The Power of Your Prayers

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The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective,
(James 5:16b NIV).

G. Campbell Morgan tells a story about the power of one woman’s prayers to stir a revival in her home church.

“There are saints of God who for long, long years have been shut off from all the activities of the Church, and even from the worship of the sanctuary, but who, nevertheless, have continued to labor together in prayer with the whole fellowship of the saints. There comes to me the thought of one woman who, to my knowledge, since 1872 in this great babble of London, has been in perpetual pain, and yet in constant prayer. She is today a woman twisted and distorted by suffering, and yet exhaling the calm and strength of the secret of the Most High.

“In 1872 she was a bed-ridden girl in the North of London, praying that God would send revival to the Church of which she was a member, and yet into which even then she never came. She had read in the little paper called Revival, which subsequently became, The Christian, the story of a work being done in Chicago among ragged children by a man called D.L. Moody.

“She had never seen Moody, but putting that little paper under her pillow, she began to pray, “O Lord, send this man to our Church.” She had no means of reaching him or communicating with him. He had already visited the country in 1867, and in 1872 he started again for a short trip with no intention of doing any work.

” Mr. Lessey, however, the pastor of the church of which this girl was a member, met him and asked him to preach for him. He consented, and after the evening service he asked those who would decide for Christ to rise, and hundreds did so. He was surprised and imagined that his request had been misunderstood. He repeated it more clearly, and again the response was the same.

“Meetings were continued through the following ten days, and four hundred members were taken into the church. In telling me this story Moody said, ‘I wanted to know what this meant. I began making inquiries and never rested until I found a bed-ridden girl praying that God would bring me to that Church. He (God) had heard her, and brought me over four thousand miles of land and sea in answer to her request.'”

One little crippled lamb by the name of Marianne Adlard, uttered fervent prayers to Almighty God on behalf of her flock and God sent a shepherd to gather the sheep from all around England. You may not feel that you have the ability to change the world for Christ, but consider this…one crippled girl impacted the world through her prayers. You can do the same. Amazing…the power of a woman’s words to God in prayer!

Let’s Pray
Dear Lord, thank You that You allow me to come into Your presence at any time. I confess that I do not pray enough. I confess that I do not take the power of prayer as seriously as I should. Help me to become a prayer warrior who intercedes for others. Teach me how to pray.
In Jesus’ Name,

What do You Think? 
As you pray for other people, consider praying Scripture for them. Turn to Philippians 1, Colossians 1, and Ephesians 1 to see how Paul prayed for fellow believers.

Now pick one of those passages and pray for 5 people in your life today.

Let’s pray for each other. Click over to my blog page a at www.localhost/sjold and leave a prayer request. Then pray for the request before you and after you.

Want More?
[tweetherder]I learned some time ago that what God had to say to me was much more important than what I had to say to God.[/tweetherder] Prayer is both speaking and listening to God. If you’re having a difficult time listening to God or want to learn more about hearing His still small voice, check out my book, Becoming a Woman who Listens to God. You’ll learn how God speaks, how to remove obstacles that block our ability to hear, and how to hear him more clearly.

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Comments 95

  1. My heart is so heavy today watching the coverage on tv of the destruction in Moore Ok. Families are still looking for their loved ones. I don’t really know how to explain through my tears. Please join me in praying for all the people in this area.

  2. My husband is facing a second back surgery and I am needing support and strength to handle our family and his needs. Our 16 year old is dealing with addiction to tobacco and alcohol. I am too praying for all those affected by the tornado on Oklahoma, I cannot describe the pain I have for their loss.

  3. With everything going on in Ok. it puts a burden on my heart for those families. All TV is covering is this tragic disaster and it breaks my heart. I have never gone through something that and I couldnt imagine having to endure the pain that they are. I not only pray for their safety but also a sense a peace and comfrot from the Lord.

  4. Please pray that God deliver me from depression, doubt and fear. That He save me and that I have a deeper relationship with Christ. That I trust and believe His Word. That my mind be renewed and my spirit revived. That I focus on only God and His mercy, grace and peace. Pray for knowledge, wisdom and understanding. That His will be done in my life.

  5. Lets do remember in prayer ALL the families in the mid-west. It is so heartbreaking to see the devistation that the storms have caused, and those precious children in the schools that were hit by the tornado, Heavenly Father put your loving, comforting arms around those families I pray and may God’s glory shine through all of this. God bless you ladies on here today as well.

  6. Please pray for my Mother. She broke her hip 4 weeks ago. The hip is healing but, she doesn’t want to do the physical therapy and she has stopped eating. We believe she has lost her will to live. It hurts me to see her suffer so much. Thanks for your prayers and I also am praying for those in Oaklahoma. Such a tragedy.

  7. My heart is so splintered with feelings of loss, fear and sorrow for so many people affectd by the tragedies that have occurred recently: the Oklahoma tornados, the fertilizer explosion in Texas, the Boston bombing and all those that are suffering from different afflictions. Please pray for all the people affectd by these tragedies that they are able to find comfort and peace in Lord.

  8. I’m watching the news on the Oklahoma disaster and all I can think of is all those people who were affected, directly and indirectly. Please pray fo comfort and strength for them all. May God’s healing hands wrap around them and carry them on through the days ahead.

  9. A special prayer for this nation. For my family, my husband who used to have a desire to serve God and the church and has drifted from it all due to the various obstacles that the devil laid before him – these many times our own church members and so called friends. Praying for my daughter who is being challanged and needs to make a swift decision that will determine the outcome of her future. My son who is graduating from high school. Who wants to serve God so that he can always see a God of mercy and Love. For my little one so that she may continue in this beautiful journey with our savior. For my overall family so that God may bless us each abudantly. That we may leave all behind if need be – serving Him always. For my health!

  10. I came to your web page to request prayer for myself and I subscribed to your newsletter but I cannot find any link to your invitation for prayer. Do you have one? Thank you.
    P.S I have been an intercessor for more that 15 years and have prayed for many others and issues. I would like to submit a prayer for myself if that is possible. Thank you.

  11. Need a prayer for a friend and old coworker & his family b/c his wife just got diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. They have 2 babys under the age of 3. Prayer for me & my husband for things to go through with his student loan so he can get a truck and a job. Also for us to get more involved in the church and to get to know Jesus Christ better in our hearts. Prayer for my papa Howard who is back in the hospital b/c hes having a hard time breathing and with his heart. Thank you!! I am praying for You also!!!

  12. I am on a path to earn my Master in Ed. I will be teaching elementary school. I would ask for wisdom to stay on the path that God has set before me, strength to trust him and that I would be able to share the love of Christ with my students and their families. That I would make a difference for God!

  13. Praying for those in OK and all those you are experiencing loss. Please pray for my marriage, that my husband and I will work out our differences and become the family that God intended us on being. Also, praying for my children to make it thru these last two weeks of school

  14. I have so many to pray for who are hurting, but of course I pray first for those in Oklahoma. I understand simply because I live in an area recovering from the aftermath of tornadoes 2 yrs ago. I ask for prayers for friends and family dealing with illnesses such as cancer and their families taking care of them. I also request prayer for a friend considering divorce who may just be lost and hurting and confused. Thank you ladies.

  15. My Prayer today is that the LORD Wil hear my cry for HIM to teach me how to carry out the desires that he has placed in me. I pray that I continue to walk in the Healing and Restoration and Victory that HE has given to me! I Pray that HE Will guide me in the way I need to go to become debt free! I am praying with and for Teresa and standing in agreement that her husband Will come through his back surgery better and more complete and closer to GOD than ever. As a mother, I stand with her in prayer for her son, that he will be released from his addiction and the chains of that bondage will be broken forever, In JESUS Name! I too pray for those individuals directly affected by the tornado and for their families and extended families. Finally I pray for the individual that comes after this post, that they Know the the Love, Guidance, Victory, and Freedom of a Loving SAVIOUR! That they always remember that if GOD be for them, no man can stand against them! Walk in the Peace and Blessings of our FATHER!

  16. A dear friend, Libby, recently diagnosed with cancer. She has been a faithful servant. She loves the Lord and accepts His will. Please pray for continued courage and peace for her, and for her husband and 4 sons to experience God’s comfort and love during this time.

  17. There was an apartment fire last week in our city, where 34 units were completely lost, the entire building unsafe to reenter, and 135 residents left without a home. My husband had an acquaintance from high school who lived there with his girlfriend, and we have taken them and their kitten in until they can get everything straightened out with the insurance. I am requesting prayer for this couple, not only for strength for what they’ve been through, but they are not God-fearing. Please include my husband and I in the prayer, that God may show His love to this couple through us, and that we remain patient and ready to serve.

  18. My PRAYER is that My Daughter who has just moved home from finishing College to find a Good Paying Job by May 31,20!3..

  19. I was touched by your asking for prayers….my husband is chronically ill, repeatedly hospitalized. It seems there is no hope…no answers. I don’t even know what to pray for right now, except life is miserable. Please pray for us in whatever way the Holy Spirit translates this for me…I know He will make known what the needs are. Thank you so much.

  20. I am about to start my senior year in college, and I am currently contracted to go into the Navy once I finish. I made the decision to take the scholarship for familial financial reasons, to help my parents out. I’ve become increasingly pessimistic about the time I have to serve so much so that I’m dreading it and taking silent anger against my folks. Please pray that I will have patience and understanding with them, but most importantly that I trust Abba’s plan to include me in the military and I serve Him enthusiastically in that realm.

  21. My heart is also so overwhelmed for the people in Ok.
    Please continue to pray for the community of West Tx

    Pray for our family also. We are having to demolish our home due to severe
    airborne mold. It was caused by remeleding errors.
    The mold has been making me very sick for years This house was a third generational home Insurance doesn’t cover any of it. Please pray for Gods perfect peace and wisdom during this process.

  22. Please pray for my three teenage children. The oldest is choosing to embrace things that are plainly wrong, and is being deceived. She is planning to move in with her Dad and his new wife at the end of the month, and I believe this is a mistake because of what he is continuing to walk in. My middle child needs confidence she is becoming the woman of God He sees her as, and she needs some good friends. My youngest, my son, who has been afflicted with Autism needs people in his life who love the Lord, and want to help him grow as a young man. I need courage to move on, and move into life. Thank you! Praying for you, KB, for your husband, and this young couple you have taken in, and will continue to do so! ^_^

  23. There is so much sadness right now with what is going on in Oklahoma. I want the people that are affected by this tornado to feel the love and caring of God even in the midst of their suffering. Also, that my children and grandchildren will come to have a personal relationship with Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

  24. I have been feeling very convicted to become more consistent at praying, and your post this morning really got to me. My husband is a teacher and got laid off after this school year ends (again, same thing happened last year). He is job hunting, but there is nothing local and it means moving again when he finds a job. I just got stable, found a job I love, started making friends, was working in a ministry in our church and just don’t want to have to start over yet again….and I still have a 15-year old at home (we have only been married 1 1/2 years) who is really struggling. It’s feels like it’s overwhelming. But then I see the devastation in OK this morning, read the posts above and feel like my problems are so minute because I’m healthy and safe. I think this has always been my problem with praying, it’s so overwhelming to know where to even begin and not feel selfish when bringing my own requests to God.

  25. Today, I pray for myself. I need God’s guidance and direction for my life. I have been dealing with a lot lately. My daughter was pregnant and gave birth to her son and he is a premie but he is doing well. I have left my house where she lives because I was spiritually attack by the man next door and I don’t want to go back into the house but my daughter needs me because she needs me to help her with the baby. My son’s behavior has turned for the worst. He is cussing and acting very disrespectful to me. He wants to put his hands on me and wrestle with me but I tell him that’s not okay because I am his mother and he should respect me. I tried to act like everything is okay but everything is not okay. Sometimes I wish I had someone else life because of all the problems I am having. I also have my mother that has a lot of health problems and it stresses me out as well.

  26. My husband and I are in a tight spot with our marriage right now. Things have been quite rocky and we hit rock bottom last month. We are still trying to recover our marriage from the rubble. Please pray that God will do a mighty work in both of our hearts and save my marriage.

  27. I believe that God has birthed a desire in my heart to start an affordable Christian school so that His children can learn Truth and Grace in a setting that pleases Him. My heart aches that our Creator has been all but eliminated from within the public school system, and my young grandchildren, who love the Lord, have told me that they want to go to a school where they can learn and speak freely about Jesus. The wheels have been set in motion and the road ahead of me is surely going to be challenging ,but I know this project is ALL HIS and that He will provide as always. Please pray for wisdom, strength, and courage for me and all who decide to come on board this journey, for gratitude to remain in our hearts, and for constant reminders that everything is to be done For His Glory. Thank you for praying and believing with me.

  28. Please pray for my former boss Dale. He doesn’t know Jesus and I have been praying for him for the past year + that he would search for and find life changing power of Jesus Christ.

  29. My husband legally separated from me last month, stating that after 32 years of marriage that he no longer loves me. He is not a Christian, and is in the midst of a midlife crisis. Although separated, we are still living in the same home. I pray for God’s guidance — do I stay and pray for him to come to know the Lord even though he is hostile, demeaning, accepts no responsibility but blames me for everything? This situation is just so heartbreaking for me and I am depressed, frustrated and so weary of the battle. There are days I pray to die…..I have prayed for my husband to come to know Christ for years to no avail….Or do I divorce him so I can move on and maybe have peace, although financially this will be difficult for me? I am earnestly seeking the Lord’s guidance and seeing a Christian counselor. But when do I stop being a doormat? When can I “shake the dust off of my feet” and walk away without guilt?

    We also have an adult son whom has battled drug addiction for years, which has been a huge strain on our marriage. Please pray for our family. And also, my heart is heavy for all of those impacted by the tornadoes. I so appreciate your teaching, Sharon, and I was privileged to attend one of your retreats. Thank you for your faithfulness.

  30. I pray for all those in Oklahoma. That they may draw closer to God and lean on Him during this time of loss and sorrow. I pray thst God’s Grace would be upon them, and they will have everything they need to get through. I would like to also pray for my husband and I as we have being praying for a child for serveral years now. We will be starting fertility treatments in the coming week. I pray God will continue to be my strength. I pray that He will help me to surrender it all to him, and take away my fears and anxiety. I pray that God would provide every resource we will need during this process. I would like to pray for all the married couples that are going through infertility, that God would be their strength, and bless them in a mighty way. I pray for all expectant mothers, that they would have full term healthy pregnancies. That there babies would be born healthy and strong. In Jesus name, Amen

    1. Shaylonda,
      I also went through infertility treatments many years ago. I want to encourage you that children born after infertility are “children of promise”. Look at Isaac…. born after years of infertility, as well as Joseph (Rachel’s son), and Hannah’s son, Samuel. There is also Elizabeth’s son, John the Baptist. I once read an article which showed that God used the infertility to show that these children were “set apart” and that the child had a special call on their life. So be encouraged that God may have you going through this experience in order to recognize that He has special plans for this little one, and that you, as his or her mother, has a significant role to play in raising this child up to know the Lord.

  31. Please pray that I trust the Lord for the “What Ifs” and also to make the Lord my total trust. Pray for change and revival to come to my church. Pray that I never again walk in fear and doubt.

  32. I have come so far in the healing journey that I have been on the past year, and I would appreciate a prayer of thanksgiving and direction for everything that this entails – healing from abuse as a child and repeated infidelity in my marriage — to embrace opportunities to use those experiences to help others heal and grow — and guidance as I consider a change in employment to redirect my time and talents to pursuits to glorify and exalt His name.

    1. I pray that the Lord will strengthen you more to completely overcome those challenges and that you would be a blessing for others in similar situation, in Jesus’ name.

  33. My husband and I are just weeks away from becoming licensed Foster Parents. We definitely feel this is God’s plan for our lives at this time. Please pray, most of all, for the children that enter the foster care system and their biological families. Please pray that God gives my husband and I strength and wisdom through the roller coaster of emotions and trials that no doubt lie ahead of us.

  34. I am praying that all of my children will accept Christ as their Saviour and commit to live their lives fully submitted to him.

  35. Please pray that my husband will be offered a job that provides for our needs right away. He has had back to back job losses and we have undergone 2 major moves. Please pray that our hope and faith are restored. We are very weary. Thank you so much. Clinging to God’s promise that His timing is perfect.

    1. Ruthann,

      I will pray for your husband that he will find a job real quick so that you can get all your needs met. It’s so hard to be out of work when you have a family, and nothing is coming in. I pray that you will be strengthen through this time of trials that you’re facing right now , and God will show you to not give up hope, and to keep relying on him for everything. Keep your eyes on him.

  36. my mum is in the hospital and was diagnosed as having aneurysm. she’s been miraculously talking and moving normally, but has consistent headaches. The doctor says she needs a neurosurgeon to examine her and may probably need a surgery. In the part of the world where I live, neurosurgeons are hard to find and incredibly expensive. I am requesting prayer for God to perfect her healing and give her a clean bill of health. A miracle is what she needs and only the hand of the Lord can make it happen.

  37. Today I am asking for prayers for my five adult children specially for my youngest boy
    let God show him the path to follow and give him streight to do the right things and make the right choices. He knows God but keeps making choices that are not smart ones he needs to make and gets in trouble for them.Also pray for me so I can find the right words I need to pray for them,

  38. My daughter has been seriously ill the last two weeks. The dr’s have said that this could last for several months. Please pray for a complete recovery and patience for my daughter, Hannah who is very active and is having a difficult time knowing that at this time she cannot be as active as she usually is.
    We are also in the process of selling our home and I ask for prayer that it sells quickly for a fair amount. Thanks and God Bless!

  39. Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank You for the new homes & privision You
    have prepared for the 135 residents. I thank You for preparing & equipting
    this husband & wife for Your greater purpose as Your servants. I
    thank You that they are being a reflection in action & word of You,
    Christ Jesus. I pray for your continued patents, provision & love.
    In Jesus name I pray, Amen! Amen! Amen!

    I, O Lord, am praying for all our financial needs to be met,
    for Your continued guidance & leadership in becoming the BEST stewards of the
    income You have blessed us with & a budget beyond our thoughts.
    Thank you, my Jesus, Amen! Amen! Amen!

  40. Please pray that God will restore to me my best friend again!!!! Colossians 1:17
    I hurt her feelings and I am so sorry for it. Please pray that she will forgive me.

    1. I will pray for you about your best friend that you maybe able to connect again also that she will forgive you. Take care.

  41. My prayer request is that the Lord awaken the Holy Spirit in me and fill me with joy, peace, comfort, and freedom from the anxiety and fear that has been taking a hold in my life. I pray that all of my senses be completely opened so that I can hear the voice of God and what he is trying to say to me through all methods. I pray for a deeper understanding and relationship with God and that my faith, trust, and strength in the Lord increases more and more every day. I want to be able to experience the fullness of the love that the Lord has for me, and I feel like I have been going through a spiritual battle. Please pray for me and that I am awakened to all the truths and promises that God has for me so that I am able to live the abundant life that God has intended for me, and so that I may grow in my faith and complete His will.

    KB I am praying for you and your husband and the couple that you have taken in. I pray that the Lord blanket you with lots of patience and that His glory and love be portrayed through you and your husband to the couple you are helping.

  42. I’m on fire for the Lord my prayer request is that where I go church is to have a revival and let go through out to the town I live in, plus then thru out all America. Then reaching the whole world. People need to be saved, things in this world are changing so fast for the worse. We need prayer back in our schools, courtrooms and places that has forgot about God. Our Country was founded by God but more and more God is being left out in so many places. We need Families to that who left the church for them to come back, and to keep the good Lord number one in their lives. We as Christians need to go to their bible believing churches, and go their pastors and start praying for a revival to get started. I pray that everyone in here will join me in prayer for to have a great revival to reach our towns thru out America, and the whole world Something needs to done. Plus I pray for the people in Oklahoma who had lost loved ones, and everything they owned for peace and comfort during this time. Plus do not forget this storm system is moving east so I pray for people for their safety in these areas that can get these tornado’s too. God Bless!!!

  43. Please pray for our small business to not only survive but to grow. We daily trust God to meet our needs. It has been a long 7 years of downfall. Also please pray for my daughters. Katie is so far from God. Stephanie has surgery Friday. I know God is in control of all of this. I pray I can let Him keep it and not take it back. I also desire to hear God speaking to me.

  44. Today I pray for my husband, that the Holy Spirit will direct , guide his heart to building a relationship with God and he surrenders all to him. I pray for all unbelivers that they will be transformed and become followers of Christ. I also pray for myself, I need to change my attitude and be more Christlike to the outside world.Everything I am reading I believe but I don’t have the JOY that knowing and believing in Christ and it shows in my face. I should be smiling and rejoiceing thru all the trials and deep valleys that I’m going thru and it’s hard for me. When I think about it I put a smile on my face, and rejoice but it should come naturally. I love the Lord and I know he loves me:):):)

  45. The power of prayer is so awesome and yet I fiind myself getting so impatient with God at times.
    I’d like to ask prayer for our married son who is dealing with some OCD thoughts and its really hard on our daughter in law as well. We ask God that our son would not only be healed but that he would make a total commitment to God.
    And of course, our concern is also for the little children. Thanks for your prayers.

  46. Please pray for my daughter who has been battling an eating disorder for a number of years and cannot surrender and give this to our Heavenly Father. I pray that she will be released and healed from this bondage! and of course for all the families who are heartbroken over their losses in OK. Have a blessed wonderful day!

  47. Please Lord I pray for my sisters health. She has been really tired lately from her job and working longgggg hours. Give her strength to persevere. Help Queen I hope she is alright. Help Brittney and her family. Help my mom stop smoking, heal her whole body too. Help Julian I hope he is alright. I pray Dionta finds you Lord. Help all the people who have been going through tornado’s. Help our country get back on the right track. A lot of things are changing that are not right. I love you Lord. Thanks for everything you have blessed me with.

  48. Praying for me to be the wife I need to be and prayer for my husband to be released from the addiction of a game he has been involved in the last 8 months. That we would have restoration in our marriage and be what God desires us to be in His Kingdom.

  49. My prayer is to stay committed to the Summer Bible study that myself, my children, my girlfriend and her children will be participating in beginning June 3rd with GMG. I always seem to start but never have I finished. I want this time to be different especially since we have the children involved.

  50. Christin, I am praying that the God of hope will fill you with peace and joy as you trust in Him. He is mighty and worthy of all your trust!

    Please pray that God will restore the marriage of my daughter and son-in-law and that my family can find forgiveness toward him. Only God can bring something good out of the mess we find ourselves in!

  51. Thank you for your devotion. My desire is to be a prayer warrior. Your devotion has challenged me. There are so many people that need prayer, especially with recent events so definitely praying for all those affected by recent tornado and for all these prayer requests listed here.

    Also, please pray for my mother’s Healing. She had sinus/eye surgery, and now has an infection. She is in pain and is depressed. Also pray for a friend of mine (single mother) who will be losing her job at end of month. She really needs another job asap. She is afraid of losing home and child.

    Praying for God’s peace in the midst of the storms of life.

  52. One praying girl, lady, or women for the Almighty God to deal with those bent on plotting the demise of innocent people in this/any State, County, and City of Chickasha, Oklahoma Oklahoma and Amber, Oklahoma too! Especially this/his home. In Jesus name,AMEN

  53. I have been praying a lot for the last year and a half and sometimes feel the answers are so slow in coming. But I know I need to keep praying. My main request is that my former sweetheart would be matured and softened toward me and become the man God wants him to be. He is definitely a Christian and has a heart for ministering to others. I have asked God to “build the house” for us and lead us to marriage. We had talked about it last year but then two people in his family died last summer and we stopped spending as much time together or talking about marrying. He has pushed me further and further out of his life although God opened the door for renewed communication between us in April and early May. However, things are now silent again. I am praying he would pursue me, want to talk and be with me, and that God would bring him back into my life as a husband. We are mature adults and I am praying we would both hear God’s leading and have a blessing of a happy marriage in our lives. This would be a remarriage for us both.

  54. I want you to pray for my daughter Clarissa and her husband. Her husband is struggling with a drug addiction and became violent. She has had to leave him for her safety. She has also caused her potential danger by getting into a financial situation with a group of people that he owes money to and they have threatened her life.
    Here is my prayer…
    That Clarissa will return to God and follow what he wants for her life and not for herself.
    That her husband will come under conviction with his life style that he is choosing and that he will get saved.
    That there would be a reconciliation of their relationship, when they both get right with God.
    For me as I try to counsel Clarissa through God’s word.

  55. Kristin,
    I will pray for you that you will have a greater sense of the presence of God in your life and for more faith, and growth in your relationship with him. I also pray this for myself and for all those who love the Lord.

  56. Please pray for my mom. We are in the middle of a huge family move right now. My husband and I are in Montana working while my mom watches our 4 kids in North Carolina so they can finish out the school year before moving. She is unselfishly packing up our house and getting everything and everyone ready. I know that she is exhausted by this move and yet she does all of this without complaining. I am the luckiest girl in the world for a mom like this.

  57. I am believing in God to help me pay for my graduate school career in full. I have about $30,000 in loans from undergrad and I do not want to take out more loans for this two year program. I am worrying less and praying more and believing that God will work it all out for me.

  58. Pray for an obedient spirit that I will accomplish the will of God for my life. For the filling of the Holy Spirit. For a job with better increment. For a college scholarship for my son and that he will return to his faith in Jesus. I pray for Dwayne that he will be reunited with his family.

    In Jesus Name.

  59. For the past 5 months the Lord has put it on my heart to pray for a certain young man, that he come to know Christ and find salvation, strength and renewal through Him. I have watched the Lord working in this young man and seen him change in ways that only God can be directing but he doesn’t realize from whence this change is coming. Please help me pray that the Lord will continue to call on him and that he will have ears to hear and eyes to see the message. Pray that his heart will be open to the message of salvation and love that only God can provide. Christin, I am praying that you will find the strength and freedom from fear and anxiety that only the Holy Spirit can provide. He will fill you with calm, peace and joy, that is His gift to you and I will continue to pray that you will fully experience all that is your treasure in heaven. God bless you today and every day!

  60. The Lord has placed upon my heart that I should attend a weekend retreat for women, I know I would face some disagreement from my husband who is not a born-again believer as yet…but I still told him my intentions…we have two boys 10 and 4 years old, now he is asking who would take care of them while am gone, because I know he has his farm to attend…please pray that we will come to a compromise, I feel something special is waiting to happen to me on that retreat.

    1. I am praying that the Lord will show you a perfect place for your boys to stay, while at the retreat, and that your husband will be willing to make that compromise for you. So very thankful for the chance to go on christian retreats, and I truly pray that you will be able to make this one, and not be stressed or feel guilty for leaving home. In Jesus Name

  61. Today I am Praying for those affected by the tornado, for the families, the residents of the town, the healthcare workers may God guide their medical decisions, agencies that can help with aid.. May they come and work together as a community to rebuild after this crisis. My prayer request is for my relationship with my future husband. We are growing closer together again and even closer in Christ. God is the head of our relationship and I pray that God removes any obstacles that are hindering us from becoming the couple God wants us to be. We have been through so much in our young lives, let this time together be peaceful and full of love and happiness. May the Lord bring our families together and may the Lord bless our future lives together.

  62. Please help me pray for myself. I need the lord to be with me. Help me got up out of the hole i have made for myself. Help me find him and serve him as he has soo many times asked of me. Please help me pray to find the blessings my lord has for me. Thanks

  63. One of my sons has strayed and is not living for the Lord. I have been in prayer for him for several years now, seemingly nothing is changing, just getting worse. I am trying to rebuild my relationship with him, as it has gone downhill every time I confront him. He lives 4 hours away and is constantly in trouble financially, and otherwise. Drugs and alcohol are an issue, we as parents are at a loss as to what to do. I am trying to get myself right with the Lord so that my prayers for my lost son will be powerful and so I can hear the Lord’s direction in this matter. I just pray scripture over him, but I am ashamed to say that I have lost hope, and I know that the Lord is the only one that can do a miracle and turn my son’s life back toward him. I just pray that my son’s heart will softened towards the Lord, and that satans grip on his life, at this time, will be broken by the mighty power of God.

  64. Please pray for Michael, just graduated from the university, needs a job, strength / courage to overcome alcohol addiction, guidance & direction in his life. Justin direction and guidance in his life, salvation. Myself – hunger / thirst for more of God, to do more with myself and be used for God.

  65. My prayer request is for all my children to be stirred up in their spirits about the things of God, and a prayer for me to keep enduring and not letting go of all the promises of God. I also want to go back to school.Pray for my sister who hasn’t made it back to the Lord yet and so desires to do so.

  66. My dear Aunti Ramona is dying of lung, liver, and bone cancer. She is a believer, but worries about the suffering to come. I’m asking for prayers for peace and comfort for Aunty Mona as she passes from this life on Earth to the other side.

  67. Hello.
    Please pray for me and my friends. We are starting our exams in two weeks. We all want our grade point average (gpa) to increase. Its my last semester in the university.

  68. Hi, i want you to pray for my families, ya Modukanele and Phetlho. Bless my mother Doris Botha, keep her well, bless my aunt Precious Sebako, help her thru all that she is going through, bless my sister Mpho Tlhabanyane and Walter Tlhabanyane their children and grand children, bless my brother Patrick Mancwe and her family, Bless my sister in law, Thandi. Bless my aunt’s children, Kaone, Tebogo and Otsile, bless my family too, ya Pholele le yona. Bless Aupa Pholele,my sons Obed, Fana and Keamogetse.

    Bless all your creation Lord. Help them to realise their being.

  69. I am requesting prayer for salvation for my estranged husband who has filed for divorce and for the complete restoration of our marriage and family. My love for him is indescribable and my heart’s desire is for our marriage to continue for the rest of our lives, joined and knit together by God’s perfect love.

    I am also praying for every couple who is facing marital challenges and desperately needing God’s divine intervention and touch. God desires unity in our homes and families and the enemy is already defeated. Please stand with me as we pray together for God’s perfect healing touch in marriages and families all over this planet.

  70. Am epileptic and pregnant. Am on medication to control the seizures,but they mite have an effect on my baby.Am scared for my baby. I just want the hand of God to protect her(fingers crossed that its a girl),so she doesn’t get effected. Am am in deep debt with all the trips to the neuro, gynea, specialist physicians etc.. and I have to currently move out of my place cos I cant afford anymore. I dont know where I am going,, but am faithful. Please pray with me. I dont wana stress cos my situation wont allow.. But I just feel so alone! I live in Namibia,Africa..

  71. “I have him covered” I prayed for my husband from head to toe. He is self-employed and we are struggling financially. He has a very physical job and both his knees need to be replaced soon – which leaves him in a lot of pain often. I offer up my prayers to all the victims and families who’s lives have been destroyed and turned upside down by the destructive tornadoes in OK. As I read the prayer requests in this blog I pray for healing, comfort, guidance, peace,good health and salvation for everyone.

  72. Please pray for my daughter. She is 20 and a wonderful light unto the Lord but so often plagued with doubt and fear. She knows He will answer all prayers and He always keeps His word but Satan continually creeps in with his lies and undermines her confidence. As with many young people, my words of encouragement and faith often go unheeded and my pleas to her to read her Bible are ignored. Her intent is good but it just doesn’t happen. I pray that she will connect and develop a stronger prayer life so that she will be delivered from her constant turmoil and will know the peace and comfort that living in His word provides. Thank you and God Bless.

  73. Please pray that God would give my husband and I favor in an upcoming court battle. July 31. We are going for custody of our grandson who has lived with us his whole 8 years of life. We so need a touch from heaven. I am battling and feel like I’m on the edge of falling down into a deep crevice of darkness. We have so many battles raging! I need rest and the peace of God to come and fill and restore me. We also need prayer for my husbands job. Thank you!! Salvation for Amanda, Adan. That truth would shine her light into their lives.
    Patrick and Rebekah would rededicate their lives to The Lord .

  74. I”m asking for prayer myself as well as family husband wesley, kids wesley V, Tony,JaVuntae &Turquoise Bell !!!! I”m seeking a strong spiritual relationship with God,Financial Breakthrough for my family asking God to restore and renew our relationship with the Father!!

  75. I need prayer helping me to get my mind back to comprehending what I am reading. I had heart valve surgery 8 weeks ago. I understand this happens to a lot of heart surgery patients. I cannot get my mind to settle down and comprehend what I read. I read God’s Word faithfully each day. Now I am having trouble picking up the Word. Now this may be a time when satan is using his power so I really need everyone’s prayer. We as a world should also be praying for the unsaved. With all of the earthquakes, tornados, and other things killing our people, is it getting close to the coming of Christ? I am ready but we have so many who are not ready including some of my family!!!!! I pray for salvation for the many unsaved people in this world!!!!! Thanks for all of your devotions and Godly words, ideas, etc that you take your time and talents to share with others!!!!!

  76. Please pray for my family–my husband, whose new job includes lots of travel time away from home. My 4 children, that they will love the Lord their God with all their heart, mind and strength. My 21 yo son fell off a 100 ft cliff, and is now unable to walk. Pray that the Lord allows him to walk again. My 18 yo daughter needs emotional healing bc she was molested as a child by a friend and also by a close family member. My 13 yo daughter to remain focused on what matters eternally and my 8 month old, that she would come to truly know Christ at an early age. Thank you!!

  77. I am asking prayer for my best friends stepmom her name is Dee. Dee just recently had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor that was found to be the size of a basketball. The Dr. informed her and her husband Joe that her cancer was in stage 3. If you are familiar with the stages of cancer you know this does not look good for Dee. Her husband Joe is devastated by the news and his children are very worried about what will happen to their dad if he loses Dee. Please pray for Dee for healing of her cancer as we believe and trust in God for his will. Pray also for Joe her husband that God may grant him strength to accept whatever may come and to endure the pain of the possiblity of losing Dee. God Bless You and May Your Days be blessed ones.

  78. Father God, sometimes I find it difficult to pray the right thing because I know Your will ultimately shall be done…for our good…and for Your glory, Father. But I pray, Lord, that Rosemary’s friend’s stepmom Dee, and her husband Joe, may feel and know Your presence, Lord. Above anything else, Your presence, Father. And just an overwhelming awareness of Your power and sovereignty. Lord, thank You that the tumor was found and removed, and we pray for complete healing from head to toe, Lord. O Healer, You are more than able. We pray for healing Lord. And for Rosemary’s heart to intercede for her friend’s family. Thank You Lord. We are so blessed to be able to come before You with our requests.

    I humbly request prayer for my family, extended family, and friends who are not yet saved…or who believe but aren’t wholly committed to Christ. In His body, we know the importance of revering our Lord, and seeking His face, His will…acknowledging His presence & worshipping Him with our lives. I know we are all to be vessels, sharing Christ with everyone. To see many family members and friends NOT bow down and worship our Holy Lord sometimes worries me. But worry will not add another day, so I trust God. You know, those people who know God is there (vs. here), who pray when times get rough, who go to church twice a year, whose living is not aligned to Christ. Time is short. What are we living for? I trust the Holy Spirit’s work, and pray for further courage and boldness to share Christ with others. Thank you. Aloha! 🙂

  79. Please pray for my sister, Angie. She desperately wants to have a baby but just had her 3rd miscarriage. Her heart is torn in half. Come Lord Jesus, Come! Thank you and God Bless you and your Family! Dianne

  80. Tonight I come to ask pray for me and my 16 yr old daughter. Her and I don’t see eye to eye on anything. I have been trying to prepare her for that big world out there. She says that it’s been since the 6th grade that I make her feel like the way she feels about me. I have asked her what have I done so I can correct my problem. I think is that I am too head strong and she is not. I know she was bulled in 6, 7, 8, and 9th grade. And she say I just add to all that. I feel she doesn’t accepts her self. She was made funny of her race (she is half white and half hispanic) I wish I could talk to someone about this because right now I feel that I am not doing any good for her. I feel like every time I try and talk to her we end up arguing. She never takes full responablities for what she does wrong. Like to night I asked her where she took her car because she had a dent on the ram and a some else was wrong with car and she said, she didn’t do it. Know one else drives this car but her and she did take it to a party up in the mountain. Which she told us that she didn’t go all the way up to the mountain. For three year we (my husband I) have been talk to her about her grades. She tries and blames her teaches or she was sick, someone or something else. Her self essiteam is low. She does want to here nothing form me. But yet I don’t know what I have done? Please pray for us I really want to have a good relationship with her.

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