The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had in a Restroom

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A few weeks ago, I was in the airport, headed to New Jersey. It was a typical rush, rush, rush morning.

Grab the bags, trudge through traffic, hunt for a parking space, follow the herd, wade through security, dash to the gate.

Folks aren’t usually very friendly in airports.

Eyes look straight ahead. Purposed feet slap the floor. Overstuffed bags roll behind.

It’s not that people are grumpy. They’re just “flatish.” (That’s a new word for today.)

On this particular morning, I looked just like everyone else. “Flatish.”

Before settling in at my gate, I decided to make one last trip to the restroom. I’m so glad I did.  It was one of the most joy-filled places I had been in a long time.

Gretchen, the “hostess” for this privy, donned a silly little hat on her head with whimsical feathers waving about the top. If it wasn’t for the official attendant’s vest she was wearing, I might have thought she was on her way to Mardi Gras.airport restroom1

With a spray bottle in one hand and a cloth in the other, Gretchen welcomed each “guest” into her “home.”

A woman in a green jacket exited a stall and Gretchen swooped in behind her.

Squirt, squirt squirt with the disinfectant.

Wipe, wipe, wipe with her cloth.

“Right this way, madam,” she motioned to the next person in line, “This one is ready for you! Come right in!”

With all the poise of a Valet opening the castle doors for a person of honor, Gretchen welcomed each woman as if she were the most important person in her day.

I stood back and watched as this 5 foot 5 inch bundle of joy wiped off toilet seats and cheerfully invited her next guest into the pristine stalls.

Gretchen had an effervescent sense of joy…wiping toilet seats. It seemed to come from a deep-seated heart of gratitude.

And it spilled over to every single woman who left her station.

Women entered weary and worn and left with a skip in their step and a smile on their face.  Some even lingered…as if they wanted to soak in just a little bit more before facing the world.

airport2On the counter rested a tip jar filled with thanks.

But I don’t think the “tips” were for wiping the germs away from the toilet seats, but for wiping the doldrums away from their hearts.

And for some strange reason, I just wanted to give Gretchen a hug.

I did.

She didn’t mind.

Gretchen reminded me just how contagious gratitude and joy can be. And how desperately I want to be a carrier. 

Leave a comment and tell me 5 things you are grateful for today. I’ll randomly pick 2 comments to receive a Starbucks gift card…because I am grateful for you!



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Comments 249

  1. I am grateful for; the air j breathe, the guard at the that door at work that always smiles at me every morning, for the daily messages from my mum that wakes me up every morning, for the unusual peace and safety i feel each passing day and for the lovely woman that looks back at me each time i look into the mirror.

    1. I am grateful for; waking up this morning, for just being able to smile use all of my limbs, praise God on my own, I am grateful that I have found this website to help me along my path.

    2. I am grateful for today. I have made it to another day with my health, my beautiful children and provision for today. There is nothing more that I need at this very moment, because I feel grateful for exactly what I have right now.

    3. I am grateful for the 3 days of vacation i just shared with my family and for the remaining 2 days of work that I have. I’m grateful for the wonderful company that I don’t mind cutting my vacation short for! i am grateful for my Lord and savior who orchestrated this beautiful weather today just for me! I am grateful for good heath. And I am grateful for my loving husband and sons who love the Lord as much as i do!

    4. Hello,
      I am thankful for my creator God, my faith, my husband, my church, my friends and family. And mostly the joy my Savior has given me for others because it is in others that we experience His Love. Thank you for your kindness and God Bless your day.xoC

    5. I am thankful for so many things, especially my family. I love taking pictures and have always keep photos of family and friends through the years.
      Just recently, I went home to visit with my dad who lives in Mississippi. My mother passed away in July 1977 with cancer, so we looked through the old photos and reminisced about old times. Well, while looking I found an old photo I had never seen. It was hard to believe. It was a picture of my mother and she was holding me when I was a baby. There just happen to be several copies and my dad gave me one. What a treasure it is. I just love it. I have few pictures with my mother holding me, but you know I just needed that so bad…just to know she loved and cared for me. It just was not said much, but it showed in other ways. I am thankful for a Christian mother and dad. I am thankful for God’s love toward me and my family also.

    6. I am so grateful for my new home: less IS more! So FREEING in so many ways.
      that God’s grace covers my biggest sin
      that my Savior forgives me
      for my children who are a gift from God along with “My Man”
      my salvation

    7. my god’s forever lasting love,my husband, my mom and being the mom you didnt want to be like and grow up glad you are like her(godly women), and I thankful for the loan that i havent even gotten yet cause I know the lord knows that we need it

  2. I’m thankful for The Lord giving his life for me. I’m thankful that though I have to wait I have an awesome savior to praise. I’m thankful even though there are huge potholes that have formed The Lord is there and is carrying me. I’m thankful for the beautiful husband and mother God has given me. I’m thankful the devil can’t steal what God has for me ??

  3. I am grateful for:
    1. A relationship with my loving father in Heaven.
    2. My husband who is always at my side.
    3. My customers in my embroidery business
    4. My health.
    5. The ability to spread God’s word in my embroidery business.

  4. Im grateful for life, salvation, a loving, healthy family, a peaceful place to call home and for the blessing of having a career that I love. The best part is that I dont deserve it! God is so awesome like that!

  5. Hilarious! I live and work overseas and international travel can be long and arduous and include as many as 3 flights, passport control and long layovers. Gretchen sounds like just the person to bring joy and laughter to an exhausted traveler with 4 kids. And she sets a great example, too. Hmmmm… What could I do to keep a positive, cheerful attitude that exudes Christ after 12 – 24 hours in transit?

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  6. So after living out of state for awhile and away from my daughters and grandbabies …
    1. Thankful to be a part of my grandbabies life .. Even though my energy level isnt what it used to be .. Im grateful to be her to help watch them and the joy and laughter they give me each day.
    2. Thankful for the home and the mess they make .. Atleast im here to clean up .
    3. Thankful because just a few months after moving back . My father had a heartattack.. And i was here and am here to help with him .. God knew i would need to be back here.. ( not necessary thankful he had a heart attack but..

  7. It’s always so refreshing to come into contact with someone who is kind and enjoys what they are doing!
    I am grateful for 1) my wonderful husband, 2) the spring weather we’ve had, 3) that both of my step-daughters received news on the same day that they received the jobs each had applied for, 4) my 19 mth grandson who is just the cutest guy ever, 5) great friends

  8. Oh Sharon!!! God Bless that young lady! I am so Grateful first for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. and Second for God’s Loving mercies which I receive every day ! ! !

    God Bless

  9. i am grateful for these little texts and funny pictures I get each morning from our minister of music wife! We are not in the same circle of people but some mornings it is all I need to enjoy a good laugh!
    2. My job teaching
    3. My children
    4. My home
    5. The easy spirit of my husband! I am grateful he makes our home “light”!

  10. 1. I am grateful I have the opportunity to wake up this morning and start my day with reading your email that points to Jesus Christ and how grateful I can be for what He’s already done for me on the cross.

    2. I am grateful to celebrate my wedding anniversary today, April 24, twenty one years of marriage to my loving, caring, hard working, Godly husband. We are a work in progress growing closer each day learning how to love each other, like Christ loves us.

    3. I am grateful to have all my needs exceeded today (i.e, food, shelter, a job to go to, a vehicle to get there, money for the gas to put in the car, a home to come back to and a stove to cook the dinner my husband and I will eat today as we celebrate 21 yrs. of marriage together.

    4. I am grateful for two beautiful gifts from God, our 2 grown children, who both are God fearing and saved and are a work in progress learning to keep God first in all they do.

    5. I am grateful for the opportunity today, to “be the light” in all I do and say, giving God the glory!

  11. I Am eternally grateful for:
    My lord Jesus
    My wonderful husband who teaches me to take one day at a time
    My home
    My kids and grAndkids
    My network of friends who keep me sane

  12. Thankful:
    A wonderful, healthy 17 year old daughter that is a blessing to me each and every day.
    A God given talent for repurposing furniture and other finds.
    An opportunity to do something different in my life, no matter how scary it is.
    A wonderful relationship that I never thought that I would find.
    Another day to enjoy my life.

  13. Thank you for the reminder that joy is to be chosen. You just don’t wake up with it. It is an attitude choice. Today I am thankful for a heart that beats to a different drummer (the Lord designed it); blooming jasmine that wafts in the air with a sweetness so tranquilizing; my husbands safe travels returning from a business trip; new mercies everyday; the beautiful emotional worship service last night at the church; spring blooms and buds; this time of year with no mosquitoes so I can enjoy spring on the back porch. I know I got carried away, more than five, but truly joy is a choice, gratefulness is a choice. May I choose joy today.

  14. I am grateful that I no longer need an alarm clock to wake me up. GOD wakes me and nudges me out of bed. To meet and read and pray. He is ready to nouriselh me i am grateful when you Sharon— have an email waiting. This devo plays right into A Sudden Glory which I am reading. I qm grateful for the rainbow God lovingly placed on my finger one am while reading His word. The sun had to shine just right and I had to be sitting in the rght love seat at that couple of minutes and hit the prism in my suncatcher. Rainbow remind me of His promises. I am thankful i listened to Elevation churches Easter message on Roku yesterday –Awesome! I am grateful for the woman at the well who was able to be meant by Jesus as He had to travel through Samaria to bless her with eternal water that would never dry. Iam also grateful for another night of safety my husband was given as he drove his tractor trailer back again after a long night of drivng! God is my protector and provider. I am grateful for a am after a meaningful prayer meeting. Thank you for the joy in a restroom you so lovibgly replayed with photo! Carry on in your journeys and GodBLESS..

  15. I am grateful for God’s saving grace. For my husband warm embrace, and my husband for helping out with our oldest son that is now 5 years old. Grateful for my oldest son’s warm hugs and concern for everyone’s needs even is younger brother that will be 6 months old soon. Lastly I am grateful for Sharon Jaynes for the reminder that it is all in perspective with how our day will be. Thank you I needed that with everyone minus our youngest, thankfully, are sick and have a horrible cough. Despite the painful sickness we will get through this and be better before we know it. Thank you hope everyone has a blessed day.

  16. I am grateful you were just my”Gretchen”

    I am grateful for My amazing son

    I have a job i enjoy

    God is doing powerful things in and around me

    And i have people who surround me with support

  17. Today I am thankful for my job. Id be homeless and without my two boys without it

    I’m thankful for what God will do in my marriage. Even though my husband and I are separated, im holding on to the promise that God WILL restore it

    Iam thankfully because the situation I’m in could have me depressed or worse, suicidal, but God has placed such joy abd peace in my heart that I’m ok and each morning that He wakes me up is another day I can continue fighting for my marriage and my family.

    I’m thankful for what I am going through because I have been getting closer to Him and ican gear His voice do clearly.

    I’m thankful for you and you’re page. You have challenged me to take the 30 day challenge to pray for my husband from head to toe. I just bought your book online yesterday. I’m excited because I know God is on the verge of pouring out His blessings! Thank you!

  18. 5 Things for which I am Grateful:

    1. The grumpy lady at work. I’m learning compassion.
    2. The cloudy day. Teaching me to look beyond what is right in front of me.
    3. Cozy Apartment – God takes care of me
    4. My 84 yr. old mom who loves Jesus – she is my prayer warrior!
    5. 2004 Pontiac Grand Am – runs like the Energizer Bunny

  19. Each morning I awaken early … and I slip downstairs to let the dogs out. I take that time to quickly check my emails and read your blog and the GIG blog. I am grateful for these two blogs as they give me a ‘push start’ for the day … I am always grateful for that pushstart as I believe I am a more hospitable Mother first thing in the morning, prior to greeting my next three objects of gratitude: my husband and my two daughters. God IS good to me and I love starting my day knowing and feeling that deep inside.

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  20. I thankful I woke up and got out of bed, thankful for the birds singing, the beautiful morning sky, the sunrise and the frogs croaking in my pond, for a cup of tea outdoors, the slight chill in the air. Oh I have so many things to list!

  21. I am most grateful for Jesus, who died for me. I am also grateful for family and friends who are there for me, not only to lift me up in prayer but to encourage positive growth in my life. I thank God for my career, health and lastly, Girlfriends in God! I have been reading this devotional for years. It has truly set the tone for each day!

    God Bless!

    Alicia C.

  22. I praise God for everything. Today’s top 5 are…My 88 year old Mother, who is so full of life and joy. 2. My new Great Nephew Jacob, who was born yesterday and is healthy and so is his Mom. 3. My friends, each one special in my heart and a wonderful blessing. 4. My Church and their unconditional love. 5. My family, even though we don’t see eye to eye, I still love them! Be blessed and be a blessing 🙂

  23. I am thankful for:
    My salvation
    My husband
    The only one friend I have.
    My children, each one is a unique piece of art from God.

    Blessings! !!

  24. I love to list those things for which I’m grateful!
    1. My savior, Jesus
    2. Jesus example of grace for me to try each day to model
    3. A husband God designed specifically for me (I still believe this after 13+years with him.)
    4. My puppy, Bella, for bringing me so much joy and her example of unconditional love
    5. A loving family inspired by my parents who also modeled a love for Christ and that unconditional love

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  25. 1. A body that moves so I can exercise.
    2. An amazing husband who is also my best friend.
    3. Three incredible kids “just because.”
    4. Coffee!
    5. Dinner cooking in the crockpot – an unexpected gift from my in-laws.

    thank you for this opportunity.

    in Him,

    Cheri 🙂

  26. So grateful
    !. Gods amazing grace
    2. Living in the country
    3.Watching the sun come up
    4.Grandkids and living close to them
    5. My job and trying to make a difference in peoples life

  27. 1. The beautiful sunshine we are having.
    2. My beautiful girls and their huge hearts.
    3. My protective hard working husband.
    4. My life that everyday I get to wake up in the morning and live!
    5. My supportive family. That they are there for me when I need them.

  28. Five things im thankful for
    1.) I woke up today
    2.) I kissed my children off to school
    3.) For everything i’ve been thru i wouldn’t of met the Lord
    4.) The Lord’s forgiveness and mercy and especially His Love!!
    5.) God’s patience with me

  29. 1.I am so grateful I serve a risen Lord
    2. Great flu for my wonderful family
    3. My Mary Kay business
    4.grateful for my friends
    5. Grateful for you Sharon that I read your emails

  30. I am thankful for my Lord and Savior, who has forgiven my sins by dying on the cross.
    For the beautiful sunrise that I was able to see this morning.
    For all the lovely people in the Wednesday night Bible Study.
    For all the answered prayers. Sometimes they are not overnight.
    And for being alive in Jesus Christ!

  31. 1. My morning devotion time, where I met God in such a real way this morning.
    2. My health and ability to arise from my bed and be active today.
    3. My friends who encourage me in my walk of faith.
    4. The blossoms on the trees and bushes. Reminds me that I too am a new creation in Christ.
    5. The sunrise where I see God painting me a beautiful picture this morning. He touches my soul almost daily with His sunrises and sunsets.

  32. Hi Sharon,

    First off…not eligible for giveaway….I’m an overseas subscriber to your blog. This I wanted you to know because you Do spread that love and joy around…even all the way to where I live in the Caribbean. Thank you for this post…it was so uplifting and just what I needed today. God bless that restroom lady and all who spread the love around…including you!

  33. (1) I’m thankful that God sent His Son to die on the cross for me.
    (2) I’m thankful for a husband who doesn’t and won’t give up on me and our marriage, especially when I am not being agreeable and nice.
    (3) I’m thankful for my two beautiful daughters who bring me joy and laughter.
    (4) I’m thankful for all that God has provided for me in my life.
    (5) I’m thankful to be alive.

  34. I am grateful for….
    1. Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross for me
    2. My sweet, funny loving husband
    3. Being able to listen to music
    4. Having a strong and healthy body
    5. My children, family,and friends

  35. (This was “so great”. Exactly how it is early at an airport) loved it…
    And yes, how one person’s attitude can totally!!! Change “a day”. Yeah, guess I can do that too, maybe even before coffee!??

    1. Post

      You’re so right. But…I need my coffee first:) I’m drinking it right now as I’m reading and praying through comments:)

  36. I admire those women who can be positive and encouraging, especially in difficult circumstances. It takes an effort, but when the results mean that others are blessed as well as yourself, it is worth it. We don’t know what others are going through, so offering a smile as we go our way, may be the encouragement that someone has prayed for that day. 🙂

  37. I loved this blog! I will have joy today!!

    5 things I am grateful for:
    1) Jesus
    2) My family
    3) My Sister in Christ, Monnie Mae.
    4) My Grow Group Peeps
    5) My job….I’m a nanny to twins.

    Have a joyful day!

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  38. Things I’m grateful for today:
    1. God’s amazing, incredible grace, mercy & Love!
    2. My husband-loving & always there to lean on.
    3. My son-his joy is definitely contagious.
    4. My moms life & this extended time we have with her.
    5. The beautiful sunshine outside, blooms all around & birds chirping.
    6. My friends & family-how God connects us all in the exact right timing.
    7. My job & my husband’s job.
    8. This exercise–what a great way to start the day!

  39. I am grateful today that the Lord allowed me to wake up. That in the wee hours of the morning as the rest of my family slept, I could spend time alone with Him and His Word. I am also grateful that He loves my son so much more than I do and that even though at age 20 & suffering from a cancerous brain tumor and numerous seizures throughout each day, he laughs, he smiles, he can pray, he can see to read God’s Word and I am thankful that He depends on God and He trusts Him and takes Him at His Word and believes in fath for his complete healing! I am grateful that my son knows and loves the Lord!!!!!!! What an inspiration my son is to me!!!!!!!!t

    1. Post
    2. We pray for that child. We ask for God’s special touch for healing and His touch of anointing upon you as you minister to his needs. Don’t for a second forget God is able with a touch of His little finger to heal. Take comfort in knowing others are praying for your child this day. One mom to another, nothing touchés our heart like our children. God bless!

  40. Grateful for:
    * the gift of eternal life and that Christ died for our sins – Hallelujah
    * my sweet friend, Kim, who introduced me to bible study. It is so wonderful to finally begin understanding the scriptures! And yes, reading Revelation does give you a blessing!
    * the joy and love my children have given me watching them grow up – such a wonderful gift from God
    * my friends and the fun times we share and even the times that aren’t so good. Isn’t it nice to have someone to laugh and cry with over life’s circumstances!
    * my dog, Luke. He always runs to the door greeting me with his tail wagging and rushing to cuddle up next to me – sweet gift of unconditional love

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  41. I’m grateful Jesus is mine. I’m grateful for my two children. I’m grateful for a happier husband. I’m grateful I can spend the day with Jesus. I’m grateful for the beautiful birds in my backyard and beyond.

  42. 1. My husband
    2. My 3 children and their spouses
    3. My 7 grandchildren
    4. My faith in God
    5. For Jesus, who took the punishment for my sins, dying on the cross, and rising again.

  43. I am thankful for a lot of things in my life , but the top 5 are:
    1.God’s amazing ways of talking to me and help me grow spiritually in Him.
    2. My beautiful , healthy and teachable daughters , husband, parents and friends.
    3 My job.
    4 Learning curves i am provided in dealing with family.
    5 Myself

  44. I’m grateful for so much and a lot of it most would not see the gratefulness aspect of it! Like I’m grateful I lost my job. I have had time to growth in my spirituality, rest from that weariness of working my whole life and take time to look at the family, friends, the little things in life we are to busyto notice like a beautiful sunset or to really look at someone or hear someone and really care about what’s going on in their lives. I’ve grown in my faith in the Lord’s provision waiting on unemployment for 8 weeks to get and all the little miracles he provided to help us get by while we waited. I’ve had to humble myself and ask for assistance with food electric heat and it’s helped know how to help others seek help when they need it as well!! I’ve also grown in knowledge in technology as many services and job hunting depend on utilizing these services. I have also learned patience with God, others and myself as I wait for all things to pull together for the good of this that I know is coming as The Lord promises! I guess that’s a lot to be thankful for all wrapped up in one circumstance that I’m thankful God has had me go through. I am grateful for all that I have and all that I endure that only makes me stronger yet more dependent on The Lord as we should be!! God Bless!!

    1. Post

      Tammy Jo. I love your response. What a wonderful way to look at losing your job. I just wrote a piece on how gratitude changes your perspective. You are a perfect example of how it has changed yours.!

  45. I am grateful for God’s Word that gives me direction for each new day and opportunities to share that with others.

    I am grateful for little grandkids who are so full of love and joy, it feels like God Himself is giving me bunches of hugs and kisses!

  46. I am grateful for the splendor of spring appearing in full color as the curtain of winter is drawn back. I am grateful for ALL my girlfriends God has sent to enrich and sharpen my life. Most of all I am grateful that Jesus is my Savior, has paid my debt and offers me grace and mercy.

    1. Post

      Oh LInda, I love that sentence. I’m going to savor it all day. “The splendor of spring appearing in full color as the curtain of winter is drawn back.”

  47. 1. For my husbands new job. even tho it will take him away for 6 months, i am grateful he wants to provide for us.
    2. Our oldest son is in the army in Korea. I am grateful for the things he is learning about God and himself while he is there. Again, it is hard being away but God loves him more than us so he is holding him in His hand.
    3. Our middle son is following God’s leading by going into the ministry. He was gifted with strong academic abilities and had opportunity for full ride for engineering but choose this path with God’s prompting.
    4. Grateful God chose us to have adopted our daughter. We have hard times with her but grateful for the hard times. It certainly makes me have a greater dependence on the Lord.
    5. Grateful most for God’s forgiveness and assurance of salvation.

  48. I am so grateful for my restored friendship with an old friend! God has revealed himself to us time and time again during our time of healing. Today we get to go to a 3 day Joyce Meyer conference til fill our spirits, so that we may continue to show others what God can do. He is using us! And we are so grateful!! 🙂

  49. I have so many things I could list!
    1-My mom! I’d be so lost without her!
    2-My health. There are so many that don’t have even this, so I’m grateful for being healthy!
    3-The sunshine in spring! It was a rough winter this year, so I’m so grateful that there is a new season upon us!
    4-My jobs-I work 3 different jobs to get by and have what I need and want, but absolutely love all of them! They all deal with working with women and children. I love getting to pour into them everyday!
    5-My family and friends who support me through everything!

  50. I am grateful to God who NEVER gives up on me or my circumstances even when I do. I am also grateful for strength He gives to endure hardships. I have just went through a VERY tough time in my marriage and life. God’s miracle is beginning to take place and I am grateful He never gave up when things looked impossible and for His strength that has gotten me through it all.

  51. The world needs more Gretchens! I started out wishing for more bathroom attendants, but ended with wishing to clone her joy instead!

    This morning I am thankful God has given me another day to enjoy my life and my family! I am thankful to have been saved, and know with each step as I continue along my eternal journey, that I am headed to THE best ever eternal destination spot which was prepared specifically for me!!! I am thankful for constant forgiveness because the Lord sure knows I need it! I was laid off of my job last week, but rather than mope around, I am thankful I have been able to spend the extra time taking better care of the home which He has lent to me. I am also so thankful for you, Sharon, and the beautiful messages He delivers to us each day through you!

    Starbucks or not, this was a very fun read!! 🙂

  52. I am grateful for
    1) my husband
    2) my cat
    3) my career/current job
    4) the cup of coffee I am about to drink
    5) my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, of course!

  53. I am grateful for Jesus being the Lord of my Life. I am grateful for my family including my 88 year old mom who is in fairly good health!. I am grateful for my children and grandchildren who are also in good health. I am grateful for my home and Husband who has survived very serious surgery. I am grateful for you Sharon because you continue to let the Lord use in this way . God bless.

  54. Ok! Just reading this blog post has my face cramping from smiling!! 🙂 So cool and so very true! I want to be contagious with a spirit of gratitude and joy!

    I am thankful for:

    ~That I get to visit with one of my sisters this weekend in ATL 🙂
    ~That I have a job that I love that allows me to minister to women on a daily basis
    ~That I had the funds this morning to put gas in my car! Prices are so high this is definitely something I am thanking God for always providing!
    ~For the internet – to where we can read and share burdens and blessings with others and happy make your face cramp from smiling stories! 🙂
    ~For YOU Sharon – for your realness and humbleness – Thank you for ALL that you do in the scenes and behind the scenes!

    Have a wonderful and gratitude filled day everyone!!! 🙂

  55. Salvation through Jesus
    Thankful that my sister and I can serve and care for our mother during cancer treatments
    Love of friends that pick me up during hard times and laugh with me during good times
    Warm sun after such a cold winter

  56. I am thankful for God being with me through thick and thin. For Gods hand in everything including the hard stuff. For the rain soaking the ground to bring forth new growth. For good food that speaks to the soul and uplifts the body such as hot ham and bean soup on a cold rainy day, cup of tea and a cookie in the afternoon, etc. For my precious little ones who bring so much joy into my life

  57. I am so thankful for a heavenly Father that loves me no matter what. For a loving husband that does the same. For my children and grandchildren. For my church family and for my Celebrate Recovery family.

  58. 1. Coffee- it wakes me every morning.
    2. This blog I took the time to read today!!
    3. A Christian boss that allows us to talk openly about our savior
    4. The very first blueberry that turned blue on my bush, because my 2 year old niece as been waiting paitently for it to.
    5. That I woke up with air in my lungs! : )

  59. There are so many blessings to be grateful for! My Mom just went home to be with the Lord a few weeks thankful she knew the Lord. So thankful my Dad was there waiting for her. So thankful for my wonderful godly husband and our strong marriage and that we pray together about everything. So thankful that my brother and I are reconciled after being apart for 2 1/2 years. Thankful for my great gift of salvation and the many promises of God that are in His word. And so thankful that God is a God of second and third and….chances. So thankful for His amazing love and grace!??

  60. I am grateful for my salvation, for the forgiveness he has given me for those who hurt me along life’s way. I am grateful for a loving husband who has been there thru the hurt and pains and joys of life without complaint (32yrs). I am grateful for a wonderful son who stands on his own as a man should. And I am grateful for the blue southern sky that I see every day out of my office window doing a job I love. God’s blessings are everjoyful.

  61. i woke up, I have a wonderful family, I have pretty good health, I have GODwatching over me and all my family, GOD never stops blessing us

  62. I am thankful that GOdD chose me to be me!!!!!! I am thankful that God gave me something that lights up the world for someone else. A lady told me that my smile made her feel better, because she wanted to give up.

  63. I am grateful everyday for the promises that God gives me in His word – I can stand with confidence on them.
    I am grateful everyday that I am His Bride – thrills me to think that He is excited just to converse with me.
    I am grateful for every trial, good and bad that has led me to this place – I am so ready for the next chapter of my life.
    I am grateful for ALL of my girlfriends – they keep me grounded and laughing.
    I am grateful for His unrelenting pursuit of me – I fail Him and myself in so many areas but He is always there to shower me with grace.
    BTW I love your blog and always come away refreshed. It has carried me through the last year in dealing with the loss of my best friend and husband of 28 years. Thanks for sharing with us.

  64. 1. I am grateful for a loving, grateful, and forgiving God.
    2. I am grateful for my loving husband, children and grandchildren. .
    3. I am grateful for the pepole I work with every day.
    4. I am grateful for the nice sunshine this morning.
    5. I am grateful for my friends.

  65. I am thankful that God answers my prayers and fulfills my needs which are specific.
    I am grateful for my faith and that I am able to love others as Christ loves me.
    I am thankful to serve the Lord at my place of worship.
    I am grateful for Christian fellowship.
    I thank God for friends and for my modest life.

  66. 1. a faithful God, who has and will always supplied all my needs
    2. a new full time job, Have not work full time work in 3 1/2 years
    3. my church for their support and prayers
    4. good health
    5. my family.

  67. 1. The very breath I take reminds me God has spared me for another day to serve Him
    2. My husband
    3. My 3 children
    4. My position as a children’s pastor that I get a chance to advance the kingdom of God
    5. My friends who keep me accountable and for this blog that always makes my day complete

  68. 1. I am thankful for my salvation He loved me enough to die for me.

    2. I’m thankful for my family and friends.

    3. I’m thankful for being able to walk daily for the Lord and show His love to others.

    4. I’m thankful for the bible .

    5. I’m thankful the Lord is in Control of All Things…

  69. Today I am most thank for for Jesus and God my Father for who they are in my life and what they represent. I thankful that what ever God is up to this day He has allowed me to be part. Thankful that he allows he to be His hands, His ears, His legs and His voice.

  70. I am grateful for the ability to learn a new language, after living the last 10 years without a voice, now I can talk with my hands.
    I am grateful for my moms group, they always have such great insight and encouragement.
    I am grateful for my kids, though they drive me insane.
    I am grateful for my job, outside the home, because it gives me a chance to get away for a while.
    Lastly, but most important I am grateful that I didn’t have to pay for my sins, someone else already did, because I know that I sin a lot.

  71. I am grateful for
    my mom coming thru breast cancer surgery and with a joy of being alive.
    For how my family pulled together
    For still being working with all the layoffs
    For learning to let go of the past and enjoy today
    For Jesus

  72. 1. my dog at my side
    2. my husband outside getting my old garden cleaned up
    3. my chance to catch up on my email
    4. my doctor who I am seeing in just a bit who is helping to heal my back pain
    5. my car that will take us to the doctor’s office

  73. Dear Sharon,
    Thank you for sharing your delightful story! So many unpleasant things happen in public restrooms for us women – long lines, doors that won’t latch, no toilet paper and usually a place you had hardly imagine having to use! Lord bless the bathroom attendants!
    PS – loved her little hat:)
    – thankful for others that spread joy around
    – thankful that I can choose to be one of those people
    – for Jesus the source of my joy
    – for my wonderful husband and family
    – for the community of believers (His Body) who encourage and challenge us daily

  74. I’m so thankful for God and His leading if my life ?? I’m so very thankful for my children and grandchildren ?? I’m so thankful and grateful that God continues to be with me as I just finished my 12th cycle of chemo ?? I’m so thankful for today ?? I’m so thankful for the sun shining ??

  75. 1. A God that loves me unconditionally and is the ultimate life giver and life sustained
    2. My husband and children who bring me so much joy
    3. The beginning signs of spring here in the North.Lol
    4. My Bible and devotions delivered to my email
    5. Peppermint hot chocolate

  76. What a great way to start the day – I would like to be like Gretchen too!
    I’m thankful for –
    1. God and his son!
    2. My sweet husband – who puts up with all we have going on in our lives and NEVER complains.
    3. My wonderful mama & daddy – that they raised me the way they did and taught me to care for others.
    4. My job – that I have a great place to work and a job I love doing.
    5. Each day I can get up and go!

  77. I’m grateful to wake up every morning and spend time in prayer b/4 I start my day , 2- I’m grateful that my kid’s are following God and not the world ,3- I”m grateful that I have a good job 3-I’m grateful for my church family, 4- I’m grateful that I have a good christian mentor , 5- I’m grateful for these good devotionals that I get !!

  78. 1) I am able to quit my 2nd job to be at home more and be my own boss!
    2) I am going to see college friends this weekend ( and get a few hours alone with my husband!)
    3) I am buying a new vehicle tomorrow
    4) I got up an exercised today before work
    5) My friend just lost her mother so I am thankful mine is still around.

  79. God’s unconditional love and acceptance; my daughter; the best work-out partner I’ve ever had – my dog Tank; the beautiful sunshine; the desert in the spring.

  80. Grateful for another day, grateful for my family & friends, grateful that there is food in my cupboards, grateful for the roof over my head, grateful that I have a job that I have to go to. All the basic but the most important one to me is I am so grateful that I have a GOD that I believe in and love with all my heart. Grateful that Jesus died for me on the cross that marvelous day and gave me a chance and a choice. Grateful that I was born into a family of believers, Grateful for all the struggles and sorrow in my life because now I value each second and want to live every second for him, to give him glory and praise. Grateful for his forgiveness, that if I make a mistake he gives me his hand and lifts me back up. Grateful for GODS unconditional EVERLASTING LOVE. Grateful that nothing can ever seperate me from HIM, MY LORD AND SAVIOR

  81. I am so thankful for so many things.
    Here are just 5 of them.
    1. My God who loves me more than I can understand.
    2. My Husband
    3. My children and grandchildren
    4. My health, still running marathons at age 60.
    5. My praying partners God has put into my life..

  82. 1. Spring in Massachusetts and God’s handiwork.
    2. My family and friends.
    3. That I’ll be at Word of Life May 2-4 when you are the guest speaker.
    4. That God is alive and active in our world.
    5. That God loves me.

  83. I am grateful for each day that God awakens me, for giving me another opportunity to be His hands and feet. For the pain and suffering that I had in my life, that it brought me to His feet and the ability to share that with those around me so that they too may be at His feet. I am grateful for my loving husband,with him I a beyond blessed. Did you know it is very hard to just name 5 things? The list is so long, there are so many blessings! I am grateful for this blog that I receive each day, your words come at all the appropriate times!

  84. I am grateful for being able to hear the birds sing their songs this morning! I am grateful for the safety and wellbeing of my family! I am grateful for my job and my coworkers who return my smiles! I am grateful for my upcoming 50th birthday! I am grateful for my God who loves me unconditionally and continually pours His Love upon me!

  85. Grateful that God has given me another day.
    Grateful to share this day with my husband.
    Grateful for three children who love the Lord.
    Grateful for the young lady who will soon marry our son.
    Grateful for our first grandchild due in a few months.

  86. You are a precious and inspiring gift to me!! :))
    5 things I am thankful for!!
    1. My husband! And today is our 34th Wedding anniversary!! I praise God that Jesus is our foundation and humor adds great fun to our marriage. Married to my best friend. 🙂
    2. Spring!! The new life everywhere! Including the darling blue wren eggs that are in a nest in my backdoor wreath right now. :)) All reminders of the new life we have in Christ!! Provides many “Glory Moments!”
    3. My family! 2 beautiful grown children. Both parents in mid-eighties, still healthy! Sister, Brother, nieces, nephews, etc.!!! Such blessings!
    4. My Bible and devotionals!! The daily sustenance that keeps me going! Even through the darkest of times!
    5. Trial!! A very tough blessing. We have been in one of the darkest ones for 2 years. I am 55 and had many…each one taking me deeper in my faith. And once again, my Savior has been so faithful in providing the strength to endure the pain. Praise God!!
    Thank you, Sharon! God Bless.

    1. Post
  87. I am thankful to my Father for: Shelter, food, clothing, a bed with warm blankets, and His songs waking me and running through my head this and every morning. Thank you, Jesus for your limitless love, grace, power, and blessings!

  88. I’m thankful for my children for their struggles, their victories and their weaknesses because it helps me to pray for them more..

  89. Great story. Thanks for sharing.I am grateful for our loving Father and all the blessings I have. A wonderful husband and great kids. I am grateful for the devotions that I get to read every day and for the talents God has given me to use to bless others.

  90. Love stories like this one. Joy is my word for 2014. We need joy in our lives. God gives us joy in so many ways if we but look for it. I am grateful for His love and mercy. I am grateful for Christians who continue to hold people up in prayer. I am grateful for the clouds in the sky that look like God painted them. I am grateful for my family and friends. I am grateful for this life God has given to me. Thank you Lord.

  91. I am grateful that I am nurturing my relationship with my savior Jesus Christ.
    I am grateful that I trust him to use me as a vehicle to serve others.
    I am grateful that today is the one year anniversary of my husband’s re-birth.
    I am grateful that my niece is in recovery and accepting a “clean” life.
    I am grateful for the beauty of nature and how it reminds me throughout the day of the Lord’s greatness and that he is always with me.

    God Bless you Sharon for spreading Joy.

  92. I am grateful for The Golden Child (my son, Bryce)!
    I am grateful that I have always been able to supply his needs and quite a few wants!
    I am grateful that things have never been as bad as they could be!
    I am grateful for the awesome friends and family that I have been blessed with!
    I am grateful that I am wonderfully and fearfully made!

  93. A month ago I became a caregiver to my mom. It came at us (my husband & me) fast & furious. There was a house to get her out of before she got evicted and many past due bills that had to be taken care of. Needless to say, it has been a stressful month. But we take one day at a time and sometimes, one moment at a time.

    Here are some things we’ve found to be grateful for in the past month:
    1) God blessed us financially so that we were in a position to help clean up her financial disasters and take care of her.
    2) A federally assisted apartment that had an opening at the very moment she was to be evicted (she was on a waiting list & there was supposed to be a 12-18 month long wait – the opening came at 5 months!) That’s God’s perfect timing!
    3) A neighbor that saw mom’s washer & dryer sitting in our garage & purchased both without us even advertising. That’s God again!
    4) I’m thankful for a wonderful husband (a God-send) who has been a great support to me during this trying time.
    5) I’m thankful for an awesome God who hears prayers and sends answers – sometimes sending laughter (comedy relief), sometimes sending unexpected blessings, but always sending grace & strength sufficient for each day.

    Blessed & Thankful!

  94. 5 things I am grateful for…that’s hard one…hard to keep it at only 5 things I mean. 😉

    First of all, I am eternally grateful for a loving Father who sent His son to take on the punishment of my sins and make a way for me to be with Him one day. Secondly, I am grateful for the love He shows me everyday, regardless of myself, and teaches me continually to love others the way He loves. Thirdly, I am grateful that He has taught me what it is to truly worship Him and want to serve Him. I am heading out this weekend to do ministry work and I am super excited about what He has waiting for me and for whomever He places in my path! Fourthly, I am truly thankful for the God-fearing, loving husband who is by my side in this ministry work and wants to see God move as much as I do. Fifthly (but most certainly not last), I am thankful to be chosen by Him to do this work, with my family (physical and spiritual), and for the paths that He is placing us on in our service to Him. I can’t wait to see where He is gonna take us next! God bless you all! 🙂

  95. Have you ever just had one of those days where nothing goes right and your stressed about tomorrow? Well that is how I am and have been for the last couple days. I know what i am supposed to do but for some reason i dont have it in me to pray and be thankful, well that is until i took my daughter to school. I was listening to air1 for a change of pace and God spoke through me with songs of trusting him. I dropped my daughter off and just cried. I am always amazed, in my weakest alone moment i am never alone.
    1. I am thankful that I listened when I heard
    turn the station here.
    2. My daughter for just understanding
    3. For God who know exactly what to do and how to turn my funk around.
    4. For sharyon for sharing her bathroom experience
    5. For today, its beautiful and I have faith that today will be different

  96. I am thankful for

    1) my son
    2) my husband
    3) parents
    4) all the blessings that we take for granted and for get to say thank you
    5) our Heavenly Father that is we can get down on our knees when praying.
    Have a blessed day

  97. 1 – A washer and dryer hook-up in our apartment, which means I don’t have to go down to the laundry facility or laundry mat. I can throw things in at my convenience.

    2- A dryer, period! Had to hang clothes up on a clothes line strung between to porch pillars for 6 months (pre-apartment living days).

    3 – A beautiful view directly out the back of our apartment at the end of the Rockie Mountains.

    4 – A part-time job that fell into my lap that perfectly suits my life and our financial needs.

    5 – Friendships that can pick up after a 20 year separation and that will continue through eternity (Steve and Sharon!).

    1. Post
  98. I am grateful for:
    (1) God and who He is in my life
    (2) the gift of my mom and her godly legacy (she passed away 2 days ago)
    (3) the gift of great health
    (4) the chance to show God’s love to others today
    (5) all of His opportunities to bring others closer to Him

  99. I am thankful beyond expression that God is, and there is no other, that the Everlasting Father planned before time to rescue us from sin and death, that He made place for me in His kingdom.

    I praise His mercy that Jesus, the One and Only, the Prince of Peace, faultless, pure, and obedient suffered in our place, that I might gratefully worship God forever.

    My heart rejoices in the Holy Spirit, that my days are made alive in and through Him, that I am never alone.

    I thank the Lord God Almighty for the gifts of marriage, children, grandboys, friends, and church family, for a world of color, scent, birdsong, blessings uncountable, and beauty ever-present. I am glad to be alive, held safe in the grace of God!

  100. Thank you Sharon!

    1. I am thankful for hope in Jesus
    2. The blessing of my family (3 healthy happy kids and 1 happy husband)
    3. My children’s unwavering joy, that reminds me to be joyful
    4. Ministries like yours that are so uplifting and don’t feel like a “ministry” at all
    5. Every other special thing in my life that I take for granted!

  101. I’m thankful for my Father in heaven that rains his love and peace over this broken daughter. I’m thankful for my bestie that takes time out of her busy day to speak encouraging words to me. I’m thankful for my super smart boys that make me smile and teach me things about myself that I never knew. I’m thankful for this job that provides for my family. I’m thankful for each and every opportunity to show love to others without need for return (this is new for me and a lesson well learned!!)

  102. After almost a year of living with family because of unemployment, I am sooooo grateful for my husband’s job & the home God has provided for us. Through it all, God continues to prove how faithful He is.

    I’m also so grateful for the youth ministry God has called us to start. I’m thankful for all He’s brought us through so we can proclaim His goodness to the next generation!

    Thank you so much for your devotions – they’ve really spoken to me & helped me stay focused on The Lord instead of circumstances.

  103. Thank you for sharing this story with us! I found myself giggling with joy! I am grateful for my relationship with our Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus (yesterday was a rough day for me); my husband: who loves me as I am; my beautiful and funny daughter: who eagerly waits to help me with chores; my church: who has helped me develop such a wonderful relationship with my Heavenly Father and learn how to pray and speak to Him; and my food allergies: an opportunity to minister to those who also suffer. Thank you, Sharon!

  104. I am thankful for:

    (1) A husband who works 2 jobs just to keep our household going.
    (2) A husband who walks the fragrance of Christ
    (3) 3 sons who love our Lord Christ Jesus
    (4) A Pastor who stands on the Word
    (5) Friends who I get to walk with in the morning, keeping me accountable

  105. I’m grateful for a picture I saw in face book… an announcement that in Easter a young girl, who’s been a lost girl, self destructive and hurting since the death of her father. … she committed to membership, publicly giving her testimony. Sounds silly, but that is a world away from anything she’d ever do.
    You, Sharon, were our speaker, at The Salvation Army’s Womens weekend, and you took the time to listen to , and to pray and guide that lost sheep who’d made a decision for Christ that weekend. It was a new beginning for her, and I continue to trust God for unfolding growth and blessings. You were such a blessing. As I travel to all of our groups I still see women who smile and say, “I’m snapping less these days! ” One woman said that her husband was paying her way to come back this year. He said he’d got a new wife back last yr!”

  106. I was brought to tears, but with a smile on my face. I am grateful for:

    1, You
    2. God my Father and my Savoir
    3. My husband and soul mate…we are one!
    4. My health
    5. My family, especially my granddaughters

  107. Ooh what a blessing ti is to encounter people like Gretchen! I am so thankful for the reminder that our joy can rub off in the same way that a bad attitude does… After the morning I’ve had, I REALLY needed to read this! I am thankful that you shared! Blessings!!

  108. I am grateful for grace, for God in my life, for my daily reminders to smile and laugh, for my friends and family, and for people like you who can write a blog to remind us to be grateful each day! Thank you!

  109. Such a wonderful story! Thank you for all you share!

    RIght now the Top 5 for me would be:
    1. My relationship with my heavenly Father – thankful to be saved by His amazing grace
    2. My precious husband that loves me and leads our family to grow closer to Christ
    3. My two sons that are healthy, active and full of energy = never a dull moment 🙂
    4. Beautiful sunshine shinning outside right now
    5. Having a career that I love – working in children’s ministry at the church I grew up in

  110. I am thankful for Loving people that put Awesome stories or thoughts for the day to help me reflect in a more positive way. Sometimes I get down because I try to make everything so nice for everyone in my life. I feel so insignificant at times. I know I do it because that is who I am. I enjoy it actually. It just bursts out of me. Just to feel like someone actually notices or Loves me back or even just doesn’t take me for granted would be awesome. I know in the Bible it talks about not getting Weary in Well doing. I try to remember that daily. Sometimes people like the Bubbly cheerful lady in the restroom at the airport that makes your day and puts a smile on your face is actually going through something that no one even knows about. She just has the strentgth to rise above it and spread joy. This is a God given gift. Thank you again for letting me put my thoughts down today. May God Bless you and your Family, Each of you.

  111. I am grateful for:
    1. my husband
    2. my children
    3. God’s word
    4. my dad
    5. the realization on the way to work this morning that though God is perfect, He is not a perfectionist. He is glorified in our imperfections and loves us completely the way we are.

  112. I’m grateful first and foremost for Jesus Christ and my salvation. I’m grateful that He never gave up on me when I gave up on myself. I’m grateful for a wonderful family. For my children and grandchild. For my 92 year old mother being able to live with us and do so well.

  113. 1. A smile – most of the time, it is as contagious as a yawn(you just yawned, didn’t ya LOL)
    2. An unexpected, “I love you, mom!”
    3. The moment when I run into someone whom I have not seen in a long time and a few days back, I was thinking of them. 😉
    4. I love Spirit FM – so when I am in need of some uplifting words at a certain moment, GOD’s Word through just the right song, for that moment, is played and in an instant, my train of thought is turned around and my heart is smiling. =)
    5. No Doubt the LOVE that GOD has for me, it shows by the family and friends that HE has put into my life.

  114. I am grateful for Jesus, I am grateful for my husband, I am grateful for life, I am grateful for our 3 boys, I am grateful for the opportunity to adopt another son.

  115. Hi Sharon!! All I could do was smile when I read your blog! I am grateful for:
    * my awesome, marvelous Savior, Lord Jesus Christ
    * my sons who bring much joy to my life
    * my parents who selflessly give of themselves every single day
    * my Christian co-workers
    * this beautiful earth that God created for us to enjoy
    * and a gazillion other things that I cannot name them all

    Love, Angie

  116. Only 5?
    My life
    My salvation
    My Sweetheart husband of 25 years
    My Family
    My Granddaughters
    My Friends
    My pets that are family
    My Heavenly Father who has provided all this and so very much more…

  117. I am grateful because:
    I am loved
    I have a warm cozy house
    I have a loving husband who works hard for us
    I have the ability to get on line and tell people about the Lord
    Last but not least I get to receive encouragement from websites like this one 🙂

  118. I am grateful for you sharing this story awesome!
    I am grateful for the renewal of my life.
    I am grateful for GIG that share inspiration to the world.
    I am grateful for the wisdom that comes to me through the Holy Spirit and all the Angels God surrounds us with always..
    I am grateful for my husband and family on both sides and friends in Our life’s God brings through our path.

  119. If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely… Roald Dahl

    I am thankful for…
    The freewill to choose my attitude.
    My loving and wonderful family.
    My caring and thoughtful friends.
    My grace-filled and foundational church community.
    And my faith in my lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

  120. I’m grateful for my children and grandchildren. I’m thankful that I have a job I love. I’m thankful that Jesus died for me. I’m thankful that my parents are still alive and doing well. I’m thankful to be alive.

  121. I am so grateful for 1. a Savior who died for me 2.Everyday blessings of food, shelter, clothes to wear, shoes,shoes,shoes, to wear Haha my family would say i have too many shoes, but I tell them no woman can have too many shoes!!! 3. My family, 2 sons, one of which is married and now I have a beautiful daughter-in-law who has given me a beautiful grandson who is turning 1 next month. an adopted daughter who God has put in our lives. Both my parents are still living and with some medical issues of which my mom just had a pacemaker put in last week, my husbands parents who both are still living as well and has always treated me like a daughter and finally 4.My husband -I put him here because it brings me to 5. I’m so grateful for The Praying Wives Club, and You and your book “Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe.” God literally dropped this down from heaven!! because I was giving up on my marriage of 25 years. Too much junk pushed under a rug -too little in common with each other -too late. I was at my end, I told God that I wanted Him to help me either fix my marriage or let me out of it! I had had enough drama, don’t want to go into details, but enough was enough. I was throwing in the towel. At least 10 years I have been wanting to throw in the towel. I was on fb and there it was The Praying Wives Club, in one of the things you might be interested in because a friend liked it, so I was interested and checked it out. The more I checked it out the more interested I became and the more I felt God wanting me to try it out, couldn’t hurt right?! I did ask Him to fix it, right?! Yep I did. I started March 16, using the fb page of the little pics with scriptures on it and prayed, and I told God I’m giving from this day March 16 to April 16 to do something, anything by then, of course, I said please, please, please let me see something happen. I then seen your 30 day prayer dare starting April 1st so I decided to extend my earlier month to the end of April. Have I seen a change? I have seen sparks of things wondering where they are leading. I don’t know yet where its going, but if by the end of April nothing has changed, I can say I have changed, because I’m going to do it again and again, month to month, until I get my breakthrough. Can’t hurt, right?!

  122. I am grateful first and foremost for my Savior. Second, for sunny days that bring sunshine into our souls. Third, for smiles and kind words that help us along the way. Fourth, I am thankful for good days with my husband. Because he has Alzheimer’s, not everyday is a good day. And, last, but certainly not least, I am thankful for friends and family that see when I need a break and take him out for a ride so I can have some downtime.

  123. 1. My husband and how, most of the time, he treats me like I was his new bride (we are going on 27 years of marriage this June – and we dated 10 years off and on before marriage).
    2. A smile, most of the time it is contagious like a yaWnnnnn – you just yawned, didn’t ya 😉
    3. That unexpected, “I love you, MOMMY!”
    4. My family and friends that GOD has put into my life?
    5. The sweet puppy, Bella, that my friend gave my family and I yesterday – she is soooo sweet!!!

    1. I am sorry, I posted 2, the first one said it was not posted…so I redone one and changed it up after I reread the question…do not know how to delete it =( oh well, have a blessed day anyways =)

  124. 1. I’m grateful for you and the wonderful stories and studies you write. They have been a gift for times when I needed to get closer to God. 2. I’m thankful for coffee and gets my brain and eyes focused on Gods word in the morning. 3. I’m grateful for the birds singing in the trees near my “quiet time” chair as they remind me of Gods blessings in forms easy to take for granted. 4. I’m grateful for the friends who ask me to pray on their behalf as they believe in me And prayer. 5. I’m most grateful to God for His forgiveness and love.

  125. So thankful for stories like this! Breath of fresh air. Why do we forget from whence we came. We are but dust. I am thankful that God has given me new life. I should share the gratitude like this woman does.

    So thankful for answerred prayer. So very thankful.

  126. Okay….WOW…. as 1,000 things run through my mind, it’s still just “WOW” that overpowers those things. So, I must say I am thankful for

    1. WOW moments that so often come from my “Girlfriends In God” and/or “Proverbs 31 Ministry” morning devotional emails.

    2. Jesus Christ the Righteous who hung on the cross of calvary, shed His blood & made my salvation free

    3. The BIBLE (for those good & precious promises & for instructions on life)

    4. My husband of 24 years

    5. My 3 beautiful children

  127. 1 Jesus my savior and friend 2 I love spring rains that wash away old junk,like God washes my old junk away. 3 The Holy spirit guiding my life. 4 My family and friends. 5 God’s word and messages and music to help remind me, who I am in Christ!

  128. I will try again, to see if this will work.1 Jesus my savior and friend 2 I love spring rains that wash away old junk,like God washes my old junk away. 3 The Holy spirit guiding my life. 4 My family and friends. 5 God’s word and messages and music to help remind me, who I am in Christ!

  129. Everyday is a new beginning to correct all the things I didn’t do yesterday. I am so thankful for llife, health and the power to forgive.

  130. Today I am thankful for:

    1. Waking up knowing that Jesus is my Savior and Lord
    2. Being able to hear the birds sing outside my window
    3. Having a husband who helps make the bed every morning and does dishes too
    4. Being blessed with Christian friends who can make me laugh, and who pray with me
    5. Being able to manage the pain in my back and legs every day through the power of my
    Jesus, the Great Physician

  131. Great post!

    I am grateful for:

    1. My three-month old granddaughter’s belly laughs.
    2. My awesome husband who does the laundry for the family almost every single week-end.
    3. For my health!!!
    4. For my blessings of family-most living close.
    5. Airport workers like the one in this article who help make our travel a little less frantic!

  132. I am grateful for my praying grandma who led me to Jesus! Iam grateful for Grace. Iam grateful for His Word that guides me each new day. I am grateful for my loving family. I am grateful for godd friends.

  133. I’m thankful for:

    ~ A God who loves us despite who we can be
    ~ The presence of spring after a horrible winter – both temp & snow amounts
    ~ My family – husband, sons, daughter
    ~ A job that helps provide for us and is not drudgery to go to each day
    ~ The company of Christian “sisters” met through various bible studies

  134. The 5 Most Important things I am grateful for are:

    1) My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
    2) My wonderful, loving, and adoring husband, Mark
    3) My family and friends — especially my Mom, who went to be with the Lord a year ago.
    4) My sweet little doggie girl, Trixie.
    5) A wonderful job that I love going to every day.

  135. I am most grateful for God’s saving grace! I am also grateful for my son who struggled so hard while in his high school years and now is at his office writing a sermon that he will preach on Sunday and I will sit and wonder why God gave me such a gift. I am also grateful for my other son who is still at home with me but I love so much. I am so very grateful for my 2 precious grandchildren!!! After the past year and the horrific losses we have suffered within our family they still bring us laughter and true joy!!!! I am also grateful for a husband who loves me no matter what!

  136. We are afraid of terrorist attacks, plane crashes, and now planes just dropping off the radar screen.Traveling alone is scary. Gretchen efforts to provide safekeeping travelers in a world full of fear is wonderful and a very good idea.
    We are all traveling our paths alone no matter how many friends we have.
    Our only partner is the holy spirit and our connection to God through prayer.
    God provides experiences like Gretchen to remind us that we are not alone.
    We are all provided for by God’s grace.

  137. Sunday evening I went to the ER and ended up having emergency surgery. I got home last night filled willed gratitude. I am grateful for my family who strongly encouraged me to go to the ER. The doctor told me if I had waited much longer things may have turned out differently. I am grateful for the doctors and nurses that took care of me. I am grateful for the many prayers that were lifted up. I am grateful for bosses who know I have a long recovery and told me to take my time coming back. I am grateful for the many friends that texted me, visited me and for the beautiful flowers and cards. I am thankful to God for providing me another day to be surrounded by those who care for me.

  138. I am SUPER Grateful today!
    I am grateful for health. I have had TOO many friends my age (mid 20s) facing ailments and car accidents recently.
    I am grateful God is using me as evidence!!! Although it can be uncomfortable God is excelling me at work and causing me to exhibit grace and gratitude for others to witness.
    I am grateful for my singleness. It gets hard but my season of singleness helped me to minister to a group of women this morning!!
    I am grateful for a J O B lol even though some days can be blahh lol God granted me with a job that I enjoy and mainly I get to help others further their education.
    I am also grateful for this blog, girlfriends in god, and other motivational blogs that remind us all we are not alone in sometimes being routine Christians and to encourage us to make the choice to change our mind right then!!

    So much to be grateful for and those are just 5 of todays 🙂

  139. I am most grateful for my husband who, after 27 years of marriage, is my best friend, the one who makes me laugh, the one who inspires me to be a better child of God because he leads by example.
    I am grateful for my daughter, who has been the joy of my life, even though she is running hard and fast from the call of God on her life. I stand on His promises that He will complete what He started in her.
    I am grateful for my church body who are imperfect people serving a Perfect God.
    I am grateful for the ability to work and the perfect job for me.
    I am grateful for the opportunities each day to be a ‘Gretchen’ in someone’s life.

  140. Thank you so much for this post! I forget sometimes to show my Joy and have a grateful heart of service.
    I am grateful for my beautiful children, which I never thought I would have. God blessed me with these wonderful creatures and I sometimes forget that they are a blessing!!
    I am also grateful for two particular women in my life that are an example to me of how to live a life of Joy and being a servant of God.

  141. I have a virus today. But I am grateful for Zofran, ginger ale, warm covers, my Bible study to read and a loving husband who can make dinner for himself!

  142. I am simply grateful for waking up today in relatively good health, being able to literally feel the newness of the new day and I’m also grateful for being able to watch my baby boy sleep and then wake up with a smile and say “hi mama”!!!

  143. I definitely need the reminder to be thankful. I’m struggling with a lot of changes in life (mostly changes I should have had the sense to make long ago before the wrong habits dug in deep), and often life as a whole feels like more trouble than it’s worth.

    Since last weekend was Easter, I’ll note the five things I’m most thankful for that relate specifically to spring:

    1. Easter and all it means
    2. Wildflowers in every lot
    3. Barn swallows darting about everywhere
    4. Spring warblers (and orioles, and tanagers, and buntings) coming north through Gulf Coast Texas
    5. Crisp fresh-air blue days

  144. (1) I’m grateful for an opportunity to interview for an Accounting job that’s coming up on Monday. (2) I’m grateful for my husband, my Sisters in Christ, and my friends and family that help lift me up and support me in some of my darkest moments. (3) I’m grateful for my health, the air I breathe, the roof over my head, and the food in my cupboards. (4) I’m grateful for the freedoms I have because of Jesus and our troops who are sacrificially brave and courageous. (5) But most of all, I’m grateful that God’s mercies are new each day, and am ever so thankful for His Grace Alone that is sufficient enough to cover me in each and every moment of all my days.

  145. Wow, this is a challenge, because there are so many things to be grateful for. I guess I’ll just mention some of them I was reminded of especially today:

    1. Of course, above all, my relationship with God through His Precious Son, Jesus Christ, and the Power of the Holy Spirit.

    2. Time to enjoy life.

    3. The blessings of my husband, son, and extended family (both biologically and within the family of God).

    4. The public library.

    5. Our health and healthcare system.

    Praise the LORD I see these as all being provided somehow graciously by God in Christ Jesus. Thank You, LORD!

  146. I am so grateful for 1. God’s love 2. the love of my family 3. my 4 grandchildren who make me laugh. and 5. my dog and cat. They make me happy just to watch them play together. Two things in this world that are not to get along and they love each other and don’t seem to notice they aren’t the same.

  147. Iam grateful for many things. My perception on things changing. Which is always an on going process. My prayer life and seeing answers. To realizing it is about giving god the glory and not giving into pride. From my church family being so wise, loving, practical and discerning. Last but not least my summer prayer partner who always tells me the truth and has time for my call.

  148. I am grateful for the ability to be able to see, the ability to be able to hear, the ability to feel and touch, the ability to be able to walk and the privilege to be able to sing and play the piano.

  149. I am grateful for my husband, my family, my friends, my job, and that I am a child of God! Blessings to all!

  150. I am grateful for the timing of reading this devotional. At a time where I’m overwhelmed with the inability to do so many things because i had a major back surgery, You are pointing me back to the me i knew before this surgery- grateful for how God can use me in the lives of children, how though i may not be able to do all the chores, i have a home and a husband and son who do help.I’m also grateful that my 2 college graduates decided both to become RN’s and stay in Corpus Christi rather than moving. Yes, I have a much more grateful heart now than 10 minutes ago. Thank you!

  151. I’m grateful for co-workers that are creative and inspiring. I’m grateful for a boss that is very affirming. We had an all-staff meeting today that was focused on 1 Sam. 12:24, “But be sure to fear the Lord and faithfully serve Him. Think of all the wonderful things HE has done for you.” I’m grateful for my daughter, my two beautiful grandchildren and a servant-minded husband. I’m grateful that I am independent again and don’t have to rely on others to shop or run errands for me. I’m very grateful for my salvation!

  152. I’m very grateful for:
    * my husband who has supported me through losing my parents and dealing with chronic illness
    *my daughter who is so happy and healthy
    *my piano teaching business which I can do with health issues
    *my dog who is so happy
    *my extended family who supports me with my health issues.

  153. I’m thankful for: 1. For a life that really isn’t the worst.. 2. A mother who is so giving and willing to be there and help. 3. A husband who loves me no matter what. 4. My Church family for keeping me in their prayers and thoughts. 5. God for always being there for me even when I can’t see him and even when I don’t deserve it.

    I recently lost my job after 32 years of working. It has been a struggle for me yet, my husband, my mother, my aunt and uncle, my pastor and church friends have all been there to encourage and support me in finding a new job. Some days, I’m not so sure I would make it if it wasn’t for them being there to encourage me not to give up. I’m more thankful than words could ever say for them and this learning opportunity. Thanks be to God forgiving me this time to reflect and see the changes I need to make in my life to be more like you want me to be. In Jesus Name, Amen!

  154. I am thankful for Heaven. I just gave my daddy a goodbye to go there five weeks ago today. I must say it makes me much more homesick and excited about this wonderful place that Jesus is preparing for us. The coolest thing is that God himself is what makes it such a special and lovely place. I like the way my aunt said it just today, “This is not our home, just our dressing room.”

  155. Five things I am grateful for today are: I was able to stay up late and play games and laugh histerically with my kids this week. My daughter has a great sense of humor and made me laugh with her silly comments and texts. My son gave me the best hugs ever. I get to go to work each day and work with kids that make me smile. AND I had time to work out and take care of my body, which makes me feel good.

  156. I really needed this blog today!! My brother has been repairing my car. First it was the master cylinder, then a brake line and now the other brake and the transmission is leaking. This has all happened in a week. I have been sitting here pouting; then I read this blog. I am ashamed of myself and have ask God to forgive me. First I am thankful for a car that needs fixed as many don’t have a car. I am thankful for food and clean water again because there are others in this world that don’t have these. I am thankful for Jesus who was sinless and became sin for my salvation. I am glad I am forgiven, no where near perfect, but a sinner saved by grace. And lastly I am glad I will have eternal life so that I may glorify my Lord while spending eternity with Him. ( Also I’m thankful that God has given you, Sharon, the ability to write these blogs that move us.) Thanks to you Sharon, but most of all thanks be to God!!!

  157. I am grateful for
    My beautiful 14 month old granddaughter
    My good health
    My 2 sweet cats
    My husband of 22 years
    My best friend – my Daughter Liz

    I could go on and on…. 🙂

  158. I am grateful for your email/blog. This was an uplifting experience that you shared. I am grateful for my health as I have several family members who at this time are facing medical challenges so I try not to take all that I am capable of doing for granted. I am grateful for my church family and especially my Sunday School group. We take care of each other and lift each other up beyond Sunday mornings. I am grateful for my job. I have been so fortunate to be in a relatively secure position while I know so many people who struggle with finding a job. I am grateful that my heavenly father loves me anew every day despite my continuous failures.

  159. I am grateful for my husband who came out of his colonoscopy this morning and looked at me with adoration and said, ” I love you! I was thinking about how much I loved you when I went under and I thought about you the minute I woke up.” I am grateful that God is working in my life as I overcome lies even though I am not all the way out of the pit. I am grateful for my car audio system so I can listen to Christian help cd’s to help me straighten out my thinking. I am grateful for my garden and finding peace in the bible.

  160. It’s hard to be grateful for only 5 things, when to me I am grateful for everything God has blessed me with the good/bad, the joyful/sad, the rude/kind, the list goes on and on. I am most grateful though that I have God in my life and he is my bridegroom, my savior, my salvation, my everything 🙂 . Live each day to the fullest for tomorrow you may be with your creator and living your eternal life with him in heaven (ps don’t forget to say “I Love You” though to the ones who love you, I am truly blessed/grateful for my 3 Sons and my Grandson Lane)…

  161. I am Grateful for:

    1. My Relationship with Jesus Christ my Savior and Redeemer!

    2. My Husband who never has given up through many health issues and lost a left leg to the knee in 2012, had a Gastric Bypass in 2013 Dec. 9th and has lost 90 lbs, to date and is off all diabetic medicine and goes to the gym to workout 4 – 5 days a week. He was on over 80 units of insulin a day. I have my Best Friend back in good health and our love grows daily!

    3. My children who are 24, 21 and 10. My granddaughter who is 3 and lights up my life.God is working mightily in all my children’s lives.

    4. My Dad and Mom who are still with us my Dad will be 79 in July and my Mom will be67 in May. They have been Married 46 years in June.

    5. My Church family who love me at all times.

    1. Post
  162. 1. Thankful for Jesus as my Savior! 2. My husband, what a blessing he is. 3. My boys and their wives 4. My Beautiful grand daughters- wonderful gifts that make me Smile! 5. My job as a nurse where I feel I can minister to people.
    I truly have so so much to be Thankful for! I hope I share my JOY like the woman you met at the airport!

  163. I am Grateful for:

    1. My Relationship with Jesus Christ my Savior and Redeemer!

    2. My Husband who never has given up through many health issues and lost a left leg to the knee in 2012, had a Gastric Bypass in 2013 Dec. 9th and has lost 90 lbs, to date and is off all diabetic medicine and goes to the gym to workout 4 – 5 days a week. He was on over 80 units of insulin a day. I have my Best Friend back in good health and our love grows daily!

    3. My children who are 24, 21 and 10. My granddaughter who is 3 and lights up my life.God is working mightily in all my children’s lives.

    4. My Dad and Mom who are still with us my Dad will be 79 in July and my Mom will be 67 in May. They have been Married 46 years in June.

    5. My Church family who love me at all times.

  164. I have a very special friend who subscribes to U and often forwards Ur messages to me. She’s been my “Blessings Angel” for over a year now! She started when I was going thru an exceptionally difficult period and helped to pull me out and back to m’self again!

    Well, it’s the only the part of m’self that’s left after the stroke, i.e. ~60% of who I used to be.

    Her name is Kimberly and right now heads my list of Gratitudes! Then comes the fact that I can still see, hear, feel, touch, taste, remember how very DEEP my Spirituality has gone, breathing, I can still type OK, ‘cept s’times left n right hand fingers get confused when I go too fast and others get an ‘s’ when it needed to be an ‘l’!

    Pls excuse some of my ‘original’ abbreviations. Started doing that after the stroke and realized I’d have to reinvent m’self! So I got rid of some of the letters which felt excessive to me. Hummm…wonder IF I wasn’t a cat in a previous life!

    Dogs R eager to please. Cats have a staff they manage. …Hummm…5b I was a dogat!? ;D

    Love, Iadora U!!!

  165. (1).So very grateful to be able to move, with pain in my joints it can sometimes be difficult.
    (2). Grateful, because in spite of pain, I still get up and go to school
    (3). Grateful that school itself is a dream come true for me
    (4). Grateful that a new page in life is being written, and it is all about me…new beginning
    (5).Grateful that no matter what happens in life, that God has always been there and is directing my every step….and for the p.s very grateful for my children’s, love and support………

  166. I am so grateful that the Lord has mercy on me, a sinner!!!!! I can see His hand at work in me to create a clean heart!!! I have been reading your book Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe everyday since mid January and I am so grateful to be seeing changes coming about in both of us!!!!!

  167. I am grateful for the answered prayers, the tumor(the size of a baseball in the base of my skull) was benign.
    I am grateful that God has his loving hands on my journey of life guiding me step by step on the way.
    I am grateful for the changing of the seasons that God has given me to enjoy.
    I am grateful for my family, friends and loved ones daily.
    I am grateful for God’s forgiveness and his unfailing love, without him directing me I would surely be lost.

  168. I am thankful for my dogs that love me no matter what.
    I am thankful for my sister that we share the love of Jesus together as we are the only ones left in our family.
    Thankful to be able to read you on line.
    Thankful that the Lord blessed me with 4 wonderful children.
    Thankful to get up every morning and know deep in my hear the love of Jesus Christ.

  169. Hi, I am grateful that my son Christipher who is 31 years old still listen to my teachings when I speak about the Lord.
    I am grateful that even though my husband lost his job and is broke he still gives me coffe money before I leave to work.
    I am grateful that I am the Queen in my home even though its just me and my husband….
    Last and actually it should had been first, I am truely grateful and honor that my Savior Jesus die on the cross for me and that I have the freedom to sit here and give a praise report.
    May the Lord continue to Bless you and give you your hearts desires.

    Blessings Carmen

  170. 1. I am grateful for Christ an the Cross.
    2. I am grateful that He is a major part of my life.
    3. I am grateful for my husband and his love.
    4. I am grateful for my children and my grandchildren.
    5. I am especially grateful for Emma Grace, my 5th grandchild, who was born with multiple challenges and several months ago we found out she has a heart problem they have never seen in someone her age, she is five. They say her heart is wearing out and it is happening really fast. But regardless when we see her each day she has a smile for us and will crawl over to us and will put her hands up for us to help her stand. With her grandad she wants to dance with me we move our arm and count. She is so precious. It makes you realize how very precious life is and how truly blessed we are.

  171. I am grateful for the peace that God provides in the midst of any storm and for knowing I am never alone. God Bless everyone 🙂

  172. This blog filled my heart. I am grateful for Jesus us gave his life for me. I am grateful for these blogs, I learn so much from them. I am grateful that God gives me another chance to live righteous everyday. I am grateful for my children and thankful that I speak life over them daily. I am grateful for my spiritual leader.


  173. 1. our house
    2. my kids
    3. my patient husband
    4. my husbands family (including my mother-in-law)
    5. food
    6. watter
    7. electricity in my house

  174. So thankful even for the horrible migraines I get’.because it allows me to pray for others in my own pain

    So blessed by my parents whom are a huge source of support of love for me and my kids

    Thankful for my sisters with whom I share an amazing bond with

    Thankful to be able to homeschool my children in a very expensive state and for receiving christs provision over and over.

    Grateful for my dear friends ive had since I was 15 who have always been there for me to pray and support me and my family when needed!

    Lastly, grateful for your posts on facebook. So very encouraging and though provoking. Thank you my dear mentor Sharon..such an awesome godly female influence for me. 🙂

  175. Am grateful to God for opportunity to be part of a wonderful day as this.
    Am grateful to because my financial status has no effect on my peace and joy.
    Am grateful to God for change of level because materials such as food, shelter and accommodation doesn’t steal my joy in spite of the present circumstance.
    Am grateful to God for pressure at work to create a market for Amnisure whose not a single test has been sold since January 2014 and we have a 1000 tests to sell.
    Am grateful to God for my fiance whom at the moment cant afford his accommodation yet nor cater for himself effectively

    You might be wondering why I am so grateful and still smile on daily basis and ensure someone catch the flu of Joy of the Holy Ghost: its simply because I know whom I have believed.

  176. I am grateful for my small accountability group – don’t know what I would do without them. And I am grateful for the promises of God in His word, that I can cling to and gain strength from each day!

  177. God bless Gretchen! The girl that can take the job of cleaning restrooms and turn it into a ministry of sorts – for that is what she is doing – ministering to the women that come into her “home”!

    I am doing the One Thousand Gifts Joy Dare this year. Today’s 3 Gifts to find were:
    A Gift Cloth, Steel, Wood and I said:
    A cross-stitched piece from Nancy from many years ago!
    I don’t know if it is steel but it is a metal cross on my Mom’s grave – thank you Friend!
    Wooden crosses to hang over bookcase

    But I have many things to be thankful for. I have Essential Tremors – I shake a lot. The worst is that my head shakes up and down ALL the time, so there are many side affects from the movement and all the medicine I take for the tremors and for depression that I have battled all my life. While I am not happy that I have these tremors, I know that they were very important in the path that led me back to God – after a 20 year absence.

    So, I am grateful for:
    I am not especially grateful for these tremors; but am very grateful for the meds that at least make them more tolerable.
    I am not grateful for the depression but I am grateful for the meds that make it more
    tolerable. (The depression was the reason for the One Thousand Gifts journey this year.)
    I am grateful for a friend that prayed for me for 20 years, then prayed with me the night I called her, ready to give my life back to God.
    I am grateful for the song, the book and the “Message from God” on facebook that all helped lead me on the path that took me to God.
    I am grateful that Jesus Christ took the beating and the scourging and the crucifixion so I could find my way back to Him and find a real relationship with Him
    And I am grateful that God is a God of second chances – or even more. Without that, I don’t know if I would be here today….

    Thank You, Lord!! And thank you, Sharon for all you do for women…

  178. I am thankful for a husband I can trust, I’m thankful for my church that loves people no matter their station in life or the color of their skin, I’m thankful for my friend Sonya who is always here for me no matter the time of day or night, I’m thankful for my sons and grandchildren but I am most thankful for Jesus , my Lord and Savior saving my soul.

  179. Only five?? There’s SO much! But here are my five…
    1. My salvation
    2. My wonderful, loving husband who, although he is not a Christian yet, lives and loves me in a way that reflects the love of God.
    3. My one and only son, who has brought me so much joy through some very tough times, who is a Christian and, in marrying a beautiful Christian lady, has increased our family.
    4. My happy home. I grew up in a very unhappy home, abused my father my brother. Now, I live in peace. Safe and loved.
    5. The ability and freedom to sing songs of worship with all I am to the King of Kings.

  180. I am grateful for the strength and grace of God which is provided to me every new day. I am grateful for my husband and his patience with me as we both learn about how to handle his in-home hemodialysis. I am grateful for my mother, who is home with the Lord now, and how she taught me to be a strong woman of faith and taught me I could do anything I purposed in my heart to do. I am grateful for my 3 wonderful children and 5 beautiful, precious and healthy grandchildren. I am most grateful for my Lord and Savior, Jesus, who has been with me from child abandonment during the Korean war, through polio and now in my daily walk as I grow in Him.

  181. Thank you for reminding all of us that joy can be found and shared everywhere….even in a restroom. People everywhere need to SEE and HEAR Jesus thru us, and in us! When I go thru the checkout line the first thing I am asked is, “how are you today?”. I have worked retail so I realize there is a script. I answer and then ask, “and how are you today?” I linger and wait for their response. I want them to know I have no-script, just the love of Jesus for them.

  182. I’m thankful for my salvation. I’m thankful my son’s eye surgery went well last week. I’m thankful for insurance that I hope will do a good job of paying for the surgery. I’m thankful my kids and husband are all in church. I’m thankful for the internet, so when my husband and sons are doing their guy things all the time I can feel a little connected to some ladies doing some girl things.

  183. I’m thankful for winter finally losing her grip on NW Penna. And for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

  184. I am thankful first and foremost for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who loves me unconditionally and Whose grace knows no bounds. I am also thankful for a loving, supportive husband of 18 years, and our beautiful, healthy daughter. I am thankful for food on the table and a roof over my head. I am also very thankful for Girlfriends in God’s daily devotional that greets me each morning as I open my inbox. Thank you (and your colleagues) for your daily dose of time with God!

  185. Wonderful article!
    1. I’m grateful I missed my turn onto the street of the fast food restaurant, so I decided to go mail my letter first. On the steps of the post office was a man named David, David asked for some change and told me he was a vet having been injured etc. I prayed and talked to David in a way I don’t remember ever talking to a stranger before. I told him the lord God has a purpose for the rest of his life, even established before he was born and other things. He really seemed to listen.

    2. I’m grateful for my bible study which is teaching me to see things from God’s perspective for my life. It’s to go out and reconcile the world back to Him as the new creation I am.

    3. Grateful my son is going to church again, even when he’s so tired from working late the previous night!

    4. Grateful that the Lord reminds me to be more patient with my husband.

    5. I’m grateful for the living Word of God that encourages, uplifts and reminds me of my Father’s love, when I don’t “feel” so lovely.

  186. 5 things:

    1. people who make us laugh
    2. making people laugh
    3. the joy of the Lord
    4. sharing the joy and laughter with others
    5. this post

    thank you for sharing this story… brought a smile to my face and made me laugh

  187. I know I am a little late with this but I felt compelled to post my 5 things I am grateful for:
    1. My salvation and that God has brought me safe thus far.
    2. My marriage of 32 years that literally would have ended after 7 if God had not intervened.
    3. My children’s salvation, even though one of them is not walking with the Lord but he knows Him.
    4. An opportunity to speak to a young lady who is seeking the Lord. I pray to hear His answers to her list of questions and not my own.
    5. Christian women and friends that encourages and strengthens me as I hope I do as well.

    Thank you, Sharon, for your blog. It helps me to stay focused on Jesus on a daily basis.
    God’s continued blessings. Beth

    1. Post
  188. Grateful for my loving Father
    Grateful for my pets who don’t mind an early riser – their tails wag – my cat purrs- no matter how early I wake them up!

  189. I am so grateful for my amazing parents who brought me up in a loving Christian home, my husband who shows me unconditional love and treats me like a queen, the children that I get to work around everyday, my health, and a living Saviour named Jesus who makes it all possible!

  190. Grateful that I am again at a place in my live that I am looking for the next adventure God has for me to tackle … still working on leftovers, but there is life in the seeds He helped me plant so I feel a need to move … so glad that at 68 my Father God has a job for me … He never “down sizes”.

  191. I am grateful to know I have a Father in heaven that loves me unconditionally. A son that was truly a blessing. A family that never gave up on me. A church family that open their doors & arms to my son & I. An amazing Pastor that has helped me in my walk with Jesus!

  192. Today I am thankful for the faith that Christ has in me, and in return the faith I have in him because of the ultimate sacrifice he has for me.
    2. I am thankful for my fiancé we may but heads but in the end there’s no one I would rather spend my time with.
    3. I am thankful for the many blessings I have in life and also for the many things I do not have seeing as it’s not the right time or just not for me.
    4. I am thankful to be able to spend time with my family.
    5. I am thankful for this blog and the great reminder of gratitude, humbleness, and happiness that should be shared on a regular basis not just when we remember or when someone does something for us.

  193. I am thankful for a healthy working body. Grateful that I can do the things I need to. I am also thankful for my husband and 3 daughters. They being joy and laughter to my day.

  194. After 4 years of everything going wrong I still have that Pollyanna feeling of there is always something to be glad about…..

    1. The 3 beautiful gifts God gave me to raised and teach them to raise them to follow God’s will….(Annee 12 Serenity 5 Kaitlyn 4).
    2. My family for they are there so I do not have to raise this girls on my own and my girls have the love and support they need to grow into the beautiful ladies that God has planned.
    3. My new job that God had opened the door to.
    4. the gift god gave me to see things in a new light.
    5. Not the last for he was in each and every single one of these….I am thankful for God being there and loving me and watching over me.

  195. 1-Grateful I made it through surgery. 2-Grateful my son and DIL came to stay with me while recovering. 3-Grateful for all the dear friends that were praying for me. 4-Grateful that I get 3 weeks off from work with 100% pay. 5-Right now, really grateful for Vicodin.

  196. I am grateful for:
    – my God, for loving each and every one of us enough to send His Son
    – my precious Lord Jesus, who sacrificed Himself in such a grueling way to save each of us from our sin, no matter what we have done
    – God’s grace, to open my heart and bring me to Himself, even though I am so unworthy
    – the Holy Spirit, for filling me each and every moment, guiding me and directing me so that He may speak through me and show others Jesus, so that they may find Him
    – the sustaining presence of my Father, and knowing that no matter what happens in this life, He will sustain me

  197. I am grateful for:
    -being able to speak with my mother every day and night on the phone and loving every minute of it, for someday she will be gone.
    -my three daughters that drive me bonkers someday to drink delicious red wine- just one a day…don’t want to go to crazy.
    -for my dog (Ginger, who is barking right now) who lets us know when things are just not right and for hanging out with me
    -the ability to work with my hands, as I would go nutty without being able to do things, like cooking and sewing….scratch cooking
    -for God’s Word to direct me and for Him who loves me and provides me with what he knows I truly need.
    I am so glad that I saw your post today as it gave me a smile and renewed my passion for life!!!

  198. I am thankful for 1: another beautiful day on this planet with my 2: wonderful husband of almost 18 years and my 3: 2 daughters, my ostentatious 4 y.o. and my driving-me-crazy TWEEN 10 1/2 year old (the 1/2 MEANS something ya know!). I am also thankful for 4: a wonderful church family led by our 5: amazing Children’s and Women’s Pastor through a wonderful Bible Study together weekly.

    Love you Sharon. You really bring it home! I share your posts and devotionals with my hubby occasionally when they’re especially pertinent to our lives or situations going on.


    Cathy Parker


    3. MY FAMILY


  200. Today I am so thankful for:
    1. The beautiful weather
    2. 2 churches that I know people in and that minister to me
    3. My 76 yr old Mom who is healing from surgery and is a severe blessing to me.
    4. The bible study I had last night on James 2:1-13
    5. Wonderful plans for today
    6. My friends.

  201. You know, I am grateful for you. Your blog help me to regain my joy. I am also grateful for my Redemer, but right now, I am grateful just for you.

  202. I am thankful for your inspiring stories that I got today. I am thankful for the job I have. I am thankful for my husband and family. I am mostly thankful for the freedom we have to worship a mighty,loving,merciful,joyous,forgiving, compassionate God. I am thankful for all my sisters in Christ. Amen

  203. 5 Things I am Grateful for:

    1. God / Jesus – His love and mercy
    2. Husband
    3. My Girls!!! – 2 Daughters
    4. Family!!!
    5. Friends

  204. I am grateful for –
    1.) My Lord and Savior who knows me inside and out and loves me anyway
    2.) My 3 children who make my life interesting
    3.) My girlfriends who love me and love the Lord
    4.) The WORD OF GOD that fills me with hope
    5.) BOOKS!!!!

  205. WOW! All those comments! Blew me away! Thankful for my salvation, my life!, my family, my church, close friends! YOU! We could only pick five, the list could go on and on (and sometimes it did!) I love the GIG’s devotions, each one picked out esp. for me on a day when I really needed the words!

  206. After reading your e-mail about the “bathroom joy spreader” it brought to mind a girls weekend with five of my friends. After a busy day of shopping we all donned pink t-shirts, big red wax lips with candy cigarettes stuck into the wax and headed for the Macaroni Grill. did I mention we had made purple foam crowns each one “decorated” to individual style. We had so many people laughing and enjoying us as we laughed at ourselves. Whenever someone would ask we told them we were all friends from church . So many people responded that they wished they went to our church! We are blessed that we could bring joy to others by just being silly ourselves and get a good word in for our Savior at the same time !

  207. I am grateful for the love of GOD that HE gave HIs only son to me that I might live!
    I am grateful in the morning when my eyes open and my feet hit the floor.
    I am grateful for family and friends.
    I am grateful for my health.
    I am grateful for my part-time job that enables me to do a little more!

  208. I am thankful that God knows my name. I am grateful that he sent His Son to die on the cross for me and that he sees how many times a day I fall short but he is still there to pick me up and begin again. I am truly blessed by the man he put in my life as my husband. I am happy that I have the strength and time to be the primary care giver for my Daddy.

  209. I awoke this morning I was alive, I travelled safely, shared a beautiful meal with visiting missionaries, my new chook layed me a egg, all my pets are alive and well

  210. Today I am grateful for MUCH more than five things nonetheless, here are my top five:
    1. God’s grace
    2. My husband (he’s also my Pastor)
    3. My children – all three know God as their Savior
    4. My friend Lanette
    5. I have a wonderful job and work with some pretty awesome people!

  211. I am grateful for everyday that I am able to open my eyes and give thanks to God. I am grateful for the unconditional love that my doggie Opey displays as he links my face and snuggles his nose into my neck …. grateful that I have a wonderful caring husband that loves me unconditionally and tells me so everyday. I am grateful for my mother who loves all of his children and how she is always ready to whip up a meal in a moments notice and cherishes when her children surprise her with an unannounced visit. She is the same with all of her neighbors and friends. I love my Father so much that it overwhelms me and brings tears to my eyes for he has never abandoned me.

  212. I am so grateful for
    God never leaving me even when I left Him
    God taking my shattered heart and making the broken pieces Sparkle
    God showing me that He is my safety net in life, trusting in Him alone
    Gods plan in my life, its coming together
    That He wraps His arms of love around me like wings each and every day

  213. I am grateful today with much praise in my heart; that God has really blessed me much in
    many areas of my life. Grateful for five beautiful daughters and two handsome sons. How
    God used my low educations and blessed it by giving me job which me and my family enjoy
    the fruit of God’s provision and faithfulness. I feel grateful for God’s goodness and kindness
    that left me so special to Him.

  214. I am grateful for my faith in our Lord getting stronger and stronger every day.
    For my beautiful smile and joy in my life.
    For David in my life.
    For my children Julie and Vartan.
    For my extended family with Nicole,Johny,Jason,Jared and their spouses.
    For my grant-children.
    For the place where we leave by the ocean in a marvelous park and most of all in a peaceful country.
    Thank you Lord for all your blessings, I love you my dear Lord.

  215. 1. I am gratefull bec ause of Christ and His redemption,I am fully pleasing to God 2.I am totally accepted by God 3. Glad I very shortly recieved Salvatio 4.I get to start my day “w/Girlfriend w/GOD 5.learning to take Baby Steps for my walk w/Jesus

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