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. We could all use a little of that.

I clicked the SEND button, and shouted, “Hallelujah! Amen! Woo Hoo!” at the top of my lungs! I wonder if you heard it?

So now I’m back to the business of blogging a bit more regularly…and enjoying the summer.

Don’t you just love summer! My friends Gwen, Lisa, and Bill joined Steve and I for a shrimp boil at my home. We spread out the steamed shrimp and then made a glorious mess as we shucked and ate one tasty morsel after another.

After dinner Gwen and I challenged Bill and Lisa to a paddleboat race across the lake. “Oh, we’ll cream you guys,” Bill boasted as he and his paddling partner accepted the challenge. He puffed up, knowing that victory was eminent. He was pumped.

I pointed to Bill to one of our two vessels. “Here, you take this one.”

“Fine with me,” he said, self-assured.

My husband, with a knowing smile, signaled for the race to begin. Off we went. Bill and Lisa paddled furiously and pulled out ahead. While Bill had his eye on the finish line across the lake, I turned around in my seat and lowered our secret weapon. Unbeknownst to Bill, our boat had a silent, hidden, battery-powered bass motor. I dropped the motor, flipped the switch, and in no time we passed our competitors and left them in our tiny wake. While Bill and Lisa paddled frantically like milkmaids churning butter, Gwen and I sliced through the water like a hot knife through cream.

Bill was confused. We were tickled.

Of course, Gwen and I won the race. We made it to the opposite shore in half the time of our confused competition. As we turned the boat around and headed back toward a befuddled Bill, I called out. “Oh, I forgot to mention that our boat has a battery powered motor!”

He headed right toward us and splashed us good fashion.

Gwen and I paddled back to home base, but Bill and Lisa stayed in the middle of the lake as the sun began to sink and streak the evening sky with the handiwork of God. Orange, magenta and red filled the heavenly expanse. Geese conversed. Crickets chirped. Cicadas sang. Deep throated frogs gave bass notes to natures melody. The moon rose and reflected its face in the water as the mass of summer musicians celebrated season. And right smack dab in the middle of the lake sat two of God’s children awe struck. Captivated. And you know what? I was captivated by watching their response to God’s glory.

Isn’t that the way of glory? As we see others living and moving and having their being in Jesus, we want it too. As we sense their sacred in-loveness, we long for the same passionate intimacy with God in our own lives.

Don’t be surprised if your moments of sudden glory cause others to tug on your shirtsleeve with hungry eyes and want to know more. Tell them! Oh how I pray that you will tell them! Tell them of the moments of sudden glory that brim in a woman’s heart that lives and moves and has her being in Christ. Tell them of glory moments strewn about by God’s willing hand for eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts to embrace. What an amazing truth: God uses me and you to open hungry eyes to recognize His presence all around – to glorify Him – to make His presence known.

I pray that you will have a wonderful summer chocked-full of wonderstruck moments with God! That’s my plan.

Do you have special moment of sudden glory? If so I’d love to hear it. Just click comment and share your story.

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  1. Mine isn’t quite as awe-worthy this morning but last night we took the boys to Kings Dominion to celebrate the end of school. As we were about to begin a ride on the Scrambler, I looked down and noticed my husband and my littlest boy sitting in front of us. Their legs were dangling under the bottom of the ride. Two feet were definitely sure on the ground. Two little legs and feet were dangling, barely peeking out. I was wonder struck seeing these two together. One certain and experienced. One just starting out with so much to learn. I was just captured by it.

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  2. Sharon, thank you so much for sharing, I too had some glory moments while in Florida ( THE SUNSHINE STATE ) a few weeks ago. Sitting on the beach ” Siesta Beach ” the most beautiful beach in the world, the sky was so blue, the white puffy clouds just beautiful, I said to my friend Sally, this is just a taste of heaven, I was so in awe of Gods beauty all around us! Yes, my God is so good and I can’t wait for the day of His return when we will live in a sin-free world forevermore and I will get to meet my precious Savior and I will get to meet you! Keep blogging! Have a glory filled day!!!!

  3. my sudden moment was very similar to yours…coming home from VBS night before last the sunset was so gorgeous pink and lavender and just beautiful…I am going through a very trying painful time right now I finally stopped to take pictures with my phone of the beautiful sunset…as I was driving home the Lord spoke and said your days will be beautiful again soon…I am holding on to this because waiting is so hard but I have the picture of the sunset to remind me…

  4. I have always loved going to the beach for years. As i sat on beach i experienced Gods glory and one of His many pockets of grace. I stopped right then to thank God for letting us experience His awesome creation. So peaceful and amazing! Thankful that God is so real!!

  5. Good morning,
    While reading A Sudden Glory, I went for a walk and prayed and asked God
    to show me a sudden glory and the next thing I knew, as I was walking I stepped on a rock and
    when I turned around, low and behold on the side walk was a scripture that had John 3:16. I
    felt so honored that God would answer so quickly. That was my Sudden Glory.

    Now when I need A sudden Glory, because my day is not going well, Im amazed at how
    my God answers and the things he shows me.

    Thank you for such a wonderful book. I look forward to reading more of them.

  6. Good afternoon sweet Sharon,
    My sudden Glory moment came when I was going through the darkest valley of my life back in January. I just lost my beloved pet bird. I live alone and I considered him to be like my only child. I never felt so empty in my entire life. I was happy my friend was there for support. But that night was when my heavenly Father showed up. Now don’t get me wrong He’s with me all the time but that night when Poncho passed on I not only laid in bed I laid in His lap and He wrapped His loving arms around me. I never felt such love and peace before like I did that night. I’m so happy God’s in my life and I’m so happy He gave me Poncho all those years. R.I.P. little buddy, R.I.P.

  7. I believe I had moments of sudden glory in the past not in the present, hoping to have them in the future.

  8. as a child i loved to swing. my boyfriend and i were walking through the museum and there it was a wooden swing with rope on a tree. I jumped on that swing and my boyfriend pushed me, the higher i got the more i felt free it felt like for a moment i was with God in his presence. i had no fear. i felt like i was on wings.i felt like all my worries were gone at that moment, it was like it was me and God alone. i felt at peace, safe and like a relief came over me. i believe God puts us in places and in situations. to say to us hey I’m here> i got you.

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