Do You Feel Battered and Bruised?

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But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us” (2 Corinthains 4:7 NIV). 

The speaker came out onto the stage. He pulled out a one-hundred dollar bill.

“Who would like this one-hundred dollar bill?” he asked.

Hands shot up all around the room.

Then he crumpled the paper, threw it on the floor and ground the dirt into it with his foot.  Holding up the dirty, crumpled and tattered money, he then asked, “Now, who wants this one-hundred dollar bill?”

The same hands went into the air.

“And that is why God still wants you,” he continued. “You may be battered and bruised. You may be tattered and torn. You may be crumpled and creased. But that does not change your value to God any more than what I have done changes the value of this one-hundred dollar bill.  You are still precious and valuable to the God who chose you, redeemed you, and loves you as His own.”

[tweetherder]“He knows how we are formed; he remembers that we are dust” (Psalm 103:14). God understands that we are fatally flawed creatures, yet deems us immeasurably valuable no matter how crumpled and soiled we are.[/tweetherder]


Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us” (2 Corinthians 4:7). In Paul’s day, it was customary to store treasure in clay jars. The common container disguised its contents and didn’t draw attention to the treasure within. You and I might not look like much on the outside. We may appear as common as jars of clay, but inside are hidden incredible treasures. Inside these old cracked pots reside the most incredible treasure of all…Jesus Christ. And that makes us valuable.

In Louisa May Alcott’s book, Little Women, she includes a conversation from Mrs. March to her three girls, Meg, Jo, and Amy. “I only care what you think of yourself. If you feel your value lies in being merely decorative, I fear that someday you might find yourself believing that’s all you really are. Time erodes all such beauty. But what it cannot diminish is the wonderful workings of your mind – your humor, your kindness, and your moral courage. These are things I so cherish in you.”

Our culture places an ungodly amount of significance on a woman’s appearance. Outward trappings of appearance are simply that…trappings. But God sees us as simple jars of clay containing valuable treasure…and that makes us beautiful to Him.

Let’s Pray

Dear Lord, even though I am battered and bruised, I know that I am still valuable to You. Thank You for loving me so much that You sent Your Son, Jesus, to die for my sins. Thank You for making a way for me to have eternal life through Jesus’ sacrifice. Thank You for seeing me as Your priceless treasure. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

What Do You Think? 

Don’t you love the teacher’s illustration of the crumpled dollar bill? Today, consider using that illustration with a friend or a child who feels knocked down by life.

Did the illustration touch you in a particular way? If so, I’d love to hear about it. You can share your thoughts on my blog page at www.localhost/sjold. I’m going to randomly pick 5 commenters and give away a compact mirror with 2 Corinthians 5:17 imprinted on the cover.

Want More?

Today’s devotion was taken from my book, I’m Not Good Enough and Other Lies Women Tell Themselves. If you feel battered and bruised by life, if you have been believing lies that you are worthless, then join me in learning to see yourself as God sees you – a chosen, valuable, dearly loved child of the King.


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Comments 102

  1. Hi
    Thank you for sharing about the $100 bill, sometimes I feel so crumbled and forget that God is their to smooth my wrinkles and still loves me no matter what I do!!

    1. I live in Chatham and am writing a novel called ,Treasures in Erieau. I was praying for a special scripture about treasures to use for one of my character’s devotion. I had heard about the Hundred-dollar bill before. The story and scripture is exactly what I was looking for. God answered my prayers.

    2. Thank you for this vivid illustration about the $100 bill. It is exactly how I have been feeling. I am in recovery and working my 4th step. Taking a personal inventory. I have been praying for the courage to press on as St. Paul speaks about. I feel so much shame, guilt and remorse. I know God forgives me and I know I must forgive myself somehow.
      This illustration made all things new. I have to see myself through Gods’ eyes, not through the eyes of my disease. I pray to be strengthened after the pain, and to be restored to the person God designed me to be, live out HIS WILL for my life, and dedicate my service to leaning how to love Him and all of his people. May I start to see Him in myself and others. Thank you for sharing this timely Word with us today. Christina

  2. This was such a good word for me! Ever since I was a little girl I felt I was judged by my looks,my sister who was a year younger than me was prettier and had naturally curly hair! I didn’t. 🙁 April 2 is my 59th birthday,and I still struggle not to judge myself by my looks. I thank my LORD that He looks in my heart and loves me just as I am!! Thank you,Sharon for being such a blessing!!

  3. This was so encouraging for me to read this morning, especially after just awaking, looking in the mirror, and not so much liking what was looking back at me! It is a necessary reminder of how much God loves me and truly has treasure inside me, regardless of my outward appearance.
    I have a young niece who is outwardly very pretty, but she does not think so. I know she is searching for worth and value. She recently has gotten into liking tatoos and has 2 and wants more. I am praying for her, that she will find the love she needs in Jesus Christ and give her heart to him. I pray she someday understands how valuable she is to God just the way she is, and if she walks with him, he has bright future for her.
    The illustration of the $100 bill is so good, and it is something I plan to share with my niece. Thanks.

  4. When I read today’s meditation, I was reminded of the Dead sea scrolls found in side clay jars at Qumran caves. God gave me the opportunity to visit these special place recently.Now they are preserving these scrolls in a earthquake & bomb proof building!!!!


  5. This touched me! I am suffering from major depression right now, and I feel crumpled and dirty like the money under the speakers shoe. I read GIG and daily I am reminded of some biblical truth to help pull me out of this pit. I know that I am purely a jar of clay and the inside is what counts.
    Thank you for reminding me of the truths and values from this amazing book!

  6. I have felt battered and bruised most of my life….but am slowly learning to see my value through God’s eyes. I love the analogy of the hundred-dollar-bill…will definitely use that for myself and for my daughters if they should ever begin to feel that way. Thank you and God Bless!

  7. Thanks for this post, Sharon! I love the imagery of having treasure in jars of clay. God’s spirit is our treasure and it’s important to remember that apart from Him, we really have no righteousness of our own. It’s easy to think we have to do things ourselves or achieve results on our own strength. But God’s treasure is inside of us and He wants to work through us.

    Also, in our culture, it’s common to want to show off one’s treasure. However, God’s treasure is not meant to flaunted; it’s good to follow Jesus’ example on this one. True treasure is meant to be hidden and kept safe until an opportune time as dictated by the Lord. And when it is finally revealed, it will be God’s glory instead of ours.

  8. You are SO right. Our world puts so much value in appearance, while Scripture says that God looks at the heart! Loved this post!

  9. Today’s devotion reminded me of how precious and valuable I am to God whether I’ve been crumpled or ruffled up by life and the cares of this world or not. He loves me no matter what and I am valuable to him. Thanks for the timely reminder today that I am still the daughter of the King!

  10. I’ve spent a lot of money of products that are supposed to keep me from looking older. Using John Orthberg’s words that this will only someday make me very expensive worm food. I’m so glad God created me the way He did and that he looks at the inside and does not care that I may get a little wrinkly on the outside. If He likes my insides that’s good enough for me.

  11. It is amazing how God works in each of our lives, I have always struggled with the way that I look, from a teenager to present day, all because of a comment that my father made years ago. I believe that I am an attractive woman on the outside, but I never really knew how important it was to be beautiful on the inside as well, I have been telling both of my children for years “regardless of how pretty/handsome you are on the outside, if your insides do not match what shows you can and will become the ugliest person to ever walk.” God knew that with my struggle and baring two wonderful and very attractive children that I would be able to relate and share experiences with them to help prepare them for what’s to come.

    Thank you.

  12. As a teacher in the public school system, I deal with kids everyday who are broken and battered. They are even abandoned and abused by there own parents, those who should love them. When talking with these kids I tell them I know someone who loves them. I have to be very careful when talking about God, but I know that our school systems are lost because God has been removed and the suffering kids could have encouragement if we would only counsel about the love of God.

  13. I wish I would have had this devo when my daughter was in high school. Even now she tends to doubt herself due to that period in her life. She is a beautiful young woman and I look forward to the day her self confidence is restored! Thank you for a great devo!

  14. Sharon,
    I love the illustration of the crumpled bill. Really hits home that even if we aren’t perfect God loves us. I know that holds true for me. Over 13 years ago i suffered from Eating Disorders that almost killed me. I begged God to just let me be done. But he kept beside me and loved me even though I was terrible to my body. He showed me that he still loves me regardless. While I don’t suffer from an eating disorder anymore, I still so value that God loves me for who I am on the inside in my heart and mind. GIG posts have been a God send to me. It really is helping me feel more in touch with God and other women. Thank you for all that you do and most of all for just being you!

  15. Just last night I was reading from Matthew chapter 6 to my son who is always concerned with how he looks. I was trying to help him understand how God sees him as a perfect little boy and that He is the one he should be trying to impress. The illustration of the $100 will be helpful to further our discussion and help him understand that his heart is what really matters, not how he looks.

  16. Sharon, thank you for shareing that illustration. I found appropriate for me but more for my clients. I work with a very sensitive population(males on Probation for criminal offenses related to substance use). In individual sessions we often talk about shame and guilt that have been committed against family. I have experienced the best time to get this populations attention is when GOD has them in this particular “holding pattern”.
    The illustration in this mornig(3/24/13) devotion using the $100 bill is so right on it. The illustration allow us to demonstrate “the unconditional love of our GOD”. Once more thank you for your love of GOD and HIS people by sharing yourf gift of writing.
    Thanks for being my GIG!!

  17. Hello Sharon!
    I wanted to share how your devotional today not only blessed me but it has confirmed a scripture that I have shared with women at my church during our monthly breakfast. I was able to share a wonderful DVD with the ladies where Dr. Tony Evans shared profound expository preaching on 2 Cor. 4: 7-18. And here today, you too shared a verse from this portion of scripture. Earlier in the year, either you, or one of the other two ladies shared a wonderful devotional on this same passage of scripture. The next day, a devotional by Dr. David Jeremiah shared a devotional on the same passage! I knew I had to share this passage of scripture with the ladies of my church.The title of the breakfast theme was Treasures Found in the Darkness. Now more specifically, recently a woman came forward during the invitation my husband/pastor extended, not to accept Christ but to finally (as she put it) to become a member of our church. Her husband and two children had previously joined our branch of worship. She explained to me how she wanted to come so very badly BUT she feared one thing! She feared the stares and looks she received daily from others due to a worsening condition called vitiligo. She is losing pigment color in her skin. It is obvious that it is worsening. She has previously attended our worship service but simply could not bring herself to join until two weeks ago. When I extended a warm hug with her, her eyes cried out in pain, “How am am I going to add another PLACE…another TIME when people will stare at me causing me to feel so much pain and shame?!” I told her I would walk with her through all of this knowing I would need to seek the Lord for his help. So today, I believe your devotional will help me support her. Our church is predominantly African American (as I am) and so is this woman. It makes her look even more noticeable. I realize how important it will be to build her up internally to help her not focus as much…so much on her external beauty. Thank you for sharing this devotional. My support group has started! smile

    Connie Williams

  18. Thanks Sharon! I loved the devotional – it reminds me that God loves me no matter what I’ve done. I often condemn myself for past transgressions as a form of self-punishment although I know God has forgiven me. Still learning to let go!

  19. Thank you so much for this illustration. I have two foster girls that are 9 and 7 years old and my nephew who is 9. They have had so many insecurities about themselves and I am going to use this in there devotion tonight. Thank you so much!!

  20. Hi Sharon
    Thanks for reminding me about the $100 bill illustration. I have been blessed working with women in many counties and have used this illustration a number of times and have seen hands go up also! It is such a good reminder of the value that God sees in each of us. Even women with a good amount of God given self esteem sometime need to be be reminded how much God loves them. Today is one of those days for me. Thanks for reminding me of that today!
    Blessings, Jewel

  21. Sharon,

    What a wonderful illustration! I don’t think I really understood that verse of Scripture before…God’s Word is truly alive and active. Thank you!


  22. God bless you, Connie, as you continue to reach out and be Christ’s arms to this sweet sister in your church! This devotional brought to mind my shy, young adult son who has not left the house without a hat on since he has been experiencing early onset male pattern baldness. If only he could see that he is worth so much more than the item that he believes defines him. Thank you, Sharon, for sharing this scripture. I will share it with him and continue to pray that he will soon understand just who he is in Christ!

  23. I love this devotional this morning it really shows how much God loves us no matter how we look or what we done in our past. All my life I had low self esteem because I never felt beautiful because I grew up having curvature of the spine. Kids in school made fun of me all the time, threw spit wads at me, all because I was funny looking to them. As I, grew older to being a adult I still had low self esteem. I started drinking, smoking,took drugs, ran around with I thought were the cool people at that time. For awhile I felt accepted, but that did’t last long I started feeling miserable, long story short my Mom prayed for me she was a very godly woman she always wanted me to accept the Lord in my heart, as I was growing up. However, never did until one day I did. I still had low self esteem that I dealt with because at that time I met a man in church who said he was a born again Christian but wasn’t he turned out to be fake that didn’t help matters much. We divorced, I got away from the Lord went back to my old life for awhile. Which was a very wrong choice. Well I’m now back with the Lord and really been in his word the more I study and read his word the more I love the Lord, and I thank God after all this time I’m so much happier in my life than ever before. I know now that I’am valuable, and beautiful inside and out. Sure I still have my crooked back its even much much worse I even have breathing problems now, but praise God he loves me sooo much he looks all pass that and accepts me who I’am. He is the one that made me he knew all my struggles way before I was even born. It just took me a long time to figure that out. Praise God !!! I will be in heaven someday, and have a new body, and have eternal life for ever and ever…..

    1. I too have curvature of the spine (scoliosis). I wore a brace as a teenager, which caused many people to make fun of me. My close friends were there for me, but I was taunted by others. Now I realize that they just didn’t understand the situation, but it hurt anyway. As an adult, I have had multiple back surgeries, yet I still have problems, both physical and emotional. My relationship with Jesus has been a comfort to me, yet at times I still just want to “look normal.” This reading using the $100 bill, both new and crumpled, was a good reminder to me of my worth in God’s eyes. I need to keep my focus on Him, and His goodness. He loves me from the inside out! Thanks be to God!

  24. Thank you for sharing. I will be thinking about this all day. I have always struggled w my looks. People (family) tell me I’m beautiful but then I look in a mirror and wonder what they see!!!???? I have friends who are so beautiful inside and out and don’t care what people think. When I look in the mirror I see a life of wrinkles and I’m not even old lol. But I know God made me how HE wanted me. HE Designed me and that’s what I hold on too! I will use this will my kids. Bc I have a teenager who is dealing w whatever everyone else has, wants etc. I love the passage from the book you posted too! I made a copy of it! Buy I have been teaching my kids, only matters what you show in your heart!

  25. God has been pulling at me for a while now and this devotion help push me in the right direction. Thank you for being obedient and writing this.
    I’ve fallen away from God, turned my life upside down. I haven’t had peace in about a year. I stopped going to church, and I’m getting a divorce. The last few months I’ve seen the person I once was resurfacing, and satan reminding me daily what an unloving miserable person I was. Tempting me with all the things I once found pleasure in that had been destroying me. I reached out to a friend, and asked her to pray for me, she told me God never stops loving me no matter what I do, He’s always there with open arms. I couldn’t believe He would want me back in this condition. I used to to so much in the church out of love for Him. Now I rarely pray. I get GIG in my emails daily I usually delete them, I didn’t want to be reminded of a life I once had, I was happy and content. But today I stopped and thought I wonder if God wants to tell me something today. Man, He never ceases to amaze me. It was loud and clear. I still cant believe such a wonderful God would want ME to love Him. as battered, bruised and filthy as I have become. But I stopped and prayed for his love and forgiveness. I feel like I’m headed back to that path he had me on. Its going to be a struggle without my husband and Godly friends I once had, but I will keep on. I know its a better life than I’m living now. Thank you again for your ministry.

  26. This reading has touched my heart as none other in a very long time. Many times I find myself focusing on what others see when they look at me instead of thinking how God looks at me, on the inside. I needed this reminder that it is not what I look like that matters, but rather what is inside me, my character, my devotion to my Lord, how I treat others, and my love for Him. I am more than what I appear, just as the $100 bill is more than it’s crumpled looks. Thanks be to God that He sees the real me. And thanks to you, Sharon, for the reminder.

  27. I used this same quote from little women for my adopeted son in a letter when he was leaving home after graduation from high school. He had made some big mistakes and was not feeling good about himself. He is a beautiful boy on the outside but his heart was punctured with holes that could only be filled with the fullness of Christ. I did not share where I had found the quote but I think each one of us has the pressure from the outside world that appearance is what matters when each one of us feels unworthy and of little value during our journey in this life. I must admit that I feel used up and crumpled most days and it is hard to fathum that God loves me” just as I am”. I love that song from old and maybe need to re sing it each morning.
    “Just as I am tho tossed about with many a conflict , with many a doubt. Fightings fears with in and without, Oh Lamb of God I come, I come”. Just as I am, Thoug wilt recieve, Wilt welcome, pardon, clense, recieve. Because Thy promise I believe, Oh Lamb of God, I come, I COME!
    ……..Thank you for reminding me and bringing this sweet quote to mind.
    Under the Mercy,

  28. I love this Bible study. I’m going to use it at a girl’s academy where we go and have Bible studies every Wed. night. Thank you. I’ll be using your info. in the future.

  29. Hi Sharon,
    I just want to thank you for reminding me of that story, I truly needed that. I must say I can relate to that phenomenal illustration, because of all the the trials and tribulations that I have been experiencing in life, especially the last 7yrs. I feel bruised, beaten, tired and broken. Today I just want to thank God for women like you, who chooses everyday to encourage others. I am grateful to God for loving me so much and I know and stand on the word of God in Jeremiah 29:11. I know a better day is coming, glory be to the name of Jesus.

  30. This example reminded me of your post on 3/11/13! The devil tries to accuse us, but we must remember we are redeemed and priceless to God. Everyday I have to remind myself of this-that I am His workmanship and not allowing the lies to supersede His peace that only He can provide! As a college student, this can be hard to remember when so much hurt and trouble surrounds. I want to be a light, so thanks for this example- I am sharing it with others! I really would love for my counterparts to know just how valuable they are to God and to start walking in that!

  31. Dear Sharon,

    Thanks so much for this reminder. I still struggle with the effects of sexual molestation and being used and thrown away by many men. I have just been crying out to God, asking him if he really cares that I am struggling emotionally and financially, that I am lonely and if he really knows who I am. I needed this reminder as I start my day at work.

  32. Hi Sharon, Even more than the $1 bill example, I took great encouragement from the quote from Little Women. I work in the corporate world, and the world puts so much value in the outward appearance that it is so easy to get caught up in that in so many ways. Trying to keep up appearances so I feel just as valuable has been exhausting! But as the quote says, that is not what has lasting value. As women, we can also apply the worldly principles to others and miss someone of true value due to our own sinful, blinded eyes. Thank you!

  33. Thank you for sharing this illustration. None of would deny the value of a filthy crumpled.$100 bill. I dare say if we saw a dirty $1 we would pick it up. Yet so many who realize the filth of sin in our lives cannot imagine how a Holy Father could find any value in us.And even worse is how some look at others in sin and do not value them enough to tell them they are of great value to God. I have always loved the passage about the Treasure in jars of clay. No mattter how far we have come or how much we do for the Lord. It will never be us. It is Christ in us that is the treasure. When we are born again.we become daughters of The King. Praise God!

  34. Sharon,

    Thank you for sharing this! God obviously wants me to hear this message. I read the same illustration and the same scripture yesterday on another site online after seeking out encouragement. The previous year has left me beaten and bruised completely. I experienced a traumatic circumstance that left me with unanswered questions, nightmares, and feelings of complete abandonment. Even in my feelings of grief, however, God keeps coming through faithfully with constant reminders of His love and provision. All that I can do is hold steadfast to the promise that He works out all things for my good and His glory, and although I feel beaten on the outside, I hope and pray He is rebuilding me with His spirit on the inside. Thank you so much for this illustration and wonderful reminder!

  35. Thank you for such a beautiful devotional. I suffer from recurring clinical depression so it’s often that I feel ugly and unlovable . It’s hard to imagine anything beautiful on the inside but I know that God sees things that I can’t and don’t and that is what really matters.

    He gives me such peace and joy no matter what I think. He also helps me to rise up out of the pit and love myself.

  36. Sharon,
    This is a beautiful illustration. The first time I heard
    it my husband used it in a sermon and I thought WOW,
    no more can we use, I’m not good enough or I’m just
    no good, cause no matter what we have done or what’s
    been done to us, in God’s eyes we are still a treasure.

    Thank you Lord for your love.

  37. Sharon,
    Thank you so much for letting God use you in my life this morning. I work at a middle school and I am in a study hall, and trying to fight back the tears. I can’t tell you how many times that God has sent a “love note” to me through you, or Gwen or Mary. I have been struggling with knowing God loves me and really accepting it. I guess I know it in my head, but not down in my heart completely. It is amazing how our relationship with our earthly father affects our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Mine was not a postive one.
    I have also been doing Sudden Glory study and have so appreciated it, and God and I continue to work through those areas. Thank you so much for being transparent with us and for sharing yourself with us, along with Gwen and Mary. May God continue to bless your ministry. Thanks Sharon.

  38. Blessings Sharon, I am a youth leader at our church & I see &
    hear our youth beat themselves down with “stinking thinking”
    Or “thought cussing” all the time. This is a great visual for all
    Who see no value in themselves & add on the all the trials,
    tribulations, & trampling of past, present & day to day, right. (:
    Our Father in heaven LOVES us unconditionally! I love my Savior
    Jesus! God is the only one who could ever bless me with such a
    Superman of a big brother! Amen!

    Peace be with you
    Mimi <3

  39. I just received an email from a very dear friend that started with waitron & weary. She is dealing with so much right now and need so much encouragement. Thank you for this devotion…it was so timely! God bless

  40. Sharon,

    This is a wonderful illustration and reminder of our worth as daughters of the King. God has given me an opportunity to share words of encouragement with women off all ages through workshops. I plan to incorporate the $100 bill demonstration to hit home the truth that God loves us and our worth is not diminished by the trials and struggles of life. Thanks for sharing this encouraging word with us.

    God bless.

  41. Sharon, this is such a wonderful reminder of how our Heavenly Father values us, His beloved. We may feel as though we are shattered pieces of glass; however, The Lord takes those pieces of glass and creates a beautiful mosaic. Therefore, we can celebrate and know the truth of Romans 8:28. Again, thank you for yet another reminder of His divine love. – Alonna

  42. Thanks for a wonderful devotional. In my younger years I felt battered and unworthy to a great extent! I’ve forwarded this link to my women friends.

  43. Reading this has helped to strengthen me as today began as a tough one for me. Having recently been diagnosed with a hellish, life changing condition, I often find myself doubting whether or not God truly loves me. As “creased” and “crumpled” as the $100.00 bill, these valuable words have touched my soul and helped to sooth the hurt raging inside of me. ….

  44. Thank you for this story. The illustration is awesome. So many women, young women and girls would benefit from this. I have 2 daughters and I hope they’ll always see their own value and see themselves as daughters of the King, redeemed, loved and forgiven. Thank you again, so much, for all your blogs. I look forward to them and share them with my girlfriends!

  45. I have been feeling very battered and bruised by life, wondering how I am worthy of anything. This was much needed today! I have tried to raise my children to value themselves, but I was not following the same.

  46. Yes Sharon it did have an impact on me today. When I think of raising my children in this fallen world, I think about how they learn to perceive people and the value of things. Many times I have caught them turning their nose up at something because it wasn’t new or perfect. Where did they learn this? I do know that some of it comes from my husband who does tend to turn his nose up at certain things. I’m not innocent either, I’ve done it from time to time. however, I’ve been used and abused and the feeling go deep. I’m hopefully teaching my boys that everyone has the same value in life no matter who you are. It’s your special gifts and how you use them that makes the difference of how valuable something or someone may appear. In the end it’s God who matters.
    I’m sure glad God has chosen me, but I don’t think I am any more valuable than anyone else.
    Thank you Lord.

  47. I have been following and reading all that is posted to my wife and female friends along with my mom. I am not a woman but do get your message in my email. My wife does not read English but I LOVE to share what I read. This message has the perfect idea of self-worth. That God loves us as we are. Thank you for the opportunity to write you. May the Lord keep blessing you and All that put their work in this.

  48. I really needed this today. Not that I feel battered and bruised, more that I am profoundly sad about my parents’ frailty and memory loss and I feel trapped by elder care burdens that squeeze my “normal” life into a dangerously small jar. Stress blinds me to my needs, plus I’m not good at asking for help. Reading in your post a reminder that God cherishes me has helped me see value in respecting my limits and admitting them to loved ones. Furthermore, I love the expression “moral courage” from the Alcott quote. It’s affirming at a very deep level. Thank you.

    Along the lines of outer beauty vs. inner beauty, have you read Rosalie de Rosset’s book Unseduced and Unshaken: The Place of Dignity in a Young Woman’s Choices? I just finished it and highly recommend it.

  49. After reading today’s message, I am love with the fact that God value me more than man. I am might be brusided and look like a hot mess but still God wants me. I am might be ugly and not wanted but God sees the beauty in me and he still wants me. I am treasure in God’s eyes and I am very valuable to him and it just pure to know how much I value to God and how much not matter my situations, He STILL Wants me.! Just too excited to know my worth in the Lord.

  50. This morning I was asking God for an illustration to show women who are attending an upcoming encounter. My teaching is “Made in his image – Breaking free from the root spirit of Rejection” and a portion of the teaching includes my testimony of feeling like I was damaged goods. I would think I could of had great potential had I not been through A-Z but since I was damaged goods I was just unable to do or be a woman of great worth. This crumbled 100 dollar bill is the perfect illustrtation even though we have been through what we have been through we still have Great Worth !! God has perfect timing, thank you for sharing this illutration, it will be a blessing for many women.

  51. This illustration help me to see myself more clearly the way that God sees me on the inside. My desire is to realize the beauty that I need to have on the inside and let it be a shining light to a lost and dying world of the amazing Heavenly Father that I have. And not just to the lost but to those that know him as well. Thank you Sharon, for this illustration.

  52. The illustration thought ne that its not about my physical appearance or my emotional disposition, but the Christ in me who is the greatest treasure that remains unchanged despite my crumbled nature.

  53. Thanks Sharon for sharing this message. As a person who suffered from low self-esteem from being called ugly throughout some of my life. I did not think at all I was able to be loved. I have been praying to God for confidence and asking him to not let me depend so much on my physically appearance. I want to love myself on the inside and be a good person on the inside. Thanks for this devotional.

  54. Hi Sharon!

    I absolutely love the illustration because just like when Jesus used parables, these stick in our minds longer than just words. So thanks for the AWESOME visual.

    Back in 2011 I spent 5 months in a rehab and eventually I became secretary of our Thursday night candlelight women’s meetings. When I first took over the duties we just had these drab tall red candles with nothing much to them. I’ve always loved the look of mosaic glass so over time I began collecting the hurricane lamps, candle holders and so on. It wasn’t long before I replaced those drab red candles with some mosaic flair. Then I felt God say to me one day…just like the beauty of mosaic glass I take all your broken, fragmented pieces and make something beautiful. I shared this with the women of the meeting and many of them thanked me like I’m thanking you for the visual.

    The enemy has been successful at making us believe His lies…but the LORD is sooo good…He is STILL giving us parables through each other. Thanks again Ms. Sharon!

  55. This devotion touched me in a number of ways. First, I have been struggling with my physical body with disease I suffer from and it causes me to struggle whether or not I can complete my homemaker duties and be a good wife and mother. The Lord has been revealing to me through study of His word and encouragement from others that I should take delight in all that I do for His glory and realize that no matter how battered or bruised in sin I’m in He is always there to forgive me and help me. This devotion today was just what I needed at a time like this. Thanks so much Sharon!

  56. Thanks so much for this devotional, sometimes when I sin I see myself as no longer worthy, its encouraging to be reminded that God considers me a value and my worth is in Him.

  57. Blessings Sharon. Thanks for the illustration. It’s good to be reminded that no matter waht we are going through or how we feel about ourselves our value in God’s eyes does not change and that his love does not change either.

  58. I love the simplicity of this message. I love how easily it speaks to my heart, to all of our hearts. I love how this is a reminder to me that simplicity is all the gospel is! It really is simple, and if we allow it to be beautifully simple and fill us with love we will be happy! Thank you for this beautiful and simple reminder <3

  59. Over this past weekend a series of events built up that just cracked me last night and brought me to my knees crying out to God. Ironically, the problem was that of feeling unloved all weekend by that of people that I thought were supposed to love me-my best friends, my boyfriend, my family. I was exhausted and tired and just wanted to go to bed so I prayed and asked God for a peaceful sleep and that I would wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and most importantly LOVED by a God that is more powerful and important than all those other people in my life. I opened my email this morning and here it is!! Encouraging words reminding me how much our Savior loves ME. It couldnt come at a more perfect time. I am so thankful for these words, thank you so much for this devotional today 🙂

  60. I was just listening to “Beautiful” by Mercyme and was thinking about how it is so hard for me to accept myself and feel as “beautiful” as God sees me. I always think of my childrens self-worth and how they should see themselves as our Lord and Savior does, and here I am feeling ” battered and bruised.” I then read your article! I was sexually abused, and anybody who has been abused knows the scar that abuse leaves. I have had eating disorders and have dealt with addiction. I now know that nothing can fill me more than Christ. I will always have those thoughts, I just need to always turn to my Savior! I have a child who was abused (am raising my relatives children…who are now proudly mine!). I will be sharing this with them. What a great illustration to get children to understand…and me!! What a blessing! Thank you!

  61. Today’s message was very encouraging. I think all women have days (or lifetimes) where they feel down but this story can bring them up so quickly. I am worth it!

  62. Beautiful, Just plain Beautiful. I lost my husband a year ago. And I started drinking. I am a Christian. Saved, Santified, and Holy Ghost filled. Attend church on a regular basis. But did not feel connected to God. And still had this drinking problem. Just beating myself up. But as I read this message it caused me to shake myself and say daughter get yourself up out of this mess and come back spiritually to God. Oh I know that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me, but it seemed that my strength had left me. But it was a Lie from the Pit of Hell. No matter what God still wants me and Loves me. This was so encouraging. Thank You.

  63. Yes, every so often I feel like no one loves me, I know for a fact that God is there, however I feel sometimes like he has forgotten about me. Today I felt like that crumpled dollar bill, except that without value. But God showed me that no matter what my problems are, I am still worthy of his Love. I closed my eyes and felt his precense telling me I am right here, rest in me and I did. I had never responded to anything and today I felt I had to put my feelings out there. Thanks Sharon for such a Blessing.

  64. Dearest Sharon, Thank you for this very important devotion. I can relate to the hundred dollar bill. My life growing up from a young girl was filled lots of rejection and feelings of unworthiness. God has brought me along way with His healing and constant love in my life. Yesterday was my 34th Spiritual Birthday, as I was saved on Palm Sunday 1979. God used the Psalms and my experience in the church choir to bring much healing to my broken life. In 1991 God used a 2month stay in a mental hospital as part of my healing. While in Charter Hospital I still shared Jesus with the patients. Thank you for your ministry Sharon. God Bless you. Katie Ogdetn. Ventura, Calif.

  65. After been through this message, i now believed that, knowing christ, is not by fashion in christ. putting up the best dress , shoes and jewerys e.t.c. buoght i understood that,being less-fashioned, putting up all the armord of GOD it make us more priceful in the sight of the lord

  66. As soon as I started reading I knew this was God speaking to me. I’m 37 weeks pregnant with fifth child and feel fat, ugly, and with no purpose. I look in the mirror sometimes and think “I’m so ugly full of acne and fat, I wouldn’t blame if my husband cheated on me!” I know that what the devil wsnts me to believe and, to be honest, he’s winning. 🙁 thanks for reminding me that God looks at my heart and not my appearance..

  67. Hi Sharon

    This reminds me of a picture God gave me for a friend who is struggling with many issues. The picture God gave me was of a shiny penny which has been dropped from a pocket into the mud.. trampled on and buried in mud – caked in mud, and hardly recognisable! But God found it and picked it up, cleaned it, washed it and polished it untl it shone once more. Then he used it as it had been intended. Full of worth once again. I was blown over by the picture as I gave it to her and as we cried together. But wow, what if that were a $100 bill! I’ll be giving her this devotion as I continue to pray and show her love everyweek as Jesus leads me. Thank you for your encouragement for so many ladies.

  68. Your illustration used for $100 bill really made me think of God’s wonderful unconditional love. This is illustration that I will definitely borrow for teaching the young women at my church on God’s love. Showing that God sees our value when no else does. Thank you for sharing a perfect story. I pray for you and your family as you continue to allow God’s words to flow from you.

  69. I have been bruised and battered.
    I felt it didn’t belong to my family. I was told my parents could not look after me and asked if my parents would look after me. I was
    Set my adoption was a secret.. I was also glad also told that they had me.
    I grew up in a warm loving family. I felt there was a missing piece between my families. I was angry and bitter. I asked mom at 30 who they were. No help from mom. I looked on my own. It hurt. I ask again and mom wouldn’t tell me. It turned out to be an aunt and uncle my parents. I realized i did belong. I had to forgive those who had caused me hurt. I had believed lies about who I was and had to ask God to forgive me for believing I didn’t belong. He touched my brokeness and I realize I am a daughter of the king of kings.

  70. I memorized this scripture several months ago and before that I could not recall ever reading it. Over the past 10 years have I gone through so much with health and family issues and I just wondered why is all of this happening to me. And it wasn’t until I read this scripture, that I realized that sometimes our vessels become cracked or broken and it not until that happens that others can see the beauty which comes through God sustaining us and helping us to understand that it’s not about what’s on the outside but who dwells on the inside. Once we come into that realization we are able to share our experiences with others giving them hope and the strength to just hold on!

  71. I sincerely and honestly agree with your sermon today. Is there a way that we cannot be bruised along the way? Is there any other way not to feel let down some times in our lives? To feel defeated and to have the inner strength to stand tall all over again? Life is such as through the good and bad, GOD makes us even better. Through molding, remolding and more remolding. Yes, we learn and HE is there with us. AMEN! Yes, GOD is good all the times and all the times, GOD is good.

    I love your message, Sharon. Keep writing. You are indeed very inspiring.

    Thank you.

  72. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for reminding me that I am beautiful to God even with all the crumples that life has given to me. I am dealing with some childhood issues that have come back to haunt me and now I don’t even know who I am. Thanks for reminding me that I am loved just as I am.

  73. I so look forward everyday reading your messages! This was a great onject lesson with the 100 Bill! Thank you so much for blessing me!

  74. yes my lfe has been full of sins, stuggles and ups and downs but God has always been there through it all. Thank you for the reminder that no matter what we go trough in life we are one of God’s children and He loves us all.

  75. Sharon,

    Thank you for reminding us of how much God values each one of His children and how amazing is His handiwork ! Praise the Lord, we are children of the King!

  76. So glad I read this. After an argument with my husband yesterday about the way he treats me I am so thankful to have a God that values me and treasures me. We need these reminders as Paul tells us in Romans chapter 15. I know we live in a fallen world and I can’t expect to get my feelings of worth from my husband, that can only come from my loving Father. My spouse lets me down but mt Father never will. Thank you for the post.

  77. Thank you for this it was on time more than you know. I have spent my whole life looking at the bruises an the dirt of what I am instead of seeing myself through God’s eyes. Got revelation at church yesterday that My steamboat focus on Jesus and focused on my problems, thanks again for sharing.

  78. Tthank you for such an encouraging word. I have seen the $100 bill illustration before, but we all need to be reminded of our value. We are more than the sum of our parts. When the world tares us down, God builds us up.

  79. Thank you I have to remind my self of this . The devil keeps trying to tell me lies and that Ive sin and done sins that are unforgiven. I know that I am just Satan’s tool of making us feel we are dirty in Gods eyes

  80. Miss Jaynes, thank you so much for the devotion you’ve written. I am 17 years old and I am often looked down on, misunderstood and pushed away. I am in a period of harsh difficulties, but God showed me that He is doing a new thing in me and it is all part of His amazing plan for my life. When I read your devotion I couldn’t help but cry. It came right on time! Right when I was battered and bruised. It’s such a relief God loves me that much and is willing to bless me abundantly. I’m happy again and know that God is using your ministry to touch lives because it touched mines.

    Blessings xx <3

  81. My friend read me this devotional to me on the phone last night and I was feeling emotionally spent because of a persistent dry cough and not feeling good about myself-; getting tired of life happening. When I heard the bit about being valued it reminded me about how treasured I was and am to God. My friends voice conveyed concern for me as she read this and I understood that I was and am of great value! It certainly boosted my feelings of self worth! Praise God for His timing in this

  82. What a wonderful reminder that God loves me no matter what I look like, over weight, over 50, struggling everyday, but He still loves me even if it feels like the world doesn’t. And He is all that matters! Thank God for other Christian women to lift us up when we need it most. God is so good, all the time!

  83. Oh how I needed this today. Life has such a way of using you up and making you feel tattered and torn. Thank God for His Word. Thank you for your ministry…

  84. I am such a visual person and this is such a powerful visual. I have several people I am mentoring that I want to share this with. I also am digging deeper into my past abuse to heal the issues that still effect me today & I’m close to 60. Thank you for sharing this & I thank the Lord for leading my eyes to read it today.

  85. Sharon,
    Thank you so much for sharing the Devotion of feeling battered and bruised. I’ve never really felt like I’m worth anything. Knowing that God will always be there for me when I’m knocked down into the dirt, bruised and battered, it’s just amazing. God is one powerful God! Thank you again!


  86. thank you for your words of encoragment for the ladies of all ages.lifts us up to recieve the truth that God really loves us,even with all our problems we must always seek his words of truth to lead us and guide us.

  87. thanks. but I believe I’ll always be a looser. it has been instilled in me since I was very young. If I was a boy I would of been someone or if I was this that or the other thing….Just can’t get those words out of my head. Now I have stage 4 cancer and just want to give up. can’t take much anymore. But down deep I know God loves me and I guess that counts for something

  88. Its so hard to value yourself when all of life crumbles down on you. I read the devotional but I just can’t find myself to believe that I am valuable. I blame myself for all my mess and just can’t find the right solutions to help myself change for the best.

  89. I thank God so much for your life. The illustration is great and i have been really blessed and challenged by it. I now see my self in a new perspective. I now believe that am valuable to God.

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