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Good Morning – I’m currently reading Sharon Jaynes book, ‘Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe’. I’m currently on Day 13. I was lead spiritually to this site and book at a time a little over a month ago I learned of my husband’s infidelity. While some days I struggle with reading the book from day to day, I stay committee believe God will restore our marriage.

My husband has not filed for divorce and he continues to pay bills (as I’m currently unemployed). However, it’s tough, as he’s staying with his mother right now. I desire for my husband to come home, I desire for us to begin marriage counseling (I have started by myself) and I pray for full reconciliation. I do not believe in my spirit we will get divorced. My husband is a very stubborn man and is not good at communicating his feelings. I admit, I do realize where I allowed the foothole of satan to enter into our marriage. Starting today through valentines day I’m sending my husband gifts of love to his job to let him know I’m thinking of him (kind of romancing him). To this point when he does come home I’ve been crying and begging for him to stay and I have not taken care of myself. I’m also texting him the ideas Sharon Jaynes had in the Girlfriends In God devotion.

I’m asking for prayer and the Lord continues to invade his mind, thoughts, and spirit and that my husband restores himself to God to be the man of God he is meant to be and the husband he is meant to be. I know God is good and I know God brought us together for his purpose.

Thank You,

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  1. Kimberly,
    What I can tell you is if God has put it in your heart to save your marriage, then you continue to pray. I, too, went through the same thing. Well, I’m not sure if it was the same thing. I lost a parent at the same time, I rebelled against God and then I drifted from God quickly.

    I then did the mistake to be revengeful and try to do evil for evil. As though I was “God”. Worse, thing I could have done in my life. That was not my character at all and would never be able to live that down. (At least that’s what the culture I come from tells you).

    We also had children together, nothing made sense. We were so “perfect” for each other. A few years later, I wanted to reconcile after and he didn’t want to, I suppose it was because someone caught his attention. There’s always someone that catches the attention, it’s part of the devil’s scheme. (I didn’t know at the time, but had a feeling). He just wasn’t his loving self anymore. The enemy took a hold of him.

    A few months after that, I felt as though God had forsaken me. Do you know like how Jesus felt when he was on the cross? I felt alone, no family around, friends and kids to raise alone. This was not what I signed up for.
    Later that night I asked for forgiveness for what I was planning on doing, but I had a plan, (suicide). Yes, VERY MUCH SELFISH. Not like my character at all. Do you see when we get entangled in sexual sin or other sins we get stuck with some spiritual spirits that want to torture us? Even though God has already said, ” My child I forgave you!” I cried out that night saying “God why aren’t you intervening?” Well, a photo dropped of my children. If that’s not a divine intervention. I don’t know what is. Later, that night I was taken to a local christian facility where they helped me, I was surrounded by “angels”.

    Years later, which is now. I’m reading the book for the 2nd time. This time, it makes more sense to me. Do you know why? I gave my marriage, my life, my children, my everything to God. I told him I’m done. You do your will. I don’t want to do it my way, it doesn’t work. For a “perfectionist” to say that (which I just learned is also a entanglement) was a freedom that I didn’t experience.

    I’m going through my healing process. But restoration and reconciliation works! There’s a lot of marriages out there who are in the same battle we are in. We are in support groups. rejoice ministry .com is one of them that I stumbled by accident. LOL. God has no accidents. God will restore and reconcile, we can’t do the impossible. But he can. We just have to believe, pray and be obedient.

    I’m not saying you won’t have days you won’t cry, because you will. But you will find a joy that God will give you that no other person can replace. My husband wanted a divorce. Put separation paperwork and everything. I kept praying to God. God please do not let him sign it, what you have joined no man will divide, I wasn’t even “full blown Christian” yet.

    Do you know that we never really even had a legalized separation? For two years! God is funny, great and wants good for his children.

    To make it better… I was praying for my husband while he was not even in the same state, he was across country. So, God can do the impossible, possible. He is still working in our lives and will always continue. I will never let Go of God, that was my first mistake the first go around. Kimberly you will be one of the marriages I keep in my prayers. I just started praying for other marriages, when I would see couples before I would get so mad at God. Like why can they be happy, then when I decided to let him take my marriage. I started to notice that when I would see a family or a couple, instead of envy, I would pray for their safety against the enemy.

  2. I’m requesting prayer for my marriage my husband has cheated an lied in the past I need him to become a man of Christ I needs for him to be the honest an faithful husband an father that he needs to be to me an our kids. He needs to leave all the outside attention that means him an his marriage no good alone.

  3. Please I’m requesting a prayer for my marriage my husband has gone for over 2 weeks now. I need a prayer for him that God will guide him and give him not into temptation.

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