It’s Going to Be Ok

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I’m sharing over at Proverbs 31 Ministries today about how a friend helped me through one of the most difficult days of my life. I thought it might encourage you too. So grab a cup of coffee and prepare your heart.

It was one of the worst days of my life. Tragedy struck our family in the worst way, and I was emotionally paralyzed. That’s when my friend, Mary, stepped in to do what I couldn’t. She made me a hotel reservation, called the necessary people and said, “It’s going to be OK.”

In that moment, I was flooded with supernatural peace as I felt the Lord speaking through Mary. Her statement was not a dismissal of my pain or the complexity of the situation; however, something greater happened. The peace and comfort of God was somehow found in that statement in the middle of my storm.

“It’s going to be OK” is one of the most hope-filled sentiments I can offer to others and choose to believe for myself. The writer of Hebrews says, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, being convinced of what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1). That’s where hope comes from.

Of course, for the Christian, there is the future hope of eternity with God. But there is also hope for the here and now. We have the assurance, the evidence of things not seen, that no matter what happens, God is still on His throne.

What is biblical hope? It is tethering what we know about God’s past faithfulness to the future. In defining faith as “being sure of what we hope for,” the writer of Hebrews gives us an insight into hope, but let’s chew on it a bit.

Biblical hope is not a wish. A wish is something we want to have or to happen. “I wish I had a bigger house.” “I wish I could go to Spain.” “I wish I had a smaller waist.” Maybe it will happen one day, but maybe it won’t.

In contrast, biblical hope is a certainty that our ultimate future rests in God’s capable and loving hands. It is an assurance that the invisible God is faithful and has a good plan in my visible life.

Old Testament writers used several Hebrew words for hope. One is qawa,which means “hope” in the sense of trust, as when the prophet Jeremiah said to God, “… our hope is in you …” (Jeremiah 14:22d, NIV). New Testament writers used the Greek word hupomeno for hope. It means to wait, to be patient, to endure, to persevere under misfortunes and trials to hold fast to one’s faith in Christ.

We get a picture of hope as these biblical words define it in the life of the Apostle Paul. Paul encountered struggle after struggle, but he never lost hope that everything was going to be OK, and he assured others of the same. (2 Corinthians 4:8-10)

Here’s the thing, though: Unless someone has struggled through traumatic situations themselves, I don’t really believe them when they tell me, “It’s going to be OK.” My knee-jerk reaction is, “How do you know?” Unless they truly understand, the words fall flat. When you aren’t ashamed to tell your darkest moments but freely reveal how God brought you through, you become believable. Hope becomes conceivable. Then you become a hope-giver.

Sometimes, it may take years to put back the pieces the wrecking ball of pain has caused. The atrocities we’ve endured may tempt us to believe that someone other than God is writing our stories. But God has the power to redeem what we consider unredeemable. To heal what we consider fatally wounded. To make our worst chapters our greatest victories. And then to fashion us into hope-givers who are believable, vulnerable and beautiful when we tell one another, “It’s going to be OK.”

When tragedy tears our hearts out, when untimely death cracks the foundation of our faith, when abuse mars all that is good, we mourn. We grieve the loss. But we mustn’t allow the story to stop there. I type these words with tears in my eyes because I have lived them. Hear me when I say, It’s going to be OK – You’re going to be OK. God has more to write.

God, I trust You. No matter what happens this side of heaven, I know it’s going to be OK because You have a purpose and a plan. I might not like the situation or understand the observation, but I trust You without reservation. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

What is one difficult situation God has brought you through that you can now share with someone else going through a similar struggle?

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  1. Beautiful Sharon. I’ve been a Christian for over 40 years and have always seen Romans 8:28 be true. ‘ALL things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.’ in other words, It’s going to be ok. ❤️

  2. Thirteen years ago, our world was torn apart. My middle son, Drew, then 21, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in a one car accident. The driver was killed instantly and Drew teetered for many days. He was in a coma for several months and is now home. He has not walked or talked since and has a feeding tube and catheter. To say that life is hard is an understatement. But how much harder it would be if we did not know the God of hope! Although some days things go from bad to worse and worse still, God has never left us and never failed us. Drew is 35 now and we are still caring for him. and God still never fails. And we still pray to the God of the impossible for complete healing one day.

    1. Dear Magdalene,
      Your story touched my heart and your gracious and accepting attitude touched my life. May our God continue to sustain you, comfort you, give you strength. Thank you for writing your story.

    2. In 2015 I was going through my second divorce, while looking for a job, selling my house, and trying to find an apartment for myself and my then 20yo son to live in and I never thought I would make it through.

      Many times I contemplated staying with my controlling, manipulative, and emotionally abusive husband, believing the lies that you can’t divorce. BUT the Lord kept me going and carried me through everything, later telling me that my marrying this man was direct disobedience against Him and by leaving this man I was finally being obedient to the Lord and not pleasing man’s views of what we are and aren’t supposed to do.
      (As Pastor Charles Stanley says, obey God and leave the consequences to Him)

      Side note: The Lord specifically told me many times to leave my ex before we got married and I manipulated my ex by giving him an ultimatum thinking slapping a marriage certificate on the relationship would make God bless it, God doesn’t work like that though

      Well…The Lord provided a job, which was perfect at the time, and despite all the chaos of Satan trying to use my ex to sabatoge everything that needed to be done to the house, we closed on the house. The Lord also pushed back the closing date by two weeks so that my son and I weren’t homeless during this time since the apartment wasn’t available yet.
      God literally carried me through this whole situation and He made me stronger in the process, and gave me the ability to finally trust a God I could never let in completely because every man in my life has failed me.
      God is Good, my problem, and I’m sure most of you will relate, is that I believe I don’t deserve the good things that God wants to give us because I’m not perfect and I fail, so I miss out on His blessings a lot.

      My godly mother and grandmother helped me through this time by telling me to just thank God for what He has already provided and it happened just as they said.

      Proverbs 3:5, “Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” is my favorite verse now.

      God bless all of you ❤️

      1. I had guilt and shame after I divorced my abusive husband. I felt very cursed. I had to remind myself that the dreadful feeling was a lie from Satan. My ex lied and said I am still married to him. That I committed adultery by divorcing him. That I will be committing adultery if I marry another. God gave me the verse, “If we confess our sin, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sin, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Well, I believe I am forgiven for divorcing. That I am free! God brought me from that dark fearful time to His marvelous light, and His Word shone upon my mind. I now know that no one and nothing can take the Word away from me. If a liar is lying to you, telling you you are still married to him, speak the truth out loud. Say “I am not married to him any longer.” “I am forgiven. I am free.” Please also allow yourself to believe that you are worthy. That you are worthy to be delivered from the curses placed upon you by abuse. You need Holy Spirit healing and deliverance!!! Go get it. Watch Daniel Adams. Get a one on one session with him or his wife. I love you, victims of domestic violence❤️

    3. I often didn’t like the words said by another to me: “It’s gonna be OK.” When pain is in your heart, you cant feel that things will be Ok. And often I have been angry at God for choosing to take away my brother, have 2 miscarriages etc. But I really like what Sharon says..”God will keep writing your story.” That is trust!

    4. The Lord bless you, strengthen you, and continue to fill you with peace and joy as you care for your son.

  3. Thank you so much for the reminders!
    I love the Lord but I sometimes don’t have scriptures readily available on my mind to encourage myself.
    I enjoyed Sharon. I always do!

  4. This really spoke to my heart. I am going through a battle right now. My mom Jan once independent living on her own 83 yrs young took a fall, had surgery, Was in a nursing facility bed bound unable to walk. Moved her to a more comfortable assisted living place near my home. I have cried everyday. She was already getting dementia before this but its gotten worse. Its so hard. I feel like I am failing her but know in my heart she is in the best place to get care. Me and my brother are in the process of cleaning out her home to sell which breaks my heart. We grew up in that home but feel like even if she gains mobility she can’t live there alone. Also this assisted living is very pricey and can’t fit the bill on our own. I know it will be ok cause God doesn’t lie. He never forsakes or leaves us. If it wasn’t for him I couldn’t walk through this valley.

    1. Stacy, take hope that God will walk every step with you and use it to build endurance in you. My 85yr mom was widowed after diagnosed with Alz. We had to sell house, get companions, move to assisted living. After stroke we had 5 yrs in nursing center before the Lord took her home. In spite of all the heart aches the Lord showed me how to live in the moment. He is so good and you will see How m He is the Good Shepherd. May God give you His Joy and strength.

  5. I have been hit by many defacing news over the years. Now as I age I am hit with another one before I can recover from the previous one. Like usually I am now having to treat two conditions at the same time. I only try to deal with replacements of bone one at a time. I try to delay treatment of one while treating the most urgent and painful. Today my heart is breaking for a friend who got her 2nd Covid Shot just as she is facing a total knee replacement. Her surgery is in four days. It has only been 2 days since she could hold her phone as her friends frantically tried to contact her. She nearly died last week. Of course I tell her it will be OK but I am praying God gives her the strength to be able to make it through with Gods strength. Please pray for Kathy.

  6. Ok, here’s my situation. My beloved husband just died an untimely death in a car accident. I do not think he was a Christian. For me, I have hope for MYSELF and my future with God. But how can I say IT WILL BE OKAY fearing that I won’t see my husband in heaven? Telling me that God will wipe every tear from my eyes (basically, I will FORGET my husband once I’m in heaven) does not help me that much as it doesn’t change a thing about my loved one. My daughter as well seems to have rejected God. So tell me, how can I tell myself everything will be ok? What do parents of children who die unbelievers do to be okay?

    1. Dear Susan, my deepest sympathies. I so get your fears and frustrations… having walked a similar journey. I felt God speaking at that time- just as the thief on the cross next to Jesus, recognized and repented in his passing, others may do the same today. We cannot know what transpires as people pass into forever until we are Face to face with God ourselves. I am so sorry your daughter may be in crisis as she processes her grief. Praying the kindness of our Savior eventually melts her heart. Praying endurance for you as you hold onto Hope in your great sorrow.

    2. Susan,
      A man of God once said that “it is not our work to change people but God’s. so, we should continually pray for them and let GOD convict and change them.”

  7. Rene, my brother-in-law, saw the oncologist today. They were told he has prostrate cancer, and is the fast going and very aggressive. Kind. He had scans to see if it had spread and they came back negative, thank you Lord! But the oncologist said he needs a pet-scan to know for sure. They also found suspicious lymph nodes near the affected area.
    Please pray and come into agreement with me that it has not spread and that God will heal him either with treatment or by His mighty hand. Thank you!

  8. Yes, needed to read this today! Thank you for the Scriptures! I have Parkinson’s and am dealing with sleep issues and anxieties I never had before. Trusting the Lord and clinging to His promises!

  9. I had a nervous breakdown five years ago after I was suddenly plagued with tremendous pain in the face and neck with no explanation. Just three months later, my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma and nearly died twice over the course of the next six months. I was crushed under the weight of the physical and emotional pain and wondered where God was. I couldn’t see Him, hear Him nor feel His presence. It was the most difficult period of my life. Fortunately, my husband survived, friends came to my aid and God revealed Himself through a persistent whisper that said, “All is well.” It neither looked well nor felt well, but I believed Him, and little by little over time I was healed. As painful as that period was, I have grown both emotionally and spiritually as a result of that trial. My physical pain persists despite seeing several doctors in four states, having surgery, and many other treatments, but God has given me the strength to both accept it and cope with it now. He is good ALL the time!

  10. Sharon – I thank you so much for your insight and making it so much easier to be vulnerable and be able to share each of our stories and feel “not alone”.

    I a lot of the time feel as if I am an awful person to complain or feel hurt when I hear others stories. My counselor assured me trauma is trauma – to not compare to others.

    I just went thru my second divorce, I keep waiting for the very sad and hurtful days to get better and they don’t seem to. It is very tiring and wearing on the soul. It is good to have others in our lives like your friend that said it will be ok.

    After reading, even though I have never met everyone who commented I do not feel alone or singled out. I thank everyone for sharing and it gives me purpose to pray for all of us. Some days that is hard to do to but I guess that’s when others can pick up and help out as a community of God’s children.

  11. I have been a christian all my life, and I recently have had serious health problems involving my heart. While the doctors are saying my heart could stop any minute, I am in the middle of trying to find the exact diagnosis and treatment. It has been the toughest season in my life so far, and honestly I feel like my faith is being tested and feeling hopeless makes me re-evaluate my faith. All the what ifs and the anxiety and fear of being stuck in this situation that could possibly lead to death scares me. I needed to read this today, It has been a little ray of hope, a relief, from the negative thoughts. I pray and believe in God’s promises. I pray for complete healing and hope I come out of this and that I could be a hope giver and be able to help others when I say It’s going to be okay.

    1. Hi Ashly
      TRUST In the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding! Seek Gods wisdom through Holy Spirit! He will hand pick and guide you to each Dr, procedure and whatever test you need! Keep on asking and believing ! He knows and sees all! God bless, Darlene

  12. When I read the title, my eyes filled with tears, I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear that. I agree with Teresa’s comment … “ Praise God for the use of your spiritual gifts of encouragement. “. Thank you

  13. I just found out three days ago my beautiful had been rushed to the hospital for the third time for having a seizure… no history of epilepsy. I went to Dallas Fort Worth where she lives to take her to a neurologist since her driver’s license has been taken away. She refused to go back to the hospital even though she was acting very bizarrely. I discovered why. She is hooked on meth and kicked me out of her home. I had to let her exhusband know so he can get my grandchildren out of the home. She tried to push me down a flight of stairs. To say it is hard is an understatement but I was given a word to let go and let him help. I am doing this. Since she is refusing help I have no help. Although my heart is breaking I am functioning, God is faithful… He has proved it over and over. My job is to stand back, pray and let Him work. Believing for my prodigal to come home at some point! Learning the hard way even the most normal Christian home is not immune to this scourge..,, she was raised in Church in a loving family.. prayers appreciated.

  14. Thank you for reminding me that it “is” going to be ok…😊
    God has been so faithful in my life and brought me and my family through many hard things. I have been discourages lately with some big on-going issues and really needed to to be reminded that God cab cause “all things to work together for good ” 💓

  15. Dear Sharon,
    I fell and damaged my right knee I spent two months in the hospital and I wear a brace on the damaged knee I now walk with a Walker I don’t know when my knee will be healed. I am confined to my home I cannot drive I do everything with my Walker as my Occupational Therapist says this is my boyfriend I don’t see my lifestyle changing anytime soon. I live alone and I depend on others for rides etc. last week God answered my cry for loneliness and sent two ladies to visit me on different days. God has also chosen one of my neighbors to check on me daily. I have to tell you this is not the lifestyle I would have chosen for me but the good news is He has not left me nor forsaken me. Hugs Katie Ogden

  16. Dear Sharon,
    I feel as though we could be friends. I have found so much encouragement in the blogs you write. I often share them with others.
    My husband and I pastor a church in a smaller town,where everyone knows your business. The Lord began to press on my heart it was time to face some ugly shame from the past in order to work in my future. I began the journey of sharing the fact I had endured two abortions before the age of 15. I was unfaithful in my marriage and nearly destroyed our lives. Many other battles and labels I began fighting through. All with my heavenly daddy’s help.
    I know this shame had to be revealed. It was hard and in someway created more shame. Even a since of guilt,like why is the Lord using me? I know God wants healing in my heart so I can minister to others by telling them it’s going to be ok. Praise God!!
    Be Blessed, J.M

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