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She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me [El Roi],” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” (Genesis 16:13 NIV) 

One day I was sitting on the patio with a friend, Beth, and her step-father, Sam. We were waiting for the grill to heat up before placing steaks on to cook. Beth’s mom opened the door and gave Sam his orders – telling him what to do and how to do it. When she went back inside, Sam made a hand signal, pointing in one ear and out the other. We all three laughed. Then he placed his ruddy hand on my friend’s arm, a hand worn by years of working under the hoods of cars of every shape and size.

“She was pretty hard on you growing up wasn’t she,” he asked.

“You have no idea,” she answered with a sigh.

But he did have an idea. He understood. And that one simple gesture let her know that Sam had peered into her heart and seen the truth. The weathered country mechanic had looked under the hood of her heart with wisdom of the learned and seen the damaged and maimed engine within. A heart, though healed by Christ, that still felt the phantom pain of a little girl who was never good enough, who was constantly told what to do and how to do it – and who never did it quite right. Sam saw her heart, and for that, Beth loved him. And so did I.

One of my favorite names of God is El Roi – the God who Sees Me.  He sees what you are going through. .He sees you.

Hagar was the first person to call God by the name El Roi. Hagar. Used. Abused. Tossed away. Driven away. Running away. She was all that and more.

Hagar was a maidservant, a girl-slave to her mistress, Sarai.  She had a job to do and we have no indication that it was unpleasant, until a turn of events changed her life forever.

God came to Abram, Sarai’s husband, and gave him some amazing news.

“Lift up your eyes from where you are and look north and south, east and west.  All the land that you see I will give to you and your offspring forever. I will make your offspring like the dust of the earth, so that if anyone could count the dust, then your offspring could be counted…A son coming from your own body will be your heir.”” (Genesis 13:14-17; 15:4)

Abram told Sarai, of God’s promises, but as the months tuned into years, Sarai “grew impatient with God and His promises.”

‘The LORD has kept me from having children,” she complained to Abram.  “Go sleep with my maidservant; perhaps I can build a family though her.’”  (Genesis 16:2)

Oh my, this seems more than strange. But in those days, it was common practice for an infertile wife to offer her maid in order to keep the family name alive. So Abram bowed to his beautiful wife’s bidding and bedded her maid. Hagar conceived a child and a bit of pride to go with it. Then in a way only a conniving woman can contrive, Sarai turned around and blamed Abram for the tension this pregnancy birthed. As Hagar’s belly began to fill out, Sarai’s jealousy began to well up.

“You are responsible for the wrong I am suffering.  I put my servant in your arms, and now that she knows she is pregnant, she despises me.  May the LORD judge between you and me.”

“Your servant is in your hands,” Abram said. “Do with her whatever you think best.” (Genesis 16:5-6)

Sarai mistreated Hagar until she could bear it no more. Cutting remarks. Angry words. Condemning looks. Finally, Hagar ran away to the desert.

As Hagar lay languishing in the wilderness, an angel of the LORD appeared to her and asked the same question God asks all of us. The question akin to the very first question He asked Adam and Eve in the Garden (Genesis 3:9). “Where have you come from and where are you going” (Genesis 16:8). Of course God knew where she had come from and where she was going, but Hagar needed to say the words, just like we need to say the words.

“I’m running away from my mistress Sarai,” the abused Hagar replied. (Genesis 16:8)

            “I’m running away from this lifeless marriage,” the neglected wife decides.

            “I’m running away from the pressures of this job,” the man with the bottle responds.

            “I’m running away from that coldhearted woman,” the man peering at porn justifies.

            “I’m running away from these ungrateful children,” the shopaholic mother answers.

“I’m running away from the daily grind, endless chores, and piles of laundry,” the lonely housewife sighs as she clicks on an old boyfriend’s Facebook page.

“I’m running away…”

“Then the angel of the LORD told her, ‘Go back to your mistress and submit to her. I will so increase your descendants that they will be too numerous to count… the LORD has heard your misery.’”

Hagar was a slave who had been sexually used and verbally abused. Hagar was a woman amazed that God heard her cries and saw her misery…that He took note of her condition and actually spoke to her. I understand her surprise. I am still amazed that the Creator of the Universe sees me, hears me, takes note of me, and speaks to me – and to you.

Let’s Pray

El Roi, thank You for seeing me, for hearing me, for rescuing me in my time of need. Help me to remember that there is nothing in my life that You don’t see and that You can’t fix. I trust You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now It’s Your Turn

Why do you think God started His conversation with Hagar with a question?

Describe how Hagar must have been feeling when she ran away.

Has there ever been a circumstance in your life where you felt the same way? Is it today?

Ready to stop running and start trusting God? If so, click over to my blog page and say, “I’m taking off my running shoes.”

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Comments 85

  1. I’m taking off my running shoes!!!

    I get e-mails daily and read on occasion. This morning (in a dead sleep) I heard an audible voice that sounded like my own father, calling my name as if to say Wake up, NOW! In a panic I sat up and looked around the room, no one here…phone wasn’t ringing and my alarms weren’t going off. I decided to read this devotional and now I know why I had to get up. 🙂 He sees me! Thank you!

  2. I’m taking off my running shoes. I’m so tired of running from financial problems, health problems and putting up with anger from my husband. My trust is in My Lord that He will keep me in His hands.

  3. Thank you for this message today. I’m taking off my running shoes. He sees me, he hears my cry. Praise God!

  4. Thank you for this beautiful posting, which I needed badly. Thank you, Lord, for seeing me. I’m taking off my running shoes!

  5. I have said a few of those things…I’m running away from my job or my ungrateful children. I pray GOD continues to hear me and see me….I’m taking off my running shoes.

  6. Good Morning Sharon, I want to say “I’m taking off my running shoes”. It is amazing how God speaks to us through others. Monday I actually told someone that I just wanted to run away. I have been living in bondage the last few years of my life, attempting to fight battles on my own that only God could win. From memories of my childhood that are completely different from the way my mom remembers them to attending school at night and working a full time job during the day. I am single and 41 so of course I have beat myself up for not landing a mate and having children. I also live with my mom, taking care of her as she battles the disease COPD in its advance stages. I have been from one end of the spectrum to the other, trying to handle everything on my own, shutting people out, and scariest of all shutting God out. He has proven time and time again that He is with me and that He has been carrying me. He shows me over and over that He has bigger plans for me if I would just give Him control. The problems are always going to be there, there is no promise of a smooth life here in this world. However, I have a strong foundation in Christ that will keep the troubles of this world from tearing me down. So I say again, “I’m taking off my running shoes”. The past is the past and the future is only known by my one and only true God. I will let Him have control and allow Him to work through me in all areas of my life: spiritual, home (mom), school, work, personal, fun times and run times: ALL AREAS are in His HANDS… Thank you Sharon for allowing God to speak through you to me…

  7. I’m taking off my running shoes. I’m so glad God sees me and knows what I need. He will not cause my foot to stumble, and He will not allow any harm to come near me. I bless His holy name.

  8. I have been going through a really rough time lately, and last week I hit my knees and cried out to God. “Where are you? Don’t you see me? I feel so alone. WHERE ARE YOU???” Then Monday night, He came to me in a dream. I remember being fully aware that I was dreaming, and being fully aware that He was there with me. For whatever reason, I am not allowed to remember details, just the feeling of peace, rest and well being that was there. I woke up before my husband’s alarm clock went off, feeling so at ease. I clung to that feeling throughout the day and had one of the best days I’ve had in a very very long time. I was not frazzled, I was not irritable, I enjoyed my children.

    My husband agreed to do a marriage devotional with me last night, and pray together, despite how tired he was, and has agreed to start doing it every evening before bed, after we get the kids down. This morning he was running late and said he didn’t have time to pray, but wanted to start doing that tomorrow morning as well.

    I decided that I wanted to do a devotion with my children before school and we did that. Then, I thought… “This is all great, but I need MY time with God too.” So I set off on search of a morning devotional to spend time with God by myself. And I found your devotional for today. “The God Who Sees Me.” WOW. It is just so relevant to where I am right now, and with what I was struggling with over the last few weeks and then with His visit to me on Monday night. God sees ME! It’s so humbling and exhalting at the same time.

    Thank you! I look forward to tomorrows devotion!

  9. I have actually read this devotion before. I can’t remember if it was out of one of your books or from GiG, but today this was a part my sudden glory moment. I would like to share this moment with y’all because it means so much to me. On Monday I was in such a place of self doubt. I was feeling lonely and inadequate. I have never been married and I feel like I am supposed to be, but at the same time I don’t feel worthy. I was being blasted with all my old sins things that I know I have been forgiven of and still it caused doubt in my faith. I cried to God on my way from work, “Can you make something beautiful out of me?” then I cried out to him again during my run, “I’m tired, I need you.” Then as I was reading this today it’s like a light going off. I was thinking I’ve read this before, so looked a little closer and when I was reading God was telling me that he has seen my misery. I know that he is going to turn me into something beautiful! Thank you for being apart of my glory moment!

  10. I am taking off my metaphoric running shoes…. And putting my real ones on! I run to food as a comfort. Even though I’m not severely overweight, I feel like I have little discipline when it comes to food. My goal today is to not let my urges over take me.

    God, give me the strength and discipline to say “no”. Let me take better care of this vehicle you have given me for my life. I can do this with You! You are amazing. -Amen

  11. I am taking off my running shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My husband who I LOVE DEARLY and I have been married for going on six years. He has an extremely low sex drive. On average we have had sex about every month or every other month. I’ve cried, screamed, kicked, accused, and I have come to the fact that he is inexperienced and never experienced true intimacy and love until we got married. I have not cheated and the only thing that kept us together was my love for God and his love for God.

    This was difficult for me. I grew up with my Dad being a drug addict until I was 10 and alcoholic. This made me run run run to another city where I was going to obtain happiness. Then God stepped in. I rededicated my life to Christ, got saved, and the first scriptures he gave me was Ephesians 5 and Galatians 5. I had just lost my virginity and I was on the path of the wild. I stayed celebrate for 3 years. FELLLL to sexual sin and then got married shortly after to another to my surprise after I POURED out to God and repented. Then, I got married and STILL couldn’t have sex!

    Well, like I said, I am taking off my RUNNING SHOES!!! because I trust God, I have an amazing husband who LOVES God, and all God wanted me to do was to totally trust Him in the first place!

    BTW, making love has gotten hotter than ever before since we’ve started working in ministry, and I know this public confession will prompt more miracles of steaminess in my marriage : )

    Love you guys and love our Father!

    PS- Sharon thank you for this devotional! Your commitment to serve your sisters is amazing and an inspiration to all!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. This devotional really hit close to my heart. I’ve been running away for years now since my last divorce in which I endured years of emotional and verbal abuse. I’ve remarried and found what I believed was a wonderful mate; however, I soon found out it wasn’t without it’s challenges, trials and tribulations. When things get tough I just want to run away, but I know that’s not the answer. I’ve prayed and prayed to God that I do not want to go through another divorce and prayed that he answer my prayer if I’m suppose to stay in this marriage and if he is the one for me or not. I was too tired to go on and God knew I was going to run. To my surprise God answered my prayers and my husband has been a different person for weeks now. I knew it was God that heard me and reached my husband as I had prayed for that to occur as well. I even had told my Dad before I saw the change that I was tired of running and that I was staying to see it through. I know God has been there for me time and time again. I couldn’t go a day without him no matter how bad it gets, if you just wait things will happen in God’s time, not our time. Trusting, keeping the faith and knowing that he’s there for me and my marriage is more than relieving to me; it’s a new beginning. It takes the weight off of me thinking I have to hold all this together. God has taken over that weight…I just had to give it all to him and let him take over because I couldn’t do it anymore. We all make mistakes and have faults…I sure do! God does forgive! He loves imperfect people and I’m definitely not perfect; don’t want to be. Believe with all your heart and soul that he guides us through life, wants us to learn from our mistakes, but above all keep our faith in him through every trial and tribulation! You’ll then see the amazing things that God can do!

  13. I am taking off my running shoes. I’m going to stand and be still and KNOW that God sees me, hears me, loves me, and will bless me indeed!

  14. You may have a full schedule but I’m going to ask you anyway . I ‘ve been running away since I remember from a father who was abusive to my mother and us , from a ex husband that was abusive etc and running away was the only best choice I found . At the present moment I have found peace in God support in my family in Christ and safety . I know God see’s me and that’s why I’m safe my question is . Why Hagar had to go back to the place of abuse?

    1. Hi. Hagar went back out of obidience to God, remember it was the Angel that God sent that told Hagar to go back. Sometimes you need to go back to that painful place in your life so that you can gain some form of closure. It doesn’t always turn out to be the best decision that you make as Hagar experienced first hand, but God allowed it so that we could one day in the future relate to this beautiful biblical character that teaches us to let go of the abuse, to forgive and to try with every fibre even it means facing death to let go.

      I trust that your situation will be resolved because Jesus covered it with His Blood on calvary and He also has a Father that wrote our lives with seasons, some good and some not so good… but in all things we grow and we gain the strenght that we sometimes need to face the future. May the peace of God be with you!

  15. I’M TAKING MY RUNNING SHOES OFF!!! And putting my walking shoes on and am going to walk with God and know that He hears me and knows me and IS WITH ME!!!! Thank you this is what I needed to hear!!

  16. I am taking off my running shoes!! I have been a “runner” all my life. I have run to drugs, men, food addictions, and even at one time looked my precious God in the face, so to speak, and told Him…”I choose drugs and the lifestyle that goes with it instead of you”. But as you all probably already know, the God who sees me, never stopped looking and never let me go! So here I am loving Him for loving me! Thank you for this devotional, it really was a blessing!!!!

  17. I’m taking off my running shoes … for the last time. Funny how we know, yet fail, to follow through with His faith teachings. I know that He has me through life’s storms – yet my human weaknesses and frailties fail me and my filthy pride gets in the way and then the hurt and scared feelings begin to mount … and I want to run before I have to endure anymore heartache. And then in the quiet when He grabs my heart … I envision the cross … and the agony that my Jesus endured for me – while I was yet a filthy sinner … and things become so skewed in proportion … and I return to what I THOUGHT was so evil and torturous … for compared to what my King endured for me – my life is surely a mere glimpse of His suffering … and I am joined again in blessed thankfulness for His grace and mercy upon my life, my marriage, my family, my children, and my home. Thank you, once again, for perspective – up close and personal. Blessed be.

  18. I am taking off my running shoes. For the past 2-3 days I have been telling my husband that I was going to run away. This devotional spoke to me at a time that I truly needed it. Trying to cope with work, housework, cooking, yard work, a husband that is not well, and all of the other things that pop up on a regular basis. Very often I feel overwhelmed, and yet guilty for not doing more. I don’t visit or call my step-mother often enough. My house isn’t clean enough, and the food I prepare isn’t healthy or good enough.

    Thank you for the GIG devotionals, they are a part of my daily routine, and many days they are what gets me through.

  19. Sharon,

    I am taking off my running shoes!

    Again I am amazed by the way your words speak to me and pierce my heart so closely. I read one of the other blog comments where one of your readers felt at peace after having a dream. Well for a about 4 months I stuggled with sleeping at night because I am diabetic and my feet were burning so badly at night to the point where some nights I would wake up in tears. I started taking pain pills every night and that was affecting my kidneys. Well I started praying about the pain and now I feel that same peace that one of your readers feels from God. I don’t have to take pain pills at night anymore and my kidneys are doing better. Praise God!!! He is watching over me and I want to thank you for this devotion today. I will take off my running shoes and stop running from life itself. I just don’t like struggle and I avoid it at every turn. I will stop avoiding struggle and face it behind God. I know I can hide behind God and be victorious. Like Hagar I will go back and be a good servant. I will obey God! In Jesus name, Amen!

    Thank you Sharon!

  20. I am taking off my running shoes!!! I look forward to my GIG every morning. They remind me that no matter my failings or faults I am WONDERFULLY made I am by my GOD who LOVES me ‘just as I am’. Thank you GIG! Blessings in abundance.

  21. I’m taking off my running shoes!!! Today I am staying home from school teaching to rest and rejuvenate. I am a cancer survivor and sometimes I get a bit too ahead of my physical self with what I THINK I can do. I have to take it one day at a time. With the Lord’s guidance, I will take it slower and step by step.
    Before cancer, I would really be on the run trying to do everything for everyone at home, for my family, for my students, and often forgetting to take care of myself. Cancer has shown me that I can’t do ANYTHING without God’s help and presence.
    Thank you for your wonderful words of life lessons and encouragement!!

  22. I’m taking my running shoes off. When I look back at the pattern of my life, there is a history of “moving on” from difficult situations, whether it be a job or a person. I never called it running away, but that’s actually what it was, and it’s still on my mind sometimes to do so, but now I’m standing on the promises that God has made to me. I love your devotions and the fact that they seem to be so relevant to my life and sometimes they are so specific to my situation that I’m positive everyone else got a different devotion and that particular one was meant just for me. This is a gift that God has given you. Thank you for using it to reach out to hurting women.

  23. I have been taken advatage of and abused by the few men who loved me. I have been crying out to God but to no avail for the past two years. I have lost all hope and keep asking myself why God is taking so long to come to my aid. You say that he knows our struggles, does he know mine? If he does why do i have to be in the presence of those who abused and used me seeing them prosper as I languish in self-hatred. What kind of a God does that.


  25. I am taking off my running shoes. I know God’s see me, hears me when I call. He takes notesof me , and I know he will speak to me. I am done running, I am taking my running shoes off and I am going to stand and faces every obstacles in my life. Because El Roi sees what I am going through. Whew! Such Wow &Wow Message! God bless you, Sharon. God bless Girlfriends In God for this message!

  26. I’m Taking of my RUNNING Shoes…
    I have been rumming for several years, and always ending back at the same spot.

    I use “shopping” to try to feel the void, I know God is in my life.. and it’s up to me to take off my running shoes. and walk in the footsteps that he has for me.
    Thanks so much for your words today.. this one was for ME

  27. I am taking off my running shoes and will take them off every morning as I kneel down in prayer with Jesus. It feels good to recommit myself to God every morning knowing that there is nothing that the two of us can’t handle. I think God asked Hagar a question because he first wanted her to know he was concerned for her and cared about her but also so she wouldn’t get defensive. I realized all to late this simple act of care and concern when talking to my sister about a month ago. She has been struggling with many things, her plate is full and she is in the depths of despair. I didn’t ask questions I just started giving her what I thought were helpful suggestions in seeking Jesus. She got very defensive and her last words left me cold as ice. We haven’t spoken since. I don’t expect to hear from her ever again. Thank you for this message this morning. It moved me and not only sheds more light on how important it is to show love like Jesus would in all of our interactions but also trusting God’s plan for us and committing myself to him by taking off the running shoes. Thank you and God Bless

  28. “I’m taking off my running shoes”

    My husband has filed for divorce after informing me that he was moving after his son left for the Navy… My thoughts, were to go with him and continue to fight for my marriage, but he is determined and as he said to me, “You are not in my plans.” I continued to pray and pray and still do but have been led to a perfect little apartment just a few minutes away from my son and grandsons… A raise and bonus in my job and another job offered for more pay. I know God is working in the midst of this storm and I ask for prayers for continued strength that I hear and follow His direction. I have known that my husband has been involved in emotional connections with other women on line. Prayers needed.

  29. I’m taking off my running shoes.

    Thank you for today’s message. As I continue to place my trust and faith in the Lord, I grow in His love and HIs will for my life. His ways are perfect and His plan for me continues to open new doors and take me in new directions.
    I give Him the glory and praise Him in all things.

  30. I’m taking off my running shoes.. I am tired of running into brick walls when El Roi sees me and the obstacles disguised as failure before me. Lord help me to have courage. These shoes are too small and they just don’t fit right anymore. When I become afraid like I am right now, comfort me LORD through the transition.

    Thanks Sharon

  31. “I am taking off my running shoes” I tired very tired of everything, my son’s (24 yrs old) addiction to alcohol is consuming me alive. I need guidance / direction on what to do with him since he lives with me. Do I give tough love by throwing him out to the street? No, I know that’s not God’s way. What am doing is fasting and praying for direction on what to do. I trust Him with everything, I don’t want to do things my way. Am tired. God is in control because I give it all to Him. No more running but trusting in Him.

  32. Thank you so much for this. I had just been thinking lately that I’m being punished. I was angry at God yesterday and how I feek He’s allowed ppl to treat me badly. I wanted to give up, but I know better. I have to strengthen my faith, God sees what Ive done and going through. “I’m taking off my running shoes”.

  33. I am so grateful to God that I decided to take a small study break o that I could read these encouraging words. I just said on yesterday that I was going to leave this entire mess of as life that I am currently enduring , ungrateful children, husband addicxted to drugs and alcohol, and finances in such a mes that I can hardly see my way through. I told God that all I ever wanted was to be happy and life a christian life. I wasn’t sure if he really heard me, but when I read this article it let me know that God does see me and hear my cry. and I am truly grateful. I am still hurting because this is such a difficult time for me, but with the prayers of the righteous, myself and My awsome Giod that I serve it will be alright and I will get through this, and have a peace that surpasses all understanding. Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement. May God bless you and all of the wonderful ladies that are on this page. I will continue to love the Lord and His praise will continually be in my mouth. I am in this world ,but “not of this world”. Thank God for His unchanging word, unconditional love and for giving us all the opportunity to have everlasting life.

    1. I’m taking off my running shoes today! For the longest time I turned away from God because I felt like He didn’t see my pain and the intense suffering that I was fighting through. Today He showed me that He didn’t forget me and that He does SEE! Thank you for the greatness that I know to be true and so real

  34. I found this on Facebook, shared by a friend, as I was running away from having to deal with my husband. I am overwhelmed at home with a newborn and toddler after 3 weeks of recovering from delivery, alone. He took work 8 hours away and I am saddened that he would take the job when we don’t really need the money. I have said “I am done” to myself several times and not responded to his “I love you” text messages.
    Hardened heart for sure.
    This message made me realize, I am not doing this alone. I have Jesus to help me through the 12 days of him being away. With Him all things are possible.
    Even praying about how to respond to my husband comes His calling to “Love and Respect” him.
    thank you xo

  35. I’ve taken off my running shoes but in some areas I feel I’m just running in circles. I am Praising Him for all He has done in the last few years. I know I”m a work in progress but there are a few things I’m going through I just feel I’m “stuck” in. It’s getting really hard but I trust Him.

  36. I’m taking off my running shoes. Just this evening I have been crying. I am very self conscious of the way I look – not a beautiful Grandma who has to find a dress for my grandson’s wedding. I like to dress modestly and also cover up my deformed legs. I am having a hard time finding a dress. I’ve been worried about it. But God knows what I need. Thank you for your teaching. I am going to trust Him. Gail 11:35 p.m.

  37. Thank you Sharon for this wonderful devotion. There is nothing better than to get such good news and be reminded that he sees you first thing in the morning when you open your mail box.

    May the Lord Bless you mightly.

  38. Very timely! It is encouraging to know that He sees me right where I am in the anxiety, fear, doubt, agony.
    Ooh Jehovah El Roi, I am taking off my running shoes and waiting on You right here where I am at, for even here You see me!

  39. I’m taking off my “spiritual running shoes” and putting on my “real life running shoes.” Your post was awesome! Cutting to the core issue of where we are going and who is directing our steps. I am trying to focus more on God’s Word, daily trust Him, and GO where he leads me and my husband. I hear my husband is likely going to be called to a new job…we don’t know what…just that the present job may be ending. I will trust God. He has always provided for us! Now, time to put on my REAL running shoes so that I can fellowship with some friends over our morning run before the rest of the world wakes up!

  40. I was about to run away from an angry husband of 43 yrs. that chooses not to give his heart to christ.But the lord says wait so I am taking my running shoes off. Praying for a closer walk and salvation for him. please pray

  41. Sharon, I wish I could tell you I am taking off my running shoes. I wish I could tell you I am trusting God to provide what he has so often supplied at points of need in my life. Your word was awesome, and I need to take off my running shoes and be willing to get back to doing what I am supposed to be doing with God’s strength.

    But I am so sick and tired. Even as I try to type this, I have to stop because one of my personal physical problems has erupted again, and I need to go take care of it. This is my life, and even after all my years of following Christ to the best of my ability, I just can’t find what I need to say “I’m taking off my running shoes.” Lord, help me.

  42. “I’m taking off my running shoes!” This has truly blessed me this morning. I was starting to feel really down on my commute into work today about my broken marriage, my lack of fulfillment in my job, and my child’s behavior that seems to be worsening daily. I was just about to shut myself off emotionally today to the best of my ability so I caqn function at work until I read this. I try to find contentment in my situation daily but often times I find myself feeling all alone and lost. But this devotional has been the perfect pick me up to remind me that God sees me. Thank you so much and God bless!

  43. Wow! My hair has been standing on end while reading this devotional today. Powerful words I so desperately want/need to hear. Shoes are unlaced and coming off. Thanks Sharon!

  44. i am taking off my running shoes.this has really bless me this morning .sometimes i forget how big my GOD really is .thanks for reminding me .GOD forgive me .i put my trust in you only oh GOD

  45. God today i am taking off my running shoes.In all areas of my life where i have tried to run in shoes of fear, oppression, lack of faith and uncertainty i remove these shoes and acknowledge you as Jehovah El-Roi

  46. i’m not scared again because God is on the throne and i i know he sees and knows all i’m goin through and will bring me solution at his appointed time.thanks for the devotional.

  47. “I’m not worried about today. God is on His throne!”
    I did a copy & paste but I do truly believe this. I have never been one to worry about things – I have always believed God will work it out.

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