There’s a Reason for Every Season

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In the South, we name our beach cottages. Barb’s Folly was one of our favorites to rent. Her screened-in back porch on the second floor overlooked a weather-worn dock jutting out over a lazy canal, and fuchsia myrtle bushes dotted the landscape like splashes of paint. The outdoor back stairway wrapped around a palm tree that reached for the sky, its fronds eye-level with the second story porch.

Every morning, before the houseguests stirred, I snuggled in a rocking chair on the back porch with my coffee and my Bible. The first morning, I noticed a turtledove sitting on a nest resting in the fronds of the palm. I watched her. She watched me.

Midmorning, Daddy bird came to relieve her of her duties. He sat on the rail and squawked to announce his arrival. When she stood for them to exchange places, I noticed two tiny eggs peeking out from under the stubble. She left. He sat. After a brief time, Mamma bird returned, and they changed places.

For an entire week, this mamma bird did one thing—rested in the palm protecting her two tiny charges. When a violent storm rose and pelted the tree with tropical rain, she didn’t budge. When children ran up and down the stairs inches from her nest, she didn’t move. When cranes, pelicans, and seagulls swooped gracefully into the water and strutted about proudly, she stayed the course seemingly undeterred. For this season of her life, she didn’t falter in her calling, and remained faithful to the task at hand.

Solomon wrote: “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” (Ecclesiastes 3:1NIV).

We will all go through season in life. Raising a child. Caring for a parent. Building a career. Strengthening a marriage. Seasons all.

Seasons are part of God’s grand design for this earth: winter, spring, summer, fall. They are also part of God’s grand design for you and me: joy and sadness, struggle and peace, highs and lows, birth and loss. No matter what season we find ourselves, we can be sure that God is not absent in its happening—He is always there.

The word season implies that it is a period of time that will pass. If you’re in a tough season, know that it won’t last forever. Seasons are for a reason. In them we sink our roots deep into the soil of faith, spread wide the branches of trust, sprout new growth where there was none before and yes…rest… the dormancy of winter to catch our breath before the new season begins.

Paul wrote, “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9). Let’s embrace the season we’re in! Give it our all! Rather than wish it away, find the hidden treasures.

On the last morning of our vacation, I was enjoying a final cup of coffee on the back porch with Mrs. Turtledove. As usual, Daddy Dove stopped perched on the railing and announced his arrival. But this time, when Mamma bird flew over to join him, two downy hatchlings with eyes yet to open reached their yellow beaks heavenward.

I realized God had given me a precious gift—a front-row seat to observe the contentment of a mother who reveled in her calling during this short season of life. Regardless of the storms, strangers, or the strutting of others, she stayed true to her purpose and calling for this period of time.

While I was musing about the importance of motherhood in this particular season of my life, my six-foot-one teenage son stumbled sleepily out onto the porch. I’m not sure if he saw the tears in my eyes as I looked at his ruffled hair, sleepy eyes, and face that needed a shave—a season was quickly coming to an end.

“Look, Buddy,” I said. “The eggs hatched today.”

Heavenly Father, I’ll admit I long for the joyful seasons to linger and the difficult season to pass quickly. Help me to remember that stages of life are called seasons for a reason. They come and they go. Help me to be at peace in every season, doing what You want me to do in that period of time In Jesus’ name, amen.

How would you title the season of life you’re in right now? Leave a comment and let’s share.

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Comments 128

  1. Mine would be titled The trusting season. I am learning to lean in and trust God as our family seems to be put through trial after trial.

    1. My husband and I too are in a trusting season, for 11 years! We retired 11 years ago and it has been one trial after another. Within those trials there have been some have been some beautiful spots! Just keep reading your Bible and talking to and following Christ, He’ll guide you all the way!

      1. Thanks Anita for the works of encouragement. My husband and I have been in a season that has challenged his health since September 2022. We have seen tremendous progress but still difficult days. Despite it all, we rely on Gods faithfulness as we know his designed season for him is well done! Rowena, The Bahamas 🇧🇸

    2. Yes, God gave us seasons for a reason and it is true that no season lasts forever: great or not so great seasons do not last long; that is the secret that should propell us to give our all for the season we are in or to simply wait and see what the Lord is doing in seasons of dwelling in deep valley. Most importantly, knowing that we ourselves are here for a season should cause us to leave some legacy of kingdom value. Lord help us

    3. My season is the hardest I’ve ever walked thru. One child married a same sex partner at the beginning of the year, another child,3 months later, had to give birth to a still born 20wk baby, 5mo later another child left as a missionary , in a very hard place, lonely while serving the Lord, first child just cut off communication, second child expecting again, I feel a loss of purpose, marriage not great-never has been, guilt ridden, health concerns for me and my parents, sister going thru divorce, I’m so sad and lonely. Don’t really have a trusted friend nearby. I’m too sad for ppl. My mind thinks of all my failures and sin as a parent and wife and friend. Thankful for the message today. I must let the truth of God’s word carry me even when my feelings are so flat and I don’t sense His presence.

      1. I’m so sorry that you are in such a difficult place! Even when you might not feel His Presence He is with you-carrying you on His shoulders! I pray that you will find a trusted friend to help you talk this through and realize that this too is a season! I pray for your children and your grandbaby and for you to find peace!

      2. Hi T
        I’m sorry for your struggles. I also often myself thinking of my failure as a mother and wife. Going through a Divorce now and soul searching. Keep the faith.

      3. His presence is with you and He will give you rest. He never leaves us, just the fact that you came across this devotional is proof that He is in fact with you. Don’t trust your feelings – have faith that HE is and is able to perfect that which concerns you at this very moment. You are never alone – fight through those feelings and worship. Walk around and say thank you for the things that you see, and soon your heart will be lifted. I understand loneliness, I believe at some point we all do. May you be refreshed and encouraged today.

      4. God bless and keep you during this difficult time. There is a Christian friend out there somewhere for you to share your burden and for you to help with hers.

      5. Join a women’s Bible study. It’s wonderful to be able to pray with and for each other. I love my BSF group. They have in person and online groups everywhere! Bible Study Fellowship.

      6. I am so sorry for everything you’re going through. Sounds awfully hard alone. I am going through a Bible study right now with Katy McCown. It is called She belongs. She speaks of a place for your broken pieces.. Psalms was 147verse 3. Psalms 34, verse 18. She also states because God is faithful to comfort and able to heal. You don’t have to hide or Ignore the broken pieces of your heart. Instead you can release your shattered heart to him and receive the nearness and healing in the Lord. If your heart is broken, you’ll find God right there. If you’re kicked in the gut, he will help you catch your breath. Read Psalm 34 verses 8 through 10. I highly recommend this book. I have only begun chapter 3, and there’s so much good stuff in there that I’ve needed to hear and reflect on in my life. We can’t do it without belonging to the body of Christ. God brings spiritual women with wise words into our lives.

      7. Take heart. I too am in a similar place. Remember GOD IS STILL GOD. He still works in ways we can’t see, He still loves us completely, He still has a purpose for each of us and it is good. I have come to believe that in the middle of this storm I must be the one who raises the shield of faith for my family when they aren’t able to, because I am the one who realizes someone has to do it. I understand your isolation. I am in that place too. Can you go to your pastor and ask prayer support? Maybe you can form a prayer group for those wanting to pray specifically for their families. I’m sure that need is just as great in your community as it is in mine! May the Lord grant you peace as you cast uour cares on Him.

      8. Find a ladies bible study group and GO. It might not be the subject you had in mind, but you will get comfort in knowing these are Christian ladies with struggles too. Maybe not like yours, but struggles. I am 81 years old, widowed, but I go to 2 bible classes and 2 coffee groups. There are others just like you that needs a friend, just step out

      9. You are never alone. God is always with you especially during the “dark seasons” of your life. He is carrying you. Put your trust in Him and know that ,”Weeping May endure for a night, but Joy does come again in the morning.”
        Be Blessed!

      10. So sorry that you’re going through this sis. My heart goes out to you. My sister also has a child that is married to a same sex partner and has two children. It has been a devastating experience for all of us. Yet, God is keeping her. She’s learning to love them and love her grand children. I know what it’s like to feel like you have no friends. They seem to come and go. Jesus is that friend that sticks closer than a brother. As far as guilt over children goes- I have felt that as well. So has my sister. God is a forgiving God. We make mistakes, but it is not our responsibility how our children turn out. Everybody makes their own choices. I pray that your second child has that baby and the new birth brings you from being sad to happy again like Naomi. May your latter days been better than your former!

      11. Dear T💔 I so feel your loneliness and sorrow and totally relate to your expression of it, lack of his presence and feeling flat, so the truth is it will all work together for our good and we can rejoice in that alone, because His word is 100% true so I will keep you in my prayer as I cry out for him to show us a token for good in the land of the living and believing he will and he won’t give us a stone when we ask for a fish!🙏✝️💔 and we must keep at it asking seeking knocking,.. mine has gotten to Knocking lately and like Jacob I’m telling him I won’t let you go unless you bless me!!!tell Him T!! That’s what he’s looking for ,a fighting spirit!!

      12. I pray that the Lord release you from this long period of pain. I pray the oldest and his or her partner get radically saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. I pray your husband become the man of God he is called to be. I pray health and happier times for your family, all of them. We agree for protection in the heavenly realm. I speak release from guilt and depression. I pray the presence of God be felt anew and in a greater measure. I pray he bring you and your loved ones into the most holy place so you can lead others in, others who are suffering what you are now. May revelation, peace, joy, mercy, good fruits and good works which he has prepared beforehand, in the grace and fellowship of the Spirit and in the power of the Gospel be more and more abounding and undeniably evident in your household with every perfect gift to all of your loved ones, as many as you can name. May this prayer find acceptance in the sight of heaven and may it be recorded in the Lamb’s book of life. For other needs seen and unseen we agree for the most gracious supply of God to meet them all. For the gift of great faith we also agree. For long life and health for the elders. As it is written: “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved, you and your house.” Please pray for me and my family as we suffer the same things, “Pray one for another that you may be healed.” For anyone reading this, we agree in prayer for you and your family. It’s time for a change. God is listening to the cries of his people in this hour.

      13. T,
        I want to let you know I am praying for you to find a trusted friend. I am reaching out to tell you that because I need a trusted friend too. I am going through a season without my daughter. I don’t know how long it will be. I fantasized that it will be 30 some years when she comes walking in my front door and I say, “C______!” She says, “I’m not C______. I’m your great granddaughter”

        I was humbled to fantasize less land pray more, when my other daughter said to me the other day. “About your fantasy, would if it was a great grandson and he looked like D____ (C______’s husband?)”


    4. Mine would be titled:
      DON’T EVER LET GO , my season of 2023 has been very hard. After 17 years of marriage, my husband left January 11 in a complete blindside for me. God is with me, I’m still broken, but I know with patience and devotion, my roots will keep digging deeper to strengthen me once again.

  2. Thank you for your devotional. This message is what I needed today as we prepare to have out family dog of 15 years put to rest today. Our son (now 22) has grown up with Barney., so today is a very emotional time for our family
    Thank you for reminding us that God gave us seasons of life.

    1. Oh Mary I am so sorry. We had to do the same with our dear Charlie in February. There are no words. Feel the feelings and let yourself cry. I’m praying for you right now.

    2. Bless your dear family today. I had a friend go through this same thing just a week ago. I’m so very very sorry for your loss. Barney is indeed a family member who will be missed greatly. I’m praying right now for your family. Remember that God says He even sees when the tiny sparrow falls. He sees Barney today. Many prayers…

    3. I send you my most heartfelt sympathies. I love my dog so much. I don’t know what to say. May the Holy Spirit who is God who is the Lord comfort you and all your family. May revelation and all his grace be with you. May all your suffering be released and all your family be healed, sealed and empowered for service. For those in service to be protected. We agree.

  3. I retired from teaching six years ago to care for my aging parents (ending one season season of service to begin another of the same). Both of my parents passed this summer, 3 months apart. That puts me in a different season (grief). I’m wondering what the next season will hold, and am leaning on my Father God who has always loved and held me, no matter what season I am in.

  4. Your messages are so beautiful, tender and touching. When I see your email pop up, I can’t wait to read it. Thank you for your messages!

    1. I would say my season is Faith. I have a 26 year old son who struggles with anxiety (passed down through the generations). So much that he began drinking which in turn affects his work. I cry and pray every single day! And he still lives with us! Makes me terribly sad.

  5. Embracing my cocoon would be my title of this season. I feel like this year has been a struggle health wise. Circumstances to be like Jesus.

    I recently heard a story about a moth. That is was in their cocoon. The moth was trying to emerge. The human help. The moth had very tiny wings and a huge body. The purpose is the moth has to overcome this problem to strengthen their other wise they will not survive.

    I am trying to embrace my cocoon.

  6. My son August is 10 months old. His father is not a present figure in his life and does not send the support we amicably agreed on regularly. I am currently unemployed and struggling to find work. I addition to that I am also struggling with postnatal depression. I am well aware that seasons come and go, but that doesn’t make the hard seasons easier to get through. I did however, get an immense sense of gratitude from this post because I realized how blessed I am to have had this precious time with my son – something not every parent is blessed with.

    Thank you Sharon, for all that you do – your posts always bring hope!

    1. Praying that you will find the peace that passes all understanding, that you will feel the warmth of God’s tremendous love for you and that this season of postnatal depression and financial hardship will pass quickly. Many blessings to you, Leanne. You are beloved.

    2. Praying for you Leanne and know that God is with you! It may not feel like it at times, but Trust, have Faith and be Patient, it is on His time and not ours. Treasure this time with your son and grateful for what you do have. I know postpartum is not easy but trusting in God will truly get you through, stay strong my sister in Christ!

    3. I pray the father would be inspired to provide and have a healthy relationship with his son. I pray the fire of the Spirit would terrify him from head to toe. May he know the fear and the glory and the love of the almighty, the alpha and the omega. Glory to the lamb who was slain since the foundation of the world. As it is written: “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved, you and your house.”

  7. I am in a very stressful season with work right now that is a blessing and a curse. I have taken on training component to my sales career and have been asked to present/facilitate workshops at our up-coming national sales meeting. Presenting in front of my peers gives me anxiety and nerves like nothing else. Yesterday I found myself wishing away the next 2 weeks so this would just be over, but this reading this morning helped me to re-think that wish. God can and will give me peace, knowledge and confidence to do conquer this anxiety and help me through the preparation. God is so good.

  8. Thank you Sharon for this post as I needed to be reminded that God is with me in every situation. My son is going through divorce & the daughter-in-law whom I thought we all knew has become a hostile person to our family. I ask for prayers during this difficult time. Thank you…. Beth

  9. Although Fall is my favorite season, i have heartbreak over a dead marriage and our son leaving his wife. Ive been praying 35 years for my marriage. Things don’t change.

    1. Have you watched the movie War Room? It is a powerful movie a out prayer and how God changes hearts when we follow His way . I think watching it might give you hope and God will speak to your heart. It helped me because there was a powerful message for me , God uses even movies sometimes, how I must change and be in His will and how powerful prayer is when we are. Praying you don’t lose hope. God does help us through such difficult times. God Bless.

    2. Kari,
      I am in a season of standing for my marriage – a season longer than I could have imagined. I don’t see changes but my hope is renewed each day in the promise of God, that He is faithful and He IS on the move. Stand, and having done all, stand. I’ll be praying with you for your family.

    3. I am so sorry Kari. I prayed for you just now. May you experience the deep abiding arms of our Savior around you to strengthen and carry you.

  10. The season I’m in right now is a season of trusting and waiting.
    “Wait on the Lord; be of good courage and he shall strengthen thine heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord.”-Psalm 27:14

    1. As a widow, I understand this season. There are so many questions as to what God would have you do. Sometimes we need to rest and read His word. The Holy Spirit will guide you. God promises to be a husband to the widow and a father to the orphaned. Claim this promise. God is faithful to his word. He will not leave you or forsake you.
      Blessings , Becky

  11. A season of adjustment….as a family we moved. Our daughter started graduate school and is on her own. We as a couple are adjusting to being the two of us. My mother-in-law always said you needed to live somewhere for 4 seasons to know what a place was like. It’s hard but one day at a time.

  12. Such a powerful devotion…..much needed to be applied to my life. Please pray for my granddaughter who is in first grade and struggling to find her way of belonging. I ask God will provide her with the right friends.

  13. “Anchored through the storm,” would be the title of this season for me. I would also say “Jesus a very present help indeed,” too. Thank you for this reminder. I want to run my race unbothered just like that mama bird knowing that the battle is my LORD’s.

    1. I’m in the season of preparation. It’s a very uncomfortable and honest season but as each day goes by, I’m more and more grateful. I will br praying for you all. This is just a season.

  14. I am in Winter. Divorced and empty nesting. I long for companionship and the knowing I have someone to walk through my days with. This lesson spoke to me this morning, reminding me of life’s changing seasons and shifting over time, and brought me encouragement that this is a season not a sentence.

    1. Post
    2. Kathy, thank you for the reminder that this is a season, not a sentence. You and Sharon have both helped me today, God bless and keep you.

  15. I would call mine a collision of seasons. I am in the season of letting go more of my teenager as he changes and grows independent , as well as the season of caring for my aging mother. The double season is extremely hard and emotional, and did I mention I’m walking through the journey of menopause at the same time as well. Let’s just say I have been overwhelmed, but blessed that God is walking with me and often times carrying me through.

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  16. I’m struggling with 2 of my daughter neither walking with the Lord nor communicating with me. My heart is broken. I want Jesus’ peace & joy & to learn what He has for me thru this season.

    1. My husband and I are walking through this same season with our son and youngest daughter. Somedays I feel like I will never make it through. The season has been very long and there is no end in sight, but my heart continues to trust that God is working a miracle in this situation. I pray the same for you, Jayne.

  17. I’m going through a storm that seems to be never ending! I know I’m not alone but there are days that I wonder what will be left after this storm passes. Keep moving forward. I believe I’m held and guided by Father’s love.

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  18. My season would have to be called transition. My husband retired a year ago and has had mental and physical health issues coming from inactivity. He is anxious and unable to sleep well, has difficulty walking and experiencing circulation problems. I work as a health care provider and have had to change to part time hours to help him. The change in our income has caused a lot of stress. My prayer is that he can accept the need to cut down on spending and that I can have the strength and patience to see both of us through this period of change

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  19. Thank you so much for this. I am going through a difficult time right now and you reminded me that it’s only for a season! I know that much like the Mama bird, God has called me according to His purpose. He has called me to do the things that are needed to be done in spite of the things going in my life! Regardless as to what I have to continue to do the will of God in my life! Nothing can compare to the glory of the Lord. Nothing can compare to the joy that we receive from being in line with His will! I am reminded that His ways are not our ways neither are our thoughts His thoughts! Thank you again for this insight. I too had the privilege of watching mommy and daddy birds (who we named Molly and Pasqual) care for their eggs when my son noticed that there was a bird’s nest tucked away in a school tote that was sitting on top of my dryer in our garage. We noticed that the birds had found a way in and out of our garage through a hole at the top of the back of the garage. It was absolutely amazing to me that they managed to fly in and out to build the next. They must have flown in and out over a ga-zillion times trying to build that nest. Each day that we went back to the garage there was a new egg until 5 eggs were in there. One day we noticed that the baby birds hatched and there were times that the mother and father both were gone. They had to have been getting food. Me and my neighbor’s children felt the need to help the birds and wanted to feed them water out of a syringe. Before I did that I said let’s ask Alexa if it’s okay. Alexa said that it is not safe to give baby birds water as they can aspirate and die! She said that baby birds get their water from the food that the mother and father give them. It was amazing to me that we wanted to intervene when I felt like God was saying I have already provided everything they need. The provision for them to be taken care of has already been made! You need just allow them to take care of their young. Well I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to see the baby birds learn to fly. One night one of the birds, that I believe was the father bird (which we named Pasqual) flew into the house. We tried our best to help him to get out. He flew into my kitchen and hit his head trying to get out then flew into my mirror in the living room and hit his head. Once he got out and got back to the garage we went down there to make sure he was gone. We noticed the birds unattended and were just standing there watching them. All of a sudden we looked up and saw Pasqual at the top of the rafters as I called it looking down at us. I don’t know if you know this, but if birds think you are a predator they will move their young to a new nest or in some events even toss their young. Well the following evening my sons came telling me that the birds were gone. All 5 of them! How could 5 baby birds just suddenly disappear from the garage? I went down to see and sure enough they were all gone. We looked everywhere trying to make sure they hadn’t been tossed out of the nest or perhaps somehow fallen out of the nest. They were no where to be found! My heart was broken bc I had grown quite attached to these birds. Every day and every night I would go and sing to them. Sometimes Molly would be in the nest when we would go to the dryer and she would clinch down on her baby eggs in order to protect them. For some reason Pasqual would always take flight when we went to the dryer. I read that some birds will fly away in order to not bring attention to the eggs in their nest. Once the baby birds were gone everyone had a theory as to what happened to them. Someone said maybe a cat got into my garage and ate them or maybe a snake got to them. The way my garage is designed, there is NO WAY that a cat or snake could’ve gotten in and eaten them. Plus there were no evidence of the nest being disturbed or moved one bit! I believe that the mommy and daddy birds somehow moved them safely to another nest. The animal kingdom can do some strange things that we are totally unaware of. It was then that I saw God’s hand at work in everything. The word tells us that His eye is on the sparrow so I know that if He watches and cares for the sparrow, he watches and cares for us! Ironically these birds were sparrows too! What a beautiful way to see God’s hand at work in everything! May God continue to bless you and your entire family!

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      I too have had birds right beside my garage in a flower basket. It was so fun watching them grow and hatch. Isn’t it amazing that a mamma bird CAN move the babies!

  20. I’m going through a season of “My First Love” My prayer life used to be dead. I was going through the motions but my prayer life was nonexistent. I had strayed with a boyfriend and doing things that I shouldn’t be doing. My boyfriend left the island and I was no longer doing what I shouldn’t be doing. Even though I confessed and repented of my sins I felt guilty and and felt awkward around God. Then I had a new boss that came on board and she was a Christian. We would have devotions together every morning and I was so amazed at the way she prayed. It was not repetitive but was like she was full of reverend fear of God. I admired and envied at how she had this connection with God. So, I have this Holy Bible App on my iPhone and I just discovered this feature on the Bible app that has prayers where you also get to pray. So, that kinda gave me back a prayer life. Of course, I sincerely and genuinely wanted a prayer life like my boss. That App on my phone helped me in being disciplined to pray. Now I have a prayer life. It’s so much better than before. It was like I was estranged from God. I finally came to grips that my boyfriend and I are not together anymore and he is gone. Which means I didn’t have to be guilty. Then I joined this prayer meeting that my Pastor’s wife hosts at her house every Saturday mornings from 7 am to 9 or 10 am. Mainly because I was interested and so hungry for God’s forgiveness and acceptance. Plus I love how Sylvia (Pastor’s wife) does it because it’s so organized and practical. She was inspired by Pastor Cymbal of Tabernacle Church in New York where they have a box filled with cards with prayer request from all over the world and would come together and pray. We start of at Sylvia’s Prayer meetings with Prayers of Praising God. Then we have a 10 minute Bible study on any topic she comes across. After that we have a box filled with cards with prayer requests that we pray and go around the dining table at Sylvia’s house. Usually there would be 5 of us dedicated and regular ladies praying until there’s no more cards to pray. Then after that we have personal and intimate prayer requests that each of us ladies might have and would share. Because of my joining Sylvia and my Sisters in Christ every Saturday morning my prayer life got more better. It’s not repetitive or redundant. I’m realizing that I’m falling in love with Jesus more and more each Saturday with Sylvia and the ladies and daily in my quiet time with the Holy Bible App. Jesus Christ is my First Love and priority. Before, it used to be my boyfriend but because of my fear of not having a prayer life with God, Jesus is my first love just like how it used to be before I met my boyfriend.

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  21. I think I would call this season either, The Jobs if life,” or “the caves of life, or even” the back side of the mountains.” “Broken crowns” growing through the soil of life.

  22. I’m in a season of long suffering. After a year, I’m barely getting comfortable with finding joy in waiting on the Lord. I know He is working. I’m excited for what He will do, but it will be a while, a long while… I want to truly grow during this time. I want to praise Him and thank Him for being in the refiner’s fire rather than complain, grumble, and suffer with impatience.

  23. My husband and I going through the season of caring for his parents, and my mom. Both his mom and dad have dementia and are at Memory Care. Except, his mom who has now fallen 3 times; is in the hospital recovering from breaking her hip. It’s been to say the least, frustrating and heart wrenching. He is an only child and the care giving has fallen on me. I retired in June of this year. I know this is our season, but 3 parents is almost over/whelming! God is good to have given me wonderful grown children and Godly husband. They all work to try and help. Please pray for us as we minister to each individual.

  24. Well that touched a nerve. It was the boost I needed to remember that this difficult time is but a season. I will endure and keep pressing on, trusting that Father God has it all covered.

    Living with a pre teen with significant mental health issues is a struggle. Self blame is so easy. Not yelling back is hard and when the specialist mental health team offered emotion coaching to me to work with him I exploded on the inside.

    One day at a time sweet Jesus….

  25. My season is very mixed. I am adjusting to life with out my husband, He died tragically 2 yr ago. I am also helping out with my grand daughters whom are home schooled, one with learning difficulities. I have also gone back to work part time. So, I feel in a very much mixed season. Like the fall weather in the midwest, in the moring you turn on the fireplace, by mid afternoon, youre in shorts and a tank top…
    I would appreciated prayers as I navigate this mixed season.

    1. Becky I stand in empathy bearing your burdens.

      Psalm 145, God will show His tender love in this season.

      Your granddaughters were placed in your life to bear witness to the goodness of the Lord towards you in this difficult season and they will brag on the LORD to their children. Ps 145:4

  26. Trusting in God to keep me strong & stay faithful to Him in what is going on in a world that has turned upside down and from God. Love you all & GOD loves you. ✝️🙏❤️

  27. I am in a season of estrangement… probably go the 6th time in my 71 years and I’m struggling terribly! I’m missing my grandchildren and my daughter is just purely evil! Pray for her father in me, please!

  28. My season right now would be titled “Dementia” – as my 88 year old mother is struggling with it now. She was the rock and strength of the family, as most mothers are, and now she’s confused, forgetful, and not very nice some days. My sisters share the burden, but I am the closest to her in the assisted living facility, so I get the first phone call when she’s trying to leave to go “home” where my dad is (who has been in heaven since 2009). It is very frustrating, and being the first time I’ve personally dealt with this “season”, it is so very hard. I appreciate your prayers!

  29. My season is “letting go” but praying harder! I get alittle less time with my 3 yr old grandson, but am bound & determined to be an intentional grandparent! … and work full time.
    Thank you for the encouraging words!

  30. Have you watched the movie War Room? It is a powerful movie a out prayer and how God changes hearts when we follow His way . I think watching it might give you hope and God will speak to your heart. It helped me because there was a powerful message for me , God uses even movies sometimes, how I must change and be in His will and how powerful prayer is when we are. Praying you don’t lose hope. God does help us through such difficult times. God Bless.

  31. My family of four plus two big dogs is going through a very mixed season of being in between houses. We have just enough provision from the Lord to get by, Airbnd to Airbnb, but not enough to get over the hump to sign on a house. I like to think that our hardships are helping someone else out that needs it even more than we do…but we are tired and need stability for us all, especially for the kids’ performance in school. So, while waiting and trying to be obedient, there is the question of how long do we wait, even though we have no choice. Praying for that path to be cleared.

  32. Thanks for this today. Coming up on the anniversary of my sons death with so many questions still unanswered. I know he is in heaven but the depth of my hurting is soo deep. Tears come just thinking about him.

  33. This is so good. Thank you! I would say I am in the season of being still, waiting, trusting and being quiet.
    Sometimes can be so hard, but God has giving me peace. I am so thankful to Him for being with me during all my seasons of life.

  34. I am in a season of GOD ripping my idols from my heart. ( My husband, recently, and my “self” even now). He has been doing this my whole life, but I always replace those He took with yet another. (Loss of my baby, loss of a husband through divorce, loss of my fantasy crushes, loss of my dad and mother and older sister, and loss of hopes and dreams I created for myself)
    Only now, He has revealed to me that He is my only GOD and true love. GOD is replacing all of my idols with His Holy Spirit in me! The physical and emotional pain cannot compare with His glorious Grace, Peace, Mercy, Truth and Love.
    Thank You, my LORDmyGOD! I am Your’s, alone, and forever! Hallelujah!

  35. I am in a season of waiting! “Be still and know that I am God” psalm 46:10
    I am very guilty of always trying to go before God, like He needs my help( haha)
    Thank you Sharon for these weekly devotionals, they are so helpful and beautifully written.
    I definitely needed this today!
    God Bless you all sisters in Christ!

  36. We are moving my elderly mother into senior living close to us as she is showing cognitive decline. As our target date of this Sunday draws closer she gets more and more scared saying she doesn’t want to. This devotion was so timely and my Journey devotion for today was also about seasons of change. I love when God does that, Truly truly I say to you.

  37. Brokenhearted- transitional season. Discovering husband having an affair. He’s unwilling to seek counseling, unrepentant, blames both of us, I filed for divorce.

  38. My season right now is a ‘season of anxiety’ as I will call it! We are looking at a ‘new season’ in our lives and that is one of moving from our current home to an apartment! I am having a difficult time of making this transition with my husband! I don’t always deal well with change, but as your message indicates, Sharon that this season too will pass! I don’t want to wish the days away, but I do look forward to when this transition will be over with & hoping that it will have been a good decision, God willing! Sharon, thank you for your message today as for me it was very timely!

  39. This hit home. My dad died a few months back and my 80 year old mother does not want to live alone. I have my 20 year old son with me now. He is very responsible and used the bird in the nest story to me about he thinks he is ready to move out. He said what does a bird do when her babies need to fly.. They coax their babies out.. I am at that point I guess. Losing my baby but taking care of my aging parent… so many mixed emotions. Thx for this devotion it was what I needed ♥️

  40. My season is renewal
    Grown kids and going through a divorce is hard. When you spent 25 years together and all of a sudden you realize you have drifted apart and can’t find a way back and silence takes it’s place. Is time to sit and soul search and find what led to this seasons end. How to find peace to move forward and forgive yourself and your partner.

  41. In all the comments I find each one of us trying to find our place in the season of our life. I know I struggle with it. I am blessed to have a loving family, a mind that still works, praying for a day at a time in my walk with Jesus. In the Christian song “seasons come and seasons go, brings us highs and brings us lows.. He’s our corner stone.”
    It’s interesting to realize generations before us have gone through life the same way. Now it’s our turn. ❤️

  42. Waiting patiently for our GOD-given Season I think is the best choice we should always try to do for the sweetest fruit will only come from the right season that GOD has reserved for each one of us.

  43. I’m in the throws of a major sibling conflict (there are 5 of us) 2 sibs are Catholic, 3 of us are Episcopal or Anglican. My Dad is an Episcopalian. He is 96 and dying of dementia. It’s the longest haul and most challenging thing I’ve ever gone through in my life.
    He could die any day now but still he lingers on…..a very gradual decline mentally and physically. He is now a shell of his former self.
    Sometimes he just has a blank look on his face when I visit. No recognition of who I am. He can barely talk since his stroke.
    I’ve been pleading with God to take him home and cannot understand God’s purpose. My 2 Catholic sibs want a Catholic funeral mass
    Although my Dad is not Catholic, they have convinced themselves that he became Catholic when he took communion from their Catholic priest. (He could not possibly understand with dementia that he was taking catholic communion) So now we must have 2 different funerals, Catholic and Protestant. I need to forgive my sibs for the deceptive sneaky behavior of taking my day to a Catholic service to become Catholic unbeknownst to the 3 of us sibs. Thank you for your prayers. Grieving is intense and very long when one is dying of dementia. It has put a major strain on our relationships.

  44. I truly appreciate the timeliness of this message. What I needed this morning – and more. I am in season of grief after the loss of my granddaughter (12) to a violent crime in February, working through the emotions as well as getting back on track. Much need for rest and revival – but God has been gracious and has continued to show up in various forms and through various methods . I will revel in this season of challenge and be reminded that it is not a sentence.

  45. Season of grief my youngest son’s wife just passed away and my children s fater passed as well Season of grief for my children and me as well as i watch them struggle with their feelings.

  46. How appropriate your story of a momma bird in a transition of life. This momma bird has just begun the transition of an empty nest. My youngest son has flown off to college, where he certainly is meant to be working toward his own future.
    I am not handling it as well as I thought I would.

    My son who I call the peacemaker sees good in all people and situations and it is such a privilege to be his mom. I miss my baby bird so much, but know this has been the plan all along. I pray that I find all the right things to do to get through this season. ♥️

  47. Stepping out in faith season. When my engagement ended abruptly 4 months ago (to the one I thought for sure God sent and would be an amazing father figure to my teenage son) I mourned for ONE entire day then the Lord’s sweet peace covered us. I knew instantly this was God’s plan. He began to stoke the passions of my heart that I had pushed aside to please my fiancé. Very quickly God put His plans into motion. I will be leaving in 37 days for my first international medical mission trip and my son has stepped up to serve our new church plant alongside me. This momma’s heart sings joyfully to him serve and love doing it! Needless to say, the Lord calls the willing and able body even those who single mommas who don’t feel adequate or wonder “how Lord?”

  48. My season would be considered bittersweet. I pray that the uncertainty that I feel shall pass and God’s grace is sustained.
    Thank you Jesus

  49. I guess my season is the search for direction. I want to start something with a ladies group. Ladies who are believers like me. The group doesn’t have to be big and we can meet via Google Meets. I am thinking on Saturday at 1pm. I just don’t know if that is a good time or even a good day for everyone. As you can see, looking for guidance and direction. I just think it would be good to have a Ladies discussion group without going through Facebook.

    Lord, I pray that this is the way you want me to proceed so that I may lift you up in Jesus name. Amen.

    1. I think this is a good idea.
      Please let me know if i can join once you start. Am in Nairobi Kenya and it’s a lonely place to be when going through a difficult season.

  50. I am in a waiting season. My hubby and I have a 34 year old daughter who has autism, anxiety, cognitive impairments and is hard of hearing. It’s been a long season, but there are still times of joy as well as stress. With aging parents to help with, we are now in the “sandwich” season. Our parents are no longer able to help us much with our daughter and are relying on us more for help. Date nights are few and far between since it is hard to find staffing to relieve some of our stress. But God is good and we keep plugging away. I claim Galatians 6:9 right now and rely on God to keep us from getting tired of doing what is good. Thanks for your encouraging words. God bless you!

  51. This is not just a season for me- it seems to have been a lifetime of financial challenges, loneliness as I never married & don’t have many friends. I’m facing loss of my accommodation- a euphemism for “eviction”- and at 63 cannot find a job. It’s a lifetime of struggling to obey God and discern His will and also coping with unanswered prayers. Doing what I thought was right and serving my church family in whatever way I could. After my mother’s passing in 2012 I struggled to build a life for myself with very little success.

    At the time of writing this I’m just struggling to hold on but how does one simply walk away from the mess their life has become? Where is God in this?
    As for seasons of life I’m just living day to day- not even daring or able to think beyond Oct. 10th (landlord tenant hearing).

    I’ve seen some of the other backstories here and my heart breaks for us all. I thought the Christian life was to be lived in a way that it would be desirable to non-believers? But who would want this?!?!?

  52. My favorite time is my bk porch sitting with my Bible and my coffee with God and the water view He has blessed me with. Yes i am struggling with a season—husband is going through dementia! This devotion hit me good on many aspects! Thank you!

    1. Post
  53. This is a difficult season for me and my sons after losing our business, home, cars and properties. Now living in a rental house without an income and running into months of arrears and relying on friends for food. It’s so hard but God is faithful. Tried to get an income or funds back to business but still trusting God. Learnt to live one day at a time as I trust God to make a way.

  54. Thank you Sharon,

    I needed this message to remind me to be patient. I am in a season of restoration and waiting. Trying to press on with many rejections in my pathway as I move forward in new career direction. The amazing grace of God is accessible to us, we are all Blessed. Blessings are to come!

  55. My season would be called “waiting,” and it feels like one of the toughest seasons of all. Waiting for my 20-year-old daughter to come back to her family and for relationships to be restored. Thank you for this reminder of seasons. Per usual, your writings have brought me to full blown tears.

  56. I’m physically exhausted from the years of being married to an addict of many sorts😭 He has not surrendered to God. I’m waiting. It’s been really difficult and I have been struggling. I really think I have PTSD from all of this yet I know God is with me because He’s shown me glimpses of His goodness and kindness and mercy for the day as the Bible says, “God’s unwavering love never ends, His mercy never ceases. His mercy is renewed every morning. HOW GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS!” He is a Faithful God and my living hope. I will cling to His promises🙏 and keep waiting until He says to go, if He says, “go”.

    May God Bless you all💜

  57. My husband decided without discussing with me that his adult daughter and her son were going to live with us. She has been trying to separate us since she moved in. My husband and I fight constantly. He said some very hurtful words, and I have a very hard time forgiving him. I feel that this season in my life will never end. I feel cornered, bitter and angry constantly.
    I don’t know how to move on

  58. I would call this New Beginnings. As just started dating about 2 months ago after losing my husband in 2021 to cancer. Also, my daughter will be going away to college next Fall.

    1. Post
  59. Lord Jesus, I lift up the women represented here and the body of Christ. We are in such need of you —for those that are going through divorce or have huge disappointments concerning their children.- would you undergird them? For those that are lonely and need a friend God, would you find a friend for them? I pray that even though our hearts are broken we still would be able to reach out to you and find the faith, forgiveness, and unconditional that you have for us. Give us the gift of faith in this difficult season of life, and for those who are prospering and have a great season. I pray that they would reach out to others who are not…. let’s be the body of Christ . help us to look up not down, bring us through the valley of the shadow of death that we might rejoice again -you said that crying remains only for one night, but joy comes in the morning.

  60. Juselda
    September 29, 2023, At 1:47:Pm

    My Season is a Season of Health Struggle Never Ending Pain For The Past 10 Years I stayed in Prayer
    And The Word While Waiting And The Lord For My Season To Change

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