Jesus, Where Were You?

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Have you ever gone through a situation and wondered, Jesus where are You? If You had been here, this wouldn’t have happened? The loss of a loved one? The crash of a car? The devastation of property? Did you know that two women in the Bible felt the same way…and actually told Jesus just how they felt about it!

Jesus loved Mary, Martha, and their brother, Lazarus. He often stopped by their home for a hot meal during His travels. I’d dare say they were some of His closest friends. And yet, when the girls sent someone to tell Jesus that Lazarus was sick, He didn’t go…at least not right away.

The Bible tells us, “So, when he heard that Lazarus was sick, he stayed where he was two more days, and then he said to his disciples, “Let us go back to Judea” (John 11:6-7 NIV).

It’s the word “so” that stops me in my tracks. He loved them “so” He didn’t go. The sentence doesn’t say, but He stayed there two more days, as if it were a careless mistake. It says so as if it were a calculated plan. It was.

Once Jesus decided to return to Bethany of Judea, His disciples tried to talk Him out of it. A short while ago, the folks there had tried to kill Him. But Jesus wasn’t worried.

He told them plainly, “Lazarus is dead, and for your sake I am glad I was not there, so that you may believe. But let us go to him” (John 11:14-15).

Hold on just a minute. Did you catch what Jesus just said? “I’m glad I wasn’t there.” Those words stop me in my tracks too. Why was Jesus glad that one of His best friends had died? Because God had a greater plan.

When I go through something painful, I don’t want a friend to say to me, “I’m glad it happened.” If they did, they wouldn’t be a friend much longer. However, God sees what we can’t see. Sometimes what we have in mind is not what God has instore.

Why would Jesus say, “I’m glad I wasn’t there?” Why would God be glad that hurt that feels like it is tearing us apart happened? I think it is because He knows that the mended heart will be much more stunning and substantially stronger than the unscathed soul. He looks through the lens of process to view the finished product we cannot see.

It’s hard when you read the stories in the Bible or hear about a modern-day miracle and know that God can do something but He’s not doing it for you. I’m sure it was hard for Mary and Martha who had seen Jesus do magnificent miracles to understand why he wasn’t doing one for them. We silently think, If God really loved me, He would…

Answer my prayer.

Stop the struggle.

Rush to my rescue.

Send me a husband.

Make me fertile.

Save my husband.

And He would do it now.

When Jesus finally arrived, Martha ran to Him and said, “If you had been here my brother would not have died” (John 11:21). Then Mary ran to Him and said the same words (John 11:32). Two sisters. One conclusion.

Have you ever said those words? I’ll admit, I have. Men and women throughout the Bible voiced their disappointment when God didn’t act as they had hoped. Even Jesus, when He hung on the cross, did not call out the comforting words of the twenty-third Psalm but the agonizing words of the twenty-second.

God promises that He will never leave us nor forsake us. And yet, when we are in the dark chapters of our story, it can feel as if He is far, far away. And we wonder why He didn’t stop the thing that tore our world apart from happening. Because He has a plan.

After Jesus spoke to Martha and Mary, He walked to Lazarus’s tomb—a cave sealed by a large stone. Nothing going in. Nothing coming out. Or so it seemed. Then Jesus said, “Lazarus come out” and he did.

Sometimes a seemingly bad thing happens so that God’s best can be born. Jesus told Martha, “Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?” (John 11:40).

God frees us from our small, short-sided interpretations to reveal a complex multi-layered ending that makes our jaws drop. All the while asking, “Will you trust me?”

And when we echo Martha’s cry, God where are you? His answer is always, I’m right here. Working all this out for your good.

Father, help me trust that You always have a better plan for my life than I could ever come up with on my own. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

What difficult situation do you need to trust Jesus with today? Leave a comment and let’s pray for each other.


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Comments 140

  1. Thank you Father for today’s word, and thank you for Sharon Jaynes for sharing your word. I pray that everyone has a blessed day. I also pray that GOD keeps HIS hands wrapped around my family, and continues to keep them safe.

    1. Years ago my husband was out of work for two years. It was very tough and we prayed hard. Finally a job came along and it was a terrible situation. We had to move for this new job to Phoenix and after six months he was fired. More prayer. We moved again for another job. When it came time to retire we prayed and thought and prayed for Go to lead us to the perfect place – and He did! Back to Arizona but to a new place where we know God wanted us to be. He had been warming us up for a new adventure. Perfect!

      1. Thank you Sharon for that reminder of God’s plans for our lives. I’m still waiting for help for my daughter with her anxiety. I’m still believing that she will get the help she needs to fulfill her destiny in this world. Giving God all the glory !

    2. Oh there are so many difficult situations, I know the Lord is sovereign in all of these each day of our lives, from the time we wake up to the time we lay our heads down, if we can surrender our lives and our circumstances to Him and allow Him to use us as instruments of righteousness then I know that He honor His word as we carry out our lives for His purposes and as Lisa Terkehurst would say we are His Children and we represent Him each day to a lost and dying world. I pray salvation and surrender for each life to spend eternity in heaven with Jesus. May the Lord bless you each day and show himself real to you as you trust him each day with your circumstances. In Jesus Name. Amen

    3. We are on our third round of IVF. We don’t have any babies… however we are now spending our savings to try. I yearn to experience a positive test, listening to the heartbeat, baby kicks in my belly, labor and breast feeding. The trying and waiting is often depressing. I pray this is the moment God’s glory is revealed.

      1. I can identify with daughter is also trying . I pray that the Lord will touch you in a positive way, as you wait remember his promises that he will never leave us or forsake us.. he has a plan for you, a plan of welfare and not to harm you. keep the faith,he is never early or late

      2. My daughter went through the same heartache but now has four beautiful girls. Stay strong and it will happen, God willing.🙏🙏

    4. I took this message to heart today. I have been praying that OUR God would
      help me sleep like a normal person as I struggle with insomnia every night.
      However, after sleepless nights I pray that HE will help me get through my day
      because I can’t do it on my own. AND he always answers my prayers
      So I am GRATEFUL for his prayers and for helping me get thru my days with NO sleep.

    5. I love your emails, and I love your books. God has blessed you mightily. Thank you for sharing the hardest part that I had was when my husband passed away, and I was so angry at god because he raised Lazarus why would he not raise my husband?

      1. Post
    1. Bettie,
      I will pray for your family’s loss. I pray I never have to go through this, and sometimes we think we can’t make it another day, but God assures us, that he never leaves us!

    1. We are in this same situation. Sadly, there are granddaughters involved, one we haven’t even met yet. I am just so broken over all of this. He has destroyed every relationship with every person on our side of the the family. Its like the spiraling can’t stop. I just don’t know what to do or not do anymore. I will pray for you.

      1. Jessica, I’m praying for you and your family. We were in that same situation and in some ways still are. For 5 years my son wanted nothing to do with anyone from the family and had no contact with anyone. He and his wife only had contact with her family. They had a daughter during that time and that was so hard not being able to see her. But praise God, 2 1/2 years ago we talked on the phone, and he said he wanted me to meet my granddaughter who was at that time 6 months old! Our relationship has greatly improved over the last 2 years. In fact, he had me watch his 2 daughters for the weekend while him and his wife went to a marriage conference. However, not all is well. He only associates with me, my husband (his stepdad), and 3 of his 4 half siblings. They don’t ever come for holidays. They just have the 5 of us over to his place around the holiday. He has not talked with his dad, full brother or any extended family in over 7 years. It is heart breaking. But God is sovereign over all. He restored some of the relationships and I know He is still at work in the rest of them. Praying for peace, wisdom and endurance for you and that God will soften your son’s heart and bring healing and restoration to your family.

        1. I understand your pain as it has been 5 years since I’ve talked to our daughter, or seen our 3 granddaughters. She has completely isolated herself from her siblings and aunts, uncles, and cousins. I pray that God would watch over her and her family and bring them back to us. I know God is in control and He is faithful to those who love and trust in Him. I will add your family to my prayers. Sleepless nights are the worst thinking about how much you miss them and knowing all is in Gods timing! 🙏

  2. Please pray for my daughter Lorrin. She was in a terrible car accident that has left her with many injuries and she lives in pain. Unfortunately, it has also caused her to choose the poor choice of anorexia as a coping method. This is taking it’s toll on her body as well. While she knows God saved her life, she is angry that this is what she is left with… to live in pain the rest of her days, she is only 31 yrs. old. She also knows that she needs to seek God, but cannot. I will leave the pray choice to you, as everyone sees the needs through a different perspective and I most certainly want the God lead prayer. Thank you for your diligence to serving Him. Maryann

    1. Maryann, I prayed for your daughter. And I prayed for you. Being in constant pain is a very lonely place to be. As her mom, I can’t imagine what you’re going through, watching all this happen to your beautiful daughter. Please try to give her room for anger and helpless feelings. Maybe counseling for her? Support group? Hang in there friend, God sees and knows what you’re going through.

  3. Today, please pray for my Husband and his mind
    And my sister-in law grandbaby who is in the hospital fighting for her life

  4. I would love to see my children saved and become followers of Jesus. Our home for our family to begin and finish in a timely manner. Financial burdens along the way. Just for the Holy Spirit to guide us along the way!

  5. Thank you, Sharon, for this timely message. Our family is praying for a miracle – but trusting God for the outcome whatever it may be.

    1. I’ve been where you’re at. The Lord used my daughters addiction to read the whole Bible, looking for an answer of what to do about it. What I realized, there is nothing I can do but trust God and pray.
      After she lost all her possessions, she’s finally on the right track.
      I know every time I inserted myself and helped her financially, I was trying to control my fears and prolonging the inevitable.

    2. Praying for you Lynn…
      “And let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season we will reap if we do not lose heart.”
      WILL reap – that’s a promise. Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy. Another promise.
      Take heart, God is working through it all to do exceedingly abundantly beyond all you could ask or think…

  6. Since June of 2023 I’ve been struggling with lots of pain in upper back/neck as well as the upper front with nerve pain. It has not been easy through this struggle to remind myself to trust that God is working behind the scenes towards my healing.

  7. “Send me a husband.” I’ve been divorced for nine years now, and for the last decade I have battled depression, crippling anxiety, hopelessness, and a deep anger at God that separated me from Him and put me in a state of complete numbness for several years. I have no extended family, and my two children are grown and gone. The loneliness was crushing… And on some days, it still is. I could not understand why every other woman in my life had a partner to walk through each day with, but God forced me to carry every single burden alone, day and day out. Every divorced person I knew was happily remarried now. My ex-husband is happily remarried, as well. Why would God allow me to exist in this utter darkness, and despair. Why would he allow my ex-husband to remarry the woman he cheated on his mistress with and go on to live this glamorous life while I struggled all alone, day and day out? Why would God allow everyone else around me to feel the love of another human being who was completely devoted to them but withhold it for me? How cruel that He would allow me to see it in everyone else’s lives, envy it, covet it for myself, and continue to deny me the one thing my heart wanted more than anything else?
    I don’t know the answers to all of these questions… I may never know them, but I do know that Jesus loves me more than any human being ever has or will. I don’t know what His plan for my life is, but I know that He will be with me as I walk through every step of it. I still pray that God will allow me to know the blessing of a loving marriage, but I also believe His Will is perfect. I still combat loneliness almost daily, but I can see where He has brought a small circle of people into my life to help alleviate it. My future is still very uncertain, but I choose to trust Him with it. I pray that I never take my eyes off of Him again.
    Thank you for your encouraging words today. I’ve been reading them for over a year now, but this one resonated on such a deep level I felt compelled to comment. It has taken me almost a decade to realize that Jesus has been right where He’s always been… right beside me. Thank you for the beautiful reminder. I pray your words have blessed, another woman as deeply as they have blessed me.

    1. Hi Missy Jesus can heal you of your hurt and help you. But, my suggestion is to let go of the baggage. You need to focus on all the good God has for you and all the good you can bring into a relationship. No man is going to want all the pain you are carrying around. Give that to Jesus. A man is going to want someone who is happy and fun to be with not jealous and upset. Get yourself feeling good about yourself so that when God brings a man into your life you are ready for it and not scare him away.

  8. Our son. He is living and has been for a number of years , a lifestyle that isn’t good. He was raised in our loving (not perfect) family. He grew up learning and knowing the Lord. We have been praying for years for the Lord to believe return him to us. To open his eyes and heart to the Lord . I have faith and believe the Lord is going to do honor our request .
    Sometimes it is just plain hard.
    I know the Lord has a plan. I h

    1. Prayer for my son, he is having a hard time getting good people in his path, I am praying for him to have strength and the lord to guide him.

    2. Lisa, I am praying for you and your son. I am going through a similar situation with my daughter. 2 years ago she chose an unhealthy lifestyle and rejected her father and I. I havent seen her or spoken to her in almost a year, and it’s devastating. I’m trying to trust and see the good that has come from this, so I will add you to my daily prayers for restoration of our children!!

      1. So many of us mothers and fathers have estranged prodigals; but yet the God of the Bible has a perfect plan for their lives. I too have a son who chooses the other way, but I have come to a place that I have to release him back to the Father and in doing so, allow Him to work! I am praying for us as we pray for restoration of our children. The Lord promised and He will make it good. Remember God says for my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts! Isaiah 55:8-9. Continue to trust that God’s plans for our children are greater than what we can see, hear, or even imagined! Grace~Peace

  9. I am having some health issues and just want to know what it is. The unknowing and waiting is working on my mind. I know God is in control and knows the outcome and I pray for peace and patience to wait on Him.

  10. Please save my son and daughter in law”s marriage. He has been unfaithful and she doesn’t know. Please b with them. Restoration and confession in order.

  11. I’m facing agony as I sorta went back to my old ways and sinned majorly. I had a high in the previous days. I joined Prayer meeting and shared a testimony of God’s grace and mercy towards me. Then on Sunday, the Pastor shared a very moving sermon. And that afternoon between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm, I sinned. I yielded to the temptations. I cried and cried and prayed for forgiveness. I regret not exercising with the Pastor’s wife as I would unload my problems on her. She would advise me, encourage me, or correct me. Then we would pray together after the exercise session is done and go our separate ways. If I had been consistent I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now. I did confess my sins to her and she prayed for me. I’m disappointed in myself but wished that I hadn’t entertain those thoughts. My biggest and coveted hopeful dream is to be in Heaven with Jesus.

  12. I need a financial miracle by March 29th. I know the Lord Jesus Christ can meet my need, as He has met so many in times past. Please stand in agreement with me on this situation. Thanks in advance.

  13. I have been waiting so long for breakthrough in my family. This has encouraged me to hold on longer and trust God has got this, and is working it out for our good and His glory.
    Thank you

  14. May 2nd son is marrying my 1st sons x (common law) wife in May. I am not invited to the wedding, nor is his brother. It has destroyed our family. My 2nd son has not spoken to me since October. I am being blamed. I told him the Bible says not to marry your brothers wife…(so I am being blamed (by my son, daughter, and of course the x he is planning on marrying.

  15. Just last night, in my prayers, I have said why O LORD it feels like nothing is happening. It is already 2024 O GOD and yet here I am ~ still hoping though still nothing is happening. So going further with my prayers, I saw Psalm 13 about praying while it seems nothing is happening. At the two last verses, verses 5-6 , I saw words that comforted my very anxious heart.

    It reads:

    “I trust in Your love, my heart is happy because YOU SAVED ME. I sing to the LORD because HE HAS TAKEN CARE OF ME.”
    Psalm 13: 5-6 International Children’s Bible

  16. My husband is a pastor, and has recently been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, a devastating and challenging disease. He lost his ministry and while he is working, is making less than half of what he did and I’m now the main bread winner. I make a modest salary. We are making it financially but very tight and not much room for saving with all the medical expenses. Trying to trust God in His provision for today and trust Him for the future.

  17. I have my 3 year old granddaughter fighting for her little life in a children’s hospital in Grand Rapids, Mi
    She is going through the Bone Marrow Transplant process and experiencing life threatening side effects. ( My precious granddaughter has a very rare bone marrow leukemia.)
    Not only is it difficult for this gma to watch but also to watch her parents…so much pain…
    I believe God has a plan but this one is hard to wrap my brain around.

  18. I need to trust Jesus with my future. I recently was told by my boss that she is withholding my commissions and possibly keeping them and she cut my salary by 7.5% because the company lost money last year.
    I love what I do and I love my customers. The boss has been ugly to me on a handful of occasions over the past four months. I feel God is closing this door. I listen to my gut. I am anxious about where I’m going and when I’m going. I am 61 and would love to retire now and maybe that’s His plan. I have an ailing mother partially in my care, as well.
    I feel he is working it out for my good and I am doing m y best to trust in him wholeheartedly and faithfully. I’m ready for whatever it is, just impatient.

    1. Carol, as I was praying for you I heard Isaiah 40 and felt led to share it… meditating on Gods glory and perfection sometimes helps me with patience… praying for His timing for you.

      ”Have ye not known? have ye not heard? hath it not been told you from the beginning? have ye not understood from the foundations of the earth? It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in: that bringeth the princes to nothing; he maketh the judges of the earth as vanity. Yea, they shall not be planted; yea, they shall not be sown: yea, their stock shall not take root in the earth: and he shall also blow upon them, and they shall wither, and the whirlwind shall take them away as stubble. To whom then will ye liken me, or shall I be equal? saith the Holy One. Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who hath created these things, that bringeth out their host by number: he calleth them all by names by the greatness of his might, for that he is strong in power; not one faileth.“
      ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭40‬:‭21‬-‭26‬ ‭

      1. Maria, thank you so much. I read that a couple times and it was so very thoughtful of you to pray for me.
        God bless your ❤️!!

  19. Sharon,
    I so enjoy seeing you come into my inbox!
    Today’s was a tough one though. My husband and I have an adult son who has been homeless for 10 years living in second hand vehicles we bought for him. He struggles with mental health issues. We always longed for a family. God has allowed this struggle. We want ‘that multiplayer ending that makes our jaws drop’ We’re older now, 70’s. Our hope every waking minute is healing for him. For the Lord to redeem the years the locust have eaten. Amen. Dee

  20. Wow this one hit me good Were going thru devastating financial troubles To the point of possibly losing our home Yesterday I was like Mary and Martha asking God where are you why won’t you help us? And then today I see this message It hit me right in the heart I was already feeling guilt for being angry and questioning God But I know His ways are higher than ours and He’s there even if I don’t see it in the moment Thank you and God Bless!

  21. Sharon, thank for this devo and for pointing out the word, “so”. Like you, that word is completely stopping me in my tracks today. I seriously can’t stop thinking about it. We are studying the book of John in my women’s Bible study at church and just covered this chapter a couple weeks ago, and this word didn’t seem to capture any of our attentions. (Oh,how I wish I read the Bible with such intentionality that I didn’t miss such important words!,) I’m not currently in a difficult situation but am waiting to see how God work’s out his plan in past “so” situations. For example, as a teenager, my daughter’s best friend lost both his parents in less than 3 years. The loss of his 2nd parent was sudden and I remember praying and believing that, even though her condition was dire, God raised Lazarus from the dead and He could heal her as well. God did not answer my prayer in this way but I believe there is a “so” behind it. I KNOW that God uses all things for our good

  22. I feel as though God isn’t hearing me but I know he is
    I have given up so many times in believing he is working on my behalf. I am going through a financial mess in my life and I feel like there is no way out.
    I trust God is doing his part, please pray for a break through in my life so I see God at work in my financial life

  23. Good morning. I’m struggling with the death of my younger brother. He was killed in an accident almost a year ago, I know I need to forgive the people that were involved I’m just having a really hard time doing it. And also wonder why This happened? I prayed and prayed for him and I guess I just can’t understand why Jesus didn’t save him here on earth.

  24. I feel like this a lot. There has been so much in my life. Coming from an alcoholic family, sexual abuse, prescription pain medication addiction, my mom’s deat, husband cancer, I get breast cancer and slotted in between are my children’s struggles. I’ve never had an easy life. I’m feeling beaten down now.

  25. I fell 3 days (Friday),ago and dislocated my shoulder and broke the upper ball of my arm. I went to the ER, but had to wait to see an orthopedist until tomorrow, (Wednesday). My husband and I are scheduled to go on vacation to Mexico this Saturday for a vacation we’ve been planning for a year. It’s all hard to understand why God has allowed this to happen. I’m having a hard time waiting, plus even though I’m on pain killers it hurts quite a bit.

  26. We have been praying for my daughter to have a baby for a long time and she hasn’t gotten pregnant. She will be 40 years old this year so she feels as if her biological clock is running out. I have also been praying to start an abortion recovery ministry in my area for several years and God hasn’t opened the door for that to happen. Please pray for God’s will to be done in both of these areas and for me to accept His will.

  27. I just ended a 4 year toxic relationship with my fiance due to unfaithfulness, manipulation, continuous lies over the affair. I need healing. I need peace and strength, I’m taking all the steps with counseling but my heart aches .i have never known a loving relationship with a man at 49 years old. Please pray for me and my children to heal and my children to know Jesus. I pray my ex fiance will find Jesus deep in his heart and transform to be the man God is calling him to be.

  28. Thank you Sharon. I am going through a challenging season, but I know I am blessed. God is carrying me through and He has put loving good people in my life to walk with me. He is worthy of all praise!

  29. My parents passed away within three months of each other after a heartbreaking illness which has left me scrambling. Who am I now? Where is God? Why don’t I feel his presence and comfort? What if he isn’t real? What if everything I’ve believed my whole life isn’t true. Because if God doesn’t exist, there is no purpose for life. I’m in a deep dark place, desperate for the presence of God yet feeling his absence. Disappointed and feeling very little hope for the future.

  30. I have four children. We were always a close family. The two boys in the middle got into a disagreement and haven’t spoken in 8 yrs. My heart breaks. Please pray the lord will mend my family. Thank you. I’m a hurting momma. Thier ages are 39 and 40.

  31. I’m so struggling with my husband who has frontal lobe dementia .
    This is such a sad situation , it’s exhausting being his only caregiver and I miss him so very , very much !
    It’s so hard on him and I hate seeing him struggle ! God have mercy on It’s hard to know what to do next to bring relief for both of us

  32. Today is my appointment to see a kidney doctor. I had a call 2 weeks ago of shocking news about my kidney. I proclaim God is in the mist of this heart pain and tears. I have my anointed this afternoon and prayer cloth that has been anointed and my Lord and savior with me. I believe in miracles and I expect a complete healing in the name of Jesus. I appreciate all prayers and believe with me that ill have a miracle to report this evening. My God is in the miracle working business.

  33. This is such applicable thoughts to our lives/my life when ripped in two and hurting in unimaginable ways. How I have learned how beauty comes out if ashes. What my human mind saw as impossible, God never did. He only wanted me to trust He was and is able to bring good from dire circumstances. Sometimes the good was not the outcome I hoped for , but that I had peace and that in pursuing Him, I was more at peace when the next blows came and felt the Presence of our God in such an overwhelming way that I struggle to find the perfect words to describe that comfort. That intimacy with Christ is the best part of my life.

  34. Sometimes I asked “God where are you”? In those times I may not be able to see Him but his word tells me He will never leave me nor forsake me.

  35. Please pray with me that my husband Chester test results today will be negative for heart issues and that my great grandson oxygen levels and breathing issues will improve. That are both in the hospital. Thanks

  36. My cousin Diane had 2 strokes this past week. She’s only 65 yo. I’m struggling with this. This couldn’t come at a more perfect moment. His plan is so much better than ours and I have to Trust Him.

  37. My daughter Chela is in her first year of college and really struggling with anxiety. She is so unhappy and as her mom it is so hard to watch. I want to just bring her home.

  38. My children and I are going through a horrible custody modification. Their father has been relentless in trying to gain full custody and move them to another state where I won’t be able to be a part of their daily lives. It has been going on for 2 years and has put us through financial ruin and much emotional trauma. I have asked God many times “how much longer?” and “where are you?” this has truly been the most difficult trial I have walked through. I know God is there and He is working this out for our good and His glory. Thank you for this devotional this morning!

  39. My daughter is struggling with her first year of college and is thinking of dropping out. I’m worried she’s making a huge mistake and will regret her decision. I pray she will seek God’s guidance and follow his plan for her life.

  40. Praying for a 52 yr old Prodigal son who has had a drug addiction for 38 yrs. He is married and has a 6 yr old daughter.
    He’s been clean off and on in those yrs, has been in many drug rehab programs, but he recently had another relapse.
    He has been baptized and knows the Lord, and even goes to church with his family. But hasn’t totally surrendered to Jesus! Praying that God will change him and use him for the glory and honor of His kingdom! Thank you sisters in Christ for your prayers! I will certainly be praying for you as well! God Bless


  41. I read a comment once, sadly I cannot remember who wrote it; but it said, “God sees the entire parade, while we only see the part that is passing us by.” It has remained with me ever since. When I am discouraged, I think of this comment. Have a blessed day. I am grateful and thankful for all of the GIG’s.

  42. I am trusting God for healing from Crohn’s disease. Some days I don’t want to get out of bed at all. But God strengthens me every day to handle the day I have.

  43. I have been praying for the reconciliation of my estranged son, daughter in law and beautiful grandson with our family. Their lives have been difficult with the birth of their special needs child and they have turned away from God and us. It is so difficult to understand why they would push us all away especially God. I will not give up believing that God has a perfect plan. I believe that part of that plan is my standing in the gap, not loosing hope and praying without ceasing. Please pray for us too. Thank you. 🙏 ❤️🙏

  44. Our daughter is almost 18 (in 98 days) and has informed us she is moving to be with her birth family. While we know she needs to do this (for her healing), we also are devastated that she wants nothing we have to offer to make the move. No.job. No savings. No transportation. God, go before her and put a hedge of protection around her.

  45. My sister-in-law was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She has chosen not to have aggressive chemotherapy because it will likely only extend her life by a few months.

    Also a dear friend was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung (non-smoker) cancer that has metastisized to the bone and possibly the brain. Surgery is not a viable option.

    Both are strong women of faith and they trust that whatever the ultimate outcome, it will be for good. However, it is still very difficult news to receive.

  46. What difficult situation do you need to trust Jesus with today? Mine is healing from chronic pain. I’ve been praying for healing for more than 15 years. Three surgeries and many treatments later and it’s still with me. And medication doesn’t work very well. Sitting and laying are very painful so I try to stay upright and busy. Riding in a vehicle is painful. The outcome is exhaustion. I just can’t see any good coming from the pain. I love the Lord with all my heart and I know He loves me. I know my healing is simple for Him. Sometimes I have feelings of jealousy when I see healing in people for whom I’ve been praying. Lord help me!

  47. Prayers for mylost children and grandchildren.
    Prayers for my daughter who’s having severe anxiety attacks constantly. Can’t get in to see a doctor for it.

  48. I have had chronic pain for nearly thirty years. I have pled, bargained and simply asked God to take my pain away. And yet it continues. I know there must be a purpose for it, I don’t believe that He is punishing me. But if there is a purpose, I wish He would reveal it to me.

    1. Oh Sue, how this resonates with me. I could have written it. I posted the same issue in this thread. I, too, can see no purpose in the constant pain. Praying for you friend.

  49. Please pray for my daughter Liz they are reviewing her Social Security Claim please pray it will be approved she’s been fighting it for 2 years and she keeps on getting turned down

  50. I am dealing with clogged arteries, and I am so grateful for this message of encouragement. Please pray for me.
    Thank You

  51. I am 63 yrs old and I have 1 son and never been married. I have been praying for a husband and asking others to pray for me hoping that God will listen to somebodies prayer for me. Well he has’nt and I believe he refuses to bless me with a husband because he know it would make my life heaven. Instead he wants to keep me in hell and not answer my prayer. It frustrates me, saddens me, and depresses me that he refuses to give me a husband. I thought he had no special persons? and whatever we ask in his name he will do? I cannot tell and I am angry about it too. He give women husbands who don’t want a husband or don’t treat their husbands right but, still ignores me and my prayer. It’s like being in a classroom and I raise my hand but he calls on everyone but, me. I do not understand that?

    1. Tanya, I once was on the position where I felt Jesus was overlooking me, too. I imagined him on a stage, and looking over the crowds, and I was right there in front of him, and I said “You don’t even see me”. But he replied that he will never overlook me. I am engraved on the palm of his hands. And so are you. He will,l not overlook or forget about you. Perhaps start thanking him for all the blessings you have. Give him your sacrifice of praise. When we pray, and then praise God, miracles happen.

  52. I’m trusting in Jesus for help with my living situation. I am currently possibly facing eviction and I don’t know or see a way out. This is hard and I’m leaning into God’s promises. This devotion was right on time as I need to wait, but waiting in this situation where I’m unsure if my family will be housed or not is scary. Praying for a miracle.

  53. For my marriage and family. My husband has basically left but says he wants to reconcile and lives us but won’t communicate with me and my daughter. I know I need to trust God more for His will.

  54. This devotional really hit home, as rather than ‘Trusting God with what he is preparing to do in my daughter’s lives’, I’m trying to ‘fix the problem & orchestrate the outcome’
    Also I need the strength to Trust You, Lord on the weekend of 3/1/34 than ‘worry or try to shorten the trip’. Thank you for this devotional!

  55. My husband had open heart surgery and because he was on the bypass machine too long, he lost his sight in his right eye. Please pray for restoration of his sight.

  56. Praying for restoration of my marriage. I was wrong and needed therapy and did not comply. He left and he is a good man, wonderful father and is a good husband. But the divorce went through. I stand and have repented. His name is Karl.

    1. I am praying over you right now, Ruth. I, too, have been in a similar situation. To accept where you went wrong is a strong first step. I pray you will seek and find God’s guidance on what your next step should be. Keep the faith.

    1. Sally, I am praying and believing with you as I battle stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Sometimes it is so easy to forget His promises and feel like He isnt carrying me along. I pray for strength and comfort for you.

  57. Dear Sharon, You have such a way with words and I am begin reminded again and again lately how much God loves me and I don’t accept it as I should and be as happy as I should be. I suffer with the does God see me thing as well. I have been divorced for a good long time, close to 22 years. I have made changes in my life and feel more ready for a relationship with a man again, but none seem to come. I don’t want to really do it unnaturally as I have been there and done that and I pray that God may see me and decide it is time for a man of God to be with me. One who loves Jesus as much as I do. I have also suffered with a temporary job status. I am substitute teaching currenly and that is why I am home today and have some extra time. The kids are home from school, vacation day. I have been asking God to help me with securing a job or getting my business up and running and making a profit for some time. Praying about it seems to be fruitless. I know He is telling me to lean in and trust, but it is hard at time, when you know you need the income and don’t want to be in a bad place again. Currently, I can make my budget, but it is not always that way. Prayers are needed for more financial stability in my life and I pray that it will be so. added with God’s peace in my heart. These are my concerns and I need to believe that God’s ways are higher than my ways. He sees what I can not. I am sure his plan is better than mine and pray that I feel his plan unfold soon for my future. Thank again Sharon for sharing, it is easier to share when you are so vulnerable in what you share. May God be with you and bless your ministry to all! Amen

  58. Thank you for this today. I know that the Lord has answered many prayers and blessed me beyond measure. I still struggle with the ‘here and now’ mentality. I believe he will answer my current prayer for my sons: that they will return to Jesus and lead their wives and children in a Christ-centered relationship. I need to learn patience. Again, your inspirational messages are spot on. Thank you

  59. I resigned from my job without another job lined up due to unfair treatment, no work home life balance and other issues. My current job I cried endless tears, was overworked, overwhelmed, and lashed out at. My life revolved around my job that it was taking a toll on my personal life and health. One day I called a meeting with my supervisors and after a backhanded compliment, I resigned.please lift me up in prayer that during this time of unemployment, I can hear god and follow his calling for my life, also while I wait on god for a new job I pray that it’s a healthy work environment with a wonderful salary.

  60. I just found out 3 weeks ago that I have skin cancer and it is melanoma . Surgery scheduled for 2/22/24. I pray for clean margins of area to be removed and that my focus and faith stays on Jesus!

  61. I just found out 3 weeks ago that I have skin cancer and it is melanoma . Surgery scheduled for 2/22/24. I pray for clean margins of area to be removed and that my focus and faith stays on Jesus!

  62. Thank you for this word Sharon!! I can’t tell you how perfect the timing is. My husband passed away about a year ago and I am working on getting back into dating. Please pray that God will guide me and that the man he has intended for me will be evident. I’m seeing an old friend now but I don’t know if it will go anywhere or not. I need God to lead me on the path I should go. I know God has a plan… I just need some patience and friendship to get me through until God leads me to where he wants me to be. Thank you!!

  63. Jesus is Lord! Jesus died! Jesus rose! Jesus triumph over the enemy! Jesus is the way! Jesus is the truth! Jesus is life! Jesus is the Word! Jesus is full of grace and truth! Jesus is our strength! Jesus is our hope! Jesus will not fail us! Never give up! (I haven’t) JESUS IS OUR SOON COMING KING!

  64. Please pray for my brother. He has been out of work for a long time and is not being supported by his wife. In addition to losing hope he is beginning to make not good choices.

  65. Please pray for my loneliness. My life has had several tragedies and my will is growing weak. I know the Lord has a beautiful plan for me, but through the loneliness of long nights and long days, my heart breaks even more.
    Thank you for this opportunity to ask for prayers.
    When two or more are gathered in my name.

  66. Lord please continue to watch over my family. We are in need of restoration and delivered from all the negative energy. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

  67. I am completely moved by this devotion today. Three and a half years ago, I was raped. 12 days later, we found my mother deceased in her home. I was a broken mess for a very long time. So broken, I pushed my husband away, struggled to find patience for my children, felt so distant from our Father. It was a devastating time for our family. This past week, I finally faced the perpetrator in open court. Since then, I have this awakening that God used this seemingly horrid situation for His good. To strengthen my love for my husband, my joy for my children, and my faith in Christ. I have always quoted Romans 8:28 after the incident, but it rings ever so clear right now!

  68. Having been diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer lst year, I often feel like…..”where are you? Why?” Thank you for this reminder…

  69. What difficult situation do you need to trust Jesus with today? The difficult situation I need to trust Jesus with today are my finances, moving to another state when my son goes to college, and how I will care for myself while navigating my cancer journey.

  70. Funny enough…. Let’s start in the beginning…. Of the summer where we had pile of woods we put off to burn. Decided one day we would have a campfire… Well instead, it exploded in error with ME inside the fire … Obviously I’m okay… But whew. That was a big surprise.
    Then a few months later, my son was threatened at school with a gun. The whole ordeal has me reeling!! Situation was taken cared of ..
    Day after Christmas, I hit black ice, spin tailed out of control and I rollover maybe twice then crashed into guardrail, (which was a lifesaver!) Lost my car.. then my cat died … And a few weeks later I got diagnosed with kidney stones AGAIN….

    Though I did not praise God in all of those times, I did not pray or anything… However I never once turned my back on Him, blamed Him or accused Him of anything like that. It just never occurred to me to think like that.

    That got me thanking God. I DID find some blessings in all those mishaps. I looked for the best out of all that happened to me. I COULD sprail into depression, grew bitter and angry but I never once found myself feeling that way.

    Maybe because it was God’s way of calling me to His attention…. Maybe it was just my oblivious to the whole thing and not realizing how much has happened to me …..
    Either way… God was amazing. I may not have prayed or thanked Him. I may not have spend much time or worshipped Him like a Christian on fire…
    I still know He is amazing…. And I’m thankful. All that has humbled me ……..

  71. Please pray for me. My sweet 87-year old dad has Lewy Body Dementia and Mantle Cell Lymphoma. My precious mom has AFib and her heart is weak. She’s frequently in the hospital or ER. Please pray for God’s guidance for me to hear His voice and make the best decisions for them and for God’s strength and grace as I help them through this most challenging time.. I am their only caregiver and I want their journey to be filled with God’s peace and love. My heart is heavy and hurting.

  72. My husband is slowly dying from cancer and I feel like I can’t cope as I am his caregiver. Please pray for us. I feel so alone.

    1. Ellen, I pray that God will comfort you as only He can. I also pray that God will provide you with strength and practical help and company. May His Word give you hope and encouragement! May you feel the presence and peace of the Lord for He promises never to leave or forsake you, This difficult season will pass. Love, Lisa, your sister in Christ Jesus

  73. Where do I start. I feel that God has left me in the past 5 years since I retired from my job. I thought I heard God say this would be good to leave my employment and work in my husbands business. This last 5-6 years has been the worst in all of my 65 years of life. Where are you God? The business did not flourish, my husband had a stroke and became violent. I had to move him to an assisted living facility. I’m trying to sell my house and get a job but it seems no one wants a 65 year IT project management individual. No job offers at all which means no way to get a loan or assistance to pay for anything. God where are you?? Most of my days are filled with despair applying for positions that don’t seem to want my skills. I even tried to go back to my old job. No luck. God where are you??

  74. I so desperately need to believe that God has a better plan for me, with my financial needs! And, the biggest need to believe is that both of my son’s will accept Christ as their personal savior!!!

  75. This blog came at the perfect time for me. I just wrecked our vehicle in an embarrassing way and can’t understand how or why it happened. Thank you for sharing this perspective.

  76. I’m facing a frightening future alone, as I grow into old age. My divorce is almost final and although I know I made the right decision (in walking away from a destructive marriage and abusive husband) it is very scary facing my final 20+ years all alone. I’m not sure where I will live out the rest of my life anymore and the insecurity of the situation keeps me awake at night. I’m trying to place my hope and trust in God, but it’s difficult when it seems like HE is so silent.

  77. Juselda
    February 22, 2024 AT 10;37AM

    I Need Healing in both feet It’s been 10 years of Praying and not getting the answer to my prayer I
    asked where are you, I can’t worke to pay my bills I’m still waiting and my healing Thank you, Sharon
    for The words of encouragement to hold on to God even when it seems like nothing happened

  78. Thanks Sharon for the reminder to help me in my day to day life. I couldn’t find a teaching job and the Lord put me at a different place and now my husband has cancer and my benefits are helping pay his meds. I need to remember that God is in control because my children and their families are struggling in other ways. I just keep praying.

  79. It’s a heart posture and a process. If God gives He doesn’t want it to crush or kill you. Your character has to be grown. Because if He can trust you without. He can trust you with. Trusting God says even if you don’t I know you’re faithful.

  80. My son married a woman who gave him an ultimatum. To be hers he would have to stop drinking. He was an alcoholic. But he stopped cold turkey. I will forever be grateful for her influence. The live right across the street. He is now owner/operator of his own auto repair shop and financially doing very well. Fast forward 10 years from when they met. The are the parents of my two beautiful grandchildren. Emi is almost 6 and Jameson is 3. I am only allowed to go over when invited. If I see my grandbabies outside I cannot go unless invited. My heart is breaking. I vowed to make them love me and the do. Most of the time I am invited is when Emi asks if I can come over for a playdate. My daughter moved back home almost 2 years ago and now has a 6 mo old son who I get to see every day. My heart breaks for not being able to see all the new things babies/kids do with Emiko and Jameson. And their mother is even worse now that my daughter and her baby are here. As much as I hate it I pray that the jealousy she now exhibits is convicting her from keeping the kids from me so much. I pray every day for a better relationship with her. Please pray that for me.

  81. Thank you Sharon for this beautiful post. I have been struggling off and on for a long time with a couple of Christian ladies who were my friends but don’t want to be friends anymore. I ask God what have I done if I have done anything wrong I would definitely apologize but in my heart I know I haven’t. I feel betrayed heart broken. Asking the Lord help me I want to be obedient to the Lord. One friend it was politics which I don’t want to really get involved in. The other one I have called her text her but I felt in my heart she didn’t want to be friends anymore.

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