The Power of One Word From You

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I was wandering around the tourist area of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Shelves with tacky little statues, snow globes with leaning towers, and ten dollar t-shirts crowed small booths for tourists.

frostShifty men with cases of “genuine fake” watches swarmed like bees. Rolex, Cartier, and Infinity—all for fifty bucks or less. Flashing fake gold and flaunting fake brands; their swift feet were ready to run if the authorities were to show up.

“No thank you.”
“No thank you.”
“No thank you.”
I sang as I swam through the men hocking their wares.

Then I spotted her. She sat on a bench with colorful scarves for purchase draped over her arm. A blue, yellow and red headdress wound around her head, and a purple full-length dress hung loosely from her shoulders. The bright colors shone against the backdrop of polished mahogany skin.

Tired eyes.
Tired feet.
Tired life.

What appeared to be her “handler” shared the bench with her.

I walked over and bent low to look her in the eyes. “You are so beautiful,” I said.

Deese?” she questioned as she held up the scarves up for examination.

“No, not the scarves,” I replied. “YOU are beautiful!” I waved my hand from the top of her head to the hem of her dress and back up again. “YOU, all of you!”

She turned to the indifferent man beside her for translation. When she understood, her face lit up like morning and her ivory teeth flashed like a slice of sun. She simply nodded as if to say, “Thank you.”

I walked back over to the group I was traveling with, and in a few moments I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the woman. Without words, she handed me a bracelet, one I’m thinking she had made herself.

It wasn’t anything fancy–just little white lettered cubes with alternating black beads strung together with elastic. But I wonder what it cost her to give it to a tourist.

I didn’t offer to pay for the gift. That would have taken away her pleasure in giving it. I did hand her a few coins for allowing me to take her picture.

I showed her the image of herself in my camera. “Beautiful,” I said once again.

She smiled with a nod. Walked back to the bench. And handed the coins to the man.

Tears filled my eyes.

I don’t know what this woman’s life is like. I pray my assumptions are wrong. But I do know this: For one brief moment in her monotonous day of pedaling scarves, she felt lovely…because someone stopped and noticed her.

Oh how easy it is—this speaking of a word of encouragement—this speaking a words of life.

As you go about your day, look for opportunities to say a kind word. I promise, you won’t have to look very far.

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Comments 14

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. God has spoken to me so many times in pharmacies (yes I know it is a funny place) about helping elderly people. They are just so fragile and sometimes one can see how little money they have when paying for medicine that is so desprately needed. I love going up to them and say that they don’t have to pay. I will. It is such a blessing seeing them smiling or their eyes filled with tears. Just like God showed you this woman to approach, he also show me old people to help. I think that God has a special calling for each of us. A place that we can go to where we know He can use us, even in a pharmacy. Sometimes I am in too much of a hurry, or let the opportunity pass. I afterwards know that I should have listen to God. Lots of love. In the Name of Jesus Christ.

  2. Thank you for these encouraging posts. They have really meant so much to me over the past few years. This is a great post, and I had to comment. YOU are beautiful too! I love your stories. They do so much good. God bless.

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  3. I just wanted to say how much I agree that words are powerful. My mom used to tell me kind words are like sunshine, they bring light to dark hurting souls. We never know what someone is going through, but we can always say something kind sometimes a smile can turn around someone’s day. You just never know. Beautiful story it touched my heart

  4. hello Sharon!My name is Brittany and your sweet story lifted me up this morning and I really appreciate it!!Thank You!!God Bless you and people you encounter!!You are such an Excellent Role Model!!!

  5. I enjoy your words of encouragement when I receive your emails. They always brighten my day. Now I need to read some of your books! Gotta get more of these feel good moments!

  6. Thank you Sharon for showing Kindness because of your example I also will step out of my comfort zone and be Christ for someone
    Also Please pray that I share Christ without inhibitions but not allow myself to succumb to worldly behavior.( being responsive, not reactive)

  7. HI Sharon
    I was one of the women that attended the Salvation Army conference you spoke at a few months ago. The theme was The Power of a Woman’s Words. After reading your blog I was reminded of the impact you made on my heart and thoughts and your words continue to encourage me.
    Thank you

  8. Sharon, It breaks my heart to see such a beautiful woman of color who is (possibly) NOT allowed to enjoy the pleasures of life and to share her gift from God, that I know we (Women) All posses. Truer words could not have been spoken when it comes to “The Power of a Woman’s Words”. My daughter (35 years old) reminds me constantly that I am not aware of some of the things I say that hurt her. I have asked my daughter and the Lord to forgive me. My daughter is my one and only, and I am asking prayer to be able to Uplift, Encourage, and Love my daughter Unconditionally EVERYDAY. As women we are obligated to be Our Sisters Keeper-No matter the relationship. Strangers need our Love too…May the Lord continue to Use you Sharon as you continue to bring Us Hope for the Moment and into the Future….May all the Girlfriends of God continue to be Blessed with Success, and Joy!!!!!

  9. I love getting your messages. I share them on my FB page. I sell handmade items made by women around the world and love post just like this one. It is so sad that a “handler” gets the money in your story. I don’t know if you ever support other types of business but I would love to send you an item from Trades of Hope and if you ever do a blog with a giveaway, I would love to send you something to give away. Take some time to check out my website. We are a Christian based missional company. God sent me to this company when I was going through such a hard time in my life. It has given me a purpose and a service and my joy back. I do Girlfriends devotion every morning and always share with others. You girls have been such a blessing to me. Thanks for doing the Lords work.

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  10. Thank you for the inspirational message. For the power of words. Even the bible teaches us to always speake life everytime we speak. Not words that destroy one’s life. Thank you very much.

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