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The When You Don't Like Your Story Online Bible Study will take us on a journey to discovering how your worst chapters can become your greatest victories and your painful pasts can become transformed into powerful purposes.

Whether you've never gone through a Bible Study before or have studied the Bible for years, you're here for a reason. God doesn't want to simply comfort you in your distress; He wants to heal you from the history of hurt that caused it. He longs to give you the power to do what you never thought you could, to raise you up to places you never thought He would.

Your greatest mistakes and your greatest miseries have the potential to become your greatest miracles. God turns broken stories into beautiful prose and unwanted pages into stunning narratives of victory...and I know He can do that for you.

Will you join us? You don't need to carry the burden of your past alone one more day.

Our pain can become a portal of God’s grace. Our ravaged pages can become God’s redemptive masterpieces.

-Sharon Jaynes

About the study...

  • The study will run from February 15 to March 26. We will read and discuss When You Don't Like Your Story: What If You Worst Chapters Become Your Greatest Victories?
  • Each Monday you will receive an email with the study details, Bible study video, and discussion questions.
  • Throughout the week, the Facebook group will be a space where we can discuss When You Don't Like Your Story and what God is teaching us.
The Online Bible Study is now closed. To learn more about When You Don't Like Your Story: What If Your Worst Chapters Could Become Your Greatest Victories click here