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Hurray! It’s time for a Friday Friend Giveaway! Today I’m welcoming my friend Wendy Blight to share from her new Bible study on 1 John, I Am Loved: Walking in the Fullness of God’s Love. Plus she’s giving away a copy to one of my readers below! Wendy is a wife, mother, author, Bible teacher, attorney, and writer for Proverbs 31 Ministry’s First 5 app. Her desire is to help every woman know with confidence she can tackle any problem life presents through God’s Word.

 Many of us live controlled by fear. It often arises in the form of a condition … something bad might happen. It’s the “what if.” My plane might go down in mid-air. My mammogram might reveal cancer. I might lose my job. My child might get kidnapped. My husband might be having an affair. We might not be able to pay our bills.

Most of the time, our “conditional might” has no basis in reality. It finds its roots in something from our past, something we’ve read on-line, or seen on the television. It looms large in our imaginations and eventually activates a state of heightened anxiety.

Whether we fear the known or the unknown, fear is a thief. Like a runaway train, it steals our joy, our peace, our contentedness. It robs us of sleep. At its core, fear prevents us from living God’s promised abundant life.

I asked some friends to share their fears. Maybe you’ll relate to some fears here ….

  • “I fear I’m not good enough; I won’t fit in.”
  • “I fear I’ll never measure up to the woman (wife, mother… fill in the blank) God and everyone else want me to be.”
  • “I fear I’ll never find anyone to love me.”
  • “I fear my husband will leave me.”
  • “I fear my children getting hurt or very sick, being kidnapped, failing, making wrong choices.”
  • “I just graduated from college, and I fear I’ll never find a job.”
  • “I’m afraid none of this (God, Jesus) is real.”

Fears are inescapable because we have an enemy who pounces on those places of insecurity and anxiety and magnifies them until they become fears … sometimes paralyzing fears. It’s what we do with those fears that matters.

As children of the One True God, our Father tells us a few things about fear.

“God is love … There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear.” (1 John 4:16-18a)

“God did not give us a cowardly spirit but a powerful, loving, and disciplined spirit.” (2 Timothy 1:7, The Voice)

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10)

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)

“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” (Romans 8:37)

Notice what Paul says in Romans 8:37. We are not just conquerors; we are MORE than conquerors.

Our challenge, and my goal for us as daughters of the King, is to believe these truths so deeply that we not only combat fear but also fully and completely overcome it!

Scripture gives us a process.

Step One: Recognize and confess your fear.

Step Two: Analyze and understand your fear and from where it comes.

Step Three: Identify a biblical truth to combat and overcome that fear.

Remember, nearly all fears are “conditional mights,” meaning they are future-based. They haven’t happened yet, but they might happen. They are “maybes.” It’s more likely than not that they won’t happen, but we still fear them.

That fear of the unknown is very real. It’s why God speaks to fear over 300 times in the Bible. God knew we would struggle with it, so He equipped us with biblical tools and examples to overcome that fear. He gave us His Word to speak truth over our fears.

Allow God’s Word to saturate every part of your being because without truth reigning and ruling over your life, you will be easily swayed by Satan’s lies, entangled in his schemes, and crippled by his cunning.

When we overcome our fears, we are bolder and braver; able to step out in faith for God. To love … to serve … to give … confidently and sacrificially.

Leave a comment a share one fear that you have overcome in the past few years, or a fear that you need to overcome today. We’ll randomly pick one comment to win a FREE copy of Wendy’s Bible study book. I hope all will respond, but only U.S. addresses are eligible to win.


I Am Loved: Walking in the Fullness of God’s Love is for every woman who craves to truly understand, walk confidently in, and live out God’s unconditional, extravagant, lavish love because His love truly changes everything. Watch a sneak peek of the Bible study and download a sample week’s lesson for free here:




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Comments 144

    1. Oh, Laura, I’m praying God will take away your fear in the Name of Jesus. the Bible tells us that fear is NOT from Him. One of God’s names is Jehovah Jirah, God our Provider. I’m praying He will show up in some very sweet and personal ways and provide for you so that you will KNOW it is Him. He has His eye on you. I also pray He will place people across your path to help you with ways to handle debt you currently have.

      Also, below is a link to a chapter in my book, Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner. This chapter shares how God helped me overcome fear. I pray it helps you. 🙂

      Blessings to you,


  1. The fear of not being enough. Not pretty enough for my husband to love me. Not smart enough for him to be proud of me. Not being whatever is mist important to him.

    1. Donna, my heart aches as I read your words. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! You are a child of God. He created you just as He made you. I’m including a link to a Faith Declaration I have written. It states who you are in Christ. I encourage you to read it, look up the verses, pray it, and most of all BELIEVE it. These are God’s truths about you. No one can take these away from you. Invite Him to help you believe these with all your heart. They will change everything, sweet friend. Confidence in who and Whose we are can turn your marriage around. And pray for your husband to see God’s beauty in you.



  2. I am fearful that God is not going to heal me. I’ve struggled with a mysterious digestive symptom that hasn’t gone away in 5 years despite my best efforts. All my doctors are confused.

    1. Amy, I’m praying for God to meet you in this hard place. Praying for His love to be a healing balm on your soul. I also pray for all things hidden to be revealed as you continue to see doctors. In the midst of this, I pray that when fear comes upon You, God’s Spirit would overwhelm you with the truth that in Christ YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER. Even in sickness, in His strength and provision you can press on.


  3. I have overcome the fear of leading and speaking to my Weight Watchers members. Sometimes it is still a little scary but I hold on to the belief that this is a ministry that God has given me.

    1. Praise God, Sharon!! I love praise stories. Yes, it is a ministry and you must be a great encourager for Him to place you there. May He continue to bless your work there and give you every word the members need to hear.


  4. I have a fear of never being good enough. A failure. That nothing I ever do is going to be good enough, that i am not good enough. And never will be. So I seek perfection and I know that Jesus was the only perfect one but I just can’t help wanting everything in my life to be perfect.

  5. 2.5 yrs. Ago my then 22yr old handicapped non verbal daughter was sexually assulted. Living with the fear of not knowing who did this to her would he come back and would he try again. I was making myself sick with worry. I was so afraid. I realized there was only one way to deal with this and that was to completely turn it over to God , I surrendered to him and completely focused all my faith and trust in him. I can not say I no longer think of the otf the tragedy but I am no longer living with that fear the lord has brought me to a whole new place in my life. My faith grows deeper and deeper each day I just can’t seem to stop reading the passage in the bible the more I read the more I need to know. I have found a wonderful church that I have become loyal to. And I know in my heart that I will never have to be afaid for I have the power of Jesus living in me.

    1. Cindy, what a beautiful story!! Praising God that in your desperation you turned to Jesus, and He has been faithful to help you overcome your fear. Hallelujah! Yes, you have the power of Jesus living in you. 🙂



  6. I hope this gets to the free Fear giveaway.
    We are seniors, and after years of pastoring small churches, and no retirement, SS does not go far enough, so my hubby began a computer business. And God has brought in enough every month to pay our bills, but my fear is, what if something happens to him? We are in our 70s? Please enter me in the giveaway

  7. My kids are grown, married, and raising their families. My husband has been diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s. I’m often afraid that I won’t be able to handle his needs. I also dread (or fear) being alone.
    I know that God is in control of everything in my life. I trust him completely BUT sometimes I still get this negative thoughts.

    1. Hi, Janice. I sonewhat know where you are coming from. I am 61, my husband is 65. Our younger daughter will be getting married in May. Wow! Most of our financial stuff is on line. I fear my husband dying before me and not being able to deal with the finances. I also fear, like you, what if he ends up in the hospital or something – will I be able to handle it? I, too, don’t like being alone. Whew! One way I console myself is by reminding myself from Psalm 103 that God knows my frame – what I can handle and what I can’t, what I need and so much more. I want to really rest in Him. Love, hugs and prayers, Because of Jesus.

    2. Yes, God is in control. And when those thoughts come (fear, anxiety), recognize them, confess them, and replace them with the truths you know about God. I do this often. Even though it doesn’t change my circumstances, it changes me and my emotions and my attitude. Find promises about God’s faithfulness, His provision, His great love for you. They will bring you comfort and peace. They will help you trust Him when it’s hard.


  8. I had fear of messing up my son’s calling by my failures and inconsistencies. The Lord woke me when he was 8 months old & told me He had a special plan for his life. When he was 9 1/2 he felt the call to preach. From the time he was 8 months old until just recently I feared mass destruction on my part. After 14 years of “laying my complaint before the Lord” letting Him know He had the wrong mother, He dealt with me that I was in fact the mother for the job and not only that but most importantly that *HE* called him, not me. It was the Lord’s calling and though I could possibly hinder or make the calling difficult, God did not need me. His calling was between Him & my son. It was the most liberating weight that I shook off in years. <3

    1. THIS IS SO GOOD!! I love, love your story. God spoke right into your wrong thinking and gave you a gentle rebuke, but it healed so much wrong thinking!! Thank you for sharing.



  9. These verses, and ones like them, have helped me so much! My fear has been that I will not be the “right” kind of mother-in-law to my 3 in-law children. They’re all very different, and I thought that I couldn’t be myself with each one. God is working on this with me and I’m slowly realizing that HE will equip me to be what I need to be.

  10. OH MY GOSH! I really hope and pray that someone actually does read these comments. I understand that you all are busy, but I need you to know today how God has used you to speak to me. And how He has continually used Isaiah 41:10 to speak to me!!! It started 12/26/17. And 7 times since then (today – 1/26/18 being the 7th!!) has brought that verse to me – I love how cool He is!! How He aligned it so that the 7th time would be exactly 1 month later. I have documented every single one and this one will be no different!! When I opened this devotion and read that main scripture verse, my heart flip flopped knowing that My Jesus was speaking to me yet again! Knowing that He was pursuing me yet again with His unfailing love and mercy! Three of the seven fears that Wendy wrote into the devotion, are all things I say in my mind almost every single day. I struggle with trying to be ‘perfect’ when I know good and well that I won’t be until this life is over and I am changed and in Heaven with Jesus. And the fear I need to overcome today is fear of failure. It nearly cripples me in the moments I find that I wasn’t flawless in my planning, implementation and execution of any part of my day or things left to my responsibility. That kind of pressure on me tends to drive me to push to be better. And then I become more robot than human just trying to be perfect. Relationships suffer (including those closest to me – Jesus and my husband) and I in turn begin to question my worth. It is a vicious cycle for me. Thank you for even just reading this. Whether I win the book or not is of no consequence…what matters is a word of encouragement to you – Our Father is using you to speak to others and I am proof of that! Thank you for your obedience! May His blessings be abundant upon you!

    1. Praise The LORD!!!!!!!! HE is faithful. It is excellent that you are keeping a journal. When the enemy tries to rob you of your victory, go back and read over your journal. Read it out loud to the enemy!!!! I hope people read the comments as well because you have an amazing testimony here. Share it….others need to hear <3

    2. Joanie, it’s Wendy the author of the devotion. This blesses me more than you can know. I LOVE to see where God uses what He lays on my heart to minister to another sister. It’s what I pray every time I write!! So thankful you took the time to leave this comment. I pray the Lord will continue to speak truth into your heart that He loves you just as you are. May He continue to mold and shape you to not seek perfection!! Rather to seek His highest and best in all you do.



  11. Everyday, all day, fear of my husband and kids dying or having cancer. It controls my life. Even wakes me up at night. It is overwhelming

    1. Prayed for God to break that stronghold that Satan has put in your mind, Tamra. Know that Satan is a liar and the father of lies and he’ll use whatever he can to try to shut us down so that we’re not effective for His kingdom.

  12. My biggest current fears are related to physical issues that I am working to overcome…. problems that keep me from working… you can’t go to work when you can’t leave the bathroom. You probably get the idea. Also, our family is experiencing a time of financial stress and I am reeling with anxiety. It just seems like the financial issues never end. And we are in the middle of trying to move, when all of a sudden the cars need work, my husband’s hours were cut, both of my sons are struggling financially and the whole idea of the move was to obey God and down size. I think that part of the issue here is that I just need to trust God in all of this. It is harder though when your spouse is not a believer…. when one of your son’s is rebelling against his faith after time in college being “programmed by the world” … and when the other, who is very gifted and talented but still needs some help is a believer but is struggling so just to find work. I just feel like everything is falling apart. This book sounds like what I need… but even if someone else may need it more, please pray for me and my family. Thank you.

  13. I am afraid of being assigned a position that I will be very uncomfortable in. I keep stating that I am a child of God and where He leads I will follow. I still have this fear in the back of my mind that things will be more than I can handle.

  14. God’s timing is perfect – He knew that I needed to hear the words of this message today! Although I consider myself to be a woman of faith, it is so hard to not let fear control my very being. I am facing some serious heart surgery, but right now I am in a “holding pattern.” Because of the risk involved, I have to wait until my “numbers” reach a certain point, In the meantime, I have to watch for certain symptoms that might occur indicating that the surgery needs to be done immediately. There are days when the fear of that surgery overtakes me. Is that a symptom I feel? Is it just stress? Should I call the doctor? That sends me into a tailspin of questions and concerns – and, yes, FEAR. What if I don’t make it through the surgery? My husband will be fine, but what about my grandchildren? They depend on me for so many things. Have I been a good enough Christian? What about all of the times I failed God? Thank you for reminding me of these pertinent scriptures. God did not give us a spirit of FEAR but of power, and love and a sound mind. Praise be to the Lord Almighty! His perfect love casts out all fear.

  15. One fear I finally overcame with God’s help was that my ex would track me down and come after me. Now I really have to watch my thoughts about what will happen to me when my dad can no longer provide the physical assistance I need (disabled). God has always provided and I need to trust that He will and that His plan is better than anything I could ever imagine.

  16. The fear I bring before the Lord is the fear of success. I have always accepted failure as way of living. But I have not embraced success true personal success from my hard earned work. I have always felt I do what I can to get through things but I when I want to try something, that I know I would be good at, I fear the failure of trying and I give up before hand. Point in fact is with weight loss, I go so far but then I give up 5 minutes before the miracle. I have a business venture I am excited about starting. It will take discipline, time, money and most of all my heart to make this work. I am fearful of both success and failure in the same context. I know this business venture is a gift from God. I have prayed on it. I want to trust whole heartedly but my will is getting in the way. So when this post came across my email. I HAD to look deep inside me and see that part of me. Ugly as it is but it is changeable, it is not 100% truth. Your email proved that to me. Thank you for that. I know that God has blessed me with this because of Jeremiah 29-11- For I know the plans for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Thank you for allowing me to face this. This is the best gift of all!!
    God Bless

  17. I am always trying to avoid and break free from the fear of dying and leaving my children with no mother. I always worry every time I don’t feel good or have some pain, that something is terribly wrong with me that will lead to death 🙁 I work daily on this and today’s message helps me so much with having better steps to follow in overcoming this fear through God’s word!

  18. My fear at the moment is being at my son’s home with him, his wife and two of their three triplets tonight. Born in April, their son is an easy baby and has been home since August. He uses oxygen at night but other than that he is just a normal baby boy. One of their daughters came home on Tuesday of this week. She is on a vent with her trach, a g-tube, and a broviac. She requires 24 hour nursing. However we will have no nurse from 3pm today until 7am tomorrow morning. First time for all of us caring for her without support from professionals. I know we will handle it but it is just a little overwhelming. Their other daughter is still in the NICU. We’re praying for 7 day a week coverage – the company is working on it.

  19. We are in the military and in 2015, we received word we were getting orders to either Texas or New Mexico. We decided to request the assignment to Texas. I had to overcome the fear of moving to a new place with no one we knew. Being full-time in the Army Reserves means we can get stationed anywhere there is a reserve center – so in our case, we have no military installation near us. So having people who can relate to our unique situation can be challenging. I had to set aside my own fears and concerns and help make our children comfortable with the idea of the move. So even though all of the children were in their teens, they still needed encouragement. With God’s grace and mercy, we managed to find a church, and then even found a second church that was a better fit for our family.

  20. I over came a fear more than 30 yrs ago my husband had an affair and had a baby with another woman and God restored our love and marriage we are now retired and moving to Arizona next week we will be celebrating 44 yrs of marriage in November I thank God everyday!

  21. Thank you for breaking down fear the way that you did today, and for the supporting scriptures to make your fears reasonable and easier to handle in daily life. I have overcome my fear of what my life would be like without one of my daughters in it. I have made it and God has helped me to find myself and to take good care of me. I have always put that off, I have received so many blessings from things going so wrong. And even though fear may overtake your nights the light and sun always come in the morning ❤️

  22. This message so relates to how I used to be, living in fear of not living up to others expectations, being afraid to make a decision for fear it might be the wrong one. Fear of illness, fear of not measuring up, lots of fear, 40 years worth of fear UNTIL I reached the point of writing my sweet husband a letter to tell him about my fear. He got mad, not a me but at the fear, at the enemy of our life who continued to keep that fear alive and active in my life. I love Jesus and I did not want that fear in my life anymore. My husband from that moment on helped me through encouragement and I lay prostrate on the floor with fear, anxiety, stress and worry in my hands and opened my hands to release them to the Lord. I remember that day well because on that day I was freed of my fear. Praise the Lord! Now when the enemy brings up the past I tell him NO I am free of my fear trusting in Jesus and use all the scriptures I know to combat his lies. Thank you for sharing this message! It is a very real issue in many women’s lives.

    1. Hallelujah!!! I have that kind of story too, sweet friend. No greater place to be than FREE from fear!! Thank you for sharing your story. And, what an amazing husband you have. Praise God for that. 🙂



  23. I fear that my son will begin using drugs again and go back to prison for the 3rd time. He is only 26 and a father to a 4 year old boy that needs him desperately to be the father he deserves. I have to just pray and let God take control of the situation. Your encouraging words helps keep me on track.

  24. Leaving my career early. Major surgery means I can’t return to work. Waiting on disability. Feeling useless since not going to work now. I fear that I will miss God’s intended new path in this change of seasons in my life…I’m not feeling a part of anything right now. BUT…I do know a new season has begun and God’s path will be an adventure. God bless!

  25. My fear is that i am always going to be unloveable. That every man will always think im not enough and seek out side chicks…i fear i am going to fail my children like i do every man ive had..cause im just not good enough im not loveable what if God doesnt really love me either

  26. I have so many fears and I know they are unfounded. I fear illness. So many friends with life changing I’ll esses – am I next? I fear financial insecurity. The more money I save, the more insecure I feel when anything requires me to dip into that savings. And lastly, I fear for my kids. Choosing the right friends and spouse someday.
    Your blog today was a great reminder that fear is not of God. I need to go look up some specific verses and stop letting fear rob me of today’s joy.

  27. I’m so excited about this study from Wendy. I am currently going thru a season where God is revealing my underlining causes of my fears and insecurities I’ve had since childhood. Fear of rejection & fear of not being “good enough”…good enough wife, mom, etc.

  28. First of all, I was afraid to leave a comment. I struggle with a lot of fears, almost all in your list today. The only one which did happen, I was divorced 5 years ago. I have stayed home on many occasions afraid that I wasn’t pretty enough, or had nice enough clothes to be out with my friends. Even when i do go, I am so nervous that someone will say something or give me a funny look. Its hard to enjoy myself. I was at a meeting yesterday and because I thought I was out of place (I wasnt) but just that feeling, when I was able to get up to go to the restroom, I hit the table so hard with my knee. I don’t understand where this fear comes from, I will sit and be nervous about going to the bathroom, about getting coffee or eating when at a meeting. I know what’s going on, but i just feel so inadequate. I pray and read God’s word, but there is something that makes me feel less .

  29. My fear that I struggled with the most is in the realm of finances. I fear that there will never be enough money to pay my bills. My heart’s desire is to have plenty of income in order to help others and this fear at times paralyzes me.

  30. In my twenties & thirties, I was full of fears. In my forties, events began happening in my life that kept me too busy to see what was going on, the big picture. From my mid-thirties on through now I’ve had to face near-death, life threatening illnesses, the deaths of my parents, four years ago a cancer diagnosis of my own, and in the last 7 months the terminal illness and death of my husband. Over these months since his death, I had to deal with having no income for a very long period, wondering if my dog & I would even have a roof over our heads or have to live in my car. But the big lesson learned through all those hard, hard, difficult things was this…my God is so much BIGGER than all of it. Only looking back over the last few months have I seen the big picture He has seen all my life. It is so humbling to realize how much He loves me, how well He cared for me, even when I didn’t have sense enough to see or know it. It’s beyond mere word description, my words don’t do it justice. But I know, deep in my soul know, that He has always and will always be bigger than whatever fear I have and He will always carry me through when I’m unable to walk through on my own. I’ve lived it out, I’ve seen it firsthand. When I’m afraid now, I go to Him first and always, I let Him carry it and I lay it down there. My biggest prayer is that someone can look at what I’ve gone through and see that if He loves me that much, He loves them that much too and let it help them in their troubles.

  31. Hi, that was me.always fearful. This year I finally decided to trust God completely and it has
    worked. He has been so good to me. This morning to went to dry the laundry in,the tumble
    dryer. I switched it on and smelt burning. Quickly switched it off. Thank Him it did not
    catch fire. Put it outside my garage for now.

    Thank you for,your posts.

  32. I have financial fears of not having sufficient finances to take care of myself as a single lady. I retired from my job after 25 years of service which was the eligible time that I could retire. I didn’t crunch many numbers, I just knew I wanted to retire. It has been two years and I am doing fine but that fear still comes over me from time to time. Since reading this devotional I believe God spoke to me that He didn’t want me to think on retirement too much. He wants me to have faith in Him and not how much money I have to live on. My scripture to combat this fear will be Philippians 4:19.

  33. My husband was very sick and ended up having a heart attack. His primary physician didn’t catch any of the symptoms. My husband survived, they put in a stent and he is getting stronger every day. My fears are about him having heart problems again and not knowing. Any time he acts the least bit tired or not hungry, my insides tighten up. I need deliverance from this. I’m going to start memorizing the scriptures you listed so that I have weapons to fight with.

  34. I had the fear that I was not a good enough speaker for God to use me in women’s ministry. Well he did just the opposite he called me to lead a women’s Study I feel like MOSES IN THE WILDERNESS AT TIMES but oh how I have grown in my giving it over to him instead of running my mouth about things. Talking more to our Lord first of all is so easy it keep us out of trouble and our hearts stay focused.But why ladies don’t we do that what keeps us away from him.We can blame others but we know it’s just me. Luv U Hugs All

  35. Sharon, thank you for sharing my new book “I Am Loved” with your friends.

    It’s amazing how God has reconnected our hearts after all these years. I was so honored when you asked me to share my story in your book, “Your Scars Are Beautiful to God,” so many years ago. Through your book, God connected me with women who experienced amazing healing because of the truths and stories you shared.

    You have also poured wisdom into my heart and my marriage over the years, and I’m so grateful.

    I pray God draws the women who need to hear the truths and promises shared in my devotion today. Thank you again for sharing and doing a giveaway!!

    1. So many of us struggle with fear. Thank you so much for putting it into words that we all can relate to and realize “Hey, I’m not the only one”. The enemy is using fear to cripple our women of faith at an alarming rate. Thank you for recognizing this and using a tool to reach women that are physically, emotionally, financially and most importantly spiritually paralyzed by fear.

  36. Thank you Sharon. This came right on time!

    I have been at my job for over 9 yrs. I had been thinking lately, that there is something missing at my job. The benefits are phenomenal. But the work is starting to just be blah…. Well less than a week later, I was contacted by a recruiter. We went back and forth for a minute and decided to speak on the phone.

    Well the day before, I just kept thinking, I have been at this job for over 9 years. Haven’t thought about going anywhere else. Haven’t had any type of interview forever. I am not young and I am sure things have changed. So I started to fear that I didn’t have enough experience and wouldn’t have the right words to say. I made up my mind to pray to God on this. I am human and humans first instinct is to react….my reaction was fear. But there is no fear when God is right there. I even said, not the exact words, about God being love and love casting out fear…. Where did my fear come from? I, like anyone else, do not like rejection. I don’t have the confidence I once had when I was much younger. Not that I am really old, I am 46. But there is a huge difference between 26 and 46!

    I took a death breath and prayed again right before the call. God got me through it. Whether I pursue this opportunity or not, I am not sure. I have prayed that God show me the way on it. But fear is everywhere….and so is God…. and as long as we keep looking at Him, He can helps us overcome fear….each one we come across! Thank you Lord!

  37. I’m working on speaking honestly to my spouse without fear of judgment or condemnation. Instead of sugar coating issues. For fear that he won’t love me.

  38. I have overcome the fear of where God might lead me because as I have followed His lead, I have found that these places I have been afraid of, or thought I was too old to go, have turned into one of the greatest blessings to me and others as He uses me to serve His people.

  39. I’m sorry. I don’t even know where to start. I am afraid of so many things It’s almost as though I’m afraid to leave my house. I’m afraid for my children’s well being. Mine. My husband’s. My grandbabies. The world is full of evil. It’s all around us. Waiting to pounce . I hate living life in fear. It’s debilitating, its tormenting, its numbing and you feel shackled and long for peaceand joy, which fear robs by the way.

  40. I always had a fear of losing my mom. My dad was killed in an accident when I was 15 so she was my rock. After she passed away, I really had hard time letting go of my anger toward God. I thank Him for mercy!

  41. I have overcome the fear of being alone. After my husband died, I was terrified of being alone and suffered panic attacks as a result. Support of my sons, other family, counseling, and prayer eventually helped me recover. I now enjoy time by myself.

  42. I have feared for my adult son because he is walking outside of the will of God but God has spoken to my heart that HE has this. Praise God I can rest assured in Him.

  43. I have had to work on realizing that my self-worth is not dependent on my accomplishments or how others perceive me. What matters is how God sees me and whether I am pleasing Him. Constant reminding myself that I am a precious daughter of God.

  44. I have had a fear of not being worthy. All of the devotions from Proverbs 31 Ministries have helped me in dealing with this fear. The Lord has done it all for us.

  45. I fear I will lose another of my children. I lost my daughter 9 years ago to suicide,and I have this overwhelming fear of losing one of my two . My other daughter has a lot of depression since she lost her sister, and has SEVERE abandonment issues. My son seems ok. But every time the phone rings late at night or my phone pings with a message, my heart sinks.

  46. Thank you for the “fear” post. Your Ministry has been such a tremendous blessing!
    I actually had a fear to start a woman’s ministry because of my broken past and I didn’t feel spiritual enough compared to other ladies in my church. God opened the doors back in the Fall and the women are loving it and I just praise the Lord because we, my co-leader and i, feel like God is taking us possibly in a new direction. Outside our church walls! Never underestimate what God can do with a willing vessel.
    God bless!

  47. I used to have a fear of dying, but now I know that to die is gain for I will be in Heaven with the Lord for all eternity. PRAISE GOD!

  48. Oh my, I so needed this today. My fear is paralyzing right now. I am sick to my stomach all the time. Typical…I’m not good enough, I’m afraid I’ll lose my job, I’m a failure, I can’t do it, its to hard. I could go on and on. My insecurities are HUGE. I wish I could afford this book right now because I’d buy it! Thank you for this today!

  49. My daughter is 18 and she is very scared of, what if we die. She is an only child, what if she got hit by a car crossing to her college classes. What if she is not good enough, has problems sleeping we go to a Christian church but has been making excuses not to attend.

  50. I have overcome the fear of not being strong enough to handle life threatening illness…in 2014 I had to deal with a critical bacterial infection in which I was hospitalized for two weeks, followed by four months later being diagnosed with breast cancer and going through chemo and radiation. I was very fearful at that time, but have since become a much stronger woman, especially in my faith because of those illnesses.

  51. Fearing the next step in my life. I am single and have to sell my house and live somewhere smaller and rented due to financial concerns.

  52. That I don’t have what it takes anymore to be an accomplished person. I hear this voice saying that I’m just not equipped to do it or that I’m not smart enough. I pray and know that God is with me but at times, I feel defeated and beaten down.

  53. On January 10th I turned 49 and I’m having a fear growing due to some health issues I’ve never experienced before. They are very scary for me so this is very timely! Your posts always seem God timed for me….hmmm……

  54. Amen!!! Worry, Fear have been a knowing existence in life, unable to appreciate and accept a compliment , after reading the steps you gave , made a immediate bell ring off. We have to realize the fear, what is it coming from and counter act with the Truth. Give no reign to the lies This would be a amazing read, put into practice, set free. prayers

  55. I am sometimes overwhelmed with fear of losing my husband, kids, or grandkids to some accident or terminal illness. I am learning to give my fear to the Lord by praying for His peace when I feel fearful. I know this fear does not come from Him, but is from the enemy, satan. My hope is in the Lord. With Him, the battle over fear is won. Praise God!!

  56. Even though they’re not babies anymore, my fear is what would happen to my kids if something happened to me? Would they Follow Jesus? Would they raise their kids the way I raised them? Would they be ok? Wendy, I can’t wait to do your study and Thank you both for continuing to inspire!

    1. Sweet, Kitty! I love God drew me to your name. This is such a common mom fear. But I know you know God does not give a spirit of fear!! He perfect love drives out fear. He love them more than we do, and He will care for them. 🙂

      Love you!!

    1. Peggy and Teresa, please be assured if you believe Jesus is the Son of God … if you confessed your sins to Him … if you believe that He has the power to forgive those sins … and you received His forgiveness, YOU ARE SAVED!! There is nothing you can do to lose that salvation. You are His Child. Your name is engraved on the palm of His Hand. You might disobey, disappoint or sin against God. That doesn’t mean you lose your salvation. Just the opposite. God is waiting for you to come and ask forgiveness for those sins and for help to help YOU not continue to repeat those sins. He is all about grace not rules and regulations. I pray this encourages you both. YOU ARE LOVED.


  57. There is has been a bombard of things happening recently, finding out what is really on with our youngest GI, myself trying to find an internship for a preschool, my husband finding a new job, he currently is out of work, I am not working, just going to school while taking care of our children. Along with finding the right balance with our other child that has special needs, now we may be expected to take on a nephew that is a known danger, and I am just unsure if we are to take the child or have him be a warden of the state. He does need help and love, but that love may have to be tough love, so he can fully understand just how much he has fallen, and the consequences of his actions. It seems he truly believes he has done nothing wrong, and everything is just fine. I just truly do not know what to do, and is so much to take on all at once, that it is causing me to not be able to focus on anything but the concerns. I know God will see us through, I just am so confused on what is the correct thing to do for the nephew.

  58. Fear that a verbally and emotionally abusive man was bigger than God but God’s Word became real to my spirit and I witnessed the power of my loving heavenly Father destroy those lies after almost 25 years of believing them! God’s setting me free more and more one day at a time!

  59. I struggled with the fear of my son growing up thinking that I didn’t love him because I sent him to go and live with his father when he was 9 yrs old. I believe there is a generational curse on the men in my family and I allowed the fear of that to have me send him to live with his dad. That was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do.

  60. I just ended my 7 year relationship. For the past 7 years I thought he was the one. I fear I won’t find someone. And if I do, how can you be so sure?

  61. I HAD a fear of dying from my diagnosed cancer, but thanks be our Father in Heaven, I am fine now. Feb 16th will be my two year anniversary of being cancer-free. He gave me peace and strength to get through those dark days, out of the valley and onto the other side. I praise His precious name!

  62. I am so very appreciative of this devotional and so blessed with the words that “fear is a thief.” It’s not a blessing to have fear in our lives but when I think of it as being a thief, it makes me take notice of all that it is affecting and I have God looking after me and walking through the journey I don’t want fear to steal what peace God gives me and therefore it makes me want to give it a good kick out of my home which is the heart where God lives. Satan can use fears to trap us and even we can do it to ourselves but we have the Word of God for the Holy Spirit to work in us! In 1st Peter 1, we are told to “gird up the loins of our mind for action” and this devotional just adds to it. May God’s peace reside in all the hearts of the women who need to have fear move out and faith and courage to move into our hearts. This is my prayer for everyone! God does go before us as a Shepherd and we need Him to do that. May we follow our Savior-the Shepherd of the sheep which He has died for and lives again in intercession for us. I write with confidence but am touched by the cancer in 1 friend’s life and another friend whose son is a drug addict; my heart truly hurts for them and more. I just came through testing for breast cancer on Monday and return for more testing in 6 months.

  63. I have a fear of failure financially as the older my kids get, the more they need and the more I struggle as a single mom. This was a great reminder to turn it over to God!

  64. Wendy is one of my favorite Bible Study authors.
    MY fear was leading Bible study even though i was more educated than most. God helped me over this fear first becoming a pastor:s wife and then just inching me along further and further out of my comfort zone

  65. Sharon, I agree with you completely. I’m doing a study with 3 close girlfriends called “Deceived – destroying the lie that we are not enough”. It is all about the lies Satan uses to deceive us and take our focus off our Lord!. Thank you for your blog today. It hit home!
    Jan Skaggs

  66. A fear of moving on….My husband passed away two years ago,Nov 2nd.Then lost one of my brother’s three months after my husband, Jan 26th.Don’t know yet what this new life of mine is supposed to look like.God has been so faithful to me on this difficult journey.I have chosen to trust Him with all the what’s, why’s and when’s. Thank you for this post.Is so timely,as it was two years ago yesturday that my brother passed away. God is good!

  67. I am an Oncology nurse and I have had two cancers and my fear is they will return. I am thankful for God’s Word and it’s comfort

  68. After a lifetime of abandonment, I always feared being alone at the end of my life….but now I walk with the Lord who will a.always be with me.

  69. As I completed reading these comments, I thought, “I want to dwell in the love of God, not in fear.” May it be so for all/each one of us. Our God is trustworthy! Praise Him! We can do this because of Jesus’ sacrifice and Holy Spirit within us.

  70. I am still learning how to deal with some fears, like the fear of unsaved adult children, and something happening to them before they come to the Lord. That is probably my number one fear! It’s a fear that recently hit home with my sweet niece Cara losing her life to heroine. She was such a gentle and loving girl, but she fell hostage to the heroine epidemic and lost her life way too young, leaving 4 young children behind. I have learned to trust God with the battle of wondering! It was at her funeral that I discovered she was actually visiting the Pastor frequently, studying the Bible, and was even baptized. But this evil drug had such a grip on her that she just couldn’t shake it. The Pastors words placed a hope and peace in my heart that I am clinging to.

  71. Years ago, as I crawled into bed every night, I feared that someone was going to break into our home and harm us. I really had no basis for that type of fear. One day, as night was approaching, I cried out to God to take away my fear because I hated it. That night, as we read through the Psalms during family devotions, we got to Psalm 3:5-6, “I lay down and slept; I awoke, for the LORD sustains me. I WILL NOT BE AFRAID OF TEN THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE SET THEMSELVES AGAINST ME ROUND ABOUT.” At that moment, God gave me complete relief that even it there were thousands of people wanting to harm us, He was our protector and would have to get past Him to get to us!

  72. When I first started teaching, I had this fear that the administration would figure out I was a bad teacher and I would get fired. It took me a few years of experience to finally feel confident in my teaching and to be able to look back on my first years of teaching full time (I had actually taught part time many years) and realize I had done a fine job in the beginning. My fears were unfounded.

  73. I feel as if I have been a hostage of fear all my life. I worry and have great anxiety. I have been trapped by fear in many situations. It has definitely lead to health problems in my life. But more than that, it’s stopped me from living in peace and the abundant life God intended for me. My husband lost his job 10 days ago. The fear and worry is sometimes suffocating me. I saw this study advertised with Proverbs 31 Ministries. I think it would be very beneficiap for me. I wanted to sign up, but I can’t purchase the book due to the job loss. It would be nice to win a copy of the book to be able to do the study. Regardless of the outcome, thank you for the scriptures (some of my favorites) and the reminder to call on the scriptures today.

  74. With the Lord’s help, I have finally overcome the fear that my marriage is not going to last. Through studying God’s word and increasing my prayer life, He has changed my heart and my marriage is now happy and peaceful!

  75. Fear gripped me 6 years ago when I was paralyzed on my entire right side by a doctor’s mistake. I was in a fog in ICU for a week watching my husband and two adult sons crying, crying, crying. I knew it was bad. I just knew my life was over. My days working in the field I loved (helping pregnant women) were gone. What was going to happen to me.? I thought the essence of myself died that day, and the future looked bleak.

    I spent a month in a rehab hospital, but there wasn’t much hope for a “normal” life. At this point I talked with a God and prayed that I could at least walk again. I didn’t bargain with him; just prayed harder than I ever had. I had to overcome the fear of learning how to walk again and possibly falling.

    I went home in a wheelchair and could only transfer to the bed, commode, etc. It would take another 5 mo of intense daily therapy as an outpatient at a local rehab hospital to relearn how to walk. Fear was still with me , however, since my balance and gait were different. I fell many times and “couldn’t get up.”

    Six years later I now walk with a brace and still fall. The fear is not completely gone, but it is muted by the love and trust in God. Even with all of the falls over the years, and I have not been injured seriously. He is my savior and protectorate.

    (I might have put his in the wrong place, It is about a fear I have overcome with regards to the book, “I am loved: Walking in the fullness if God’s love.”)

  76. I often fear being left out and alone. I know that it comes from my own insecurities and I think I have made some progress, but I also know it’s still something I need to work on. God has been teaching me a lot through “Take Hold of the Faith You Long For” and other books based on His Word.

  77. I fear that I will never fit in anywhere fully. I have anxiety, fear of social situations and am very shy. I feel most comfortable at home and hopefully, with trusting in and relying on God, I can become more comfortable with myself and be less anxious when I have to be in uncomfortable situations.

  78. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and I suffer with PTSD and panic disorder as a result of it. One of my biggest fears used to be being “trapped” in places and being unable to leave when I wanted, or felt I needed, to. Having to go into the hospital for any reason was one of my worst nightmares because if I was admitted to the hospital I would not be able to just leave if I started having a panic attack. In fact, I would end up on the verge of a panic attack just thinking about it. In 2015 I was diagnosed with cancer and knew that, in addition to having a potentially fatal disease, that my worst nightmare was about to become reality— I would have to be in the hospital and would be “trapped” there and unable to leave. Well, God got me through it all— the panic, the many hospital stays, and the cancer! When I was afraid I closed my eyes and prayed and I knew, and could feel that, no matter where I was that He was with me every moment. My PTSD and panic disorder aren’t totally gone— but with His grace and mercy I have overcome the fear of being “trapped” in the hospital and I have survived over 2 years after being diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. Our God is truly awesome!!

  79. I have feared that I will not get married. I am 43 and am still not married, with no prospects on the horizon. So, my situation has not changed but God has given the peace that I will survive and even thrive as a single person. I still have a part of me that hopes it could be in my future, but I am no longer afraid it won’t happen- not because I trust I will get married, but I trust that God will care for me even if I’m not.

  80. After being divorced for 9 years due to my husband’s betrayal, I feel that I will never trust again and will be alone. I trust God to lead me where He knows that I need to be.

  81. Last May, my world came crashing down when I discovered my husband had been having an affair for the past 18 months. I made the decision to try to reconcile my marriage, both because of the vows we made (for better or for worse) but also because I was so terrified of my son growing up in a broken, divorced family. (He was 2 at the time). The other woman made our lives a living hell in the months following my decision to stay. I was afraid of her, I was afraid of the opinions of everyone else who looked down on me for staying with “a cheater”, I was afraid that I’d find out more secrets, I was afraid that I wasn’t good enough and that he’d do it again. Most of all I was afraid that I would never feel joy, peace, self-worth or security in my life and in my marriage ever again. I was paralyzed with fear that I would never dig myself out of the ditch of depression I seemed to lie in day after day after day. I grew up in church and was a Christian, but I really had put my faith on the back burner for a number of years. My husband wanted nothing to do with church or religion. One day, out of desperation he tried asking me what more he could do to help ease my pain. I told him I wanted our family to go to church. So we did. And we’ve been in church every Sunday since June….I have renewed my faith in Jesus and am on fire with his love and faithfulness once again. I assumed that my husband was still tagging along with me to church simply out of obligation to “make it up to me”….but he recently shared with me that he had a one on one lunch with our pastor and talked to him about salvation, baptism, etc. I truly believe that none of this would have happened if not for the heart-wrenching experience our family has endured. Now, as amazing and encouraging as that sounds…I would be lying if I didn’t say that I still fight the fear every day that my husband will slip and be unfaithful to me again. I’m human and I’ve been wounded….I suppose it’s only natural to still feel those insecurities. But this time around, I know I have Jesus in my corner. And his love NEVER fails. He is faithful and he keeps every promise. And he provides peace that surpasses all understanding. I have to choose every day to let my faith be bigger than my fear.

  82. I fear that something terrible will happen to my children. I’m slowly learning (They are 21 and 16 now, so it has taken me YEARS.) to give those fears to God and to ask Him to watch over & protect them.

  83. I feared for my child than for the teen and then for the man he would become. I learned to put him in God’s hands and the Lord has blessed me with comfort and strength to see him as a father and a man who loves God and follows him.

  84. I fear for my kid’s futures. Will my 19 year old mature enough to eventually live and support himself on his own? Will I be able to help my 16 year old afford the college she wants to go to? Will my husband and I have enough for retirement when it comes?

  85. Amen-Amein Sister in Christ Jesus-Yeshua!! God Bless you Sister in Christ Jesus-Yeshua and Your Family members and Friends!!

    May our ONE TRUE GOD THE FATHER who art in Heaven Above Bless all my Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus-Yeshua and my Messianic Jewish Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus-Yeshua and Your Families and Friends!!

    I Love you all Everyone through Jesus-Yeshua Christ, because HE LOVED 💜💕 EVERYONE FIRST!!

    Love 💕 Always and Shalom ( Peace ), YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

  86. For many years I was so afraid of someone hurting my kids. It took me a lot to trust that God takes better care of them than me. But I am free of that fear once and for all, and God has control.

  87. I have always lived life with that “worst case scenario” attitude-thinking through every situation of what might happen, trying to be prepared or to prevent it. In the last few years God has allowed me to really trust Him more and let go of so much of that -to know He’s in control.

  88. For the past three or so years I’ve lived with the fear of losing my daddy due to several illnesses he was fighting. And when that day came a few months ago God showed me his power in calming my fears, he brought me through the whole ordeal and though I miss Dad so much I know he is in a better place now free from all the illness and pain. God shows me everyday how powerful he is.

  89. I’m scared that I will never be able to get out of my h***. My life has taken such a bad turn with my husband divorcing me, losing my job, and trying to make sense of it all. My ex and I are talking trying to work it out, I keep trying to make my life better but it seems I am stuck and can’t get out. I believe there is a God and I’ve prayed and begged for him to give me a sign a direction anything to give me some comfort or peace and I still seem to come up empty. I have even accepted that gods plan may not be my plan and still there has been no flicker at the end of the tunnel. I’m just tired and need god to pick me up and carry the burden for awhile. While I need so much I ask myself why isn’t god helping? I want to believe but my faith is so shaken at this point. I’m really fearful that this will be my life for the rest of my life therefore there is really no purpose for me. I’m too young for this to be it. I’m just so afraid of the future and I’m not strong enough to deal with any of it anymore.

  90. I believe in and trust God with all my heart, and yet, after my husband walked out on me 3 years ago, I fear being alone in my ‘golden years.’ I am 57 years old and don’t see a relationship could possibly happen for me. I pray to trust God more in this sitution.

  91. I have a heavy burden of fear since my son died a month and a half ago. I fear I won’t recover from this broken heart. I fear I won’t recover financially from all of the debt it has created my family. I fear that my two remaining children’s hearts won’t heal. I also fear for my daughter-in-law and grandbaby will drift away and I’ll lose them as well. I’m even fearful that my career is not where I’m supposed to be since I’m broken and I am supposed to bring healing to others. In this one single loss it has created a monumental storm of fear that I find myself drowning in.

  92. My fear is I won’t recognize the person God has planned for me to spend my life with. I’ve been divorced 4years now and am overcoming my trust issues-I am just afraid I won’t recognize the person that is meant for me because of my trust issues.

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