totally lost without him. I am doing some better since he’s been gone almost 2 years but I still miss him terribly. I know that without God I wouldn’t have made it this far. I don’t have a lot of girlfriends to hang out with or do stuff with. It’s mostly just me and my dog. But I know that God has a plan for my life. I just have to be patient and see what it is. I pray for guidance and direction several times a day. I hold on to the hope of His plan for my life to keep myself going.

  65. Sharon,

    Thank you it is so true. We as humans forget he is watching us even in good or bad times. It is His will not ours. We get so impatient at times it reminded me of Abraham and Sarah and what occurred in their lives when they took it into their own hands, not God’s. Have a blessed day.


  66. I’m a new person to your website, joining only yesterday. Your story about your dad and the beach absolutely flooded my mind with the memories of my own daddy and brothers. As a family of 2 boys and 1 girl(me) summers were always times of mom, daddy, grandma & grandpa and many other family members (aunts, uncles, cousins – on both maternal and paternal – all at once – the annual beach vacations at Nags Head, NC. Always 3 houses were rented for 7-10 days. Those were the days of bring your own blankets, food, playpens for the little ones, pots, pans, dishes – you name it and we had to bring it from home. We looked like an army on the go. My dad was a trucker and mom sewed clothes. Dad was always looking forward to this time of rest(for him but not mom). Being the only girl in our rental house was exciting for me. I wasn’t mom’s favorite so my dad made up for a lot of lonely times in my life. I didn’t know until years later that my mom was jealous of me and dad. On these beach trips she had more women her age to be with. Daddy was always taking me somewhere interesting at the beach. He would carry me into the water and hold me against the tides. To me it was fun – feeling his strong arms around me keeping me safe from the undercurrents that were well-known for that area. I can still feel his arms about me and when I leaned against his chest I can hear his heart beat. He was rugged and tan, always loving. My earthly father died when I was 12. I was devastated. I am so thankful GOD gave him to me for those few years and the wonderful memories. Sometime in the 1990’s I found GOD. I asked Him if He would be my Dad and if He would touch me with His love. One Saturday I was alone and feeling blue and one moment GODtouched my left shoulder and I felt sparks fly and my heart was about to burst. The joy and love I felt could not be contained in one place. I wanted to get on the highest mountain in the world and open my arms to all people everywhere to share my glory moment.
    I’m sorry about going on and on. I don’t have any friends now. I’m a shut-in and can’t drive. My husband is one of those kind of (well I’m not going to judge him) persons given over to their sins, which doesn’t help me much. I’m 61 and have copd and enmphazema(sp?). Please forgive me for rambling on. Thank you for allowing me to share with you.

    1. Post
  67. Yep. Wanting to do, go, and be… That’s me. But, right know, it’s a bunch of people calling me into the deep. Others are on the shoreline telling me I need to go out there. I have fear and anxiety about all of this. I don’t hear what God is saying. A friend told me that I’ve had more than three people confirm that I need to be out there. If I go, He will save me, if that’s not were I belong. But, why put myself in danger. I’m praying for wisdom and guidance. Sunning on the shore is safe and fun. But, if that’s not where I’m supposed to be… I’m sure the sunburn will be annoyingly painful. The beach is supposed to be fun! Please pray for me.

    1. Post
  68. Thank you for posting this. I have been in over my head for years and it’s beyond time for me to ask for the lords help to help me climb out of this. My health is suffering and I’m suffering in more ways than I can count.

  69. God has reach down and picked me up so many times,oh what love.I thank Him with all my life.I want to have that kind of love for others to be there for them and tell them what God can and will do in their lives.Thank you so very much for your posts ,I am so moved by them and you help me so much in my walk with Christ.God Bless.

  70. Thanks, Sharon…continuing to seek His Face and Strength besides His rescuing Hand. Praise the LORD for His continued salvation/sozo for all of us traveling and testing the waters in Christ Jesus.

  71. It has taken me too many decades to learn the “Wisdom of Your Post”! Therefore I have saved it in a special folder, so I can forward it to our four children and their spouses, twelve grandchildren as well as younger friends, so they don’t have to learn it the hard way! Of course, I will continue to pray for them.

    The presentation of your lesson cannot be improved upon. Thank you!


  72. I am reading this 4 days after it was sent. Perfect timing as I am way over my head in my finances. It’s true there are no coines. God always knows what we need to hear. Thank you for sharing with us Sharon.

  73. How do you choose a precious comment from so many precious comments? Sharon, you’re life’s struggles minister incredibly to me. I feel like I’m fighting to stay in God’s Word and under His instruction… last Fall, my dad had a heart attack while I was picking my son up from residential treatment… 3 weeks later I was laid off my job of 13 years… then got the flu… fast forward to today and I have a better job… but my son is struggling mentally and emotionally and it’s killing me to witness and not be able to fix it… finances to send him back to residential are now non-existent… praying my son will once again turn to our Heavenly Father, that the God of miracles will perform another one for me and my son.

    1. Post

      It is totally random! I ask my husband to give me a number from 1-the final number, and that is the one who wins.

  74. Just reading this lesson brings tears to my eyes and knowing to my heart. The tears are for all the times God has pulled me from the drowning waters of bad choices, of sorrow and mistakes and the knowing is the overwhelming love and forgiveness that He gives to us. Thank you for reminding me to trust a loving Father in all things and instead of diving into the strong currents, to ask God for guidance and allow Him to steer me to the right decisions.

    1. This seems to fit my grandson. He’s made a lot of wrong dicisions and has spent a lot of money [ which family has helped with] and I don’t know if we should still help? Sometime we wonder where we went wrong. His family is split but we can’t use that for an excuse forever. He will be 21 on the 12th and has had many jobs and cars. Never seems satisfied. I know I;m rambling, guess i just needed to talk. Thanks for listening. Will see you at word of life May 2nd

  75. Thanks so much for this post! Although it’s bitter sweet for me….

    God pulled me out of a very destructive lifestyle after my dad decided to leave me in the water many years ago when he divorced my mom and remarried someone who has put her family ahead of my brother and I for the past 30 yrs. I’m now married to a wonderful man and have beautiful children whom I love dearly. I know that God is the perfect Father and will never leave us, so I pray that one day I will have complete healing through His perfect love!!

  76. I lost my Job January 20th through no fault of my own. When I had received the job offer that fell into my lap in November, it seemed like an answer to a prayer. I had been in a job for 2 1/2 years that was a really bad fit for me. Was treated badly but I stuck it out as I had to work and there just wasn’t anything out there to move to. Was told about the job opening an within an hour had spoken to the employer and the next day interviewed and the following day had the job. I was excited, it had everything I was looking for. Closer to home, friendlier people, working in the back office, could set my own hours so doctor appointments would no longer be an issue, yes, just what I wanted. The new employer about a month after I had been hired brought in a new CPA who brought in her daughter in law and the next thing I knew I had been replaced.. WOW, and here I thought I was where God wanted me, they liked me, they said I was part of the “Dream Team”, they told me I was doing a good job. So Why??? I had prayed that God would remove me from the prior job or open a door and I thought that this was that door. Here I though he had, so WHY??? I’m still out of work and yes, I’ve seen where I could have been a better steward of our money. The job search has been very difficult. I am older now I have limitations and my skills are not as up to date as they were. Money has almost run out and I am so depressed. Yes, I know God loves me, I know I’ve had lessons to learn but I don’t understand why my cries for a new job have not been answered. I’ve taken some training classes on line and have spent most of my days on line looking for a job. I’m tired of the calls, the excitement, then the excitement dashed and me left in dismay. I’ve prayed for God’s leadership and have asked where he want’s me to go, but there seems to be no answer. I know he loves me, I know he is there even though I can’t feel him at times. I will continue to pray and wait. In the meantime I will listen for our neighborhood rooster so that I too can be reminded that I have been forgiven. So I too can be encouraged to keep holding on and to not give up all though all may be lost before it is over. I think that is how Simon must have felt when Jesus died on that cross for us. Bewilderment, shame, the hurt, and loss, and lost. But Jesus made away….

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