Prayer Wall

Jesus said, "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them" (Matthew 18:20 NIV). There was no Internet when Jesus said those words, but He certainly knew it was coming! And here we are today praying for each other around the world.

This Prayer Wall is a safe place for two or three or more to gather in Jesus' Name and pray for each other. God invites us to participate in the unleashing of His power by praying and turning the key to the storehouse of heaven's door for blessings outpoured. The Prayer Wall is here for us to pray for each other, and to share praises with each other.

Let me also say what the Prayer Wall is not. This is not a place to vent. Whether it is venting about husbands or politics, this is not the place to do it. It is not a place to disparage others, embarrass others, or disrespect others in any way.

The Prayer Wall is not a place to give advice. Let's let God be the One to give advice to our sisters. Our job is to pray and we never want human advice to interfere with God's direction.

We don't need to tell a lot of details about certain situations. God already knows the details, and we wouldn't want anyone to post something she would later regret. Therefore, some details maybe edited out.

Each prayer request will remain on the Prayer Wall for 60 days and will then drop off. If you would like for this amazing community of praying women to continue praying for a certain request, simply enter it again.

I am so excited to see what God will do in each of our lives!



While we're praying for each other...

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    Sharon Jaynes | Prayer Wall



    • The Lord is guiding my heart to start a Prayer study to learn about how to pray more effective prayers by using his Word to help others to learn the power of prayer where I live. Please pray that He will guide me across the right materials and give me courage and boldness to accomplish His will in the life He has given me. Thank you
    • Husband to get a job with insurance, financial relief.
      Ability to make repairs that are much needed.
      Thank you.
    • Please pray for my family, my daughter, granddaughter and grandson. God knows are need
      Thank you
    • I Pray for Strength and Boldness, Courage to step forward in Jesus Christ and to live a life full of hope and healing. That this is just the beginning of a thrivant Life. I pray for Generational Bondage to be demolished in my life and the lives of Kyle,Leah,Clara,Landon,Anna,and Carter. That All principalities and darkness would be demolished. That conviction, Salvation and God\'s Love would be ever present in every family members Life. I pray for physical Healing of the Body for Carter that he would be healthy, thriving and able to gain weight... For Jess that the symptoms of IBS would be cured and doctors would have wisdom. For Clara that she would be set free from the harmful relationship she is now involved in. For Leah that she finds herself in Christ Jesus. For Cindy that she would be convicted and seek forgiveness . Please Lord Hear my Prayer and come swiftly to make your presence known and Heal from within. Amen
    • I have been struggling for a long time with a tug from the Lord to change things in my life... Not the usual addictions,etc... but obedience to his promptings. You see I have had a fall out in faith, after 19yrs of life quickly shifted with DV and then Divorce but it was looong drawn out by (thinking I knew best) me , 5 kids in the middle, being a christian I tried every avenue,bold submission,counseling, separation with working on myself for marriage all the while. Anyhow...Here I am 9yrs later and a whirlwind of unnecessary hurt to all. Still Single( Something I never dreamed of! I feel in the deepest parts I was Created to be a HelpMeet) but with 1 1/2 Children with a partner who doesn't want to commit. I Understand the Lord has a different plan for Me, I Long to follow His Will and be Obedient! However the Generational Bondage is Very Strong and I Don't know how! Those I should be able to trust and lean on are not out for the greater good but of the situation staying
    • please pray for my sister Donna --she has suffered with depression and anxiety for 5-6 yrs and has so many ups and down
      I am asking God to take he by the hand and lead her to a place of peacefulness and joy
      God Bless
    • Please pray for my sons James and Joey and nephew Mack to mend their relationship and quit arguing and fighting with each other pray for my daughter Liz that her Social Security Benefits will be Approved she sees a Social Security doctor in October pray for my cousin Michelle and her family that they find a house
    • Please help me pray for healing I am struggling with Arthritis I am not working an it's a struggle to walk My name Juselda Brown Thanks
    • I pray that my eyes are open to what is important. I have a son with drug addiction. I never in my wildest dream think that it would effect our whole family. But is has and we are all heart broken to say the least. I’m praying for healing for him. I’m also asking for safety fir everyone that is effected from the storm. I have 2 sons that are lineman and are in the area where it is suppose to hit. I pray for each one of the lineman. I know that God is in control of it all.
    • The place where I work is getting ready to close down. I'm 63 & can't survive on social security, Asking for something better with some financial security that I will really enjoy. I'd love to be able to afford to retire like all my friends.
    • Need God's grace,mercy and favor to reap the best of this land sm living in Jesus Mighty name Amen
      I need Almighty God to bless me with my own spots be with,God said its not good to be alone.So am trust Almighty God to let His word be accomplished in my life and give me my own husband ( child of the Most High God by this time next year in Jesus Mighty name I will not be alone anymore .God's word will manifest in my life.And i will come to give testimony in Jesus Mighty name Amen. So shall it be. Shalom🙏
    • We are in the path of Hurricane Ian. Please pray for safety and protection for our home.
    • Please pray for Donna, Brian Keller, Monica,
      Jason, Grace, Mason Baker. Charlie Sorce & family! David Young & family. Annette Cooke & family. Jim Wilson. Nancy Johnson. Susan Yeatman. Tom Morelli, Deb Oriti, Rob Slezak, Andrea. Chris & Gail Meredith. Thank you.
      May God’s Love surround you like a warm hug! 🤗. 🤗😇🕊😎☀️🌞😊🥹👼🌹
    • I am praying for God's favor in my vision, calling, and career.
    • Please pray for my sweet 7 year old granddaughter, she has SIBO and is suffering and in pain. I am feeling overwhelmed by her health issues and helpless. My daughter is the best mommy for her but she is hurting, exhausted and financially strapped and has zero support from her husband. Lord heal this family and make this dad into the man you created him to be! Thank you to anyone who prays for this sweet girl. Peace and blessings be with everyone.
    • Please pray for blessings and new life in my marriage, the home and community God has for us, and wisdom over how I am spending my time.
      Please pray my 80 year old uncle Ken who has been priced our and has to vacate his home of over 20 years in San Francisco will be led to a stable and better living situation within the next 30 days...and for his salvation.
    • I am feeling desperate and completely alone, I am trying to come off an addiction, lose weight and leave behind a toxic relationship. Right now I feel defeated and paralysed by fear. I am at my wits end.
      1. Jessica

        Wonderful lady, I hear You! I struggle too with toxic relationships and emotions that come with... Just Know that even when you don\'t feel it... God and the Lord Jesus Christ has you. He upholds you with His Righteous right hand. Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. He is your ever present help in times of trouble. Take every thought captive unto the obedience of Christ, Lean not on your own understanding but Trust in the Lord with all your heart. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. Perfect love casts out fear. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Blessings to you this day and every day after beautiful One... You Got this! Much Love,Your Sister in Christ

    • Lord I pray for continued healing from these long symptoms of Post Concussion Syndrome. I feel your presence every day and see your reminders that you are with me yet doubt and frustration still plague me at times. Please continue to help me feel your love and presence and help me feel hope and strengthen my faith. Help me to dispel the lies and hear only your truth in my own power to help myself while I rely on you. Please guide me to the right care if there is new care or bless me to wait it out while you are working on the healing that will come. Amen in Jesus name.
    • Pray for a miracle relationship healing in our family. We need it bad. Broken with our grandson and his new wife. Broken with his mother father and siblings.

      Also my brother sells his truck he has been trying to sell. Too many memories of he and his deceased wife. Plus I think he needs the money to pay medical bills from her cancer treatment
    • I am moving house to a new area in the uk, to respond to God's call to leadership in a church.
      I'm waiting for crucial information from the lady who has offered to buy my house, and really would appreciate prayer thst this will come through very soon, I'm struggling with my faith on this one! Thank you
    • I pray for my son Spencer that the Lord releases him from the negative thoughts that weigh him and make him feel unworthy. Fill his heart with joy, love and happiness. Pray he seeks the Lords guidance as he takes the next steps in his life and builds a relationship with him. Amen
    • Please pray in agreement with me for our adult children’s salvation. Our four boys are not walking with the Lord. My heart aches and I don’t even what to do or say to them. I need wisdom, guidance, and strength. It breaks my heart to see them living the way they do.
    • Prayers for my health, started new shots monthly for my osteoporoses. Prayers for my family that their heart will be opened to the inheritance that God has for all.
    • Pray for my cousin, she is going through a horrible trial with her ex, pray that whatever happens God protects her children.
    • Please pray for my PSLF to be fully approved, for my package to be received and more important, for my son, husband to be & I to fully receive our inheritance through and for Jesus!
    • My daughter Mallory has an anoxic brain injury from an accident 4.5 years ago. Please pray that she will regain her ability to walk, talk , see and use her hands again. We love our Lord and Savior and see his goodness every day. Thank you
    • My daughter Mallory has an anoxic brain injury from an accident 4.5 years ago. Please pray that she will regain her ability to walk, talk , see and use her hands again. We love our Lord and Savior and see his goodness every day. Thank you
    • I have been in the hospital twice this month. Once for kidney stones then last week for bleeding ulcers. Please pray for the healing of my body, & the doctors knowledge of what to do.
      Thank you, Blessings to all!
    • I have a trip coming up on the 12th October 2022, I am joining my faith with praying women on this prayer wall that my passport will miraculously be ready in time for this trip with my family.
      God is God of miracles, I believe, with Him, EVERYTHING is possible. Yes & Amen!!!
    • please help my family through this grieve we are going through. We lost mom in 2018, my brother in 2020 and my sister this year.
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