Celebrating Good Moments Even on Bad Days

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Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back once in a while! Yesterday I had a devotion over at Proverbs 31 Ministries. I thought you might enjoy it too. 

It was a long day with a longer to-do list. I was chipping away at it but running out of emotional and physical steam. What I needed was a large sweet tea. But as I pulled through the restaurant drive through, I heard the flapping noise of a flat tire.

I turned into a parking space and called for roadside assistance. Then, I opened a book, unwrapped my straw and took a sip of tea.

An hour later, a nice man showed up to change my tire. Two later, I headed home. Now, this might not sound like a very exciting story to you, but for me, it was a small victory.

Here’s what I didn’t do. I didn’t cry, fuss at God or fall apart because the air in my schedule leaked out with the air in my tire.

And that, my friend, was reason to celebrate!

My default mode would have been to do all three: cry, fuss at God and fall apart. Then, I’d go home in a bad mood for my husband to endure. But not that day. So, I celebrated that one good moment of a bad day when I responded well.

Driving back home and thinking about this one small attitudinal victory, I thought about a passage in the Bible. In 1 Samuel 14, King Saul and his men were battling the Philistines. The king’s son, Jonathan, and his armor bearer left 600 soldiers relaxing under a pomegranate tree and went up to face their enemies alone. The duo killed about 20 men in an area of about a half an acre. Then God threw the Philistines into confusion, and they started killing each other.

It was a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. Rather than celebrate the win, King Saul made a decree that the men couldn’t eat until they achieved total victory. Total. All the enemies destroyed.

Jonathan didn’t get the memo about the moratorium on food. And as the army walked through the woods, he dipped his staff in a honeycomb and had a sweet treat. His eyes brightened, and he was refreshed. The other men were weak from hunger and in no condition to fight.

Jonathan’s father, King Saul, was furious. He almost killed the boy—almost lost the war. Clearly, Saul was not a wise king.

Oh, friend, too many of us are waiting until we have total victory in our lives before we celebrate. We wait for perfection, which will never come. We beat ourselves up for our missteps and mishaps. All the while we miss dipping into the honeycomb of celebration God provides.

You’ll never have total victory in everything this side of heaven, but you will have some. Don’t miss them! See them! Seize them! Celebrate them!

Celebrate the times when you don’t yell at the kids. Hurray!

Celebrate the times when you don’t respond to the sarcastic words from a cashier with sarcastic words of your own. Praise God!

Celebrate the times when you don’t fall apart because your schedule does. Do the happy dance!

Celebrate the times when you didn’t eat that extra bowl of ice cream. You go, girl!

Celebrate the times when you stubbed your toe and didn’t say a curse word. Well, praise God for that!

God is changing you, transforming you and remaking you every day. Paul wrote to the Philippians, “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 1:6). Even though you might not respond to all of life’s foibles and fallouts in a God-honoring way, take a moment to celebrate the times you do.

Lord, I’m so glad You’re still working on me — that You don’t give up on me even when I want to give up on myself. Help me see my progress, not just the times I still fall short. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Let’s celebrate! Leave a comment and share one recent victory- no matter how small. (Did you know that when you leave a comment, I feel like you’ve just given me a big hug!)

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Comments 69

  1. I celebrate the victory that I didn’t make it to my last day of Bible Training class due to meeting a deadline at work. The victory is I didn’t break down and cry due to the warfare Ive experienced. I just wanted to spend time enjoying the wonderful people in my class. Praise God I will graduate this Saturday, May 26th. I’m so grateful to soon start year two of training. I actually woke up at 3:14am and Sharon’s encouragement was on my phone. Thank you Holy Spirit I truly needed this!

  2. As soon as I read your words, and God’s living words for today, I was reminded that yesterday, I drove through the parking lot of Taco Bell, almost ordering my favorite cinnabon treats. ..almost! A small victory, but a victory! Lately, I’ve been aware that my self-talk needs new life. When I am hard on myself, I am hard on others as well. It’s time to embrace the loving grace of our creator in all areas of my life.

    1. That is such a true statement for me as well. “When I am hard on myself I am hard on others as well.” There is much too that. A pattern I need to recognize and remove. One day at a time.

  3. Thank you !
    You are right. Sometimes we can get too focused on end results.
    I remember reading Stormie O’Martins book, Just Enough Light For The Step I’m On. We gain victory one step at a time, and each step can become a building block. When we pause to look back, we can see the progress we’ve made. ☺

  4. Thank you!!!!!!!!! I have spent my entire life feeling “Not Enough” I couldn’t believe anyone else felt this way especially another Christian!! May God continue to Bless your ministry.

  5. I am going to make it my new way of life to try to not get upset over little things and be patient with others. Mostly my husband and my two boys.

  6. Thanks for encouraging us to celebrate the small victories! Too often we get caught up in what we’ve done wrong.

  7. needed this today.. my confidence is in Him who created me to be who I am- gifted and imperfectly perfect for what He calls me to be and do.

  8. Thank you for this message today Sharon! I really really needed it as I had a crumby day yesterday and let the bad get a hold of me but I will find ways to celebrate today no matter how small the victory seems!

  9. Yesterday, and every day, is a struggle with my eight year old daughter. Although I raise her no different from her older sister, she couldn’t be more different. But, I love her for it. You see, she is filled with anger and no matter how hard we try to parent her lovingly she pushes us away, yells at us, verbally abused us. Yesterday I wept as I felt I had completely failed as a mother…where did I go wrong, why is she so unhappy. I spent some time crying out to God. Sometimes I’ll be so hurt by her words that I hold a grudge against her because she quickly apologizes and asks forgiveness. Sometimes so quickly that it doesn’t give me a chance to switch from hurt to happy again. Yesterday was particularly hard. I stood in my bedroom looking at the sunset proclaiming the work of God’s hands and she came and stood next to me. Instead of stewing in my unhappiness I pointed her to Jesus and showed her the beautiful sky. She said God loves us and he makes the beautiful sky for us. I love to share these moments with her. This to me is the greatest victory, that where I am weak He is strong. When I feel like a failure, He is right there being my strength. As his word says, all things work together g or good. I am trusting His word, as this time of discipline for me is drawing me closer to him. And while it is not always pleasant it is for my good. He has plans to prosper us, to give us a future and a hope.

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      This so moved me this morning. I will treasure your comment. As parents we are quick to say where did I go wrong and slow to say where did o go right. Thank you for your transparency. I wish we could share a cup of coffee and talk long.

    2. Wow! I can completely relate. And as you said, it is to Him I turn and I feel closer to His hand in mine than ever before. As difficult as the growing moments can be, I know walking with Him and leaning on a Him is exactly where I need to be. It is also transforming me and I am so grateful no matter how trying times can be. And so often it is on my toughest days with my son or both kids that my son will mention His name and I too feel hope and strength from above. Thank you for sharing – it is so good to read and know we are not the only ones. And we need to remember we are not meant to be perfect.
      “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14.
      I am finding if I can remove myself and try to see my children as He does I can take some of my emotion and instinct to get upset out of it and be calm and respond slowly. Another favorite “everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry…” James 1:19.
      Prayers for you my friend.

  10. Thank you for sharing these words…just what I needed today. There are now joyful, hopeful tears in my coffee cup! Moving ahead in this day with celebration in my heart!

  11. Philippians 1:6 has spoken to me 4 times now in 2 weeks. Thank you for the message the Lord is not done with me or my family or any of us who humble ourselves to His Word. Thank you for reminding me to look at the small changes in my life and that of my family’s that have happened only by the grace of God. One small victory at a time, praise God.

  12. Sharon, A BIG thank you…I needed this encouragement this morning!! Yesterday was definitely
    a non victory day….today… a new start♥️ Linda

  13. I wish you three had been around when I was raising my four children with such amazing words to read and teachings about Not Goid Enough. Yes I bought your book and absolutely love the devotionals I get everyday. Oh and I share them with so many including posting them to my Facebook page to reach many.
    Thank you Sharon Jaynes

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  14. I’m working on quieting my mind from obsessing about controlling outcomes in life. The Holy Spirit has given me an awareness, which has been about 10 times in the last few hours. But it’s progress!

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  15. Thank you for this wonderful message today. May the Creator continue to bless you as you bless others, I am blessed today, thank you.

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  16. Thank you for sharing. I’ve had moments when I celebrated and then some not so celebratory moments. This is a reminder that I should have more moments of celebration!! I always feel so much better when I handle stressful situations with calmness! Praise God for those moments!!! 🙂

  17. Thank you for your encouragement everyday. Please stay strong and keep working for the Lord. Sending you hugs.

  18. Thank you for sharing. This was a good reminder that I need to celebrate more. I have had a few victories, but I’ve also had some not so celebratory moments. I’m bad about being an angry driver at times. The other day I had this lady riding my bumper and it made me so frustrated. I finally just pulled over to the side of the road and let her go around me, just to watch her ride the bumper of the person that was in front of me. At first I took it personally, but then I realized that she must just be an impatient person and that’s not my fault. It reminded me of all the times I have been impatient and this one time I chose not to be the impatient one. The small victories are so much more exhilarating when you realize it as a victory! Thank the Lord for those moments!

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  19. Sharon, I love that you have words of encouragement. It helps to see and remember that mistakes are a part of life but there are such times when we do make some good choices. I am rejoicing with you. I have been one to take on myself bad feelings or emotions of another. I am uncertain why I feel the need to appease or try to solve a problem in order to have harmony. My husband is one whom I used to do this often. He has a bad day, his car is failing, he is grumpy. I would try to soothe it, smooth it if that was even possible. And often, we would both just end up miserable. Now, I do not react, I do not take ownership for his feelings. I just give them to God. And I find there is harmony when God is in it. Thank you for reminding us to celebrate those victories.

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  20. I so needed to hear this today. Thank you for sharing with all who listen. I am so often thanking God when I make a little progress in not over reacting to things out of my control, but there is always a nagging feeling trying to spoil the moment telling me that this was not so great, why am I happy about such a small achievement..
    Thanks to you and such a loving God

  21. My son graduation from high school
    Didn’t say bad things about my dad even tho I wanted to. Luv ya

  22. I reminded myself that God does not want me to call myself stupid or dumb because He made me and He doesn’t make junk. He is great & greatly to be praised

  23. My son who is going to college to become certified as a Journeyman just recently lost his part time job of almost 12 years. My heart broke for him. This young man a father of twins, going to school and working (till recently) is trying to muddle through lives everyday follies is just having a hard time. I chose to help him as much as I could until he finishes school. However, I recently felt the strain of that and started to place my anger on him, but God stopped me (thank you Jesus) from doing so and reminded me that I was investing in his future and that we’d be alright. That was a victory won that day. Without Jesus beside me everyday, I don’t know how I would do it. Thanks for letting me share this with everyone. God bless.

  24. Thank you once again for this sweet reminder that we do not have to be perfect! It is hard to always do the best thing but with His strength I can always try to do my best! You are such an encouragement to me and I look forward to eating Enough very soon! God bless you ,and your ministry!

  25. I am not in a good place right now, but because of your words, I still know I am loved by my Father God. I know He has a plan for me and that He will see me through this time. Thank you for your words of encouragement and know that you are helping many of us get through what we are going through. Keep shining your light!

  26. HUGS!!! So happy I didn’t get worried over an unexpected medical bill. I usually would have worried and obsessed over the additional expense I can’t afford and then put off calling about it so as not to hear negative things. I just set it aside until the next business day…called and found out I may NOT have a bill after all…they found an error!! Don’t you love those God moments when you know He’s proud of you!! Blessings!

  27. I so needed this today! I was ready to throw in the towel on different areas in my life that I had been dealing with. Thank you for sharing this! The Lord knows what we need , when we need it! Hugs to you!

  28. Amen! Celebrating the present is a lost Blesssing. Our thoughts have been to focus on past or worrying about future. Thank you for sharing.

  29. I love the “I stubbed my toe and didn’t curse!” Yay! I’ve been working on this one for a while. Every week is not a total success, but some are! I have to celebrate them. Thanks. Sharon

  30. Thank you Sharon for sharing, you put a smile on my face. I really needed to hear this today. It’s true we always see the wrong things we do and not the accomplishments we achieve. God bless you and your ministry.

  31. Thank you so much for those uplifting words. I a lot of times encourage others, and tend not to encourage myself. We do need to praise him and go into celebration for all of those little things that we do.

  32. I really needed this message today. I don’t often look for what I am doing right, but if I look for it, there it is! Thank you!

  33. I’m working on not retaliating when someone disagrees, I don’t have to defend my beliefs. I will read that story.

  34. Loved the encouragement!! Sent it to a friend who has been battling Post-Partum depression and is starting to come out of it but is very hard on herself. I think this will encourage her too!

  35. Sharon – I have an employee that is calling me names to other employees and saying nasty things about me. Instead of yelling at him and firing him, I prayed about it today and thought…I’ll be the better person. He is mad at the world and I’d like to be the example!

  36. Thanks Sharon this message has impacted my perspective about my shortcomings. God bless you.

    I always try to celebrate every milestone i achieve.

  37. Our faithful Abba fixes all that is broken in us.
    our transformation is moment by moment.
    hence, even my minutest “slip” is victory for me ‘coz of His strength-equipping GRACE.

    HALLELUJAH!! 👏🙌🙏🎵

  38. Sharon Psalm 23:4 has been a good verse for me . God is always there to protect& comfort me. Thanks for today’s build yur confidence

  39. Enjoy these devotionals so much. You’ hit the nail on the head’ so many times spiritually, that is! Your so transparent and that’s what relates to us all who read these and take them to heart.
    I just lost my husband January after 59 years of marriage and miss him so much. He had dementia and was in a nursing home for ten months prior to his going home to be with the Lord.
    My prayer now is to keep serving the Lord and I can do more now that I’m alone. I just need to find my way and see what God has for me.

    Thank you for you ministry and God Bless. Keep going for the Lord Jesus. You are making a difference.

    Sylvia Witte

  40. Sharon,
    I try to read your messages as soon as possible since I get so busy sometimes that if I don’t, I won’t end up reading them at all. That can be a not so good thing since I find that often God is speaking through these messages to me. This message was no different, even though I did end up reading it a couple days later. Thank you for your obedience and loyalty to God and using your gifts and talents to bless others. Your messages are often a ray of sunshine when I’m feeling gloomy.

  41. Just what I needed today… I was beginning to get dispaired with an ever growing to do list and forgetting to celebrate small victories. Thanks for helping me find my balance once more

  42. At 58 I finally feel like I’ve figured this out – celebrating the small victories and realizing that if it’s not a total loss, then it’s a small win! Thanks for sharing!

  43. I am going through a tough time at the moment and reading your blog makes me feel better. I am being changed and transformed. I am a different person to who I was 3 years ago and I thank the Lord for that.

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us, it gives me hope

    Stay blessed

  44. I’m celebrating because when my husband raised his voice at me I calmly, quietly asked him why he was raising his voice. It completely diffused the situation. Praise God!

  45. Thank you so much for your uplifting words of encouragement!!
    When so much seems to be wrong & out of place, you have shined a light of hope.
    I want to recognize & celebrate on THIS side of the Red Sea🙌🏻

  46. Thank you Sharon.
    I was thankful to God today that I did not buy those chocolate chip cookies and even more thankful that when I made a suggestion to my teen daughter and she did not accept it I was a able to let it go a nd we came up with another solution together.

  47. Sharon, I’m always putting myself down about my weight… Mind you I’m not what you call fat. My biggest problem is my midriff. Now I know what I need to do and even equipped my apartment with some exercise tools I need to get things started. I look in the mirror and go “Oh God”. My small victory is that I decided to embrace my weight until I mentally motivate myself to do what I know to do to resolve this situation. AND I KNOW I WILL . Thanks for these inspirational words…they really do HELP! God Bless Frances 5/29/18

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  48. Oh goodness, I have so many I can’t pinpoint just one. Not all are victories but at the end of the day I know I am forgive. We serve an awesome God.
    Thanks for this great reminder!

  49. Thank you beautiful! I really needed that reminder! I have been so hard on myself about being a single mom and shortcomimg my two beautiful daughters… I will and try my best to find good in our bad days and events in our lives!! Thank you so much

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