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When I turned forty, all of a sudden small letters and numbers got smaller. A trip to the ophthalmologist proved that I needed reading glasses.

But I had a hard time keeping up with them, so the doctor fitted me with mono-vision contact lenses. In my left eye I wear a contact lens for close up and in my right eye I wear a contact lens for distance.

And somehow, my brain figures all that out and I can see perfectly.

That is how I view gratitude and grace. With gratitude in one eye and grace in the other, I can see God more clearly. If there is one thing that should cause gratitude to bubble up and spill out of our hearts, it is God’s grace.

“What do you think keeps us from experiencing union with Jesus?” my friend Bill asked. “I think it is that we still feel shame, even though we have been exonerated by Christ, forgiven by God, and washed clean by the power of the Holy Spirit,” he continued, answering his own question.

And Bill is right. Shame drove Adam and Eve into hiding and it can drive us there as well.

And the only way of escape is to accept God’s grace gift and come out into the open. I often find myself crouching in the bushes with Adam and Eve. I hear the footsteps of God approaching the Garden in the cool of the evening, calling out to me with glory all around, but I cower, naked and ashamed…saddened by how I have failed Him throughout the day.


It will not cease to exist just because I have entered into this love relationship with Jesus.

Yes, I have been saved from the penalty of sin, but the power of sin still pulls my heart toward lesser lovers and off I go. It tears a drain hole in my soul through which my joy seeps away as I try to soothe that glory ache on my own – apart from Christ. How I long for the day when I leave this earth for the consummation of this heavenly marriage, to be saved from the presence of sin completely. Until then, I fall away, and Jesus woos me back. Grace.

Two of Satan’s greatest weapons he uses against Christian women today are shame and condemnation. He knows that because of the finished work of Jesus Christ and His work of redemption in your life, you are deeply loved, completely forgiven, thoroughly cleansed, eternally saved, fully pleasing and totally accepted by God. All he can do is try and convince you that isn’t true.

He can do nothing to make you unclean. All he can do is to make you feel unclean. And if you believe his lies of shame, then back into the bushes you’ll go. Hiding with Adam and Eve as God walks calling out…“Where are you?”

We all fail God.

We all sin.

We all fall short of the glory of God, what He intended us to do and be in the Garden.

But here’s God’s promise: “If you confess your sins, he (Jesus) is faithful and just and forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 2:9 NIV).

What do you do when you fail God? If you’re like me, after I have repented and asked forgiveness, my natural tendency is to tell God that I’ll try harder next time. Try harder. Is that really the solution? Do I really need to suck it up and try harder? I wonder if that is what Jesus would say.

On the contrary, Jesus said, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching” (John 14:23).  Any one who loves me…will obey my teaching. Perhaps the solution to our tendency to disobey God is not trying harder, but loving more. Perhaps an intimate relationship of union with Jesus, one in which we live and move and have our being in Him in every aspect of life is key to obedience. When we love deeply, we are more likely to cling to Him closely.

Jesus has a wonderful way of restoring us when we fail Him. He doesn’t humiliate, berate, or criticize us. Rather He takes us aside and asks us to reaffirm our love for Him.

“Peter, do you love me?” Jesus asked three times.

“Yes, Lord, you know I do,” (John 21:15-17).

No more questions.

It’s hard for us to understand. Sometimes grace just doesn’t make sense.

Lord, thank You for the grace You have shown me all throughout my life. I don’t deserve it, but I guess that’s what makes it grace…a gift I don’t deserve. I pray I will never loose sight of grace or take it for granted. And Lord, help me to offer that same grace to others who cross my path today. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Leave a comment and tell me one reason you’re thankful for grace. I’ll pick one comment and send a free copy of A Sudden Glory:God’s Lavish Response to Your Ache for Something More!

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Comments 73

  1. I am thankful for Grace because Grace saw a broken, unloved woman and loves me unconditionally. When I thought no one cared Grace took me and wrapped me in His arms and made me secure . When I thought I was unworthy Grace made me the righteous of Christ. Hallenuah! I am ever thankful for God’s Grace.

  2. I’m so thankful for Gods grace. We don’t deserve it but we have it. We didn’t earn it but it’s free for the taking. Praise God. Thank u God.

  3. What a great remimder! God knows exactly what we need and when we need it. We need to wait patiently for him, even though it can be difficult at times.

  4. Thank you for this post. It is sometimes hard to remember to have an attitude of gratitude. We allow the everyday junk to,way us down. But we must remember to leave everything at the foot of the cross. I love your blogs Sharon, thanks for the gentle reminders of how much God loves me!

  5. I am thankful for The Lord’s grace because without it I would be stuck in my sin. He has forgiven me of so much and is teaching me to forgive. Thank you for sharing this encouragement today. I would love to read the book.

  6. God’s grace is the amazing peace I feel when He has forgiven me entirely for all I have done that is unpleasaing to Him. Thank you for Your forgiveness, God! Amen

  7. I am thankful for any undeserved grace given to me by anyone. But I will be forever grateful for the gift of grace God gave me through the sacrifice He made through His Son Jesus that saved me from my own sin. He saved me from my past sins, sins I am doing today, and from my sins in the future until I get to heaven where there will be no more sin.

  8. Thank you Ms. Sharon for sharing & obeying God. I’m thankful for His grace because, He doesn’t just have grace for one situation; like there are apps for almost everything, so God has a grace for that!!! Whatever the “That” is at the moment. His Gracevmakes you want to be better & obey & not continue in the things we needed it for by so glad it’s available!

  9. I am thankful for the grace God lavishly gives me as I struggle to reprogram my codependent behaviors. I find that it is only possible through my ever deepening relationship with Jesus.

  10. I love how Jesus has a wonderful way of restoring us when we fail Him. He doesn’t humiliate, berate, or criticize us. His grace has given me the thousands of times to ask Him for forgiveness and love. So, by His grace I can choose love & forgiveness over hate and for this I am truly blessed.

  11. I am so thankful for Grace because it allows me to teach my children every day that even though I am not perfect and I make mistakes, because of Gods Grace I am still loved and able to live a life for God.

  12. Oh this is such a timely devotional for me. Grace has been my study for these past two weeks. Specifically within my marriage. I grew up in a very non-grace filled home and it had shaped so many thoughts about how I view myself and how I view others. I’ve been a Christian for over 25 years now and I feel like I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of understanding this grace. I’d love you receive your book!

  13. Thank you, Sharon – I am thankful for God’s mercies, which are new every morning, though it’s the same ol’ me. Grace covers yesterday’s sins, mistakes, hurts, trials and washes over me with joy, love, forgiveness and new blessings from my heavenly Father. I love to see each one of my kids in the morning (and their precious daddy!); how much more so does God delight in seeing me each morning, as I seek Him!

  14. i struggle with feeling God wants me. I’ve prayed the prayer but struggle with my faith. I try to read my bible but my mind wanders. What’s wrong with me. I seem not to be able to grow my faith.

  15. For my birthday this year I had asked my husband for this perfume called amazing grace. On the day of my birthday my husband surprised me with 2 bottles…one called pure grace and the other called amazing grace. It’s a daily tangible reminder to me that God’s portion of grace is more than I can ask for. God is so good!

  16. Forgiveness is what Grace means to me I was such a sinner!! Never thought I would ever be forgiven of my sinfulness!! Thanks to you and your devotion and your books I read, helped me to see Gods great love for me!!

  17. Thank you Sharon! These words touched my heart so much…I seem ok on the outside with my smiles, laughs and conversation…but inside I often feel as if I’m such a disappointment to God. My Martha tendency says i need to do more instead of being Mary and simply enjoy Jesus presence and grace. This reminder of God’s love and grace was the perfect start to my day….helping me feel on the inside what people see on the outside.

  18. I’m so thankful for God’s grace because I’m so desperately in need of it daily. Our good, good Father freely extends grace to our wretched selves and sets the bar high for us to extend grace to others as well.

  19. Sharon, I love getting your emails! I read some of them over and over making sure they are devoured deep inside my body so to speak! I want them to seep deep into every crevice of my being, i really don’t mean that to sound creepy 🤔 lol. I’ve followed many of your studies and all I can say is thank you, God has given you a talent and I also thank God for allowing me and you to cross paths at concerts at booths ( I don’t think we have ever actually meet, I have seizures so I would not remember anyway) but I have your books, I’ve done studies in ladies church groups , on my own, online you name, thank you and God bless! You’ve changed lives and mine to be sure!

  20. I’m thankful for God’s grace because even though I’ve tried hard to “do good” I have not always lived up to perfect obedience to God. My failures make me sad, but God extends His grace to me. Thank you, Lord!

  21. When things are going wrong in our lives, it is easy to look for a reason. As I look for a reason, it is even easier to feel that my sin and shame has brought this upon myself. But God’s grace says all of that is not true. That is where being grateful for even the smallest things can push back against that lie that you have to do everything right to be happy. As you can see how God is working in your life even when things aren’t happening the way you think they should be going. Thanks for this great message and reminder.

  22. I struggle with feeling I am a disappointment to God. I’m doing the job He called me to & I’m working where He wants me. But everyday is a struggle to get through. I’m pressed down & feel nothing will change for the better. How much longer? It’s physically & mentally & emotionally exhausting. There’s no time or energy left for me to take care of myself.

  23. I love this devotion. Why does it seem that daily I walk around and miss the Mark? Then later I look back on my day and say
    “Gee I could have had grace”.

  24. I am thankful for grace because it has overcome the evil of this world. Love has conquered and taken back what is rightfully his. I couldn’t live in this world without grace. I’m so thankful that he loves me and that I have the power of prayer that he has allowed us to use. Bless you for this devotional reading today. I really needed it and God knew that.

  25. I really do find it easier to show GRACE to others than to receive GRACE for myself! Why is that??? Maybe pride… maybe a lack of trust??? I expect more from myself!!! I am so thankful that no matter, Father God still pours it out on me!

  26. I have such a hard time getting to work, with past illnesses that drag me down .I know i’m a new life created by God but the struggles are real and Satan keeps knocking at my door and I let him ìn with open arms sometimes.

  27. Beautiful, wonderful grace. When I feel like I’m not enough…when I feel like I’m too much…His grace restores and reminds me of who I am and Whose I am. So many times I fail, don’t live up to the expectations I put on myself, but if I’ll slow down, be still, turn my heart toward Him and just listen, I’ll hear Him whispering how He loves me, that I’m His no matter what. Grace envelops me and as it flows over my hurting heart, His love draws me to Him and renews my soul. I don’t deserve it, I can’t earn it. This is Grace.

  28. I am thankful for the Grace of God – but for there I go – for the power of His grace to wash me clean and give me a new start – each and every moment of each and every day.

  29. Your messages always convict my heart and inspire me to keep on keeping on! My marriage is far from perfect but I feel God doesn’t want me to bolt even though there are many days I want too pack and leave. I feel God is working in my heart, my spirit, and my soul to forgive my husband for his multitude of unkind words he spews at me nearly every day that he drinks alcohol. The guilt and condemnation is bad enough that I allow my husband to put upon me but then I sin too when I have an unforgiving heart or when I decide to drown my hurts with unhealthy substances. I pray daily for a breakthrough, for the strength to endure the tongue lashings, and for forgiveness not only for my sins but for a forgiving and obedient heart. My prayers include showering my husband with the love, mercy, and grace HE, our heavenly Father, so freely and lovingly showers us with. 💗

  30. Why I’m thankful for grace is simple because without it I would be lost to the world. Because as I sit here not 20 min earlier I was praying to Christ to change me. Restore me and and renew my life. Why? Because he allows me to. He died on the cross for my sins and even though it may not seem so, but the most important thing to do when you are lost and fearful is simply repent and ask Christ for forgiveness and through grace He will save you over and over again because of that grace. Oh how i need an over flowing and out pouring bucket of grace and thankfully I have it in Christ.

  31. Because of God’s grace, I have been able to become a wonderful mother to my only child, when for a long time I thought I’d have none because of things I’d done in the past.

  32. I’m thankful for Gods Grace because I would not be able to care for my bed bound 98yr old mom at mom. And handle the trials with my granddaughter needing so much help at this time. Your e mails are a source of great encouragement.
    Thank you

  33. I’m thankful for God’s grace because it helps me to know that God loves me even when I do or say something I shouldn’t.

  34. I am grateful that I have the best heavenly Daddy. He loves me unconditionally, applauds my successes and comforts me when I fail. Tricia October 16, 2018

  35. Ah God’s Grace is so sweet to me. Where would I be without it yet I am so undeserving of it. My heart swells with the knowledge of His Wonderful Grace. It is Amazing.

  36. I am so grateful for the grace of God for His gift of salvation and how much He loves me by making it possible for me to go forward in faith .

  37. Grace to me is the center of the gospel. So often I fall into shame and condemnation and grace reminds me that Jesus paid it all & I am free. Something I am working more and more towards learning and truly believing that I’m forgiven bu God and now I need to forgive myself and continue to grow in my walk with the Lord. I am reading “Enough” and wow it’s just what I need right now!

  38. I very recently came out of a relationship that compromised my relationship with God. I moved God out of the driver’s seat and allowed this persons thoughts and views to saturate my life. I never stopped loving God, but I stopped focusing on what I wanted, felt and believed because I was afraid to go against this man in fear of losing him. My fears won out and I lost him anyway. Losing yourself and not acknowledging who and whose you are is like Adam and Eve hiding so they’re shame isn’t seen.
    Thank you for this message I really needed it.

  39. I’m so thankful for God’s unlimited grace! He loves and adores me and I’m so grateful! Thank You, Daddy for walking with me through this earthly journey! You are the bestest Daddy!

  40. I am grateful for grace not any kind of grace BUT GOD’S GRACE. I am living time and time again because of grace. For that i am grateful. I have been through alot But GOD’S GRACE

  41. I am so thankful for His grace because I do make mistakes. I am not perfect, and I don’t have to be. It has taken me a long time to realize that. God’s grace and forgiveness give me peace. His grace allows me to have compassion and forgive others. I am so thankful for His grace.

  42. Grace loves the unloveable, touches the untouchable, and pardons the unpardonable. May our dear Father help me see others with a heart overflowing with grace today.

  43. I thank the Lord for His grace today because in some areas I blow it every day sometimes every moment.
    I have found the older I get I need more grace because there are issues in my life that have gotten more complicated and difficult to go through and even understand. One area is my husband, he is so sweet but because of health issues he has had some memory challenges. Oh my goodness!! Some days I am so patient others I am not therefore I have to ask him to forgive me for not being what I need to be as his wife and helper. Yes and this keeps me running back to my Lord and Savior for the Grace and mercy that only He can give. So, Sharon I must stay in the Face of Jesus looking at Him to give me that Grace so I can receive His Grace to give to my honey and others I come in contact with as I walk my journey of Faith! Thanks for allowing me to share with you, my God sent girlfriend. I love the online bible study Enough which helps me so much. Thanks love you.

  44. I’m so thankful for grace – because I know I fail every day, and God just keeps on giving me HIS GRACE willing, even though I don’t give Him what he wants from me each day. I pray and thank Him for his grace each day!

  45. I’m thankful for God’s grace because without it, I would live an eternity without Him. I need His grace daily to remind me how much He loves me & that He is faithful every single time & that His love will never fail!

  46. I’m Thankful for Grace. Simply without receiving Grace…. I can not give Grace. We can not give something of our self that we ourselves never received. Not in the fullness it should be given. GRACE UPON GRACE. For of his fullness we have all received Grace upon Grace.
    John 1:16

  47. I love old hymns, don’t you?
    I recall sitting in an old church singing Grace, grace, God’s grace
    Grace that will pardon and cleanse within etc..
    I would sing the words, and enjoyed the music, but it meant nothing to me.
    One day, my world crashed….just like Humpty Dumpty, and it was then that
    I realized the true meaning of God’s grace..
    Today, I sing that hymn, and know His mercy, and grace.
    Thanks be to God!

    Eph. 2:8

    1. Post
  48. I definitely am struggling to see God right now. Teaching at my international school is presenting huge challenges that leave me exhausted and without reward (words of affirmation, successes, feeling like I have accomplished something.) I surely can count many blessings in my life, but the daily grind leaves me worm out and wondering whether I am doing anything for God. Where is He? I need to figure out what is blinding me to His presence so I can take hold of Him in them midst of my struggle to honor Him daily.

  49. First of all thank you for your encouragement! One reason I am thankful for God’s Grace is that my Husband and I have had a rocky 35 years of marriage but we are still together but I often feel unworthy of Gods grace for not always being the most understanding or loving wife! Thank you again I ❤️ Your daily devotions!! Linda

  50. I was molested as a little girl and the flashbacks are something that never leave me, even now at the age of 49. But by God’s Amazing Grace, it does not define me! I’m so thankful for His gift of grace because I am able to find my identity in Christ and not what Satan tries to make me believe I am in this world. Jesus is my best friend!!! He blessed me with wonderful parents who reminded me by their example that God was my way to peace and freedom from all the evils of this world!

  51. I know and I am humbled about the grace that God gives me daily. The guilt that I feel is that I don’t always express my love to God daily like a know I should. This thing call “Life” sometimes, most times, gets in the way of expressing my gratitude to God daily like I should. I know we should pray without ceasing and I try to remember to at least tell God thank you even if it is for a second. I have a good life and I credit it to God. When I remember I give thanks and I ask Him to pardon my selfishness of not recognizing Him.
    Sharon, I have been following you for years and you are so down to earth and inspiring. I can relate to your experiences. Just want to say thank you for being that ambassador for women who loves God, and have the heart of wanting to do the right thing in the eyes of God and for the people that we come in contact daily.

  52. Sharon, It was a year ago I downloaded you app. My heart is so burdened for my marriage. I need to see more Glory in my life. My marriage is a mess. I am a believer and I thought my husband was too, but his cruelty and verbal abuse of me because I am disabled has caused great suffering in my heart. I do give God the glory that He will rasch my husband’s hateful heart. I long thi be crushed and moved by my husband, but for now God is my husband. The One, El Roi, who lives me and forgives me, and cherishes me for who I am. I would not still be here if it were not for God’s glory.

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