The Reflection in Your Groom’s Eyes

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Today’s Truth
“The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord” (Psalm 45:11, NIV)

Friend to Friend
In my last devotion, I talked about us being the Bride of Christ. But this time I want to focus on the groom. I think we can all agree that a woman never looks more beautiful than when she marches down the aisle to meet the man of her dreams. But what about the groom? Certainly he is not the focus of attention on such a day, but let’s take just a moment to look in his eyes as he watches his bride come down the aisle. Come closer. Stand on your tip toes if you have to.  He won’t mind. Look in his eyes. What do you see? 

If the light is just right and the angle of his head is just so, you will see what he sees. There, reflected in his eyes is his bride. The vision of her fills his eyes as his love for her fills his heart.  With each progressive step down the aisle, his heart pounds with anticipation. Go ahead, place your hand on his chest. Do you feel it? Strong, pounding, anticipatory. He loves her. He adores her. He can’t imagine life without her. She is his and he can hardly fathom this great prize that is for him alone.

Now, look a little closer. The bride is nearer now. You can see her face in the reflection of his eyes. Dear sister, the face is your face. You are the bride.

Jesus Christ has chosen you, He is wooing you and He wants to take care of you as His precious bride. He’s standing at the altar, just waiting for you to say, “I do.”

Whether you are divorced with a heart broken by betrayal, widowed with a bed chilled by loneliness, single with still no promise of a ring on your finger, or happily joined to the man of your dreams, Jesus longs to take you in his arms, not “for as long as you both shall live,” but for all eternity.

Let me share the words to a precious song by Judie Lawson:

Wedding Feast of the Lamb
There is a place prepared for me
A table by the crystal sea
Where my Beloved bids me rest
And gently lean upon His breast
He dries my tears, He breaks my chains
He binds my wounds, He heals my pain
He soothes my tired and troubled soul
He fills my cup, it overflows
The finest wine, the choicest bread
By His own nail-scarred hands I am fed
He hides my shame in holy dress
He clothes me with His righteousness
He lifts my veil, He draws me close
Proclaims me His to the heavenly host
While angels sing His reverence
He leads me in a sacred dance
There is a place by the crystal sea
Where my Beloved waits for me.
He bids me come just as I am
To the wedding feast of the Lamb.

Let’s Pray
Dear Jesus, I can hardly wait to walk that final aisle and join you in heaven. I pray the Holy Spirit will give me the power and the strength as I prepare myself to be the very best Bride that I can be.

In Jesus’ Name,


Now It’s Your Turn
If you can get your hands on a wedding video, take a look at the groom’s eyes.  What do you see?

How did today’s devotion make you feel, as you imagined the Groom’s eyes focused on you?  Let’s share at

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