Praying for Your Child from Head to Toe

A 30-Day Guide to Powerful and Effective Scripture-Based Prayers

Prayer is a parent’s greatest superpower! This unique prayer guide for mothers leads you through sixteen areas of your child’s life from head (thoughts) to shoulders (burdens) to hands (gifts) to feet (the path ahead).

Our responsibilities as parents can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to prayer. How do we know what to say? How can we truly pray for our kids rather than fall into a spiral of worry?

In Praying for Your Child from Head to Toe, bestselling author Sharon Jaynes helps you use Scripture to pray powerfully and purposefully. This practical and encouraging book equips you to:

• Pray specific Scriptures over each area of a child’s life—from their mind and what they think about, to their eyes and what they look at, down to their feet and the path they take.

• See prayer not as a means of gaining control over your child to make them who you want them to be but relinquishing control to who God wants them to be.

• Overcome your feelings of inadequacy as an intercessor and become a prayer warrior who is expectant for what God will do.

No one will be a perfect parent, but we can all be praying parents who confidently pray for God’s protection and provision in the physical and spiritual realms. This is a prayer guide you will use again and again, from birth to empty nest.

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What Others are Saying about Praying for Your Child from Head to Toe

"How can you cover your kids in prayer from top to bottom? Sharon shows us how in this practical 30-day guide full of Scriptures, stories, and prayer prompts. She helps readers connect with the only One who can transform a child's thoughts (head) and steps (feet), and all the tender places in between."
 Jim Daly, President – Focus on the Family
"In my early years as a mom, I learned that trusting God with my kids' lives would need to be an intentional daily decision ... Praying for them became my way of reminding myself that God is in control and I am not. This beautiful collection of biblically-based prayers is what I needed back then and can still utilize today as I continue to pray for my grown children and grandchildren. My dear friend, Sharon, is a gift to parents everywhere with this timely guide that will help you cover your kids from head to toe. Get your copy today!"
Lysa TerKeurst, #1 New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries 
"We want to pray for our kids but sometimes all that comes out is "Lord, bless my child." This book will show you from Scripture how to pray specifically and powerfully for your children in a whole new way.  What an exciting opportunity we have as parents to pray for our kids.  This book has jump started my prayers as a mom and I know it will do the same for you!"
Arlene Pellicane, speaker, author of Parents Rising, and host of the Happy Home podcast 
"Prayer is the work of a parent. From the moment that child is first embraced in your arms through their adult years, the one thing you can consistently do is pray. When you're at a loss for words like we all are at different points of the parenting journey, this beautiful book will take you by the hand and lead the way."
Jill Savage, author of Real Moms...Real Jesus and No More Perfect Kids
"If you know you should be praying for your children, but don't exactly know where to start, this guided resource will be invaluable to you. Sharon Jaynes not only shows us why we should pray, but also empowers us with specific areas to cover and creative ways to weave prayer into our ordinary days. Full of scripture, examples, and encouragement, this practical tool will grant you a renewed purpose and offer you an eternal perspective as a parent."
Karen Ehman, New York Times Best-selling author of When Making Others Happy is Making You Miserable and international speaker
"I would not be who I am today without the faithful prayers of my parents and grandparents. This is more than a book, it's a powerful way to love your children today and bless them tomorrow. There is no legacy more impactful or inheritance more valuable than the prayers said for us."
Holley Gerth, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of What Your Mind Needs for Anxious Moments
"As parents, we desire the best for our children but there are many times we feel at a loss for what to do or we may wonder if we are doing enough to guide them toward a life lived for Jesus. It is too easy to forget the most powerful weapon we have--prayer! Praying for Your Children from Head to Toe by Sharon Jaynes is the guide I wished I had years ago but am so thankful exists today. I absolutely love this step-by-step daily journey of applying Scripture through prayer to all the different elements of our children's lives! This will be a resource I use over and over for years to come. "
Ruth Schwenk, Best-selling Author of Jesus, Calm My Heart and The Better Mom Devotional