The Danger of Ingratitude

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“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise,” (Psalm 100:4 NIV).

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise,” (Psalm 100:4). Right in the center of my Bible, I find an invitation into God’s presence. And while there is nowhere we can go away from God’s presence, we can certainly feel distant from Him.

In Genesis chapter 2, we read of Adam and Eve’s original sin of disobedience to God’s one command not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But have you ever wondered what whet their appetite for wanting something more than constant communion and union with God? Have you ever considered what stirred the desire for more and made them vulnerable to the serpent’s attack? I think it was ingratitude.

They were not thankful for all that God had provided. They were not satisfied with the glory life. So when Satan slithered into the Garden and introduced the idea that God was holding out on them, they were ripe for the picking.

“When you eat of it your eyes will be opened,” the serpent hissed (Genesis 3:5). But in the beginning, Eve’s eyes already were open. Eve saw God in all His goodness, spilling out gifts at every turn.

She saw nothing but the glory of God unspoiled. Eve was lured away by the lie that there was something better, something more. “When you eat of it your eyes will be opened”…and they were. Eve’s eyes beheld the ugliness of sin and shame that she had never seen before.

We are in the same danger of believing Satan’s lie of “you would be happy if…” when we are not grateful to God who “richly blesses all who call on him” (Romans 10:12). We are vulnerable to temptation when we neglect to thank God who “richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment” (1 Timothy 6:17).

As we live and move and have our being in Jesus, if the song of gratitude is not playing on our lips, we will be in the same danger of listening to the enemy’s lies and thinking our glory ache could be satisfied by something other than God Himself. Gratitude keeps us grounded in the truth and alert to the lies.

Ingratitude is the infection of Eden that closes eyes shut tight to glory moments to experience God and leaves us groping about in the dark for that which will never satisfy the longings of the soul. The cure comes in capsules of praise, thanksgiving, and a grateful heart. Gratitude is the antibiotic of the soul to cure a variety of the world’s ills. It cuts the bark of our hard hearts and nourishes the very spot where we are grafted into Jesus Christ Himself, and restores a sense of closeness and intimacy with God.

Today, practice praise. Think of thanks. Go with a grateful heart.

Let’s Pray

Heavenly Father, I thank You for all the ways You have blessed my life. For eyes to see, ears to hear and hands to work. I thank You for a home to live in, a free country to worship in and a beautiful world to enjoy. Thank You for giving Your son, Jesus, to save me from my sin so that I can have eternal life when I leave this temporary home on earth. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now It’s Your Turn

This will be fun…well, maybe not so much fun…but enlightening.

Put a rubber band on your wrist and wear it like a bracelet. Every time you complain, grumble, or simply talk negatively about anything and anyone, pop the rubber band. That’s right, pull it out and let it pop your wrist.

If you really want to see how much you grumble, get a girlfriend or family member to do it with you. Agree to tell each other, “Girlfriend, you need to pop that wrist.” Sometimes we all need a little help from our friends. J

If you’ll agree to do this, leave a comment on my blog page that says, “I wore a rubber band today.”  I’d love to actually see the rubber band on your wrist. Take a picture and send it to me! I’ll try to figure out how to post it.

Want More?

Seeing God through the lens of gratitude and grace is one of the themes of my book, A Sudden Glory: God’s Lavish Response to Your Ache for Something More. It’s a great book to help you experience God’s presence on a daily basis. But if you have trouble with grumbling, complaining, and controlling your tongue, I’d suggest delving into my book, The Power of a Woman’s Words. What a great New Year’s Resolution: CONTOL MY TONGUE!

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Comments 38

  1. I am doing the rubberband on my wrist for myself and with my 2 daughters who are 12 & 14 years old. Funny, I was just talking to the youngest daughter about this very thing yesterday! It is my #1 New Years Resolution to quit complaing so much. Other people have it so much worse than us!! I just feel plain “yucky” when I complain! I’ll attempt to send a photo. Thank you for the affirmation of gratitude I need to show!!!


  3. My co-worker Lisa and I read your girlfriends in God every day, I just want to say thank you for Messages from God. you are truly a Blessing to us all, and as the sister above said thank you for the affirmation of gratitude I need to try to always remember to have, and show to God that I am Truly Thankful to him for all he has given to me.

  4. oh Sharon i forgot to say i am wearning my rubban today on my wrist, let me never for get to always be thankful.

  5. Looks like I’m in good company…HAHAHA…this post alone has made me smile today, Thank You for letting me know that El Roi sees, HEARS, and understands, I praise You Father for all I have, help me be the good steward of my own mouth….for life & death are indeed in the power of the tongue…help me Lord & forgive me for my complaints, however valid they are. It is you who will repay the wrongs done to me, thank you for speaking through Sharyn, acknowledging our circumstances and providing encouragement…make us ALL LAUGH today!!! Amen!

  6. I’m wearing my rubber band today. I emailed you a picture. No one has asked me why yet but I will tell them once they do! Today is a great day for this because I am tired from a very poor sleep last night.

  7. I wore a rubber band today.
    This year I want to quit complaining and thank God for all He has done for me. Am trusting him to help me find or be found by my soulmate, in Jesus Name Amen.

  8. I’m wearing my rubber band today. Thanks for the great idea and for reminding me to count my blessings rather than grumble about my perceived problems.

  9. I am excited – we are going to do this as a family! Me, my husband, and our 12-year old twin boys. This is going to be quite a reality check for all of us! Thank you for the great idea!

  10. This is so Awesome! God is amazing in how He confirms His will!
    I was on the phone with my husband this morning before I even read your blog and he was discussing with me how he wanted to stop the cycle of complaing and negative thoughts and have a mindset of being Thankful. So, I stated to him why don’t you wear a rubber band on your wrist so even if you are in a meeting or at home or in the car you have that reminder. You took it another step and said to “pop the wrist”-I think this is excellent and we are now both wearing our rubber bands-I’ve written on mine “THANKS” so when I go to Pop my wrist I see that word and state a word of gratitude to God.
    It is truly amazing how God Loves Us,
    Thank you,
    Nancy from Doylestown, Ohio

  11. will get that picture for you:)
    I’ve also posted your “thoughts” on my facebook to challenge my friends as well, Thanks again Sharon!

  12. Myself and my youngest son are taking the rubberband challenge! Soon as i fugure iut hoe post a oic of both of our wrists I will…

  13. I wear hair ties around my wrists daily. I think this will be a good reminder throughout the day that not only when the above you posted comes out of my mouth..I should teallu use the hair ties when anything negetively and ungodly escapes from my lips. And even when I think thoughts of others that are unpleasing to our Lord.

    I’ve been struggling with saying “oh my God” a lot even as a sarcastic comment. Not to be disrespectful towards God in my heart. However my verbally saying this isn’t pleasing and is disrespectful no matter what lie the enemy leads me to believe.

    And the other struggle I found myself in is cursing. Not necessarily when a bad thing happens, but I don’t even like that I’m doing that.

    As a believer, I should be daily lifting up my cross giving the glory to God. Not diverting the attention to myself.

  14. From yesterday’s post-the picture you asked for of my husband and I, encouraging us together to be in an attitude of gratitude in All things, I’ve tried to send you a picture that I have on your Facebook but it keeps getting blocked and I can’t load it to post. If you would like me to send the photo to an email let me know or someway that I could send it to you I have it ready:)
    Thanks Sharon!
    Nancy (from Ohio)

  15. Not only did I wear a rubberband today, but I got all the women in my office to wear one!! we took a pic. it’s the buzz of the office!! Thanks for the tangible reminder!!

  16. Very encouraging..actually God works in mysterious ways….i way thinking o Psalm100 to share on Sunday morning service since i will take part when I came across this message today…more inspiring i think i will speak on it….vinaka Sharon…..

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