What God Really Thinks About You As a Woman

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She was beautiful.

She was bright.

And she was mad at God.

I sat across the lunch table picking at a salad and trying to digest Jan’s words. Her startlingly teal eyes were tinted with frustration at God, primarily because of how she perceived He felt about women.

“I don’t understand God. It seems like He is against women. All through the Bible I see how God used men in mighty ways.

“Abraham, Moses, David, you name it; it is always the men. And polygamy. How could God allow that? Today, there’s so much abuse toward women. Where’s God in all that? There are so many inequalities and injustices between how men are treated and how women are treated. I think the bottom line is that God just doesn’t like women.”

We had a long chat and I shared with Jan what I had discovered on my journey to answer some of those same questions.

As I studied, I was struck by Jesus’ radical relationship with the women whose lives intersected with His during those thirty-three years he walked this earth. He crossed man-made social, political, racial, and gender boundaries and addressed women with the respect due co-image bearers of God. The God-made man broke the man-made rules to set women free. Every time Jesus encountered a woman, he broke one of the societal rules of his day.

God created women as co-image bearers of Himself (Genesis 1:27). But a lot changed between the Garden of Eden and the Garden of Gethsemane. By the time Jesus made his first cry in Bethlehem, women lived in the shadows. Women weren’t counted as people (aka the feeding of 5,000 men), couldn’t speak to men in public, weren’t allowed to worship with the men, couldn’t sit under a Rabbi’s teaching, eat with men at social gatherings, or testify in court. Women were divorced for any reason at all and had no legal rights.

But Jesus came to change all that. He didn’t speak out about the injustice; He simply went about His ministry ignoring the man-made rules.

He taught in places where women would be present: on a hillside, along the streets, in the marketplace, by a river, beside a well, and in the women’s area of the temple.

  • Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well. It was the longest recorded conversation he had with any one person. She was the first person He told that He was the Messiah. (John 4:1-30)
  • Jesus welcomed Mary of Bethany into the classroom to sit at His feet to learn. (Luke 10:38-42)
  • Jesus invited Mary Magdalene to join His ministry team. (Luke 8:1-3)
  • Jesus encouraged the woman healed from 12 years of bleeding to testify in the presence of all the people what God had done for her. (Luke 8:42-48)
  • Jesus welcomed the sinful woman into a room full of men as she anointed his feet with perfume. (Luke 7:36-50)
  • Jesus entrusted the most important message in all of history to Mary Magdalene and told her to go and tell the Apostles that He had risen from the dead. (John 20:11-18)

Jesus was willing to risk His reputation to save theirs. He delivered women from diseases and set them free from spiritual darkness. He took the fearful and forgotten and transformed them into the faithful and forever remembered. “I tell you the truth,” He said, “wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.” (Matthew 26:13)

And now that brings me to you and to me. Never, dear one, doubt your value as a woman. You were God’s grand finale of all creation. Once He fashioned woman, He was done!

Paul wrote: There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28 NIV). You are never less-than as a woman. And Jesus was willing to break the rules to prove it.

Heavenly Father, I am so grateful that You value me, as a woman. Thank You for all Jesus did to show honor and respect to women during a very dark time in history. Help me never doubt that You have fashioned me with a purpose and a plan—to be Your image bearer. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

How does it make you feel knowing that Jesus broke cultural rules to honor women…to honor you? Leave a comment and I’ll randomly pick 3 to win a free copy of Never Less Than!


My book, How Jesus Broke the Rules to Set You Free has been revised and updated! The new title is NEVER LESS THAN: Living Esteemed, Empowered, and Equipped When the World Tells You Otherwise. If you’ve ever felt less than because of your past, your present circumstances, or your gender as a woman then this book is for you! This is a message that your daughters and granddaughters need to hear.

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Comments 120

  1. I am in tears!! I feel so loved that i cant even take it! Like somehow worthiness and value is washing over me in a piece of my heart that was so dry and withered. Thank you Jesus!

    1. Thank you for this devotion. God is using you to bless others. I am so thankful and blessed to be chosen and changed. Thank you Lord!

    2. Knowing that I am valued and honored by Him makes me feel loved and cared for. It gives me power to stand up for who I am, a mighty warrior, with him I can do all things!

    3. Reading this helps me to remember that though my earthly father spread lies of who I am because of physical and verbal abuse. I no longer believe his lies. My only Father is God. He loves me, cares for me, knows me and calls me by name. For so long I believed I was worth nothing. I know better now.
      Amen for My Savior
      I am wanted and I am loved

  2. Thank you for this short devotion. I’ve recently bought 4 of your books on Second sale, I look forward to their arrival.

    1. What a friend, redeemer. Savior. Love. Protector, provider, curse and rule breaker andwe have in Jesus!! Thank you Jesus for what you’ve done and continue to do for me!

  3. I thank you so much for your emails. They uplift me at this difficult and different time in my life. My husband of 54 years went home with the Lord. I praise God for His constant presence in my life. Your emails so many times deliver the news I need to hear. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for writing this and opening my eyes to really see the Ministry of Jesus. I am a woman with a call on my life but I would always shrink back or run, but reading this I have nothing to worry or be afraid about as I know Jesus has me. I thank the Lord everyday that he created me and chose me. Thank you again

    1. I have done the same thing Stephanie shrunk back and run. I am thankful I couldn’t out run our Lord. Now at 72 I am determined to finish strong in the Lord. I so identified with what you stated😘🙌🏻🎚God bless you with strength for your journey to complete the call and purpose of God on your precious life

  5. Our God saved the best for last. His trust, wisdom and empowerment in us. Giving us the benefit of bringing more lives into the world. Giving us the strength to get do it. He doesn’t bring us to it unless he can bring us through it.

  6. I feel honoured to be a child of God. He loves me and died on the cross for me the same way he did for men. He called me a princess daughter of the king of kings.

  7. Thank you so much for this mornings devotional. Sometimes I feel less than because I’m a woman.
    I’m always excited when I see a devotional from Sharon Jaynes.

  8. To know that Jesus broke thr current cultural rules, makes me feel honored. He cared enough to include us, and God cared enough to put us in His Word so everyone could read about it.

  9. Just that thought, Jesus, leaving heaven for my sin, and willing to break rules to show us that as women, we are seen! That His love surrounds us as His own , and that He is near to us regardless of our past, but also will be with us throughout our lives! Incredible Savior and Redeemer! How can we not seek Him daily??? ❤️

  10. Also, might I add to your story?! That God also chose Mary to be Jesus’ Mother! I’m so thankful for our Mother in Heaven too! Through her intersection of my Prayers, through the reciting of the Holy Rosary 📿 God answers all my prayers! Thank you for sharing your gift of writing! Carol ❤️

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  11. I never even thought about women being Gods final creation. And Galatian’s 3:28 was an eye opener.

    Thank you for sharing.


  12. Sharon, THANK YOU you for this awesome devotional. It was right on time and so needed for me this morning during my meditation time as I’m praying and seeking God’s guidance to navigate a difficult situation with my husband that I’ve got to make a hard decision, This reminded me that God created & sees me as himself and loves me in spite of my past and mistakes, NO ONE IS PERFECT! Even if others can’t/won’t let go and often want to throw things in my face to try and hurt me, Jesus died for me and saved me. My past is just that…PAST! Every day is a new day that HE gives me to gain a new journey of peace, strength & courage to move forward to live and love free. Thank you, God! Thank you, Sharon!

  13. You missed the biggest example – Jesus chose to come to the world through a woman- He chose Our Lady to have the honor of conceiving the baby Jesus and bringing Him into this world- His divinity is both God and human, the human part being through Mary- he subjected himself to her teaching as a child and his first miracle at the wedding of Cana was at her request. Jesus honors his mother above all others on earth, man or woman, when he chooses her to crush the serpent through his birth, death & resurrection and He honors her when she is crowned Queen of Heaven.

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  14. We are the King’s daughter and He has always had our back. Yes He broke those man made rules to pave the way for us. Amen, thank you Jesus…

    1. God is good. Recently, I found a verse that totally surprised me.
      Deuteronomy 24:5 If a man has recently married, he must not be sent to war or have any other duty laid on him. For one year he is to be free to stay at home and bring happiness to the wife he has married.
      Pretty cool that a wife’s happiness mattered.

  15. This so hits the nail on the head for me. I have wrestled with this also. I felt hurt that as a woman, how women have been treated and how they still are treated.. I felt like God doesn’t really care for me as a woman. I would love to read this book and find more answers. Thank you.

  16. Knowing Jesus broke the man made rules to honor women makes me feel overwhelmed and unworthy. Overwhelmed that he cares that much about me and unworthy of his great love, knowing how many times I have failed him.

  17. I love this message and my granddaughters need to read just this!! They are young and going through a dark time and I would love for them to read this! Thanks ever so much for the beautiful inspiration and may God bless you

  18. Hello Sharon unfortunately I know all to well what it’s like to be labeled. You see I was a secretary at my church and when women who were pastors found out that I was divorced I was labeled and and treated as less than. It hurt so bad that I finally had to quit the job that I loved. It took some time to heal but I know my value as a woman of God.

  19. It makes me feel loved. I have endured the rejection of a husband, and am having to continually remind myself of the love my Father has for me. I may not be wanted by the man that vowed to love me forever, and am forever grateful for the love Jesus bestows on me daily.

  20. So much truth here. I was once very bitter towards God for making me a “girl” for so many of the reasons your friend expressed. But over the years, He has taught me what a valued and treasured thing it is to be His daughter!! I think the evil one has whispered many lies and deceptions to keep us from knowing this because he is jealous and because we will live in sweet victory and joy when we grasp how dearly loved we are by our Beloved Jesus and Heavenly Father!

  21. As the cultural teaching of today tries to tell us that we, as women, are marginalized – these words and Jesus’ actions excite and revitalize me. HE has empowered us, HE loves us, HE IS. We can rest in that love and knowledge and be who we are meant to be.

  22. Knowing Jesus broke cultural rules to honour women makes me feel seen, cherished and gives me a sense of belonging. Furthermore, it demonstrates the important role women have in Gods plans.

  23. The way Jesus treated women in the Bible shows he had great tenderness and compassion for women. It blesses my heart and gives me hope for how he feels towards me. Being raised by a lesbian, my view of men was definitely skeptical. I’ve been a Christ follower for 23 years now, and I still deal with insecurities about how loved I am by my husband and by God. I’d LOVE a free copy of your book.

  24. Dear Sharon,
    I have been telling my friends about how Jesus viewed women, how He spoke to women when it was forbidden to do so. Thank you for this message. It encourages me to continue to tell women the good news , that we are not limited by what happened in the Garden of Eden. And also that God loves us so very much that He gave us His only Son, and as long as we believe in Him we shall have everlasting life. Oh what a wonderful thing!!

  25. There are still men today that feel women are less than them. I am so thankful to Jesus that He loves me and honors me and can use me as a woman. My identity is in Jesus not what man thinks. That took a long time for me to realize and I still doubt at my worth sometimes, but I know He is for me. That gives me strength and comfort.

  26. This is beautifully written! Thank you Sharon for giving us this eloquent snapshot of our Saviour’s encounter with women! I’ve shared on social media in hopes that it speaks to that lady,teen, or young girl that needs to hear this truth today!

  27. I think that the church is partly to blame for women feeling that they are less than man.
    I believe that the husband is the ultimate leader in the home, but we never hear a message about mutual submission. About men serving their wives in the home. The church doesn’t teach men how to love their wives as church loved the church. Jesus was a servant leader. Yet, women are expected to do all the serving. I am 64 years old and I have yet to meet a married couple where the husband serves his wife in the home.

    1. Thank you for making this courageous statement. I was raised watching my Dad beat my Mom physically while telling her she needed to be submissive. After he came to Christ, a true miracle, women from the church came to visit my Mom telling her she needed to be submissive to my Dad. She was strong willed but I watched her try and it was never good enough! I walked away from the Christian church for this reason. God brought deep healing into my heart and life through my relationship with Jesus as it was He that revealed Himself to me as my healer, lover of my soul and burden bearer, just as a husband. Sharon, what you have shared in this teaching is so true and learning this truth is mostly how God healed my broken heart!! Truly needs to be taught from the pulpit and woman to woman! God has blessed me with my husband of 36 years who truly serves in the home and shepherds my heart! It didn’t happen overnight, but because he has a heart for Jesus is why and how he can.

    2. My hubby helps w laundry dishes sleeps later so makes the bed he has health issues so I do more of the outside though he also shares his part. We did have to hire landscaper for lawn care..both we can not..married 54 yrs..

    3. Hi Joann….I wish you could meet my husband and see how he runs our house hold by cleaning, cooking, paying bills and caring for family members who have needed to live with us at some point during our 44 year marriage. I feel honored by my husband’s service as he has set a wonderful example for our son who also serves his family just as well as my husband. I believe women need to ask for help and teach our husbands how to be present in all aspects of our life throughout our marriage. My husband is proud to be able to run our home since he retired and I was still working. He also became the care giver for my brother when he came to live with us due to illness. Our marriage is rock solid due to the many roles we are both willing to play to love and care for our family members.

  28. The fact that Jesus specifically chose to seek out women is just another way that he breaks the chains and sets the captive free. Culturally, women were captives of the times, just as all people were prisoners to the law. He came and loved and sacrificed to set ALL the prisoners free! Thank you Jesus❤️

  29. It makes me feel protected and loved by Jesus. He will always do what is right and what is good and that is what we,as co-image bearers can count on. We can have confidence and faith in the Lord to do what is right and good.

  30. Too many times position is taken for value. There’s always temptation for those in authority to abuse it. How thrilling! The One with all the position and authority takes special care to bring out the value of women. I remember when I realized what Jesus was doing in those accounts you mentioned. How my heart burst with joy at being seen, for when He saw them…He is seeing us as women!

  31. Amazing! Thank you Jesus for coming to be a perfect example of what God intended for this world! No favorites. Love. Compassion. Empathy. What an amazing gift to be given! And to think that after God created women He was done💜

  32. It makes me feel much more valued as a woman. It reassures me than God CAN & will use me for His purposes, because that’s just what Jesus did!

  33. Sharon,
    I needed this today. Our church women’s Bible Study went through your book, How Jesus Broke the Rules to Set w Free. It was very powerful. I am a hospice chaplain and there are some that have declined to have me as their chaplain because their beliefs about women in ministry, but some who have been very gracious and accepting. This devotion, along with another was was just what I needed this morning. Thank you and may God bless you richly today and always.

  34. It makes me feel much more valued as a woman. It reassures me than God can & will use me to fulfill His purpose, just the way Jesus did

  35. Wow. This post could not be more timely! While this has been a struggle for me from time to time (especially when I allow the world to creep in), our 7 year old daughter has been asking questions lately about why God doesn’t love or like girls as much as boys. It’s been like a punch in the stomach to hear her words and her anguish behind them. Thank you for articulating such a beautiful response!

  36. I still can feel this less than person at times. But God continues to work on freeing me from wanting to live up to society expectations.

  37. It makes me feel loved and extremely special for the Lord to stand against the culture of the times to honor me…women. If He was willing to do this for me then I am willing to stand up for the Lord in the culture we are living in now.

  38. My friend Kate told me the reason she trusted in Jesus and knew He was the Son of God was how he treated and related to women in a time when women had no place or voice in society. It is what ultimately led her to Christ.

  39. This has truly touched my heart. I can’t even begin to tell you how inadequate I feel as a woman when it comes to just about everything. Especially faith wise. I feel that I am never enough. Never worthy. This has opened my eyes and heart to a new revelation about women. I am starting to believe that I am enough! Thank you so much for sharing your views on this. God bless!

  40. Jesus is the Best!! What an honor and an awesome privilege that Jesus loves and values us, women, so much! No matter what the man-made rules are for women all around the world, Jesus’ love supercedes them all, just for us. We have worth in His eyes! I truly am humbled. Thank You Jesus!

  41. I LOVE this so much! We all need to look at Jesus’ ministry in earth to see how He valued women and entrusted them with very specific missions in His ministry. I could always relate to the story of the woman at the well. I was fascinated by that story. She has no name but what an amazing mission she was given and many were saved because of her!

  42. I’ve been treated less than since I was child. In math class the male math teacher told me I couldn’t learn math because I was a girl. Living in a male dominated society has reinforced that over and over until I finally began seeing myself through the truths of the Bible. I’m thankful for strong women of faith sharing their stories and teaching our young women what it means to be God’s child.

  43. Thank you so much for this devotional today. It coincides with the online Bible course I am doing on Kingdom Woman. God always confirms His Word.❤

  44. Reinforcing woman’s value through the eyes of Jesus is a much needed message in today’s culture.
    Thank you.

    The word “world” in your text above is misspelled.
    It says “word”. I believe that’s the opposite message you want to convey.

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  45. Thank you for sharing. It touched me in a way I cannot describe. I was already feeling emotional this week, but this brought me tears. Thank you!

  46. Thank you for this. I have been/am struggling with this recently due to another reading I received recently on Wisdom from Ecc 7:23-29 where women are described in an awful way and in verse 28 went so far as to say not a single upright woman could be found. I was crushed reading this passage. I fet that there are women who ensnare nen, but that goes both ways. Yet therevis no mention if that. I am really struggling with not a single upright woman could be found. I appreciate your devotional, but I am feeling stung from the other one.

    1. So sorry you felt this way, in this context I don’t believe this is something God was saying about women this was the writer sharing his grievances about human wisdom which we know one person does not determine the state of the world, their limited view is not the world view or Gods view. I pray that God softens and heals the hurt you feel because He never said or felt that way about you or any woman.

  47. The way you highlighted what you said, “The God-made Man broke the man-made rules that set women free.” That definitely struck a chord in me! Yes, we women ARE co-image bearers of God. We all, men AND women, are called to be disciples of Jesus here on earth as ambassadors of God doing the good work He has designed for us. So, we should feel empowered to do, to speak, and to serve equally as our co-image bearing men, to the glory of God. Your devotional is powerful and I pray that it will reach more and more women, especially those women in leadership of organizations that help other women who are struggling. God bless you, WOG! By the way, another WOG shared this with me and I will definitely share this with other women I know. Thank you!🥰

  48. I love this! I am on the Board of Directors for a Crisis Pregnancy Center, so I see the value that women play in our society. The world tells them that feminism is the way to be. This article shows that women are valued, loved, and equal. Such good words!

  49. I have never felt that God loved me less as a woman. Although societal rules sometimes favor men, God know our value. He entrusted us with so many important jobs. Nurturing our children, encouraging our spouses, and serving others in ways that men cannot. Women may seem in the shadows, but that is where we are most powerful.

  50. Wow! What an awesome message. I truly needed to read your words today, as I have been struggling with anger toward God. You have given me a lot of food for thought as I continue my walk with the Lord. Thank you. God bless you.

  51. For so long I thought as your friend did but also that as women we were forgotten. When I study and learn more about the truth, that He loves us, we are not forgotten, and perhaps even more impactful is that He trusted women for such important milestones. I love being God’s daughter and being used by Him.

  52. I always try to remember that I am the daughter of the King – valued, loved, forgiven! And where would men be without the women in their lives? Behind every strong man, there is an equally strong woman holding him up!

  53. Thank you Sharon for sharing this beautiful teaching and truth about our Savior and Lord!! I copied all the details you mentioned here so I can remember each encounter and scripture reference! What liberty we have in Christ! I had an abortion when I was 19 and thought God wouldn’t forgive me once I learned what an abortion actually was; the killing of a small baby. I had no idea of the development of a 6-8 week old fetus. I was told it was a blob of tissue, a missed period and a quick remedy so I could get on with my life. Later, after receiving Jesus as my Savior and Lord, I learned what I had done; the truth the abortion industry lies to women about! I knew Jesus could forgive me of my sins but I didn’t think he would forgive me for the abortion and I carried deep guilt, anger and shame in my heart for years until I attended a post-abortion Bible study. I learned how Jesus felt about women as you’re describing here and my heart melted! I experienced a deep healing and cleansing when I confessed it to Him and he gave me the name of my tiny baby and assured me that he was with Him! I became a pro-life counselor so I could encourage women with the truth of God’s love and abortion. Praising God today that I walk in freedom and the security of His Love! Thanks again for this beautiful teaching! 💓

  54. Praise God. This devotion brought shriver and chills. But God at His best thought about our essence, value and how the world would be nothing without a woman. Powerful creations. Sisters step into your worth and treasure it.

  55. GOD bless your heart for sharing this. I am one of the worship leaders in our church. My daughter who’s born and raised a CHRISTian is now taking on the gender fluid route. She cut her hair short, changed her wardrobe, wants to wear breast binders, changed her posture and even tried to change her name and pronoun to be able to freely express herself. I am afraid, the school and this society is actually encouraging her to go on this way. She said there are moments she wants to be a girl and some moments she wants to be a boy. But the reason she wants to be more a boy now, and even takes pride when people mistake her for a boy is the fact that she has been a girl all her life already and now wants to experience how it is to be a boy. I don’t know how but somehow, this message gave me hope. She is still 14 and I know, JESUS will also take the time to heal her and set her free.

  56. The fact that Jesus loves me so much that he honors me by including me in His family and doesn’t show favoritism humbles me but it also gives me strength. I’m a daughter of the Most High….wow, just WOW!!! My job is to now live my life to honor that love and acceptance by putting God and my Savior Jesus first in all I say, think and do!

  57. This was so so good! Thank you for this article, there were some amazing women in the Bible too and their stories meant something even though it was in the Old Testament. But I’ve always know we were specially made for some amazing purposes, think about it every human being in the world was carried by a woman! It doesn’t get any more amazing than that but we are so much more than just that as well.

  58. I have always felt special as I was born a premie and I know God had a special hand on my life however in thought as a woman I personally have been in the trenchs with men with my career. I can understand the feeling of feeling insignificant or or ignored or having no value since my career is dominately male roles. However I have very strong women in my life and who have been great role models to me that have taught me we are the silent somewhat majority of the backbone of our families. We much stay strong and centered for our families to support our leaders. I know that the Lord sees us as important and vital as we are continued to be mentioned through scripture.. I truly believe that we are the peacemakers within our world of violence.. It is in refreshing to read about women in The Bible who were there and they did not use the relationship with Christ to boister themselves but to raise Him up and help him succeed to bring others to Him. I pray that my life will resemble that. I also pray that I will continue to send forward the message of Christ and live accordingly to his word and walk with him as closely as possible on a daily basis.

  59. Thank you for this. In this world I sometimes feel inadequate. But reading the above email and the scriptures makes me realize I am enough. So when struggling I now have these scriptures to turn to. Thank you Jesus for loving me and women everywhere. I will always remember I am walking with the king. ♥️♥️♥️

  60. Knowing that Jesus loves me the way he does feels the same way as when I walk down to my pond in the woods on a warm spring evening and watch a firey beautiful sunset with my horses my big dog and 2 cats beside me. It is a truly amazing experience . Thank you Jesus!!!!

  61. I am grateful to know that He doesn’t set me aside, but rather sets me apart. I am proud to be a woman, wife, and mother, the anchor of my family. Blessings and may all women feel blessed and honored to be women.

  62. Knowing that Jesus broke through cultural barriers to honor women encourages me that He sees me, understands me and truly treasures me.

  63. I had such an “aha” moment when I read “Jesus taught where women could be present.” I have read so many times of Jesus’ teachings, but never once thought about why he chose those spots! I love that!

  64. I think all women need to hear this. It was wonderful to be told how much Jesus loves us and how much we are valued. I would love to read this and share with my daughter, daughter-in-law and 4 granddaughters. Thanks so much for this much needed inspiration!

  65. The hurt is real, the wounds are deep and the scars exist. Sometimes the enemy plays with our minds and reminds us of our experience. It can be a constant battle. Thankful for truth. The truth sets us free although the scars remain.

  66. HE is most definitely the GOD who sees me! JESUS warms my heart in HIS love for us, women.
    I feel like I can see the twinkle in HIS eye when he breaks all the norms about women.
    Thank You JESUS, I love You too n thank you…!

  67. Thank you so much for this devotion. I have often sought God’s answer for why He allowed things and still allows things to be “less than” for women. You have helped me to see it in the light of Jesus radical love for us.

  68. It makes me feel loved, known and understood by my Creator, since a little girl I felt something is unfair within a family favor for a boy and couldn’t defend myself…Then the society I grew up suppressed the talents and gifts that were considered too much for a girl. The value of a woman was shifted to different preferences of cultures. I love how Jesus breaks all those norms and restores His daughters. Would like to win the book. Thank you for writing about such an important matter.

  69. You will never know how much I needed to hear this!!!!
    Due to some unexpected circumstances I have been so angry, lost and very confused! I truly believe that God has forgotten about me! I feel so alone because I have multiple chronic illnesses that keep me home 24/7 and I can’t drive myself anymore!!! It’s horrible!

  70. I am really glad that Jesus sees us women as co-image bearers as well as co-heirs. I feel honored that God sees us women as potential human beings. In my culture men are seen as leaders and the voice in any important settings. Women are the ones who gets to hold/own family possessions. We have a matrilineal culture. Because our Country based USA as its model for government and values women seem to have more say than 20 years ago. Especially with the United Nations coming into our country, women are now seen as leaders. But as an individual, I feel comforted with the fact that God loves me unconditionally. And because of Jesus I can come to God anytime and anyhow. Plus Jesus does not belittle me but sees me as a fellow sister in Christ and co-heir to His kingdom.

  71. As a sinner, I am still unworthy of the gift of Jesus, but as a woman, I am exquisitely grateful and proud to be a daughter of the one true living GOD!

  72. It’s empowering seeing how Jesus took special time to pour into women. How He speaks the Gospel right into and over our life.

  73. Thank you for this encouragement this morning! 2021 was a tough year with employment, I felt degraded, rejected and useless. Then God stepped in and gave me a new job, new company, caring, respectful people to work along side. I am learning to shed the layers of rejection and allow God to clothe me, and rid me of all the toxicity of words spoken.

  74. This is so good. Thank you for getting the message out to women that they are of value. That Jesus loved them; that they matter. I have never heard that the creation of women was God’s grand finale- so encouraging.

  75. Just yesterday as I was driving to work, I get upset with God and cry. How I feel unworthy and how I always get the short end of the stick. I move jobs to get a better position but as I did, find out that my pay is a few couple of dollars than a man who does not work as much as I do. My frustration goes deeper especially when I have to take care of things that arise, and I am overwhelmed with duties at work. My attitude towards men make me upset. Then I read this and teared up. Because many times I feel God doesn’t love me and how much I want to give up and go home to Heaven. I still believe and would never do anything to harm me because I want to go to heaven. I stick it out in this world but cry many times dealing with the unfairness and cruelty of this world owned by man, satan.

  76. Praise the Lord! He is so good and amazing. I can personally attest to his miracles in my life; without his love and blessings I would not be in a better place. He does indeed love women, no doubt in my heart.

    Thanks for pointing this out for all of us to remember. Galatians 3:28 will forever be my favorite verse.


  77. Thank you for this exposition into the placement of Women in the earthly ministry of Jesus. Also realising that Jesus tried as.much as possible to break some of the rules and injustices against women in that era is a huge relief.

    Over the years, I have queried God asking so many questions on why I am created as a woman. I have even prayed to come as a man in my next life, if there is anything like that.

    Now I know better and I appreciate my place as a woman.

    Thank you for this insight, encouragement and reassurance.

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