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Steve, Steven, and I pulled up our chairs at a cowboy barbecue in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was a ho-down sure ‘nough. About 500 of us pretend cow pokes sidled up to paper covered tables with steaming plates of chow.

Once every one settled in, we began the usual banter of “where ya’ll from?” and “what do ya’ll do?”   Across the table from me sat a family of four from Birmingham, Alabama: a dad, mom,and two clamoring giggling little girls, ages eight and ten.

At one point, a man a few seats down asked Mary THE question, “Ma’am, what do you do?” She hung her head and said, “Oh, I’m just a mom. I don’t have a job.”

My son cut his eyes over to me with a mouthful of baked beans mid-chew. He braced himself for what was sure to come.

It did.

“Excuse me, darlin’,” I said. “You never need to use the words ‘just’ and ‘mom’ in the same sentence. You have the most important job of anybody at this table. You are raising those two precious girls: creating order out of chaos; ensuring their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being; bringing continuity to your family in a fast-changing world; and shaping and molding the individuals who will one day contribute to the future of our community and nation.”

I think Mary was sitting up just a little straighter by the time we finished our “conversation,” and I don’t think she’ll ever use the words “just” and “mom” in the same sentence again.

After I returned to North Carolina, I wrote a poem in honor of mother’s with that little gal in mind. It is based on the seven qualities from my book, Being a Great Mom, Raising Great Kids. Hope you enjoy!

Hat’s Off to Moms
by Sharon Jaynes

I’m just a mom.”
I overheard her to say,
With eyes downcast
And a look of dismay.

 I turned with a start
And enthusiastically decreed,
“A mom, did you say?
Oh can it be?

For a mom is a BEACON
Shining so bright,
A landmark by day,
And a light by night.

She guides and protect
On land and at sea.
Did you say a mom?
Oh, can it be?

She LISTENS to stories
Woes and concerns,
With her eyes and her heart,
She quickly discerns.

Questions she asks,
To draw children out.
Building godly ones,
Is what she’s about.

She gives the gift,
Courage and strength
Their souls  she girds.

She cheers them up,
When they are down,
And turns sad days,
Completely around.

She says, ‘You can do it!
I know that you can!’
And develops a boy,
Into a man.

Into young  hearts
Jesus’ Christ’s power,
She thus imparts.

“Who am I?”
She hears them say.
“You are God’s child,
Loved–come what may.”

Foundations of love,
Walls capable and strong,
They know they belong.

She SOWS SEEDS of scripture,
Day after day,
And sows seeds of prayer,
That help point the way.

She guards information
That goes in their heads
And whispers a prayer
As they’re tucked into beds.

She sets an EXAMPLE
Of how they should live,
Of how our Father
Can quickly forgive.

Love, joy and peace,
Is what they see,
Knowing the example she sets,
Is what they will be.

When life get tough
And doesn’t give in,
When kids get rough.

A warrior, a fighter,
She diligently prays,
And then at God’s feet,
Her children she lays.

‘Just a mom,’ you say?
What an honor bestowed,
A beacon, a builder,
A seed sower sown.

A listener, encourager,
Diligent, too.
A mom, how bless-ed.
My hats off to you!”

I finished my sermon,
Not making a scene,
And transformed before me,
She looked like a queen.

Her eyes now beaming,
She sat tall and erect.
“Excuse me, sir,
I spoke incorrect.”

God gave me a job,
That compares to none other,
Esteem and chosen by Him,
You see – I’m a mother.

If you are a mom today, I pray you have a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Let’s honor our moms today. Give a shout out for your mom! Click on the comment button and leave your mom’s name and one of her best qualities.



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Comments 67

  1. My Mother’s name is Geraldine. She is 85 years old.
    One of her best qualities is her loyalty to her brothers and sisters.
    She has always been there for them thru thick and thin!

  2. Theresa Antonelli my mom is a wonderful loving woman who never gave up on me thank you mom for loving me unconditionally I love you mom!! God has blessed me with a mentor a dove a beautiful woman and I get to call her mommy ??

  3. My Mom’s name is Marie. She passed away 9 years ago but I am sure she is with our Lord. I think her best quality is that she loved our family and encouraged my brother and me to be all we can be.

  4. Nancy Knott – one if her best qualities was being the best mother any daughter could have asked for. Miss you Mom!

  5. My mom Jeannette is a true Proverbs woman!! And a great cheerleader. She will make you feel like a diamond no matter what’s going on n your life

  6. My mom passed away over 30 years ago, when I was 30. But she was wise and strong, quiet and shy, demure and modest, sweet and loving. I loved my mom very much and I miss her! Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!

  7. My mom’s name was Janet. She was kind and gentle but taught me Godly ways to live my life. I messed up, big time, a whole lot but her words/direction pointing me to Jesus had stayed with me and I have been living my life for Jesus for many years now. Can’t wait to see her when I go Home!

  8. Sar R Zettlemoyer
    I am so very blessed. One word to describe my Mother. Faithful.

  9. My mom better known as “nana” is a pillar of strength. She has been my mother for 63 years. I love and admire her so much. She is my best friend after Jesus! Her example of strength and dignity is apparent in a world where virtue seems almost old- fashioned. She is a widow who loved her husband for almost 50 years. She is a friend to the 5 generations behind her. We celebrate her life by rising up and calling her “blessed”. Thank God for Moms who never give-up. Happy Mother’s Day!

  10. My Mom is Carolyn and the most important trait she gave me was to introduce me to The Lord. In doing so she gave me the tools to handle any and everything in life – I’m never without hope after watching her relationship and devotion to God in everything.

  11. Hi,
    My Mom has been with our Lord now for five years. She taught me many lessons, how to cook,, dance and get along with my four silbings! ! But the most imporant lesson I learned was how to love God and trust in him. Sharon the thing I miss more than ever was our pillow talks it didnt matter what we talked about as long as my mother listened I was cool. Now I am a mother of two sons. One is 34 and the other 31. We also had our pillows talks and you what? I would never trade those moments, I keep them close to my heart. Knowing that one day they will keep the tradtion going. Have a Bless and Joyous Mother Day.

  12. Bertha Farmer (97 years young) – She always looks for the good in other people.

    As long as I can remember, she didn’t like gossip. When one of us kids would start talking about someone, she would take up for them and would point out something good about them.

  13. She was a true Prayer Warrior. Never gave up on anyone and was full of joy and compassion. She instilled in me a love for the Word, for Christ, for people. I miss her very much but know she is singing with the angels and sitting at the feet of Jesus.

  14. My Mom’s name is Ruth. She is in Heaven but she was and still is my Godly Christian example. She was my hero. She was sick most of her 82 years but she never complained. She always had a smile. She never spoke bad about anyone ~ she said “if you can’t say anything good – whistle. My Mom was an excellent whistler ??. Mom was full of Christ love, in her heart, on her face and in her soul. Before she left for Heaven I ask how I could be like her. Mom said it was easy ~ the more of Jesus you have in your heart, the less there will be of you. I miss her every day but treasure her words of wisdom and pray more for Jesus in my life.

  15. My Mom’s name is Ruth. She is 85 years old and still going strong. She is such an inspiration to me. She loves God with all her heart and despite what is thrown at her she keeps going. She loves God’s word and has spent her life studying it and teaching it to others. I so wish I could be more like her. She is compassionate, generous and always there.

  16. My Mom’s name is Pat, she is the most giving person I know always caring for other’s and putting herself behind everyone else! I love my Mom!

  17. My mom is Shelby. She has a huge heart of love & compassion for her family and those in need of someone to care. Her love for the Lord is what guides her life. I love her so much!

  18. Happy Mothers’ Day to all the Moms out there.

    I would like to acknowledge my mom Eufelia Ware in NM and my other mom (in law) in TX Edwinal Ballard. Both of my moms have carried me when I couldn’t walk, prayed when all I could do was cry and loved me when I felt unlovable, they have kept their grandchildren at the throne of Heaven and have not ceased praying since I came into this world and since their grandchildren came into the world. They are the most unbelivable women in Christ and mirror His image in everything they do. I love them and call them blessed.

  19. My Mom’s name is Ruth and she is 83 years old. She is a fantastic listener with never a bad thing to say about anyone. She has 4 married children and 11 grandchildren and is so interested in what each and everyone of is doing with their jobs, their school, their sports, etc. She is a fantastic MOM and we all adore and love her.

  20. My mother’s name is Harriet and she has been with the Lord for 3 years now, this April 29th. She loved and gave unselfishly to 6 children, taught us all that there is a God, He loves us unconditionally and sent Jesus to die for our sins. When I was so far away from our Lord, she continued to pray, believe and remind me that I had an eternal destiny! I thank God for her and for the life she lived of devotion to God and family. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

  21. My mom is Virgina Lingren. She is the best Mom. She is kind, gentle, loving, giver, listener. There is so much I could write. Thank you Jesus for my Mom.

  22. My mom was a woman of wisdom and perseverance! Mom said to always run to Jesus. never give up, and enjoy life. My mom was a great cook and she liked to sing. She is now singing to Jesus with her beautiful voice! Mom I love you very much and miss you!! Someday I will see you in Heaven and we will both sing to Jesus.

  23. My Mom’s name is Jackie. She has taught be the value of hospitality. When I was growing up, all of my friends always wanted to hang out at my house because my Mom made them feel like they were part of our family. We had fondue parties and shaving cream fights in my backyard (on the last day of school). I got married recently, and my Mom did an amazing job of decorating, making the centerpieces, and putting her loving touch on every beautiful detail.

    I love you, Mom!

  24. My Mother is EVERYTHING this poem states and I mean everything. She is her name 100% And her name is ~Faith~ She is loved beyond measure.

  25. My moms name is Sue and I couldn’t be more proud to be her daughter. I recently had a conversation with someone who has known her for quite some time. She mentioned of how caring, giving, selfless and helpful she is and was in a particular time of need. I was only 6 when this family was going through deep waters and didn’t know why my mom reached out so much. Looking back I now see what was going on. I realize that without knowing it I have picked up on the same godly traits she displayed then and continues to display to this day. She truly is a beacon and one who has set a wonderful godly example to follow.

  26. My mom’s name is Bertha Jenkins and I would say one of her best qualities is her selflessness. See her and her husband had five children of their own, all grown except their youngest one who was on her way to graduating but they decided to give three siblings (two little boys and a girl) a place to call home. They took me and my baby brothers into their home and made us part of their family and raised us the best they could.

    It did not take me until growing up and having my own family to see and understand truly what a sacrifice they made on our behalf. She kept us in church and even though I had left the church, because I had that foundation I re dedicated my life back to God seven years ago.

    For her unselfishness to have the heart to raise someone else’s children, I will always be thankful.

  27. My Mom’s name is Frankie. She is my hero and my sister in Christ. She is one of my examples of how to live a Christian life. My Mom is always there to help her fellow human being in times of need. I only pray when i’m her age I can still do the things my mom does.


  28. My Mom’s name is Brenda. She, the vessel chosen to bear life to me. Often times I think she doesn’t realize how important she is to us. She, by the Grace of GOD is responsible for the GOD fearing Woman I am today. Watching her go through trials, an abusive marriage, and struggling to make ends meet, gave me the determination to never give up and to trust GOD through all things. I thank GOD that HE has allowed me the opportunity to not only tell her but share with others what an awesome Mom she is to me!

  29. Christiana Kotchoe Hammond is her name (70 years old). She is a SELFLESS person; I wonder how I can ever repay her for all her sacrifices. I thank God for her life every day and I’m truly blessed to have her. Love you, Mama <3

  30. My momma’s name is Georgia, Her grandkids and great grandkids call her Georgie. Where do I start…………..She is 87 years young and she and my daddy who is also 87 will be married 69 years next month. My dad has been sick and was in the hospital and rehab for 34 days. He came home two weeks ago. I drove my mom to stay all day at the hospital while I worked and then every evening 7 days a week we would drive to the nursing home rehab and visit. My mother never faltered when it came to being a wonderful wife. She’s a wonderful momma too. She never slows down and is so dedicated to family. I could go on and on but she is all this and so much more!!! Thanks for asking!!!

  31. My mom’s name is Martha and one of her best qualities is teaching the Word with BOLDNESS! When she teaches, the Word just flows like water out of her, I love to hear her teach. I really admire that in her. I really love my Mom, Happy Mother’s Day Mama!

  32. My mother’s name is Debra. She is a strong women with a kind heart. The older I get and the more I respect and love her.

  33. My moms name was Gwendolyn. She’s been with the Lord for many years. She taught me the usual stuff …how to cook, clean, iron white starchy blouses, how to do well but most of all she taught me I could. Thank you mommy.

  34. My mom was always there for me to cheer me on, or to pick me up when I failed. She taught me many lessons, but most importantly she taught me to serve God and make Him my Lord and Savior. My mom has been in heaven nearly 3 years and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her. I am thankful to God that He blessed me by letting her be my mother.

  35. My mama’s name is Mary and her strength is her unconditional love for her children~all seven of us! She has been an example of unconditional love first to our daddy and then to all seven of us! We were very blessed to have such an awesome example of unconditional love!

    Happy Mother’s Day, mama! Love you~

  36. My mom’s name is Georgia and I spent too many years not appreciating her good qualities because our rocky history and my anger filled heart kept me from doing so…my mom is a wonderful woman who in spite of many hardships and trials in her life continues to hold onto her love for God and who inspires others to want Him in their lives as well..she also is giving and a truly classy woman.

  37. My Mom’s name is Judy and she is 66 years old.
    One of my mom’s best qualities is that she loves with her whole heart, which 2 years ago on mother’s day, she gave to Jesus. She has shaped the mother I have become and I can never say thank you enough. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if she wasn’t “just a mom”.
    Thank you for your article and poem.
    Tammy W. From Oregon

  38. My mother’s name is Doris, she is 84 wonderful years old, and still a teenager. She and my father have been married for 61 years and are both God fearing individuals. She plays the piano for their church where he is also a deacon. I have to tell her thank-you for raising me to be the person I am today. She was always there to sew me a new outfit when one was needed, she taught me how to sew, garden and can vegetables, make jelly; etc. I hope to have her around for a lot longer, cause there is still stuff I need to learn from her. I call her almost everyday with a question. I love you MOM, thank-you!

  39. Dorothy she is a great listener and encourager. So thankful for her and the example she set on how to be a wonderful mom.

  40. My late mum Mary had the most generous heart to those in need plus had the most wonderful vege garden and great cook no mean feat cooking on wood stove love u mum

  41. My Mom name is Rhoda, she is great listener and encourage, hard worker and very patient
    in hard times, poverty, sickness. She loved to read Bible and great prayer mom. If things become tough she is willing to wait on the Lord to works things for her. She set me good example to follow. Now she is in her eighties

  42. My mom’s name is Pam. She is a godly woman who’s gifts are teaching and service. She truly has a servant’s heart, and has dedicated her life to teaching her 3 children and 10 grandchildren God’s attributes. Although 80 years old, she has opened her heart and home to a group of unwed mothers for a bible study. I love her!!!

  43. Loretta Anderson, beside the gift of life the best she has given her children was the gift of knowing Jesus. She is the mother of five with 4 living and one child that died at age 4. We received her strength and are a strong praying family. To my mother much love and blessings because to us every day is Mother’s Day.

  44. My mom’s name is Barbara. She is in a Nursing Home and I only get to see her once a year.
    Even tho my mom has Dementia she is very loving and humble.
    I could not ask for a better mom <3

  45. My mother’s name is Joan…and she is one of the most generous people I know. She would give the shirt off of her back to help anybody. I love her so very much and I thank God for her everyday! Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mother Joan!!!

  46. My mothers name is Mary, she was there for all 6 of us, she worked very hard to bring us up. She was always there when we needed her. I miss her very much. Shes been gone for 3 years on August 6

  47. My mom, Pat, came from a very hard and traumatic childhood with no good example of how to be a good mother. But she was determined that her children would be raised with love, peace, and God. She dragged us kids to an old church where, at an early age, I found the Lord. Her love, prayers, encouragement, and faith have been a great example of how to take what you have, lean heavily on the Lord for guidance, and make something good out of the ashes of your past. I recently went thru a very traumatic event, my mom’s example and leaning heavily on the Lord was the only way I made it through. I’m so proud that my mom never used the excuse of her past to just give up on life. Instead she chose the harder path. That of living for her God and her family. Her past is just a reminder of how God can drastically change your life for the better, (something I’m experiencing for myself now)! God is so good!! Our children are our mission field! God bless all the mom’s out there who sacrifice and pray unceasingly for their families. God loves you and so do I

  48. My mom’s name is Darlene Elenbaas and she’s the most loving, giving, kind, caring person you’ll ever meet. She’s not only like this to her family but also to everyone else. People will tell me how lucky I am to have her as a mother and I always smile and agree how blessed we are to have her as a mother, friend, nana, care giver and to my father a wife. I wish everyone could meet my mom b/c she’s the best mom in the world.

  49. My mom’s name is Beatrice and she’s home with the Lord. I inherited her laughter and tender nature. She has a warm heart and I miss her. I’m grateful for such a wonderful loan from the Lord. For her life as my mom I am indebted.

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