Seeing Your True Value

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Do you remember the day you came to saving faith?

Perhaps you’re still considering a relationship with Jesus.

Perhaps you can’t even remember a time when you didn’t know Him.

For me, it was on a summer night when I was fourteen years old.

When I think about how God brought me out of a home filled with alcohol, rage, and hostility into this wonderful relationship with Jesus, I’m amazed.

The sheer wonder of it stokes my passion for Jesus and gratitude to God every time I tell it.

But here’s what you need to know. Just because I became a Christian when I was fourteen, does not mean that my feelings of inferiority, insecurity, and inadequacy went away. I was still a girl who felt worthlessness. When I made the decision to believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, those feelings did not dissolve like springtime snow.

As a matter of fact I didn’t even know those chains were there. I simply knew that something wasn’t quite right. I was held hostage by my self-perceived deficiencies and didn’t even know it.

After the initial excitement of making a commitment to Christ settled down a bit, I actually felt a little worse about myself. (I’m being honest. I always will.)

Now I added a new “I’m not good enough” to the list of my inadequacies. I’m not a good enough Christian, I decided. I can’t memorize Scripture like other people or pray like other Christians. I keep struggling with the same old insecurities. I know God loves me, but I don’t think He likes me very much. Why should He? I don’t like me much either.

The problem was, as the song says, I was stuck on a feelin’. I walked through life prodded by my emotions rather than led by the Truth.

Through the years, I learned to compensate for my insecurities and self-perceived inadequacies. However, if you had seen me as a teenager—my achievements and accomplishments—you would have never known that I felt that way about myself.

Even though I had the borders of the puzzle in place with the promise of heaven, I felt like I was missing key pieces to complete the picture.

From the time I was fourteen until I was in my early thirties, I always felt like there was something wrong with me spiritually. I had an uneasiness—like I had walked into a movie twenty minutes late, trying to figure out what was going on.

I wondered why I struggled to live the victorious Christian life. By my mid-thirties, I had a wonderful husband, an amazing son, and a happy home life. I attended Bible studies and even taught a few. But in my heart, I knew something wasn’t quite right. I wonder if you’ve ever felt that way.

Simply put, I was stuck. I was stuck in my spiritual growth and the harder I spun my wheels, the deeper they sank in the muck and mire of the land of in-between—saved from slavery of Egypt but never quite making it to the Promised Land. And then God brought another woman into my life to shimmy the plank of truth under my tires and help me get on my way.

God wants to show you truths about your true identity, His timeless sufficiency, and your pre-ordained destiny that flesh and blood cannot reveal.

He sits by the well waiting for you to show up—to dip down deep and pour out the affirmation you’re thirsting for—affirmations that call you to let go of the hindrances that hold you hostage, take hold of the promises that set you free, and live bold with that faith you’ve always longed for.

He’s looking for men and women who are not only willing but hungrily yearning to step outside of the quiet, settled, predictable faith and into the boldly believing, courageously confident, and miraculously powerful adventurous faith. Those who will take hold of what they’ve already got—of what Jesus has already taken hold of for them.

  • You are a saint.
  • You are chosen.
  • You are dearly loved.
  • You are holy.
  • You are reconciled through Christ’s life.
  • You are justified by Christ’s blood.
  • You are free from condemnation through Christ’s death.
  • You have the mind of Christ.
  • You can do all things through Christ.

Today, take hold of these truths and allow God to transform your mind.

You are not meant to simply hang on by the skin of your teeth until Jesus comes or calls you home. You are meant to let go of the past, move forward in the present, and live bold!

If you’re ready to believe you are who God says you are, leave a comment and say “I’m ready.”

Today’s blog was adapted from my book, Take Hold of the Faith You Long For: Let go. Move forward. Live bold. Click here to learn more.

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Comments 34

  1. I’m ready! Living the bold, adventurous Christian life is something I long for, but have feared. We know that perfect love casts out all fear. I guess I’ve let fear take place over receiving God’s Love. I’m praying for God to get me out of my comfort zone to live a life of abundance!

  2. Sharon, as I read your blog this morning, I felt like you had watched me grow up and were telling my story so others could learn from it. I am in my 70’s, and have walked every step of the way you have described. My parents were divorced when I was 5 because of my father being an alcoholic. My mother raised her three children ( me being the oldest ) with the help of my grandparents . I was raised in the church, baptized at the age of 10, but always felt insecure, inadequate, and not worthy. I married a wonderful man and have two beautiful children. But, still feel unworty and inadequate. Taught school for 35 years, received many honors (including teacher of the year) but still felt something was missing. Have taught Bible Studies at my church but still feel uncomfortable when I have to pray out loud and have a hard time remembering scripture. My preacher is the one who has begun to lead me to greater heights. I am now studying to become a Spiritual Director. We are having to come face to face with our own feelings and truly look at ourselves and come to grips with our feelings. This will be a good three years for me and I pray Gods deliverance from all my insecurities so I can help others like you helped me. Thanks for your honesty and sharing. I can relate!

    1. Post

      Our lives do seem very similar. The devil is not vey creative, but he’s very effective. He uses the same lies against us. And Jesus has the same promises for us!

  3. I am ready.I have always been stuck on a feeling…self condemnation,the past,not good enough ,viewing my skills,gifts as not good enough.
    On love matters as not worthy to receive what i desire so much.,,JUST STUCK

  4. Sharon,
    This is so good! I sometimes wonder how many times I will need to hear these words of how Christ sees me instead of how the world, and I, see me?? Once again I will try to find some sort of worth! One would think that at 66 I would be better at this!
    So, thank you again for encouraging me!

  5. I’m ready! Your blog this morning was the affirmation that this is what God is working on in me! That this is an area He wants me to address in my life. I come from a similar background and have struggled (and am still struggling) with letting go of all my insecurities and self-hate talk. Thank you for this today. And thank you for your honesty. It has helped me to be honest with myself too.

  6. I just finished reading “seeing your true value.” and I read when you said “If you’re ready to believe you are who God says you are, leave a comment and say “I’m ready.”

    I wish I could say I’m ready. I want to be. I just don’t know how. Would you please say a prayer for me, that I might one day feel & believe what God says I am.


    Donna Thomas

  7. Thanks for the encouragement. I am so busy trying to live up to other peoples standards that along the way, I let those irrelevant worries take over rather than completely enjoying the freedom that comes from accepting Jesus Christ as he has accepted me regardless of who I am.

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