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I am praying for my husband Chads salvation. That God change his heart to flesh and heal him. I am praying for the restoration of our marriage. I am praying for my children whom he continues to hurt as he struggles.I am praying for some peace from this unbearable pain.

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  1. Oh the promises that God has given me! During dailyness, it is easy to question His promises. So HE reminded me: “I told Abraham. once. I told Noah. once. I did not have to repeat My promises to them. They believed me, as YOU do, Sherri. Then they lived in those promises, no matter what it looked like to the outside world; no matter that it took longer than they thought it should. When Abraham tried to get ahead of ME, well, that didn’t go well.”

    And so I live daily, learning to let Him work, knowing that He is, even if I cannot see it, yet.

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