The Contagiousness of Grumpy and Grateful

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Grumpy or Grateful

A few months ago, I was in the airport headed to New Jersey. It was a typical rush, rush, rush morning. Grab the bags, trudge through traffic, hunt for a parking space, follow the herd, wade through security, dash to the gate. Folks aren’t usually very friendly in airports. Eyes look straight ahead. Purposed feet slap the floor. Overstuffed bags roll behind. It’s not that people are grumpy. They’re just “flatish.” (That’s a new word for today.)

On this particular morning, I looked just like everyone else: “flatish.” Before settling in at my gate, I decided to make one last trip to the restroom. I’m so glad I did. It was one of the most joy-filled places I had been in a long time.

Gretchen, the “hostess” for this privy, donned a silly little hat on her head with whimsical feathers waving about the top. If it wasn’t for the official attendant’s vest she was wearing, I might have thought she was on her way to Mardi Gras. With a spray bottle in one hand and a cloth in the other, Gretchen welcomed each “guest” into her “home.”

A woman in a green jacket exited a stall and Gretchen swooped in behind her.

Squirt, squirt, squirt with the disinfectant. Wipe, wipe, wipe with her cloth. “Right this way, madam,” she motioned to the next person in line, “This one is ready for you! Come right in!”

With all the poise of a valet opening the castle doors for a person of honor, Gretchen welcomed each woman as if she were the most important person in her day. I stood back and watched as this 5-foot-5-inch bundle of joy wiped off toilet seats and cheerfully invited her next guest into the pristine stalls.

Gretchen had an effervescent sense of joy…wiping toilet seats. It seemed to come from a deep-seated heart of contagious gratitude. And it spilled over to every single woman who left her station. Women entered weary and worn and left with a skip in their step and a smile on their face. Some even lingered…as if they wanted to soak in just a little bit more before facing the world.

Yes, gratitude is contagious, and so is grumpy grumbling. Someone complains, and the next thing you know you’ve joined in and are complaining right along with them.

How do you think that grumbling started with the children of Israel in the wilderness? I think it went like this. One person picked up her manna for the day and said, “You know, I’m sick of this manna.” Then someone else picked up his and said, “Come to think about it, I’m sick of it too.” Then a neighbor agreed, and it spread, and it spread, and it spread. Next thing you know 2 million people are grumbling and complaining. Then a sea of ingrates wandered around the desert for forty years.

Make no mistake about it. Our attitudes are contagious whether grumpy or grateful. Whether we complain or give thanks, others around us will tend to do the same.

Paul wrote, “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus,” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NIV). How in the world can we rejoice always and give thanks in all things? Ah, the answer is sandwiched right in between…pray continually. That doesn’t mean we’re on our knees 24/7, but that we are in constant communion with God throughout our busy day. We enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise!

As I left the airport restroom, I noticed a tip jar resting on the counter filled with thanks. But I don’t think the “tips” were for wiping the germs away from the toilet seats, but for wiping the doldrums away from the ladies’ hearts. And for some strange reason, I just wanted to give Gretchen a hug.

I did.

She didn’t mind.

Gretchen reminded me just how contagious gratitude and joy can be. And how desperately I want to be a carrier. I hope you do too.

Heavenly Father, make me a woman of gratitude. I pray my heart will be infected with thankfulness and I will spread it to those around me. I pray the Holy Spirit will stop me from grumbling, and spur me to give thanks in all circumstances. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

List 10 things that you are grateful for other than Jesus and your family. I know you are thankful for those two. Let’s stretch. It doesn’t have to be big. Once you have your list, click on comment and share you list.

A Sudden Glory Sharon Jaynes

How can I experience God’s majestic presence in the middle of my mundane days? A Sudden Glory: God’s Lavish Response to Your Ache for Something More shows you how. Open your eyes to see God, your ears to hear God, your soul to sense His love. Let’s experience God together!





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Comments 99

  1. I love your messages, I love the joy I can feel you have within you by the words you write.
    You have such wonderful books. I really wish I had the funds to order some of them.
    Sudden Glory and Becoming a woman that listens to God.
    I pray your ministry continues to grow and encourage your followers.👼🌹

    1. Things I am grateful for:
      God woke me up
      Health. great friends. necessities
      My church
      My Salvation
      Mine and husband’s income
      My children, grandchildren, husband salvation.
      God’s provision
      God, helping me to grow in his word

      1. My upcoming vacation with an aunt who I have not seen in 3 years
        My friend Nat
        My dog for sure. He rescued us
        Ice cream
        Dark Chocolate
        Our crazy cat that hikes with us and wrestles with our dog and rides along on his blanket
        Monarch Butterflies
        Clean Water
        You rock Sharon

    2. @Valerie.. I have an extra copy of “The Five Dreams of Every Woman” I am happy to send you. Are you on Facebook? If so, we can connect to get your mailing address and I will get it in the mail to you.
      Be Blessed 🙂
      Beverly Day

    3. Hi Sharon, i really love this devotion. You know this week i was complaining to God, telling him about the things I really need. After reading this devotion I now have a thankful heart. I might not have the things i need right now but i am thankful for so many things in my life. Like Valerie i wish i can support you more by purchasing your books but not in the position to but I’m confident that things will turn around. Thank you for touching the lives of so many women. God’s richest blessings on you and tour family.

      1. Samantha!!!! I too feel exactly the same way. I couldn’t have put the words together better! I am hopeful for brighter days ahead. Keep on keeping on, this too shall pass!!

    1. 1. Indoor plumbing
      2. Air conditioning
      3. My cat Diablo
      4. My Christian friends
      5. A car that’s paid for and runs good
      6. A full freezer and pantry
      7. A roof over my head
      8. Enough clothes that I don’t have to do laundry every couple days
      9. My cardiologist who keeps me alive
      10.Mostly unpolluted air to breathe

  2. Things I’m thankful for (besides Jesus and my family)
    1) My Bible
    2) My income/job
    3) My home
    4) My dog
    5) Running water
    6) Food in my fridge & freezer
    7) Closet full of clothes & shoes
    8 ) Friends
    9) Church family & Pastor
    10) Freedom to worship openly

  3. My job, transportation,food, a roof over my head, good health,life, safe traveling, Holy Spirit, free to make my own choices in life, Jesus Christ dying on the cross for me, being able to attend church regularly, strength.

  4. I am grateful for my friends.
    I am grateful that after all the COVID drama, I still have a good job.
    I am grateful for the church I found myself in.
    I am grateful for the home-cell members who care about me and my wellbeing.
    I am grateful that I have a purpose and a calling.
    I am grateful that my family enjoys good health, we haven’t had to be hospitalized due to serious illness.
    I am grateful for the Christian community around me that encourages me when I feel down.
    I am grateful for a great, fun and healthy work environment.
    Wow, am I still going? LOL.
    I am grateful for all the ways God has protected me thus far in my life.
    I am ever grateful that I am alive! That’s the greatest gift!

  5. I am thankful for this little rural hospital that was open at 2 an when I needed it.
    I’m thankful for the medical staff that is working overnight and helping me.
    I am thankful for the cleaning crew whose good work gives me confidence in my surroundings.
    I am thankful that my problems appear to be much less than others in this ER.
    I am thankful to know that God is in this place and his angels are watching over the sick and vulnerable.
    I am thankful for laughter. Sunshine. Spring flowers. My brother’s garden and my community.

  6. My List of Greatfulness
    1, God Fearing Church
    2. House
    3. Dog
    4. Cats
    5. Car
    6. Good paying job
    7. Food
    8. Clothing
    9. Women’s fellowship at my Church
    10. Not being persecuted for my beliefs, yet……

  7. Answered prayer
    Restored peace in the home
    Freedom from oppressor
    Restored relationships
    Gods guidance
    His provision daily
    Quiet time alone with God
    Hope for the future
    My children

    1. Today I am grateful for:
      Waking up and the breath in my lungs
      Living in a country where I can vote
      The freedom to attend church
      What God’s word teaches me
      A husband who is still with me despite my infidelity
      Being able to volunteer with women who have been unfaithful to heal
      The healing journey I have been on
      The women God has placed in my life to help me heal
      My cat who loves me unconditionally
      The sunshine

  8. I am thankful for the sunrise, for birds singing to greet the day, for my porch where I can sit and enjoy God’s creation, for a roof over my head and food to eat, for Mercy & Grace that is so undeserved. I’m thankful for the privilege of God’s word that feeds me and guides me, encourages and lifts me, convicts and instructs me. I’m thankful for this devotional that reminds me of how very much I have to be thankful for!

  9. Church, eGroup, freedom, food, clean water, clean restrooms, clothes, a car, a pool across the street to swim in when its hot, changing weather, sunrises, sunsets, the moon. Trees, plants, the feel of dirt when planting flowers or pulling weeds – I could go on!

  10. I’m grateful for:
    To wake up everyday
    My church
    My Pastors
    My job
    My home
    My car
    My garden
    My friends
    My coworkers
    My health
    and for Sharon Jaynes at the Women’s retreat this past weekend! You helped me to let go and forgive the man who hurt and damaged me so I can move forward with my life! Thank you so much! You are a true inspiration!

  11. I am thankful for God’s love for my family and I, for another day,for a home, a car ,God healing touch in my body,good neighbor, part of community of believers, clear mind,for breathe, God’s financial provision for my family and I and technology 🙏

  12. Relationships with my adult children, brothers, 2 aunts, a good kind, loving husband, our home, cars that run, summer, the beautiful full moon, patio furniture, my job and ministry, a handful of dear friends, sobriety, camping, our good old boat, time to work in things, the ways God allows me to live on others for him, the awesome way God works in the lives of friends and other people I am blessed to witness, oh!! I could do this for pages! God is just so good is so many ways every single day!!

  13. Ten things I am grateful for:
    1) Home
    2) Knowledge
    3) Peace
    4) Five senses
    5) Affection
    6) Physical abilities
    7) Employment
    8) Health
    9) Food
    10) Rising from my bed

  14. I woke up grumpy today and sure needed this! Making the list was a helpful way to start the day: Thankful for: my students, my paras, coffee,trees,my friends,lilacs,birds,seeing spring colors, sunshine, cozy blanket and Sharon Jaynes.

  15. I’m so thankful for this beautiful world that God shares with us. I enjoy all the seasons,
    I’m thankful for my cozy home, a place I can come after a busy day.
    And so very thankful for my church and my sister’s in Christ!

  16. I’m grateful for my five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. I’m grateful for God’s Holy Word and my local church. I count music, my flower gardens, and our nation on my list this morning as well.
    Thank you for sharing this story and reminding us to be grateful and look for things to rejoice over.


  17. 1. Granddaughter on the way
    2.Job at Christian Aid Mission
    3. Friends that I love and I can pray with
    4. A roof over my head
    5. A car to drive
    6. Husband’s oncologist to help fight this cancer
    7, My cats Snow and Ellie
    8. The sunshine
    9. Being married for 31 1/2 years
    10. Able to pay my bills

  18. Thank you for this reminder. We can choose our attitude in all circumstances and it has dramatic effects on those God places around us.
    I’m thankful for
    1. a good sleep
    2.a dog who cuddles beside me.
    3.the first cup of coffee in the morning. quiet morning devotional time with God.
    5.the ability to work
    6.hope that things will get better even if it means in heaven.
    7.friends who appreciate me
    8.watching spring wake up the trees and plants.
    9.warm blankets on a cool night.
    10. songs that lift my spirit.

  19. I feel strong and well
    I was able to pick my self up to hit the gym this morning
    God’s continued protection even in the midst of security challenges
    fantastic and reliable domestic staff
    Provision for my needs and those of my family
    Access to great and uplifting spiritual content
    Thankful for electronic media – unlimited access to various developmental resources
    my son’s upcoming graduation
    Provision of travel tickets for the graduation
    hope of getting a great job

  20. Norman
    Exercising with my friends
    Sunny days
    My body (fully functioning)
    My mind
    Being able to see and hear

  21. My church family
    My friends
    My health
    My home
    My sweet pets
    My job
    My job family
    My tennis team
    Charlotte and teaching me breathing techniques

  22. Thank you.. in todays society grumbling is all around us and it’s so easy to get caught up in it. Thank you for the reminder of being grateful.

  23. I am thankful for
    My job
    My health
    My peace of mind
    My heart
    My life
    My office
    My neighborhood
    My relationship with God
    ( should have been #1)
    The ability to hear the birds chirping each morning
    The activities of my limbs

  24. Sharon, Yes, i too want to be a woman of joy. It doesn’t seem to come as naturally to me like it does Gretchen. There is no reason for Christians to not be the most joyful, fun, compassionate people to be with. The joy of the Lord is my strength! let’s go spread some joy today!

  25. The splash of color that dandelions bring to green grass!
    Spring flowers.
    Life-long friends.
    Access to good books.
    Owning various translations of the Bible (in my own language!)
    1 cantankerous cat & 1 crazy cat who give endless entertainment.
    A new day!
    Thick, soft blankets on cold days.
    God’s creation & the amazing beauty it contains.
    Hot tea…Chai, Early Grey, Green Tea, English Breakfast, Darjeeling,..ok, pretty much any tea 😉

  26. I’m Thankful for my Angel Baby Girl Pit bull
    Is a Warrior still in remission from this Cancer I’m Thankful My 86 year old Mom is Healthy I’m Thankful for my Hardworking Husband Who Takes Care of Me I’m Thankful for the Roof over my Head so many People Are Homeless I’m Thankful for My Friend Maria Christian Sister Who has a Ministry in her Salon Business styled my hair and did my eyebrows charged me 20.00 Said Happy Birthday Denise I’m Thankful Jesus is in my Heart and He Loves me Unconditionally I’m Thankful for all the Woman in my life and Christian Sisters Who walk alongside of me I’m Thankful My Son Brian found a Christian Woman who is Joyful I’m Thankful for My Granddaughters Hannah and Abigail Love the Lord With all their Hearts

  27. Today I’m grateful for God’s involvement in my little to-dos. Presenting a short devo at a church “ladies’ night out” TONIGHT, praying for a devo to share on gratitude. Nothing I’d found so far quite fit how I believe He leads me ~ until this one today! Thank you, Lord, for Sharon’s email this morning!

  28. Flowers, friends, blue skies, sunshine, worship music, Holy Bible, books, good health, pets and transportation

  29. Sunrise
    Days off
    My home
    Fluffy blankets
    Clean water
    So much more…

  30. I’m am grateful for God’s hand in everything in my life.
    1. Enjoy my profession
    2. Resiliency through divorce
    3. Peaceful home
    4. Moms in Prayer
    5. Sound mind
    6. Wisdom to help other women through betrayal
    7. Friends who love and support me.
    8. Hope for the future.
    9. Trust and confidence in Christ.
    10. My passion to help Gods people.

  31. I’m Thankful for my Angel Baby Girl Pit bull
    Is a Warrior still in remission from this Cancer I’m Thankful My 86 year old Mom is Healthy I’m Thankful for my Hardworking Husband Who Takes Care of Me I’m Thankful for the Roof over my Head so many People Are Homeless I’m Thankful for My Friend Maria Christian Sister Who has a Ministry in her Salon Business styled my hair and did my eyebrows charged me 20.00 Said Happy Birthday Denise I’m Thankful Jesus is in my Heart and He Loves me Unconditionally I’m Thankful for all the Woman in my life and Christian Sisters Who walk alongside of me I’m Thankful My Son Brian found a Christian Woman who is Joyful I’m Thankful for My Granddaughters Hannah and Abigail Love the Lord With all their Hearts I’m Thankful for Pastor Ruben and His Wife Tammi Our Bible Study Leader I’m Thankful and Believing in my Heart Donna Our Christian Sister Will Be Healed In The Name Above All Names Jesus Christ She Has Loved The Lord Her Whole Life There Will Be Victory !! Rejoice in The Lord Always He is A Sovereign God Near You

  32. Church
    Being a Mimi
    Bible study
    Three days a week work
    New Kayak group
    Old friends
    New friends
    Good work career

  33. 10 things I’m grateful for:
    1. Warmer temperatures
    2. Sunshine
    3. My breath
    4. Birds singing
    5. My friends
    6. A new day
    7. A quiet morning
    8. A new beginning
    9. Safe place to live
    10. My church family

  34. I am thankful for: my dog, coffee, quiet mornings, walks in my neighborhood, a cool house in hot weather, gas in my car, my son’s last morning of spring 6 am football, a family vacation coming up, hearing birds singing in the morning, a new day to try to make healthy choices and candles that make my home cozy.
    Thanks for the encouragement today:)

  35. My 10: Birds chirping this morning, rhythm of the fan, coolness of morning, peaceful time to spend in prayer with no threat of war near me, refreshing water waiting in the tap to be released for my bath this morning, happy memories of the last 2 weeks spent with my sister and brother-in-law, a good nights rest, my home and all the conveniences, not having to worry today about what I will eat or how, freshly laundered towels to fold, relationships I have with friends who I can share and be open with, my business when I can do the things I love and also minister to others, God’s beautiful blessings of His creation

  36. Bluebirds, seasons, swimming, camps, freedom, college town, mealworms, my faith, church family,
    Friends, zoom…

  37. 1 grateful for reading this today
    2 grateful for doing my inventory last night so I woke up in peace
    3 grateful that I found (or it found me) for AA
    4 grateful that it’s a beautiful day and I get to enjoy it
    5 grateful for the way things are working out on my move
    6 grateful that God has provided
    7 grateful that the sellers accepted my offer
    8 grateful that I will come into contact with loving people
    9 grateful that my son has the chance to make the right decision about moving to sc
    10 grateful that I hear my son getting up for school

  38. Thankful for my job, my neighbors, for opportunities to encourage others especially at work, time to show gratitude instead of being grumpy, technology, my church, talents God has given me,

  39. My family, good health, birds singing, freshly mowed grass, neighbors, my smile, grandkids, eyes to see, water, peace!

  40. 1. job
    2. pets
    3. home
    4. good health
    5. beautiful flowers out my window
    6. God’s daily provision
    7. sunshine
    8. waking up this morning
    9. Proverbs 31 Ministries
    10. bright colors

  41. I’m thankful for the sunlight and how it plays off the trees and water, I’m thankful for the beautiful array of colors from the flowers blooming, I’m thankful for the birds and butterflies that flutter freely, I’m thankful for my church family, I’m thankful for the friends that check on me and support me, I’m thankful for the freedoms afforded to me by the men and women who have fought for our country, I am thankful for my health and to be able to live independently, I am thankful for all the modern conveniences that make our lives easier, I am thankful for knowledge and books to read, and most of all I’m thankful for the love and life of a good man who worshipped God and loved his family and the joy, laughter and love he brought us. 💝

  42. The beautiful sunshiny day
    My hummingbird returned
    My home
    My health
    A good nights sleep “ finally “
    Any time of the day I can pray
    Answered prayers
    Gods beautiful creation
    My church family
    Thankful I get to live in Lancaster Pa. So beautiful right now, flowers are just gorgeous! Green grass!

  43. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
    my home
    my husband
    my kids good health
    my bible
    my chickens
    my garden
    a beautiful day
    my doctors

  44. I am thankful for:
    My salvation, my children, my husband, my health, my sisters, my church family, my still yet freedom to worship freely, my job, my country, my friends.

  45. I’m thankful for:
    His word, my church family, my health, our home, His grace & forgiveness, ability to stay home and help my elderly parents, His creation (sunsets, birds singing) my Sunday school kids, my marriage, answered prayers

  46. .a loving God
    .A home
    .Enough of everything I need
    .5 years of sobriety
    .A car
    .A church home
    .The summer weather
    . people who encourage my faith
    . second chances
    .a job within my church

  47. Grateful for **
    My health
    My home
    My friends
    My husband whom has gone home to be with our Father. For all the comfort and joy he brought me and I was to grumpy to realize and appreciate all the joy he brought me.
    My freedom
    Phones and computers so I can see and talk to my loved ones and friends that I don’t get to see often enough.
    Grocery store workers and truck drivers for working and keeping stores supplied with things we take for granted until we can’t get them.
    Life, even in these uncertain and stressful days.

  48. Annie
    I am thankful GOD woke me up this morning. Thank you for the message.
    Thankful for life, health, strength, food, shelter, safety, good mental health, eyes to see, ears to hear, I thank my GOD for everything.

  49. I am so thankful for the following!
    1. My good health
    2. Beautiful friends
    3. Plenty of food to eat
    4. A house to live in
    5. An amazing church I belong to
    6. A great Life Group I’m a part of
    7. The sunshine n warm days
    8. A creative mind so I can remodel our churches prayer house
    9. Having kids to watch that keep me active n young at heart
    10. A beautiful yard I can work in to keep me active

  50. I am grateful for:
    1 hot water
    2 car back up camera
    3 photos sent through cell phone
    4 FaceTime
    5 time to listen
    6 stranger kindness
    7 music
    8 memories
    9 mathematics
    10 spring

  51. Greens of Spring
    May showers
    Gift of birdsong
    My grandsons laughter
    God’s Word
    Food anytime I choose
    Fresh mercies each morning
    Sisters of the Sword
    YAHWAH my breath

  52. Things I’m grateful for today 😊 (besides Jesus and my family)
    1. Flowers blooming in my backyard garden
    2. my Bible, and time with Jesus each day
    3. The birds visiting my feeder
    4. A hot cup of tea or coffee
    5. Our sweet pups (technically, they’re family, but just go with it!)
    6. Access to quality healthcare
    7. Breath in my lungs and the songs to sing to God
    8. A life full of blessings so undeserved
    9. The opportunities God gives to share my story to help others
    10. Amazing women of God like you who spur us on in faith!

  53. Quite a few years ago now, I was working in an office where the staff had gotten into the habit of saying “it’s one of THOSE days!” Well, we all had them, of course…the day that everything seemed to go wrong – you left a couple minutes late, you got every red light, etc. But with saying that, it seemed like they came more often! And then one day, I was convicted about that, and decided to start my day by saying out loud to myself on the way to work “this is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!” It made SUCH a difference! Changed my whole outlook!

  54. I am grateful for :
    1 Our church
    2 My Bible study group
    3 Our home
    4 That we are retired and living a simple but blessed life
    5 Our pets
    6 Our health that is fairly good for our age
    7 The birds and other animals we see and hear on daily walks
    8 Answered prayers
    9 Assurance that God heard and answers prayer in His way and His time
    10 The hope I have in Jesus

  55. I am so thankful for:
    My spouse who gave me my life back
    Waking up each day
    Money in the bank

  56. I’m thankful for reconciliation
    Second chances (and third, fourth, etc)
    Friends who are as close as family
    God’s mercy
    God’s grace
    God’s many blessings
    The people in my life who have shown me what all this looks like

  57. I am thankful for:
    Flowers unfolding their buds & growing
    Beautiful music
    Books that teach & bring new perspective & knowledge
    Coffee that wakes me up
    Birds chirping & flitting about
    Delicious bakery
    Magnificent sunrises
    Ocean waves
    Sandy beaches
    Long walks

  58. I’m thankful for:
    *People that write things to inspire us to be better.
    *For each new day.
    *My pets sharing their unconditional love & admiration.
    *Breeze off the lakes & oceans.
    *The gifts God has given each one of us.
    *Food, all the different kinds from all over the world.
    *All my neighbors encompassing the earth.
    *Music, art, photography all capturing the essence of someone’s heart & soul.
    *Spending time with my family, friends & acquaintances.
    *The ability to show Love every day to everyone!

  59. 1. Empathy
    2. Income
    3. Freedom
    4. Blessings
    5. Vacation
    6. Vehicle
    7. Friendship
    8. Joy
    9. Peace
    10. Acceptance

  60. I am thankful for every morning that I am awakened and the ability to give God praise
    I am thankful for my church family and those who choose to come and worship with us each week
    I am thankful that I am able to freely share the Good News with others
    I am thankful that I all of my sisters living in the same city as me
    I am thankful that I am in good health, my right mind, and that through all of the COVID drama my family and I were never sick
    I am thankful for food on my table, clothing on my back, and shelter to cover us daily
    I am thankful for the love of Jesus and knowing that I am forgiven
    I am thankful that in a time of inflation and rising gases prices all of my needs are continuously being met
    I am thankful that I have an income to tithe from and bring my offerings before the Lord

  61. Oh I soo love this way of gratitude..I am soo in need of this advice..especially re Covid and then my breast cancer….thankyou
    I am grateful for you, Sharon
    For the birds chirping in the morning during my cleaning and sanitizing at 4 am
    For the beautiful sunrises and sunsets
    Spring babies..chicks of all kinds, for the budding of trees, roses, peonies,
    For the birds in and out of our birdhouses..creating their nests 🪹 or feeding their babies
    For quiet prayer time, alone time, coffee ☕️ and tea 🫖 time enjoying a few moments on the back steps watching nature all around in our yard
    For my life🙏🏻💜

  62. Thank you so much for this message!!! I am thankful for being a 17 year cancer survivor! I am so thankful that I subscribed to your messages. They reach my heart everytime I read one. I am thankful for alot more but these are my top three besides my God and my family!!

  63. My job, comfortable clothes, childrens books, helpful people, nature, texting, Bible study, music, Lara bars, peace after the storm. ⛅️😊

  64. I am grateful that God protected me through 2 bouts of Covid, and I am a senior, for my part time job to help with expenses, the freedom to worship, God’s Spiritual Armour, my veggie garden, the flowers blooming at this time, the birds that come to my feeders, health care workers, Godly friends, and devotions such as this one.

  65. Things I am thankful for:
    getting some sleep
    Blue sky this morning
    Having a roof over my head still
    Good food in my fridge/ freezer
    Good friends who care
    Blessed with financial security
    My books The way my Lord helps me thru each and everyday . Good health and all my Great Doctors

  66. Retirement, sunshine, getting up & out today, exercise, friends, flowers, nature, my home, food on the table, music.

  67. @Valerie.. I have an extra copy of “The Five Dreams of Every Woman” I am happy to send you. Are you on Facebook? If so, we can connect to get your mailing address and I will get it in the mail to you.
    Be Blessed 🙂
    Beverly Day

  68. my health
    clean air to breathe
    a new hobby of acrylic & watercolor painting; a definite God thing!
    my nice neighbors
    my husband’s care for me
    a warm shower
    food in the pantry
    for our adopted kids we support in Africa and the ministry who is helping them
    a warm bed to sleep in
    glasses, so I can see

  69. Thanks for this uplifting message :

    My 10
    – A comfortable home with enough space for my family.
    – A flexible job that allows me to provide for my family and bless others.
    – Spring – the beautiful smells and cool air of the world greening up again. Bird song!
    – Grandparents who live close and can help out with our little kiddos.
    – My dog, Zeus! He brings us much joy in conjunction with some chaos.
    – Music – this is a gift from God that can makes life richer, lighter, and more fun!
    – A special mentor who has shown amazing kindness to me in my journey of motherhood and faith
    – Reliable vehicles to travel for our family’s needs and for fun
    – Good health and a body that has borne two children and can serve my family.
    – Passion and joy. For all the things I love and to learn and grow more.

  70. Thankyou for your encouraging post. God has truly blessed you with the gift of encouragement in your posts.
    I have learnt so many things from what the Lord has shown you.
    Thankyou and God bless you.

  71. I enjoyed the reminder of this simple truth. I am thankful for:
    My kids share my faith
    My kids all have good strong work ethic
    My health
    My job
    My husband’s job & his ability to provide for our family
    My home
    Food being available
    Extended family for support
    My parents who are still alive & healthy
    My church family

  72. I am thankful for:
    1. Grace
    2. Air conditioning ( I live in AZ)
    3. Encouraging Christians
    4. My two wonderful dogs
    5. A beautiful home
    6. Peaceful neighborhood
    7. Church family
    8. Freedom
    9. Books!
    10. Health

  73. I am grateful for my church (just established in Oct. 2021 after our church campus suddenly closed); my pastor and his wife, who are such loving, caring people; my church family; my wonderful neighbors who are also friends; good health for my husband and me at 73 and 70; this beautiful spring weather we are having in NC; a beautiful home; plenty to eat; it’s hard to stop once you start listing things! 😊

  74. Hot Coffee
    My girlfriend allowing me to share her home with her
    God woke me today
    The sound of laughter
    The smell of fresh cut grass
    My Salvation
    My new church

  75. I am grateful for Sharon Jaynes and her devotions. My friends, life, health, strength, wisdom, discernment, my bibles, my job, my home!

    1. Post
  76. 1. Thankful for my church and church family
    2. Thankful for my boyfriend Emil
    3. Thankful for my job
    4. Thankful for my 2 cars
    5. Thankful for my mentors Sabine and Sylvia
    6. Thankful for my Saturday Ladies Prayer Meetings
    7. Thankful for Women of the Word Tuesday Night Bible Studies
    8. Thankful for the Bible App, Greg Laurie devotionals, Billy Graham Ministries, Christina Patterson Ministries, and you Sharon Jayne Ministries
    9. Thankful for Christian music
    10. Thankful for my best friends Eleanor Lebehn Cardona and Mary Christine Walter

  77. I’m grateful for the joy and encouragement I’ve received reading the comments and lists of everyone responding
    For good medical care and God’s healing in recent bout with Covid and strep
    For family gathering to celebrate at my granddaughter’s baby shower
    For the kind cleaning team who cleaned my house yesterday when I wasn’t able to do it
    For caring friends at church who sent cards, cooked meals, and prayed for me and for my husband when we were sick
    For being able to afford groceries especially with these rising prices
    For spring, warmer days, green everywhere, flowers and baby birds at the feeder
    For my husband’s dedication to leading our class at church
    For my sister’s cancer being in remission
    For the blessing of living in America and in a community that supports a Christian ethic

  78. 1. Second chance at life (had cancer)
    2. Second chance at love (previously divorced)
    3. Present health
    4. Our income every month
    5. Our home with all its blessings included ,(hot water and even the loadshedding electricity we have)
    6. Being able to fetch my son from school and attend his activities
    7. My daughters being happy with their choices
    8. The fact that I can see, hear, taste, smell, touch, feel and love.
    9. The seasons
    10. Being loved

  79. I am thankful for
    A home
    My job
    My dog Kobi
    Godly friends
    Physical strength
    Spiritual health
    Good food
    My church family

  80. Love
    Freedom to worship
    Christ Centered Friends
    My old, dilapidated, treadmill given to me, because I actually use it
    Wow! I could just keep going. This has lightened my heart.

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