Prayer Wall

Jesus said, "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them" (Matthew 18:20 NIV). There was no Internet when Jesus said those words, but He certainly knew it was coming! And here we are today praying for each other around the world.

This Prayer Wall is a safe place for two or three or more to gather in Jesus' Name and pray for each other. God invites us to participate in the unleashing of His power by praying and turning the key to the storehouse of heaven's door for blessings outpoured. The Prayer Wall is here for us to pray for each other, and to share praises with each other.

Let me also say what the Prayer Wall is not. This is not a place to vent. Whether it is venting about husbands or politics, this is not the place to do it. It is not a place to disparage others, embarrass others, or disrespect others in any way.

The Prayer Wall is not a place to give advice. Let's let God be the One to give advice to our sisters. Our job is to pray and we never want human advice to interfere with God's direction.

We don't need to tell a lot of details about certain situations. God already knows the details, and we wouldn't want anyone to post something she would later regret. Therefore, some details maybe edited out.

Each prayer request will remain on the Prayer Wall for 60 days and will then drop off. If you would like for this amazing community of praying women to continue praying for a certain request, simply enter it again.

I am so excited to see what God will do in each of our lives!



While we're praying for each other...

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    Sharon Jaynes | Prayer Wall



    • My daughter passed away unexpectedly right before Christmas of last year
      It has created a seperation in my marriage
      My husband is angry at God and angry with me for neglecting him in the 5 weeks following her death.
      I did not purposely do this I was in shock for several weeks and on autopilot and focused on the kids because this was a huge loss for them & I was so worried for them as they are only 8 & 11.
      Mostly I think he is angry at God still & hurting and taking it out on me
      We have been seperated for 10 months
      He would not speak to me until recently & then only for a few days.
      Im not trying to fix it Im just praying for him and trying to be loving & encouraging.
      It has been so hard because Im still grieving deeply.
      I trust God fully but some days the pain of all this is unbearable. The holidays are coming as well as our Anniversary Dec 4th & the 1 year mark of her passing . Please pray that his heart is softened & that communication is restored & that he will come home soon.
    • For healing of my ribs. For boldness in my faith.
    • need prayer for getting out of this place that I am in right now. It seem like I am stuck doing thing that do not help my walk with the LORD and doing the things that I shouldn't do. I have been praying for a Season Mentor that can help me grow in these areas of weakness.
    • My husband struggles was horrible headaches (and overall different sicknesses) too often and that really brings him spiritually down. Please keep him in your prayers so that God can bring a miracle into his health and spiritual life. Thank you.
    • *Urgent-Please pray for my dear friend, Patrick. He is 38 and a pastor’s son. He is addicted to meth and is in homosexuality. He hasn’t yet chosen to go to a rehab. Please pray for his deliverance and surrender to Jesus Christ. Please also pray for restoration of the relationship with his dad.
      I’ve been praying for 5 years, expecting breakthrough and for God to get the glory. Thank you, God bless.
    • For wisdom, love, humility and grace in resolving a problem with a person who is reticent to open up and discuss it.
    • For the Lord to restore my family and bring it back together. For forgiveness and addictions to be broken!
    • I have been praying for a long time for an extra job that would help me financially survive the month, but all the doors I knock on are closed. Although I have a lot of work experience and a large network of contacts, and I regularly follow ads, there is simply no way that anything opens up. That's why I decided to share this need on the prayer wall, because I believe in Jesus' promise that where two or three meet in his name, he is there with them.
    • HELP ME GOD!
    • To truly KNOW that Jesus will provide, protect & save me. I don’t want to live in fear about how I will make it or do my job as husband/father to my family past tomorrow.
    • To truly have the confidence that Jesus loves me so I can stop seeking approval or affirmation from people. I want to serve and obey Him because of who He is, not because I want to please others.
    • For Jesus’ strength & power to overcome my worldly thoughts, obey His Word, and live as a model of His grace in my life to others, especially to my family and those I work with.
    • Hi my name is Donna from NC, Thank you Lord and Thank you so very much Miss Sharon for the beautiful article that appeared in my google stories on my phone! Please pray for my daughter Lindsay and her family, she has stopped believing in God and the Bible. It is so hard to feel like a family any longer. I don't know what to say or how to talk to her. Please Lord bring her back home to Your loving arm's.
    • That I would get up and get moving in my spiritual life, I have allowed myself to become lazy, putting off what's necessary for useless things. I know what I should do, but I don't. Please pray I will get back to my Lord and live to bring HIM glory.
    • God knows
    • I am asking for prayer as I am completing a program in school that I don't find myself fit for. In addition, my responsibilities are mounting: school, work, and family. Please pray the Lord grant me focus, clarity, guidance, and for me to hear and obey his voice. Also please pray for protection over my family of 4. Thank you!
    • For my marriage & husbands drinking. I also pray that a buyer is interested in my business , before it has to shut down.
    • Pray for my son, daughter-in-law and grandson and granddaughter. God knows the need there.
    • Please pray for my family for our finances and for jobs or a business. Please pray that God's will be done in our lives and that we follow His direction. Thank you.
    • I'm praying for healing and financial stability over my family and myself. I pray that you contine to guide us through our trials and tribulations. Give us the peace that surpass our understanding, help us see you in all our troubles, help usvtp prosper in Jesus name I pray Anen
    • Please pray for my son. He is in a desperate place, desperately needing God to impact his life.
    • My sciatica nerve has been inflamed and I've been in constant pain for 3 weeks now with no relief from anything the doctors had given me. It keeps me awake at night and I barely able to walk from one room to another without a Walker. This is so difficult for me so used to being active. My prayers for relief and release from this pain and for wisdom for the next doctor they sent me they send me to. It's difficult to walk from 1 room to the other without a Walker. And I pray for help here at my house.

      My prayers for others and neighbors to step up as well
    • Please pray for my sister. She has been battling MS for 30 years and is
      getting tired of fighting. She has been in the hospital for the last month
      and is now Rehab. If she can't get stronger she will have to go in a nursing home!!! The only thing she wanted was to stay in her home.
      Please pray for her!!!
    • Please come alongside me in prayer for my family and I. Sometimes, I feel so overwhelmed and ready to give up. I just feel like I’m failing at everything. I would love to connect with a godly older woman for prayer, fellowship and encouragement. We have 6 adult children and 6 still at home (4 teenagers and 2 preschoolers). God brought our last 7 children through adoption. I pray God knits the hearts of all of our children together with each other and us. God, please heal hearts and save souls. Thank you for praying with me! I appreciate your encouragement and support more than you could ever really know! Blessings and favor upon you!
    • Please pray for healing for my husband and I both.
    • I pray that my husband will not lose sight of his walk with the Lord, that he will stay on the right path moving forward and fall back into old habits. I pray for final victory over his anger and anxiety and other temptations and weaknesses of the flesh.
    • Pls pray in agreement with me Acts 16:31, when one is saved, your family is saved. Pls pray for my family, for our restoration & healing. I pray for strategies from heaven how to intercede for my family. I pray to be able to sleep well at night and to be able to have dreams and heavenly strategies from God. Thank you , God bless you
    • I ask you to please lift my grumbabies up in your prayers. Their parents are divorced and their dad is now remarried. They have been through more than kids their ages ever should. I also ask for prayers for my husband and I. God knows our needs. Thank You & God Bless
    • Please pray for complete healing of our entire family -- since the passing of a dear mother. Everything simply went arye when all things were split up -- we need total and complete forgiveness of each other -- and Godly acceptance once again of each of us for the other. Thank you so much for your prayers!
    • Could you please pray for me and my family we don't have a church to go to and I recently fell away in my walk with Christ and I feel that I can't get back up I feel that I can't confess of my sins because of my hardened heart please pray please
      1. Joy

        The hardness of your heart is already softening. Trust that the God of the universe knows you and welcomes you into His arms through confession and repentance. Then the healing begins. You and your family are precious in His sight.

      2. Jersey

        But what if I don\'t know how what if I\'m stuck in my own pit and I can\'t get back up I\'m really sick physically and no one knows but God and I can\'t help but I keep telling myself that I\'ve disappointed Him and my family is going to be disappointed in me

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