When You Don’t Feel Very Confident

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Hurray! It’s time for a Friday Friend Giveaway! Today I’m welcoming my friend Lynn Cowell to share from her new Bible study, Make Your Move: Finding Unshakable Confidence Despite Your Fears and Failures. I got to know Lynn through her study for girls agers 8-12, Brave Beauty: Finding the Fearless You. Like me, she loves helping women find their true worth in Christ, eating chocolate of any kind, and wearing well-worn sweatshirts! Welcome Lynn!

Ever meet a woman who seemed to light up the room when she walked in?

Her laugh said, “I don’t take life too seriously.” Her carefree walk let you know she was comfortable with who she was. Her hair and outfit seemed to be perfect.

Then again, maybe it wasn’t.

Actually her hair was held up in a casual bun and she had on workout clothes. So what made it seem like she had it all together?


I used to think confidence was something you were born with. If you were the perfect package – body, hair, family – you had confidence.

But I met a woman in the Bible who has changed my mind.

This woman demonstrated a very unlikely confidence. I call it unlikely because the Bible describes her as “a sinful woman.” Most likely, she was a prostitute. We meet her in Luke chapter 7, and her story begins in verse 36:

“When one of the Pharisees invited Jesus to have dinner with him, he went to the Pharisee’s house and reclined at the table. A woman in that town who lived a sinful life learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house, so she came there with an alabaster jar of perfume. As she stood behind him at his feet weeping, she began to wet his feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them” (Luke 7:36-38).
Do you see the confidence? Confidence to walk into a house full of judgmental men looking down on those unlike them.

What would have given this unwanted woman the confidence to approach the perfect Son of God? To push past all that rejection?


Jesus called it out. “Therefore, I tell you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven – for she loved much …” (Luke 7:47a, ESV). Her love for Jesus gave her this unlikely confidence.

What caused her to love Jesus so much? We’re not given details about her except she was a woman “who lived a sinful life” in that town.

What had she seen? And experienced? Luke 7:11-15 offers a clue:

“Soon afterward, Jesus went to a town called Nain, and his disciples and a large crowd went along with him. As he approached the town gate, a dead person was being carried out – the only son of his mother, and she was a widow. And a large crowd from the town was with her. When the Lord saw her, his heart went out to her and he said, ‘Don’t cry.’ Then he went up and touched the bier they were carrying him on, and the bearers stood still. He said, ‘Young man, I say to you, get up!’ The dead man sat up and began to talk, and Jesus gave him back to his mother.” (Luke 7:11-15, NIV)
Maybe the woman was in this crowd and saw Jesus’ compassion, love, kindness, caring.

I’m not sure exactly what happened, but one thing is certain: She encountered unconditional love and it gave her the confidence to push past rejection. She knew she was wanted and it compelled her to show love in return.

Based on her past, I’m sure she knew no man could fill the gap in her heart. Yet this Man, this perfect One, loved her and it gave her unshakeable confidence.

Love empowered her.

This woman shows us: Confidence doesn’t come from doing everything right or having it all together. Confidence comes from knowing we are loved. Jesus gave it; she received it.

We, too, can find confidence, no matter how unlikely it may seem to us. Confidence to push past our barriers in order to receive and return Perfect Love.

Confidence isn’t something you’re born with. Nor do you get it from the perfect childhood or the model marriage. Rather, it comes from knowing you are loved by the One who gave His life for you.

Leave a comment and tell one area of your life where you feel you need more confidence. We’ll randomly pick one comment to win a free copy of Lynn’s Bible Study, Make Your Move! (U.S. addresses only.) Congratulations to Donna, the winner of Wendy Blight’s Bible Study, I am Loved from our last giveaway.

God’s confidence comes when we fill our hearts and minds with God’s truth. In Make Your Move, Lynn Cowell explores how confidence-in-question keeps us from boldly experiencing what God intends for our lives. Learn more about her new women’s Bible study, encouraging you to dig into God’s Word to find confidence and boldness to do great things here: http://lynncowell.com/make-your-move/.


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Comments 126

    1. Hi Joy,

      I am so glad you used the words you did – knowing and reacting – because those are powerful first steps when we partner with the Holy Spirit to gain the confidence God has for us. Knowing fear when it tries to creep into our lives and then, with His power, not reacting to that fear!

    2. Hello Lady Jaynes, thanks for inspiring me with your message of confidence. I got this at a time when am almost confuse and to give up on myself but due to this powerful and touching message of yours, i now know i can break through to any circumstances and became victorious bc i knowJesus loves me

  1. Hello Mrs. Jaynes,

    My name is Thandiwe (Thandi) Lewis. I’ve been acquainted with your ministry for a couple years now. Today’s message on confidence came just at the right time. My husband and I just bought our first house. We moved everything in fresh for the new year 2018. We are so excited to use our skills to transform it into something we are proud of. Then yesterday, I was laid off from my job.

    I realize people are laid off every day. It’s the way of the world sometimes. Although, you must understand that for me, I’ve been employed as long as it was legally allowable. My first job was when I was 13 years old and I’m now 36. The job I was laid off from is my second job out of college and I was in it for 12 years. My family was solidly a two-income household. When you speak or confidence, mine has certainly been shaken.

    I know that my confidence should come from God. I thank Him for the opportunities and talents He’s given me. My human emotions, however, rocked me a bit yesterday when I left the Human Resource office at my workplace.

    Thank you for this reminder about where my source of confidence should solidly be. Not in those 12 years of work, not in this new house, and not even in my husband’s salary but in the Lord.

    You are a blessing!
    Thandiwe Lewis
    Cortlandt Manor, NY

    1. Thandiwe, I am so very sorry for this loss. I can’t imagine how you felt when you received this news.

      You are absolutely right we can’t build our confidence on someone, someplace or something – all things we can lose or have taken from us. I trust that as you go into this new season of looking for employment, when those thoughts arise – you can’t do it, you don’t have what it takes, you are not enough – that you will remind your heart – in Jesus, you can, you have and you are!

  2. I ask God for more confidence where I am lacking it within my husband and son’s relationship. I Feel stuck in the middle of agreed discipline and respect for my husband while I know the emotional effect these expectations have on my son and his step son. Having much compassion for my son knowing his heart is pure. This causes chaos and a storm of the enemy to prowl in. I need confidence in God’s faithfulness to us and that unity is in the making. Thank you

    1. I have so been in this place, Casie! We have to place our confidence in God’s word in James 1:5 where he says that if any of us lacks wisdom we can ask of God and He will supply it. Lord, this is our prayer for Casie; understanding and wisdom. Amen

  3. I need this book desperately. I have no confidence at all. I feel like a failure a wasted space. I let people bully and abuse me. I try to defend myself but, somehow I let and allow these people to lead me to believe I have issues and problems. This email came at the most perfect time. I would be so grateful if I won this book. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win.

  4. The area in my life that I need more confidence in is moving forward in God Purpose for my life. Giving birth to the gift He has placed purposefully in me.

  5. I need confidence that I can live my life with joy and meaning without needing, no, obsessing, over food. What to eat, how much to eat and then overeating and then binging and yet never having enough nor having done it petfectly. I need to walk into a room with food and not be afraid of what to eat. Not to mention the confidence that I can actually overcome this after 43 years!

    1. He is a miracle-working God, Linda! One thing I learned while writing Make Your Move is that it’s the little steps, one after another. I used to think that if I took a few and then went back, I was back at square one. That’s not true. God is doing His work in us, day by day, little by little.

      I hope you will join us for the LIVE Make Your Move study. You can go here to learn more: http://www.lynncowell.com/LIVE-Make-Your-Move

  6. I need confidence, after 45 years of overeating, that I can actually overcome and live life to the full without stuffing myself with “the perfect foods”.

  7. Where to begin…parenting (now that my early 20’s kids want to live their life making their own choices and not choices God would want them to make. Always feeling guilty myself for not praying, reading the Word, meditating instead of simple pleasures of watching tv or a movie. Trying to believe (having faith) God hears my prayers.

  8. Needing confidence right this minute … and as always, Jesus gives me just what I need – your post. Thank you. I am His and that’s enough to walk into my classroom observation today with my head held high.

  9. I have been teaching in a Christian school for years. Yet, I still have days when I need more confidence in my teaching and in interacting with students. Teaching is my calling and I know God has put me in my classroom for His purpose. I need to trust Him more to become more confident. Thank you for this encouragement today as I head into my classrroom!!

  10. I often thought all the “right” stuff would give me confidence but it was not until I met Christ that all the pieces fell into place. While I still wrestle with confidence issues, I know there is One who loves me unconditionally!

  11. I love the story of the Jesus’ healing of the widow’s son, because Nain was and is a tiny village like the one I live in, Jesus climbed a steep hill to visit an obscure woman in an obscure village to show her love in a way she had not even thought of asking. He does the same for us.

  12. I am still single at 47 and lose all confidence around others (especially at church) who expect everyone to be married with children and think some thing is wrong with you if you don’t. I constantly feel judged, like they wonder what kind of horrible person I must be to have no man love me, or what kind of sinful life I must have that God does not bless me with a husband and children. So much so that I begin to wonder it myself, and avoid church. I am happy to not have children in this day and sinful world, but have -reluctantly -given up on ever finding a Godly husband as well.

    1. DW – on behalf of the church, please forgive us! Paul says that those who are single have it going on! Singles are the ones who have the time, energy and ability to serve God unhindered.

      Keep trusting God that if that was or is His best from you, He would never withhold it.

  13. I need confidence of who I am in Christ, I want to be all I can and not worry what others think. I want confidence to speak about what Jesus has done and is still doing. I need confidence to be confident

    1. Post
  14. I need more confident as I transition to retirement. I turn 50 in March and I retire from being a public school teacher for 27 years. I feel the Lord calling me to clean out and organize my home. That my husband may be called to travel and minister away from home. I am the one who likes to travel. My mom was a stay-at-home mom, and I was encouraged to get college degrees. I need confidence to be content at home.

    1. What a big transition, Denise! I trust that as you use this new season to honor the Lord and maybe even get to spend more time with Him, He will make His presence known to you in a tangible way during this season!

  15. I need more confidence in standing up to share my faith. I want to be confident in His love for me knowing that He will give me the right words at the right time.

  16. I need more confidence in the area of accepting Christ love for me, and for it to be enough. So often I find myself trying so hard to fill that longing for love from my husband when I know that he isn’t able to fill that need, only Jesus can. My husband can only fill the love of a husband, not the love of the Father.

    1. Tammy, knowing that truth is a first great step toward having God fill that space. It’s a daily process, isn’t? I also think it is human, which is why we need the Father to fill us each and every day.

  17. More confidence in my parenting! I have 2 teenage girls and every day is a struggle – am I doing the right thing, am I saying the right thing, am I listening enough…

    1. Parenting teens … that one will keep a mom on her knees for sure! Elaine, trust that as you pray for the wisdom He promises us in James 1:5, He will deliver. And when we fail, which we will, He will be faithful to fill in our gaps! (I(‘m feeling those gaps big time today! It’s a good thing our confidence is not based on how we feel!)

  18. An area I need confidence is in feeling and trusting God does not give a Spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind – soecifically the sound mind part.

  19. I need confidence with not worrying about what other people think and thinking they are upset or mad at me just because of how I perceive their attitude

    1. As a people-pleaser in progress, I can understand how you feel, Ligaya. Just this morning, I had to keep speaking to myself that the one I am living to please is God and that is all I have to concentrate on. We need the Holy Spirit to empower us to walk out that truth.

  20. I need confidence in my social interaction with others. I feel hindered in sharing what God has done in my life due to lack of confidence.

  21. Starting over after 26yrs of marriage. It’s been 3yrs now since he walked out, 2 of it in divorce. Trying to find myself again because he stripped so much of it away over the years with addiction, betrayal, deception, emotional and mental abuse. Even some physical abuse in the early years. Through it all I was there for him. We even had a lot of good years. I wasn’t perfect, but I never abandoned him. When I needed him most, he never stood up to the plate.

  22. She encountered unconditional love and it gave her the confidence to push past rejection. She knew she was wanted and it compelled her to show love in return.

    Love this!

  23. I feel that I need more confidence with my overall self-esteem, how I feel others see me, especially loved ones and people I think highly of.

  24. I have always struggled with low self-esteem. I was a very shy young girl and still have trouble knowing what to say at times. God gave me a Word from a friend that I was the apple of His eye. I have to tell the enemy that all the time. I know God will help me find words to say and realize my worth in Him if I will hide myself in Him.

  25. I have struggled all my life to speak up and share my opinions. As I get older, I see some growth, but I want more confidence in this area. The Lord gave me the word CONFIDENT for 2018. I am looking forward to the adventure.

  26. Nice topic! Perfect love cast out all fear. I John 4:18. When you feel like you have nothing to fear you have confidence. Walking into a group of new people when I am unsureofwhattheirreaction to me will be can sometimes cause my confidence to wane. I talk to myself reminding myself that I am wonderfully made in the image of God.

  27. I need confidence in my decision to lead a women’s small group. I feel so unworthy, probably much like the woman who had lead a sinful life. The devil lies and whispers who are you that anyone would think you worthy to speak into their lives?

    But I know the devil is a liar. And that in my imperfections God’s Love will show through. I just have to get that knowledge from my head to my heart.

  28. As an incest survivor, my whole life has been a daily struggle, keeping me stuck in a rut, constantly going around in circles. At times when I felt confident, the past would rear its ugly head and I would falter and never regain it. I’m just tired of this emotional roller coaster and need help getting beyond it once and for all.

  29. I find myself needing more confidence in my relationship with God . I feel unworthy of his love and forgiveness when I continually fall into a sinful nature even with the simple struggles in life that bombard me daily . I pray for the confidence to be more of an example of the life Jesus Christ wants me to live .

  30. Sometimes in an child’s life things go wrong,you are thrown in the chaos,you love them unconditionally,but we don’t know how to help them.I need prayer and guidance not to make the problem worse.

  31. I am soon to be 55 and my husband of 12 years cheated on me with a younger woman tow years ago. I have struggles with low self-esteem and lack of confidence in myself since. I desperately need help rebuilding my confidence in life.

  32. I need more confidence in my ability to walk with Jesus. More confidence in trusting, having complete faith, and handing things over to him knowing that he is in control.

  33. I need confidence to be a better prayer leader. I am so afraid I will say the wrong thing and lead someone to spiritual destruction instead of spiritual uprising.

  34. I am trying work on being more confident but it just hasn’t worked out today. Through a series of events not of my doing I was crushed this morning. Pray for me me that I will be the woman I want and need to be someday.

  35. i wish i could be more confident in reading the message of Christ in church – i used to be so self loved, however i am now wretched w/so much anxiety until the point i may mess up something i will not even take a chance on doing it – i pray that the lord will give me more confidence to step out in the light of his love ❤️ & help lift the load of my heavy anxiousness –

  36. I don’t feel confident enough when I speak to people about God. I have been prayer walking with a friend in the past month and I have been learning from her how to talk to people I don’t know with confidence. I pray to God to give me boldness and confidence and speak the good news to people that are away from him. Knowing that he loves me makes me feel more confident now.

  37. I need more confidence at being a better person. I’ve changed from what I use to be. I do not let people use me any more and because of this I have less friends. So my confidence is differentiated. I live healthier, but my confidence is low. I need more healthy relationships in my life, but I have no confidence to get them.

    Does this make any sense? Lol

  38. Thank you for your beautiful message this morning ☀️ We as women need to remember the Love Jesus has for each us and take that to other women and Lift Each Other Up instead of letting our insecurities drag and pull others down. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and their abilities;Love each other and embrace the beauty and light. We need to stop look at how God has Blessed us each with Beautiful Gifts that we each have. Have a Bessedd and Wonderful weekend thank you ❤️

  39. Last year i was unexpectedly let go from my job of almost 17yrs and it rocked my world and the confidence I had in myself. I am still struggling to get back that confidence and I am struggling with the fear of trying something new.

  40. Our mind and thoughts have a way of trying to keep us down. Struggling through our days. What an encouragement to place that thought, that love is empowering and gives us confidence. The illustration of the scarlet woman as having confidence through the empowering love she felt through Jesus is a whole new way to view this story. Thank you it’s so encouraging ❤️

  41. I’ll be graduating in May with my BSN in nursing at the age of 20. I certainly am almost always the youngest woman on the floor. I am learning to exude confidence in myself and my abilities to show that I am a competent and amazing nurse, but there can be some days where it can get hard. Gods grace has been enough for me to sustain me each day and I long to receive His grace more and more.

  42. I need more confidence and boldness in attending the women’s groups & Bible studies at my church. I live in a community where “if you didn’t grow up here”, then you are forever an outsider. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is polite….but you will never be accepted to the inner sanctum if you’re not a local or a cousin. I study the Bible on my own, but I desperately want to participate in studies with others (men or women) to bounce ideas off of and glean different perspectives….true brotherly/sisterly fellowship with fellow members of the body of Christ.

    1. Bc of dad’s job, we moved a lot. As young woman, I moved to a community that was very closed to outsiders. I have never felt like I belonged anywhere, a misfit. Finally, many years later, I have found a church where I am family, even though I no longer have DNA family. It has been a long lonely walk.
      I hope you find a place to belong. I know it’s hard, hang on. Things do change. I wish you lived near me, we would welcome you. (Remember when you study without a group, you are not alone. Ask Holy Spirit to come beside you). I realize that you need humans as well. I totally get that. I will pray for you. God bless you.

  43. I’ve had a desire to write to minister to others, a desire I believe is God-given. I also have a talent for writing, an ability that I know is God-given. Despite the fact that I know these things, and I’ve been a Christ-follower for a few decades, I need more confidence to push forward. I need courage and confidence to turn from negative thoughts and inaction to be the woman God desires for me to be.

  44. I am one course away from completing ordination requirements for ministry. I am 55 years and am a little late getting in the game, but am excited to serve Him. Exactly how this will look in the future often causes me pause. I do not want fear or insecurity to hold me back.

  45. I would like to have more confidence making friends. I mother is a drug addict and I have felt rejected from her all my life. I would like to know I can be loved and have good friends!

  46. Good morning,
    I enjoyed this devotional time very much, thank you!!
    I need self confidence in every area of my life it seems. I was sexually, physically, and Emotionally abused by both parents. But mostly my Dad. I have God in my life and go to counseling, but still struggle with having confidence in myself when I ever heard growing up was your not good enough, you never do anything right, or I wish I had a boy instead of you. I wish I could get these voices out of my head but Saten knows when and how to use them.
    I just have to keep reminding myself that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally!!! It is and always will be a working progress. Baby steps!

  47. I was so moved when I read this. I need the confidence with relationships. I always fear rejection in them. Being accepted for me. I have really felt God’s whispers lately in the area of worth so why am I struggling to accept my worth in Christ. Today was a divine moment.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  48. In my career, after being a stay at home mom for over 15 years, God blessed me with the opportunity to return to work part time in a career I love. However, I feel old, tired and just not that smart most days and I am hurting and struggling with am I even cut out to work anymore.

  49. I need more confidence in forming new relationships esp with women at my church. I have been hurt by “Christian women” in the past, so now I find it difficult to trust that won’t happen again.

  50. I’ve been wanting this book so badly!! I am at a change in seasons in life, from career to retirement. I haven’t been feeling good about it…feeling useless, not knowing what to do and where, looking for my new path but feeling lost in the woods. Please help me find my way in this new season of life!!! Thank you Sharon and Lynn for your support and bringing God’s messages daily!!

  51. I would love the confidence to speak about my testimony. I have been through a great deal and I know if would be of use to someone, but I can’t seem to get the confidence to do so.

  52. I need more confidence in asking people to explain something I don’t understand. Most times I just shake my head “yes” that I follow what they are saying, and walk away wondering why I’m not bold enough to ask for clarification.

  53. Thank you for your words of encouragement this morning! I have known what it is like to walk confidently with the knowledge that God loves me. This year I turn 60 and have been approaching the milestone with lots of reflection. Looking back I seem to see where I could have done better, chosen more wisely, loved more diligently, etc. My need now is for confidence that God’s love and grace are big enough to fill in the gaps where I may not have been enough or done enough for those dearest to me. Again, thanks for sharing words of truth!

  54. I need more confidence in witnessing to others and sharing my experiences with God and how He has touched my life and turned it around!

  55. Good morning,
    I have always struggled with confidence ~ battling self doubt, and finding my worth.
    I set lofty goals then kick myself when I cannot reach them!
    I have recently learned an incredible lesson. I am currently battling breast cancer and going thru chemo treatment. In my weakness I am learning to place my burdens on God ~ asking Him to form in me the woman I am meant to be . Because of my pace (I am tired alot) I can focus on God, read scripture and rest in His love.
    I have also experienced the love of my church family in a way I would have never experienced. Being surrounded by my faith family has allowed me to see how much I am loved!


  56. This is an area where I have struggled so deeply- knowing that I am loved- unconditionally by my Father in Heaven- I pray that I will know this sort of confidence that can come only when I realize this love He has for me.

  57. Thank you for sharing this devotional! I was in a high level corporate position and lost my job due to a merger. I have been looking for a job for a while now and decided to go out on my own (with the Holy Spirit) and start a consulting company. I have noticed I have lost the confidence I wonce had and am nervous when I leave the house. Today I will go out in Love and keep that on the forefront of what I’m doing. 😀

  58. I need more confidence in who I say that I know God is and what His promises are, so that when it comes to moving that head ‘knowing’ to my heart and then my feet, I will be able to step out in faith to do what He is calling me to do. God bless!

  59. I have lost a lot of my confidence because of my anxiety and depression that comes from my Fibromyalgia. For the past 6 years things have gotten worse and I struggle daily with my thoughts and emotions. putting my hope and trust in the Lord everyday is my goal but some days it difficult. I need to stop seeing the small picture and look to the big.

  60. The story about the woman from Nain who lost her son, really touched my heart. Having recently lost my only son and child, I wish I had come across Jesus like she did and having him give me my son back. But because of Jesus’s sacrifice, I know my son is resting in peace in heaven.

  61. This sounds like just the courage and confidence I need to learn about. I need confidence in my marriage- my husband always thinks I should do things his way when I want to do them God’s way… I lack self assurance and always have most of my life.

  62. I pray that I can find confidence to speak up at my BSF class. I’m so shy in there! One of the ladies in my class even came up to me today and asked why I am so quiet. I just told her “I’m shy.” Truth is, I don’t think I have as much biblical knowledge as the other ladies. I think what I say will make me look dumb. Deep down, I know those are satan’s lies. Thank you for the chance to win.

  63. I need more confidence in who I am. Honestly I don’t know the real me. I have always changed to be like whomever I was hanging out with. I want people to like me and will do things so they will like me. This has gotten me in trouble a time or two. I love the inscribed series I want to study them all

  64. I just got done telling my husband this week that I have always struggled with not having enough confidence even as far back to when I was a little girl. I remembered standing by the picture window in our kitchen, looking out at all the kids playing outside and felt like I wasn’t good enough to play with them. Who thinks of that when you are 4 or 5 years of age? I did suffer from emotional and psychological abuse from my father until his death at 72 but thankfully I found the Lord at age 24 and never looked back since. Even though I was/am a born again Christian, and know that I have a father in heaven who loves me very much, I still struggle to this day. I know that if my confidence was stronger, my life may have been so much more fulfilling. It held me back from so much. Thank you for this devotional and I will certainly look into Lynn Cowell’s writings and teachings. Nice to know that I am not the only one.

  65. I would love to have this book for my teen daughter. She struggles with her identity in Christ and allows the enemy to defeat her with his lies. She does not have her earthly father in her life and other life struggles have stolen the confidence she once had. I know she would benefit immensely from this Bible Study.

  66. I need the confidence to speak out more boldly about what I believe; to stand firmly behind what the scriptures have to say about all that’s going on in the world today. I feel like so often I’m “preaching to the choir”. I need the confidence to speak as boldly to those who don’t agree and to those who do!

  67. I need to be more confident in believing that I’m just as smart as anyone else is, I quit my job because my coworkers wouldn’t teach me how to process the blood I collected, and since I wasn’t familiar with working on the computer it was difficult for me to comprehend. It intimidated me to the point I just quit. That’s is why I’m scare to try at another job to work in the lab. Just to think I can’t learn send chills. I had a stroke years ago and it takes me longer to comprehend now, than before.

  68. I need more confidence in speaking up in groups. I tend to think that my comments are unimportant so I generally don’t say anything.

  69. Because of a lay off from a good job I was in for 10 years I lost a lot of my confidence. I am in a job now but not happy. I would like to get back in the area I was in before but I need confidence to go forward in finding a better job I can be happy with.

  70. I asked my husband where I needed more confidence & without hesitation he said, ‘with dealing with adults.’ I laughed but have to admit he is right. So I need more confidence in dealing with adults. By the way I am 64 years old. It shouldn’t be a problem, I am usually older than they are but it is sometimes.

  71. I have to let the Lord be my confidence, own my on it never works. And I wonder if Mary of Bethany was a s sinful woman, a prostitute or not, sinful could be a lot of things.

  72. This is my first year homeschooling and I’m lacking confidence that I’m able to do it and I’m looking for my husband to tell me I’m doing a great job when I should be looking to Jesus who called me to do this work.

  73. I need more confidence in myself and the ability to see beyond my mistakes a failures. I’ve allowed them to hold me back for so long, but I refuse to let my fears and mess ups do the same to my daughter. She’s in good shape and I’m still on shaky ground. Please pray for my strength and courage to move beyond my fears

  74. Dear Lynn and Sharon,

    Thank you so much for this devotional which looks at a different facet of this ‘sinful’ woman. I sure would love to have her confidence in anumber of areas, but, right now, teaching stands out. I’ve been teaching off and on part-time for many years, but full-time for the 9th year and find it terribly unrewarding. I’ve had directors who were quick to point out my errors and rarely complimented me, lazy, disrespectful students and absentee parents leaving me wondering where I went wrong. Somehow it was always my fault for not motivating the child, my fault for not differentiating enough, my fault for not communicating enough with the parents (who rarely speak English, since I live and work in China at an international school.) I have worked very hard in education, but I’m always left wondering if I’m really a lousy teacher and I should just quit for lack of support, encouragement and success.

  75. My lack of confidence has been in being accepted by others. Over the years the Lord has helped me to deal with this. I have learned that no one else really is better than who we are. We each have our own baggage. Some people who show they are outwardly more confident tend to be very insecure. I am learning to accept who I am, “a daughter of the King”. I have felt rejection by others a lot. When I really looked at their lives, I saw that they also had struggles and that they really were not any better than me. We are all created uniquely by our Lord and Savior. I also say if one chooses not to be my friend, it is their loss. Thanks for the reminder of how much Jesus loves us and that we receive our confidence from Him..

  76. My lack of confidence has often led me to be a people pleaser. Ironically, the more I try to people please, the more insecure and less confident I end up feeling. I want to be done with people pleasing, insecurity, and lack of confidence. I want to know who I am in Christ and live from that place of being loved and accepted.

  77. I think my whole life needs confidence. I was abused by mother and outsiders. I divorced 2 times, lost my parents, lost a 17 year old has a baby son in jail for 30 years, older son home with a 30 year hit, daughter facing time and I am facing what have I done to deserve this? I don’t feel I can fight anymore cause I was fighting to make everything right. One thing I do know GOD has been with me all the way even being in my homeless times. Can I do it? After all this, I fear to jump out there, and people think I can’t promote myself cause I don’t show it, just tired.

  78. Their home in Newlands Avenue, in King’s Lynn, was described as a party house, where loud amplified music would be played in all hours of the day and night. In a case brought to King’s Lynn Magistrates’ Court by King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council, the court heard how the incidents were first reported in November 2014.

  79. It”sso easy to be a Pharisee and look at other”s sins and think we are doing pretty well. Yuck! And it”s hard to swallow God”s forgiveness of others sometimes, and yet when we stop to think about the ugliness of our sin compared to the beauty and righteousness of the Lord, we realize how much we too need God”s abundant forgiveness. It”s then that we can love others well!

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