Everything is Possible for Her who Believes

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Everything is possible for him who believes, (Mark 9:23 NIV).

Once, a distraught father had an unruly son with multiple physical and emotional problems. Many people even said the boy was possessed by a demon. The dad had tried everything, but the boy continued to demonstrate anti-social behavior: throwing himself in the fire and then in water.

That sort of behavior, on top of frequent seizures, rolling on the ground, foaming at the mouth, and an inability to talk, made the dad desperate to find a solution. He even took the boy to some faith healers who were traveling through his hometown. But nothing seemed to work.

Finally, the dad realized no human being was going to be able to help his son, so he took him directly to God. The father heard that Jesus was visiting in his community, so he boldly brought the boy to Him. With desperation in his voice the father pleaded, “If You can do anything, take pity on us and help us!”

And Jesus answered, “If You can! All things are possible to him who believes.”

Immediately the boy’s father cried out, “I do believe: help my unbelief.”

With that profession, Jesus healed the man’s son.

Oh how this story from Mark 9 stirs my heart. Can’t you feel the father’s pain? How desperately he must have felt every time the child threw himself into the water or the fire. “Why, Son? Why do you do these things? I don’t understand,” he must have asked.

Imagine the humiliation of the whispers as the family walked down the streets. “That’s the Jones family. Have you heard about their son? He’s….” The stares, the snickers, the off-color comments.

Don’t you know there were many days when this dad wanted to just give up? Instead, he offers us a beautiful picture of what all parents must do, the ultimate act in parenting – hand our children over to God.

As mothers, at time we find ourselves at the end of our mental and emotional resources. We feel we have done everything humanly possible and don’t know the best action to take with our children.

That’s exactly where God wants us every day: not depending on our human wisdom but on His unfathomable omniscience, not depending on our own strength but on His unlimited power. When we realize that we do not and never will have all the child-rearing answers and solutions, we discover the importance of giving our children to God.

S.D. Gordon, in Quiet Talks on Prayer, said, “You can do more than pray, after you have prayed. But you cannot do more than pray until you have prayed.”

In my Bible, I keep a 4 x 6 laminated card with prayers for Steven that I have prayed for 29 years. (Yes, he is that old. Mercy!) You, too, can pray that your children will:

  • Know Christ as Savior early in life. (Psalm 63:1, 2Timothy 3:15)
  • Have a hatred for sin. (Psalm 97:10)
  • Be caught when guilty. (Psalm 119:71)
  • Be protected from the evil one in each area of their lives: spiritual, emotional, and physical. (John 17:15)
  • Have a responsible attitude in all their interpersonal relationships. (Daniel 6:3)
  • Respect those in authority over them. (Romans 13:1)
  • Desire the right kind of friends and be protected from the wrong friends. (Proverbs 1:10-11)
  • Be kept from the wrong mate and saved for the right one. (2 Corinthians 6:14-17)
  • Be kept pure until marriage (as well as the one they marry). (1 Corinthians 6:18-20)
  • Learn to totally submit to God and actively resist Satan in all things. (James 4:7)
  • Be single-hearted, willing to be sold out to Jesus Christ. (Romans 12:1-2)
  • Be hedged in so they cannot find their way to wrong people or wrong places and that the wrong people cannot find their way to them. (Hosea 2:6)

Let’s Pray
(For those who have children still at home)
Dear God, today, I once again bring my child to you. Please show me how to parent this precious gift that you have given me. Help me to be the best mother that I can be. I pray that Your Holy Spirit will teach me, Your wisdom will guide me, and Your love will move me. Most of all, Lord, I give this child to You. Please make him (her) a servant after Your own heart.
In Jesus’ Name,

(For those with grown children)
Dear God,
My child is no longer under my roof or under my wing. He (She) is now out in the world making life decisions of his (her) own. I give this adult child to You, Lord. May he (she) seek You with all his (her) heart. I pray that You will protect him (her), guide him (her), and open his (her) heart to the truth of God’s Word every day.
In Jesus’ Name,

What do You Think? 
Make a list of things about your child over which you have no control.

Now turn that list into a prayer and relinquish each item of concern to God.

Remember Jesus’ reply to the Father when He said, “If you can do anything…” Write today’s key verse down and commit it to memory.

Click over to my blog page and tell me the names of your children. Then let’s pray for each other’s children. Pray for the ones above your entry. If you don’t have children, list the name of 1-2 children that you pray for regularly (nieces, nephews, neighbors).

Want More? 
Being a parent is the most difficult, rewarding responsibility that God has entrusted to us. I am so glad that He doesn’t leave us to figure it out all on our own, but gives us the Bible as the ultimate handbook. If you would like to discover seven key elements of great parenting, see my book, Being a Great Mom-Raising Great Kids.

And if you would like your own laminated prayer card, you can find that in the store section of my webpage as well.


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Comments 109

  1. My children are grown but need prayer for life’s journey. Their names are Mark, Glenn, Veronica
    Thank you

  2. Please pray for sons, Joseph and Jordan. Jordan is in college and seeking God’s will for his life. Joseph is living out on his own,and not seeking God right now.

    Thank you


  3. Hi Sharon, Thank you so much for your words today…I lost 2 daughters, Daniella 15 and Gabi 13, in a car accident October 15, 2011. Their father passed away 2 weeks before they did. My oldest daughter Alex (now 19) and my son Sam (now 7) have been having a hard time, especially Alex. She is out of the house and has a daughter of her own, but still struggles with the guilt of her past relationship with her sisters. Please keep her in your prayers that she releases herself from the guilt, and I pray that her heart softens and she will grow closer to God and know that He is taking care of our girls. Thanks you so much,

  4. Thank you for this devotional today. My children’s names are: Jared (just graduated from college and making big life decisions), Courtney (just getting ready to move out, starting as a junior at a new University in the Fall), Bethany (teenager, dealing with some big life issues), Shelby, Ansley and Kayleigh.

  5. I can’t find where to add my son’s (16) name to your blog to pray for the kids. But please add Matthew John Vernier..
    Thank you and God Bless,

  6. Thank you for this devotional today. I have 2 children, Michael (19) and Ashley (14); please pray with me for their salvation. I pray often and claim household salvation for them and Gods protection. Thank you.

  7. Hi Sharon, I’ve been enjoying your devotions for years now, but have not commented before. Thank you so much for sharing your heart for God with us and for seeking His truth above all else. Today’s devotion was encouraging to me, but also brings to the front of my mind the pain I have because my older children are not following God. I know my mistakes have caused them pain and I feel responsible for their separation from the LORD. I continually have to remember to put them back in God’s hands, so thank you for reminding me to do that again. I have five children, their names are Xandy, Caity, Lindsay, Ryan and Andrew.

  8. My son James is 22. He graduated from college last year and hasn’t been able to find a full time job. He was “trained in the way he should go so that when he is old he will not depart from it. He has made some decisions that are not pleasing to the Lord. Please pray that James will seek the Lord with his whole heart and recommit his life to Christ.
    Since the list was fairly short, I’ve prayed for each child listed above. God bless you all. <3

  9. Thank you for today’s devotional. My children’s names are: Courtney (23 – starting law school this summer); Frantanzy, II (20 – away in college); Destinee (12), Chianti (10), TraBeau (8) and Trinton (6).

  10. The devotion you wrote today spoke to me. My son, Stephan needs prayers. He has been very disrespectful lately and his behavior has change dramatic for the worst. Please pray for him.

  11. Thank you for this blog today, it was something that I needed reminding of. Please pray for my son Joseph (5) , that he will be protected and that his father will never have an opportunity to hurt him. Also please pray for my nephew Ryan, and friends children Nate, Kirk and James all of whom have difficulties they need help with . I pray for all the children mentioned in these comments.

  12. My children are Dominique and Julian they are both 18., still at home but they are beginning to find their way and make their own decisions. I pray God’s divine protection over them and that they what seek to live for him.

  13. Thank you for the encouragement you spoke today. I have three children Aaron-22, Lauren- 18, and Lily- 9. Believing for a personal relationship with Christ.

  14. Thank you for another wonderful devotional, Sharon.

    My children are grown but need prayer for life’s journey, also. Their names are Brian and Michelle.

    A huge thank you to the person who prays for my “kids”.

  15. Good morning Sharon, I so enjoy your devotionals and I think this was perfect for Mother’s Day! I have 5 beautiful children, 1 adult child and 4 at home. They are Jalyssa (25),Elijah (13), Isaiah (11), Jeremiah (8), and Hannah (4). Please pray for my babies, they are a joy! However, they have great calls on their lives and want them to seek the Lord with all their hearts. Elijah has been preaching since he was 6,but I know he’s struggling with being liked and accepted by other children, so his behavior is not always reflecting Christ

  16. Thank you so much for the reminder, that we NEED to bring our children to GOD. This is what I needed to hear. Kaleb, Keziah, Kayla, Kristopher… all of these kids need prayer- respect authority, focus in school, rebuke the spirit of sensuality in their life, and protection.

  17. I have been praying for all of these children that are listed. What a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day! Please pray for my children: Jonathan, 11, and Katrina, 8. Blessings to you all.

  18. My daughter, Holly, has given her heart to the Lord 2 years ago. She needs help finding a church for her and her husband and little boy. They do not go to church regularly yet. I don’t know where her husband is spiritually. She needs to be walking with the Lord every day, and seeking Him with all her heart to grow and learn. We all want our children to be walking with the Lord. God has her right where He wants her and works with her very slowly. Thank You Lord, for reassuring me in my heart. Thank You for keeping her and all the other children prayed for by their Moms and Dads.

  19. Thank you Sharon, your devotional is encouraging me to believe that God will make my only daughter Francesca (25) to turn back to Him and search His love, decision she has made is against God’s will, my prayer is that she will recommit to Christ and does not follow darkness of this world, may God protect and heal her, that results of her brain surgery this friday will not make her doubt God’s love.

  20. I have 3 grown children only 2 are living noe my oldest son passed lost October 2012at 32. I now help raise a neice she is 4. Starting With my oldest son names are
    Ronnie 32
    Samantha 27
    William 5
    Mary 4
    I pray for them everyday to come back to Gid or in Mary case to keep growing in God. Im also pray for all your children too. In Christ Love

  21. Thank you for today’s devotional. I’m a mother to two young boys and have not been teaching them as I should about God. I know it’s never too late to start! My boys are Isaiah (10 yo) & Joshua (4 yo).

  22. I found myself at the end of my “mental and emotional resources” this morning, and then I read today’s devotion. A timely affirmation and comfort that God sees me where I am.

    For Alex (19) and Abby (15) who have grown up with unequally yoked parents. That they would hate evil and cling to what is good and follow the path of righteousness. That they would love the Lord with all their heart, mind, soul and strength.

  23. Please pray for my two daughters Aubrey and Amanda, also their husbands Robbie and Matt, and pray for my grand daughters Kylar and Emersyn. They occasionally go to church but since their dad died in a car accident I feel that they’re mad at God. I really want the babies, who are 3 years old and 9 months old, to be raised in a Christian home but the kids are wavering in their faith. If I lived close to them I would pick up the oldest grand daughter and take her to church with me. They live in Colorado and I live in Texas. Pray for them and God bless you and your ministry. Debbie

  24. Thank you for this devotion..it is exactly what I need! My daughters are Mackenzie and Meredith. God Bless!

  25. Please pray for my children Caleb, 17, who is awaiting word of acceptance to a christian university, that he be accepted off the waitlist and receive a scholarship large enough for him to be able to attend. My daughter is Abigail, 14, that she may see Gods promises and plans for her and follow then with a heart of thanksgiving. Thank you.

  26. This was such a timely devotional for me today as I read it with a burden on my heart. Please pray a hedge around my son Adam who is out on his own and the pull of the world is great. He is at a crossroads and needs urgent fervent prayer. Thank you from my heart for your interest and your prayers as God brings him to mind.

  27. Good morning, my children are:
    Jonathan Jr. 19
    Jacob 13
    Lola 5
    Luke 1
    Thank you all for your prayers…I will be praying for your children as well as all of the mothers, May God’s peace be with you…
    Blessings to all 🙂

  28. Thank you, Lord for Your servant/daughter Sharon and the Holy Spirit encouragement she shares from her heart! Please pray for my grown prodigal daughter who has left her faith and is greatly deceived at age 29. She was a beautiful believer until this past couple years and as her parents, we are heartbroken. Please pray for delivery and rescue for our precious daughter. — Also, that our son John (25) would stay close to Jesus! And that God would reveal the godly woman that HE has been waiting to place in John’s life! This is a deep longing in John’s heart and I pray God will show him soon the woman he is to date and eventually marry. Thank you for your prayers! In Jesus name! Amen.

  29. I just lifted Adam up in prayer Debbie. My children are Aidan and Mason. My prayer is that they will lead lives that please and glorify God- choosing each day to serve and follow Him.

  30. I am a mother of 4 sons: Cramer, Tanner, Hunter, and Spencer. We also have a foster son, Michael. My two greatest concerns are: 1. my oldest son living out on his own and surrounded by a culture of death 2. I want to adopt our foster son and I want all of my family to be compassionate and have hearts moved to lovingly do the will of the Father. My youngest son is having a difficult time. Pray that I have faith, that I want the will of the Father above all, and that our hearts love others as much as we love ourself. May the best thing for Michael be made clear. Thank you.

  31. Sharon, I know that whenever I roll a situation over to God, I need to let it go. BUT I am not really sure of what that looks like. Does it mean that I just continue to pray with confidence that my prayers are already answered and no longer think about the problem at hand? I tend to be a real thinker. My mind is always going…UGH! How can I channel this for good? PLEASE pray for my adult daughter, Tracy. She has turned from what she knows to be right. She is living in a vicious cycle. I pray that her eyes will be opened and her heart will turn back towards Jesus. …….Thank you! And thank you for this encouraging devotion.

  32. This devotion spoke to me so much, it is exactly what God had for me today. My son Caeden is 6 and has some behavioral issues, please pray for him and myself as I try to lead him through these issues, and as God leads us both. Thank you.

  33. Please pray for my grown children that they all will give their lives to God..That they will start making Godly decisions for their lives. Their names are Cassie,Jean-Michel,Andrew,Sarah And Meghan <3

  34. Thanks for sharing this way. I have prayed for Adam, Caleb, Abigail, Meredith & Mackenzie. Please also pray for my adult children & their spouses: Larry, Keri & Joshua, Kristi & Richard. Thank you for praying that they will love The Lord God and Jesus Christ our Savior with ALL their heart, soul, mind and strength, and that they will love their neighbor as themselves.

  35. Debbie, I commit to praying for your son, Adam.
    Please pray for my daughter, Grace. She’s 4, full of life and promise. Last week, she prayed to receive salvation!!! What a wonderful experience leading her in that sweet prayer. Please pray that the Lord will draw her close to His heart and use her for His glory. Also, please pray that she would see Jesus in me, everyday, in each success and failure.

  36. Yes, thank you Sharon, it’s wonderful that we can pray for each other’s children! Please pray for my daughter Rachel, 17 and my son Michael, 20. Pray they make Godly decisions and that they would feel the direction Christ wants them to take regarding college, where to live, people they spend time with, etc.

  37. My Savior Jesus, first, I lift up the name “above” Adam to you.
    Thank You for keeping Adam in the palm of Your right hand & protecting Adam with Your
    left hand around him at all times, In Jesus name I pray. Amen & Amen

    O Gracious Father in Heaven, I surrender to you our 4 children
    And our granddaughter Nevaeh. I place them all at Your feet,
    entrusting only You, my Jesus, in Your beautiful name I pray, Amen & Amen

  38. Thank you Sharon for writing this devoutional today. Really inspiring for all of us who are moms. Please pray for my son Aaron who is 7 years old and for me to be capable of fully hand my child over to God.

  39. Thank you for being there for me. Please pray for my 6 children ( all grown). There names are Sherry, Eddy, Sabrina, Joey, Brandon, and Jaclyn. I am so proud of my children but I know they need God everyday. I am blessed because they all know God and so please pray they continue to learn more about him and learn how to be good parents. Pray they make the right choices.

  40. God bless you, Sharon. Thank you for praying for my son Scott, his wife Nora and my granddaughters Linnea and Zoe. And thank you for giving us the privilege and honor to pray for each other’s children…we have such a wonderful way to glorify our Savior! Thank you my dear.

  41. Thank you for todays message. I would be grateful if you could include my children in you prayers, DeAngelo 21, Mariah 20 & Tapanga 17. Thanks again & God bless!!

  42. 14-year-old son, Spencer, has a blood disorder. 18-year-old son, Dylan, graduates next week and enlisting in the Navy. 19-year-old stepson, Landon, in college and working. 25-year-old stepson, Brandon, wanting to purchase a home.

  43. Thank you for this post. I have scrolled through and read everyones messages and pray for each of your children.I ask for prayer for mine, they are Tricia(27) living in the world, and on the brink of divorce, prayers also for her husband Isaac. My oldest son Sean(23) also living in the world. Megan(22), her husband Jacob, and their son Random who have given their lives to Christ, I pray that they continue in that way and raise their son to be a godly man. I lost my youngest son Hunter(16), Who is recently given his life to Christ was baptized in a believer’s baptism. I pray that he continue in the way of the Lord.

  44. Thank you Sharon for todays message. I have always been worried for my daughter Juanita who is 3 years old because I am divorced and her dad does not give her so much attention as required and I can’t even trust the kind of life he can give her.

    I am always worried that it will affect her growth. please pray for her to grow up into a better woman for Christ, despite circumstances around her. I also ask for a prayer to be said for my 5 nephews and 2 nieces. God bless us all and strengthen us to be able to care for the gifts that He’s blessed us with, our KIDS. Amen.

  45. Moderator, in my previous post it says ‘I lost my Youngest son’. Is supposed to say ‘and last my youngest son’. I don’t know if you can fix that but I would appreciate it

  46. So many times I have to be reminded to take a step back and just “let God” take control. We have adopted 6 kids…..Frankie, Sarah, Jacob, Jordan, Justin, & Miah. Four of our kids have reactive attachment disorder (RAD). They have healed a lot and that healing has only came because of prayer. Anyone that has a child with RAD knows that most things are out of our control………..

  47. I’m a very proud momma of three beautiful daughters.They are walking with The Lord. Logan is married with our first. Granddaughter, Rhyann Aubree, two months old. Our middle daughter Addison has just completed her first year of college and now home for the summer. And our youngest, Alexis, is 12 years old and currently homeschooled. Praying God’s hedge of protection around them daily and that they stay in the center of God’s will.

  48. I would like to pray for everyone that read this devotional today and their family. I would also like to pray for my children Nolan and Kami. My niece Nevaeh and my nephew Jeremiah. My brothers Justin, Jeff, Anthony, Yzerdric, Mike, and Roderick. My Sister’s Lakedira, Shade and Monae.

  49. Please pray for my three children…Aaron, Mandy and Tim. They are in their 20’s. Aaron is back home after being in the Navy trying to start this new chapter with school, job, etc. Mandy is married, a stepmom and has a very stressful job that requires a lot of her time. Tim is in college now after finishing 4 years in the Marines. He has a part time job as well. Thank you for praying for my children.

  50. Lifting up my nieces Nyah and Dontasia.Nephews Nylin, Neimiah, Shance and Dontraylin. Also for the children I am believing God for Ava and Jonathan. I pray that they would know God for themselves, and always choose to follow him. I pray that they would grow to be mighty men and women of God. I pray that they will be blessed and highly favored in all they do. All for the glory of God! In Jesus name, I pray. Amen, Thank you

  51. Thank you Sharon for this devotional.Dear Savior Jesus,I lift up the names of Taishonia,Califf,Victoria,Blais,Granddaughter Nevaeh, keep them as the apples of your eyes,in your right hand and protect them always with your left.
    Please pray for the Salvation of my three grown children Jeremy and his wife Alba,Tony and his daughter Katie,Tamee and her three boys Brenden,Riley and Trevin.we give these over to The Lord.I pray for 7 year old Aaron to be handed over to The Lord.Amen

  52. My nephew is called Jack , He is one and a half I pray he would feel the love of God and I pray I can show love toward him.

  53. This is exactly what I needed today. Fist I want to lift up Aaron and his mom. Help her to totally trust you Father with her precious son.
    Please pray for my sons Jacob, who is in college but home for the summer, and Jeremy who is still in high school. I surrender them both to you Jesus.

  54. As a mom of older children it is so easy to wish that I had something’s different or better when raising my children. I thank God daily that despite my failures that they turned out so well. They are believers but do not have a personal relationship with Christ. So this is my prayer for Ryan (33) Mike (30 n Justin (28). I also have three grandchildren that I am praying for. Thanks may God richly bless you!

    1. Hi Sharon – I just wanted to say never to give up! My parents raised us in a Christian home and I was doing great till I got to around 30 and drifted away from a personal relationship with God. In the last year and a half, my circumstances changed – I’m sure prayer from my parents and other friends had a lot to do with that! Now I’m back in a church where I feel more alive than ever before and I give God thanks daily for my Christian upbringing and now trying to make sure my own children have a similar opportunity to learn about God and grow up knowing Him. I guess I’m learning that parenting is about the long haul sometimes – one of my other sisters is also coming back to God later in her life so He does sometimes take us the long road like the Israelites coming out of Egypt! I pray for Ryan, Mike and Justin that they will come to a renewed faith xx

  55. My children are adults but still live in our house during college. Nick , Trevor, and Meleia are at this turning point on becoming independent and figuring out what they want to do in life. I pray they will find a Godly path with a Godly mate. They will always look to God for answers. I also have a child in my care and has been with us for two years. We go back to court on June 11th to see where her home will be. They are leaning towards the mother. I give God Sarenity and ask him to put his loving arms around her and protect her. I loved this devotional because it was for my children and for my precious gift form God, Sarenity.

  56. My husband and I raised 3 boys who matured into fine Christian men despite our imperfect parenting. We clung to God’s promise “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6). At the time it didn’t seem to work, but time has proved otherwise. God taught us patience and His word made us “successful” parents. Praise God!

  57. This post gives me a peace of mind with my oldest son. He he such a brigh brigh child. The teachers are amazed at how smart he is BUT you’d never know it by the way he does his school work. He’s always the last to finish IF he gets it done at all. However, have a conversation with him and you’d think he was in grade 4. He’s only 8. His name is Tyler. This post just gave me another perspecitve on what seems like a never ending battle with TYler to get his work and tasks done including the ones at home.
    My other son is Danny. There aren’t too many major issues with him other than the fact that he eats very picky. He is ill right now with what we thought was pneumonia but it’s just a harsh cough and fevers. Although the fevers had ended, the coughing is still really bad.
    Tyler is 8
    Danny is 5.
    Thank You Sharon
    God Bless


  59. My son Collin is 25; his wife is Amy and there are expecting my 1st grandson in August! Love to pray scripture over these who I have been blessed with! Will be praying for your Stephen. Jane Tiek

  60. My son Collin is 25; his wife is Amy and they are expecting my 1st grandson in August! Love to pray scripture over these who I have been blessed with! Will be praying for your Stephen. Jane Tiek

  61. Thank you for this message. The last 5 years have really been a struggle for my family. We have dealt with issues that I never expected to go through. Drugs being a big factor in my two older boys lives. Currently I am estranged from two of my older children just due to conflicts of opinion. They dont want to hear anything I have to say so they shut me out completely. I am trying to learn to let go and trust God with them as I dont know what else to do anymore. I know thats the best place for them anyway but its hard to not even be allowed to guide them. They have the foundation as they were raised in church when they were young. I only wish I had been as close to the Lord then as I am now and maybe they would be too. My adversities drew me closer to Him. My prayer is that they will turn to Him as well and seek His will for their lives. My children are Amber 23, Brandon 21, Nathan 19, and John 15.

  62. The names of my sons are Tyree Quintrell Alford & Tysuan LaQuint Bentlery. Tyree was born deaf and is autistic. Tysuan has ADHD & ODD. Even though they are of legal age, they still require, my guidance because their have been behavioral and legal challenges in our home. I ask that all who know that prayer changes things and are prayer warriors, please pray for my sons. Tyree’s services in home are to be suspended May 31st, 2013. Tyree needs help at home and I need to keep working full-time to support us. Please lift us up in prayer. Tysuan is away from home but God is doing exceedingly above all that I could ask or think in his life. He is excelling in his new school and doing well.
    The article hit home for me in so many ways especially about the dual roles my sons have in my home. Please pray that God continue to give me strength in the midst of various trials and tribulations.

  63. I have two boy Barry 21 and Christopher 20. Thank you for keeping my sons lifted up in prayer. My nieces and nephews need prayer along with my boys .

    Thank you

  64. Please pray for my daughter Maxene Kyle (2), her father was unbeliever and he did not give more attention to her. Please pray for her so that she may also feel the fatherly love.
    Thank you so much.

  65. Pray for daughter Kandis her daughter passed away from cancer 10 years ago and she turned to drugs. No greater loss than that of a child. She needs healing she is so angry with God. Also my other daughter Tammy who does not have a relationship with God but thinks she is ok. Thanks love your posts.

  66. Please pray for my two sons Sean 13 and Shane 11, that they continue to learn about the
    Lord and that he loves them no matter what. I will pray for all the children here and in our world. Thank you for the encouragement which came at a very appropriate time.

  67. This was an amazing post – and a wonderful idea for prayer! I have 3 kids, Calum, Ciaran & Sophie, aged 9,7 and nearly 2 and I trust God He will be with them and help me show them how having a personal relationship with an awesome God is the best thing in life! It’s hard being the one half Christian parent when my hubby still hasn’t committed to Christ – so lots of prayer goes up here!

  68. Hunter-6, Chloe-2, Kaden-16 months, Leigha-3 months. Pray that I raise them in the right way…that they will always be God-minded…and never stray….and that I will be an example they will remember their entire lives, even after I am gone.

  69. Please help me pray for my children, Kelvin and his wife Ruwi and three kids, Neville who is still single, and Virginia who is also single. I praise God continously for these prcious gifts from Him and commit their lives and decisions to Him. Amen

  70. My son’s names are Bryon, Brad, and Daryl. They are all grown and out of the house. Please pray for their salvation.

    1. I am praying for their salvation! I remember a pastor telling me that most of the men in the Bible who did great things had God loving God fearing mothers, and lots had no fathers in the picture. Keep the faith when you pray and remember God answers and loves you and your children very much!

  71. Thank you for the devotional today. My children are Molly, Lily, Jordan, and Emmy. Please pray for them and me as their mother. I’m feeling so discouraged and ineffective.

  72. My sons’ names are Zachary (24), Joshua (21), and my special son Ethan (11). Thank you for your messages, insight and prayers. God bless

  73. My daughter, Leighandra, is grown with a family of her own. Please pray for her salvation as well as her husband’s, Elijah, and also for their toddler, Aulen.

  74. Hi Sharon, I have been doing the daily devotionals for months now. I came across Girl Friends in God one day on Facebook by God’s divine leading Im sure because there are no by accident so to speak, because I know everything happens for a reason. Anyway one thing leads to another and now I am here and I want you and the girlfriends to know how much you help me to see the things I really need to pray about in myself and my family. So thank you. My Children are grown, one lives at home still finishing up her last few weeks of collage. My second to the oldest child a daughter left her son with us to raise and won’t have anything to do with us and I really don’t know why. We haven’t seen or heard from her in four years. Her name is Shari please pray for her. Pray for my oldest son Justin and another son Kacey whose in the Army that they will truly have a burning desire to seek God out. And Last my youngest daughter Sara and grandson Isaac, granddaughters Taylor, Sara Elisabeth, and Hailey. And of course daughters in laws and son in laws they will always pray and ask God for their direction in in all things in their life. God Bless Doreen

  75. Sharon, thank you for this and all your devotionals., they have been a blessing to many. I have prayed through each of these emails. What an honor to connect w sisters in Christ. And to “see” in my heart each child and loft them to God. This was a wonderful Mothers Day gift!

    My son is Tanner (20) in college at Air Force academy. He is having medical procedures done under anesthesia in the AM and missing finals prep. Please pray for protection and wisdom for doctors. Also great success in classes, favor from those in authority over him, closer relationship w God each day, mighty hedge of protection around him and clear faith and guidance for his future path.

    Also my future daughter in law, God knows her and I’ve been praying for her for 20 years now. She is an amazing child of God, pray for her purity, grace, health and confidence in the path God has for her. I don’t know her yet, but God always has.

    BTW, young moms – pray now for your daughter or son in laws, asking our Almighty Father who not only knows but created them for our baby, to put a burden on your heart for them. He will, and you will be amazed at how you will love another child that you don’t even physically know.

    Praising God in Advance,

    Loving you my sisters,

    Bless you in advance for praying for my dear Tanner.

  76. Thank you for your commitment to your blog. It’s such a blessing to me!

    My children are Davina & Donnie (Alyssa, Trinity, Christyn, Noah); Dawn & Daniel (Kyndall, Noelle). They are grown and living on their own with their families.

    I have one 12 year old daughter, Faith, who is still living at home.

  77. My sons name is Cameron. Great article, and as always I got so much out of it! Thank God for this blog/website. <3

  78. I have two children, Christina who is almost 21 and my son Alex who is 18 and a senior in high school. I pray for their salvation and softening of their heart to accept Christ as their savior. Create a hunger to seek God and in the meantime for wisdom to make healthy and honorable choices. Keep them out of satan’s stronghold.

  79. Hi Sharon, I have three adult children Jen, Lisa and Dre I pray that they will learn to solely depend on God for all areas of there life. I also have to younger children Gabby and James. Please pray for all of my children that they will be full of the holy spirit, and with the help of God, walking in the righteousness of God. Lois I pray that your son’s will walk upright before the Lord, fear him and turn away from evil. when they taste and see that the Lord is good they will run and tell others about our wonderful and loving savior

  80. My two sons names are Travis and Tye. Travis is a college graduate who is seeking his first full-time job. He is a praying person, but is starting to doubt because he thinks his prayers are not being heard. My son, Tye, is 19 and is not living a Godly life. Please pray that his heart will be changed.

  81. My sons’ names are Ryan (15) and Jared (12). Pray that they feel God’s continuing presence during these ‘teenage’ years! I pray God’s awesome protection over the children listed here.

  82. My sons Christopher (22), David(3), and Benjamin (2)
    My daughter Zoe (1)
    I pray that my faith be seen and heard through the example I live.

  83. Cameron and Santana that they may continue to grow in God and allow him to be part of their everyday lives. Wonderful wonderful blog!

  84. Your devotional really touched me and reminded me how important it is to pray for our kids in all circumstances. Please add my children to the list. Whitney, 21 and just finishing her jr year in college, Brandon, 18 is graduating from high school next week and about to move 13 hrs from home to go to school. Samantha is 15 and a finishing up her freshman year in a new school system. Like all kids they have gone through a lot of difficult things. Both my husband and I have gone through cancer and fortunately survived, my oldest lost her best friend in a car accident and lost their grandmother to cancer last October.

  85. My son Chase (18) and daughter Alexsi (15). I pray that they will always pursue the word of God and that they allow Him to guide their lives.

  86. Glory to God!
    Please pray for my infant daughter Abigail, she is 7 weeks and 3 days old. She was in the NICU for a bit soon after she was born because she had an infection in her blood. Praise God for life, that she’s okay now, and pray that she’ll live out God’s plan for her life! Thank you! God bless.

  87. Hi, Sharon – thank you for this devotional, especially for the verses to pray for my children – Jonathan (18), Hannah (15), and Will (14). I Homeschool all three and love them dearly, but at the end of the day, I still feel like I’m falling so short. Thank you for your prayers.

  88. I have grown children, Leah (22), and Joshua (20). Praying that the Lord will draw them back to Himself and that they will be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

  89. My husband and I were just having a conversation and praying for our sons right before i read this devotional. Very timely! Thanks for sharing it. We feel they are making some poor choices at this time. Please pray for our sons Matt (18), Wes (18), and Tim (14). Believing God will draw them back closer to Him! Thank You for your prayers!

  90. I have Michael (24), Justin (21), Yadira (13), praying for guidance in their life. Michael has addiction to alcohol, depression, just graduated from university, needs job, recommit his life to Jesus. Justin in college, needs job, let go of anger, salvation. Yadira a hunger for God, focus in school. Thank you.

  91. No one can fill your heart with as much joy…and pain…as your precious child.
    Please pray for Catie (14). She is struggling to make her inherited faith her own, personal faith. Freshman year has been a tough transition, with dropped grades, new and questionable friendships and the introduction of The Not Boyfriend, who is older than her by 3 yrs! It’s enough to make a mother’s hair turn grey!
    Nicole is 12 and has blossomed in middle school. Please pray that she stays strong in the Lord.
    Thank you and a Blessed and Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  92. my son Budd and stepson tony nieces heather,reagan payton nephew dusty my granddaughter Addison and daughterinlaw Katie and nephews wife maryalice .and other daughterinlaw Tasha and granddaughter trinity tony’s daughter.may they raise these children to love the lord always.and that they find time to spend with family and the children cousins form family bonds as these times it’s important for familys to stay connected.It is sad families get so disconnected ,please pray they will all become close and love each other and have great fellowship and form family bonds.Us parents and Grandparents,Aunts,we need peace of knowing that theywill be there for each other in life,that;s my prayer and wish,God Bless you all the mothers with peace for our children and families to love the lord always.thank you.great message always Sharon

  93. I am so thankful for your blog. Please remember my grown daughter, Cristi and my two young grandchildren in your prayers. I am trying to teach them they need to live their lives for Jesus, but they see otherwise at and around their home. I am going to pray these scriptures everyday by starting with today. Thank you so much and I pray that God blesses each and every one of you all!

  94. Thank you for your blog. I have two daughters, Meredith (19) and Lyndsay (13), they are my joy each day! Please pray for each one of them because they are so different but yet so alike in many ways. They face many challenges each day on their testimony. Meredith is currently attending a Christian University and Lyndsay goes to a public school. I wish I had these scriptures to pray over my children earlier but with God it is never too late. My pray is for all who are on this list as well as the one’s not yet listed will be blessed by our Lord God. Thank you for this message and these scriptures. God Bless You and Your Ministry Team!

  95. Greetings mighty woman of God! This is the 1st blog of yours that I’ve ever read and was immediately drawn to your words. My son is 12 years old…his name is Simon and he is facing grave adversities in school with focus, academics, and peer pressure. He was raised in a christian, single parent home and is extremely impressionable. He is overall a very good kid but seems to be making very poor decisions. Please keep Simon in your prayers!

  96. thankyou for the article! My sons are Cleo and Dane. plse pray for Cleo’s deliverance and for Dane’s concentration challenge. I am praying for all the children mentioned and for all our mothers.

  97. I just want to give God all the glory honor and praise for His undying love, wisdom, His Word. How His infallible word will not return unto Him void, how He is the same yesterday, today and forever. What miracles Jesus did in the Gospels are still working miracles for us today “IF WE ONLY BELIEVE! ” To God be the glory, because I BELIEVE!

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