Sit Down and Be Quiet

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“Jesus then took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed to those who were seated as much as they wanted.  He did the same with the fish,” (John 6:11 NIV). 

Have you ever noticed this pattern in the gospels – the disciples get in a bind and Jesus bails them out.  It reminds me of the old fifties program, Father Knows Best.  The kids got in trouble, the father solved the problem and then he taught us all an important life lesson at the end.  Come to think of it, “Father Knows Best” would be a fabulous subtitle for the gospels!

In John 6:1-15, we find the disciples in a precarious situation.  Their lawn party had turned into quite a bash.  The guests far exceeded their expectations, the disciples hadn’t planned on providing dinner, and it appeared the crowd was expecting refreshments.  But the disciples didn’t have the funds or the food to feed them.  All they could scrounge up were five loaves of bread and two dried fish.  The crowd was getting restless, the disciples were getting nervous,  and Jesus was getting ready.  He took the five loaves and two fish and told the crowd to sit down – he told them to rest.

Then He lifted the food toward heaven, blessed it, and commanded the disciples to hand out the provisions to those who were seated. He didn’t feed the people who were running around worrying – but the ones who were at rest.  To those He gave “immeasurably more than they could ask or imagine” (see Ephesians 3:20), with twelve baskets left over.

When we believe God, we will have rest and peace in our lives.  I want you to do something for me.  Right now, I want you to use your imagination.  The Bible tells us in Ephesians that we are “in Christ” and Christ is “in us.”  It also tells us that we are seated “in heavenly places” and “transferred to the kingdom of Christ.”

Picture yourself sitting right beside Jesus under a spreading oak tree.  Perhaps His arm is around your shoulder and your head is resting on his chest.  You can feel the beating of His heart against your cheek and your head moves with the rise and fall of His breathing. With His other hand, He strokes your head and immediately knows how many hairs are on your head. His breath warms your skin as it brushes past your face. Imagine Him looking into your eyes and knowing your innermost being and meeting your gaze with a warm, affirming smile reassuring you of His love and care.

Now tell me, as you imagine yourself in the presence of Jesus, how anxious do you feel?  How rejected do you feel?  How worried about tomorrow are you?

You may be thinking,  “Yes, Sharon.  I feel at peace in that scene.  But that’s not reality.”  Dear sister, that is the greater reality.  No matter what you are going through today, Jesus is right there with you.  So maybe you just need to sit down and be quiet for a while.

Let’s Pray

Dear Father, I’ll admit, sometimes I am so busy running around trying to solve my problems, I miss Your provision. Help me to listen to You more closely and see Your provision more clearly.  I don’t want to miss what You have for me today. Help me to sit down and be quiet – to rest in You.
In Jesus’ Name,

What do You Think?

Is it difficult for you to sit down and be quiet with Jesus?

What keeps you from taking time to be still before Him?

Today, take at least ten minutes to be still with Jesus.  No multi-tasking.  Don’t do this while driving the car or washing the dishes. Just you and Jesus. Give Him your full attention.

If you did this today, I want to celebrate with you.  Log onto my blog page at www.localhost/sjold and tell me about it!

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Comments 33

  1. Thank you Sharon for such relevant readings! Today’s could not have been more timely. For 50 years I have struggled with the ability to “sit down and be quiet”. I’m begining to think it’s just not part of my make-up. That God did not add it to the mix when He created me. Although I’m trying so hard to accept that I am this way, it is so difficult hearing God as a result. So, I decided to sit and be quiet for 10 minutes as you instructed …. Wow! I never realized how loooong 10 minutes really is. There are things going on in my life right now and it is a requirement that I be quiet in order to hear God.

    Please pray that I learn “how” to be quiet so that I “can” hear God.

  2. Yes I sit almost every morning and read Gods word! I don’t know how people without God in their heart function and deal with problems!

  3. Wow – what a great way to start my day! I do take time each morning, almost every morning, and during Lent this year I’m also taking time to go to Mass almost very day. It really makes a difference 🙂

  4. WOW is right! Just reading this gave me a sense of peace and relief..and tears of joy that we are BLESSED to have a loving Father who is always there for us….we just need to make time for him! Thank you so much for this devotion!

  5. Thank you, Sharon, for this encouragement. It is exactly what I need today. I especially appreciate the image of leaning against Jesus’ chest, listening to his heart. My own heart is not behaving lately, and it has become a worry. Worry is my default setting, but it is not God’s way. I’m going to hold that beautiful image close to my heart today and listen to His heart instead of my own. Bless you!

  6. Hi Sharon, I felt so at peace just to be in the arms of Jesus and once again spend time reading His Word again. Many things happenedn to my life beginning of this year and affected my routinenat home. I realized that it was all a distraction to pull me away frm God. Just now that scene you asked us to imagine was was really encouraging. Jesus is always there and He is our beloved.

    Hes the One who love us the most and all we could do is spend time reading His Word and hearing from Him. I pray that even if its notbin His Will for me to have an earthly lover, I would gladly say, Jesus is more than enough for me. God Bless U sister!

  7. I did this and it was truly a beautiful thing… Didn’t think I could stop thinking about other things but Jesus came to me…He began to whisper His Words in my heart… So sweet… He said He delights in my child in heaven… He said He delights in my nieces child in heaven… He told me He delights in the children my family had abortions for… He delights in them … He told me he delights in a nieces child who only lived a few hours… He told me He delighted in me even though I don’t believe I can’t be a delight to Him… I love your illustration about sitting under the oak tree with Jesus… And what you said afterwards… You CAN’T imagine this and not be at peace… Thank you… For giving yourself to God and reaching out to your sisters in Christ… This is the first time I have ever responded… Paula

  8. As with so many, I have extreme difficulty being quiet with God. He will test me mightily next Monday as I have foot surgery and then must be off work for 3 weeks! I pray I use this time to His glory and gain from my enforced “quiet time”!

  9. As I seem to always have something that pushs God to being 2nd, I am working on it. I need to echo Renette’s words “Please pray that I learn “how” to be quiet so that I “can” hear God.” It is not easy. I think sometimes I have A.D.D.
    Your messages (as so many of Bible Gateway devotions) were very timely. I am also struggling with helping my adult children make wise choices that will affect their future life. I want to control, and then give it back to God. Then I find I am struggling once more with it, and then once more give it back to God.
    We all are doing the best we can with what we know, but to remember that God it always good, and He knows what is best for each situation. Yes, Father knows best.

  10. What an amazing time I had! I was sitting next to Jesus at the tree of life which was filled with amazing fruits of every color, shape and size. He was stroking my hair, I was holding one hand gazing at the marking of the cross. Every pain was gone from my body, I was totally at rest. Jesus said, “Songbyrd, will you sing for Me!” I began to sing a song from my very heart I’d never heard before!.
    My Kinsman redeemer you show me the way
    as you sing over me Your love on display
    You lead and you guide in the dance called life
    As I follow Your lead You remove all strife

    As we dance and glide we leave this world
    We soar on the clouds not a care in sight
    Your love so pure to my hearts delight
    All fear is removed from my heart
    What remains is only peace, joy and might!

    Then Jesus took me by the hand and we began to dance to the melody of heaven, at first not too graceful, laughing and stepping on each others toes! Before I knew it we were no longer on the ground but in the clouds, soaring high.
    All too soon the dance ended and we were back on the ground. Jesus ascended to the highest heights of the tree and began to pick the choicest fruit and laid it in a basked. He came back down and handed the basket to me. He said, “Songbyrd, I want you to take what you have shared with me to the Nations, so they, too, can come and meet with me!” He kissed my hand, embraced me, and turned and walked away.

  11. Wow Sharon, your “Picture Yourself” paragraph this morning made me cry. I have been so depressed lately because I have done all I CAN and that I THINK is right for my business and yet it isn’t going very well. I have prayed about it and then gone on doing what I CAN. This morning I woke up at 3:30 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I used that time to read my Bible and came across a place in Genesis where Joseph repeatedly said…” I can’t, but my God can” I immediately realized where I was going wrong and isn’t that what is true about life? I actually have an hour of time today just tailor made for that kind of alone time with Jesus. Thanks for the reminder of where I need to be looking for my overall health.

  12. What you spoke about today made me smile. I often close my eyes and imagine myself like a small child, crawling up into the Lords lap. I sit with my head resting against His shoulder and my arm around His chest. I feel His arms holding me close, and His cheek resting against the top of my head. The feeling of warmth and the sense of love and security from His strong arms is so real it is almost viable. I can almost actually feel an awesome strength coming into me along with peace and endless love. Each time it seems to be all and everything I need.

  13. Thanking the Holy Spirit for using your devotional to issue a challenge to my flesh – sit down in His presence and receive. In His presence I said, “Yes. I belong to You and I surrender!”

  14. This message is a reassurance of God’s promisese in my life. Instead of worrying and stressing, I should sit down and be quiet and listen to God. I should have that imagination you talked about. When I sat down and was quiet for 10 mins to listen to God’s heartbeat. It was quiet refreshing and just so relaxing and very peaceful. I will try this everyday. Best way, for me not lose my faith, hope and trust in the Lord but hold firm to them.

  15. This message is a reassurance of God’s promisese in my life. Instead of worrying and stressing, I should sit down and be quiet and listen to God. I should have that imagination you talked about. When I sat down and was quiet for 10 mins to listen to God’s heartbeat. It was quiet refreshing and just so relaxing and very peaceful. I will try this everyday. Best way, for me not lose my faith, hope and trust in the Lord but hold firm to them.

  16. Lunch break = time w/ my Savior!! Timely word too. I try to spend quiet time each AM. Extra sleep time sometimes takes control. The AMs when I do spend time w/ Him, the day really is better. Sitting here in my car, feeling a cool gentle breeze from outside m window, I know it’s my Abba’s presence & I thank Him for the visit.

  17. I love all your posts and do try to listen to your advice. This one hit me directly because as I sit here typing I am flat out down with a virus that has MADE me sit still. Although I do spend time in quiet readings and prayer almost everyday I sometimes don’t take the time to “Be Still”. So sometimes when you don’t God changes your plans for you. I have only been at my new job for 3 months and now am taking my first sick time. I think this is God telling me to Be Still. I am blessed for him reminding me that I need too.
    Blessings to you

  18. Hi Sharon, thank for the encouraging words. I felt the spirit talking to me through your words. A few minutes earlier, before I read THE email, I had this stupid thought in my head to just give up and yeah!! Tell you what, Jesus just mentally slapped my head and told me to focus on him. So i said, I’m sorry for being a pest and a pain, sorry for unloading my heavy loads onto him. i’m pretty sure he smiled!!! It was like, he was saying, Sue shh, just listen!!! Hip hip hooray!!!Keep up the good work Sharon, I’m pretty sure we’ll meet one day!!!

  19. Sharon,
    I’ve been a reader of “GIG” for about two years now. These devotionals have been an incredible blessing in my life; more than I can share in this short response. When you sit before God, tell me how you approach this? Like Renette above, I feel like I can grow so much in the area of being still, listening and waiting on Him. Do you meditate on a scripture or simply sit and let His voice come to you? I read the scripture daily, pray and journal. I feel there’s still more to learn about being still and listening. I would love your thoughts.

    Blessings to you!

    1. Being still is the hardest thing for me to do. I love to study and read. That is the easy part. I have to make myself sit still. What helps me is to talk to God as I’m reading Scripture. I pray He will show me something new. Open my eyes to something new. Sometimes I just try to sit still. But it is hard to sit and not think of anything. So I usually pray and read, then be quiet for a time.

  20. You know Sharon the story touch my heart, and to b still before him is such an awesome feeling, my father Jesus loves me and his there for my every need. That’s awesome!!!!!

  21. During this morning’s quiet time with Jesus, I was absolutely BLESSED with your “picture” of leaning against Jesus…and while being still in His presence was reminded of my first arriving here in Winona, MN almost seven years ago. As I was awaiting my interview I sat along the lake and was reading from Psalm 121 – I will lift up my eyes to the hills…my help comes from the Lord Maker of heaven and earth. Cross reference took me to Deut. 28 where I read of His blessing my coming in and going out. Moving to Winona from Manitowoc, WI was that coming in…and indeed the Lord has blessed this season and carried me through many valleys and mountaintops. I find myself at a season of “going out”. In this morning’s quiet with Jesus, I sensed His voice of truth reminding me that indeed this “going out” will be blessed by His abundant love, joy, grace, mercy and peace. Not quite sure of the timetable nor the details, but I am resting in His everlasting arms and am grateful for the way He indeed quiets me with His love!! Zeph 3:17. Thanks, Sharon for today’s message as well as many others that have been a blessing to me!!

  22. Sharon your email through Crosswalk is the very first one I read every morning. Today’s post was the first of many messages today from God telling me to Be Still and Trust in Him. So I made an extra effort to pause after my daily bible plans and just sit with Jesus. I am troubled by a few things and I just keep praying but don’t really sit and take the time to listen and BE STILL! Most mornings I get interrupted but as I was starting my devotion time I asked The Lord to remove any interruptions and let my kids sleep till I wake them cause I wanted to just be with Him. Well He did just that. I had a full 30 mins with him. I left feeling empowered to go another day.
    I also wake my boys every morning by tickling them lightly and quietly singing “This is the day, this is the day that The Lord has made, that The Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it and be glad in it…..” I tickle them through the whole song. They tell me to stop but at the same time they love it and it helps get them up in a great mood.

  23. I did spend time alone with my Jesus. He is so beautiful and I want him to have all of me. I believe that if I sit with him and listen he will tell me when to rise and where to go, and I won’t feel as if I am dragging Him along where I want to go. It is the only way to have peace and fulfillment . I need Him more than He needs me, but He loves me more than any one ever could. Thank you for your ministry, Sharon.

  24. “Now tell me, as you imagine yourself in the presence of Jesus, how anxious do you feel? How rejected do you feel? How worried about tomorrow are you?”

    I don’t feel rejected by Him. But more anxious & worried as He is holding me, soothing me, loving me and looking into my eyes that He is letting me know the trials are not ending soon. The pain will get worse. That IS His plan. More heartache, more hurt.

    & I don’t have it in me to continue on. & I have been praising him & soaking in His word & praying & meditating on scripture. & doing everything right, Dr’s, christian counselors & still it gets worse and worse. & the trials come more and more. Psalm 4:1 is my mantra.

    What if His plan is pain & more pain? Even if He knows the purpose I don’t think I can survive it any longer.

  25. Sharon, thank you for a wonderful devotional on Girlfriends in God today. I had an eye-opening experience this morning. I have learned that fear of rejection is my achilles heel. I need to work on that, in order to repair and grow all of my interpersonal relationships. Thank you for shedding lighe!

  26. In reading your devotion this morning I realize that I am a priceless treasure to God.
    Sometimes I get caught up in all that’s going on around me I forget that God is always there waiting with a helping hand. Thank you for showing me ; a priceless treasure to God.

  27. Growing up I had a wonderful grandmother who did not want me to be prideful.
    She would tell me that when God passed out looks I thought he said books & I
    Didn’t want any.
    She meant well but she left me feeling ugly in God’s eyes in my thinking. It took me yrs to realize I ambeautiful in God’s eyes. I love the scripture that says”we are
    Creatures in Christ because as I have matured in Christ I now see what my granny was
    trying to keep me from becoming, prideful in my appearance, yet she did not understand
    How to instill that virtue in me without causing me to lose sight of how God sees Me
    But praise his name I am mature and now see how precious & beautiful I am to Hom!l

  28. The day starts with breakfast and Girl Friends in God. The daily devotionals help me to get up and move through the day. I use your stories and encouraging words in my daily life and share with other people. My oldest daughter uses the daily devotions before bed each day. We talk about your words and how they apply to our lives. Today’s devotion using the $100.00 bill was so true in how we look at ourselves and others. I plan to share the analogy, and I always give GIG the credit when repeating. It is assuring to know God doesn’t look at the outside, but the inside of each human vessel. Thank you for helping Christians and Non- Christians alike with your writings and the scriptures.

  29. Sharon:
    What a great thought you have presented! Must like the lady above (must have something to do with our names -Lynette/Renette 🙂 -that we have hard time sitting and being quite), I find myself ready to listen but then self kicks in and take over. My story is this, a year ago this coming May, my husband who’d just turned 50, blurted out to me that he didn’t think he loved me anymore, that he hated his job-hard because he’s the employer-and that he didn’t think his prayers got past the ceiling! We were about to celebrate or 28th anniversary, so you can imagine this was a huge blow to me. Long story short, he is still uncertain, but I am still needing to learn to lean on Jesus, I have had to! I couldn’t not have gotten through this year without him! I have had to force myself to not let go of that tiny shred of hope that everything will get better! But what i need most desperately to do, is just shut up! Yup! I need to shut up and just listen to God, because when I try to talk to my husband and tell him what needs to be done, I make matters worse. I do praise God that he has not left our home, and he is home everynight and in many ways things are so much better, but ladies, we MUST learn to turn off our “dripping faucets” and listen to Lord, the healer, the plumber -if you will-for those leaky, dripping faucets. So, after reading your message, Sharon, I feel hope again! Thank you and may the Lord continue to touch your heart as your message has touched mine! 🙂

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