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In my travels, I get to meet the most awesome women! While speaking at Ada Bible Church in Ada, Michigan, I was introduced to Susie Finkbeiner and her amazing gift for storytelling. I read one of her novels, A Cup of Dust, and I was hooked. Since then, I have read every fiction book Susie has published! I’m so excited that she has a brand new release, A Song of Home. I’ve invited Susie to share her heart with us today. At the end of the post, you’ll be invited to leave a comment, which will make you eligible to win not one, not two, but all three novels in Susie’s Pearl series. Let’s welcome my friend, Susie!

My son is rock collector. He isn’t too picky. He’ll gather rocks of any size, any color, whatever he can find in the backyard. Collection in hand, he rinses them with the hose and brings them inside, excited about his newfound treasures.

Then he brings them to me.

“See?” he says, placing them in the palm of my hand. “Aren’t they beautiful?”

“Yes,” I answer.

“Can we put them in the hutch?”

Now, the hutch is in a corner of our living room. It’s where I display treasured items; my grandmother’s old tchotchkes, collectables, antique books.

And now various rocks my son finds in my backyard.

So I open the hutch and put the small stones along the edge of a shelf or between delicate tea cups.

Why am I allowing dull, half broken, plain-jane rocks in my collection of beautiful things? Because my son gave them to me.

He is a generous boy, one who likes giving gifts. But he’s also the kid who has very little money to spend on presents. Poor guy has at least seven years before he can legally get a job.

So, what does he have? Time and a backyard full of rocks.

Those little rocks he gathers for me have become precious collectables.

They make me think of the dull and half broken efforts that I give to God. I come with a handful of underdeveloped abilities, trying to serve Him as best I can.

He takes my small gifts, the only ones I have to give, and holds them in the palm of His hand. I ask him, timid and anxious, if He thinks they are beautiful. He tells me that He does. Closing His fingers over what I’ve offered, He takes them to the place where he keeps all the beautiful things brought by his many children who aim to glorify Him.

To my eye my gifts look dingy and small next to the martyr’s sacrifice or the lives devoted to serving the poor. They seem lackluster when put beside the beautiful gift of the missionary. Seeing what I’ve given compared to what others have brought makes me feel little.

But God stands back and looks at His collection, the presents from His dearly loved sons and daughters. I like to think He smiles and feels that warmth in His chest that parents are apt to feel — that glow of love for their kids.

And somehow, beyond reason, my small gifts become every bit as beautiful to Him as everything else in His collection.

Even the smallest of gifts shine with the reflection of His glory.

Our minds are wrapped up in gift-giving this Christmas season. Leave a comment and share one gift that you can give God today. I’ll randomly select one comment to win a FREE copy of Susie three-book series of novels…The Pearl Spence Novels.

 Susie Finkbeiner is the CBA bestselling author of A Cup of Dust, A Trail of Crumbs, and A Song of Home. She’s a wife, a mother, and a novelist learning to live the story God has given her. You can visit her at






Congratulations to Priscilla, the winner of the FREE copy of Celebrating a Christ Centered Christmas.

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Comments 343

  1. Event the tinies,t most ugly, worthless item can be so valuable to a person just as we sometimes feel worthless but to God we are so special.
    Thank you for this Friday tidbit.Definitely gives me something to think on.

  2. Love it!! It’s from the heart and that is what we should all be doing! Giving and wanting to give is a precious gift for all . Seeing one give a gift is his glory!

  3. One of the most exciting joys to me is how God weaves lives together and allows us to see how others reflect qualities of God. It’s neat that you two connected!

  4. I absolutely LOVE how our Amazing, Awesome God takes what little we can offer Him with a sincere heart and turn it into blessings beyond measure. I just received a note of thanks from a young person who thanked me for offering the use of my soup mug! I was just being the me that God created me to be (I love to serve others) and it was the most precious thank you I’ve received in a long time – for a soup mug!!!!! Isn’t our God the Best at EVERYTHING???????????????????????

  5. Hi that reminds of the day my Chris ( he was 14 ) came home with half withered flowers on Mom Day, he work in a yard to buy me those flowers! Of all the gifts he’s given me those flowers meant so much to me! I still cry . Why is it that the little things our children bring us mean so much to us… I realize like you that our Lord has that mushy smile when we bring our gifts to him.



  6. Today I can give God the trust that he will take my pain of my impending divorce from my spouse of 43 years and turn it into something beautiful that he can use to bring him glory.

  7. Love this!!! And very precious to keep those rocks because YOUR PRECIOUS SON GAVE THEM TO YOU WITH YOU, AS HIS MOMMA, IN MIND!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  8. I want to give God a gift of humbleness. I want to humble myself before Him by acknowledging that I can do nothing without Him. As I have busied myself with shopping for Christmas presents, preparing food, attending parties, decorating, and trying to spread Christmas joy…I need to stop in my tracks, and kneel down before the One who loves me the most and just be in His presence. I am nothing without Him. I have nothing that He doesn’t provide. I can do nothing without His strength. He is my all and all, but I don’t tell him that enough. I’m changing that right this minute. I’m bowing my head as I finish this, and I’m going to tell him that I’m humbling myself before Him. He is my precious Father, and I love him so.

  9. The following quote really stuck with me… “Even the smallest of gifts shine with the reflection of His glory.” Sometimes my gifts do seem so small but they truly are a part of His collection that He delights in!

  10. I want to give my whole heart to the Lord. I’ve hidden from him for so long and I don’t want to hide anymore. I want him in my life all the time.

  11. For a long time now I have been asking God to use me. Recently He has put me in a position that I never thought I would be able to do. But with His gift of wisdom and strength, I have been able to do far more than I ever expected. Thank you Lord for placing me here for such a time as this. I praise and adore You.

  12. Kindness. I strive every day to share kindness with those I come in contact with. Strangers on the street or in the stores, the harried store clerk who looks weary and probably wishes she was off her feet, or the mom with a screaming toddler in tow just trying to get her grocery shopping done. I would love to give money to every charity that sends their appeals in the mail daily, but I’m retired and on a small fixed income. But I can share kindness and a helping hand when needed and pray for God to bring relief to those who are hurting. The good Lord knows kindness and compassion are in short supply in our world. A smile and friendly greeting can go a long way to ease someone’s tough day.

  13. What gift can I give to God? Following thru on the new mission He has give me. And somehow, in return, I know it will wind up being a blessing, a gift, in my own life. It’s rather amazing how He always allows our gifts to Him to wind up blessing us!

  14. Thank you so much. This was exactly what I needed to hear and brought me to tears. I am so thankful that all out gifts, no matter how small, are beautiful in His eyes and that we are enough. May you continue to be blessed and a blessing to others.

  15. I remember those days when my boys were little and would bring me things they found. Today they are both grown men with lives of their own. Very little time for their Mom, but that is ok, I have learn to deal with it. But even after saying that, they still know I am here for them and call me when they need me.

  16. I want to give God the gift of patience with my family as we move into a smaller home only four days before Christmas, along with gratitude for a home, joy to spread, peace in my heart and unconditional love for everyone, especially my Lord and Savior. Blessings of Joy, Hope, Peace and Love to all of you this Christmas!

  17. I agree that my gifts are small … but the gift I can give today is a smile and patience toward others in the shopping mall or in busy traffic. So many are troubled with a lack of money, lack of time and lack of patience duting this hectic holiday season. A little kindness toward others is the gift that I plan to share today as I go about my holiday shopping.

  18. Oh how I love a great storyteller. I would love to have these books and then share them with my sisters and nieces. If not, I will sure to buy them at the store. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

  19. What a touching story and what a powerful reminder that we are His children and beautiful in His sight. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  20. Your story is reassuring. The older I get , it seems the smaller gift I can give to god. However, i’s nice to know that even my little gifts of He appreciates. Thanks for giving me another way to look at things!

  21. My current gift to God is relying on him to hear my prayers. I have 2 teenagers and this past year has been a struggle for them. Raising teenagers is hard and I feel like I’ve really been over asking the Lord for help. I want instant results but remind myself things happen in due time.

  22. Love this! And I would LOVE TO GET THESE BOOKS!

    This Christmas I’m giving Jesus my need for ‘perfection’ —the trees, how the gifts are wrapped, hoe my house looks, how my kids behave— and am asking Him to replace it with His perfect PEACE!

  23. The only gift I seem to have is compassion for the hurting. My 94 year old dad so lonely from losing my mom & a fairly new Christian disabled friend mostly housebound. I visit & give all I can to give them hope & Gods love. Would love these books to share with my friend.

    1. Maureen, I cannot tell you how valuable compassion is. In the times when I’ve received it, it has changed everything for me. God’s glory shines when we show compassion. I just prayed for your dad to have comfort and for you to feel the love of God as you spill compassion onto others.

  24. I have a gift I can give everyday. It is the gift of love… it is my prayer that everyone in my life encounters the love of Jesus Christ through me.

    Blessings in Christ
    Denise ❤️

  25. I can give God the gift of my time, perhaps better spent helping those in need, whether by helping them with a task or chore, or by just being there and listening to them when they need a sounding board.

  26. I have seen the same thing with the collection of Christmas gifts my children made me over the years. This year is my first empty nest year (sigh). It is different and sometimes hard. But in my quiet time now I am able to reflect on the gift I have given to the Lord as well and I have also wondered if her treasures them the same as I do mine. Thank you for this sweet reminder of just how big our fathers love is for us. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  27. Investing encouraging words into my sweet grandchildren. Telling my 2 year old Nevaeh she is beautiful. I stop applying my make-up so I can dab a little face powder on her face, I also dab a light eye shadow on her eye lids, then I hand her a mirror as I tell her she is beautiful. Her face lights up as I allow her presence to stop my actions from doing what I’m doing to make her a part of what I’m doing to get ready. When I do this, I’m showing love. Love is the action God that blesses God. This action also gets passed down to my family.
    Everyday when I’m at my vanity combing my hair, or applying make-up, she knows she may use my special combs in the drawers as I’m at the vanity table. They are special because they are used at my vanity table by all the grandchildren. When they are done, they know they get to always place them back in the dwawer until the next time we have our special time. I love that my grandkids are learning even though the stuff inside the vanity is mine, they are learning that I too share my things just like they share their toys with me.


  29. Today I can give God full praise for simply just being his child. Oh I thank you for all the little blessings I have on a daily basis Dear Lord and for your sacrifice that I might be saved.

  30. Thank you for this beautiful message from Susie. I take care of my son who suffered a brain injury in a car accident 9 years ago. Sometimes, no, a lot of the times, it is just plain hard, and he is unable to speak to tell me what it means to him. But I know it is a gift I give to God. Taking care of my son and loving him is the gift of service I give to God. He tells us when you took care of the least of these you took care of Him.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Magda, what a beautiful way you serve your son and God. I cannot imagine how emotionally and physically draining it can be for you. I just prayed that you would have renewed strength and that you would be encouraged that you are living the life of love in such a God honoring way.

  31. Great reminder that no gift is too small in the hands of a mighty God!!! One gift I have to give him this Christmas is my past hurts. I need to turn those over to Him so that He can make the broken into beautiful!!

  32. Thanks for the devotion – I can give Him His joy back. In other words, I will choose to be joyful every day. Also I can give Him my gratitude everyday. “Each day is a gift from the Lord.” Merry Christmas!!”

  33. Such a beautiful post today! A wonderful reminder to give what we DO have and let God grow and develop it. After all, He gave it to us first. My gift to God today is to remember this message and not let myself hear the lie “it’s not enough” while working on the projects He’s lined up for me today. Thank you!

  34. The gift that I am working on daily and especially at Christmas time is to try to guide my 7 year son to be a faith filled and God loving young man. It is very difficult when you have so many outside influences to keep myself and my family centered on God. My husband and my two older stepdaughters do not go to church with my son and I so I am the only one to guide him. I pray daily to help us focus on him and his will.

  35. What an awesome, encouraging read today. Thank you for reminding me that no gift is ever too small to give God. HE just wants to know we will give a portion of the abundance back that HE has given to us. So today I will give the gift of love and service to someone I do not know. Those are gifts that keep on giving! Happy Holidays!

  36. The one gift I can give today – Love everyone. This has been a struggle for me – but I am working on it! I do the same thing with all the gifts my children give me – they go in the bookcase of my treasured antique secretary. Great reminder of how He sees our gifts, even the tiny ones! Thank you for the great article.

  37. We have one great grandchild(age 4), that swoops in for a hug and then flies right back out. We have another great grandchild (age 2), that loves to hug. She comes in for a hug and parks herself. The family’s comment started by my daughter is, ” I will not be the first to let go.” I have often wondered if Father God feels the same way about my hugs.

  38. I am not a fiction reader, but it is on my bucket list this next year to read a fiction book. I’ve only read two other fiction books in my adult life a number of years ago, both by novelist Francine Rivers, and loved them. I loved how it stimulated my brain to think, envision and imagine. Ready for another fiction book adventure!

  39. I absolutely love the way you treasure those simple little gifts of rocks your son gives you, by putting them in your special hutch!
    A lot of Mom’s would say. no way can they go with my special heirloom items and there in would break their little boy’s heart.

    I just love, love, love the way you treasure your little boy’s heart. I wish I would have had a Mom like you growing up!!

    I hope and pray God does treasure my very simple little offerings.

    Also, I am an avid Christian fiction reader and would absolutely adore your new books!!

  40. Such a precious analogy. The other piece I love about this is that your son is not afraid to entrust his precious treasures to you because he knows you value him. He knows you love him. As a result, he can trust that you will treat his treasured rocks with tender care. So like our relationship with our heavenly Father. When we are confident in His love for us, that He has our best interest at heart, then we can take every piece of our hearts, every inkling of a gift He has bestowed on us, and turn it safely back into His hands. When doubt creeps in, however, When we do not trust that He is who He says He is, we tend to try to keep those rocks safely in our pocket— afraid to share them with those around us.
    A poignant reminder to always remember that He loves each of His children greatly!

  41. Such a beautiful story! We are all broken compared to God’s sacrifice. Thankfully God molds and shapes us into who He desires us to be. As a mother, I can relate to all the rocks and bugs and pictures that children bring as gifts. They become special just because they are given to us by our precious children. A mother’s love is undeniable as is our Father’s love.

  42. Knowing that I want to give God the best gifts that I have, I sometimes feel so very inadequate. However, I daily give Him my time to use for Him in all that I do and say. I try to stay so focused on how to please Him above all others and above all things wanting to serve Him by serving others. Thank you for sharing this devotional.

  43. I think a gift I can give is sharing Jesus birth story with my grandkids who have heard the story but don’t necessarily understand it’s more than just a story, Jesus is Gods amazing gift to us!

  44. I love it because we all have something that’s makes our Father loves us even when we have small things to give even when others don’t see He’s see.Thank you. Jean.

  45. Outstanding post. Our children are God’s treasure and their little gifts to us remind us of God’s treasure, Jesus Christ.

  46. Totally awesome true . What I can share is my coloring pages to friends & others who i don’t know to see a smile on there face that yu care about them. & make their day special.

  47. Thank you for this beautiful story. Your words brought tears to my eyes. I feel the same, that what I bring to God is not good enough. But I am working to believe that He does value my gifts. I bring to Him my humility and hope in Him and His ability to do a good work, even in me. Merry Christmas!

  48. I plan to give To God the gift of me stopping to dwell on my past sinful life. This is keeping me from growing closer to God. Like in Hebrews 5:13-14. You will not grow on milk, you need meat to mature. (That is paraphrased of course.) But by me dwelling on my past sins and asking for forgiveness I am like an infant only on milk. I need to move on from my past, know I am forgiven, and move closer to God. So I am giving God my new self by letting go of the past since God has already let my past go, and becoming more mature and growing in my faith and knowledge of God. I am giving God the gift of Growth.

  49. What a beautiful way to show your son how much you treasure the gift he had. May we all remember to show the gift of kindess with each gracious celebration along the way! Nice reminder!! Thank you.

  50. Thank you for the reminder to stop comparing my offerings to God to those of others. Only He is qualified to judge our offerings, and only He can take the smallest, plainest offerings, and/or the largest, grandest offerings, and detect the true intentions of our hearts.

  51. I love the story of the rocks. My son was a rock collector when he was young. He loved sharing his treasures with others and many in our family proudly displayed them in their homes. God knows our heart that is behind those gifts we bring Him. I believe that’s why our “ordinary rocks” are precious in His eyes.

  52. The Smallest Gifts Grow Big with God really hit home with me. I never saw it broken down so simply but so accurately. I sometimes feel unworthy because I am not out there sacrificing my life or working in the wilds or dangerous places for God. I am a simple Wife, Mom and Grandmother trying to help people with the simple gifts I have. I sometimes wonder if God will find my simple thing worthy but this was just perfect. He loves me and my gifts. He treasures them like he treasures me. I feel so loved after reading this. I don’t know why but it had such an impact on me. God Loves Me and my Simple Gifts!!! Thank you so much.

  53. This is such a timely message. I have been going through my life with a fine tooth comb and trying to listen to the Spirit to guide me into the best way to praise and serve Him. He has shown me the simple things like a beautiful layer of unexpected snow in the deep south that stops all normal activity. I feel it was His way and reminding me to Be still and know! He is so gentle and fierce, detailed and grand, loving and mine…as I am His.
    He is my protector and loving daddy!

  54. I want to see others as Jesus does and values them as He does. So my gift to my loving Father God is the desire for a heart like His. I collect rocks, too, and am more picky at the age of 61. 😀 Thank you for sharing this.

  55. I so enjoyed reading this excerpt of The Smallest Gifts Grow Big With God. We all too often feel as though that which we offer isn’t good enough and compare ourselves with others and their gift. We forget that God doesn’t show favoritism; He loves us and accepts our gifts as we give Him back that which He has given us.

    I praise God for Susan and lovingly accepting her son’s rocks as something beautiful. What a lesson for us all as parents.

  56. I so enjoyed reading this excerpt of The Smallest Gifts Grow Big With God. We all too often feel as though that which we offer isn’t good enough and compare ourselves with others and their gift. We forget that God doesn’t show favoritism; He loves us and accepts our gifts as we give Him back that which He has given us.

  57. Today and everyday, I can give God my stillness – time to let go of today’s worries, the business of work and family, and the pressing items on my to-do list. I can be still and focus on Him and allow Him to speak His truths into my soul.

  58. Lovely reminder of the precious small gifts God leaves us. Reminding me, When my children make me something less then perfect, just smiling and saying thank you is not enough. I must remember to use or war the item as well:). I can give God my time and reliance.

  59. I give Christ my whole self and as I wrap gifts today I pray for each receiver that they give God their all and that God will bless each one!!

  60. Thank you for supporting good faith-based fiction. It has its own special place in ministry, and is often belittled or ignored. I’m looking forward to becoming acquainted with a new author! Any other recommendations?

  61. I am giving God the gift of reflecting His glory through the unexpected deaths of my parents. I want people to know my good, good Father despite the sorrow of such great loss.

    1. Oh, Amy. I am so sorry. I just prayed that God would fill you to overflowing with comfort, so much that you can’t help but let it spill over onto those around you. And I pray that the people in your life will bless you overwhelmingly.

  62. What an awesome story. It reminds me of my children and grandchildren as they bring me dandelions and other “flowers” for my table. the gift of a child is rewarding. My gift for God today is a loving heart for my granddaughter and her two girls, 3 and 1, who I am blessed to have living with me. To show my granddaughter the patience and love of God that I have.

  63. Thank you for once again, causing me to stop my work and remember the love of my Heavenly Father. Susie, your writing drew me in. Oh, how often I’ve felt that my gifts aren’t honed enough to share, aren’t as good as they used to be because I am older, or just plain aren’t used often enough. It’s good to be reminded that all we give to the Lord is welcomed by Him.

  64. Thank you for reminding me what is important in life. It’s the small stuff. I also have a son who loves to collect rocks and I need to remind myself to look through his young eyes and not to get caught up in my to do list. My gift to God today is to take time to listen to Him and those He brings into my life today and to set aside my agenda and allow Him to use me as He wants to today. Thank you again.

  65. Thank you for sharing this today. I have a daughter who is a rock and shell collector, and you have given me a new appreciation for the many “gifts” I have received through the years. I believe that I will try to find a way to better display them so that not only will I see them more often, but that they will also remind me of the gifts that I need to bring to the Lord.

  66. This Monday past was the funeral off my loving Mom and things were a little harder because I was sick during her 2 weeks in palliative care and funeral preparations etc…
    Right now, I’m just home from the hospital after an overnight stay in emergency and a series of tests.. the result is a deteriorating tube from my kidney to my bladder… the cause has yet to be determined…
    My gift to GOD in the midst of this situation is thanksgiving, praise and trust… thanksgiving for the hope Jesus gives of eternal life which my mom possessed. Praise that Emmanuel, God with us is ever present with me when there is not much more I can give him in my present situation (bedridden) and trust for whatever my future holds knowing He holds me up and holds my hand .. thank you for your encouraging post today 💜🙏

  67. I can give myself to the Lord, with all my faults and insecurities. He can do what He wants with me. I am a vessel to be used by Him.

  68. We have a great grandchild (age 2), that loves to hug. She comes in for a hug and parks herself. The family’s comment started by my daughter is, ” I will not be the first to let go.” I have often wondered if Father God feels the same way about my hugs.

  69. Every day I am learning more and more that God loves me as I am for who I am. My greatest gift to Him, or to others, is to reflect the love of Jesus every day. Susie, thanks for sharing your heart and making the commitment to write and to finish the race and publish the book. You are a blessing.

  70. I give the gift of a listening ear and a caring heart for my colleagues at work. I am so blessed to work with a group of strong prayer-warrior women. We all have a special gift that we bring to the group. I am the more quiet one, however, I believe God uses my quietness to balance out the group. I have a heart of empathy and I am so very, very blessed and grateful for the love my Savior has for me.

  71. The gift that I can give God is my devotion and love. He has showered me with so many blessings lately and it has left me praising Him continuously. I am prone to bouts of praying and crying because of my love and joy. I live by faith alone and so when the blessings flow, so do the tears. God is good all of the time!!

  72. Oh Susie how precious is a childs heart and their desire to give whatever they have or find. My precious 6 year old Grandson is the same way and my heart just swells with love when he wants to give me or someone else his prized possessions 😄
    I will offer up my praises and my heart to God today ❤️

  73. My gift to God is is a full and grateful heart. A heart He created, a heart he treasures and a heart He has healed. A heart that has been given so much more than I could ever have imagined or hope for. A heart that longs to hear His soft whisper …

  74. My gift to God is my love for Him. Love that He saw me fit to be saved from the pit of hell. Love that He provides for me and my family. Love for His Word.
    Love for the Holy Spirit.
    Love for ALLLLLL of Him!!
    Pure love, the best way I can.

  75. What a Beautiful reminder for us all. It doesn’t matter how small we think out gifts for God are, He sees what is inside our Hearts. That is the most precious Gift of All! Thank You God for Loving me.

    1. Theresa, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m from a single parent household and I know the struggles. I just prayed that God would relieve your stress and give you comfort that is beyond any earthly power. You are dearly loved.

  76. Your post captured the essence of “gift giving” no matter what the gift of who it is from. It is the heart behind the gift that matters. If the heart is good, then the gift is precious and something to be treasured.

  77. Your post captured the essence of “gift giving” no matter what the gift, or who it is from. It is the heart behind the gift that matters. If the heart is good, then the gift is precious and something to be treasured.

  78. Merry Christmas –

    These words are a bit difficult to share – how do I describe the tears I shed reading this post.
    Here is why – my amazing in-laws are rock collectors. Over the over 55 yrs they have been married they have travelled to many places to find a certain gem or stone to add to their collection. They are amazing stewards of natural resources and live way out in the country – it is so peaceful & beautiful. Their son, my amazing husband has the same heart for preserving untouched beauty.
    We have been married for just two years – he was widowed – myself a divorcee.
    His 1st wife of 28 yrs is in heaven – my amazing hubby fell in love with me and has touched my heart beyond what any words can tell.
    Now, I face the same diagnosis his first wife passed from – breast cancer.
    We are leaning into all of the promises God gives us – We lean into His grace, comfort and promises.

    I guess this post meant a lot because of my diagnosis we will not be travelling to see his parents until treatments are done – I will miss the beauty and wonder of their home. I pray for full recovery so I can grow very old with this amazing man of God.
    I read your blog many times throughout the week –
    Thank you for answering God call for you life
    I am so encouraged.

    With much love and gratitude
    Kathren K

    1. Oh, Kathren, I am so sorry to read of your diagnosis. I just prayed for you, that you and your loving husband would feel the comfort of God to overflowing. That you would see His healing power and that you would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He loves you deeply.

  79. This brings up sweet son also brought rocks and gave them freely…. always reminded me of The Littlest Angel Story😍Now he is a big burley Police Officer with a sweet giving spirit…😍

    1. Oh, I love that, Linda. Thank you for sharing it. I know that my little guy is going to be bigger than me before I know it. It’s nice to hear that he may still have such a sweet and giving heart.

  80. I collect rocks too, heart shaped ones. My Mother passed away about six years ago. I was devastated from things that transpired in the last months of her life. I pray and cried to God in my pain and sorrow at how her life ended. Not proud for asking God for a sign, I ask for a sign of His love. In those six years, I have found between 50-60 heart shaped rocks. It amazes me each time I find one. They almost jump out at me.

  81. I love today’s blog! I have a son who collects all kinds of stuff. I am thankful he loves to bring me his treasures. He has had a rough couple years since his dad left but he embraces God and God has protected us. He sees true beauty isn’t on the outside but what is in the heart.

    1. I’m so sorry that he’s having a rough time, Tiffani. I struggled after my dad left too. I can say that it gets better. God has an amazing way of healing hearts. I just prayed that your son would feel the overwhelming love of his Heavenly Father and that you would feel the peace of knowing that God is faithful and trustworthy.

  82. My gift will be to have a good attitude even though I am tired and will be seeing my nurse practitioner today about an ear infection.

  83. I had a son that was a rock collector. And now I have a grandson that collects rocks. I love the excitement in their eyes when they find a most beautiful rock. Loved this comparison to the Lord and us.

  84. My gift to God is being a better friend to God, as in any friendship, I am going to strive to be a better listener. So I can always say “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”

  85. I can give him my problems and know that I no longer have to worry about them because He has said, “Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.”

  86. I loved Susie’s blog for I have also received my share of beautiful treasure rocks from grandchildren or other precious ones. One is even on my hearth as we speak and has been there for several years. But what I must mention concerning a gift to give to the Lord happened this morning unexpected. We went to breakfast at a small cafe close to our church and met a dear friend. He and his daughter were having breakfast together and in deep conversation. We greeted and left them alone. Soon they shared with us what was troubling them. His wife who is around 75 is in the hospital with a now defined terminal illness. She only has a few days. They are the ones who invited us to the church we attend and have done so to many others. As he shared with us, the gift we gave to the Lord and to our friend was friendship and love. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Christmas as the world sees it, life still goes on and so does death. We hugged and they left and we were left to put life in God’s perspective for you see his daughter lost her husband the first of the year and she can understand the path her dad is walking. Hope you and your family have a wonderful blessed joyous Christmas. The New Year will be amazing because OUR GOD has a plan!!

    1. Karen, sometimes hugs are the very best thing we can give to people in such grief. I just prayed that God would continue to use you to minister to this family with hugs and prayers and kind words. I think of the words of Paul when he said that we comfort others because of the ways God has comforted us.

      Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  87. I too do not have much in way of a gift for my Lord. I have been giving him my time in volunteering for a non-profit organization here where I live. I wish that I could do more, but physical limitations don’t allow me the pleasure. So I will continue to do volunteer for this organization that sends out missionaries and holds christian camps and teaches young minds about how to live for God at their Bible Institutes. It is a wonderful way to give back to God and I receive such joy from it. This Christmas I hope to impart the true meaning of the season to my children and temporarily set aside the things of this world and concentrate on what Jesus has done for us.

    1. Karen, I am willing to bet that your efforts at the non-profit blesses more people than you could ever imagine. And I am absolutely certain that God is honored by your efforts. I just prayed that you would somehow know the impact you are having and how your work is bringing glory to God!

  88. Today I will give God the gift of patience. I have been home bound with advanced cancer and on oxygen 24 hours a day. I find myself not responding nicely to those that are just trying to help me. It is not fair to them and I really don’t mean it but in gifting Him I hope He will grant me the patience I need for others.

    1. Valerie, I’m sorry that you have to deal with illness and being on oxygen. I just prayed that God would give you an extra dose of patience and that you would feel love from the people who are there to help you.

  89. I can give the gift of sharing God’s love on Facebook. I don’t get out much because we only have one car but when I do I try to treat everyone the way God would want me to, with His love. I pray that when people see me they see Him and His love.

  90. As i sit here feeling sorry for myself, because the one year anniversary of my son, and only child, passed away two days before Christmas 2016, I read this and it makes me realize I should thanking God for keeping my son safe in heaven. I guess I gave God the biggest present I could have ever given him, my son Chris.

    1. Maggie, I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling right now. I just prayed that God would blanket you with His comfort and love and that He would give you the peace that passes all understanding.

  91. My gift I will give today is time writing out Christmas cards to aend to familyand friends. I have always had good intentions, but never took the time.

  92. This reminded my of a dear book from childhood: “The Littlest Angel” by Charles Tazewell. What is precious to us is precious to Him, and the humblest gifts are the most meaningful. Merry Christmas!

  93. Exactly what I needed to hear today. One gift I try to bring to God every day is a hopeful heart no matter what I’m facing. There have been many days that hopeful heart wasn’t worth much but I know He can repair and make new all things.

  94. Thank you so much for this fresh perspective on those “small” gifts. I love your analogy to the precious gifts given to us by our children and what we offer to God. May His blessings be with you and your family this Christmas

  95. Hi! I’m Debi. God I know you know who I am for sure. I’m a persistent prayer. I write cards to the elderly and sick for my church sometimes up to 40 some cards a month. I use scripture and devotions I’ve read and mix them with my own thoughts and prayers. Today God I’m offering a card. I’ve been told they make tears come to the eyes. I offer my body for You to use and work through to theses people who need to be uplifted. I put my heart and soul into them and this one especially for You, Jesus!!!! I love you and bless You. Hoping you’ll do the same. In His Grace Debi

  96. Reminds me of a beautiful poem:

    by Christina Rossetti

    “What can I give Him,
    Poor as I am?
    If I were a shepherd
    I would bring a lamb,
    If I were a wise man
    I would do my part.
    Yet what can I give Him?
    Give my heart.”

    I can give God my ever grateful heart and the sweet gift of gratitude.

  97. What a beautiful story! This child of yours with his rocks will grow up to be a giver of love and affection.
    I think it is great that you display his rocks with your other treasures. That sends a great message of love!

    1. Post
  98. What a wonderful reminder to not only treasure the heartfelt gifts from others regardless of size but to understand how much our loving Father treasurers our gifts and offerings that come from our hearts. Thank you for the chance to win the books.

  99. Lately, I’ve felt the gentle nudging of God. Pushing toward the passions He has placed in my heart. The ones He purposed for my time on Earth. And amid the gentle nudging, I’ve been pushing back with my flimsy excuses to not move forward where He has told me to. This year, I can give Him my surrender, my obedience. Thank you for the opportunity.

  100. Wow, the story of your son and the rocks reminds me of my youngest, Caleb. He too collects rocks and has presented me over the years. After many years and a pile, one Christmas he decided to make me a box with his dad. He worked on it and wrapped it for me. It was a box for all the rocks. So, my box sits in my bedroom where I can see it each morning knowing that my son has given me much love through the rocks that are now in the box.

    As for a gift for God, I think I would give him my time. For years growing up, then marrying, having a family I focused just so much on my own tasks at hand and not really focusing on how God influenced me each day, took care of me and my needs. I never really gave him the time that he deserves. As the years have passed, I try every day to thank God for each gift, and give him my attention to let him know I appreciate all that he has done and is doing.

  101. This was convicting. I always accept my daughters’ tiny gifts butnever thought to display them. That would give them so much joy.

  102. Giving to Him all personal problems, and verbally abusive people for He knows all and helps all. I really would love to read these books. Thank you so very, very, much for giving us a chance to win a copy of the books. Merry Christmas and God Bless everyone.

  103. I really enjoyed reading the little bit you shared and I love to read so these books sound wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  104. The most precious items I own are precious because of who gave them to me. A bracelet made of milk bottle caps made by my then preschool age daughter, crayon drawings from grandkids, and family items with many memories attached. The gift that I can give to God today is to share what I have with others in order to draw them into a relationship with Him.

  105. The gift I can give God today is a thankful and grateful heart for all the splendid gifts he has given me.
    I can work diligently to not complain or compare His gifts and blessings for me to what I might perceive someone else has been blessed with.

  106. What a beautiful take on the small, tokens we offer such an awesome God. Thank you for sharing, it helps me remember the gifts and treasures my daughters gave me as small children, my most valuable belongings that make me smile when I see them and think of when they have them to me. I do hope God smile and feels the happy feeling about me that I feel about my daughters.

  107. A small gift that I can give to God to to spend time with an unbeliever and share His good news with them planting a seed in them and praying it to maturity.

  108. Oh my! This devotion hit me squarely in my timid heart. I try desperately to bring God something that I think is worthy daily, but the truth is that He cherishes everything that I bring. He cherishes my gifts because all that I have to offer Him are gifts that He has given me to use for His glory. Thank you Abba for loving me!

  109. Thank you for your insightful thoughts. We collect rocks too. From every country we’ve been in. Once when in South Africa we found a rock with black markings on it. Upon closer look it actually was in the shape of Africa. It was a keeper for sure. Your books look very intriguing. Would love a set. God bless your work Susie.

  110. “Even the smallest of gifts shine with the reflection of His glory.” I needed that today as so often I feel as though what I do is of little significance.

  111. Thank you Susie and Sharon!! I often struggle with this thought…that my ways aren’t good enough for God compared to others…. That I don’t commit myself the way I should! But your words touched my heart and I’m going to try to hang on to my meager ways being enough for now. Many thanks for sharing from a fellow Michigander! I was going to attend the Ada, Michigan conference last winter but was unable to….very sad. How can I get news of the events in the future??

  112. Really enjoying our Christmas Advent season 2017…by packing & now tracking our Samaritans Purse shoebox gift for a child in Africa- hanging socks, hats & mittens on a tree at church that will go to children at a local school – cooking & serving at our church on Fridays when we open & welcome our homeless neighbors in out of the cold for a few hours – and currently sitting in line waiting our turn to pick up toys to deliver to families on behalf of Santa Claus Girls…all in hope that the gift of our time will demonstrate to the receivers that our love of Christ is His love for them.

  113. I love this post, and these books look amazing! I can see I have found some new books to add to my must read list! The greatest gift I have found that I can give to God is listening, time and obedience. I’m a work in progress, but I’m learning to take the time to listen for that still small voice, and take the time to be obedient, no matter what! And if that means stepping out of my comfort zone, then that’s what I’ve been doing!

  114. I’m going to give God all my worries and I have a lot of them. I just pray that by doing this I can have some peace of mind. I love him and I know he loves me!! Thank you for giving me second chances!

  115. WOW Susie
    Reminded me to cherish every gift given!
    GOD gives us Christmas every day of the year and what do I do
    with it? Have to be more intentional.
    Thank you for your beautiful gift Susie; bless your heart.

  116. Thank you for this giveaway! This coming year, starting today, I want to give Jesus my focus and attention, to really listen to Him. I don’t have to do all the talking!

  117. My gift to God today is backing my husband’s decision to stay with his dad as his dad recovers from a fall that broke 6 of his ribs. I am keeping them in prayer & will miss him until he returns home.

  118. Giving God my focused attention is one of the best things to give him. This world is full of so many distractions and I find myself getting off track so easily – too many shiny things! But really listening to him, with my eyes on no one and nothing else but him is the best way to stay close and truly abide in Jesus.

  119. Loved this post! It really spoke to my heart. I have struggled with feeling that in this season of my life what I have to give to God is insignificant. One gift I’m giving Him is the ability to be available to others when I am needed. Thanks for introducing us to an author that is new to me.

  120. Thanks Sharon for introducing us to Susie Finkbeiner. I love the idea that it is the Father’s love that makes our gift giving special and we were asked to bring a card for a present to Jesus for our local fellowship. Wonderful idea.

  121. Susie is so right! So often I feel like that little kid that is drawing a picture for Daddy but every time He asks me I say, “It’s not done yet,” and I miss his quiet voice smiling and saying, “oh, but, yes dear one it is.” Thank you for reminding me that God doesn’t care what our gifts to Him look like because we are all precious in His eyes.

  122. When my son was small he would pick these little wild flowers for me and his face would fill with joy. As he grew he would draw me a picture and I would hang it up. Those beautiful memories of his childhood are with me as he has grown and formed his own family. I cherish every moment of his childhood. Remembering. how he looked with wonder to see my reaction. Childhood passes to quickly and our children and grandchildren grow up to find their way in life.We see them once in a while but not as often as we wish. Mom’s enjoy every minute of your childrens life for time passes quickly.

  123. The sacrifice of my time- time to serve His children, time to read His instructions (His Word), time to sit in Sabbath Rest and listen to my Savior and best friend.
    No gift is fit for my KING, but I can give the most valuable and precious things/people in my life and time is up there on my list.


  125. It is good to know that God (my father) holds me as precious in his sight. His unconditional love and undying acceptance of me has been the very life line to sustain and keep me. I have had some very trying moments in my life that if it were not for God I would have succumb to the circumstances and situations that were meant to destroy me. However, I am more than a conqueror. I believe what the word says. Thank you Father, my God, my source and my strength.

  126. What a treasured reminder that whatever we give to God is beautiful even if we think it is not. Thank you! You are a blessing to myself and others!

  127. Today I give him my love because of him I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. This year has started with a bang my son was arrested and let go but they took his truck said it was no good and he’s not getting it back. He has issues not this is a worry. But I’m trusting in god for the answer to all of these problems. I’m in the palm of his hand he has my name written there. Amen

  128. “I come with a handful of underdeveloped abilities, trying to serve Him as best I can.” That is what Susie said and it hits home to me except I come trying to get to know Him as best I can so I can say I’m serving Him. My desire is to learn of Him and be equipped to serve Him in the abilities he has blessed me with.

  129. I’m saying Yes to God!!!!
    Thank you for your encouraging words you see I was recently asked to do something at my local church and well I do not feel worthy or good enough to do, but if God touched his great mighty woman of His to ask me to do it, Then I’m going to say yes! Because, I have been feeling the little tugging of God to do it! Reading your devotion just confirmed it. It all starts with the little things first….

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